By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith, 1995



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1-2. ALLEN L. PATTERSON. Sons WILLIAM and JAMES PATTERSON each $300. Rest of estate to dau ELIZA HENDERSON, widow of CALVIN HENDERSON and SUSAN PATTERSON, dau, except for the negro Sylva who went to "ELIZABETH." Exec Thomas Clark, son-in-law. September 26, 1857. Wits H. W. McCorry, J. B. Comer, Tom Henderson.

MCCM 8, pages 85, 88. Will probated October 8, 1857.


2-7. ISABELLA C. McCLELLAN, Jackson, Tennessee. Brothers and sisters of her late husband, JAMES D. McCLELLAN and children of deceased brothers and sisters her plantation north and near Jackson, consisting of several tracts of land, about 1086 acres in all; all personalty on the plantation except the cotton crop. 1/8 portions to ALBERT G. McCLELLAN, Madison County; WILLIAM McCLELLAN, Texas; BENNETT McCLELLAN, Texas; JOHN Q. A. McCLELLAN, Madison County; ROBERT NEWTON McCLELLAN, Madison County; SUSAN, wife of RADFORD WITHERS, Madison County; children of MARTHA HAYLEY, dec wife of BENJAMIN HAYLEY, now of Arkansas. The portion of WILLIAM TOMLIN's wife held in trust for her by MATTHEW TOMLIN. Mrs. TOMLIN was a dau of SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN. Two negroes Dennis and wife Violet to SUSAN WITHERS. ISABELLA JAMES McClellan, dau of SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN $500. Milton Brown, Amos W. Jones trustees for $1000 for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Jackson, Tenn. To JOHN Q. A. McCLELLAN her husband's gold watch. To nieces HARRIET SOMERS, Christian Co., Ky., SARAH SOMERS, of Missouri. ELIZA BRODIE, Montgomery Co., Tenn. and the children of AMANDA BRODIE, who lived near Fayetteville, Ark., all lots and houses in Jackson, with furnishings, except silver, plates, glass and table linen which would go to brother CHARLES D. McLEAN. All other lands and slaves sold and proceeds to AMANDA BRODIE's children, 1/4; ELIZA BRODIE, 1/4; HARRIETT SOMERS, 1/4; SARAH SOMERS, 1/4. Also to niece MARIA MOSEY dau of CHARLES D. McLEAN $2000, with him as trustee for her. CHARLES D. McLEAN as trustee for SUSAN, his dau, the negro Jane. Same man in trust for her great niece MARY ISABELLA MOSEY a negro. Certain negroes to be held in trust for JANE E., wife of CHARLES D. McLEAN, by him for her. Other personalty to C. D. McLEAN and 25 acre tract west of Jackson, part of the Hogg, Deveraux tract. Execs Addison Pyles, Jackson; Radford Withers and John W. Campbell, Madison County. April 3, 1856. Wits William H. Stephens, Thomas W. Harris. Codicil, October 7, 1857. Instead of $2000 to MARIA MOSEY now $1000 instead. Thomas Murrell to serve as trustee in the hiring-out of negro Sam Moss. Much of personalty to be sold to pay debts and $500 to ISABELLA J. McCLELLAN. Any residue to HARRIET SOMERS, Christian Co., Ky.; SARAH SOMERS, Boon Co., Missouri; ELIZA BRODIE, Montgomery Co., Tenn.; children of AMANDA BRODIE, the grandchildren "of my sister SUSAN ANTHONY." Her husband's riding mare, saddle and bridle to JAMES D. MOSBY, son of Mrs. MARIAH MOSBY. Henry Shelton to select a horse on her farm for himself in addition to the wages he earned as plantation manager. Wits James K. Stephens, James Murrell.

MCCM 8, pages 90, 100. Will probated November 2, 5, 1857.


8. ELIZABETH MEACHAM, Jackson, Tenn. Son-in-law THOMAS MORSE to hold in trust for her husband, WILLIAM A. MEACHAM, for his benefit and at his death to her dau SUSAN E. MEACHAM, including a lot of 1/4 of an acre in Jackson. Exec THOMAS MORSE. March 6, 1857. Wits Thomas Morse, William C. Neely.

MCCM 8, page 107. Will probated December 7, 1857.


8-9. MARTIN KEY, Madison Co., Tenn. To MARTIN B. KEY the "tract on which I now reside, " and negro woman Lucinda. Livestock, crop, tools, negro man Stephen to be sold and proceeds divided among his heirs. That portion going to the children of his dec dau ANN (FANNY SCOTT LOVELACE, ANN MARTIN LOVELACE)


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to be held in trust for them by MARTIN B. KEY. Grandson, JOHN P. KEY his mule colt. Execs WALTER T. KEY, MARTIN B. KEY. December 16, 1857. Wits E. A. Clark, Hugh Scott.

MCCM 8, page 138. Will probated January 5, 1858.


9-11. FREDERICK MAYO. Wife KITTY MAYO 20 acres "including my dwelling house and other improvements" for life, except "one half acre of land immediately around my family burying ground. this I reserve & give to no person." Negro woman Catherine and child York to wife and at her death to his children. Wife her own money and the horse Tom. Dau LYDIA BUNTIN negro woman Aliff in addition to what had been given her before. Son STEPHEN negroes Andrew, Vina and what had been given him before. HEIRS of dau LUCE POWEL a negro girl Rose and $200 and what had been given them before. Son REDMON negro man Willis and $50. Son REUBEN negroes Sarah and Andrew in addition to what had been given to him before. Son JOEL negros Freeman and Pink. Son JONAS negroes Peter, Irenny. "I give and bequeath to my children COUNCIL POLLY & the hrs of HARDY MAYO the following negroes, viz Jemima, Mary & Little Willis to be equally divided between the three heirs of HARDY having as /one?/ third." Balance of property to be sold and proceeds divided among all his children. Exec James B. Neely, friend. February 16, 1856. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits N. W. Stedman, W. R. Neely.

MCCM 8, page 141. Will probated January 6, 1858.


11-13. WILLIAM BURTON, Madison Co., Tenn. "but now being at the house of L. B. Holifield in the County of Graves & State of Kentucky." Beloved wife CHARITY his negro man John and $200, also her bed and furniture, two milk cows "and enough provisions to last her one year," all poultry and homespun cotton or cloth on the farm. Four children JAMES, IVERSON. GREEN, SAMUEL and ELIZABETH all other personalty except JAMES AND IVERSON GREEN to whom he had given 50 acres worth $600. Execs to sell lands, including the interest he had in the land that had belonged to his brother COLEMAN BURTON. Execs James Burton, Samuel Burton, sons. October 25, 1857. Wits L. B. Holifield, Pryor Reynolds, Nancy E. Stokes. Sworn in Graves Co., Ky. court, December 21, 1857 and recorded on same date there.

MCCM, page 170. Will probated in Madison Co., March 1, 1858.


13-14. EDMUND BISHOP, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife SALLY BISHOP 106 acres "whereon I now live," five beds, bedsteads, all farming tools, livestock and four negroes Jane, Sarah, Tom and Joe. Beloved dau ELVIRA M. HARRISON a featherbed and furniture, a bay colt and an execution against her husband, GEORGE T. HARRISON for $190 which he had paid for him and at death, therefore, of his wife, this dau would receive $1. Son GEORGE T. J. BISHOP 56 acres adjoining Aa Tison "where he has built" and a bay horse and at death of his wife and equal portion of negroes loaned her. Dau CAROLINE PHILIPS a featherbed and furniture now in her possession and at her mother's death an equal portion of the negroes. Dau LUCY J. BISHOP HARRISON a featherbed and furniture and negro girl "named Elizabeth called Betty." Youngest children B. F. BISHOP, SARAH CLEMENTINE BISHOP, at death of his wife or at her remarriage, they to have 106 acres equally, livestock and furniture. Exec George T. J. Bishop, eldest son. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits John H. Freeling, William R. Hanes.

