Tennessee Records Repository

Madison Co. TN

Abstracts of Last Wills and Testaments
Madison County, Tennessee

by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000

transcribed by Betty Finley

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These abstracts were taken from the recorded wills in Madison County, Tennessee Will Book D, on microfilm, in the Tennessee Room of the Jackson-Madison County Library, Jackson, Tennessee, except in those instances in which there was problematical spelling or some other question as to actual will contents which were checked against the original wills in the office of the Probate Court Clerk in Jackson.

Even though the essential bequests mentioned in these wills have been abstracted, the writer recommends that each researcher examine the recorded wills in which there is an interest. The primary purpose of this publication is to provide a reliable cross-referencing of surnames in these last wills and testaments.  Furthermore, the Judges' minutes in the county court clerk's records for this period should be searched for more information regarding the administrations actually carried out by the court and the estate representatives.


In the text of the publication, following the name of the testator/ testatrix, are two dates, the first being the date given as execution date of the will, the day it was supposedly "made" and dated; the second is the date the will was admitted to probate on which day the estate representative was usually approved/appointed. Some individuals failed to name executors to carry out intentions of the wills in which cases the court would appoint administrators for this purpose. These indivi­duals are usually now called estate representatives.

Following the abstract, the death date of the testator/testatrix is given, if known, as taken from the court minutes, death certificates (DC) or other noted sources.

Jonathan K. T. Smith
Jackson, Tennessee
Spring of 2000

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1. MATTIE. J. WILBON, April l, 1926-March 11, 1927
Resident of Madison County, a widow who signed her will with an "x." To her beloved brothers, Edgar Hall and Arthur Hall, she devised her home­place on Spring Creek Public Road, two miles northeast of Jackson, consis­ting of six acres; her beloved grand niece, Kathleen Crutchfield her dia­mond ring; her beloved niece by marriage, Mary Hall, her bedroom furniture; her beloved nephew, John F. Hall, her poppies oil painting; her beloved niece, Mary Pritchitt, her gold band china; her beloved niece, Lillian Crutchfield, her set of Havilland china; her beloved namesake, Ruth Wilborn, her large oil painting in her bedroom; her beloved niece by marriage,  Myrtle Pritchitt, two oil paintings of pansies and posies; beloved niece by marriage, Mary Hall and her own niece, Lillian Crutchfield, her silver­ware; beloved sister, Sallie Dugger, her best pair of woolen blankets. Rest of property to be sold, inferentially the proceeds to be divided among her numerous heirs. John F. Hall, executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Mrs. W. C. Scallions (written twice).
Mattie J. Wilborn died March 8, 1927 (DC).

2-4. HARRISON GOLDEN, January 19, 1926-March 14, 1927
A 69 year old resident of Jackson, Tennessee
Devised several hundred acres of land to his children Ida Beard, George Golden, Laura Norman, Dora Bond, James Golden, Alexander Golden (his portion including the testator's residence}, William Golden, Jonas Golden and nep­hew, Luther French and niece, Lucy Watkins and grandson, Harrison Golden. The sons were to pay his widow $25 each year and his daughters $15 each year. His daughter, Mattie Golden of Chicago was left $500 cash. Son, George Golden, executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: H. Smith, Robert Deberry, L. G. Murry.
Harrison Golden died February 23, 1927.
5. W. F. JEFFRIES, September 14, 1914-March 16, 1927
His children H. L. Jeffries and R. E. Jeffries had already been provided for,  hence he left 1/3 shares of his estate to beloved wife Julia Jeffries and son, E. M. Jeffries and daughter, Mrs. C. S. Waddell. Son, E. M. Jeffries, execu­tor. Witnesses: William Kinney, Mann Wills.
William F. Jeffries died March 1, 1927.

6. JIM ROGERS, July 3, 1926-March 17, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
Having already given to his children Syrus, Amos, Nehemiah and Dee Rogers, he left his property of whatever nature to his daughter, Sarah Rogers and she was to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: F. M. Vaden, H. W. Hicks.
Jim Rogers died December 15, 1926.

