Roberts and Barnett Cemetery, November 1999


            This small cemetery overlooks the embayment of Kentucky Lake into the lower reaches of Toms Creek. The cemetery is very well maintained. Many of the markers have been replaced. There are a dozen or so unmarked or unidentified graves.

            David Donahue recorded the Roberts and Barnett Cemetery on November 26, 1999 and checked and updated it August 29, 2004. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded the cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Mary Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Vol. I). This earlier record is referred to as Bowen in the notes below.


Barnett, Adolph, Aug. 26, 1902-Jan. 30, 1914 [replacement]

Barnett, Clifford, Sept. 16, 1896-Sept. 29, 1898 [replacement]

Barnett, Infant, no dates. "Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Barnett"

Barnett, Jerry, June 7, 1869-July 17, 1934 [replacement]

Barnett, Maggie, Mar. 4, 1875-May 20, 1913 [replacement]

Barnett, Malcolm, Nov. 10, 1906-July 1, 1933 [replacement]

Barnette, Anne Love, Dec. 16, 1883-Nov. 19, 1957

Coleman, Alfred A., Apr. 23, 1907-Apr. 29, 1976

Colemen, Dona R. [see Gean, Dona R. Coleman]

Coleman, Infant, Oct. 1, 1933-Oct. 1, 1933, "Infant of Mr.-Mrs. Alfred A. Coleman" [replacement]

Gean, Dona R. Coleman, Mar. 24, 1887-Aug. 9, 1983

Gibson, John Earl, Mar. 3, 1918-Mar. 20, 1925

Gibson, L. C., Mrs., Nov. 17, 1836-Sept. 17, 1901, "Wife of A. Gibson"

Gibson, Manerva A. S., Sept. 10, 1845-Oct. 29, 1890, "Erected by J. F. Coleman"

Gibson, Polly, 1898-1992
Gibson, Alonzo, 1885-1935

Gibson, Ralph, 1925-1928 [replacement]

Long, Lavada B., Oct. 3, 1911-____
Long, Leslie L., June 30, 1909-____, "Our children Mary Frances, Clara Dell, J. N., Margaret Gale"

Long, Margaret Gail, Sept. 20, 1945, "Inf. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. L. L. Long" [replacement]

Roberts, Cecil M., Feb. 21, 1893-____ [ground disturbance suggests he is buried here]

Roberts, Emma Elnora, Mar. 30, 1858-Sept. 30, 1887, "Dau. of P. H. & Eliza Ann Roberts"

Roberts, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of F. & M. Roberts"

Roberts, Martha Ann, May 10, 1879-____ [ground disturbance suggests she is buried here]

Roberts, Nancy B., 1850-1922 [replacement]

Roberts, P. H., Feb. 21, 1858-July 28, 1927 [Masonic symbol]
Roberts, Eliza M., Aug. 22, 1858-Apr. 17, 1939 [replacement]

Roberts, Permelia, 1816-1905
Roberts, Peter, 1812-1887, "Erected by children of P. H. Roberts" [replacement]

Roberts, Peter H., Nov. 12, 1882-Oct. 5, 1886, "Son of P. H. & Eliza Ann Roberts"

Roberts, Thomas A., 1895-1964


Note: At the lower end of the cemetery is a row of four homemade cement markers. In each a temporary marker plate was placed behind glass and embedded in the cement slab. These markers are unreadable in 1999 and were not read by the Bowens circa 1992.


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