Choat Cemetery, April 1999


         This is the unnamed cemetery on the U.S.G.S. Pope quadrangle just northwest of the Richardson Cemetery on state highway 100 (now U.S. 412). To find it, park at the Richardson Cemetery. Walk about 150 yards west along the highway until you cross a concrete box small culvert. Turn right onto the driveway just beyond the culvert. About 20 yards north the drive splits, with one branch turning west and the other continuing north along the stream. Between them, curving up the hill is the overgrown access drive to the cemetery. The access drive circles to the west as it climbs. The cemetery appears to have been abandoned. David Donahue recorded this Choat Cemetery December 25, 1988 and revisited it April 16, 1999.


Broadaway, Henry W., 1867-1940
Broadaway, Mary Bell "Polly" Ward, 1876-1950, "His Wife"

Choat, Liddia A., Mar. 3, 1849-June 30, 1905, "Wife of S. D. Choat"

Clifton, Infant Girl, Mar. 4, 1936
Clifton, Wilburn, Aug. 10, 1930, "Infants of Ernest and Myrtle"

French, Dorothy Sue, Dec. 1945-Jan. 1946

French, W. Clyde, Jan. 7, 1908-June 12, 1912, "Son of W. H. and Lou French"

French,W. Hart, 1881-1951
French, Lou, 1883-____

Lomax, James R., 1858-1937

Lomax, Mary R., 1858-1930

Ward, Mary Bell "Polly" [see Broadaway, Mary Bell "Polly" Ward]

Williams, Andrew Jackson, d. Jan. 5, 195_, Aged 80 Years 11 Months 19 Days, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, at a large depression 5 yards southeast of the marker for the Clifton infants]


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