7-10. MARMON S. POPE, February 2, 1923-March 24, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
His beloved wife, Elizabeth B. Pope, was left all property for her life-time, then to son, John W. R. Pope, his homeplace in old Civil District 10 of Madison County, 258 acres and an undivided 1/3 interest in the John Smith farm, 126 acres and at his death same went to his children; Mary Elizabeth Diffee, daughter, his Beech Creek farm on north side of Jackson and Dyers­burg Road, some 90 acres and a strip parallel with the 76 acre Welsh farm,  being located in Civil District 2, Crockett County and old Civil District 10, Madison County; a
73 1/3 acre tract in Riverside Co., Calif.; to Martha Ann Jones, the remainder of the Beech Creek farm land, about 165 acres and 1/3 interest in the John Smith farm and 50 acres in Riverside Co., Calif.;

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if one of these heirs should die his or her share would go to the other heirs. John W.R. Fly, executor. Witnesses: Oliver Benton, Simpson Russell
Codicil dated May 25, 1927
His daughter, Mary Elizabeth Diffee, was to have $500 in cash; his wife, Elizabeth B. Pope, was to have his 1/2 interest in the residential lot on Division Avenue, Jackson and at her death this place was to go to their daughter, Mary E. Diffee, owner of the other 1/2 of this property. Witnesses: W. W. Dunn, Lottye M. Dunn.
Codicil dated May 29, 1926
He had sold 40 of the 43 1/3 acres in Coachella Valley, Riverside County, California. The remaining 3 1/3 acres were devised to daughter, Mary E. Diffee and daughter, Martha Ann Jones was confirmed to hold her 50 acres in Riverside County after her mother's demise and he confirmed his daugh­ter, Mary E. Diffee's title to the residential lot on Division Avenue. Witnesses: J. A. Midyett, Mrs. J. A. Midyett.
Marmon S. Pope died February 27, 1927.

11-12.Mrs.G. E. ELDER, Apri1 26, 1923-March 26, 1927
Resident of New Albany, Union Co., Mississippi
To her daughter, Bessie, wife of S. C. Yeargin and granddaughter, Mary Jane Harper (daughter of son, R. M. Harper) she devised her residential lot, 104 Ingleside Place and her tract of land in McLennan Co., Texas. As she had already provided her son, R. M. Harper and her daughter, Florence Richardson, with what she intended for them to have, she left remainder of estate to daughter, Bessie Yeargin, appointed her as testamentary guardian of Mary Jane Harper. Witnesses: W. T. Rogers, Roger Wilson.
Mrs. Georgia Elder died March 19, 1927 (DC).

13. MARTHA JANE WHEELER, September 27, 1924-March 26, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee; signed her will with an "x."
To her beloved daughters, Ida wife of Wash Jordan, Bargerton, Henderson Co., Tenn., Mollie, wife of John Jordan, Bemis, Tennessee and grandchildren Clara Quinn, Lester Walker, Hattie May Hailey, children of deceased daughter, Fannie Walker, all of Nashville, Tenn., all her real estate, including her residential lot in Jackson, 250 Jackson Street, her daughters each receiving a 1/3 share and her grandchildren sharing a 1/3 share. Son-in-law, J. C. Walker, executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: T. J. Tate, W. B. Day, J. T. Phillips.
Martha Jane Wheeler died January 14, 1927

15. TOMMIE A.O'BRIEN, March 29, 1927-April 4, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To his children Johnnie Curtiss, Hassie Marie, Mildred Levirne O'Brien, he devised his 153 acre farm and the proceeds of a $1000 insurance policy, equally divided among them. He wanted his brother-in-law and executor, C. A. Boswell, to take his three children into his home and raise them but if he chose not to do so, to make certain that they were placed in a "Christian home" and provided for from his estate. Witnesses: W. R. Phillips, Mrs. Helen Henley.
Tommie A. O'Brien died March 31, 1927.

