(Part 8, 1853-1854)

From Family Findings
Vol. XXII, No. 2, April 1990, pp. 47-50
Vol. XXII, No. 3, July 1990, pp. 94-97
Vol. XXII, No. 4, October 1990, pp. 124-126
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1990
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continued from December 1989

Newsom, John F. to Epperson, Susan
Iss'd. May 4, 1853-Gamewell, Thomas W. (Clk.)
Witness: Nevsom, J. F.-McDonald, John
Sol. May 4, 1853-Murrill, Abner

Nanny, Hugh to Hart, Elizabeth R.
Iss'd. Nov 26, 1853-Gamevell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt (D.C.)
Witness: Nanny, Hugh (X his mark)-Hart, William W.
Sol. Nov 30, 1853-Franklin, D. J.

Nolen, James A. to Timms, Leeana
Iss'd. Dec 17, 1853-Gamevell, Thos. W (Clk)-Stark, Robt. (D.C.)-Test.
Witness: Nolen, James A.-Timms, John (X-his mArk)
Sol. Dec . 18, 1853-Thompson, A. (M.G.)

Oliver, Gilliam J. to Follis, Rebecca M.
Iss'd. Mar 12, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Oliver, W.-Follis, M. H.
Sol. Mar. 17, 1853-__________

Odam, Caleb to Butler, Elizabeth C.
Iss'd. Aug 30, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Odam, Caleb-Butler, J. N.
Sol. Aug 31, 1853-Johnson, Hiram

Oliver, John J. to Day, Harriett R.
Iss'd. June 3, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Oliver, John J.-Oliver, F. M.
Sol. June 3, 1853-Mooring, Wyatt

Osbon, Daniel to Sipes, Mary C.
Iss'd Dec 26, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt. (D.C.)
Witness: Osbon, Daniel-Sipes, William J.
Sol. Dec 27, 1853-Bryant, D. R. Rev. (M.G.)

Price, Elijah (Memphis, Tenn.) to Swink, Mary S.
Iss'd. Apr 17, 1853-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Price, Elijah-Price, Elisha
Sol. __________

Parker, David H. to Reeves, Mariah T. D.
Iss'd. May 23, 1853-Gamewell, Thos, W. (Clk)
Witness: Parker, David H.-Butler, H, ?.
Sol. May 24, 1853-Cooper, S. (M.G.)

Pierce, Thomas to Richards, Rebecca
Iss'd. Dec 27, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt. (D.C.)-Test.
Witness: Richards, Thos.-Young, ?. R. (X-his mark)
Sol. Dec 29, 1853-Blanton, Henry (J.P.)


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Pope, Thadeus to Stribling, Mary Elizabeth
Iss'd Dec 13, 1853-Stark, Robt (Test.)
Witness: Pope, Thadeus-Stribling, Robt. F.
Sol. __________

Richardson, Elam to Davis, Bazilla Jane
Iss'd. Jan 11, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Richardson, Elam-Gattis, George Carson
Sol. Jan 11, 1853-Cooper, S. (M.G.)

Rice, Rufus W. to Harbert, Adelia E.
Iss'd. April 3, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Rice, Rufus W-Harbat, Jamew H. (Rice from Marshall Co. Miss)
Sol. __________

Robinson, F. H. to Luster, Susan S.
Iss'd. Dec 29, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt (D.C.)Test
Witness: Robinson, F. H.-Gammell, John
Sol. Dec 29, 1853-Franklin, D. J.

Stewart, William E. to Duffy, Elizabeth B.
Iss'd. Mar 7, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk & Test.)
Witness: Stewart, W. E. (X-his mark)-Duffy, Patrick H.
Sol. Mar 8, 1853-Irvin, John (J.P.)

Smithson, John S. to Sanford, Eliza J.
Iss'd. Feb 24, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Smithson, John S. (Henry Co.)-Timmons, J. M.
Sol. Feb 24, 1853-Rogers, A. S. (J.P.)

Suser, Wiley to Chipman, Eliz. J.
Iss'd. May 13, 1853-Gamewell, Thos W. (Test.)
Witness: Suser, Wiley (X-bis mark)-Cannon, James (X-his mark)
Sol. __________

Sims, Robert W. to Mitchell, Nancy
Iss'd. Aug 1, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Sims, R. W.-Weeks, H. A.
Sol. Aug 3, 1853-Bynum, F.

