Bible Hill Cemetery is a moderate size cemetery at the intersection of Bunker Hill Road and Deer Creek Road. The cemetery gets little or no maintenance. Only the northern portion of the cemetery where the most recent burials lie is clear. The most densely occupied portion of the cemetery is the south side which is overgrown. There are many many fieldstones and sunken spots in the overgrown area. In fact, the limits of cemetery seems to lie back in the woods and probably correspond to the yellow "No Trespassing" signs seen in the woods on the eastern and southern sides of the cemetery. The southernmost inscribed marker, that for Tom Bankston, is more than 50 feet south of the clear area and any other inscribed marker, and the area between is full of fieldstones. Maybe as few as 25% of the burials here have inscribed markers.

            David Donahue recorded Bible Hill Cemetery February 24, 2001 and checked and updated it September 21, 2004. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded the cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Mary Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Vol. I). This earlier record is referred to as Bowen in the notes below.


Banks, Elton Ned, Dec. 25, 1910-Nov. 16, 1981
Banks, V. Loudean, Mar. 19, 1924-____

Banks, Johnnie C. "Ned," d. Nov. 16, 1981, Aged 70 Years 10 months 21 days, temporary marker read in 2001, McDonald, no good reference point, about 20 feet into woods east of the southernmost cleared portion of the cemetery

Bankston, Tom, no dates, Aged about 60 years [about 50 feet south of any other inscribed marker]

Barnett, Amanda, Apr. 25, 1823-Jan. 27, 1892
Barnett, Jeremiah, Jan. 11, 1812-May 9, 1878, "Our father and mother are gone . . ."

Beakley, Hugh H., Aug. 15, 1866-June 18, 1890, "Son of J. W. & F. E. Beakley"

Blackburn, B. A., d. June 7, 1894, Aged about 23 years, "Wife of W. A. Blackburn"

Blackburn, J. D., d. Feb. 18, 1901, Aged 38 Ys, 6 Ms, 25 ds., "Husband of M. J. Bankston"

Childress, Ida M., d. May 23, 1982, Age 70 [not found in 2001; reported by Bowen]

Clen, Franklin, Dec. 9, 1953-Apr. 20, 2002

Conder, James M., Aug. 17, 1885-____ 1888 (homemade) [very difficult to read; information here is best guess; adjacent to marker for L. T. Conder]

Conder, L. T., Jan. 26, 1868-Sept. 14, 1893

Condor, W. F., May 17, 1889-May 25, 1889, "Son of J. L. & M. A. Condor"

Cotham, Infant, born & died Aug. 6, 1899, "Infant son of J. W. & S. C. Cotham" (marker is loose on its base)

Cotham, Infant, Dec. 1, 1904-Dec. 26, 1904, "Infant son of J. W. & S. C. Cotham"

DePriest, Baby, 1918 [replacement]

DePriest, Elnora L., 1899-1981
DePriest, Fred B., 1895-1974

DePriest, Glenn P., Lt., June 8, 1913-May 11, 1955, "He served his country 15 yrs. 9 mo. 9days."

DePriest, Leonard Easley, Jan. 11, 1888-July 15, 1968, "Husband and father"

DePriest, Vera E. [see Robertson, Vera DePriest]

Dickson, Jacob T., Dec. 23, 1843-July 17, 1931
Dickson, M. louise, Apr. 13, 1849-June 22, 1926

Dickson, Jacob T., no dates, military marker "Co C 10 Tenn. Cav. C.S.A."

Dickson, Milton C., 1878-1918, "Father"
Dickson, Della M., 1883-1918, "Mother"
Dickson, Maggie L., 1913-1915, "Daughter"

Dickson, Ollie, Oct. 25, 1875-Apr. 11, 1950

Doyle, Shirley [see Hedgepath, Shirley Doyle]

Flippin, Brandon Gabriel, July 16, 1997-July 17, 1997

Goodman, E. A., May 21, 1898-Feb. 16, 1901, "Son of J. W. & F. B. Goodman"

Gwinn, Douglas Hampton, Sept. 26, 1964-Sept. 9, 1988, "Little Doug" "Son of Doug & Rena"

Gwinn, Rena Clem, July 4, 1941-____, "Granny"
Gwinn, Elmer "Doug," Oct. 5, 1943-Jan. 2, 1998, "PaPaw" "Our children Douglas hampton/Jonathan Wayne/Debra Juanita/Etta Elizabeth/Sheilla Marie"

Heath, Mary Kathreen, 1927-1968, "Mother"

Hedgepath, Olen, Mar. 28, 1930-June 5, 2001, military marker as footstone "US Army Korea"
Hedgepath, Shirley Doyle, Aug. 15, 1940-____, "Our children Joel Keith, Melissa Gail, Jeffrey Lynn"

Hildebrand, Dennis L., Jan. 4, 1959-Oct. 12, 1999, temporary marker, 3 yards east-southeast of marker for Franklin Clem

Hill, William A., May 10, 1890-July 27, 1891, "Son of D. E. & M. J. Hill"

Lain, A. D., Aug. 30, 1813-July 6, 1876 (broken)

Lane, Walter H., Aug. 7, 1875-Sept. 27, 1877, "Son of T. E. & E. F. Lane" (fallen)