17. JOHN M.RAINES, May 21, 1923-April 19, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To wife, Maud Raines, proceeds of $1000 insurance policy with Woodmen of the World and dividends and profits from 1050 shares in Consolidated Texas Production Company; his homeplace, 132 Hatton St., Jackson. After his wife's

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demise the Hatton place was devised to his daughters, Lois Jane Raines and Mrs. Nora Raines Wingo, to share equally the same; and to them also he devised the residential lot, 519 East Deadrick Ave., Jackson and after his wife's demise the remainder of other property he had left his wife. Nora Raines Wingo, executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: J. M. Raines, A. T. Jones, A. M. Young.
John M. Raines died April 14, 1927.

18. Mrs. CARRIE ANKER FELSENTHAL, June 21, 1923-April 21, 1927
To her daughter, Mrs. Celia Felsenthal, Memphis, Tenn., she left her pearl breast pin, her two-stone diamond ring was to be divided between daughters, Mrs. Celia Felsenthal and Mrs. Ruby Felsenthal Tamms; her solitaire ring to her daughter,  Mrs. Nell Felsenthal Levy. To her granddaughter, Mrs.  Bernice Hess Samuels her common-stock ($2000) in J. C. Felsenthal Co.; to daughter, Mrs.  Hattie Felsenthal Maas, Memphis, Tenn., her preferred-stock ($11,000) in J. C. Felsenthal Co. and her $3500 Liberty bonds; to each of her grandchildren $100; to Carl Woerner, Washington, D. C. /relationship not given/ $200. Her storehouse, corner of Liberty and an alley, Jackson, was devised to her sons, Sidney and Henry Felsenthal. Her daughter, Mrs. Nell Felsenthal Levy was left her homeplace, 332 Highland Ave., Jackson, with all its contents. Her daughter, Mrs. Ruby Felsenthal Tamms was left her storehouse in Brownsville, Haywood Co., Tenn. Her daughter, Mrs. Celia Felsenthal, was left her "lot" in Louisville, Ky. "Balance" of property was to be divided equally among all her children.  Sidney and Henry Felsenthal, executors without making bond as such.  Witnesses:  Clara King, C. G. Bond.
Mrs. Carrie Anker Felsenthal died April 13, 1927.

19-21. T. J. SPRAGINS, May 5, 1926-April 23, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To grandson, Len Thomas Spragins, his blackgum writing desk and if he didn't want it, to go to his daughter, Lela Gauldin; to grandchild, Carrie Edna Spra­gins, his large hall clock, to be kept for her until she reached age 25 years; to wife, Mary Susan Spragins, his residential lot, 140 Louise Ave., Jackson, for her life-time. He wanted the rest of his estate to be managed by his son-in-law, J. H. Gauldin and daughter, Lela Gauldin, for the benefit of his wife and at her demise 1/4 share of same would go to Lela Gauldin; grandchildren, Hearn, Lamar and Wendall Spragins, each 1/12 share of same; to grandchild, Mary Edna Upchurch a 1/4 share; to grandchildren Len Thomas, Carrie Edna and Franklin Kellar Spragins each a 1/12 share. If Lela Gauldin died without children, her share was to be divided among the other heirs and there were similar stipulations for the other heirs. Lela and J. H. Gauldin, executors without making bond as such. Witnesses: Bessie Buffaloe, H. C. Pearson. It was also sworn-to before F. P. Patton, notary public.
Codicil dated May 5, 1926
Spragins changed his executors. Lela Gauldin remained executrix but taking her husband's place in this codicil was Robert H. Spragins, one of the testa­tor's grandsons.
Thomas J. Spragins died April 15, 1927.