MCCM 8, page 219. Will probated May 3, 1858.


15-16. DINAH ALEXANDER. Son JAMES M. ALEXANDER all stock of cattle, hogs, farming tools, a bed and furniture, "also I will that all my books shall be divided between him & my daughter ISABELLA M. ALEXANDER." Also to ISABELLA a horse worth $60, bed and furniture, a bureau "which I have now in my house." Dau MARY N. TAYLOR $5. Balance of property, the negroes Tobe, Hager, Samuel, John and Milly and all property not otherwise given, to be sold and proceeds


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to EZEKIAL R. ALEXANDER $500 and rest divided equally among children THOMAS N. ALEXANDER, HELLENA MOORE, ISABELLA M . ALEXANDER, JAMES M. ALEXANDER, SUSANNAH C. UTLEY, CYNTHIA C. TAYLOR. Appointed friends Joseph Hart, James M. Hart, Andrew M. Hart, Robert C. Neely, James B. Neely as a committee to dispose of property without going to court to do so. February 7, 1851. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Isaac W. Carter, James S. Carter.

MCCM 8, page 227. Will probated May 3, 1858.


16-17. JOSEPH GILL, Madison Co., Tenn. JOSEPH MONTGOMERY son of DAVID and MARY MONTGOMERY $500. JOSEPH G. DAVIE son of PATRICK H. DAVIE $500. JOSEPH WALLACE son of ORREN and JANE WALKER $500. Nieces FRANCES and ELIZABETH DUNCAN $1000 each to be given to them at age 21. Brother DAVID GILL a young negro man George and interest in negro man Lave. Brother CHARLES GILL a negro man London, silver watch and double-barreled shotgun. Niece MARY, wife of DAVID J. MONTGOMERY $600. Brother ROBERT GILL interest in negro boy Caesar and Abby and child Serena and money enough out of his estate to buy THOMAS GILL's interest in these said three negroes. Land to brother THOMAS GILL for life, his interest in tract of about 300 acres and at his death his brothers ROBERT and DAVID GILL would get same. Rest of property to brother THOMAS GILL "with the hope & belief that he will take especial care of my sister Mrs. BUMPASS and provide well for sister DUNCAN's two little daughters & the two old family negroes Harry & Peter." Execs Thomas Gill, Charles Gill, brothers. October 26, 1857. Wits Jo Gill, William H. Stephens, James K. Stephens.

MCCM 8, page 236. Will probated June 7, 1858.


18-19. MOSES N. TAYLOR. Beloved wife CYNTHIA for her use and that of his children "the plantation I now live on containing 182 acres" for life, then divided among "all my children." Wife might sell this land to buy another tract of land if she thought best. Negroes Dick, Mary, Henry might be sold "for the purpose of raising and schooling my children." Wife to have livestock, furniture, carriage and "a good supply of all the crop that is made this year." A 79 acre tract to be sold along with negroes Louis and Jim, next winter "after the crop of the present year is housed." These men were "to have the privilege of choosing a home if it can so be done." Exec James B. Neely, friend. April 3, 1858. Wits James M. Hart, James M. Alexander, Robert C. Neely.

MCCM 8, page 238. Will probated June 7, 1858.


19-20. JOHN CURLIN, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife DOLLY CURLIN 100 acres "the place I now live on" for life, negro woman Rozilla and child Mason, furniture, livestock. Notes owed him to be collected and his debts paid out of same. Other land, the Wray tract, 102 acres, to be sold and proceeds divided equally among his five children J. J. J. CURLIN, WILLIAM H. CURLIN, J. V. CURLIN, ELIZABETH F. BROWN, SOPHIA CHANDLER's HEIRS (one child's part). At death of wife property left her to be divided among his children JACKSON J. J. CURLIN, WILLIAM H. CURLIN, J. V. CURLIN, ELIZABETH BROWN. GEORGE ANN TAILOR to keep bed and furniture she had and $50 at death of his wife. Execs J. J. J. Curlin, William H. Curlin, J. V. Curlin, children. No execution date. Wits Samuel B. Brown, M. Y. Harston.

MCCM 8, page 255. Will probated August 2, 1858.


20-25. JOHN EXUM, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife and dau MARTHA JANE and sons JOHN M. and JOSEPH W. a tract of land, about 600 acres, "on which I live" to wife and then at her death or remarriage of wife and death or marriage of the dau MARTHA, the sons JOHN M. and JOSEPH W. to have this farm equally. "The object of this bequest is to secure a home & support & an interest in the land to my wife & said daughter so long as the_ may remain unmarried."


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Wife negroes Walace, Margaret, Silvey. Dau ELIZA GARLAND negro Fanny, then in her possession and also Lucy, Emeline and furniture, saddle and bridle she had in her possession and a negro boy Jack with a cow and calf. Son ROBERT M. EXUM negro Enoch and boy Mike, girl Patsey, horse, saddle, bridle and furniture already in his possession and a tract that the son had already sold to Thomas M. Greer, 80 acres. Dau MARTHA JANE EXUM negroes Mary, Austin, Betsey, and Tom and equal share of household furniture. Dau REBECCA ADALINE CATHEY negroes Peter, Rebecca and her child, Jim, a horse, saddle, bridle and household furniture. Grandson JOHN COX negroes Malvina, Dick, a filly "claimed by him", saddle, bridle, furniture, 233 acres of land near Mt. Pinson, known as the Barber tract. Son JOHN M. EXUM negroes Jenny, Dolly, Moses "in consideration of services already rendered by him." Son JOSEPH W. EXUM negroes Sally and boys Nat and Bill. Dau MARTHA J. his barouche and two mules. Rest of property to wife and dau MARTHA J. and sons JOHN M. and JOSEPH W. EXUM and they were to pay his debts and pay railroad subscription and railroad taxes that might be due on his land. Execs John M. Exum, Joseph W. Exum, sons. April 27, 1857. Wits James Hughes, James E. Hughes.

On August 18, 1858, MARTHA, widow of JOHN EXUM, WILLIAM WIRT GARLAND and wife ELIZA A.; ROBERT M. EXUM; MARTHA JANE EXUM; ROBERT A. CATHEY and wife REBECCA A.; JOHN M. EXUM, JOSEPH W. EXUM and JOHN B. COX, met and agreed that JOHN EXUM died in Madison County on June 26, 1858, leaving a will dated April 27/29, 1857 which had been properly witnessed. They all agreed to its provisions "to avoid litigation & expense. "Exum had drawn through some of his will provisions, hence family sought to remedy opportunity for litigation by this mutual agreement. Wits Thomas Webb, C. T. Knight, J. C. Burrow, K. G. Hicks. This information and the date of probate, September 7, 1858, are given in MCCM 8, page 275. /The original will of John Exum, showing his "mark-throughs" is on file along with a full-text will deleting these lines./

The August 26, 1850 entry, U.S. Census, Madison County, Tenn., Civil District 15, page 460, shows JOHN EXUM, age 60, born Virginia; MARTHA EXUM, age 54, born in Tenn.; FELIX EXUM, age 25, born Tenn.; MARTHA EXUM, age 23, born Tenn., REBECCA EXUM, age 21, born Tenn.; JOHN M. EXUM, age 17, born Tenn.; JAMES W. EXUM, age 12, born Tenn. /He was given as JOSEPH M. in his father's will./ Next door was R. M. EXUM, male, age 31, born Tenn.; SARAH EXUM, age 32, born Ga.; JOHN H. EXUM, age 8, born Tenn.; MARY C. EXUM, age 6, born Tenn.; CHARLES A. G. EXUM, age 3, born Tenn.; JOSEPH P. EXUM, ten months, born Tenn.

