Cude Cemetery, October 1999


             This overgrown cemetery is located on Old Highway 13 south of the crossroads community of Beardstown. It looks abandoned but is still in use. It was recorded October 16, 1999. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded the cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Vol. 1) (Mary N. Bowen, Linden, Tennessee, 1992). This is referred to as "Bowen" in the notes below. Circa 1992 the Bowens noted that the older part of the cemetery was overgrown. In 1999, dense shade and a dense vine ground cover left the older part of the cemetery fairly accessible thought flush-to-the-ground style markers were very difficult to find. The sunlit newer part of the cemetery near the road was completely obscured by tall weeds.


Baars, Sarah E., Aug. 17, 1853-Sept. 20, 1898, "Wife of J. N. Baars" "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Cude"

Britt, John H., Jan. 22, 1839-May 17, 1899, "Husband of Sue A. Britt"

Britt, Sue A., Aug. 8, 1850-Oct. 3, 1888, "Wife of J. H. Britt"

Cude, Andrew, Jan. 29, 1822-June 28, 1895 (broken)

Cude, B. L., d. Feb. 9, 1886, "Aged 1 Y's 4 M's & 23 D's" "Dau. of M. E. & J. B. Cude"

Cude, G. B., Sept. 16, 1882-Sept. 10, 1885, "Dau. of J. B. & M. E. Cude"

Cude, G. L., d. Feb. 9, 1886, "Dau. of J. M. & M. E. Cude"

Cude, John Bell, June 6, 1859-Apr. 30, 1949 [not found in 1999; from Bowen]

Cude, M. J., Mar. 17, 1836-Aug. 22, 1904, "Wife of W. H. Cude"

Cude, Mary Elizabeth Ender, Jan. 3, 1865-Sept. 6, 1925, "Wife of J. B. Cude"

Cude, Sarah E. [see Baars, Sarah E.]

Dodson, Melia Adaline, Mar. 1, 1889-May 18, 1903, "Wife of John V. Dodson" (broken, fallen)

Dodson, Rebecca, d. Dec. 11, 1868, "Age about 78 years"

Ender, Mary Elizabeth [see Cude, Mary Elizabeth Ender]

Harris, Ada T., Aug. 14, 1892-June 9, 1973
Harris, Cecil R., June 30, 1890-May 12, 1947

Harris, Sallie G., May 4, 1861-Jan. 26, 1942
Harris, Giles T., Nov. 16, 1861-May 19, 1950

Hunt, Susan A., Oct. 7, 1820-Nov. 14, 1901, "Wife of Dr. A. W. Hunt, Sr."

King, Alec, Sept. 28, 1911-May 13, 1994

King, Jane B., Nov. 20, 1848-July 26, 1936
King, J. B., Sept. 3, 1852-Aug. 21, 1915 [replacement]

King, M. Addie, June 12, 1889-Sept. 4, 1965
King, W. Abner, Dec. 12, 1884-Mar. 18, 1969 [not found in 1999; from Bowen; based on Bowen this marker should be close to the road]

King, Norma, Aug. 8, 1885-Sept. 2, 1893

King, Rebecca [see Lomax, Rebecca King]

King, Sarah, Oct. 8, 1872-Apr. 8, 1952
King, George, Nov. 5, 1874-Mar. 9, 1956

Lomax, Rebecca King, 1878-1957, "Loving Grandmother"

Warren, Mattie King, July 5, 1887-May 2, 1971 [Name and dates corrected per Tom Curl - October 4, 2008]
Warren, J. Hugh, June 14, 1887-Nov. 6, 1966 [not found in 1999; from Bowen; based on Bowen this marker should be close to the road]


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