Stanley, Hays to Meacham, Nancy
Iss'd. June 2, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Stanley, Hays-league, J. R.
Sol. July 2, 1853-Sypert, S.

Simpson, John Madison to Combs, Martha
Iss'd Nov 22, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Simpson, John Madison-Barnett, Robert H.
Sol. Nov 24, 1853-Boon, William (J.P.)

Smith, George L. to Webb, Fanny H,
Iss'd. Nov 8, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Smith, George L.-Law, E. B.
Sol. Nov 8, 1853-Sypert, S. (J.P.)


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Thompson, Thomas B. to Robinson, Mary A.
Iss'd. Feb 2, 1853-Gamewell, Thos, W. (Clk)
Witness: Thompson, Thomas B.
Sol. Feb 2, 1853-Mooring, Wyatt (J.P.)

Underwood, Edmund C. to Boswell, Lucy J.
Iss'd. Jan 17, 1853-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Underwood, Edmund G.-Guthrie, A.
Sol. __________

Valentine, James to Webb, Mary Jane
Iss'd. Sept 8, 1853-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Valentine, James (X-his mark)-Baker, Joshua (X-his mark)
Sol. Sept 11, 1853-Blurton, H. (J.P.)

Wilie, James H. to Delapp, Jane
Iss'd. Apr 11, 1853-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Wilie, J. M.-Elwee, T. T.
Sol. Apr 12, l353-Gillispie, G. M.

Watson, William to Campbell, Martha J.
Iss'd. Feb 8, 1853-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Watson, William-Chesley, Pipkin P.
Sol. ____________

Woddell, William J. to Caruthers, Harriet B.
Iss'd. Feb 21, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Gates, W. W. (D.C.)
Witness: __________
Sol. Feb 22, 1853-Day, R. (M.G.)

West, John to Dickinson, Sarah Ann
Iss'd. Jan 13, 1853-__________ (Clk)
Witness: West, John-Compton, J. B.
Sol. __________

Williams, Jones to Anderson, Susan
Iss'd. Jan 25, 1853-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Williams, Jones-Williams, Arthur
Sol. __________

Wright, Francis to Latham, Elizabeth
Iss'd. Aug 21, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W (Clk)
Witness: Wright, Francis-Hudson, John H.
Sol. Aug 23, 1853-Deaton, L. B. (Rev.)

Williams, Robert B. to Manley, Martha E.
Iss'd. July 19, 1853-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Williams, R. B.-Teague, James R.
Sol. __________

Watson, Robert Z. to Burrus, Francis Ann
Iss'd. Sept 8, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Watson, Robert Z.-Murrell, Lindsay
Sol. Sept 7, 1853-Hayes, B. A.


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Walker, Joel to Birmingham, Mary E.
Iss'd. Oct 3, 1853-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Walker, Joel-Mann, Jas. T.
Sol. Oct 4, 1853-Bynum, L.

Winslow, Alson C. to Andrews, Lenora
Iss'd. Dec 28, 1853-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt (D.C.)
Witness: Winslow, Alson G.-Jones, Theophilus H.
Sol. Jan 3, 1853-Woolfork, J. R. (J.P.)

Adams, James to Rollins, Mary E.
Iss'd. Sept 20, 1853-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Adams, James-Harris, Love D.
Sol. Dec 21, 1854-Corbitt, W. R. (J.P.)

Anderson, Thomas to Harrison, Eliza Jane
Iss'd. Aug 7, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Anderson, Thomas-Dougan, Jas.
Sol. __________

Alston, Augustus B. to Halt, Judith F.
Iss'd. Mar 14, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Alston, Augustus B.-Alston, J. J.
Sol. Mar 15, 1854-Moore, Stephen (J.P.)

Alexander, Duncan L. to Chandler, Hannah
Iss'd. Jan 31, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Gates, W. E. (D.C.)
Witness: Alexander, D. L.-Sharp, C. C.
Sol. Jan 31, 1854-Dickinson, W. B. (J.P.)

Brogden, George to Belton, Margaret
Iss'd. Dec 26, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Brogden, G. M.-Gray, Sidney
Sol. Dec 27, 1854-Anderson, R. H. (J.P.)

Beveridge, John T. to Bledsoe, Amanda M.
Iss'd. Dec 20, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Beveridge, John T.-Neill, D.C.
Sol. Dec 21, 1854-Jones, A. W.

Burton, Daniel W. to Ferris, Sarah A.
Iss'd. Dec 9, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Burton, Daniel W.-Dodd, Jno.
Sol. Dec 10, 1854-Sypert, S.

