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6-7. THOMAS LOFTIN, Madison Co., Tenn. Love and affection for his dear children WILLIAM B. LOFTIN, ARTHUR W. LOFTIN, MARTHA ANN WHITFIELD, each $500. Son GEORGE B. LOFTIN $1, "his misconduct having deprived me of a considerable amount I deem it justice to dock his legacy." Five hrs of dau SUSANNAH HARDGROVES $5 equally among them. "I gave her her portion when she married." Beloved wife CATHARINE W. LOFTIN rest of estate for live or widowhood. Should she remarry property would be divided among her and her bodily hrs, she receiving an equal portion with the others. Exec Catharine W. Loftin, William Evans. August 1, 1834. Wits Henry Lake, Virgil A. Stewart, John Sanford, Hazael Hewett.

MCCM 4, page 298. Will probated August 10, 1835.


19-20. LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. Willed his soul to God "hoping that at the morn of the resurrection it may find favor under the hovering wing of the blessed Redeemer." Wife, JANE WILLIAMS all his lands and growing crops, farming tools, livestock, and at her death whatever land was left was to be divided equally among "all my children." Exec Jane Williams, wife. August 23, 1834. Wits H. S. Parker, Joseph Hudson, John H. Freeling.

MCCM 4, page 267. Will probated August 3, 1835.


20-21. RYLAND CHANDLER, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife RUTH CHANDLER 60 acres deeded by Samuel Dickins with houses and plantation on said tract, a negro man, Sancho; negro woman Patience; livestock, furniture. At her death the estate was to be divided equally among his "hrs", GABRIEL CHANDLER, PETTIS CHANDLER, PARKS CHANDLER, MARY STARNES, ELIZABETH STARNES, PRISCILLA YOUNG, ELI CHANDLER, IVEY CHANDLER, RHODA BROWN, MARY ARRIMINTA URALIM (?) REAVES, the last being dau of his dec dau REBECCA REAVES; also hrs of his dec dau MARIA SULLIVAN. Execs Ruth, Chandler, wife and Gabriel Chandler, son. May 14, 1835. Wits James Caldwell, Joshua Anderson.

78-79. Inventory of Chandler's property by Roderick Mclver, August 22, 1835. Submitted to county court, November 1835.

MCCM 4, page 267. Will probated August 3, 1835.


22. Repetition of the will of THOMAS LOFTIN found on pages 6-7.


23. HEZEKIAH WOODWARD, Madison Co., Tenn., in a "low state of health." All his estate was to go to his children. Adult dau ELIZABETH MARTIN $50 and her "first children" she had with GILES BOWERS $150, held in trust for them by Thomas F. Woodward. Oldest son's hrs, WILLIAM WOODWARD's daughter, ELIZABETH RAIBOURN $l00. Second son, FRANCIS WOODWARD $10. Second dau NANCY DOOTY's hrs $500. Third dau DELILAH LAWRENCE $150. Fourth dau WINIFORD CALHOON $500. Third son HEZEKIAH WOODWARD $5. Fourth son, THOMAS F. WOODWARD "my black boy Sam." Balance of estate divided equally among his hrs. Exec T. F. Woodward, son. March 10, 1834. Wits E. H. Nixon, Samuel Leston (x mark).

57. Inventory of Woodward's property, 1836.
377. Settlement report of Woodward's estate, Nov. 9, 1838.

MCCM 4, page 306. Will probated November 2, 1835.


29-30. WILLIAM BAUGH, Louisa Co., Virginia. Left estate to wife but if she remarried his property was to be divided equally among his children. Exec ARCHIBALD B. BAUGH. November 1, 1825. Will was probated in Louisa Co., Va.


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on November 15, 1825. No wits. Sworn copy, Louisa Co., Va. dated August 31, 1835. Will recorded in Madison Co., Tenn. November 1835.


66. Inquisition taken by Colonel Joseph Talbot, December 24, 1835 before John B. Cross, Madison County, Tenn. Coroner, "upon the view of the body of SPENCER a slave then and there lying dead." Ruling by jurors that "the said SPENCER came to his death, do say upon their oaths that the said SPENCER came to his death by voluntarily tying a rope around his neck and suspending himself to a [unreadablwe word] in the stable not having the fear of God before his eyes but moved and instigated by the devil on the night of the 23rd Decr. 1835."


