By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
COPYRIGHT, Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith, 1995

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1. REUBEN G. SIMMONS. Wanted negro boy LEWIS sold to highest bidder and of the proceeds $250 was to be used to pay an indebtedness. Wife, ELIZBETH SIMMONS "balance" of property and at her death it would go to his children except for MARTHA GILES who had already received her portion of his estate. November 15, 1838. Wit James L. McDonald. No exec named.

MCCM 4, page 565. Will probated January 7, 1839.


l. Division of negroes to RICHARD J. FENNER and STEPHEN OUTERBRIDGE. Jan. 21, 1839.


2. Division of negroes to CATHARINE R. FENNER who had married T. P. JONES. Jan. 21, 1839.


2-3. THOMAS SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn. Two tracts of land, 203 acres, divided equally between JOHN M. SANDERS and WILLIAM S. H. SANDERS. A tract of land, 100 acres, where he lived to JOSHUA SANDERS. To MARY A. SANDERS negro woman Mariah. MELISA ELIZABETH a negro girl Louisa. Wife MARY SANDERS $300. Dau TABITHA THOMAS, wife of RANSON THOMAS $1. Proceeds from sale of perishable property to be divided among JOHN M. SANDERS, WILLIAM S. H. SANDERS, JOSHUA J. SANDERS, MARY LOUISA JANE SANDERS, MELISA ELIZABETH SANDERS and wife MARY SANDERS. Signed with an "x" mark. No exec named. Wits John Welsh, P. M. Johnson.

10-11. Inventory of Sanders property, January 26, 1839.
365-366. Settlement report of Sanders property, February 11, 1841.

MCCM 4, page 568. Will probated January 7, 1839.


9. WILLIAM STODDERT. Beloved wife MARY JANE STODDERT property and houses where he lived and other property. $1000 to his sister REBECCA STODDERT in addition to what he was indebted to her "and desire my said sister always to find a home at the house of my wife." Money to complete the education of his nephew THOMAS S. EWELL. $1000 to nephew WILLIAM EWELL. Rest of estate sold and proceeds to wife and children. Exec Mary Jane Stoddert, wife; James Caruthers, friend. Jan. 6, 1839. Wits George Snider, Milton Brown, Rob. Fenner.

88-89. Monies sue estate of William Stoddert, registered August 6, 1839.
422-428. Settlement of Stoddert estate, mostly accounts, July 3, 1841.
589-590. Settlement report on estate, registered July 2, 1842.
726-727. Settlement report on estate, registered June 14, 1843.

MCCM 4, page 570. Stoddert will probated February 4, 1839.


10. MATHIAS DEBERRY, Madison Co., Tenn. The use of the place he bought from Joseph Cock to DAVID MERIWETHER and wife for 4 years and the advancements he had already made to them. Wife, a dower and negroes Hasty and Dave and equal "proportion of the residue of my negroes with my children who have not theretofore received a legacy. "Land to be divided equally among his sons as they reached age 21. Balance of estate to wife for life and then to his children equally, ABSALOM DEBERRY, JOSEPH DEBERRY, REBECAH DEBERRY, SUSAN DEBERRY, MATHIAS DEBERRY and ALLEN DEBERRY. The tract he bought from "Wilson" and negroes Lucy and Austen to JAMES HAYLEY's children. Execs Allen Deberry, brother; Absalom Deberry, son. Jan. 13, 1839. Wits James Vaulx, Thomas W. Randle.

53-55. Inventory of Deberry's personalty, registered June 1, 1839.


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351-358. Settlement, sales and accounts, February 27, 1841.
385-386. Division of slaves, April 5, 1841. Division of land yet to be made.
690-691. Sale of property sold Nov. 21, 1840, purchased for Mrs. E. Deberry, Mathias Deberry and Allen Deberry, Jr. "to be held by them share & share alike."

MCCM 4, page 572. Deberry will probated February 4, 1839.


10. FRANCIS C. EDWARDS, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife and children all property equally divided among them, "share and share alike." As children reached age 21 or married they would be given their portion. Execs to provide money for education of his children and if the children wanted money instead to honor their wishes if condition of estate allowed it. Exec to buy 6 acres on Johnston's Creek entirely surrounded by his land and 60 acres besides on south side of his property. Execs Allen Deberry, Mathias Deberry, James Meriwether, friends. Sept. 13, 1838. Wits Alex A. Campbell, John B. Acre.

177-180. Inventory of Edwards' property that was sold February 8, 1840.

MCCM 4, page 575. Will probated March 4, 1839.


25-26. WILLIAM MAY. Beloved wife NANCY entire estate for her widowhood or until his children "are of age" providing education for them and a division of estate among her and children at her discretion. But if she remarried the estate would be divided between her and children as law directs. Execs John May, esteemed father; Christopher E. McEwen of Williamson County, Tenn. October 8, 1835. Wits Caleb T. Harris, Henry W. King, Young A. McLemore, T. N. Anderson.

MCCM 4, page 415. Will probated May 2, 1836.


55. Report of James M. Sharp grdn of Ezekial B. McCoy's children JOHN G. McCOY, NEWTON A. McCOY, ANN ELIZA McCOY, MARY D. McCOY, June 3, 1839.
585. E. B. McCoy's heirs report, May 17, 1842.
592. E. B. McCoy's heirs report, July 13, 1842.
710-711. "Negro Hire" and settlement, registered March 17, 1843
730. Report of grdn of MARTHA ANN McCOY, dec, registered July 30, 1843.


56-57. Montgomery B. Stewart, clerk, settled with John May grdn of NANCY T. NEWSOM, May 26, 1839.