In conversation with Mr. Joe Hardeman Exum, life-long resident of Jackson, Tenn. and a great-great-grandson of JOHN EXUM, died 1858, on December 2, 1995, the present writer learned that the Exum family graveyard was located several yards to the west of Highland Avenue, North where Primrose Drive enters Highland Avenue. When Primrose was developed as a street, probably in the 1950s, the tombstones there were removed to Hollywood Cemetery (the bodily remains being left buried in the old graveyard location), where they were read by the present writer, December 1, 1995; two small, thin rectangular, upright tombstones: JOHN EXUM, Born July 4th 1784. Died June 26, 1858. ROBERT WALLAS EXUM, September 10, 1855-Dec. 8, 1855.

These tombstones are located on the far east side of Hollywood Cemetery, near the Lambuth University campus. Mr. Joe H. Exum also stated that John Exum's father was ARTHUR EXUM; that John and his brother, ROBERT EXUM, who also came to Madison County about 1823, both married HANNAH sisters. The Exums had moved from Virginia into Sumner and Davidson counties sometime before 1800.

The Madison County marriage records show that ELIZA A. EXUM married WILLIAM W. GARLAND, January 15, 1841 and REBECCA A. EXUM married ROBERT A. CATHEY, November 12, 1856.


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25-26. REBECCA HUDGENS, Madison Co., Tenn. WILLIAM WEEKS $1. Dau-in-law, ALETHA HUDGENS $1. Son JOHN HUDGENS $1 with what she had already given him. Granddau REBECCA HAWKS and children $75. Grandson ELSWORTH HUDGENS $75. Grandson C. C. HUDGENS $100. Grandson WILLIAM MALORY $150. Granddau ELIZABETH SATCHFIELD $75. Remainder of estate, including negroes Mary and son Peter; Nancy and son John; Rebecca, to son THOMAS HUDGENS, except his wife LUCY "who is not to have anything out of my estate." He (Thomas) may give negroes at his death to his son SAMUEL EGGBET /EGBERT?/. Exec Thomas Hudgens, son. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits H. W. Reeves, J. J. R. Reeves, R. W. Sims.

MCCM 8, page 272. Will probated September 6, 1858 and MCCM 8, page 290, also on October 4, 1858.


27. DAVID REID. Wife SOPHIA the house and lot in Denmark, negro woman Eliza, furniture, gray mare Fanny, buggy and harness but "if my wife SOPHIA shall return to North Carolina, with a view of residing there, she then forfeits all interest in my estate." His "library of books" to be sold as well as corn and cotton crops and out of same his debts were to be paid. Son ALEXANDER REID a pony named Billy Butler. Balance of property to be divided equally among his children. Exec J. W. Reid, A. R. Reid, brothers. August 14, 1858. Wits John R. Alston, John A. Tyson, Sen.

MCCM 8, page 290. Will probated October 4, 1858.


27-31. ALEXANDER GREER, Madison Co., Tenn. Son JAMES T. GREER tract on which he "now lives" with other small parcels of land adjoining it on the east side of the Lexington road between his place and Mrs. Elizabeth Roger's; negroes Moses, Jack, Big Henry, Ann, Harriet, a child and all children of Eliza "who is now dead" together with property formerly given to him. $5000 to be set aside for him, paying him the interest, annually and at his death to be divided among his wife and children. This $5000 to be derived from the sale of his Denmark land which he sold to John A. Greer. Dau EMILY E. PERSON and her bodily hrs the house and lot BENJAMIN R. PERSON "now" lived on, a note he held on JOHN A. GREER for $4000, due December 25, 1861, and negroes Isaac, Rose, Angeline, a yellow boy Dick abt 14-15 yrs old and other property already given the Persons. Son JOHN A. GREER all the Denmark tract of land not heretofore sold, negroes Jones, Lucy, Isaac, Ned and Anthony and other property already given to him. Son CAMILLUS P. GREER the home tract, made of several parcels, west of the line of tract he had given son JAMES T. GREER. Also negroes Ben, Idella, Jim, Willis, little Henry. Choice of 4 mules on the homeplace and a bay mare, furniture, livestock, farming tools and if he died without a wife and children' his portion was to go back to his estate. Books to be divided among his four children. Grandson BENJAMIN ALEXANDER PERSON "all the school books he may want that belonged to C. L. GREER" and $500. Granddau HIBERNIA PERSON on her "graduating" a watch and chain. Grandson RUSH PERSON double barrel shotgun that belonged to his son C. L. GREER. WILLIAM MARSHALL PERSON on "becoming of age" a horse, saddle, bridle worth $150. Grandson CHARLES L. PERSON a gold watch that belonged to C. L. GREER. ISHAM BURROW's son, named for him, to be given at age 18 a horse, saddle and bridle worth $150. Notes, bonds, accounts, railroad stock to four children equally. Unwilled negroes to be grouped in four equal shares and each of his children to draw a share of same. Executors had discretion to sell any of the negroes and divided proceeds among his children. Executors to pay each of his "slaves" over age 12 $5 "in money." Slaves Solomon and Rachael were at liberty to choose with whom they would rather live. Execs Benj. R. Person, John A. Greer. September 13, 1858. Wits Julius Johnson, William G. Smith. Codicile, August 18, 1858. Son C. P. GREER charged with $3000 "in consequence of the valuation of the portion of land bequeathed to him." Same wits.

MCCM 8, page 292. Will probated October 8, 1858.


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31-32. WILLIAM B. PARRISH, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife to "remain in peaceable possession of all my estate" but at her death or remarriage estate was to be divided equally among his children RICHARD E., NARCISA C., JOHN M., MARY T., JAMES T., WILLIAM L., ALEXANDER S. Wanted wife to give his children as they came of age or married a portion of the estate "as she can spare." Wife and children might sell present homeplace in order to buy another one. Exec Eliza Parrish, wife. September 11, 1858. Wits John A. S. Parrish, James White.

MCCM 8, page 320. Will probated December 6, 1858.


32-34. NANCY HUNTSMAN, Madison Co., Tenn. By deed of gift she had given AMERICA HUNTSMAN negro woman Charlotte, commonly called Poss and her four children Susan, William, Tom and Plummer; Ailsey; choice of beds; bedstead and bed clothing. Gave her also the carpet and window curtains "now in use in my parlor." This property in trust for America by Timothy P. Scurlock. Brother, DANIEL WALLER negroes Henry and wife Amy and child Tennessee and grandchild Jo; also Stephen, Maria, Olive, Jane and $500. JOHN MANNING to have her horse Dave and youngest yoke of steers. A featherbed and furniture, $700 in addition to what she had given Manning "for his services'$800 to TIMOTHY P. SCURLOCK "in consideration of his kindness to me & for services performed for me." Exec to sell Preston and wife and children, except for Alfred, whom she had given to CHRISTINA FOGG, in a preferably "private sale." Rest of property to be sold to pay debts and legacies "and in fixing up my grave and that of my husband, the late ADAM HUNTSMAN, with proper enclosures, tombstones, &c." Also to pay $250 to GEORGE T. HUNTSMAN; $250 for use of ADAM F. HUNTSMAN; balance of money divided between PARADISE WILLIAMS and SUSAN J. HUNTSMAN. PARADISE's portion to be used in part payment for a house for her, not liable to the obligations of her husband, NATHANIEL W. WILLIAMS. Exec Timothy P. Scurlock, friend. December 8, 1857. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits John L. Brown, Battle Robertson.