79. MOSES ROBESON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife MARY ROBERSON 150 acres, including the farm he lived on and all personal property and at her death "allow" the land to be used for support of his dau EALY CATHEY ROBISON and dau MATTHEY /Marthy?/ L. ROBINSON for life then divided among his surviving daus. Balance of estate left to his sons BENJAMIN, MOSES and WILLIAM. Exec Moses T. Roberson, son. September 23, 1831. No wits but William Erwin and John A. Kendle swore to his handwriting as that of MOSES ROBESON.

140-141. Division of Robeson's land, July 25, 1836.

MCCM 4, page 269. Will was probated August 3, 1835.


79-80. THOMAS NELSON, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife CHARLOTTE NELSON for life or widowhood negro Pations /Patience?/, and other negroes George, Tabith, Sage and then to his beloved son, CHARLES F. NELSON. Beloved dau SARAH R. NELSON negro boy Lews. Beloved son JOHN H. NELSON negro boy Ben. Beloved son LEOMER B. NELSON negro boy Lee. Beloved dau NANCY NELSON $10. Little grandson JOHN F. WILKISON $5. Wife one mare, farming tools and "household stuff." Exec John H. Nelson, son. January 30, 1835.

MCCM 4, page 339. Will was probated February 2, 1836.

80-81. Perishable property of Nelson's listed, Jan. 30, 1836.
81-82. Sale of Nelson's property, May 3, 1836.
83. Circuit Court of Madison Co. decreed his will to be valid, April 1836.
Will Book 2, 321. Settlement report on his estate, August 4, 1838.


131-132. ANDREW CARODINE, Madison Co., Tenn. Son JAMES CARODINE a sorrel filly, Molly aged 2 yrs. Beloved wife SARAH CARODINE all his property and she to be sole executrix. March 28, 1836. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits A. H. Herron John H. Hicks, Seth Parker.

MCCM 4, page 429. Will was probated July 5, 1836.


132-133. THOMAS HENDERSON, Madison Co., Tenn. "but being on the verge of removing to a more southern & perhaps more sickly climate" executed his will "having at present but little or nothing to bequeath but the prospect (through the lenity of my creditors) of saving something." Whatever he had to raise and educate his "small children." Anything left to be divided among his children equally. Exec John G. Chalmers, friend and Calvin Henderson. June 6, 1835. Wits John Houston, David Brandon.

MCCM 4, page 431. Will was probated August 1, 1836.


142-143. ELIJAH H. SMITH, Madison Co., Tenn. All his property to be divided equally between his beloved wife NANCY C. SMITH and son WILLIAM CALVIN SMITH and dau MARY ELIZABETH SMITH, each a 1/3 part. At wife's death the portion she brought to their marriage was to be divided among his relations and her relations. Exec Joseph W. Chalmers. August 1, 1836. Wits Elisha Lankford, John Autry, Thomas Rollins.

MCCM 4, page 437. Will was probated September 5, 1836.


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143. BENJAMIN TURNER, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved wife SARAH TURNER and two little children MARY JANE and JOHN B. TURNER all his household, kitchen furniture; perishable property sold except what his family would need for support. Exec John Johnson, father-in-law. August 3, 1836. Signed with an "x" mark. Wits Claiborn Chism, William W. Atwood.

143. List of property of Turner including 80 acres of land, October 3, 1836.
209-210. Sale of Turner's property, October 22, 1836.

MCCM 4, page 441. Will was probated October 3, 1836.


146. JOSEPH J. DeGRAFFENREED, Dyer Co., Tenn. Wife MARTHA ANN entire estate during her life or widowhood and if she remarried property was to go to SPAREL HALE, Dyer Co., Tenn. in trust for his niece MARTHA ANN HALE. Execs his wife and Clement R. Jamerson. March 17, 1832. Wits David Parrish, Clement R. Jamerson, Joseph Wyett, James Smith.

MCCM 4, page 339. Will was probated February 3, 1836.


208. WILLIAM WRENN, Madison Co., Tenn. BelOved wife ELIZABETH WRENN his livestock, farming tools, furniture and 15 negroes Francis, Lucy, Mahaly, Rendy, Wilson, Rob, Gran, carter, wesley, jane, Bird, hardeman, mark, Harriett, for life or widowhood, then to his children equally, DAVID J. WRENN, WILLIAM WRENN, WASHINGTON WRENN, NANCY E. WRENN, MARYAN REBECKA WRENN, SARAH E. WRENN, LURACY CATHARINE WRENN. Execs Alfred D. Garrett, Elizabeth Wrenn. No execution date. Wits Wm. R. Hudson, D. J. Garrett.

208-209. Inventory of Wrenn's estate, 1836 including 125 acres.

MCCM 4, page 461. Will was probated February 6, 1837.