59. Settlement of JEREMIAH EVAN's estate, July 1, 1839.


86-87. CHAMPNESS MADDEN, Madison Co., Tenn. Exec to sell negro boy Peter, a bay horse called Marshall Ney, a sorrel mare and about 1000 acres he bought from Neal Campbell to pay debts. Beloved wife FRANCES MADDEN to have entire estate except what was sold to pay debts, during her life. Dau POLLY HAYNIE negro girl Rhoda and negro boy Richard which Polly then possessed and at death of his wife another negro Sinda and her children. Granddau MARY E. DENNIS, at wife's death, negro boy Zachariah at which time she was to pay $100 for use of DANIEL MADDEN's children. Also to Mary negro girl Caroline. At death of his wife his dau MARGARET WHITE to have negro boy David and at her death or sooner if she preferred give this boy to his granddau MARY DENNIS. Son FRANKLIN MADDEN and son-in-law JOSEPH FOGG all land not disposed of except that of his wife for life, equally between them. Franklin also to get a negro girl Rachell. At death of his wife, JOSEPH FOGG was to get negro boy Bill at which time he was to pay $200 to the children of DANIEL MADDEN. After death of his wife the negro Edmund to his grandson CHAMPNESS MADDEN. A featherbed and furniture to each of his children "now living at the death of my wife."


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Grandson DANIEL MADDEN one "bay colt." Sons DANIEL and FRANKLIN MADDEN to be trustees for legacy to DANIEL MADDEN's children. Whatever property not willed to others, at his wife's death to go to DANIEL MADDEN's children. Execs Frances Madden, wife; Franklin Madden, son; Joseph Fogg, son-in- law. October 23, 1838. Wits Adam Huntsman, Benjamin Person.

MCCM 4, page 588. Will probated June 3, 1839.

Will Book 3, 377. Executor/grdn accounts, March 30, 1841.
Ditto, 616-617. Settlement report, registered August 17, 18, 1842.


87-88. Administrator's settlement, BENJAMIN BREWER estate, July 1, 1839.


92-93. Settlement with William Atchison, exec of WILLIAM JUSTICE, registered Aug. 7, 1839 and appended to it a commissioners' report on valuation of land and certain slaves dated June 8, 1837.


95-96. HENRY BRITTON. Beloved wife ELIZABETH C. BRITTON all the negroes from his father's estate in Virginia; lands from same and from his brother THOMAS BRITTON's estate to be sold and proceeds to wife for the benefit of her and family and at her death estate to be divided equally among his "lawful heirs." Execs L. Caison, Thomas Reed. March 14, 1839. Wits Henry Stephens, M. M. C. Jones, John Vinson, Jr.

MCCM 4, page 592. Will probated July 1, 1839.


105. JAMES YORK, "weak in body." Beloved wife MARGARET YORK her bed and furniture "that she had when we married", also one cow and 3 young cattle, one pork hog, 4 head of sheep, 10 bushels of wheat, 10 bushels of corn, one average stack of fodder. Rest of personalty to be sold and proceeds distributed to his children "after making my two youngest children equal with my daughters MARY and LORIET for which they had a horse and saddle a piece valued at eight five dollars, also a bed and furniture a piece valued at twenty five dollars." Exec William T. Parker. No execution date. Wits Howel H. Woodson, W. J. Burns.

428-430. Settlement report, July 2, 1841.
737. Settlement, guardian's report for minors Huldy G. and Daniel P. York, registered August 15, 1843.

MCCM 4, page 604. Will probated October 7, 1839.


106. SARAH GARLAND, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau SINTHA ANN negro woman Patience and her child Hannah, also a bureau, riding saddle. Dau ELIZA a bed and furniture. Dau SARAH JANE a bed and furniture. Dau SINTHA ANN a bed and furniture. Son JOHN GARLAND a bed and furniture. Residue of estate to son JOHN GARLAND. No exec named. Sept. 13, 1839. Wits John C. Rogers, Henry Robinson.

MCCM 4, page 604. Will probated October 7, 1839. John C. M. Garland was appointed executor of Sarah Garland's will.


106-107. ENOCH W. TERRY, Madison Co., Tenn. Hrs of dau MARY JONES, dec tract of land in Gibson Co., Tenn. on which WILLIAM JONES lived and all money in hands of William Johnson which he had given him for benefit of his hrs. Also to them a deed of gift from him to them, MILDRED and DAVID JONES and beloved dau LUCY JOHNSON a negro man Mills that William Jones had in his possession, and a negro man Viloth and girl Ellen. Hrs of sons ELBRIDGE C. TERRY, THOMAS JEFFERSON TERRY, MILTON TERRY a negro boy Charles which is now possessed by their mother in the state of Virginia and other property not willed to others. Son MILTON TERRY negroes Milly and


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Sam, a bed and furniture, cow and calf. Son ALEXANDER H. TERRY negroes Tom and Gabriel, a bed and furniture, cow and calf. Son DABNEY H. TERRY money collected for him in Virginia, a horse and saddle. Sons ENOCH W. and WILLIAM C. TERRY negroes Jack, Manuel, Matilda, Mary and her child, and the tract he lived on with the crop "gathered or growing" at the time of his death; wagon and gear, 4 horses, wheat saw, farming tools and kitchen furniture. ENOCH was to receive the part of land on which the house was located, and he was also to have his black bed and furniture, a cow, calf, cupboard, dining table, large walnut chest, small writing table. WILLIAM C. to have a large trunk, a bureau, table, bed and furniture, a cow and calf, shotgun, his "large family Bible" and a rifle gun. Execs Milton Terry, Alexander H. Terry, Enoch W. Terry. March 22, 1839. Wits B. G. Stewart, William Croom, James Tomlinson, William T. Godwin.

112-113. Inventory of Terry's perishable property, except what he had willed to specific individuals, November 2, 1839. Also sale of his personalty, November 2, 1839.

MCCM 4, page 604. Will probated October 7, 1839.


