By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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1-56. Detailed account of James Elrod's personalty sale, debts due him, inventory of possessions, including costs for recent construction on the Elrod dwelling. Also "cash paid for slab for Elrod's grave. $156.95" Jan. 1842; January 26, 1843.
151-154. Settlement report registered March 25, 1844.


66-67. E. B. McCoy settlement and grdn account. September 12, 1843.


81. JOHN COORPENDER'S estate account, Sept. 15, 1843.


83-84. Inventory of Personalty, Daniel A. Moore, June 7, 1843.


97-98. JOHN MAY, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved dau MARY TAYLOR a negro Big Henry and Turner. Execs to hold them in trust for her. Son JOHN MAY 3 negroes Ellender, Jefferson, Chester. Son-in-law WILLIAM C. HUTCHISON negroes Little Sam and Jacob. Son-in-law DAWSON D. BENNET negro Big Tom and $350. Son PHILIP MAY negroes Jerard and wife Maria and their son Cyrus; Patsy, Warren and Jesse their children. Son WILLIAM MAY 2 negroes David and Matt. Granddau NANCY TENNESSEE MAY to have choice of horse. If any of the negroes proved "refractory" or "not answer the purpose of those to whom I have given them" execs may sell them. The execs were to sell a wagon. Rest of estate to beloved wife NANCY MAY. October 4, 1843. Wits William P. Godwin, James Cook (x).

131-133. Sale of personal property; notes and accounts registered Feb. 8, 1844.

MCCM 5, page 222. Will probated November 6, 1843.


98-99. ELIZABETH KING, Madison Co., Tenn. Hrs of ROBERT A. KING, dec., Sumner Co., Tenn. a note given her by ROBERT A. KING August 24, 1839 for $725, to be divided equally among said hrs. Hrs of J. B. PRENDERGAST a note for $200. DAVES PRENDERGAST $20. SAMUEL KING, son of ROBERT A. KING, $50 and a note he had on John Bill to be used in paying his debts. Rest of estate divided among the hrs of J. B. PRENDERGAST and SAMUEL C. KING. October 21, 1843. Bed and furniture to SAMUEL C. KING. Exec SAMUEL PRENDERGAST. Wits J. B. Prendergast, T . J . Kirkpatrick.

MCCM 5, page 220. Will probated November 6, 1843.


99-100. REBECCA K. BELL, Madison Co., Tenn. Negro Kessy to SAMUEL PRENDERGAST. Edmund, son of Kessy to THOMAS PRENDERGAST. Residue of Kessy's children to SAMUEL PRENDERGAST if he paid BAKER PRENDERGAST $350 and $350 to DAVES PRENDERGAST and $150 to MARY GREEN ALEXANDER dau of AARON ALEXANDER of Lincoln County. To her also and MARTHA KING ALEXANDER dau of Aaron, Lincoln County, each a bed and furniture. A bed and furniture to SARAH BURROW dau of REUBEN BURROW. THOMAS PRENDERGAST a bed and also bedding furniture; residue of household furniture to ELIZABETH BURROW, wife of REUBEN BURROW except her bureau and clock which went to SAMUEL PRENDERGAST. Her interest in money coming to her in division resulting from the death of her husband JOHN BELL to be used to pay her debts and if anything left over to her nephew ROBERT M. KING. To Kessy "my servant one oven, one pot, large kettle pot, a set of large plates, one set of white tea cups and saucers, a large bowl. October 10, 1843. Exec Frederic B. Ragland. Wit J. B. Prendergast.

MCCM 5, page 222. Will probated November 6, 1843.


105-106. Sale of personalty at the residence of SAMUEL SANDERS estate. Nov. 30, 1843.


117-119. Settlement for JOHN LYNCH's estate, December 7, 1843.


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121-122. Inventories of MERLIN YOUNG's estate, registered Jan. 13, 1844.


125. Settlement with William J. King exec of HENRY KING's will registered Feb. 27, 1844, including cost of King's coffin, $5.


128-129. Hire of negroes in JONAS SYKES' estate, December 30, 1843 and a regular settlement report, February 3, 1844.


135-139. Debts paid and collected in R. M. COMPTON's estate, January 1, 1844.


145-148. Debts paid and collected, estate of PHILIP WARLICK, March 7, 1844.


155. THOMAS J. KIRKPATRICK. Dear wife ANN all property with the land in estate to remain undivided except what might be needed to settle debts and proceeds among his children. If wife remarried she would receive a child's portion. Exec John W. Love. February 24, 1844. Wits David C. Robison, Henry W. Kirkpatrick.

