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JUNE 22nd 1788
JULY 13th 1852


Born June 22, 1788 in Georgia (possibly Wilkesw Co.). Died July 13, 1852 in Madison Co. Tenn. For his probable Meriwether relatives in Georgia see THE MERIWETHERS AND THEIR CONNECTIONS by Nelson N. Meriwether, 1964, page 331. Moved to Madison Co. in early 1830s.along with two other men, David Meriwether (1800-1859) and Francis Meriwether (1794-1857), thought to have been his brothers. Major Meriwether settled on a large plantation in old Civil Diatrict 5, the seat of which was located at the end of what is now Freeman Road, .6 mile west of its junction with the Huntersville-Denmark Road, about 1.2 miles south of Huntersville. He served briefly as a msgistrate, member of the Madison County Court from which he resigned August 4, 1834. (Madison Co. Court Minute Book 4, page 135)

Major Meriwether was thrice married:

1. MARY T. _____ (June 10, 1794-August 1, 18532) whose death was announced in the NATIONAL BANNER AND NASHVILLE DAILY, August 16, 1832);

2. SARAH B. ______ (February 27, 1791-Sept. 27, 1841). He was awarded several slaves from the estate of George W. Taylor, late of Chatham Co., North Carolina, former husband of his wife, Sarsh; December 1836. (Madison Co. Will Bk. 2, page 192);

3. MARTHA HUNTER, of Fayette Co., Tenn., about November 4, 1843.

Children of Major Meriwether:

1.Dr.WTLLIAM H.MERIWETHER (Dec. 25, 1813-Sept. 30, 1839); married Rebecca Frances Deberry (Nov. 2, 1817-Oct. 15, 1885). December 18, 1838, d.s.p. On Oct. 7, 1839 Rebecca F. Meriwether, widow of Dr. Meriwether went into the Madison Co. Court with his father, James Meriwether and suggested that David Meriwether be appointed administrator of his estate which was alloyed. Mention of W. N. Meriwether in his parents-in-law, Mathias and Elizabeth Deberrys family Bible (now owned by Betty Young Hopper, Madison Co.). "William H. Meriwether, son of James and Mary Meriwether /died/ 30th Septr. 1839. Funeral on the 27th Octr. by Bishop Andrew."


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2. FRANCES ANN MERIWETHER (1817-1901); married 1. Thomas M. Cobb (Oct. 16, 1815-Jan. 21, 1852) in 1834 (marriage announced in NATIONAL BANNER AND NASHVILLE WHIG, Dec.17, 1834); 2. Reverend Lorenzo Lea (Jan. 4, 1806-Oct. 7, 1876), March 30, 1858; no children. He was a well-known Methodist minister; president of the Memphis Conference Female Institute, 1843-1853; West Tenn. College, 1854-1857. Children with Thomas M. Cobb: MARY ADELINE /also called Mary Ann in some records/ COBB (1835-1916), married Dr. Harvey Seneca Crittenden (1818-1880) and had several children WILLIE D.COBB (Sept. 30, 1849-Sept. 5, 1844); EMMA F. COBB, born 1852; died young. T. M. Cobb left will executed Jan. 9, 1852, probated Feb. 2, 1852, naming his wife, Frances Ann; daughter Mary Adeline; father-in-law, James Meriwether; brother-in-law, Thomas Meriwether. (Madison Co. Will Book 5, pages 114-115)

3. THOMAS MERIWETHER, born 1818; married Elvira Edmonston, July 16,1845; several children.

4. DAVID MERIWETHER (March 7, 1821-Sept. 27, 1839); d.s.p.

5. JAMES C.MERIWETHER (March 8,1826-Feb. 25, 1843); d.s.p.

6. Dr.JOHN H.MERIWETHER (March 6, 1828-July 5, 1851); d.s.p.

7. FRANCIS A. MERIWETHER (April 29, 1830-March 3, 1869); d.s.p.

8. SARAH E. MERIWETHER, born 1837.

Madison County Court Minute Book 6, pages 544-545 shows that on September 7, 1852 the court acknowledged the death of James Meriwether, who left a widow, Martha and children Thomas M., Frances A. Cobb, Francis A. Meriwether, Sarah E. Meriwether. Thomas and Francis were appointed administrators of his estate and Andrew Guthrie was appointed guardian of Sarah E. Meriwether. Decedent's land was ordered sold to best benefit of his heirs, the widow willing to take what was "fair and just" from money realized in the sale. Excepted from the sale was the "family graveyard" in which most of the above family members are buried with tombstones bearing their names and dates. Frances A. Cobb bought the plantation and the widow, Martha Meriwether, took $1700 in lieu of her dower interest in same. (Madison Co. Will Book 7, pages 280, 336) Mary A. Cobb acquired her mother's interest in the 920 acre plantation that had been her grandfather. James Meriwether's; an agreement confirmed March 25,1858. (Madison Co. Deed Bk. 24, page 293) Dr. Crittenden relinquished all right he had in this homeplace to his wife, August 23, 1856. (IBID., 17, page 376).The Crittendens lived in a frame dwelling somewhat west of the family graveyard for many years. All that is left to remind one of the Meriwether-Cobb-Crittenden occupancy is the family graveyard with its several tombstones, most in sound condition. Major Meriwether's tombstone, a large, thin, vertical stone, has fallen and is broken.


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