118-119. JAMES ELROD. Exec to sell his stock of "goods and merchandise to receive theref or Union Bank notes or par funds." Beloved wife house and lot he lived on and a child's part of his personalty and the rest divided equally among his children. Wife to retain his "slaves" and furniture for the benefit of his family. Real estate not to be divided until his oldest surviving child came of age or married. If wife remarried a division was to be made in land, her portion having the house and lot he lived on. Negro woman Fanny to be sold to pay debt due General William B. Miller; residue of money to William W. Woodfolk to invest for wife and family. His Union Bank stock to be sold. Exec Samuel Lancaster, friend. Sept. 20, 1839. Wits Milton Brown, Samuel McClanahan, James S. Lyon.

134-162. Settlement report, mostly debts due him, submitted by Samuel Lancaster, February 3, 1840.

MCCM 4, page 612. Will probated December 2, 1839.


121-123. BENJAMIN PERSON, Madison Co., Tenn. An equal distribution of his estate to his wife and children, each to the value of $1500. Had given in money and property to his son COLLIN PERSON to amount of $1500. Son BENJAMIN RUSH PERSON $2000 of which $1500 was in store in Jackson, Tenn. in the firm of Meachum, McRee and Person and $500 besides. He had invested $3000 in this firm at the time it was organized, his portion in the name of son BENJAMIN R. PERSON and he was to have $2000 of said stock with this son accounting for $1000 in settlement with the firm. Dau MARY ELIZABETH PETTUS $700 worth of property and she was to have $800 or a negro of that value, making her $1500 portion. Son WILLIAM ANDREW PERSON the negroes Big Cato and Peter, a bay mare and colt, bed and furniture, making his $1500 portion. Son THOMAS JEFFERSON PERSON negro boy Squire. WILLIAM SNIDER PERSON a bay horse Peter, his $1500 portion. Son GEORGE GRAHAM PERSON negroes Ned and boy Calvin. Son JAMES PRESSLEY PERSON negroes Little Cato, Little Jerry. Son SAMUEL PERSON negroes Edmund, Ephraim, Malinda, his $1500 portion. Beloved wife ANN PERSON negroes Cinder, Nancy, Joe, Jane, all beds and furniture and everything "I got by her when I married her," and her choice of livestock, large bed, bedstead and furniture. Loaned to her the plantation "whereon I am now living" for life or widowhood or when his youngest son SAMUEL reached age 21, when land was to be sold and proceeds divided among wife (if living) and children. "My negro fellow Jerry" also to wife. Execs Collin Person, Benjamin Person, sons. Nov. 28, 1836. Wits Wm. P. Dickson, Fleming Willis.

227-236. Inventory of personalty sold, sold January 29, 1840 and registered


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September 16, 1840.

334-337. Settlement report, February 6, 1841.
337. Notes, cash in estate, February 6, 1841.
545-546. Settlement report, March 23, 1842.

MCCM 4, page 622. Will probated January 6, 1840.


129-130. Report of grdn of minor hrs of RICHARD TOMLINSON, January 19, 1840.


131. Settlement of NATHANIEL PERRY's estate, Jan. 30, 1840.


166. WILLIAM ROBERTSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MARY ROBERTSON negro girl Ama and negro boy Jourdon, two featherbeds and furniture, two cows and calves, all household furniture and at her death son ELIJAH ROBERTSON to have Jourdon but if he died without lawful hrs Jourdon would go to his dau ELIZABETH BARNETT. Son JOHN ROBERTSON negroes Caty, March, Jesse and all of cattle, hogs at his wife's death. Dau DORCAS ALLEN negro girl Ama, a bed and furniture, a cow and calf at wife's death. If JOHN ROBERTSON left no "lawful heirs" at death the negro March was to go to dau DORCAS ALLEN. Dau ELIZABETH BARNETT to have negro Caty. Dau JANE TILGHMAN featherbed and furniture. Execs A. Allen, son-in-law and John Robertson. September __, 1836. Wits W. H. Hughlett, P. M. Hughlett.

MCCM 4, page 633. Will probated March 2, 1840.


173. Burwell Butler's grdn settlement for ward, JAMES F. HARDGRAVES. February 8, 1840.


191-192. LEWIS GRIFFIN, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife ELIZABETH GRIFFIN the 140 acre tract he lived on, a gray mare, a bay mare 2 yrs old, one yoke of working oxen, livestock and furniture, farming tools except for a bed and furniture to his granddau PATSEY GRIFFIN "who now lives with me", provided she continued to live with her grandmother until her death unless she married in which case a bed and furniture would be hers. Son LEWIS GRIFFIN to take care of "my wife, his mother" and to have what he had willed to her, unless "any of the rest of my children" would take and support her and they would receive her property. No exec named. Sept. 15, 1834. Wits Isham V. Harris, William L. Bonner.

MCCM 4, page 652. Will probated April 6, 1840.


192-193. BARTHOLOMEW G. STEWART, Madison Co., Tenn. Property to be divided among wife and children as though there had "been no will made; " with exception of the advances he had made to his children which were to be deducted from their portions of his estate. The sorrel mare he had given FRANCES not to be deducted from her portion. HENRY T. STEWART have all his land north of a branch. "I will my compass and chain to B. G. STEWART, JR. extra" of his portion. No exec date. Wits Augustus P. Lipscomb, James Tomlinson, J. M. Hanna, Irvin Stone. "Extra Concern" HENRY T. STEWART to be charged with $250 and tract of land he (B. G. Stewart, Sr.) lived on could be sold to purchase other land. Wyett Mooring and such of his sons who wanted to do so, serve as execs of will. January 29, 1840.

259-261. Sale of personalty, September 4, 1840.
261-262. Notes and accounts, June 1, 1840.
328-329. Sale of personalty and hire of negroes, January 7, 1840.
661-664. Claims and settlement report, registered January 27, 1843.