MCCM 8, page 325. Will probated December 6, 1858.


34-35. ELIZABETH McELWEE, Madison Co., Tenn. all negroes except one to be valuated and divided among SAMUEL McELWEE, ELIZA SCOTT, MARTHA DODSON, SARAH JACKSON and these ladies were to have her bedclothes except for a coverlet which be SARAH's alone. POLLY BOYD or if she were dead to her children $300. THOMAS TUCKLE and dau MARIA JANE $2 each. $250 to be kept in trust by SAMUEL McELWEE for children of JOHN McELWEE. Daus ELIZA SCOTT, MARTHA DODSON, SARAH JACKSON divide equally among themselves her tea and table spoons. SARAH to"take Jane a negro girl that is afflicted and take care of her as long as she lives and not to pay anything for her. " Exec Peter Transou. March 4, 1858. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Stephen Brooks, J. W. Lackey.

MCCM 8, page 347. Will probated January 3, 1859.


35-36. GEORGE HARDING. Tract of land he lived on, after the 1859 crop was made, to be sold and 4 slaves Edmond, Milton, Jane, Lizzy also to be sold. Wife ELIZA HARDING and children MARY JANE WELCH, GEORGE L. HARDING, JOHN A. HARDING, ELIZA ANN HARDING, N. D. HARDING share and share alike in estate after JOHN had $100, ELIZA ANN $150; NICHOLAS D. $150. Exec H. A. Welch. December 15, 1858. Wits Mrs. E. H. Epperson, John B. Boykin.

MCCM 8, page 349. Will probated January 4, 1859.


36-38. ALLEN WILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife LUCY JONES WILLIAMS entire estate for life or widowhood for raising and educating his children and then if wife remarried place to be sold, 2 acres, and wife receive 1/7 of proceeds. When youngest child reached "lawful age" property was to be divided equally among his children. Exec John L. H. Tomlin, friend. Sons to have "a respectable English education." November 17, 1858. Wits R. W. May, William F. Still.

MCCM 8, page 370. Will probated January 6, 1859.


(Page 14)

38-39. MARY M. B. GODWIN. FANNY DICKENS GODWIN, WILLIAM POWELL GOODWIN, MARY SUSAN GODWIN, FRANK BENTON GODWIN, THOMAS HARDY GODWIN, BURTON GODWIN, all the negroes and personal property equally among them, provided FANNY D. and WILLIAM P. GODWIN relinquish $1000 each given to them by their father WILLIAM P. GODWIN in his will, "more than the rest of my children." If they didn't relinquish this bequest, her three youngest children MARY SUSAN, FRANK BENTON and THOMAS HARDY were to have 75 acres in Rutherford Co., Tenn. five and a half miles east of Murfreesborough. If they did relinquish this bequest then the 75 acres were to be divided equally among "all of my children." Jim and Sally to remain with dau FANNY and younger children. "I wish these servants to remain with the children for their faithful attendance on their mother while sick." Exec Jesse Gray. January 5, 1858. Wits R. M. Mason, J. C. Ross.

MCCM 8, page 390. Will probated February 7, 1859.


39-40. SARAH MURRELL, Madison Co., Tenn. Youngest son, LINDSAY and youngest dau MARGARET "all that I have in Jackson, Ten. & in Ohio, equally." No exec named. June 7, 1857. Wits David Cochrane, P. C. McCowat.

MCCM 8, page 395. Will probated February 8, 1859.


40-41. JOHN S. EDWARDS, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife the tract "upon which I reside" with all property for life or widowhood. Then property to son JOHN WESLEY, the home tract, horse, saddle, bridle. Daus MARY A. E. MARLOW and JULIA A. E. EDWARDS $50 each. Son SILE W. EDWARDS a tract of 57 acres known as the Kinner tract. Rest of property to children JOSEPH W., JULIUS C., SILE W., MARY ANN E. MARLOW, JOHN WESLEY and JULIA A. E. EDWARDS. Dau MARY A. E. MARLOW to have negro girl Sal until death of his wife and then she was to be sold and proceeds divided with other property. Execs Joseph W. Edwards, Julius C. Edwards, sons.

MCCM 8, page 426. Will probated March 7, 1859.


41-42. SAMUEL LANCASTER, Madison Co., Tenn. Entire estate divided equally between sons JOHN L. and SAMUEL C. LANCASTER except $2000 to be paid to son-in-law THOMAS HENDERSON as soon as might be convenient. Old servant Amy "to go when and where she may think proper. She can go to New Orleans and live with her sons, who are free, or remain with my son in Tennessee her expenses to New Orleans and such food and raiment as she has been accustomed to paid for as long as she may live equally by my sons." Execs John L. Lancaster, Samuel C. Lancaster, sons. In dividing estate, these sons were to take into consideration the amounts "each one has received." November 26, 1858. Wits Rob. Fenner, John L. Brown.

MCCM 8, page 429. Will probated March 7, 1859.


42. WILLIAM GOODRICH, Madison Co., Tenn. Son GEORGE P. GOODRICH $500 and furniture. Remainder of his money to be divided equally among his children SARAH A. GOODRICH, MATHEW N. GOODRICH, THIBEA J. BARNES, ELIZABETH BALEY, STEPHEN B. GOODRICH, MARY A. McLILY, JOHN D. GOODRICH. Grandson WILLIAM A. GOODRICH a silver watch. Exec John L. H. Tomlin. February 17, 1859. Signed with an "x" mark.

Wits Samuel Gorden, William Baker, William Barnes. MCCM 8, page 432. Will probated March 8, 1859.


43. JAMES RONE. "Thursday morning 26th January 1854. " Beloved wife MAHULDA RONE property for life, widowhood and then divided among his children; if she remarried, wife to have a child's part of estate. Each child to have $800 as their individual portions, each to have a horse worth $50, a cow, bed and furniture. The negro Silva might be sold. If "any of my slaves are disobedient to my wife for her to be at liberty to hire them out when she pleases." Wits J. A. Vincent, M. H. Goodrich.

MCCM 8, page 443. Will probated April 4, 1859.

The October 22, 1850 entry, U.S. Census, Madison Co., Tenn., Civil District 11, page 641: JAMES ROAN, aged 45, born N.C.; MAHULDA ROAN, aged 35, born Tenn.; MORGAN H. ROAN, age 17, born Tenn.; EMILY B. ROAN, age 14, born Tenn.; MARTHA A. ROAN, age 12, born Tenn.; SARAH A. M. ROAN, age 10, born Tenn.; ELIZABETH C. ROAN, age 7, born Tenn.; MINERVA C. ROAN, age 5, born Tenn.; JAMES A. C. ROAN, age 1, born Tennessee.

Buried in Brown's Cemetery about seven miles east of Jackson, Tennessee with these tombstones read by the present writer, December 2, 1995:

Born Aug. 4, 1805
Died Feb. 20, 1859
Aged 54 Years
(This tombstone has fallen; broken)

Born Apr. 11, 1813
Died Aug. 23, 1888
In life she exhibited all the graces of a
Christian. In death her spirit returned to
God who gave it.
Henderson Marble Works

Died Oct. 28, 1867 aged 28 yrs. 9 mos.
This spotless column o'er our sisters grave
But marks the corner where her body lies.
Her spirit bright unto the God that gave
Has upward gone where pleasure never dies.

MORGAN H. son of J. & M. RONE
Born Oct. 25, 1833 Died Nov. 12, 1859
(This tombstone has fallen; broken)

Aug. 21, 1860 entry, U.S. Census, Madison Co., Tenn. Civil Dist. 12, page 156. MAHULDA RONE, age 40, born Tenn.; SARAH RONE, age 19, born Tenn.; ELIZABETH RONE, age 16, born Tenn.; MINERVA RONE, age 14, born Tenn.; JAMES RONE, age 12, born Tenn.; WYATT RONE, age 7, born Tenn.; WILLIAM J. SEHON, 27, born Tenn.; MARTHA SEHON, 21, born Tenn.

