Armstrong Cemetery, April 1999


            Armstrong Cemetery, unnamed on the U.S.G.S. Pope quadrangle, is located just north and west of the intersection which the map designates as Horner community and just east of what the map labels as Horner Church. Leo and David Donahue recorded this Armstrong Cemetery November 27, 1987. David Donahue updated the cemetery April 17, 1999 and checked in September 14, 2004.


Armstrong, Grace, Jan. 27, 1897-Oct. 16, 1900, "Daughter of W. N. and Bertha Armstrong" [replacement]

Armstrong, William N., 1868-1945
Armstrong, Bertha L., 1875-1962

Armstrong, Wm. Grady, Apr. 27, 1899-Dec. 7, 1899, "Son of W. N. and Bertha Armstrong" [replacement]

Horner, Bob, 1916-1978, military marker as footstone "Robert G. Horner" "TEC 4 US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Sept. 16, 1916-Sept. 1, 1978
Horner, Nell Moore, 1923-1999

Horner, Charles N., 1877-1940

Horner, Infant, Dec. 5, 1903, "Infant son of W. A. & Etta Horner"

Horner, Ruby Lauis, 1908-1909, "Dau. of W. A. & Etta Horner"

Horner, W. N., Apr. 10, 1852-Sept. 8, 1929, "Father"
Horner, Belle, Sept. 25, 1856-June 11, 1935, "Mother"

Horner, William A., 1880-1955
Horner, R. Etta, 1884-1952

Moore, Nell [see Horner, Nell Moore]


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