This is a small, abandoned family cemetery on Flowers Branch on the eastern edge of the U.S.G.S. Pope quadrangle. In 1988 is was overgrown with weeds. In 1999 is was being kept clear of weeds and a small sign identified the cemetery. There probably are eight unmarked graves here. Leo and David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 25, 1988. It was rechecked April 17, 1999.

Flowers Cemetery, April 1999


Flowers, William, Jan. 10, 1818-Mar. 2, 1882
Flowers, James C., Mar. 4, 1824-____, "40 years a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Erected by James C. Flowers while living." [Note: one of the issues of Jill Garrett's The River Counties has an abstract of an obituary giving the death date for James C. Flowers.]

Flowers, Jeney Nora, Dec. 6, 1874-Apr. 11, 1892, "Daughter of W. J. and Millie Flowers" (broken)

Flowers, L. C., Oct. 8, 1900-Aug. 25, 1901, "Daughter of R. M. and Tennie M. Flowers"

Flowers, Samuel N., Aug. 10, 1883-Sept. 5, 1885, "Son of W. J. and M. C. Flowers" (broken, fallen)

Flowers, W. J., Apr. 7, 1848-Sept. 9, 1901, "Husband of M. C." [Masonic symbol]
M. C., Aug. 25, 1842-____, "Wife of W. J. Flowers"

Flowers, Willie C., Nov. 5, 1905-Aug. 23, 1906, "Son of R. M. and Tamie M. Flowers"

Pritchard, William J., July 3, 1880-Nov. 21, 1881, "Son of W. H. and S. M. Pritchard" [this marker is missing in 1999; its footstone is still in place]


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