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McMinn County, Tennessee
Court Proceedings Index

Partial listing taken from WPA microfilm of McMinn County, Tennessee

(Note: Page numbers in this index refer to those of the original book from which this copy was made. These numbers are carried in the left hand margin of this copy.

Adams, James L. 422 Arnwine, John 227-228-229-260
Adams, Daniel 294-295-296-302-
Arp,William 333-355
Adams, Jiles 384-442 Arnwin, John 223-224
Alabama, State of 399 Athens 223-227-229-233-
Alexander, Joseph 310-312-313 Atkesson, John 419-441
Alkisson, John 440-445 Atkinson, Asburry A. 410
Allen, Edward 359-362 Atkinson, James 244-245-419
Allen, Edward D. 323 Atkinson, John 244-262
Allen, Jonathan 265-325-326-388 Atkisson, Asburry A. 410
Allin, Jonathan Atkisson, John 420
Amerin, George Bacon, Joseph 241-244-245
Amerine, George Bacon, Joseph B. 225-236
Anderson, Andrew Bacon, Thomas 241-245
Anderson, William Bailey, A. B. 262-265-272-282
Anderson, William W. Bailey, Levi
Arohart, John Bailey, Lewis
Arohart, Peter Bailey, Thomas
Arohart, Peter Bailey, William
Armstrong Bailey, Lewis
Armstrong, Benjamin D. Baker, Alexander
Armstrong, Baker Baker, Curley
Armstrong, Eli Baker, Frazier
Armstrong, Elihu D. Ball, John
Armstrong, James Ball, L.
Armstrong, John Ball, Leven L.
Armstrong, Robert lBall, Leven L.
Armstrong, Thomas Ballard, Samue
Armstrong, Thomas P. Ballew, William
Armstrong, William Barb, Abraham
Arnold, Bird
Arnwine, Dan'l

Camp, John 265 Canada, Reubin
Camp, Thomas Casada, Ruben
Camp, Thomas C. Casey, Turner
Camp, William Caslin, James M.
Campbell, John Cass, James
Campbell, John B. Cassady, Martin
Campbell, Shadrack Cassady, Reuben
Campbell, Shadreck Cassady, Riuben
Campbell, Shadrick Cast, James
Campbell, Thomas C. Casteel, Abraham
Campbell, Thomas I. Cates, Amos
Campbell, Thomas T. Cate, Elijah
Campbell, Thos. T. Cate, Ephriam
Canady, Nacy Cate, Gideon
Cane Creek Cate, Joseph
Cansellor, William Cate, Robert
Cansillar, Nathaniel H. Cate, Simeon
Canseler, William Cate, Simion
Canslar, N. H. Cate, Simon
Cantrell, D. Cate, Thomas
Cantrell, David Cate, William
Cantrell, Gabriel Cates, William
Cantrell, Isaac Chambers, Edd
Cantrell, William Chambers, Edmond 376-379-380-385
Carey, Nathaniel Chapman, Jacob
Carlock, Isaac Charles, Edmond
Carmachael, danl Chastain, Joseph
Carmichael, Daniel Chesnut, Raleigh
Caroline Chestooe Creek
Carouth, James Childers, William
Carooll, William Chilboree? Catibeale Springs
Carson, Thomas S. Chrishman, Nealy
Carsons, Thomas S. Chrishman, Neely
Carten, William B. Chrisman, Nealy
Carter, Armstead Chrsham, Nelly
Carter, Isaac Claig, Sauel
Carter, William Clag, Alexander
Cary, Nathaniel Cleag, Samuel
Casada, Martin 334-339-361-394 Cleag, Alexander
Casada, Reuben

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