Madison Co. marriage record shows that W. J. SEEHORN married MARTHA A. RONE, April 29, 1860.


44. PARTHENIA ESKRIDGE, Madison Co., Tenn. Brother WILLIAM ESKRIDGE to pay funeral expenses and debts and then he was to have rest of her property. February 24, 1859. Wits John H. Lanier, J. A. S. parrish.

MCCM 8, page 445. Will probated April 5, 1859.


44-45. W. B. MORROW, Madison Co., Tenn. His "bosom friend and wife ELIZABETH" to have her choice of his effects for a "life time support." Rest of property to be divided equally among his 8 daus SARIAH ANN, MARTHA J., ELIZABETH E., MARGARET L., ELIZA S., FRANCES N., BERNEACY H. and LOUVICA P., except the latter who was to have $200 more than the others. Exec John M. Meals. Feb. 18, 1857. Wits John F. Clark, J. M. Barnett.

MCCM 8, page 389. Will probated February 7, 1859; also MMCM 8, page 447, will probated further, April 5, 1859.


45-46. LUCY K. GREEN, Hardeman Co., Tenn. HAMDEN McCLANAHAN to hold in trust for his wife LUCY K. McCLANAHAN negroes Sarah, Lucy, Ned, Henry Clay and Isham and at her death they went to her children. Exec Hamden McClanahan. March 10, 1851. Wits Samuel McClanahan, John W. Mitchell.

MCCM 8, page 451. Will probated April 6, 1859.


(Page 16)

46-47. BERNARD MITCHELL "being advanced in years." Baptist Church, Jackson, $200. Methodist Church, Jackson, $200. Sons of Temperance, Jackson, $200. Friend, Dr. ROBERT FENNER $500. Friend WILLIAM S. CALLAWAY $1000. JACK CALLAWAY books, except the Bible, which he gave to the youngest of his female relatives living at the time of his demise. WILLIE CALLAWAY his watch and clock. Some personal effects sold and proceeds to go to some "benevolent purpose." QUAKER WYNN and wife JANE $100. House and building adjoining to be divided into 4 lots including vacant ground and sold; two houses in upper part of Jackson to be sold; the house and lot adjoining Lorenzo Goodell sold; balance of estate after debts were paid to the children of his brother, PHILANDER MITCHELL, living in Rose, New York, viz MARION MITCHELL, married; TIMOTHY LEONARD MITCHELL, married; BERNARD MITCHELL, JR., married; WILLIAM MITCHELL, married; LUCINDA MITCHELL, single; PHILANDER MITCHELL, JR., single; SARAH ANN MITCHELL, single; LAVINIA MITCHELL, Single. Niece MALINDA KEITH MITCHELL $l000. February 8, 1858. Wits P. C. McCowat, Thomas W. Gamewell, John S. Miller.

MCCM 8, page 480. Will probated June 6, 1859.


48. JOHN R. GRAVES, Madison Co., Tenn. All property for support of his wife AGNES during her life, including negro woman Rench. At her death estate to his children HESTER A. BARRIER, WILLIAM M. GRAVES, ELIZABETH HARRISON, THOMAS N. GRAVES, MARY JACKSON, ELIZA J. HARRISON, SARAH E. RUDDLE, MUSIDORA HARRISON, SAMANTHA L. FREEMAN. Exec William M. Graves, Thomas N. Graves, beloved sons. February 8, 1857. Wits James Newton, Joseph P. Cobb, Sm. C. Cobb.

MCCM 8, page 481. Will probated June 6, 1859.


49. EDWARD DAVIS. Nuncupative Will. Thomas Wright, Winston Ellington, James M. Ellington swore that Davis had delivered his will to them, verbally. No date given. He wanted his family to continue living where they were presently located and property divided when his youngest child reached age 21. A bale of cotton was to be sold to pay his debts. Execs Mary Ann Davis, wife and Thomas Wright.

MCCM 8, page 483. Will probated June 6, 1859.


49-51. ALEXANDER LESTER. Beloved wife entire estate for her life and then it would go to his two children JOHN LESTER and PARALEE WHEALER, wife of WILLIAM WHEALER. Wanted Dr. William E. Butler, Benjamin R. Person, Robt. I. Chester, if living and "near" to set aside portions of his estate to his children. Execs Susannah Lester, wife; John Lester. June 5, 1845. Wits Martin Cartmell, J. H. Day, J. D. McClellan. Codicil, October 15, 1855. Son JOHN to have 274 acres which he had purchased from the "bank," being the land he lived on. Wit Robt. I. Chester.

MCCM 8, page 497. Will probated July 5, 1859.


52. ELIZABETH R. YARBROUGH. Son DAVID W. YARBROUGH negro boy Turner. Son HENRY rest of negroes and all other property. "I wish it expressly understood that all of my children not named in this will are excluded and not to receive any portion of my estate." Exec Henry Yarbrough. December __, 1855. Wits Radford Withers, Merlin Perry.

MCCM 8, page 509. Will probated September 1, 1859.


53. HARRIET W. SIMMONS. Property to be used for benefit of her four youngest children, except a cow for MARY and side saddle for LUCINDA. JAMES M. SIMMONS to be their guardian; a bay mare to NANCY, black mare to LUCINDA, a mule to JOHN CRAWLEY, colt to ALMARNIE when the JAMES M. SIMMONS thought it best. Land and negroes to be divided equally among her children SOLOMON, JAMES M., PETER G., MARTHA JANE, MARY FRANCES, WILLIAM W., JOHN CRAWLEY, NANCY WILLMOT, LUCINDA SOPHRENIA, ALMARNIE ALEXANDER. Exec James M. Simmons. July 4, 1859. Wit H. N. Sherrill.

MCCM 8, page 514. Will probated September 1, 1859.


(Page 17)

53-54. ANDERSON WILLIAMS. Beloved wife SALLY WILLIAMS lands during her lifer wanting son JOHN WESLEY and dau SARAH to remain with her. JOHN WESLEY to have a young horse colt, a saddle. After wife's death, all property to be sold and proceeds divided equally among his children. Exec Willis W. Williams. February 15, 1859. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits R. W. Sims, William L. Selph.

MCCM 8, page 515. Will probated August 2, 1859.


55. JAMES MOORE. Exec to take his negroes and personal property back to "my former residence in Madison County" and sell same, with 166 acre tract and the proceeds to be divided among his "legal heirs." Reserved one acre "as a family graveyard." Exec Stephen Moore. February 17, 1859. Wits James A. Cox, L . H. Jones.

MCCM 8, page 525. Will probated September 5, 1859.


55-56. JANE M. GOODRICH. Son EDWIN H. GOODRICH all lands he owned and he to take care of her dau MARY E. GOODRICH and children and EUGENIA C. GOODRICH as long as they lived with him; also a bed and furniture to him. Dau MARGARET L. LINTHICUM to have negro girl Manda. Sons JOHN C. and MALCOM H. GOODRICH a negro boy Austin. Sons to have a bed and furniture. Dau MARY E. STEWART a negro girl ELIZA, a bed and furniture. Dau EUGENIA C. GOODRICH to have her cupboard ware and cooking untensils and also negro woman Bitha, a bed and furniture and yellow horse Prince, a desk and 6 chairs. Dau HARRIET W. JOHNSON a bed and furniture. Dau PARTHIA J. HARRIS a bed and furniture. Negro boys Anthony, Franklin and other personalty to be sold and proceeds used to pay her debts and rest divided among her children. Exec John C. Goodrich, Malcom H. Goodrich. October 4, 1859. Wits James Blackmon, Benj. A. Hays.