Lawrence, Hershall Howard, Feb. 7, 1923-Nov. 3, 1999, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II"

Long, Bethel Berry, June 13, 1892-Jan. 17, 1893, "Son of J. N. & S. L. Long"

Long, D. E., Sept. 29, 1904-May 11, 1925, "Dau. of J. W. & L. C. Long"

Long, Ervie Augusta, Dec. 5, 1886-Sept. 27, 1890, "Dau. of John W. & L. N. C. Long"

Long, Ethel P., Nov. 7, 1894-Nov. 14, 1926
Long, Howser F., Feb. 12, 1889-Sept. 18, 1955, also temporary marker, Parsons Mortuary, "Howser Franklin Long"

Long, Evaline, Oct. 10, 1834-May 30, 1919, "Wife of H. H. Long" "Erected by J. N. Long" [Eastern Star symbol]

Long, Fernie E., 1924-1979, military marker "TSgt US Army World War II"

Long, H. H., July 14, 1834-Feb. 15, 1896, "Husband of Everline Long" [Masonic symbol]

Long, H. W., May 14, 1891-July 19, 1894, "Son of J. W. & L. C. Long"

Long, James F., 1923-1984, military marker "Sgt US Army World War II"

Long, John Andrew, 1893-1961

Long, John W., Mar. 24, 1862-Nov. 3, 1913, "Husband" "Father" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Long, L. C., d. Apr. 26, 1905, Aged 29 Ys, 4 Ms, & 9 ds, "Wife of J. W. Long" (broken) [broken through age which was unreadable in 2004]

Maben, Johnny, 1983-2004 (homemade); also temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, Johnny D. Maben

Marshall, Amanda A., d. Mar. 6, 1903, Aged 34 ys. 11 ms. 5 ds., "Wife of L. F. Marshall"

Marshall, J. R. L., Jan. 25, 1895-July 13, 1910, "Son of K. L. & M. P. Marshall"

Marshall, James Kelly, Feb. 22, 1886-Jan. 18, 1887, "Son of L. F. & A. A. Marshall"

Marshall, K. Z., 1944-1944 [not found in 2001 or 2004; Bowen indicates this as a "cement marker" so it probably was painted rather than carved]

Marshall, Margaret R., Jan. 26, 1861-Apr. 20, 1929, "Wife of K. Z. Marshall"

Marshall, Margie, Oct. 20, 1928-____
Marshall, O. Ray, Oct. 22, 1926-Sept. 30, 2003, military marker as footstone "Oscar Ray Marshall" "US Navy World War II"

Marshall, Michael L., Oct. 14, 1964-____

Marshall, Ronald K., Mar. 15, 1957-____

McCann, Sarah [see Warren, Sarah McCann]

Morgan, Edgar, Dec. 11, 1891-Jan. 7, 1981
Morgan, Jossie, Nov. 29, 1896-Nov. 20, 1982

OGuin, Charlie J., 1864-1949 [replacement]

Paschall, Sally A., Dec. 29, 1883-July 13, 1891, "Dau. of J. W. & M. E. Paschall"

Paschall, William H., June 17, 1888-July 19, 1891, "Son of J. W. & M. E. Paschall"

Penix, James Otto, Aug. 5, 1876-Aug. 2, 1878, "Son of W. M. & S. A. Penix"

Penix, Samuel H., Nov. 15, 1883-Oct. 9, 1887, "Son of W. M. & S. A. Penix"

Pexix, Ader Avoline, Feb. 22, 1878-Apr. 8, 1882, "Dau. of W. M. & S. A. Penix"

Roberts, Agnes Doelar, Feb. 26, 1874-Mar. 7, 1877, "Dau. of W. A. & M. A. Roberts" (middle name difficult to read) [Agnes Odelar Roberts in Bowen]

Roberts, Claudus Otto, Jan. 6, 1886-July 16, 1887, "Son of w. A. & M. A. Roberts"

Roberts, Infant, born & died Aug. 23, 1900, "Dau. of J. E. & P. A. Roberts"

Roberts, Martha Ida, Oct. 13, 1883-Dec. 22, 1884, "Dau. of W. A. & M. A. Roberts"

Robertson, Vera E. DePriest, Mar. 17, 1907-June 28, 1984, "Wife and mother" [adjacent to marker for Leonard Easley DePriest]

Warren, Ethel, Jan. 1, 1915-May 9, 2001
Warren, Grady, May 29, 1902-Jan. 30, 1952

Warren, Robert, Jan. 20, 1942-Mar. 24, 2001

Warren, Sarah McCann, Dec. 15, 1878-Feb. 2, 1950 [adjacent to marker for William Alonzo Warren]

Warren, William Alonzo, Jan. 5, 1879-Jan. 16, 1956

Westbrooks, Howard, Jan. 22, 1933-Feb. 5, 1933, "Son of Dan & Lockie" [replacement]

Woodard, Sarah A., Mar. 5, 1855-Sept. 18, 1892, "Wife of James Woodard" "Erected by H. H. & E. V. Long"

Wooten, Samuel Glenn, Sept. 16, 1953-Sept. 16, 1999


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