Bigloe, Alfred to Burnam, Mary Ann
Iss'd. Nov 13, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Bigloe, Alfred-Alstan, J. J.
Sol. Nov 18, 1854-Sims, R. W. (J.P.)

Belote, Charles R. to Whit, Nancy E.
Iss'd. Aug 31, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Belote, Charles R.-Truett, A.
Sol. __________


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continued from April 1990

Brown, Charles H. to Kyle, Sarah C.
Iss'd. Aug 9, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Brown, Chas. H.-Hughes, Geo. C
Sol. Aug 9, 1854-Robertson, J. R. (M.G.)

Beasonburg, John W. to Alexander, Davy Theresa
Iss'd. June 13, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Beasenburg, John W.-Seuberth, Conrad
Sol. June 15, 1854-McKinney, Cohn

Belue, George to Dollar, Sarah E.
Iss'd. June 7, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Belue, George-McWhirter, S. V.
Sol. June 8, 1854-Sanders, J. J. (J.P.)

Bond, William W. to Harbert, L. S.
Iss'd. Apr 27, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Bond, William W.-Simmons, James M.
Sol. May 3, 1854-Owen, Thos. (M.G.)

Boykin, Carren E. to Matthews, Mary E.
Iss'd. Apr 17, 1854-Gamevell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Boykin, C. E.-Hutchins, C. C.
Sol. Apr 18, 1854-Jones, A. W. (M.G.)

Bryant, Caleb D. to Stone, Margaret C.
Iss'd. Apr 10, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Bryant, C. D.-Bryant, Hanton
Sol. Apr 18, 1854-Bryant, D. R. (M.G.)

Burton, William to Valentine, Charity
Iss'd. Mar 23, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Burton, William (X-his mark)-Thorn, David
Sol. __________

Black, John C. to Stewart, Amanda
Iss'd. Feb 8, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Black, John C.-Gibson, Jno. A.
Sol. __________

Brassfield, Joshua E. to Oliver, Amanda M.
Iss'd. Jan 2, 1854-____________ (Clk)
Witness: Brassfield, Joshua-Oliver, William J.
Sol. __________

Climer, Milton to Oliver, Barbarra A.
Iss'd. Dec 22, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Climer, Milton-Oliver, J. C.
Sol. Dec 25, 1854-Mooring, Wyatt, (J.P.)

Claridge, Alexander H. to Stephens, Mary Jane
Iss'd. Aug 21, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Claridge, Alexander H.-Hudgins, Thomas P.
Sol. Aug 21, 1884-Sims, R. W. (J.P.)


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Coleburn, William N. to Perry, Francis A.
Iss'd. Aug 14, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Coleburn, William-Kendrick, James
Sol. Aug 15, 1854-Day, T. (M.G.)

Compton, J. B. to Brankley, Ann E.
Lss'd. Jan 31, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Gates, W. W. (D.C.)
Witness: Compton, J. B.-Wilson, William A.
Sol. Feb 2, 1854-Gillispie, G. H.

Daniel, Ralph W. to Anderson, America T.
Iss'd. Nov 25, 1854-Gamewell, Thos, W. (Clk)
Witness: Daniel, Ralph W-Rosebum, Alexander
Sol. Dec 10, 1854-Cooper, S. (M.G.)

Driggers, William to Ross, Eliza C.
Iss'd. Nov 23, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Driggers, Willima J.-Mason, R. H.
Sol. Nov 23, 1854-Selph, Duncan H

Dusmuke, James A. to Vick, Octavia A.
Iss 'd. Nov 16, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Gates, W. W. (D.C.)
Witness: __________
Sol. Nov 16, 1854-Morrill, Abner, (M.G.)

Duffey, Samuel to Dollar, Mary C.
Iss'd. July 4, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: DuE fey, Samuel-Dollar, James L. S.
Sol. July 4, 1854-Moore, Stephen, (J.P.)

Dollar, Lewis to Duffy, Lucy J.
Iss'd. Apr 18, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk) Test.
Witness: Dollar, Lewis-King, Elias (X-his mark)
Sol. Apr 20, 1854-Sanders, J. J. (J.P.)

