Tennessee Records Repository

Madison Co. TN

Abstracts of Last Wills and Testaments
Madison County, Tennessee

by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000

transcribed by Betty Finley

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Mrs. Clara M. Ranson rest of estate and the latter to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: Edna A. Nichols, Anna R. O'Conner.
Mrs. Kate E. Wilkinson died March 13, 1936.

448-449. EDWIN J. HALL, August 9, 1935-April 11, 1936
Formerly resident of Cairo, Illinois; now resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To Mrs. Anna Weil sister of deceased wife and her daughter Rose Marie Augusta Weil $3000. He had disability of lunacy imposed on him by County Court of Alexander Co., Ill. in April 1934. To niece Miss Lucy Balcom of Indianapolis, Ind. rest of his estate. Hugh W. Hicks and A. V. Patton executors. Witnesses: Dr. J. Lawrence Cochran, Leon M. Waite, Jr., George T. Holland, Bebe Boswell.

450. JOHN DICKINSON, July 30, 1927-April 21, 1936
Personalty including insurance policies to wife Mary H. Dickinson. Real estate, 80 acre farm, to children Evelyn Rose Dickinson, Mary Virginia Dickinson, Lois Caroline Dickinson, John Dickinson, Jr. with his wife serving as trustee for them and she might sell property if she thought it best in providing for them. Wife, executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: L. M. Wilson, H. L. West.
John Dickinson died October 21, 1927.

451. ROBERT LEE GREER May 18, 1935-April 24, 1936
Resident of Oakfield, Madison County, Tennessee
To cousin Mamie Greer $500; rest of estate to his sister Henrietta Eudora Greer and if she predeceased him his estate to eight nephews and nieces, children of brother N. A. Greer and deceased sister Elizabeth Collins equally. Henrietta Evelyn Greer executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: Claire B. Newman, J. A. Newman.
Robert Lee Greer died April 21, 1936.

452. JOHN H. TRICE, November 21, 1933-May 2, 1936
To wife Elizabeth Jones Trice residential lot, 1086 Highland Ave., Jackson and the personalty divided among her and children. Wife executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: W. F. McCollum, S. G. Sisson.
John H. Trice died April 16, 1936.

453. DIXIE H. FENNER, December 22, 1931-May 8, 1936
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To beloved wife Florence Fenner entire estate and she to serve as execu­trix without making bond as such. Witnesses: A. P. Chalker, F. J. Dawson.

454. W. R. HAWK, July 27, 1925-May 18, 1936
Entire estate to beloved wife Mary Ella Hawk, nee Fletcher and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: J. L. Bond, Mrs. Pauline Bond.

455. MINERVA MORRIS, January 4, 1928-May 20, 1936
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee; signed with an "x"
To niece Marie Atkins daughter of sister Frances Atkins, living in Arkansas, place unknown, instead of to her niece Marjorie McClellan of St. Louis, Mo. Harrison Walker executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: H. G. Arnold, J. E. Crymes.

456-457. Mrs. JESSIE L. BIRDSONG, September 19, 1934-May 22, 1936
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To Estes Phillips $500; $250 to servant Sallie Birdsong. Bank shares to

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Louise Birdsong, Gussie Witt, Jettie Sawner, Emma Jacobs, Albert Shelton, Sallie Birdsong. Families portraits, herself and husband and her parents to be given to some of friends/family connection. Rest of personalty to be given to Gussie Witt, Louise Birdsong, Jettie Sawner. Money towards upkeep of cemetery lot in Zion Cemetery. Merchants Bank to serve as executor. Witnesses: Mrs. Floyd S. Adams, Floyd S. Adams, G. E. McDearmon.
Codicil dated June 29, 1935. Wanted similar casket and vault as her husband, Bob Birdsong, had. Same witnesses.

458-459. EDGAR M. KORNEGAY, March 30, 1931-will recorded in Jefferson Co., Ala. Will Book 21 as of May 25, 1934
Resident of Woodlawn, Jefferson Co., Alabama
To beloved sons C. A. Kornegay and C. R. Kornegay, better known as Clark and Clyde Kornegay, twins, to have equal share in his estate and sons to serve as executors. Witnesses: A. W. Ellington, A. Stevenson, L. N. Pearce.
Edgar M. Kornegay died in Jefferson Co., Ala., May 21, 1934.

