Tennessee Records Repository

Madison Co. TN

Abstracts of Last Wills and Testaments
Madison County, Tennessee

by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000

transcribed by Betty Finley

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These abstracts were taken from the recorded wills in Madison County, Tennessee Will Book D, on microfilm, in the Tennessee Room of the Jackson-Madison County Library, Jackson, Tennessee, except in those instances in which there was problematical spelling or some other question as to actual will contents which were checked against the original wills in the office of the Probate Court Clerk in Jackson.

Even though the essential bequests mentioned in these wills have been abstracted, the writer recommends that each researcher examine the recorded wills in which there is an interest. The primary purpose of this publication is to provide a reliable cross-referencing of surnames in these last wills and testaments.  Furthermore, the Judges' minutes in the county court clerk's records for this period should be searched for more information regarding the administrations actually carried out by the court and the estate representatives.


In the text of the publication, following the name of the testator/ testatrix, are two dates, the first being the date given as execution date of the will, the day it was supposedly "made" and dated; the second is the date the will was admitted to probate on which day the estate representative was usually approved/appointed. Some individuals failed to name executors to carry out intentions of the wills in which cases the court would appoint administrators for this purpose. These indivi­duals are usually now called estate representatives.

Following the abstract, the death date of the testator/testatrix is given, if known, as taken from the court minutes, death certificates (DC) or other noted sources.

Jonathan K. T. Smith
Jackson, Tennessee
Spring of 2000