Doyle Cemetery (left and foreground) and Hinson Cemetery (right and background),
January 2000


            The Hinson and Doyle cemeteries on Hinson Springs Road share a knoll and an access drive, yet a fence separates them and they have separate signs at the main road. It leaves me curious, what is the story? Why are there two cemeteries and not one? Doyle Cemetery has 3-4 unmarked graves and 1 unidentified grave. David Donahue recorded Doyle Cemetery January 14, 2000 and checked it August 12, 2004.


Bates, Dillie, 1893-1975
Bates, Bismark, 1894-1954

Bates, Donie [see Kelley, Donie McClearn (Bates)]

Bates, Wesley (Wes), no dates (homemade)

Doyle, Dorothy [see Warren, Dorothy Doyle]

Doyle, Jennie, Dec. 5, 1874-Feb. 5, 1947, "Mother"
Doyle, William J., Dec. 6, 1875-Jan. 22, 1958, "Father"

Doyle, Johnson E., Dec. 10, 1905-Apr. 18, 1994, "Daddy" footstone
Doyle, Effie R., Mar. 2, 1908-June 28, 1986, "Mama" footstone, "Wed Feb. 3, 1929"

Doyle, Noalon E., Apr. 25, 1907-Nov. 6, 1930, "Son" [probably son of Jennie and William J. Doyle, whose double marker shares the same concrete border]

Doyle, Willie Ray, Feb. 15, 1930-Feb. 16, 1930, "Our beloved son" [replacement; probably son of Johnson E. and Effie R. Doyle, whose double marker is adjacent]

Jackson, Myrtle A., 1919-1981, "Mother" footstone
Jackson, William R., 1915-1985, "Dad" footstone, "Married 1936"

Kelley, Donie McClearn (Bates), no dates (homemade)

Warren, James Alfred, July 21, 1933-Oct. 24, 1991, "Father"
Warren, Dorothy Doyle, Aug. 23, 1935-____, "Mother" "Married July 20, 1951" "Our children James Ronald/Timothy Doyle/Melody Ruth/Heather Joy"

Doyle Cemetery, January 2000


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