460. J. D. ALLISON, November 13, 1934-June 3, 1936
The spelling is poor in this will and it is difficult to "interpret" it.
Spelling corrected, the will text seems to read:  Jackson, Tenn. Nov. 13, 1934
This is my will. I will my property to Calley and heirs ___ my daughter and two dollars and /to/ her heirs Tom, W. J. I will Robert what he owes me. If Mattie May should come in for part of property I will her the place at East Chester her life time then go back /to/ Calley and ___.
I want Calley /to/have possession, charge of everything. This is my will. J. D. Allison. Witnesses: H. L. Houston, Mrs. Mary Bell.

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Note: The 1900 U. S. Census, Jackson, Monroe Street: Joe D. Allison, born August l856; Maud Allison, wife, born Dec.1864; Robert Allison, son, born June 1879;  Tom Allison, son, born February 1881; Callie Allison, daughter, born June 1891. Maud (Carter) Allison died June 21, 1926 and J. D. Allison married Mattie Rudd July 2, 1927. His daughter, Cally Wray qualified as executrix of this will. A railroad carpenter, Joe Daniel Allison and wife lie buried in unmarked graves in Pleasant Hill Cemetery off Mifflin Road.

461. R. A. HUNT and wife, POCAHONTAS HUNT, July l4, 1926-July 25, 1936
At their deaths their daughter Estelle Hunt Bennett to have entire estate and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: W. J. Hall, W. R. Tiffany.
R. A. Hunt died June 22, 1936.

462. T. A. ANDREWS, June 30, 1923-July 13, 1936
Resident of Nashville, Tennessee
Entire estate to beloved wife Florie Anderson Andrews for the "education and care of our son Thomas Gayleon Andrews." Brothers M. D. and A. S. Andrews as administrators for her. No witnesses.
T. A. Andrews died July 9, 1936.

463-467. T. D. CASON, May 11, 1929-July 13, 1936
To Sadie Cason Taylor, R. Jane Cason, Lewis D. Cason, George R. Cason, L. Claud Cason each $300. To sister S. Elvira Cason shares in National Bank of Commerce, Jackson. Stock to daughter and son of deceased sister R. M. McColpin (Cora McBride, Willie McColpin, John McColpin, Jamie Kincaid, Lucile Hale) each $400. To niece Lacy Cason West daughter of deceased brother J. D. Cason 12 shares in Citizen Bank of Lavaca, Ark. To nephew Joe H. Cason son of deceased brother W. C. Cason $300 (he and mother, Virginia lived in New Mexico). To nieces Mary Cason Cross and Anna Cason West daughters of his deceased brother D. M. Cason each $150. To niece Rooney Christie Howard daughter of his deceased sister Mary Cason Chris­tie $150; wanted some money to go towards the education of several nieces and nephews. L. C. Cason, Cleburne, Tenn. and Cora McColpin McBride, Carrollton, Ms., executors without making bond as such. No witnesses.
Codicile dated May 11, 1929. L. C. Cason, Cleburne, Texas and Cora McColpin McBride, Carrollton, Ms. to serve as executors without making bond as such. Codicil dated May 20, 1933. Withdrew money to be spent in children's education; Joe Hill Cason to derive no benefit from his will; Lucy to receive bank stock totalling $1200; left only $100 to Roonie Christie Howard; $200 to MarY; $300 to Anna; $200 to Janie McColpin; more money to Cora McColpin McBride and Anna Cason West, Lucy Cason West, Lucile McCol­pin Hall, John McColpin, L. Claud Cason; to Lucile M. Hall furniture; as L. C. Cason "is in failing health" replaced him as executor with Lucile McColpin Hall of Greenwood, Ms.
Codicil dated March 14, 1934. Makes some minor adjustments in bequests. Codicil dated August 31, 1934. To R. Jane Cason $200; to Mrs. Essie Cason $100 and also Clarence Cason. "Essie's care has helped to allay pain and made suffering easier to bear. . . a friend in time of need. $500 to Anna. Codicil dated September 1935. Claud and Ellie now deceased. $200 to Carolyn and Noel Cason children of deceased brother L. Claud Cason; $300 to Mary; further divisions of bankstock among heirs.
Codicil dated May 30, 1936. Adjustments in bankstock.

