Alberson Cemetery is located on a hill above the intersection of Hurricane Creek Road and Old Penny Road. There are 18 or so fieldstone marked graves, five of which are Alberson children, and perhaps another four to six unmarked graves. David Donahue recorded Alberson Cemetery October 20, 2001 and checked and updated in in September 2004.


Alberson, Infant, no dates, "Infant of Albert & Lou Alberson"; written on a recent temporary marker plate [temporary markers with this wording have been placed on five fieldstone marked graves in two rows south of the marker for Irenec C. Alberson]

Alberson, Irene C., Feb. 28, 1916-Apr. 29, 1932, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Alberson"

Alberson, Lou C., May 2, 1890-Apr. 14, 1981, "Mother" footstone
Alberson, Albert, Dec. 23, 1886-July 18, 1987, "Daddy" footstone

Alberson, Martha, d. Sept. 15, 1893, Aged about 42 ys., "Wife of S. V. Alberson"

Alberson, Solomon V., Feb. 11, 1836-May 20, 1917 (broken)

Baker, Freddie E., 1933-1933

Baker, Irvin C., Apr. 8, 1889-Aug. 25, 1956, military marker "Pvt 245 PW Escort Co ASC World War I"

Baker, Katherine S., 1937-1938

Brison, Augusta, 1913
Brison, Wesley, 1897, "Dau. and son of G. W. & Sarah"

Brison, George W., 1869-1944, "Mother" footstone [sic.]
Brison, Nancy J., 1868-1902, "Father" footstone [sic.]

Brison, Obie Washington, Mar. 25, 1908-July 13, 1983 (marker sunken into grave in 2004)

Brison, Oscar, d. Dec. 19, 1917, military marker "Tennessee Pvt. 117 Inf. 30th Div."

Bryson, Infant, Nov. 21, 1939
Bryson, Infant, Sept. 19, 1931, "Infant son & daughter of Barney & Mae Bryson" [replacement]

Bryson, J. Plummer, Mar. 4, 1893-Mar. 31, 1964

Deavers, William C., June 8, 1922-May 26, 1995, military marker as footstone "US Army"
Deavers, Dorothy L., Jan. 29, 1925-____, "Married Jan. 3, 1948" "Our children Joyce Lounell Albert"

McDonald, C. L., 1878-1954
McDonald, Magie Warren, 1876-1949, "His Wife"; unplaced "Mother" footstone

McDonald, Eula O'Guin, 1914-____ [ground disturbance suggests that she was buried here before 2004]
McDonald, L. Ezra M., 1909-1996

McDonald, Gladys Opal, Oct. 19, 1928-Nov. 23, 1984, "Mother" footstone
McDonald, Miles Franklin, Sept. 2, 1917-Jan. 20, 1995, "Father" footstone, carved wedding rings and "Oct. 15, 1948"

McDonald, Melia, Dec. 16, 1892-Apr. 22, 1922
McDonald, Miles, Feb. 18, 1890-____ (homemade)

McDonald, Shirley A., 1937-1941 [replacement]

Mercer, Grace, 1899-1940
Mercer, Shelt, 1889-1956

Mercer, Infant, Feb. 23, 1939, "Infant of Lonnie & Mary Mercer" [replacement]

O'Guin, Eula [see McDonald, Eula O'Guin]

Rittenberry, Birtie We______, Oct. 17, 1906-Dec. 21, 1906 (eroded homemade concrete marker) [name and dates best guess]

Simmons, D. L., June 3, 1881-1924
Simmons, Laura, Mar. 15, 1881-1927 [replacement]

Simmons, Fannie M., 1900-1922
Simmons, Infant daughter, no dates [replacement]

Simmons, Ila Mae, 1895-1982, "Mother" footstone
Simmons, Jake, 1889-1934, "Father" footstone

Simmons, Ivon, Jan. 20, 1907-1908
Simmons, Cora, Sept. 18, 1911-1924 [replacement]

Simmons, Jake, 1889-1934, "Husband of of Ila"

Warren, Maggie [see McDonald, Maggie Warren]

Warren, Robert Thomas Jr., 1881-1967, "Son of R. T. & Lizzie"

Warren, Susan Elizabeth, 1853-1913, "Mother" footstone [replacement]


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