Gobelet Cemetery, April 1999


            Gobelet Cemetery is near the eastern end of the Marsh Creek Valley. In recent years someone from the Dabbs-Gobelet family with an interest in family history has spent a considerable sum on both new markers and replacements of older markers. About a third of the cemetery area has only fieldstones or sunken spots to indicate graves. Leo and David Donahue recorded this Gobelet Cemetery December 26, 1988. David Donahue updated it April 16, 1999 and checked and updated it August 30, 2004.


Ashley, Ben, Dec. 26, 1919-____, unplaced "Father" footstone
Ashley, Mildred, Nov. 18, 1923-Feb. 9, 1999, "Mother" footstone [from temporary marker read in 1999: Martha Mildred Ashley], "Married May 7, 1944"

Beasley, Beverly B., Dec. 20, 1834-Dec. 24, 1920
Beasley, Caroline H., Nov. 27, 1833-Feb. 26, 1937 [replacement]

Beasley, Tom, Aug. 7, 1872-Aug. 10, 1958

Dabbs, John Eugene, Mar. 10, 1927-Dec. 22, 1986, "A Mason & W.W.II Veteran" "Son of Ike T. and Susan Gobelet Dabbs" "Father of Brooks Eugene Dabbs"

Dabbs, Joyce LaRue, May 9, 1934-____
Gobelet, Gus, Sept. 23, 1929-____, "Parents of Douglas Clark and Suzanne LaRue"

Dabbs, Susan Gobelet, Dec. 17, 1893-May 3, 1983, "Daughter of Augustus E. and Susan Ledbetter Gobelet"
Dabbs, Ike Thelma, Jan. 10, 1901-Oct. 21, 1975, "Son of John L. and Rebecca Treece Dabbs" "Parents of John E. and Guss G. Dabbs"

Gobelet, Bettie, 1890-1957
Gobelet, Robert, 1883-1938

Gobelet, Gussie McKindra, May 7, 1888-Nov. 19, 1968, "Daughter of August E. and Susan Ledbetter Gobelet" "She was a Methodist and taught in public schools 37 years"

Gobelet, Jesse C., Jan. 24, 1892-Apr. 30, 1966, "Veteran of World War II" "Son of August E. and Susan Ledbetter Gobelet" "Journeyman steamfitter 32 years Local Union 572 Nashville, Tenn."

Gobelet, Johny, d. 1919 [replacement; sole date assumed for death]

Gobelet, J. S., d. Jan. 22, 1892, Aged 76 y. 10 m. 17 d.
Gobelet, M. A., d. Dec. 21, 1890, Aged 78 y. 7 m. 20d. [Odd Fellows symbol], "Erected in memory of our father and mother by M. A., A. E., E. J. and E. A."

Gobelet, Mack L., 1927-1947, "PFC" "Son of Robert and Bettie"

Gobelet, Susan, d. 1925 [replacement; sole date assumed for death]

Gobelet, Susan [see Dabbbs, Susan Gobelet]

Gobelet, Susan Ledbetter, Sept. 28, 1854-Jan. 26, 1931, "Mother"
Gobelet, Aug. E., Sept. 8, 1852-Dec. 13, 1912, "Father"

Kimbel, J. W., Feb. 17, 1848-May 4, 1908, "Husband of Susan Kimbel"

Kimbel, John N., Feb. 17, 1848-Nov. 30, 1919
Kimbel, Jane, June 1, 1846-Aug. 1, 1915

Kimbell, Sarah C., Jan. 15, 1867-____, "Mother"
Kimbell, Sims A., Sept. 22, 1852-Mar. 23, 1923

Kinble, Edd C., 1887-1968, "Husband of Austrilla Moore Kimble" [Austrilla Moore Kimble is buried in the Moore Cemetery on Swindel Creek]

Kimbrel, Eliza J. F., Mar. 6, 1881-May 11, 1881, "Daughter of J. N. and F. J. Kimbrel"

Kimbrel, Robert B., June 3, 1882-June 13, 1882, "Son of J. N. and F. J. Kimbrel"

Ledbetter, Susan [see Gobelet, Susan Ledbetter]

Mackin, Leathe Pirl, Jan. 20, 1899-Feb. 18, 1899, "Daughter of R. M. and E. C. Mackin"

Moore, Infant, Jan. 22, 1913, "Infant dau. of J. W. & Myrtle Moore" [replacement]

Qualls, Franklin D., Dec. 7, 1933-Oct. 1, 1934

Thompson, Infant son, Jan. 1, 1917
Thompson, L. V., Apr. 12, 1923-Jan. 1, 1924
Thompson, Kelsie Kirk, Dec. 31, 1933-Aug. 1, 1937, "Sons of: Doss J. and Mary Kimble Thompson" [replacement]


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