473. Codicil dated October 10, 1936: Further adjustments in bequests.
Thomas David Cason died July 11, 1936 (DC).

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468. JOHN P. KEY, December 8, 1930-August 12, 1936
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To wife Edney Barfield Key if she survived him all his personalty, his present residence. To sons W. N. and J. D. Key residue of his real property and they to serve as executors without making bond as such. Witnesses:  C. E. Pigford, Donald Weaver.
John Patterson Key died February 19, 1936.

469-470. BELLE ROBERTS HUMPHREYS, September 5, 1935-August 17, 1936
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
Entire estate to Richard C. Smith, Jackson; H. E. Humphreys, Memphis; Frank B. Caldwell, Jackson as trustees. To son James Roberts Humphreys 90% of net income from the entire estate, the other 10% as part of principal of the estate; to him for life and then to his children except for William Y. Humphreys, whose part would be held for his life-time then divided among the other heirs. If William Y. Humphreys was only surviving child of J. R. Humphreys then the trust would be in his name but he would draw nothing from it and it would be divided among his heirs at his demise. Witnesses: John Gaffney, W. R. Hudson.
Belle Roberts Humphreys died July 16, 1936.

471. SALLIE E. WYATT, January 5, 1933-September 12, 1936
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To sons W. A. Wyatt and W. O. Wyatt and daughters Lillie Wyatt, Mrs. E. D. Twomey and Laura Wyatt entire estate including residential lot, 256 Hamilton Ave., Jackson and divided equally after Mrs.Twomey had been repaid "for money spent on building additional rooms before her marriage." Furniture, china, silverware to Blanche. Laura Wyatt, daughter and grandson Kenneth Wyatt executors without making bond as such. Witnesses: Charles Moffett, E. Burruss.
Codicil dated July l2, 1934. W. O. Wyatt, son, "now" appointed executor.

472. Mrs. DAN C. CALDWELL, August 12, 1931-September 19, 1936
She wanted a tombstone placed at her grave like that of "Mr. Caldwell's." Homeplace, 415 E. College St., Jackson to be sold and proceeds divided: $1000 to Caldwell DeBardelen, Selma, Ala. and rest equally to nieces Lillee Lyon Bird, Jennie Lyon Murdock and May Lyon. The Caldwell apart­ments owned ½ by her and ½ by sister which was willed to her by this sister for life-time and then to "our four nieces and nephew." The nieces gave testator deed for their share. Testator's own share willed to Lillee, Jen and May equally. The other ½ Jen now owns Bob Cartmell's share and she willed to her the share that would have gone to niece A. D. Caldwell now deceased; to Lillee and May the remaining share. Home and lot, 404 E. College St., Jackson to be sold and proceeds divided among:  $1000 to niece Jewell Houston Yewell, St. Louis, Mo.; $1000 to Ada and Arthur Perry; $200 to Mrs. John Chesterman; Mary L. Buford $200; Robbie McClain $500; Mrs. Frances Owen $500. Her diamond brooch to niece Ada Perry; a diamond ring to Jennie Lyon and a diamond ring to Caldwell DeBardelen. W. A. Caldwell, Jennie Lyon Murdock, Mrs. Frances Owen executors without making bond as such. Witnesses: W. D. McKinnie, G. F. Owen.
Codicil dated July 31, 1936. "I wish the bequests charged to the house next the filling station. 100 to Ada and Arthur Perry; 1500 to Emma Lancaster Chesterman; 500 to Frances Owen; 250 to Robbie McClain; $250 to Mary Buford. No witnesses.
Lella R. Caldwell died August 18, 1936 (tombstone, Riverside Cemetery, Jackson).

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474. J. M. STEWART, February 8, 1920-0ctober 12, 1936
To Miss Smith Wealington 133 acres and a mare, Trillby. To May Tally money he had in bank and livestock he had divided between these two legatees. No executor named. Witnesses: J. W. Goodrich, Mrs. J. W. Goodrich.
J. M. Stewart died October 5, 1936.

475. W. R. McCORD, December 18, 1920-October 17, 1936
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To beloved wife Nannie C. McCord, for her life-time, entire estate, she being allowed to sell some of it if she thought best to do so. If she remarried she would receive only a 1/6 share of estate. At her demise remaining estate to children W. T. McCord, Minnie Richardson, Ollie Carver, Robert N. McCord, May Rogers, equally. Robert N. McCord executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: C. E. Pigford, W. N. Key.
Codicil dated November 23, 1932. C. A. Richardson, Jr. appointed executor. Witnesses: Donald Weaver, W. N. Key.
W. R. McCord died October 11, 1936.