22. A. C. CAIN, July 1, 1924-May 3, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
He appointed his wife, Mamie C. Cain, executrix and she was devised his store­house on southeast corner of Lafayette and Shannon streets, Jacksoni3 houses and lots in Jackson's fourth ward; his residential lot facing Highland Ave. in Jackson; all personal property,  including his bank stock and five shares in Mt. Olive /Olivet/Cemetery near Jackson. To sister, Mrs. Sophia Roberts, he devised 2 residential lots on Orleans Street on which $700 was owing; his wife was to have rental on these houses until she raised enough to pay off the debt at which time Mrs. Roberts would be given clear title to the lots. Witnesses: Will McMullen, L. G. Murray.

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23. T. M. SISSON, October 19, 1916-May 12, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To wife, Lou Sisson, he left all his property of whatever kind, including his property in Effingham, Illinois and she was to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: B. J. Howard, T. W. Pope.
T. M. Sisson died April 11, 1927.

24. S. A. JONES, November l4, 1925-May 14, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
Her property,  a 1/3 interest in a residential lot, 145 Campbell St., Jackson,  household goods and wearing apparel is what she owned. Her 1/3 share was to be sold and proceeds given to her brother, John E. Trice, who was a 1/3 owner as were H. M. and E. H. Trice, her nephews. After her debts were paid, any money ("reserve remaining") left was to be given to her daughter, Mrs. Mattie Christmas. M. G. Moore, executor. Witnesses: John H. Trice, M. G. Moore.
Shellie A. Jones died April 25, 1927 (DC).

25. Mrs. NEELY SHELTON, February 8, 1912-May 18, 1927
Resident of Norwood, Madison Co., Tennessee
Her daughter, Mattie Shelton, was to take possession and control of her homeplace, the farm where she resided, to be sole owner as long as she remained unmarried; if she married the farm was to be sold and her son, Willie Shelton, was to have "first refusal" in purchasing it; proceeds were to be divided equally among her heirs. No executor named. Witnesses: J. F. Outlan, W. S. Wooten.
Mrs. Neely Shelton died April 24, 1927.

26. Mrs. SARAH WESTOVER, December 31, 1916-May 21, 1927
To her husband, Sylvanus Westover, she left her entire estate; to George W. Westover $5; at her husband's demise her entire estate was to go to her son, Grover C. Westover, who was also executor without making bond as such;  to her children James Earnest Westover, Edith Florence Westover, Mary Eliza Westover, Robert W. Westover, Harry Melvin Westover each $5. Witnesses: Gus Jackson, W. S. Davis.
Mrs. Sarah Westover died May 2, 1927.

27. H. M. FLY, May 14, 1927-May 23, 1927
He left "all my worldly possessions" to be equally divided among his two sons and granddaughter, Gladys Fite Taylor. Son, Roe Fly, executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Ozzie B. Taylor, R. N. White.
H. M. Fly died May 19, 1927.

28-29. Mrs. LILLIAN LYON, August 27, 1926-May 23, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee; widow of John R. Lyon
Executor to keep $100 deposit in First National Bank, Jackson, the interest to be used yearly for "upkeep" of her cemetery lot where her husband was buried. Any monies she had at death were to be divided among: Fannie Frazier, Dallas, Texas, 1/9 share; Annie Deberry, Montezuma, Tenn., 1/9 share; Walter Lyon son of Turner Lyon 1/18 share; Richard Lyon son of Turner Lyon 1/18 share; Nellie B. Moore, Waverly, Tenn. l/3 share; Cora Lyon Brown, San Antonio, Texas 1/3 share and also her chest of silver tableware and her largest single diamond ring. To Houston Brown, San Antonio, Texas $50 Liberty bond; Nellie B. Poore her diamond cluster ring; Janice Brown her small single dia­mond and also proceeds of household goods. From the sale of her real estate, the proceeds to go to Nellie B. Poore and Cora Lyon Brown, equally. Executor, Claire B. Newman, to be paid 10% of gross amount of proceeds in sale of estate. Witnesses: Fern Coble, J. A. Newman.
Mrs. Lillian Lyon died May 22, 1927.

