The gate of the Cotham Cemetery notes "In memory of Jeff Cotham." Jeffrey Charles Cotham died in 1988 and was the first burial in this recent cemetery. The cemetery is located on the west side of Highway 13 north of Lobelville. It is set several hundred yards off the highway. The access drive is a farm lane immediately north of the Robin/Hester Cemetery. Cotham Cemetery sits amid a large area sometimes used as a cattle pasture and the fence of the cemetery has been damage by the cattle. There is no cattle damage within the cemetery. David Donahue recorded Cotham Cemetery August 22, 2004.


Cotham, Ike Jackson (Isaac), June 19, 1917-____
Cotham, Ruth Dabbs, June 1, 1922-____, "Married Oct. 13, 1940" "Children Charles Ted Bruce"

Cotham Jeffrey Charles, July 9, 1962-May 11, 1988 [Masonic symbol]

Dabbs, Ruth [see Cotham, Ruth Dabbs]

Newgarde, Gerald Holmes, June 29, 1924-Feb. 16, 2000
Newgarde, Jessie Saunders, Mar. 12, 1934-____

Reid, Yvonne deGale, May 3, 1958-Aug. 13, 1996

Saunders, Jessie [see Newgarde, Jessie Saunders]


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