225. HARBERT NEWSOM. Wife entire estate unless she remarried in which case he wanted estate divided equally among his children. When daus reached age 18 each would get $500. Sons, at age 21, would get $500. Wanted Eldridge Morris and John Francis /evidently sons/ to be kept in school until they qualified "to be into a store." Thomas to be kept in school until he qualified to transact tanning business; he was to be bound out at age 16 to learn the tanner's trade and at age 21 to receive $100 from the person to whom he was bound. Exec William Armour. December 31, 1836. Wits William T. Flowers, James Newsom.

MCCM 4, page 474. Will was probated April 3, 1837.


226. FANNY RANDOLPH, Madison Co., Tenn. Brother JAMES RANDOLPH all her negroes Peter, Vilet, Burton, Diller. Sister MARY RANDOLPH her bed and furniture. Sisters NANCY, ELIZABETH, MARTHA ELIZA her clothing. Residue to brother JAMES RANDOLPH. No exec named. February 28, 1837. Wits Edward Williams, William Wooten.

228. Inventory of Randolph's property, May 1, 1837.

MCCM 4, page 474. Will was probated April 3, 1837.


AQUILA BARTON, Madison Co., Tenn. Wife ELIZABETH BARTON and son JAMES L. BARTON the "balance" of his estate and they were to be executors. Younger children to be taught to read, write and "as much arithmetic as will enable them to keep their accounts" and when they came of age to receive a portion equal to that received by his dau SUSAN HAMTON. September 1, 1837. Signed with his "x" mark. Wits George Williamson, David Harris.

263. Inventory of Barton's property, December 1837.

MCCM 4, page 495. Will was probated October 2, 1837.


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260-261. JOSEPH DUNCAN, Madison Co., Tenn. Daus LOUISA and ANNA each a bed and furniture. His children to share an equal division of his estate. Exec Lewis Duncan. July 4, 1835. Wits Justin L. Edwards, B. F. Colensworth.

MCCM 4, page 505. Will was probated January 1, 1838.


273-274. NATHANIEL PERRY, Madison Co., Tenn. Beloved dau LYDIA M. WEATHERS 1/4 of money from sale of livestock. Dau ELIZABETH C. JONES equal portion with Lydia. Son BENJAMIN M. PERRY for love and affection "and the further consideration of taking care off and supporting my faithful negro woman Rhoda" negroes Daniel and Emily and residue of his estate. Exec John McClellan, Sr. and William Wooten, friends. May 10, 1837. Wits M. Midyett, A. G. McClellan.

284. Inventory of Perry's property, January 1, 1838.

MCCM 4, page 509. Will was probated February 5, 1838.


274-278. EDMUND JONES, Madison Co., Tenn. Sons JAMES JONES, JOHN EDMOND JONES, or either one of them to sell his Alabama land. POLLY DAVES, wife of ABEL DAVES to be permitted to occupy the 40 acre tract in Rutherford Co., Tenn. for life and then to his children. Having already given to son FREDERIC JONES and ALFRED MOORE, former husband of his dec dau ELIZA MORE more than he was able "now" to give to the rest of his children, he therefore gave FREDERIC $1 and to children of ELIZA MOORE $1 each. Whereas he had executed a deed in trust to his son JAMES JONES for use of dau MARY ORGIN several negroes he confirmed this gift and gave her additionally Henry and Adam and at her death these persons were to go to her children. Son THOMAS H. JONES to hold in trust for his grandson DAVID SACKVILLE COOKE several negroes. Son JOHN EDMOND JONES negroes Aggy, David and child Paul. Had given son WILLIAM JONES a tract of land and a negro boy then in his possession he gave him $200. Son THOMAS H. JONES negroes Sam and his wife Dicy and child, Isham. Whereas he had made deed of trust to son JOHN E. JONES for his dau REBECCA KELLINGSWORTH "now" gave her a negro boy Isaac. Whereas he had given to THOMAS H. JONES in trust for his dau CAROLINE JANE JONES negroes Eliza, York, Judy. Same son in trust for dau EMILY BRUCE JONES negroes Barbary, Allen, Phillis and Jesse. Wife JANE JONES during widowhood farm on which he then lived with all property on it and at her death or remarriage it was to be divided among his children. Execs James Jones, Thomas H. Jones or either of them. July 15, 1835. Wits Anthony H. Brown, William P. Goodwin, N. W. Copelen. Codicil, February 1, 1836. Instead of negro Ralph to grandson DAVID S. COOKE he left him negro Henderson. Revoked bequest to son EDMOND as he had given him other slaves and already "delivered" to son THOMAS H. JONES negroes willed to him.