MCCX 4, page 660. Will probated May 4, 1840.


205-206. DAVID WRENN, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MARY WRENN all his


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property and at her death his grandson DAVID JACKSON GARRETT to have the plantation "I now live on the east side of Meridian Creek together with two or three acres lying on the west side of sd. creek & east of Haltom line" also the Chandler tract. Dau SALLY SIMPSON $500. ELIZABETH WRENN $500. Grandson MATTHEW ROBISON $300. Grandson AUREL GARRETT $10. Granddau SUSAN BUTLER $5. Balance of property to ANNA GARRETT, SALLY SIMPSON, BETSEY BECHESON, PEGGY ROBISON. Grandson DAVID J. GARRETT negro man George. After wife's death negroes Reddick, Bery, Mick, Peter, and old Raney to be sold and proceeds used to pay the legacies he had made. Execs Alfred D. Garrett, David J. Garrett. Signed with an "x" mark. Dec. 11, 1839. Wits James McKnight, William Reeves (x mark).

206. Inventory of 6 negroes. 1840.
400-401. Schedule of Wrenn's property, registered May 23, 1831 and receipts by hrs for slaves. April 26, 27, 1841.

MCCM 4, page 676. Will probated July 6, 1840.


214-219. SAMUEL DICKINS, Hazlewood, Tennessee. Beloved wife FANNY DICKINS as long as she lived on it, the tract of land known as Hazlewood, about 2000 acres, including services of an overseer; also to her all the slaves he had received in his marriage with her; also his carriage and 4 carriage horses, livestock, furniture; half of his growing crop at time of his death. Dau MARTHA L. BUGG 30 shares in Union Bank of Tennessee and 30 shares in the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Memphis. JOHN D. MARTIN, ANDREW L. MARTIN, EDMOND H. V. DICKINS in trust for his dau ELIZABETH B BELOAT and her children his 40 shares in the Planters Bank of Tennessee and other bank stock and lands in Indiana. Son EDMOND H. V. DICKINS several slaves. Dau MARY JANE 641 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 11, Ranges 5-6, Section 9 and slaves to the value of $3800. Dau ANN V. MARTIN slaves to the value of $900. Dau SALLY MARTIN slaves to the value of $700. Son THOMAS slaves to the value of $700. Son SAMUEL B. slaves to value of $550. Son EDMOND H. V. slaves to the value of $575 in addition to his other legacy. All other slaves were to be divided equally among his 7 children THOMAS DICKINS, ROBERT F. DICKINS, SAMUEL B. DICKINS, EDMOND H. V. DICKINS, ANN V. MARTIN, SALLY MARTIN and MARY JANE DICKINS. Children to be charged for following amounts for land they had already received: Thomas, $2250; Robert F, $8000; Samuel, $8000; Edmond H. V., $4500; Martha L. Bugg, $2400; Ann V. Martin, $3560; Sally Martin, $2210; Mary Jane Dickins, $2240. Appointed the Hon. John Reed /Read/, Col. Joseph H. Talbot, Major Joseph Chatman, Jackson, Tenn. to make division in his estate in keeping with stipulations in his will, "the said commissioners shall be allowed a reasonable compensation" for their services. "I request that my family graveyard at Hazlewood be enclosed by a brick wall made of the best brick (forthwith)" and when Hazlewood was sold this 1/4 acre graveyard would not be sold with it. Wife FANNY to have all sums from her brother HORACE H. BURTON and 1/2 of sale of Montpelier and $100 besides; also the "yellow" servant Rachel and Hannah. A codicil made some realignments of bequests. January 14, 1839.

MCCM 4, page 682. Will probated August 3, 1840.

Will Book 3, 220-221. Account of property already given to Dickins' children.
222-226. Inventory of Dickins' personalty, Sept. 1840.
290. Agreement of hrs as to the portions they had been allotted. April 19, 1841.
304. Supplemental inventory. Dec. 15, 1840.
389-390. Settlement report, April 19, 1841.


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226. WILIE HARRIS. Beloved wife ELIZABETH all his property as long as she lived, then same went to hrs of dau SARAH, dec $1 each; hrs of son DUKE HULLUM, dec $1 each; hrs of son JAMES, dec $1 each; hrs of dau MARANDA, dec $1 each. Rest of estate divided equally among his living children "only that my son WILLIAM to have one hundred dollars more than the rest for his former good treatment to me. "Execs John Shaw, William Harris, son. August 24, 1840. Wits John person, John Shaw.

271. WILLIE HARRIS Inventory registered Oct. 9, 1840, with note of ELIZABETH HARRIS that "after thinking the matter over I have come to the conclusion that I will keep all the property in my own hands freely as long as I live or till time get better to dispose of property if it ever comes." Dated Sept. 30, 1840.

MCCM 4, page 688. Will probated September 7, 1842 as the will of WILEY Harris.


226-227. ANN BARNETT, Henderson Co., Tenn. Loaned to dau ELIZABETH G. MEACHAM twelve negroes and if she died before her husband, WILLIAM A. MEACHAM, he was to keep and manage them; also all the property that "I now have a deed of trust /mortgage/ on land which is recorded in the town of Lexington." After the Meachams' deaths estate would go to their children "share and share alike." All balance of property to her children NANCY PRICE, THOMAS BARNETT, ANN PERSON, SARAH ELMS, ELIZABETH G. MEACHAM. Execs Benjamin Person, William A. Meacham. October 6, 1837. Wits A. G. Barnett, James M. McRee.

339. Sale of Barnett's personalty, registered March 8, 1841.

MCCM 4, page 691. Will probated September 8, 1840.