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30. Mrs. JENNIE V. ALEXANDER, July 25, 1917-June 21, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee; widow
To daughter, Mrs. Sallie Williamson, $500; after rest of estate sold the proceeds were to be divided equally between her children, J. H. Alexander and Mrs. Sallie Williamson. She had already given her son at least $500.  Mrs. Sallie Williamson, executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses:  T. J. Murray, D. W. Herring.
Mrs. Jennie V. Alexander died June 2, 1927.

31. G. L. SANFORD, January 28, 1926-June 23, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To beloved wife, M. J. Sanford, a life-time interest in his estate and at her death, same to be divided equally among his children Virgie Sanford Harris, Eunis Sanford Harris, W. J. Sanford, Lawson Sanford, Bessie Sanford, Mary Sanford Smith, Ozie Sanford. Executor, M. J. Sanford and Virgie Sanford Harris without either making bond as such. Witnesses: R. C. Smith, R. M. Wisdom. George L. Sanford died June 21, 1927 (DC).

32. NANCY CASE, June 28, 1927-June 30, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee; signed with an "x."
To her brother, John Case, after debts paid, all her personal property; after the sale of her real estate, the proceeds to her brother, John Case, after a suitable burial lot and tombstone had been provided for her. Claire B. Newman, executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Mrs. Annie May Hopper, Mrs. Ima E. McCord.
Nancy Case died June 28, 1927.

33. Mrs. ISABELLA H. BRIGGS, July l6, 1926-July 9, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To daughter, Georgia, wife of Alex Roark $900 in cash; son, R. H. Briggs $10 in cash; daughter, Agnes, wife of Harry Foster $10 in cash; daughter, Velma, wife of Clarence Glenn $600 in cash; son, Jake Briggs $1000 in cash; youngest daughter, Blanche Briggs $700 in cash. M. H. Taylor, Jackson, executor. Witnesses:  W. A. Caldwell, J. J. Christie, Jr.
Mrs. Isabella H. Briggs died May 24, 1927.

34. W. G. BEATY, August 11, 1921-July 25, 1927
To his beloved nephew, Frank Hill Beaty, his entire estate. M. B. Mulheren, executor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Theron D. Ford, C. C. Malone.  Additional stipulation: Frank Hill Beaty was to pay testator's doctors' bills and funeral expenses; his personal property was to go to Mrs. Rosa Glenn. Same witnesses.
W. G. Beaty died July 12, 1927.

35. W. S. MARSH, June 18, 1926-July 27, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To his wife, Mollie Marsh, his entire estate "for and during her life"; daugh­ter, Addie Marsh for life as long as she remained single, an undivided ½ remainder interest in his homeplace in Civil District 4, Madison County and upon her marriage or death this interest would become the property of his son, C. E. Marsh, who was also devised a ½ remainder interest (subject to his wife's life interest) and he was to serve as executor. Witnesses:  C. G. Edwards, V. T. Taylor.
William S. Marsh died July 16, 1927 (DC).

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36. M. A. CARADINE, July 26, 1927-July 30, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To wife, Vera Caradine, his entire estate for life and afterwards to his children, equally, Mable Caradine Perry, Virginia Caradine, Melvin Caradine,  Katherine Caradine. Wife, Vera Caradine, executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: E. M. Parish, R. S. Parish.
Melville A. Caradine died July 26, 1927 (DC).

37. T. C. REAVIS, June 24, 1926-August 2, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
All his property, real and personal, to be sold and after payment of his debts proceeds to be divided equally among his children Minnie Reavis,  Mittie Meeks, Nettie Neighbors, Thomas A. Reavis, Anna Lou Young, Allice A.  Seavers, Hettie L. Johnson, Ruby Loyd, Hazel Reavis. Brothers-in-law, Paul M. Wilson and Charley Winston and friend, C. E. Drummond, executors. Witnesses:  J. M. Pickens, A. H. Wilson.
Thomas C. Reavis died July 27, 1927.

