(Duncan Cemetery)


            Barber is a small family cemetery located in a grove of cedar trees on the north side of highway 412 about half way between highway 100 and the Lewis County line. It is fenced and maintained. There are about six fieldstone marked and unmarked graves within the fence. The fence encloses about a third of the cedar grove. There is no visible evidence of old burials in the cedar grove outside the fenced area. David Donahue recorded Barber Cemetery October 4, 2001 and Checked it September 26, 2004.


Barber, Anna, Apr. 2, 1881-Dec. 10, 1939

Barber, Joe H., Apr. 2, 1861-May 3, 1937

Barber, Mary, Oct. 18, 1861-Jan. 23, 1938, "Wife of J. H. Barber"

Barber, Paralee, Apr. 9, 1858-Mar. 4, 1899, "Wife of J. H. Barber"

Barber, Riley Mc., Feb. 20, 1889-Feb. 26, 1916

Duncan, C. Barnie, 1883-1951, "Father" footstone
Duncan, Sarah Jane, 1883-1968, "His Wife" "Mother" footstone

Duncan, Hester Lee, July 11, 1909-Mar. 2, 1924

Duncan, Homer Herchel, Sept. 17, 1907-Mar. 22, 1908

Duncan, Joe Cecle, Apr. 21, 1904-June 1, 1906

Duncan, Scott W., 1883-1927
Duncan, Brown H., 1910-1923, "Son" [replacement]

Pope, Judy, no dates

Tatum, Clifford, Feb. 7, 1915-Jan. 14, 1976, mounted military marker "TSgt US Army World War II"; on base: "Remembered by three"; "Dad" footstone

Tatum, Jack Ruby, Feb. 17, 1924-Oct. 26, 1955


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