MCCM 8, page 561. Will probated November 7, 1859.


57-59. HAZAEL HEWETT, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MALINDA C. HEWETT 1/2 of all personalty and negro Henrietta. Isaac and wife Julia and children and grandchildren to MARY ANN PEGUES. Old Mariah and her children Allen, Henderson, Caty not to be counted in division of his "slave property," they being considered the property of his dau MARY ANN PEGUES, under the will of her grandfather FRANK NEWSOME. Wife to have dower from his lands which would include the "dwelling house" and other "outhouses." Grandson HAZAEL HEWETT PEGUES the tract "on which I live," about 1000 acres, to be his at "my death" but used by his mother MARY ANN PEGUES until he reached age 21. Granddau CAROLINE PEGUES "at my death" 193 acres but used by MARY ANN PEGUES until she reached age 21. Dau MARY ANN 1/2 of his personalty. Grandson HAZAEL H. PEGUES his gold watch. Exec A. T. Pegues, son-in-law. April 9, 1857. Wits Ethan H. Pursott, Martin Thorn, J. M. Wilie, Parmenio Transou. Codicil, October 28, 1859. Beloved wife MALINDA C. to have house, lot in Jackson "being the same on which I now live" in lieu of her dower. Grandson H. H. PEGUES his clay bank mare and her colt. Wits Martin Cartmell, John L. H. Tomlin.

MCCM 8, page 582. Will probated December 5, 1859.


59-60. SARAH STANFIELD, Madison Co., Tenn. ELIZABETH B. BRANDON $1. Son JOHN P. STANFIELD $1. ROBERT B. STANFIELD $1. THOMAS L. STANFIELD $1. WILLIAM B. STANFIELD $1. LITTLETON and SARAH P., hrs of her dau MARY F. JOINER $1. JAMES E. STANFIELD $1. HARVY D. STANFIELD $1. CALVIN A. STANFIELD $1. JOSEPH P. STANFIELD $1. Dau MARTHA J. and HENRY BUCK, her husband, $1. EPHRAIM A. STANFIELD "having remained with me in my old age and infirm state of health" she gave him servant Sam abt 33 yrs old and livestock and furniture. Exec Ephraim A. Stanfield, son. August 7, 1859. Wits Ruben Cole, Page Dungan, Joseph B. Henning. Signed SALLY STANFIELD.

MCCM 8, page 590. Will probated December 6, 1859.


(Page 18)

60-61. NATHAN W. STEDMAN. Dau MARY PIPKINS negro girl Kit. Son ROBERT STEDMAN negro boy Abraham. Son PLEASANT STEDMAN negro girl Bell. Wife SARAH R. STEDMAN negroes Kissa, Cyntha, Henry and Paralee. Son NATHAN W. STEDMAN in trust for hrs of GEORGE WILLIAMSON, a child of Cyntha. Dau SARAH F. STEDMAN negro girl Jane. Son JOHN A. STEDMAN negro girl Julia. Son BENJAMIN P. STEDMAN $600 from sale of negro boy Green. Wanted his "Alexander place" sold. Son JOHN A. sorrel filly. Son to have horse he "now claims." "I want my younger children to receive a good education." Wife SARAH STEDMAN to have the homeplace as long as she remained a widow and what she wanted of the livestock. At death or remarriage of wife his homeplace was to be sold and proceeds "put out at interest until the youngest child becomes of age" and then division to be made of same among heirs. Exec George Williamson. December 28, 1859. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits J. C. Steward, J. O. K. Williamson.

MCCM 8, page 620. Will probated January 4, 1860.


62. MARY L. SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau MARY ANN WEBB $1. Rest of property to be divided among sons WILLIAM S. SANDERS, JOSHUA J. SANDERS, JOHN M. SANDERS and dau TABITHA T. POUNDS and granddau MALISSA ELIZABETH MOORE, each one share. Exec not named. May 11, 1859. Wits William H. Stephens, T. P. Scurlock, Alexr. W. Campbell, James Murrell.

MCCM 8, page 623. Will probated January 4, 1860.


62-63. MARTHA EXUM, widow of JOHN EXUM, Madison Co., Tenn. Estate to be divided among her children MARTHA JANE EXUM, JOHN M. EXUM, JOSEPH W. EXUM. Two sons to be execs. Dec. 8, 1859. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits K. G. Hicks, A. J. White

MCCM 9, page 29. Will probated February 7, 1860.


63-65. EDWARD H. DAY "of the United States Army." Sister S. VIRGINIA DAY slave Owen and sister OLIVIA T. McREE slaves Luck and wife Sally; Sophy and a lot. Rest of estate to brothers-in-law H. CLAY WATKINS and ROBERT P. FORD for his sisters, MALVINA and MARTHA. No exec named. June 16, 1859. Wits B. F. Bond, J. B. Freeman.

MCCM 9, page 38. Will probated February 8, 1860.


65-66. SARAH H. BUCHANAN, Madison Co., Tenn. Son THOMAS N. BUCHANAN negro Caroline aged abt 45 yrs; Henry aged abt 23 yrs; Emily aged 8 yrs; if he paid her dau SARAH E. DUNAWAY 3/5 of their valuation. Hrs of dau MARGARET C. RAINS $15. Son THOMAS N. BUCHANAN and dau SARAH E. DUNAWAY all her furniture to be divided among them. Son THOMAS to have livestock except a filly which went to her grandson WILLIAM E. DUNAWAY. Execs Thomas N. Buchanan, William M. Dunaway. February 21, 1860. Wits D. H. Parker, John A. Dunaway.

MCCM 9, page 70. Will probated March 5, 1860.


66-67. JOHN COLE, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau Mrs. LOUISA WHITELAW the negro already given to her and tract of land she and her husband, JOHN F. WHITELAW lived on; also $3000. Balance of real estate to sons THOMAS B. and JOHN D. COLE in trust to be sold, for the $3000 to dau. Remainder of property to four sons THOMAS B., JOHN D., PHILLIP and STEPHEN W. COLE and THOMAS B. COLE to be charged in the division for the negroes he already had been given. Exec Thomas B. Cole, John D. Cole, sons. April 16, 1859. Wits Alex W. Campbell, T. P. Scurlock.

MCCM 9, page 110. Will probated April 2, 1860.


67-68. MARGARET DYER, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau SARAH DYER, widow of DAVID DYER, JR. $300. Grandson STEPHEN DYER, son of SARAH DYER $300. Son THEODERICK WEBB $600 and to him as trustee for her dau MARY WEBB $600. Son JOSEPH WEBB having received from THEODERICK WEBB $600 out of "my funds," receipt for which was dated January 3, 1853, and constituted Joseph's share in full.


(Page 19)

Rest of property to son THEODERICK "of his supporting & maintaining me." Exec Theoderick Webb. April 14, 1853. Wits Alexander Futrell, R. W. Crockett.

MCCM 9, page 116. Will probated April 3, 1860.


69. ARAMENTA FITZHUGH. Three youngest children JAMES, SUSAN and JOHN to have a bed and furniture, each, a cow. SUSAN to have her bureau. James to have her folding table. JOHN to have her horse. Land and rest of property to be divided equally among these three children. No date given. Wits John B. Bryan, John A. Dunaway. No execution date given.

MCCM 9, page 140. Will probated May 7, 1860.


