(Barber, Howard)

Dixon Cemetery, 2001


            Dixon cemetery is a small cemetery on a hillside on the east side of State Highway 438 between Highway 421 and Mousetail Landing State Park. Only a small fraction of the burials here are identified.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery February 11, 2001 and updated it August 17, 2004. The cemetery is called Howard on the U.S.G.S. quad map for the area. It was called Barber Cemetery when it was first recorded. William B. Elam recorded the cemetery some time between late 1976 and 1979. His record appears under the name Barber Cemetery in Family Findings, Vol. XII, No. 1, January 1980, p. 29. This is referred to as "Elam" a note below.


Barber, Infant, Oct. 6, 1969 [not found in 2001; reported by Elam]

Barber, James W., July 17, 1918-Sept. 6, 1976

Barber, Jessie B., Oct. 28, 1909-Sept. 19, 1913, "Dau. of J. H. & Mattie Barber"

Barber, Loyd, Mar. 15, 1904-Oct. 10, 1905, Son of J. H. & Mattie Barber

Barber, Mattie, Mar. 15, 1879-Dec. 7, 1941, "Wife of James Barber" (homemade)

Dixon, Fred C., June 20, 1902-Dec. 11, 1973

Dixon, Walter R., Aug. 22, 1946-Aug. 16, 1963

Dixon, Willie D., Mar. 26, 1932-Dec. 8, 1993, military marker "US Air Force"

Fisher, Addie Mae, 1906-1981, "Mother"

Fisher, Billy Reed, Sept. 17, 1935-Aug. 3, 1992, military marker "US Air Force"

Fisher, Rufus R., Jan. 20, 1901-Oct. 16, 1955

H_____, Sarah, last name and dates buried, "Mother"; "S.L.H." footstone
H____, James, last name and dates buried, "Father"; "J.A.H." footstone [in row with double marker for John C. and Elizabeth Howard]

Howard, John C., Nov. 12, 1861-July 23, 1940
Howard, Elizabeth, Oct. 20, 1865-July 8, 1939 (homemade)

Jones, Richard, Oct. 11, 1865-Jan. 9, 1914

Majors, Robert A., July 25, 1927-Mar. 31, 2001
Majors, Mary E., Sept. 16, 1928-____


A bit of trivia: William B. Elam lived in Medina, Tennessee and recorded cemeteries in Carroll, Gibson, and Madison counties. But he was a person who, if he saw an interesting cemetery on the side of the road, would stop and record it, even if he was on a fishing trip thus his records of cemeteries near Pickwick Lake in Hardin Co., cemeteries near Bucksnort in Hickman Co., and cemeteries in Perry Co. (Dixon, Kunkel, and Bussell).


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