38. MILLARD F. ROGERS, June 30, 1927-August 17, 1927
To daughter, Retter Rogers a sewing machine; remainder of estate divided equally among his children Lizzie Baker, Beccie Martin, Luther Rogers, Retter Rogers, Rufus Rogers, Nealie Gregory, and Bessie Rumage. Son, Rufus Rogers, executor. Witnesses: H. P. Mullins, Tobe Gibson.  /He died July 30, 1927./

39. JOHN W. BARNES, July 13, 1921-August 17, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To wife, Anna May Barnes, residential lot, 4l1 Cumberland St. , Jackson as well as all personal property and insurance policy and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: M. M. Hodgson, J. W. Boon, Karl K. Wilkes.  
John W. Barnes died August 8, 1927.

40. E. M. LEWIS, November15, 1923-August 23, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To beloved wife, Rosa Lewis, his entire estate and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: W. T. Rogers, Mrs. Ethel Rogers.
E. M. Lewis died August 19, 1927.

41. C. P. BLACK, November 12, 1925-September 2, 1927
To beloved wife, Elizabeth J. Black, entire estate, including his life insu­rance policy and she to provide for disposition of same, at her demise, to their two children /unnamed/ and she to serve as "administratrix". Witnesses: Neal Watson, M. H. Taylor.
C. P. Black died August 28, 1927.

42. W. S. WOOTEN, January 9, 1917-September 30, 1927
Resident of Norwood, Tennessee
V. A. Cathey, Norwood, to serve as "administrator" without making bond as such; to sell his property, apply proceeds for payment of his debts and erecting a tombstone at his grave and remainder divided equally between his sister, Annie, wife of J. C. Little and his niece, Maggie, wife of F. M. Shelton and to Margaret, wife of F. M. Shelton everything in his bedroom she wanted, to keep or sell. Witnesses: L. D. Johnson, G. C. Outlan.
W. S. Wooten died September 16, 1927.

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43-45. Mrs. AMANDA V. BLAND, January 11, 1919-October 29, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To children Eugene Williams, Mrs.  Alice E. Whitelaw, Mrs. Birdibel Haack, Mrs. Lee Rush, each 1/4 interest in her farm three miles southwest of Jackson in civil District 8 of Madison County. To children and grandchildren, Eugene Williams, Mrs. Alice E. Whitelaw, Mrs. Birdibel Haack, Mrs. Lee Rush, Harry Bland and to Reginald A. and Virginia, heirs of Reginald Bland, each 1/6 interest in residence and storehouse at 344 and 346 Deadrick Ave., Jackson. Her husband, R. A. Bland, was to have rents and income from these properties, however, during his life-time. "He to pay taxes and keep up same." Witnesses: Claire B. Newman, W. E. Rhegness.  Additionally: Son, Eugene Williams, to have various furnishings, including his father's "picture"; oldest daughter, Mrs. D. V. Whitelaw cash and furnish­ings; daughter, Mrs. Paul G. Haack, furnishings; granddaughter, Lois art glass bowl and grandson Billie Lester a toy lion; third daughter, Mrs. Lee Rush, furnishings; granddaughter, LaVerne Rush, “my loving cup.” the prize she won for being "best speller in Baptist Church spelling bee”; to Lee Rush, Jr. little china mug; to Ethel "my four silver spoons." Son, Harry Robert Bland household furnishings and to Bertha, his wife, same; grandson Reginald Arthur "better known as R. A. Bland", her oyster forks, etc. Witnesses: Mrs. H. A. Parks, H. A. Parks.
Mrs. Amanda V. Bland died August 30, 1927.

46. SOPHIE FREED TUCHFELD, September 22, 1926-November 2, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To beloved husband, Aaron Tuchfeld, entire estate and he to serve as execu­tor without making bond as such. Witnesses: Lizzie S. Vann, W. D. Nelson.  
Sophie Freed Tuchfeld died October 21, 1927.