69. ANTHONY WILLIAMSON. Beloved wife REBECCA C. WILLIAMSON entire property. If she remarried, she was to have negroes Liley and her children Mary and Nat and share in division of property with his brothers GEORGE WILLIAMSON, J. O. K. WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM WILLIAMSON. But if she never remarried, "I wish all the property to be equally divided between my own family and my wife's family." Wanted his brother GEORGE to assist his wife in the "management of the estate, collecting dues, paying debts and advising for the best interest of all concerned." February 3, 1860. Wits John A. Tyson, Paris T. Utley. No executor named.

MCCM 9, page 146. Will probated May 7, 1860.


69-70. NOAH WHITE, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MARGARET H. WHITE entire estate but if she remarried the estate was to be divided equally among "my children." No exec named. December 20, 1844. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Jos. Herndon, George Kinzer. Henry Maberry.

MCCM 9, page 147. Will probated May 7, 1860.


70-71. MARTHA DICKENSON, Jackson, Tenn. Dau MARY ISABELLA DICKENSON to have slave Adeline and infant Mary Ann. Youngest son JOHN T. DICKENSON to have a slave boy William. Balance of property, house and lot in Jackson, negro Jim and other personalty to be sold. Proceeds to: 1/2 to husband, JOSIAH W. DICKENSON and rest to her children ROBERT M., JOSEPH Q., JOHN H., MARTHA A. MADDEN, and surviving children of dec dau EMILY M. RIPLEY. Exec R. M. Dickenson, son and wanted him to be guardian of JOHN T. DICKENSON and children of dec dau EMILY M. RIPLEY. September 17, 1859. Wits Avery Hunt, Joseph C. Sharp.

MCCM 9, page 157. Will probated May 9, 1860.


71-73. BENJAMIN LEWIS, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife MARY LEWIS 114 acre tract he lived on in Civil District 16, negroes Randall and little Mary; livestock, furniture. Having given property to his children, now gave son WILLIAM LEWIS $200. Land given to dec dau SARAH ANN ARNOLD. Land to sons BENJAMIN, JOHN and children of SARAH ANN ARNOLD (GEORGIA ANN, MARGARET JANE, JAMES ALBERT). Other land to son WILLIAM LEWIS and dau NANCY MILLER. Friends Green Williams, John Green, William D. Fly, Gibson Co. to divide and allot lands and negroes as provided. Signed with an "x" mark. April 13, 1860. Wits P. C. McCowat, Sion W. Boon, Stephen Sypert.

MCCM 9, page 194. Will probated July 3, 1860.


73-75. ROBERT W. WILSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife MARY C. WILSON entire estate for life, widowhood. When youngest child reached age 21 estate was to be divided among his children. If land was to be sold before the division was provided for as stated before, it had to be done through the chancery court. Wife, exec. June 28, 1860. Wits John Read, James F. Hadaway.

MCCM 9, page 205. Will probated August 7, 1860.


(Page 20)

75-76. MARY BOYKIN. Dau ELIZA M. COBB to have negro woman Jinney, a bed and furniture. Son JOHN B. BOYKIN out of sale of property $100 and a negro Mike. Son OSBOURN H. BOYKIN to have only her gold spectacles and $1200 in money. Granddaus MARY EMALINE JELKS and SARAH ALICE JELKS to have her trunk marked with her name and its contents. Negroes Clanton, Maria, Caroline to be sold privately and personalty was to be distributed among her children, including the children of her dec dau MARY S. KYLE and children of dec dau EMALINE C. L. A. JELKS. Exec John B. Boykin, son. May 7, 1859. Wits E. T. Transou, H. A Welch.

MCCM 9, page 213. Will probated September 3, 1860.


76-78. GILBERT COZART. Beloved wife MARY COZART to have all estate but if she remarried a division of property was to be made among her and his children. If she didn't remarry, she was to see that each of his children after reaching age 21 to be given an equal portion of estate. Wife to have enough of personalty to operate farm and the rest sold. Exec Radford Withers. July 12, 1860. Wits J. J. McLemore, G. A. McLemOre, A. H. Cozart.

MCCM 9, page 216. Will probated September 3, 1860.


78-79. ELIEL ELSTON. Wife MARTHA ELSTON all property for life or widowhood and afterwards to be divided among his children. Part that went to dau MARTHA WOODSON was not to be subject to control of her husband. Execs Azariah Gray, Jeremiah Elston, son. June 21, 1860. Wits William H. Barrier, William Elston.

MCCM 9, page 219. Will probated September 4, 1860.


79-80. JOHN C. WADE, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife and children DANIEL B. and MARY ANN the farm and at wife's death the children's completely and if they died it went to the children of JAMES WADE, dec, JOHN B. WADE, dec, WESLEY TAYLOR, dec, they being his grandchildren. Exec Daniel B. Wade, son. September 19, 1860. Wits John H. May, G. W. Day.

MCCM 9, page 232. Will probated October 1, 1860.


80-82. J. B. TYSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Personalty to be divided among wife and children "share and share alike." Exec "to keep up my plantation on which I now reside" for support of family and education of his children. An equal div. among children of his part of land owned by him and brother, EDWIN TYSON. Lands to be divided among his sons at age 21, paying his daus by their interest in personalty. Execs Edwin Tyson, John A. Tyson, John R. Alston. July 25, 1860. Wits M. Murchison, John A. Tyson, Jun.

MCCM 9, page 237. Will probated October 2, 1860.


82-85. SUSAN M. STATEN, Madison Co., Tenn. Most of estate to be sold except two beds, bedsteads and proceeds given to husband LUELLEN STATEN and one of the beds and bedsteads and $100 yearly out of hire of negroes until ROBERT C. H. MAYO, son of HARDY MAYO, dec reached age 21. Benjamin F. Young to be trustee for husband for life, then negroes went to ROBERT C. H. MAYO. MARTHA S. MAYO, dau of COUNCIL B. MAYO other 1/2 of negroes. Exec Benjamin F. Young. November 5, 1858. Wits H. H. Woodson, E. P. Lawrence.

MCCM 9, page 238. Will probated October 2, 1860.


85-86. CATHARINE McCLELLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. Son ALBERT G. McCLELLAN to have two old servants Phillip and Sally and a note on Radford Withers for $300. HERBERT PERRY to be trustee for her niece ELIZA COLEMAN and her children, a bed and bedstead. SUSAN E. WITHERS was to have a portion of her apparel and "my caps" went to Mrs. MARY HOPPER. June 27, 1860. Wits Marshall Perry, James N. McClellan.

MCCM 9, page 238. Will probated October 2, 1860.


(Page 21)

85-86. ANDERSON WILLIAMS, JR. Nuncupative Will. Americus Mitchell, John T. Holt heard Williams' will, given to them verbally, in his residence in Madison County on July 12, 1860. He wanted his brother JOHN W. WILLIAMS to have all his estate. Witnesses committed this will "to writing" July 18, 1860.

MCCM 9, page 259. Will probated November 5, 1860.


86-87. MARTHA LEWIS, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau ELIZABETH wife of WILLIAM LOVELL $200. Grandson WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS $100. Son RICHARD L. LEWIS $500. THOMAS LEWIS son of ELIM H. LEWIS $300. PHARMY E. TERMEN and PARMELIA WRIGHT LEWIS daus of ELIM H. LEWIS $100 each. Rest of estate divided among HAMILAH PREWIT, children of ROBERT L. LEWIS, NEWTON COLEMAN, MARTHA COLEMAN, LUCY COLEMAN. Exec Richard L. Lewis, son. March 31, 1857. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits J. A. Pemberton, Gibson Co., R. J. Hays, Jackson, Tenn., Isaac Lawrence, Madison Co. and Elisha Lawrence, Madison Co.

MCCM 9, page 296. Will probated December 5, 1860 and further probated, MCCM 9, page 310 on January 7, 1861.