476. NED WOODS, November 19, 1924-October 20, 1936
Resident of Civil District 9, Madison County, Tennessee
His farm, 44 acres in old Civil District 9, Madison County, equally to children Leotha Woods, Lou James Woods, Melvin Woods, Judie Woods, Albert Woods, Nora Woods and Warren Woods; farm not to be sold until Warren Woods, youngest child, reached 21 years. Having advanced to daughter Dolly Ann Weathers and husband Herman "certain moneys", not repaid, but if they did repay him before he died, she would receive a 1/8 portion of farm, otherwise she would receive no benefit in his will. Leotha Woods, son executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Mike McClellan, Hubert Holmes, Ed Brooks.
Ned Woods died July 25, 1936.

477. JIM ALSTON, November 6, 1930-December 12, 1936
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
Two tracts of land to Carrie Cole for life then to her daughter Marie Cole; also to Carrie remainder of estate and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: Melvoid Ests, Will Morgan.
Jim Alston died October 11, 1933.
478. CHARLES T. FOX, March 23, 1935-December 16, 1936
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To wife Nannie Young Fox entire estate and if she predeceased him estate to adopted son John Thomas Hamilton. Wife executrix and if she were deceased John T. Hamilton to serve as executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: E. G. Warmath, Leland LeFlore.
Charles T. Fox died November 4, 1936.

479. Mrs. CARRIE NORD, June 9, 1934-January 16, 1937
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
Entire estate to husband Louis Nord and he to serve as executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Claire B. Newman, Cleo T. Newman.
Mrs. Carrie Nord died January 7, 1937.

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480. JONAS GILLESPIE, October 29, 1929-January 27, 1937
His farm, 108 acres in Civil District 6, Madison County, to his children Willie Gillespie, Joe Lee Gillespie, Maria Gillespie, Ella Winston and Thomas Gillespie. To son Levell Gillespie and daughter Beatrice Gilles­pie each $50. Other personalty to children. Willie Gillespie, executor. "I have bequeathed and divided this property to my children for the love and affection that I have for them." Witnesses: A. C. Ford, H. B. Graham.

481. AARON DELAP, March 22, 1934-February 4, 1937
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To niece Annie Pangburn, Gary, Ind. $600; niece Mattie Beale, Gibson Co. $600; niece Ora Mathis, Gibson Co. $600; niece Emma Drake, Detroit, Mich. $600; daughters of Ora Mathis: Ora Lee Mathis $200; Helen Mathis $200; Lizzie Mathis $200. Rest of estate to Ora Mathis and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: Homer H. Waldrop, A. J. Stegall.
Aaron Delap died February 3, 1937.

482. J. C. HUMPHREYS, March 29, 1930-February 15, 1937
Life estate to wife Alice "for her faithfulness and loyalty" and “love for her" and then to their heirs Mamie J. Yarbrough, Ethel L. Pearson, John B. Humphreys, Jr., Claire Sutton, Sadie L. Agnew. No executor named. Witnesses: M. A. Dees, W. L. Coplin.
J. C. Humphreys died January 31, 1937.

483. NANNIE HARDIN MOSIER, December 29, 1934-February 27, 1937
Signed with an "x"
To beloved nephew J. D. Hardin her residential lot, 3 acres in Civil Dis­trict 5, Madison County and furnishings inside it as well. If her daugh­ter Delia Mosier, a patient at Western State Hospital, Bolivar, Tenn. should be restored as a sane person, this property would become hers. J. D. Hardin executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: David P. Murray, Charles Chandler.
Nannie Hardin Mosier died February 13, 1937.

484. Mrs. L. E. Quakenbush, July 30, 1932-March 9, 1937
To daughter, Gertrude Quackenbush all stock in Progressive Building and Loan Association, Memphis bearing date August 19, 1929 and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witness: Bessie Buffaloe.
Mrs. Amanda Isabel (L. E.) Quackenbush died November 13, 1934. (Hollywood Cemetery tombstone record)

485. W. C. BENNETT, June 2, 1924-March 18, 1937
Resident of Bemis, Tennessee
Entire estate to wife Ida Bennett and she to serve as executrix. Witnesses: Dr. J. C. Cottongin, N. L. Williams, E. D. Pettigrew.