47-50. WILLIAM E. JACOBS, September 6, 1920-November 2, 1927
Resident of Milan, Tennessee
To beloved wife, Sallie A. Jacobs, all personalty and real estate; one resi­dential lot in Milan where they lived; 35 acres in Civil District 1 of Carroll Co., Tenn.; 75 acre Moore place in Madison County. At wife's demise his daughter Alice, wife of John Brooks, was devised the Milan homeplace but she was to help provide for Willie Jacobs, "the boy raised by me and my wife"; this daughter was also devised the Carroll County tract; son Oscar Jacobs was devised the 75 acre Moore place at his wife's demise.  Green L. Bodkins, Milan, Tenn. was to handle money for Willie Jacobs. D. Lawler, Milan, executor. Witnesses: G. H. Sims, Ed Smith.
/This will was also entered in Will Book J, "at" page 45, Gibson County, Tennessee./

51. C. H. EDWARDS, January 5, 1922-November 16, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To daughter, Cora Edwards, Jackson, Tenn., entire estate after debts paid and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses:  W. M. Short, J. H. Darby.
C. Henry Edwards died November 1, 1927.

52. ARABANA HERRING, November 11, 1925-November 18, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee; widow of D. W. Herring
To daughter, Julia, her diamond "ear drops"; to sons Dan and Harry $50 each; remainder of estate to daughter Ethel who was to serve as executrix.  Witnesses: Claire B. Newman, Fern Coble.
Arabana Herring died November 16, 1927.


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53. DAVY R. DAVIS, October 12, 1927-November 19, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To wife, Emma Davis, $5000 cash for life or until she remarried after which the remaining portion of this amount to be divided among his son, Claude M. Davis, and four grandchildren, Laura Davis Simons, Luther Marshall Davis, Robert Henry Davis, Neal B. Davis and also to these grandchildren $1000 to be divided equally among them. Remainder of estate to son, Claude M. Davis, who with testator's wife, Emma, were to serve as executors without making a bond as such. Witnesses: A. L. Moore, Fred L. Sims.
Davy R. Davis died November 10, 1927.

54. W. B. DRAKE, July _, 1927-November 26, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
All his property was to be sold. Son, L. A. Drake and daughter, Minnie Coleman Nanny to serve as guardian of grandson Barberin Cook who was to receive $800 cash; remainder of estate to be divided between his son and daughter. Son, L. A. Drake to have additional $250 from estate. Witnesses: C. G. Bond, Jr., F. P. Flatt.
W. B. Drake died November 17, 1927

55. -56. Mrs. MAGGIE C. HICKS, November 9, 1927-November 28, 1927
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
"To my Heavenly Father I will my Soul"; provided for tombstone at her grave. To daughter, Marguerite, personalty; daughter, Catherine, her ring; daughter, Lucile personalty; son-in-law, J. D. Key, had provided her with china which was to be divided among her four daughters; her real estate was devised to her four daughters. "I have given my entire estate … to my four daughters, to the exclusion of the children of my deceased daugh­ter, Wilma Hicks Key, not because I love them more but because I have been such a care to my daughter during my lengthy illness.” Her four daughters' names: Mrs. Lucile Hicks Garrison, Mrs. Ora Hicks Grimes, Mrs. Katherine Hicks and Mrs. Marguerite Hicks Lifsey. Daughter, Lucile Hicks Grimes, sole execu­trix without making bond as such. witnesses: Mrs. B. J. Lifsey, David P. Murray.
Mrs. Maggie C. Hicks died November 17, 1927.

57. L. M. EDWARDS, June 18, 1914-December 2, 1927
To wife, Martha L. Edwards, all his real estate unless she remarried in which event she would have a child's portion. Real estate devised after wife's demise to son, C. Gaston Edwards provided he paid his four daughters Ora, Alice, Anie and Lucille each $400 and he to have farming implements, and to serve as executor. Witnesses: C. C. Malone, Frank Mercer. Additionally, February 29, 1920: personalty, bonds or stocks at his death and wife's death to be divided among his four daughters. Witnesses: J. C. Lackie, C. C. Malone.
Luther M. Edwards died November 20, 1927 (DC).