303-304. Inventory of Jones' property, May 1838.

MCCM 4, page 512. Will was probated February 5, 1838.


283. JAMES B. GUTHRIE, Madison Co., Tenn. Wanted wife and children to remain "on the home plantation." Other property, including his interest in his parents' estates located in Wilson Co. /Tenn./ to be kept until youngest son had reached age 21, then an equal division was to be made among his wife and children. Wife's portion to include "the houses where I now live." Exec Joseph B. Love. November 30, 1837. Wits Stephen L. Hearn, Henry K. Winburn, J. D. Grant.

MCCM 4, page 518. Will was probated March 5, 1838.


288-291. E. B. /Ezekial/ McCOY. Beloved wife ANN L. McCOY $400 and negroes Holley Henry, two horses, livestock, furniture in lieu of a dower and at her death or remarriage division of estate among the children "that I have or may


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have by her." EZEKIAL T. McCOY, JOHN D. McCOY, NEWTON A. McCOY, ELIZANN McCOY each to have a horse. THOMAS J. McCOY a "good education." Money from estate of MICHAEL GLEAVES and RACHEL GLEAVE among children of of his first marriage. His Texas lands to his children. Dau ABIGAIL LOUISA HOBBS negro James. Son DIXON negro Ephraim. Son THOMAS J. McCOY negro Sam. Son EZEKIAL L. McCOY negro Andrew. Dau RACHAL CAROLINE WHITWORTH $400 cash in lieu of a negro. Dau MARGARET CAFFREY negro girl Martee. Son JOHN G. McCOY negro boy Nathan. Dau ISABELLA HARGIS negro Rebecca. Son NATHAN A. McCOY negro Washington. Dau ANN ELIZA McCOY $400 in lieu of a negro. Exec not named. March 3, 1838. Wit Fleming Willis.

316-319. Inventory of McCoy's personalty, July 2, 1838.
342-346. Sale of McCoy's property, April 26, 27, 1838.

MCCM 4, page 523. Will was probated April 2, 1838.


299-300. LUCY MASON, Sussex Co., Virginia. Cousin ANNE BARKER negro Milly. Cousin JOHN BARKER $100. Five nieces LURANEY WEBB, formerly Judkins; LUCY WEBB, formerly Judkins; REBECCA GRAY, formerly Judkins; MARTHA HOCADAY, formerly Judkins; ELIZABETH SMITH, formerly Judkins, negroes Syrus, Billy, Lewis, Griffin, Regulus, Collen, Hyram, Mingo, Lizzie, Mary; also her livestock, furniture. Exec John Barker, cousin. January 24, 1826. Wits Thomas L. Shields, John Willcox, Edmd. Clarke (x mark). Probated in Sussex Co., Va. July 2, 1829.

MCCM 4, page 526. This will ordered recorded in Madison Co., May 7, 1838.


300-301. HENRY S. BASS, Madison Co., Tenn. Dearly beloved wife MATILDA and children WILLIAM H. and SARAH J. BASS his home plantation165 acres, furniture and at wife's death property to be divided equally between his children. Exec Matilda Bass, wife. March 22, 1838. Wits J. V. Darly, W. T. Johnston.

MCCM 4, page 527. Will was probated May 7, 1838.


315-316. ROBERT JOHNSTON, MadisOn Co., Tenn. DaU NANCY tract of land he lived on except for "an offset" of about 9 acres and to her negroes Jackson, Will, Martha Ann, a gray mare and colt, a sorrel horse, farming tools in trust for her by her brothers JOHN and JAMES JOHNSTON. Grandson MONROE BELL $300. Denmark Presbyterian Church $100 and $400 to benevolent societies determined by execs. Negroes Peter, Jackson and Washington to be kept on national road "for the purpose of raising money to apply" to other bequests. Execs John and James Johnston, sons. May 16, 1838. Wits John W. Love, Henry Robinson.

MCCM 4, page 535. This will was probated July 2, 1838.


348-349. SAMUEL L. MEACHAM, Madison Co., Tenn. Plantation whereon he lived to be sold and all personalty, Negro girl Tilda to be property of his wife until his eldest child received age 21 or until wife's remarriage, then estate to be divided hrs. Wife was a liberty to sell any of the negroes she saw fit to. Exec Martha D. Mitchell. August 1, 1838. Wits G. C. Howlett, W. A. Person, B. Person.

MCCM 4, page 543. Will was probated September 3, 1838.