87-88. H. E. BICKERS. Wife JANE R. BICKERS entire estate, including 100 acres in Madison Co. and 67 acres in Hardeman Co., 160 acres in Arkansas Co., Ark. and a gold watch in hands of WILLIAM BICKERS. Exec B. R. Bickers. March 10, 1860. Wits William Baker, H. Barrier.

MCCM 9, page 312. Will probated January 8, 1861.


88-89. ELIZABETH H. AYRES, Madison Co., Tenn. Husband, ROBERT H. AYRES money and property to be hers from her father's estate and estate of her uncle SAMUEL FORD, dec. of Virginia. Also, monies due from JAMES PEARCY and money in hands of J. & T. Murrell, after paying store bills "and furnishing tombstones for the graveyard." Husband also to have "use of negroes Annice & Lizzie." Dau ELLEN M. VANPELT $5. Son JOHN L. AYRES 1/2 of estate at death of her husband. Son WILLIAM M. AYRES to have the other 1/2 of estate after death of her husband. Exec James Caruthers. December 4, 1860. Wits W. R. Collier, William T. Wooley.

MCCM 9, page 439. Will probated March 7, 1861.


89-93. JOHN TIDWELL, Madison Co., Tenn. After payment of debts, rest of estate to be divided into five equal portions; that to son TILMAN LEE TIDWELL to be reduced $400 less than the other legatees' portions. Son JAMES TIDWELL negro girl Sarah. Son FRANKLIN BENSON TIDWELL use of negro Betty and her child Bob. Son WILLIAM MADISON TIDWELL negro man Calvin. Livestock, land to be sold and proceeds kept by exec, vested in negroes for sons JAMES, ISAIAH, TILMAN, FRANKLIN. Negro woman Letty was to have "a master in the neighborhood of my residence" or hired out within five miles of his residence and "where she will be treated kindly." For "certain reasons" left nothing to children of dec son EDMUND TIDWELL. September 17, 1859. Wits John Read, James M. Montgomery.

MCCM 9, page 422. Will probated March 4, 1861.


93. WILLIAM J. BURNS, Madison Co., Tenn. All land east of Purdy and Jackson road to be sold and proceeds towards payment of debts and rest to wife RHODY. December 21, 1859. Wits James Fry, W. J. Johnson.

MCCM 9, page 433. Will probated March 6, 1861.


93-95. GRAY WESTBROOK. Beloved wife MARGARET S. WESTBROOK a tract of land, acreage not given but it was near "forks of the old Medon road." Son R. A. WESTBROOK 1/7 of this tract on death of wife. Son S. H. WESTBROOK 1/7 of same. Son J. R. WESTBROOK $5, he having already received a "full portion." Dau E. M. JOHNS 1/7 of property. Son A. J. WESTBROOK 1/7 of property. Dau L. J.


(Page 22)

BRAME 1/7 of property. Son J. G. WESTBROOK 1/7 of property. All children except J. R. to have equal share in $3500 in Mississippi and Tennessee Central Railroad stock. Tract in Hardeman Co., 330 acres to be sold to pay debts to Pitser Miller. Another 100 acres to be sold and proceeds divided among 7 children. Wife to have negro Sam for life, livestock and other personalty, which were to be divided among his children after her death. May 13, 1861. Wits Samuel Thomas, Angus R. Emerson.

MCCM 9, page 500. Will probated June 3, 1861.


96-97. EZEKIAL FULLER, Madison Co., Tenn. Children to have equal shares in his estate, "counting in the property" he had given sons JEREMIAH and JOHN J. FULLER previously. JEREMIAH to receive $100. J. J. was to have 12-18 acres of land on which his "present dwelling house" was located. Dau CELINDY ANDERSON had loan of negro girl Johaner. Also A. W. FULLER, MARIAH BAKER, and CELINDY ANDERSON to be charged with $10 each for cows that had been given to them. Beloved wife TEMPERANCE FULLER to have negroes, livestock, all of which would revert to his estate at her death. October 1, 1858. Wits Jackson Dawson, Andrew Derryberry. No exec named.

MCCM 9, page 521. Will probated July 3, 1861.


97-98. MARY ANN BLACK. All property went to ROBERT S. REEVES in trust for use and maintenance of her dau MARGARET ANN McKNIGHT and her children, not subject to debts of her present or future husbands. To children of dau ELLEN B. ROBLY wife of JOHN ROBLY but if she died without children, her portion would not go to JOHN ROBLY but to her dau MARGARET McKNIGHT. Exec Robert S. Reeves, friend and neighbor. February 14, 1859. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits John L. H. Tomlin, W. A. Hayley.

MCCM 9, page 529. Will probabed August 5, 1861.


98-99. JOHN M. MORRILL. Entire estate to wife MARY E. MORRILL and she to be sole exec. May 14, 1861. Wits Geo. N. Harris, T. P. Scurlock.

MCCM 9, page 584. Will probated October 9, 1861.


99-100. JOHN L. ROSEMON, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife to have benefit of place where he lived, 120 acres, including "the dwelling" and if she moved to Arkansas he wanted her to have 100 acres off west end of 300 acres and the place she left, the 120 acres to go back to his estate. Personalty she could spare to be sold to pay debts and if not enough raised this way his Cherry tract near Gadsden depot might be sold. Also to be sold were his "stock of leather," hay, cattle. Balance of lands in Tenn. and Ark. to be unsold until his youngest child came of age unless wife and 2/3 of children agreed to sell same. Had advanced $150 worth of property to HENRY, MARGARET, NANCY, MARY JANE and GEORGE "who have left me." Wife to give other children equal amount if possible to other children as they came of age or married. At death of wife property to be sold and proceeds divided among his children. Exec W. J. Bell, son-in-law. August 22, 1861. Wits Wm. T. Dickens, J. R. Mason.

MCCM 9, page 586. Will probated November 4, 1861.


101-103. ABRAM B. MARCH, Madison Co., Tenn. Exec to sell all personalty except negroes and proceeds to be divided among his wife and children; wife having a child's part. All negroes to wife ANNIE and children. Commissioners to valuate the negroes and divide among wife and children. Wife's dower was to be laid off "as soon as the condition of the country becomes settled," in the meantime rent land until times became settled. Lands in Henderson and Madison counties were to be sold and proceeds divided equally among wife and children. In division of estate charges were to be made to ABRAM B. MARCH, JR., son of WADE HAMPTON MARCH, dec $2000; WILLIAM D. MARCH $1000; ESQUIRE MARCH $1600; ARCHIBALD MARCH $1600; DANIEL MARCH $2000; all having


(Page 23)

been advanced property to these amounts. Property to son WILLIAM D. MARCH "who is now in California if living" to be left for him in hands of DANIEL O. MARCH. Grandson ABRAM B. MARCH, JR. son of WADE HAMPTON MARCH to count as a child's part. The share of dau L. C. MARCH to be held in trust for her by DANIEL O. MARCH. Exec Daniel O. March, son. November __, 1861. Wits Daniel Shelton, William Banes.

MCCM 9, page 617. Will probated January 7, 1861.


104. STEPHEN SYPERT, Jackson, Tenn. Nuncupative Will. Philip C. McCowat and William L. Flowers had heard Sypert deliver his will to them and it was written down and dated January 22, 1862. Wife MARY P. SYPERT entire estate as long as she lived a widow and at her death or remarriage property would go to his adopted dau MARY L. CURTISS wife of HORACE H. CURTISS and her children MARY J., CHARLES SYPERT, EDWARD BENJAMIN CURTISS and any other children which might be born to her. Exec to be Horace H. Curtiss, son-in-law.

MCCM 9, page 649. Will probated February 3, 1862.


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