Craig Cemetery is a mixed-race cemetery located on the north fork of Lick Creek, approximately 1.6 miles east of the Strickland Cemetery. There is a sign at the roadside.

            David Donahue recorded Craig Cemetery September 20, 2004 and checked it September 21, 2004. Mary N. Bowen and Lisa Dublin Bowen recorded Craig Cemetery circa 1994. Their record appears in Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records Vol. II. This is referred to as Bowens in notes below.


West Side of Drive

Bussell, Infant, born & died Apr. 3, 1900, "Infant dau. of C. C. & B. A Bussell"

Cotham, Infant, born & died July 7, 1900, "Infant son of J. W. & S. C. Cotham"

Greer, S. A., July 19, 1842-Nov. 19, 1898, "Wife of J. A. Greer"

Johnson, William A. J., no dates, military marker "Co. F 48 Ky. Inf."

Richardson, E. C., Jan. 28, 1877-Nov. 26, 1913 [Masonic symbol]


East Side of Drive

Barber, Pearl Lee [see Greer, Pearl L. Barber]

Black, Isaac, Dec. 4, 1888-Oct. 31, 1918, "Husband of Jossie Craig"

Craig, Clarence, May 9, 1893-Oct 1, 1969, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Co C 320 Service Bn World War I"

Craig, Helen [see Smith, Helen Craig]

Craig, Irvin V., Apr. 3, 1903-Jan. 9, 1977; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, Lexington, TN, d. Jan. 8, 1977

Craig, Lizzie W., 1892-1953 [not found in 2004; reported by Bowens

Craig, Newt, Jr., May 3, 1929-Sept. 22, 1996, "Brother"

Craig, Newt, Sept. 17, 1898-Dec. 5, 1961
Craig, Conna J., Dec. 15, 1900-____ [ground disturbance suggests that she is buried here]

Craig, Roy Lynn, Mar. 30, 1938-Dec. 29, 1961, military marker "Tennessee SH3 US Navy"

Craig, W. R., Feb. 16, 1855-Sept. 21, 1916

Craig, Walter, Apr. 3, 1903-Jan. ___, "Twin of Irving" [not found in 2004; reported by the Bowens]

Craig, X. L., Nov. 30, 1894-Oct 27, 1970, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 37 Co 158 Depot Brig World War I"

Dixon, Dorothy A., July 3, 1938-Feb. 21, 2004, "Mother"

Dixon, Michael A., 1972-2004, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, 4 feet north of marker for Andrew O. Greer

Dixon, Pleas, Oct. 31, 1822-Dec. 1, 1903, "Husband of Elvira Dixon"
Dixon, Elvira, May 31, 1830-Mar. 10, 1904,"Wife of Pleas Dixon"

Gotthardt, W. O., July 26, 1897-Jan. 11, 1919, "Son of J. H. & Tennie Gotthardt" [the Bowens note that he was the only black male from Perry County killed in World War I]

Greer, Andrew O., 1932-1994, "In loving memory children, nephew, sisters & brother"

Greer, Pearl L. Barber, Nov. 11, 1908-Apr. 16, 1986; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, Lexington, TN, Pearl Lee Barber
Greer, Edna C., June 4, 1932-July 18, 1969

Guthrie, James Henry Hairson, Mar. 10, 1841-Mar. 17, 1885 [Masonic symbol] (broken)

Hunter, Adam, d. Mar. 20, 1897, Aged 67 ys 9 ms 10 ds, "Erected by Frank J. H. and Mary H. W."

Hunter, Mary W., Oct. 22, 1855-Mar. 23, 1896, "Wife of F. J. Hunter"

Johnston, Estella B., Jan. 5, 1911-June 13, 1938 (homemade)

Jones, Dora Mae, 1930-2002, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, 6 yards north of marker for John H. Vaughn

Randle, G. A., Mar. 28, 1905-July 4, 1906, "Son of J. W. & F. P. Randle"

Scott, Mellie, d. Aug __ 1957, Age 85-6-_, temporary marker [not found in 2004; reported by Bowens]

Scott, Neil, no dates, "husb of Mellie" [not found in 2004; reported by Bowens; based on marker sequence in the Bowens' list the Scott temporary markers would have been just south of the homemade marker for Estella B. Johnston

Smith, Helen Craig, May 20, 1927-____, "Married Hugh F. Smith Aug. 23, 1952"

Vaughn, Azille, Jan. 9, 1889-Mar. 3, 1920, "Wife of L. D. Vaughn"

Vaughn, John H., Dec. 7, 1875-Aug. 2, 1897

Vaughn, Matilda, d. Dec. 25, 1979, Age 78-8-22, temporary marker [not found in 2004; reported by Bowens; based on sequence in the Bowens' list, this probably was at one of the two unmarked graves between the marker for John H. Vaughn and the temporary marker for Dora Mae Jones]

Yarbrough, Nashel, d. June 8, 1975?, Aged 79 Years 11 Months, temporary marker, McDonald, 8 yards north-northeast of marker for W. O. Gotthardt



______, Eula, Mrs., d. Apr. 3?, 196_, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 5 yards south-southwest of marker for Adam Hunter [this may be the Eula Dixon listed by the Bowens as noted below]


Also Known to be Buried Here (as listed by the Bowens)

Cloyd, Mildred, grandau of Mandy [Richardson]
Craig, Elizabeth, dau of W. R.
Craig, Ocie, son of W. R. & Lizzie
Craig, Susie, wife of Clint
Craig, Wilma, dau of Susie
Dixon, Ernest
Dixon, Eula
Dixon, Mary Jane
Dixon, Will
Gotthardt, John and wife, Tennie and their daus, Ruth Gotthardt and Lillian Hughes
Richardson, Mandy


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