242-250. Settlement of /Dr./ JOHN F. WARD's estate; a long, detailed account, registered Sept. 27, 1840.
250. Receipt from JAMES WADDELL for negroes due his wife from Ward's estate. 1840.


370-371. JOHN JOHNSTON, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife, TEMPY J. JOHNSTON 1/4 of his personal estate, including one bedstead and furniture. Remaining 3/4s to his brother JAMES JOHNSTON in trust for his three children JAMES, ANN, LYDIA, equally as they came of age. The land "where I now live", purchased from Jos. Alston but no final agreement had been made between them for purchase price. Brother JAMES JOHNSTON was to settle with Alston for this property. Exec James Johnston, brother. August 11, 1840. Wits Alex A. Campbell, J. B. Tyson.

298. Personal property of John Johnston, Dec. 3, 1840.
669-670. Settlement report registered Feb. 8, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 2. Will probated October 5, 1840.


273. Year's support set aside for CATHARINE, widow of JOHN McCLELLAN. Sept. 24, 1840.
273-279. Inventory of John McClellan's property sold at his residence Sept. 24, 1840. Proceeds $1004.62.
642-646. Monies received in McClellan's estate, $2786.51, registered Dec. 31, 1842.
646. Receipt of Radford Withers for property as hr of John McClellan, Dec. 6, 1842.
646-647. Same for Bennet S. McClellan, Dec. 26, 1842.
647. Same for James D. McClellan, Dec. 26, 1842.
647. Same for John Q. A. McClellan, Dec. 6, 1842.
647-648. Same for James D. McClellan, Dec. 6, 1842.
648. Same for Albert G. McClellan, Dec. 6, 1842.
655-656. Same for Samuel C. McClellan, Jan. 17, 1843.


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656. Same for R. N. McClellan, by grdn S. C. McClellan, Jan. 17, 1843.
656-657. Same for Benjamin Hayley, December 6, 1842.


291-292. DANIEL A. MOORE, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife FRANCES MOORE have "balance of my estate during her life or widowhood" and at her death or remarriage a division was to be made among his hrs of 77 acre tract. Also wife to have two negroes Silvy and her dau Pandora. Execs Isaac Short, Andrew Stewart, Nelson Childress, A. B. Christian. October 6, 1840. Wits Joel Bugg, W. B. Swigart, A. L. Woods, John Bradberry.

293-295. Inventory of property, December 3, 1840.
329-330. Sale of Moore's property, January 16, 1841.
660-661. Settlement report registered Jan. 22, 1843.
734. Receipt of Frances Moore for share of D. A. Moore's estate. Jan. 26, 1843.
738. Report of Effects registered August 15, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 11. Will probated December 7, 1840.


292-293. ELIZABETH RANDOLPH, Madison Co., Tenn. Brother JAMES RANDOLPH all her property including negroes Jelina, Wily, Ned, Ivey, Josephus and her interest in her brother G. W. RANDOLPH's estate and the estate of her mother. No exec named. May 16, 1839. Wits M. Midyett, C. Midyett.

304. Inventory of estate, December 11, 1840.

MCCM 5, page 11. Will probated December 7, 1840.


302-303. JOHN WHARTON. Dear wife SARAH house and plantation "on which I now reside" and 5 negroes. Son SION G. WHARTON to take charge of plantation, 548 acres, excluding 63 3/4 acres taken from said tract, rendering assistance to his "aged mother" and at her death, he would inherit this property. Son SAMUEL tract he lived on, 310 acres, several negroes and livestock and some of the fruit of his orchard for 6 years. Son JAMES C. two negroes, $600 exclusive of notes due from him and an occupant claim for 47 acres. Dau MARTHA W. LOVE $600 exclusive of notes due him from J. W. LOVE which he cancelled; also two negroes. $50 to the Denmark Church /didn't specify denomination/. No exec named. December 11, 1840. Wits P. Transou, Thomas J. Kirkpatrick.

MCCM 5, page 19. Will probated January 4, 1841.


309-314. Settlement of THOMAS HENDERSON submitted by C. Henderson registered January 4, 1840.


316-318. Settlement of Ezekial B. McCoy's estate, December 4, 1840.


318-321. Inventory of sale of EDMUND JONES registered Feb. 4, 1841 and settlement report, January 4, 1841.


321-323. JOHN BARNETT, Madison Co., Tenn. Appointed Rev. REUBEN BURROW, Sr. and JOSEPH UPTON his execs and to them $200 for endowment of the Cumberland Presbyterian College located at Princeton, Caldwell Co., Ky. $100 at his death and $100 at death of his wife. Dearly beloved wife POLLY BARNETT farming tools, livestock and several negroes. What she didn't want of livestock and farming tools to be sold. Eady, servant, to serve for 6 yrs more after his death. JOHN HARMON son of nephew ISREAL HARMON his servant Joe at death of his wife. SARAH McCORD, consort of ALEN H. McCORD negro Dolly and MARGARET McCORD, her dau, to have Dolly's first child. Negroes Sambo, Pompey, Morning to be sold and proceeds divided: JOSEPH D. BARNETT, brother $200; JOSIAH HARMON $200; GEORGE HARMON $100 with a stallion horse; THOMAS HARMON $200; WILLIAM, son of JOSEPH EVANS $50 for his education; JOHN B. McCORD son of ALEN H. McCORD $50. BENJAMIN ROBERTSON $50 and a bed and furniture. BRADLEY BOOKER $135 with $65


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Booker owed him; $50 for the purpose of building a "house of worship" at Medon, Tennessee for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. $50 for the education of JESSE HARMON's children. December 15, 1840. Wits Peter C. Moore, James Boon, Alen H. McCord.

362-363. Sale of Colonel John Barnett's horses, cattle and hogs, Feb. 20, 1841.
724-725. Sales notes, cash notes in estate, registered June 7, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 25. Will probated February l, 1841. Rev. Reuben Burrow qualified as executor of will, February 2, 1841.


