Clayborne Cemetery was a small cemetery once located near the mouth of Tom's Creek. The cemetery consisted of seven graves. All seven graves and four markers were removed to Howard United Methodist Church Cemetery when Kentucky Reservoir was created.

            Clayborne Cemetery is discussed in two works about Kentucky Reservoir cemeteries. One is James L. Douthat's Kentucky Lake Reservoir Cemeteries, Volume 3. The other is The Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project by Judith Ann Maupin. These are referred to as Douthat and Maupin in notes below. Both may have worked with original handwritten records.

            The markers listed below were recorded at Howard United Methodist Church Cemetery. Leo and David Donahue recorded these markers December 28, 1988 and David Donahue checked them October 2, 2004.


Moved Markers

Allen, Sarah M., Apr. 28, 1815-Oct. 10, 1855 (fallen)

Corin, Martha Jane, Mar. 31, 1822-Mar. 19, 1840, "Sacred to the memory of Martha Jane Corin who departed this life on the 19th of March 1840 Aged 17 years 11 mos. & 19 days--A Tomb is erected by her affectionate husband Geo. W. Corin as a token of his respect"
[This is a large carved slab placed flush at ground level.]

Howard, Betsy, Dec. 12, 1785-Mar. 24, 1859, "Born in Cerry Co. N.C." [Surry County] "This monument is erected as a token of affectionate remembrance by her son C. A. H. and her daughter R. A. S. M." (broken)

Sp____, Lewis P., dates unreadable, "Sacred to the memory of Lewis P. Sp___ [unreadable] who departed this life of the 15th day of ___ [unreadable], Aged 38 years (broken)
[This name is listed as Speece by Douthat and as Spruce by Maupin. This is a large carved slab placed flush at ground level which is broken and difficult to read. There is a second totally unreadable inscription. The slab is next to and in the style of the slab marking the grave of Martha Jane Corin. Dates in Maupin, 1800-1838; in Douthat, d. 1838, age 38.]


Moved Unmarked Graves

Allen child [neither Douthat nor Maupin provide dates]

Corin, E. A., dates unknown [neither Douthat nor Maupin provide dates; the name seems most likely to have been Corin as on the marker for Martha Jane, but is listed as Coring by Douthat and as Goring by Maupin]

Howard, Sandy [Douthat, d. 1863, age 58; Maupin, 1805-1863]


The Douthat work includes maps showing the relative positions of the seven graves in the original and relocation cemeteries.


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