MCCM 5, page 279. Will probated May 6, 1844.


156. OWEN SEYMORE PERRY, Jackson, Tenn. Dear wife NANCY K. PERRY all his property in the state of Massachusetts. July 9, 1840. Wits Henry Swann, Francis Fogg.

MCCM 5, page 279. Will probated May 6, 1844.

168-169. Settlement report, estate of Owen S. Perry registered July 9, 1844.


212-213. Receipt of REBECCA COPHER for property from the estate of her late husband WILLIAM COPHER, April 4, 1844.


214-215. Settlement report, estate of WILLIAM STODDERT, June 29, 1844; July 1, 1844.


216-217. Inventory of Personalty, estate of JOHN DUFFEY, June 26, 1844.


233-234. Receipts in estate of JOHN WHARTON, May 2, 1844, May 3, 1844.


244-245. Settlement report, estate of JOHN BARNETT, August 26, 1844.


250-251. NANCY CHEWNING, Madison Co., Tenn. Niece MILDRED WOOLFOLK negro man Walker and negro Mary and all other property to her. After her death and that of MILDRED remaining property to MILDRED's sons VIVIAN B. and JOHN R. S. WOOLFOLK except that negro Mary would go to MILDRED's dau AMANDA MALVINA HARDGROVE. Loaned CORNELIA ANN CARPENTER for life a negro girl EMMALY and then to her bodily hrs. Feb. 20, 1839. signed with an "x" mark. Wits John V. Harris, William Copher, Noah R. Eckols.

MCCM 5, page 326. Will probated September 2, 1844.


251-253. SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife BALSORAH McCLELLAN the "use of all my property" during life and widowhood, for her and their children's support and education. If she remarried property would be divided among her and his children, she to have the choice of negroes. As the children marry wife may give such property to them as she thought proper. Exec Valentine S. Vann, father-in-law; James D. McClellan, brother, September 3, 1844. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits space left blank. Apparently too ill to sign his will, Elijah Jones, Avery Hunt and Valentine S. Vann testified that the will represented McClellan's intentions. October 8, 1844.

MCCM 5, page 334. Will probated October 8, 1844.


253-254. JAMES M. CARADINE, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife LUCINDA FRANCIS negro Sam, and other negroes Cherry, Dorcas, Milley, John. SARAH CAROLINE, his mother, $50. Exec Andrew Caradine, brother. Jan. 26, 1844. Wits Darling Tidwell, Thomas B. COMMINS.

MCCM 5, page 332. Will probated October 7, 1844.


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254-256. GEORGE WHITE, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MARY C. WHITE all his property and after her death to legatees except JAMES LARABEE who had already received his portion, $205.70. SAMUEL CAMPBELL $302. BENJAMIN F. WHITE $347, GEORGE B. WHITE $377.50; ABSOLEM W. MILLS $333.70; JOHNSON FAULKNER $363; CHARLES C. WHITE $332.50; ADDISON L. WHITE $332.50. GEORGE B. WHITE and NANCY W. FAULKNER had died; that SARAH E. WHITE dau of GEORGE B. WHITE would have equal part with other children after deducting from her portion $377.50. No exec named. June 21, 1844. Wits P. Transou, Parmenio Transou.

MCCM 5, page 331. Will probated October 7, 1844.


256. SUSAN LANE, Madison Co., Tenn. Nieces CYNTHIA S. SANDERS, MARTHA G. SANDERS, EDITH E. J. H. SANDERS, ADELAIDE M. SANDERS all her property, including tract of land, 8 3/4 acres, she lived on and another 45 acre tract and furniture. Exec H. E. Sanders. September 22, 1844. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Thomas Buchanan, Thomas H. Newbern.

MCCM 5, page 256. Will probated October 7, 1844.


256. JAMES FLEMING. Beloved wife MARIA FLEMING all property and if she remarried "all my property be sold" and proceeds divided equally among her and his children ROBERT, CHLOE, AN, FANNY FLEMING. Exec, wife. Sept. 20, 1844. Wits James R. Glenn, Albert G. McClellan, Elisha Jones.

MCCM 5, page 330. Will probated October 7, 1844.


