Dodson Cemetery, January 2000


            This cemetery is located at the intersection of Third Avenue and School Street in Lobelville. The markers remaining in the cemetery are all within four fenced or walled areas. However, these areas are only part of the cemetery. There are 4 additional burials within the walls/fences and at least 29 unmarked burials outside the walls, and probably many more.

            David Donahue recorded Dodson Cemetery January 14, 2000 and checked it September 28, 2004. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded the cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Mary Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Vol. I). This earlier record is referred to as Bowen in the notes below.


Allen, Lee [see McClannahan, Lee Allen]

Baker, Elijah Thomas, Sept. 20, 1861-June 13, 1920 [Woodmen of the World Memorial]

Baker, Joseyphene, Nov. 28, 1859-Apr. 5, 1908, "Wife of E. T. Baker"

Baker, Mary C., b. Sept. 16, 187_, Dau. of W. N. & E. W. Baker" [fragment of marker found in 2000 but not 2004; Bowen reported birth date as Sept. 16, 1850; based sequence in Bowen, fragment probably goes with burial 5 feet north of marker for Leota Greer]

Bates, Nettie, Aug. 12, 1906-Sept. 2, 1906, "Dau. of W. J. & Nettie Bates"

Bates, Nettie, Aug. 17, 1871-Aug. 18, 1906, "Wife of W. J. Bates"

Daily, Catharine, Aug. 5, 1849-Jan. 20, 1876, "Wife of J. A. Daily and Daughter of C. B. & Nancy Dodson" (fallen)

Daily, John Claiborne, May 15, 1875-Apr. 17, 1876, "Son of J. H. & Catharine Daily" (fallen) [found in 2000 but not 2004]

Dodson, Catharine [see Daily, Catharine]

Dodson, Claiborne Bird, May 5, 1818-Aug. 3, 1879

Dodson, Nancy, May 21, 1813-Oct. 19, 1887, "Wife of C. B. Dodson"

Greer, Golden, Oct. 17, 1907-Apr. 11, 1909, "Dau. of B. T. & Leota Greer"

Greer, Isaac Andrew, Nov. 27, 1878-Dec. 1, 1889 (broken) [dates read on a fragment in 2000 but not found in 2004; name identified in Bowen; between markers for Elizabeth Horner and Clifford C. McClannahan]

Greer, Leota, Dec. 6, 1880-Oct. 12, 1940, "Wife of B. T. Greer"

Greer, M. E., Dec. 8, 1847-Feb. 23, 1883, "Wife of W. N. Greer"

Greer, Nancy Harriet, Feb. 22, 1881-Nov. 20, 1904, "Dau. of W. N. & M. E. Greer"

Greer, William Hercules, Apr. 25, 1869-Mar. 22, 1886, "Son of W. N. & M. E. Greer"

McClannahan, Clifford C., Feb. 1, 1887-Oct. 2, 1887, "Son of A. N. & Lee McClannahan"

McClannahan, Ethel, born & died Feb. 28, 1886, "Dau. of A. N. & Lee McClannahan" (broken)

McClannahan, Lee Allen, Nov. 17, 1867-Sept. 13, 1888, "Wife of A. N. McClannahan" (broken)

Murray, Elizabeth A., d. Aug. 21, 1909, "Age about 82 Yrs" (fallen)

Warren, Suevaner Jane, Feb. 20, 1870-Apr. 8, 1907, "Wife of W. F. Warren"


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