523-524. Settlement with grdn of MARY ANN, REBECCA, WILLIAM B., FRANCIS B. and MARTHA C. BAUGH, registered February 6, 1841. Also, receipt from W. B. Baugh showing he had received his share of hire of negroes. Feb. 8, 1841.


339-340. JOSHUA WEAVER, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife ELIZABETH 100 acres on which the dwelling house and other improvements were located and negroes Solomon, Isabel and livestock, furniture. Son ABRA /Abraham?/ WEAVER negro boy Ralph and $250. SOPHRONIA WEAVER, NANCY WEAVER, MARTHA WEAVER, MARY WEAVER, children of his dec son WILLIAM WEAVER proceeds of a bond he held against his son JAMES WEAVER, $850. ELIZABETH E. EAST, also a child of WILLIAM WEAVER, dec $1; and a son of same, WINGFIELD S. WEAVER $1. Son ASA WEAVER 4 acres and $250. Dau LUCY POLLAN 100 acres. Dau MARY SMITH negro boy Stephen and $250. Son JOSHUA WEAVER 95 acres. Dau MARTHA negro Chana and $100. Son JOHN WEAVER negro man Dick. Son JAMES negro man Ben. Dau CATHARINE negro Sarah and 40 acres of land on which she and her husband, MILTON JOHNSON then lived. Execs Chastain Brocket, James V. Haskins, friends. February 12, 1841. Wits William Nichols, Jonas Mayo, N. Powell, J. Hill, Allen Hale.

394-396. Inventory and sale of property, registered May 17, 1841.
671. Settlement report, February 8, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 34. Will probated March 1, 1841.


341-342. BALAM NEWSOM, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife BETSEY NEWSOM tract of land "whereon I now reside", furniture, livestock and negro girl Dolly. Sons LEMUEL NEWSOM, JAMES NEWSOM equal part of this home tract at death of his wife. James to have part with dwelling on it with farming tools and furniture on the place. Dau POLLY LUSTER negro Eliza and at her death to his grandchildren. THOMAS HUDSON WILLIAMS son of said Polly. HIRAM ANDERSON $1. BETSEY LUSTER and POLLY DUNCAN each $20. Son JAMES to have his pick of three of my best cows and calves out of my stock, " a cupboard, sugar chest at his mother's death and if he lived with her until her death. Residue of estate after wife's death to children: SOLOMON, ROBERT, WILLIAM, LEMUEL, BALAM, JAMES NEWSOM, each one share and children of his dec dau RHODA REEVES one share (BETSY, WILLIAM BALAM, LUCINDA, JOHN REEVES). Daus LUCY SANFORD and JANE GARLAND each a share. Exec Balam Newsom, son. July 161840. Wits C. A. Hill, John Dearmore.

MCCM 5, page 13. Will presented for probate Dec. 7, 1840 but it was objected to by James Newsom and referred to circuit court. IBID., page 33, shows that James Newsom had withdrawn his objection and will admitted to probate February 2, 1841.


343-345. COLIN AULD, Alexandria, District of Columbia. All his property to be sold and proceeds divided into 4 parts: brothers, DAVID AULD, HUGH AULD each a share; DAVID AULD son of his dec brother, THOMAS a share; children of his dec friend, JOHN RAMSEY a share and releases a debt due him from their father. Cancelled a claim he had upon Second Presbyterian Church in Alexandria. Exec Frederick Foote, Richard H. Clagett, William Page, friends. May


(Page 32)

14, 1832. Wits John Harper, Robt. N. Windfor, P. H. Hoof. Codicil, March 14, 1840. Whereas the firm of Clagett and Page were indebted to him he cancelled this debt. As negroes Robert Bruce, Harriett Bruce, William Bruce, George Bruce, children of Daniel and Hannah Bruce were bound "to serve me" until they were of certain ages, he "now" released them from service. Wits Edm. J. Lee, John D. Harrison, P. H. Hooff.

MCCM 5, page 37. Court ordered Auld's will recorded in Madison Co., March 1, 1841.


368. Settlement of THOMAS BONNER's estate, registered March 26, 1841.


381-382. JAMES CALDWELL, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved /wife/ REBECCA CALDWELL the land and plantation he lived on and at her death it reverted to JAMES C. ANDERSON; also several negroes, livestock, furniture. JAMES C. ANDERSON "negro slaves." JAMES AUBRY $300. Execs Rebecca Caldwell, wife, James C. Anderson. March 28, 1836. Wits James W. Stevens, Henry Shuford. Codicil, May 28, 1836. To children of JAMES ANDERSON several negroes. REBECCA BEDFORD ANDERSON negro girl Caroline. SARAH ELIZABETH ANDERSON negro Martha. JAMES C. ANDERSON, Jr. negro boy Sam. GABRIEL GARLAND ANDERSON negro boy Henry. These negroes to remain with his wife until the Andersons came of age or married in which event they were to take possession as per will. Wit Henry Shuford.

465. Settlement report, October 8, 1841.

MCCM 5, page 41. Will probated April 5, 1841.


393-394. Settlement of NANCY DAVIDSON by exec William Evans, April 19, 1841.


404. ANN SUMMERS, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved dau MARGARET WATSON $30. Children of JAMES SUMMERS, dec.: ELIZA ANN $1; MARY JANE $1; ARCHIBALD $1. Beloved son ARCHIBALD SUMMERS $1. Beloved son WILLIAM SUMMERS $1. Children of her beloved dau JANE W. RAGSDALE, dec.: JAMES L. $1; JOSHUA $1. Beloved dau FRANCES J. SUMMERS residue of estate. Exec Archibald Summers. Feb. 28, 1841. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Henry Stevens, Jorden Doss.