257-258. JOHN McFARLIN, Madison Co., Tenn. Son DUNCAN McFARLIN tract "whereon I now live with the improvements thereof, the thresher excepted. "Son QUILEY the tract this son lived on on "north side" of Forked Deer River. Dau BEDY McFARLIN negro boy Sam and first choice of livestock. Dau SUSAN McFARLIN negro girl Mary, a horse, cow and calf, her bridle and saddle, bedstead and "my silver watch." Dau RUTH TAYLOR $500 cash. Sons DUNCAN and QUILEY the wheat thresher equally. Personalty to be sold, debts paid and rest of proceeds to children POLLY HALL, BECKY McFARLIN, ELIZABETH UMSTEAD, SALLY BRADBERRY, QUILEY McFARLIN, DUNCAN McFARLIN, RUTHY TAYLOR, and children of his dec dau EADY JOHNSTON: ELIZABETH M., THOMAS R., MARTHA S., SARAH J. JOHNSTON. Exec Wyatt Mooring, friend and neighbor. Oct. 20, 1840. Wits Wyatt Mooring, Dodson Nevell.

265-272. Inventory, sale of property registered Oct. 22, 1844.

MCCM 5, page 338. Will probated October 7, 1844.


261-262. JOHN MURDOCK. Wife NANCY first choice of horses, all household, kitchen furniture. Rest sold to pay his debts and to purchase a small farm in Lincoln County or any other suitable place for wife and children. If wife remarried land and other property was to be divided among her and their "dear children." Names WILLIAM C., SAMUEL, JACOB H., ELIZABETH L. Exec Samuel Murdock, brother. Oct. 10, 1844. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Andrew Stewart, John Ledbetter (x mark), Andrew Stewart.

MCCM 5, page 340. Will probated November 4, 1844.


279-280. JOHN BARNETT, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife ELIZABETH "full and entire control of my farm and all my stock & negroes" not bequeathed to others. Sons RICHARD R. and SAMUEL D. BARNETT to be "raised and educated from the proceeds of my farm." Execs to spend $500 to buy "piece of land" for son WILLIAM BARNETT's oldest son, JOHN W. BARNETT, except that his son, WILLIAM BARNETT, would have use of it for life. Brother JOHN M. BARNETT to act as agent for grandson. Son JOHN M. BARNETT 30 acres of land off west end of Irvin tract. Son ELIJAH T. BARNETT $500 and have a bridle and saddle, two cows and calves. Dau JANE D. BARNETT two negroes now at her grandmother Robertson's, a black horse bridle and saddle, two beds and


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furniture. Son RICHARD B. EARNETT $500, bridle, saddle, two cows and calves, bed and furniture when he reached age 21. Son S. D. BARNETT $500, bed and furniture, two cows and calves when he reached age 21. Son LAWSON D. BARNETT to "carry on the mercantile business until 1st January 1846 in which we are joint partners in trade", then business to be closed "as soon as" might be and and his part of proceeds to be divided among his children. Exec John M. Barnett. October 29, 1844. Wits B. M. Butler, J. F. Clark.

286-287. InventOry and sale report, January 1, 1845.

MCCM 5, page 347. Will probated December 2, 1844.


281. THOMAS MAGHEE. Wife AVERY all property for life or widowhood. Son BENJAMIN 50 acres except for his dau FANNIE "a right of possession on the premises for a home during her natural life provided she never marries." To BEN, also, farming tools, livestock, negroes Jeremiah arid Wesley. Daus EDY and UNA $15 after death of his wife. Son ROBERT "a long time absent & not knowing whether he is living or dead provided he should ever return" execs to allow him $5. Son BENJAMIN MAGHEE, exec. Signed with an "x" mark. June 28, 1844. Wits Allen Dungarl, J. H. Mason.

MCCM 5, page 348. Will probated December 2, 1844.


299-300. JOHN BLAIR. Dau JANE BORIN 3 negroes Caroline, James, Robinson. Dau CYNTHA HAYS 3 negroes Alexander, Jane and Lewis. Dau TENNESSEE R. 3 negroes Thomas, Eliza and Melvina, 14 /dollars?/. Dau NANCY HOLLODAY 3 negroes Jeremiah, Mary and Lemuel, $200. Son JAMES 3 negroes Green, Zachariah, Sarah and $100. Son JOHN BLAIR $150 with $250 already given him. Dau MARTHA BLITHE $200 with $800 already given to her. Grandson LEWIS GARETT ROSS $10. To LEWIS G. ROSS' dau MARTHA a negro girl Amanda at death of his wife. $7.50 to the "missionary cause." /Evidently he was a Missionary Baptist./ Sell "my boy Israel" and proceeds to his hrs. Wife MARTHA "balance" of negroes," and at her death estate was to be divided among his legatees except LEWIS G. ROSS. November 12, 1844. Wits L. Dodson, H. H. Woodson

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