Greer Cemetery is a small cemetery on the north side of Russell Creek Road. Although only about 50 feet north of the road, it may be visible only when driving westbound. It is less than a half mile west of the Dailey Cemetery. As of April 2001, if you drive far enough east that the hard surface macadam ends and the road becomes gravel, you have driven too far. David Donahue recorded Greer Cemetery April 1, 2001 and checked it September 23, 2004.


Blackwell, Tabitha Lee, Oct. 8, 1886-Sept. 22, 1966
Blackwell, William E., Apr. 11, 1884-Mar. 1, 1945

Chandler, Mary M., Sept. 6, 1876-Apr. 21, 1941

Easley, Cherry Turner, Oct. 10, 1872-Dec. 17, 1914, "Father" [Masonic symbol]
Easley, Martha Elizabeth, Oct. 13, 1878-Feb. 10, 1918, "Mother"

Greer, Joseph A., May 4, 1837-Jan. 31, 1909, "Husband of Lavisa Greer" "Born in Davidson Co. Tenn." "Died in Perry Co. Tenn." "A member of the 20th Tennessee Infantry C.S.A."

Greer, Lavisa Moore, Aug. 5, 1849-July 17, 1931 [replacement]

Moore, Lavisa [see Greer, Lavisa Moore]


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