MCCM 5, page 50. Will probated June 7, 1841.


441-442. DANIEL BOVE, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife FANER all his land, two beds and furniture, farming tools, livestock and after her death to his children GEORGE DOVE, MALINDA SWINK, MANDY BELL and WILLIAM K. DOVE and land to son WILLIAM K. DOVE. To wife and children what he had coming from his father's estate in North Carolina. Exec Aaron Sison, friend. April 9, 1839. Wits Henry Butler, Eli Anderson.

MCCM 5, page 59. Will probated August 2, 1841.


468-470. MERLEN YOUNG, Madison Co., Tenn. Son BENJAMIN FRANKLIN YOUNG $350 and negro Ned. WILLIAM S. YOUNG, ANN WATSON and ELIZABETH YOUNG, children of son MELTON YOUNG $190 and negro Sam. Son SANDY K. YOUNG negro man Love. Dau SUSAN FRAME negro woman Catharine. Dau PHOBE McMAHAN negro woman Eliza. Dau MAHULDA PARKER negro woman Jemima and boy Peter. Dau ELIZABETH MARSH negro girl Margaret. Each of his daus a featherbed. Residue of estate to be sold and proceeds to hrs. Execs William B. Boyd, Benjamin F. Young, son. September 7, 1841. Wits J. B. Faucett, David Caldwell.

483-485. Sale of personalty October 22, 23, 1841.

MCCM 5, page 65. Will probated October 4, 1841.


478-482. ATLAS JONES, Madison Co., TennWife REBECCA 1/2 of land and plantation "whereon I now reside" including the "mansion house and all the other


(Page 33)

buildings and outhouses for her life and at her death to SAMUEL LANCASTER and JAMES D. McCLELLAN, CALVIN JONES, MONTEZUMA JONES in trust for his dau-in-law CATHARINE JONES, separate from her husband, TIMOTHY P. JONES, for their joint lives and then to their children. Also "servants." Wife 1/2 of his "servants" and negro woman Lucinda and her child Orleans; livestock, furniture, all grain, wheat on hand at his death. Granddau REBECCA ANN FENNER negro girl Mary. Granddau OCTAVIA JONES negro girl Martha. Grandson JOHN SOBRIESKI FENNER negro boy Frank, son of Rose. Had already given negro Nelly to REBECCA ANN dau of Dr. ROBERT FENNER. Dau ANN FENNER negroes. House and lot in Raleigh, N.C. to nephew ATLAS ROGERS of Fayette Co., Tenn. after the death of Fanny Porter. Execs Samuel Lancaster, James D. McClellan, Calvin Jones, Montezuma Jones, Hardeman Co., Tenn. September 24, 1841. Wits A. Guthrie, John L. Brown.

MCCM 5, page 75. Will probated December 6, 1841.


487-488. Nuncupative Will. ROBERT M. COMPTON. Major James Freeman, Thomas C. Winchester, George Cromwell testified that Compton had delivered his will to them verbally. He wanted all his "hands" /workers/ kept together and business "kept up" for benefit of his family. CAROLINE "to go to Salem, N.C. and complete her education." ROBERT to be educated "for a lawyer"; DAVID to be educated "for a doctor." Witnessed August /1841/.

MCCM 5, page 83. Will probated January 3, 1842.


521-527. James S. Lyon, Mathias Deberry, executorS of MATHIAS DEBERRY made a report of sale of property registered February 25, 1842.


533-534. PHILIP WARLICK, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife NANCY his entire estate for her benefit and his children's benefit. If she remarried, she would have an equal portion with his children. Real estate was to be divided equally among his children. Exec Mary Warlick, wife; David Warlick, brother. June 17, 1841. Wits Ab Deberry, Jos. Deberry.

548-549. Inventory of personalty and accounts registered May 14, 1842.

MCCM 5, page 103. Will probated March 7, 1842.


540. Settlement Report of SARAH, exec of ANDREW CARODINE. March 30, 1842.


542-543. THOMAS BURRUS, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife SUSANNAH all his estate; if she remarried, she would retain negro Wiley and negro woman Sindy and her child Winny; two beds and furniture, bureau, one set of chairs. At death of wife, property to be divided equally among his six children: EMILY MANDEVILL BROOKS, JAMES A. BURRUS, MARTHA J. BURRUS, JOHN BURRUS, STEPHEN J. R. BURRUS; SWANNY BURRUS with exception of lands that he had given to sons JOHN, STEPHEN J. R., SWANNY and MARTHA J. BURRUS. The negro Ann already in possession of EMILY BROOKS to be charged against her in division of estate to the amount of $400; also $400 loaned to JOSEPH W. BROOKS and $135 loaned to son JAMES A. BURRUS. Execs Susannah Burrus, wife; John B. BURRUS, son. February 6, 1842. Wits Wm. R. Mclver, Wm. Smith, John Irvin.

543-544. Inventory of estate, March 29, 1842.

MCCM 5, page 108. Will probated April 4, 1842.


547. BARNABAS NOWELL "afflicted with disease & conscious that I may be soon called home" made his will. Wife NANCY entire estate and in the event of her death property would go equally to his children. No exec named. Jan. 8, 1842. Wit F. R. Ragland.

547-548. Sale of personalty registered May 14, 1842.
725-726. Personal estate registered June 14, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 108. Will probated April 4, 1842.


(Page 34)

618-619. Settlement Report, estate of THOMAS HENDERSON by C. Henderson, executor, August 13, 1842.


620-621. JOHN LYNCH, Madison Co., Tenn. Exec may sell property to pay debts and distribute residue among his children after paying son CHRISTOPHER $300 which he had loaned his father about 16 yrs before. Dau ELIZA D. McNEILL's son, MALCOLM to receive the portion which she would have had "if she was alive." Any portion heretofore given to his children was to be taken into account in dividing estate. Exec Christopher Lynch, Anselm Lynch. October 24, 1842. No wits.

