Culp Family Cemetery, April 1999

          This cemetery is shown on the U.S.G.S. Clifton quadrangle and appears just south of Whiteoak Creek. It is located in the middle of a pasture. A sturdy fence surrounds the burial area to keep cattle out. There are six graves with only fieldstones; otherwise all graves here have readable markers.

            Leo and David Donahue recorded this Culp Family Cemetery March 11, 1989. David Donahue revisited it April 16, 1999 and checked and updated it September 17, 2004. J. Erving Riley and Ermadine Riley recorded the cemetery in February 1987. Their record appears in Wayne County, Tennessee Cemetery and Death Records under the title "Anderson R. Culp Cemetery." Reference to their record is made where appropriate.


Briley, Nora Lee [see Culp, Nora Lee]

Bunch, Infant, born & died May 9, 1912, "Infant son of J. D. & N. M. Bunch"

Bunch, Johnnie D., Nov. 6, 1887-Apr. 2, 1970

Bunch, Nannie Mae, Mar. 30, 1890-Feb. 9, 1967

Bunch, Pauline, Nov. 9, 1929-____
Bunch, Daniel, Dec. 8, 1920-Jan. 3, 1985, "Married June 25, 1944" [the Rileys noted him to be the son of J. D. and Nannie Bunch]

Culp, A. W., Dec. 23, 1860-Jan. 28, 1938

Culp, Anderson R., June 22, 1824-Apr. 19, 1907 [the Rileys noted him to be son of Henry Culp, Jr.]

Culp, Brownlow, Oct. 21, 1894-Sept. 19, 1898, "Son of H. G. & A. M. Culp"

Culp, Clara B. [see Clara B. Hime]

Culp, Cora Lee, Sept. 23, 1883-Dec. 13, 1885, "Dau. of H. C. & A. M. Culp"

Culp, Ernest W., June 2, 1892-July 19, 1909, "Son of A. W. and Katie Culp"

Culp, Grady B., Oct. 28, 1897-July 15, 1990

Culp, H. G., Oct. 24, 1849-Apr. 18, 1907, "Husband of Mittie Culp" "Our father"

Culp, Henry Hyder, Jan. 8, 1902-Feb. 20, 1994

Culp, Infant, Aug. 21, 1919, "Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Culp" [replacement]

Culp, John T., Dec. 7, 1853-Sept. 8, 1907, "Husband of Mary Culp"

Culp, Katie Kittrell, Jan. 15, 1873-Dec. 26, 1947, "Our Mother" [adjacent to the marker for A. W. Culp]

Culp, Mary, Oct. 5, 1873-Aug. 27, 1906, "Wife of J. T. Culp"

Culp, Mittie, Oct. 15, 1861-June 22, 1910, "Wife of H. G. Culp" "Mother"

Culp, Nora Delphia, Oct. 2, 1899-Nov. 16, 1921, "Wife of Grady Culp" [the Rileys noted that she was an Inman]

Culp, Nora Lee, Dec. 6, 1866-Feb. 22, 1891, "Wife of W. J. Culp" [the Rileys noted that Nora Lee was a Briley]
Culp, W. J., Mar. 30, 1856-Mar. 21, 1891

Culp, O. M., Aug. 22, 1892-May 13, 1893, "Daughter of H. G. and A. M. Culp"

Culp, Ora Lillian, Sept. 25, 1897-May 11, 1963

Culp, Sina Caroline Parker, 1843-1935 [replacement]

Culp, Susan F., d. Jan. 7, 1880, Aged 55 yr's. 3 mo's. 27 days, "Wife of A. R. Culp" [the Rileys note that she was a Jackson]

Hill, Bonnie B., Nov. 17, 1894-Nov. 25, 1918, "Wife of E. B. Hill"

Hime, Clara B., Nov. 26, 1907-May 15, 1936, "Wife of Jessie A. Hime" "Mother" [the Rileys note that she was a Culp]

Inman, Nora Delphia [see Culp, Nora Delphia]

Jackson, Susan F. [see Culp, Susan F.]

Parker, Sina Caroline [see Culp, Sina Caroline Parker]

Richardson, Bernis Amos, Nov. 27, 1923-Oct. 28, 2003, military marker "BM1 US Navy World War II"

Richardson, Ernest L., Jan. 13, 1926-Apr. 10, 1993, military marker as footstone "US Navy"

Richardson, Louise H., May 12, 1929-Dec. 5, 2001 [adjacent to military marker for Bernis Amos Richardson]

Richardson, Sallie M., Oct. 4, 1906-Mar. 14, 1985, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for W. Hobert Richardson]

Richardson, W. Hobert, Mar. 28, 1903-Sept. 30, 1975 [Masonic symbol]

Talley, Horace Paul, May 6, 1936-____

Walker, Ferrel, Oct. 16, 1909-Dec. 12, 1910, "Son of W. A. and Susie Walker"


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