358-360. NANCY DAVIDSON, Madison Co., Tenn., widow of JOHN DAVIDSON, Rutherford Co., Tenn. Daus SALLY BELLER, NANCY W. EVANS and children of dec dau POLLY KIRK negroes Reuben, Elijah, Jerry, Creacy, Rufus, Claiborn, Caroline, Jennet, Julian. Dau DOVE negroes Diana and boy Likergus. Grandson JOHN DAVIDSON EVANS bed and furniture. Livestock and her carriage to be sold and proceeds to granddau SARAH JANE DAVIDSON, dau of dec son JAMES DAVIDSON, who was to have 1/5 part of $900 by her father, James' will. Dau NANCY W. EVANS "balance" of property. Execs William Evans, John Beller, sons-in- law. March 5, 1838. Wits Sam W. Givins, John Givins.


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376. Sale of Davidson's property, October 24, 1838.

MCCM 4, page 549. Will was probated October 1, 1838.


392-393. DAVID REID, Chatham Co., North Carolina. Wife MARY REID negro Bill, and other negroes Washington, Jenny and her 3 children Carolina, Avolene, Lebvalene; household furniture. Sons to receive portions of his estate as they marry, comparable to what he had given his son THOMAS REID. Unmarried daus two negroes and other personalty. Western lands to be sold and proceeds divided among his children. Exec Mary Reid, wife, John R. Reid, Daniel Reid, sons and William Marhson. September 2, 1827.

MCCM 4, page 559. This will was probated in Madison Co., Tenn. December 3, 1838.


393-399. SUSANNAH F. GRAHAM, Prince William County, Virginia. Execs to sell all her personalty except her slaves and silver teapot and stand. The tract called Enfield on which she resided to THOMAS BERNARD THROCKMORTON and JOHN ARISS THROCKMORTON, sons of her nephew MORDECAI THROCKMORTON. Tract called Bushy Park near Haymarket to WILLIAM ARTHUR HOOE, son of her nephew THOMAS B. P. HOOE, but if he died before age 21 it would go to his brother, JOSEPH THOMPSON HOOE and if both died, to their brother, ALFRED LUCKET HOOE and if he were dead, it would go to Major CHARLES HURNTON, Prince William Co., Va. who would sell it and proceeds would go to VIRGINIA JAMES HOOE, SUSAN GRAHAM HOOE, ELIZABETH THOMPSON HOOE, daus of THOMAS B. P. HOOE. MARY ELIZABETH HOOE, dau of her nephew BERNARD HOOE, Alexandria, D. C. negro Nelly. ANNA MARIA HOOE, dau of said BERNARD a negro Alfred. ELLEN HOOE, dau of said BERNARD a negro Sarah. CECILIA, dau of said BERNARD a negro Felicia. ALBERT RUSSELL, son of Col. ALBERT RUSSELL a negro George. JOHN RUSSELL, son of same a negro Manuel. JAMES RUSSELL, son of same a negro David. JOHN HOOE, nephew her slave JOHN PARKER who was a blacksmith and also slaves Elizabeth and Beck. JOHN EUGENE TWANY, son of JOHN H. TWANY negro Ransom. JOHN HOOE, Jr. negro Kitty. Niece ANN C. HARRISON wife of JOHN P. HARRISON negroes. Major CHARLES HURTON, Prince William Co., Va. negroes Henry, Aga held in trust for ANN GARLAND, wife of THOMAS B. P. HOOE. Negroes to GEORGE SWEENEY and SAMUEL B. SWEENEY, children of nephew HUGH SWEENEY. Great nephew ALFRED LUCKET HOOE son of THOMAS B. P. HOOE a negro Cambridge. Exec John Macrae. September 8, 1827. Wits R. T. Mitchell, William J. Weir. Probated in Prince William County, Virginia April 1, 1833. Certified copy furnished to Madison Co., Tenn. from Davidson Co., Tenn., December 7, 1838.

MCCM 4, page 568. This will was recorded in Madison Co., Tenn. January 7, 1839.


From Will Book One, pages 86-87:

Will of AARON SPROUSE. Wife ELIZABETH SPROUSE 50 acres, wagon, livestock, bed and furniture and other property and after her death same would be divided among his children except that son JOHN SPROUSE would receive the 50 acres "on which I live." Sons GEORGE DENNY SPROUSE and WILLIAM SPROUSE "to be schooled" equal to JOHN. Dau MARGARET a colt, cow, two sheep, bed and furniture. NANCY, RACHEL and POLLY to be "equal" with others. Execs Elizabeth Sprouse, wife; Elijah Curry, James Law. September 29, 1827. Wits James Law, Elizabeth Curry.

MCCM 2, page 463. Will probated August 4, 1828.


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