486. Mrs. CAMILEE ROBERTS GRAY, February 8, 1937-April 15, 1937
Entire estate to W. F. Smith and wife Maudie, and he to serve as executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: E. E. Waller, Thomas O. Gowen.
Mrs. Camilee Roberts Gray died April 14, 1937.

487. E. D. ALEXANDER, March 2l, 1935-April 24, 1937
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
Real estate, for life only to wife Cora Alexander and after her demise to children Mrs. Fanny Alexander Taylor, Mrs. Lizzie Alexander Taylor, James Robert Alexander, William Walter Alexander, Clarence McClellan Alexander, Charlie Alexander. To granddaughter Willie Alexander, age 18;

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granddaughter Katie Alexander age l5, each $1000 cash after reaching age 21 years. Rest of estate to his children. G. C. Williams executor. Witnesses: W. W. Pope, Katherine Wray.

488. H. L. PIERCE, May 14, 1925-May 7, 1937
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee; signed with an "x"
Entire estate to wife Amanday Pierce and if anything remaining of it at her demise it went to Elmer Lee Jackson. No executor named. Witnesses:  W. J. Boone, Harry Landon Graves.
H. L. Pierce died April 29, 1937.

489. ALBERT H. METZ, January l7, 1929-May 13, 1937
Wanted to be buried in a steel and burial vault in Trenton, Tennessee cemetery and a tombstone placed at his grave and later one for his wife. Entire estate including his portion of his father's estate, upon death of his mother, to his wife Lola Metz and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: Janette Swaim, Robert P. Adams.

490. CARRIE WHITAKER HOGSETT, September 3, 1931-May 27, 1937
To sister Vernon Whitaker Robbins and children balance of notes held against her husband William Cyril Robbins and to this sister and her children $5000 left in trust for her by her uncle, Frank Williams ($4000 left). Directed that Vernon W. Robbins saw to it that "my father is given a home during his life time." Husband Curtiss Hogsett rest of money and personalty. No executor named. Witnesses: F. T. Smith, R. B. Ballard.
Carrie Whitaker Hogsett died May 16, 1937.

491. CAMILLE BRIGHT BELL, September 29, 1926-May 29, 1937
Her daughter Mary had died recently. To Ray W. Bell "my first born" his father's office desk and her abiding love. To Alfred A. Bell her invalid son she left her books. To Beatrice B. Bell, several paintings done by her grandmother along with old letters. To Lilla Bright Bell the remainder of her estate. "I commend Alfred to the tender consideration and care of his brothers and sisters and to God of all mercy.” No executor named. Witnesses: Abie Shapard, Anne Gates Butler, Lida Gilmer Shelton.
Camille Bright Bell died May 21, 1937.

492. SOPHIA HARVEY, undated will-May 31, 1937
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
Real property to sister Amelia Howard and rest of estate as well except for $1 to her husband William Harvey who had deserted her. Amelia Howard executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: Judge Curry, Olivia Bates.

493. ALFRED WILLIAMSON, ___ 20, 1931-June 12, 1937
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
Real property, 100 acres, to son Roger Williamson and daughter Nettie Cathey; $l each to Eliza Anderson, Edgar Williamson, Arthur Williamson, Lorena Ross and Johnnie Williamson. Roger Williamson, executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Luke Barnes, Fred Warren.

494. SAM OGLESBY, July14, 1934-June 25, 1937
Entire estate to wife Jennie Oglesby providing that the real property would go to his brother George Oglesby if she died; if she wished to sell property, she and George would share proceeds. Wife executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: Henry Bullock, W. M. Hayes.
Sam Oglesby died January 27, 1935.

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495. WALTER R. STOUT May 3, 1936-June 30, 1937
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
Entire estate to Elenora Person Stout and she to serve as executrix. Witnesses: R. B. Duffey, Elizabeth Person.
Walter R. Stout died June 19, 1937.

496-497. W. H. McCABE, December 22, 1936-July 21, 1937
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To nephew Charles Johnson $100; to nephew Fred Johnson $5000, a thousand dollars each year for five years. W. A. Caldwell, president of First National Bank of Jackson to act as trustee and executor for his niece Mary Jane Scott who would receive rentals, income from estate until she reached age 25 years when she would receive full benefit from the estate. Should she die before reaching that age the estate would go to nephew Fred Johnson. Witnesses: F. M. Frankland, J. E. Barber.
W. Harvey McCabe died July 19, 1937.