58. SARAH McMULLEN, May 11, 1910-December 7, 1927
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To granddaughter, Eliza Simpson Murray, all personalty; grandson, Herman Rogers, all real estate, including "home property", 408 Tan Yard Street, Jackson. Etta Weston, executor. Witnesses: Locinnia Evans, Rose Hyde, Willis F. Arnold.
Sarah McMullen died in July 1912.

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59. JOSEPH B. SCAMMEHORNE, May 10, 1924-December 19, 1927
All property to beloved wife, Stella Inez Scammehorne, including homeplace of about 56 acres and at her death this place devised to his children, Stephen Edward, Joseph Lafayette, William Clyde, Tennie May and Sallie Meek, in equal shares. As he had already "done more" for other daughters, Ozzie Belle Whitworth and Bessie May Jones he did not make bequests for them. Wife to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: A. P. Scammehorn, Mrs. A. P. Scammehorn.
Joseph B. Scammehorne died May 21, 1926.

60. WALTER S. HARRIS, July 8, 1922-January 5, 1928
Resident of Madison County, Tennessee
To beloved wife, Lizzie W. Harris, his entire estate and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: L. O. Sweatman, J. J. Hicks.
Walter S. Harris died December 14, 1927.      
6l. W. F. BLACKMON, December 23, 1915-January 5, 1928
Resident of Gibson County, Tennessee
To beloved wife, Mary Jane Blackmon, entire estate for life or widowhood. If she remarried, property to be divided among grandson, James Franklin Blackmon $50 and the rest equally among children William Clarence Black­mon, Edward C. Blackmon, Loyd V. Blackmon, Mrs. Mattie A. Hicks, Mrs. Elsie G. Simpson. Son, W. C. Blackmon to serve as guardian of James Franklin Blackmon. Sons, W. C. and Loyd V. Blackmon, executors. Witnesses: Claire B. Newman, T. W. Pope.
W. F. Blackmon died December 31, 1927.

62. S. B. McKENZIE, July 2, 1923-January 5, 1928
Resident of Jackson, Tennessee
To wife, Lillian Graves McKenzie, his entire estate and she to serve as executrix without making bond as such. Witnesses: E. A. Butler, C. W. Willey, Paul Wilson.
Samuel B. McKenzie died in Gibson County, Tenn., December 20, 1927 (CD).

63. Mrs. BIRDIE M. VANDEN, January 28, 1911-January 6, 1928
Out of her estate, her sister, Miss Alice Miller to have $20 a month for life; husband, J. W. Vanden, rest of estate; he to provide nieces and nephews, especially Allen G. Pendleton and John M. Drake, with any personal effects he thought proper. Husband to serve as executor without making bond as such.
Codicil dated August 22, 1922. To sister, Alice Miller, annuity of $80 per. month in addition to $20 formerly provided. Niece, Anna Bird Pendleton, one of her diamond rings. Niece, Birdie Miller Campbell, one of her diamond rings. Niece, Alice L. Drake, a diamond pin. Niece, Sarah Drake other jewelry and the rest to "my maid Katherine Hathaway."  Niece Loualie P. Burchard some of her hand-painted china. Nephews, John Drake, Clifford Drake, Miller V. Pendleton $200. Allethen Drake her sewing machine. Friend, Lell Caldwell china and victrola. Friend, Elvira Lowe, china. No witnesses to codicil.
Mrs. Birdie M. Vanden died July 12, 1927.

64. BARBARA LESH, October 19, 1922-January 12/13/, 1928
Resident of Marion County, Indiana
Entire estate to children, Frederick J. Lesh, Henry H. Lesh, Edna, wife of Charles A. Mann, equally. Sons, Frederick J. and Henry H. Lesh, executors. Witnesses: Pery E. Bear, Madison, Ind.; Florence Roch, Madison, Ind.
Barbara Lesh died in Marion County, Indiana; date not furnished.