MCCM 5, page 149. Will probated August 1, 1842.


624-625. Settlement Report, Winifred Brewer's estate registered Oct. 5, 1842.


626. JOHN H. ROGERS "on account of the unbounded confidence that I have in my beloved wife ELIZABETH W. ROGERS" he gave to her for benefit of herself and his children all balance of property and she to be sole executrix. June 5, 1840. Wits Ab Deberry, James White. Signed with an "x" mark.

651-652. Grdn report for RACHEL C. WHITE; James H. Rogers had been her grdn, registered January 11, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 156. Will probated October 4, 1842; further admitted to probate, November 8, 1842.


626. ANN WEIR "being sensible that the time of my departure from time is not far distant and wishing to depart in peace and leave all behind in peace" made her will. Son HUGH all household furniture. Exec William B. Morrow, friend and neighbor. Signed with an "x" mark. August 1, 1842. Wits Wm. B. Morrow, David D. Weir.

MCCM 5, page 158. Will probated October 13, 1842.


627. WILLIAM COPHER. Beloved wife REBECCA all property except a three year old bay which he had given to his son WILLIAM "to make him equal" with ROBERT and JOHN. Wife to keep family together and each child when came of age to receive a "common beast as near equal to the three older boys as possible." Son ROBERT "to live on the place whereon he now lives" free of charge as long as testator's wife was living. At her death property was to be equally divided among his children. Exec Isham V. Harris. October 26, 1842. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Ben P. Ballard, Jesse Shaw.

MCCM 5, page 158. Will probated October 3, 1842.


636-637. WILSON B. WEBSTER, Madison Co., Tenn. Agent James Porter to sell land in Gibson Co. to pay debts. After payment of debts rest of estate to beloved wife for life; she to give "my two little children" MARGARET and SILAS G. WEBSTER "a liberal education" and also his little grandson QUENTON H. TROTMAN. After wife's death estate would remain in "joint stock" until his youngest son reached age 21 or when his wife remarried when division of estate would be made, equally among his children, including the grandson already mentioned. Exec John D. Grant. April 29, 1841. Wits Theo Sanders, J. C. Stewart.

706-708. Personalty inventory registered March 15, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 164. Will probated December 5, 1842.


637. RACHEL C. WHITE. William L. Flowers and wife Mary Ann to have negroes Charles and Caroline and all interest in two tracts of land in Madison County, the one "where my mother resides"; the other adjoining lands of the late Philip Warlick. Sister EUNICE B. HUGHLETT a negro woman Hannah.


(Page 35)

No exec named. November 11, 1842. Wits Thos. W. Gamewell, Jas. L. Talbot. Codicil. William L. Flowers to serve as executor.

MCCM 5, page 160. Will probated December 5, 1842.


641-642. Notes, accounts, Estate of Colonel Atlas Jones, December 5, 1842.


676. JONAS SYKES, Madison Co., Tenn. Dau NANCY PUGH "my girl" Rener and her son Dock. Grandson MONROE SYKES when he came of age "my boy Dick." Grandson DARIUS SYKES "my boy Gabe and girl Jane" when he came of age, and his horse Middly and his saddle. Granddau AMANDA SYKES "my boy Jack." Grandson CYRUS SYKES "my boy Tom," a chest and shotgun and his young horse Doctor when he came of age. Dau ELIZA SYKES and family to live on farm until her youngest child, CYRUS, came of age then farm to his grandchildren MONROE, MARTHA, DARIUS, AMANDA, CYRUS SYKES. "My boy Henry" to be sold by execs for proceeds for use of his family unless they saw fit to give him to his grandson CYRUS when he came of age. Execs John Barnett, Wm. B. Morrow, trusty friends. December 8, 1842. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Robt. Rogers, James Weir (x mark).

701-702. Personalty inventory registered March 9, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 180. Will probably February 6, 1843.


676-677. HENRY KING, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. Grandson WILLIAM J. KING land "whereon I live", 88 acres in Surveyor's District 10, Range 2, Section 10; also a negro Easter about 10 yrs old; also a clock. Residue of property to be sold to pay his debts and proceeds distributed among his "lawful heirs." Exec William J. King, grandson. July 22, 1841. Wits John K. Blaydes, James S. Blaydes.

708. "List of Estate" registered May 16, 1843.
717-718. Personal Property registered April 20, 1843.

MCCM 5, page 179. Will probated February 6, 1843.


700-701. WILLIAM G. HALTOM. Wanted his father, THOMAS HALTOM "to settle my business" and to sell farming tools and property that his wife could "spare" and to her the land his father had promised to give him, to her for life or widowhood. January 27, 1843. Wits G. R. Scott, E. F. Johnson.

MCCM 5, page 185. Will probated March 6, 1843.


715-716. JANE JONES, Madison Co., Tenn. Children of dau AGNES W. CLARK, Jackson, after her death negroes Kelly, Manuel but to be Agnes' for life and to this dau all the rest of her estate and she to be sole executrix. January 4, 1843. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits John Read, William Alexander.

MCCM 5, page 192. Will probated April 5, 1843.


716-717. Guardian's Report for minor hrs of WILLIAM DENT, dec. registered April 20, 1843.


725. NANCY THOMPSON. Beloved sister SARAH THOMPSON her interest in negro Mahaly and personalty. Dr. William F. Still to be paid "for his attendance on me." Exec Thomas Thompson, brother. January 18, 1843. Wits Thomas Lacey, Sr., John W. Cole, Jane Thompson.

MCCM 5, page 194. Will probated June 5, 1843.


738-743. Debts due estate of Captain John Lynch registered August 15, 1843. Also, list of perishable property.


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