Dawson, James to Lawrence, Martha
Iss'd. Apr 12, 1854-__________ (Clk)-Stark, Robt. (Test.)
Witness: Dawson, James-Quinley, D. M.
Sol. __________

Dudley, Alexander to Tanner, Evelina
Iss'd. Feb 28, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk) Test.
Witness: Dudley, Alexander (X-his mark)
Sol. Mar 1, 1854-Withers, Radford (J.P.)

Deaton, Sampson to Dickinson, L. A.
Iss'd. Feb 22, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt A. (D.C.) Test.
Witness: Deaton, Sampson-Brooks, John J
Sol. Feb 23, 1854-Pope, Joseph (M.G.)

Dean, Henry H. (Marshall Co. Miss) to Hudson, Laura
Iss'd. Jan 23, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W (Clk)
Witness: Dean, Henry H.-Shepard, John H.
Sol. Jan 26, 1854-Medlin, B. (M.G.)


(Page 96)

Exum, Washington I. to Watson, Margaret C.
Iss'd. Dec 11, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Exum, Washington-Exum, John M.
Sol. Dec 13, 1854-Hays, B. A.

Emison, Benjamin to Permator, Mary H.
Iss'd. Nov 20, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Emison, Benjamin-Emison, James
Sol. Nov 22, 1854-Marlow, W. H.

Estes, Bedford H. to Johnston, Sarah Jane
Iss'd. Apr 24, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Estes, Bedford, H.-Womack, James G.
Sol. May 4, 1854-Gillispie, G. H.

Edwards, William H. to Epperson, Mary Ann
Iss'd. Mar 22, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Edwards, W. H.-Hicks, E. F.
Sol. Mar 23, 1854-Osborne, E. H. (M.G.)

Field, Silas F. to Talbot, Jane M.
Iss'd. Apr 24, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Field, Silas F.-Morrill, Jno. M
Sol. Apr 25, 1854-McCullough, J. W.

Graves, William L. to Turner, Mary Jane
Iss'd. Dec 27, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)-Gates, W. W (D.C.)
Witness: Gravew, William L.-Graves, Hudson C.
Sol. Dec 28, 1854-Boon, William (J.P.)

Garland, William W. to McKnight, Mary E.
Iss'd. Dec 18, 1854-Gamevell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Garland, William W-Garland, Edward W.
Sol. Dec 19, 1854-Hearn, Isham (M.G.)

Garland, John C. M. to Perry Ann Eliza F. O.
Iss'd. Sept 5, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Garland, Jno C. M.-Brown, Jno S.
Sol. Sept 5, 1854-Bynum, F.

Goodrich, G. P. to Barnett, Martha A.
Iss'd. July 28, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Goodrich, G. P.-Fussell, J. W.
Sol. Aug, 1854-Boon, Wm. (J.P.)

Glenn, James R. to Hunter, Elizabeth H.
Iss'd. Apr 3, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Glenn, J. R.-Gill, Thos.
Sol. Apr 5, 1854-Moss, John (M.G.)

Grey, Ephraine L. to Acres, Artelia Y.
Iss'd. Mar 29, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Gray, E. L.-Wilcox, C. B.
Sol. Mar 30, 1854-Mooring, Wyatt (J.P.)


(Page 97)

Gilliam, Mason to Hopkins, Olive
Iss'd. Feb 27, 1854-Gamevell, Thos W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt (D.C.)
Witness: Gilliam, Hason-Wadley, John B.
Sol. Feb 28, 1854-Collier, W. R. (J.P.)

Goforth, Calvin to Dickson, Celia
Iss'd. Feb 4, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Goforth, Calviri-Carrington, J. M.
Sol. Feb 5, 1854-Collier, W. R.

Goforth, William to Dickson, Mary Jane
Iss'd. Jan 28, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Goforth, William-Croom, Isaac
Sol. Jan 31, 1854-Collier, A. R. (J.P.)

Hicks, John R. to Taylor, Elizabeth E.
Iss'd. Dec 19, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)-Gates, W. W. (D.C.)
Witness: Hicks, John R.-Hicks, John T.
Sol. Dec 21, 1854-Irvin, John (J.P.)

Hearn, John W. to Hearn, Jane
Iss. d Dec 9, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Ream, John-Russell, M. W.
Sol. Dec 10, 1854-Hearn, Isham

Harrison, L. R. to McMahon, Martha (Mrs.)
Iss'd. Dec 8, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Harrison, L. R.-Wilson, W. D.
Sol. Dec 6, 1854-Spring, W. S. (J.P.)

Henderson, Milton A to Sewell, Elizabeth C.
Iss'd. Nov 9, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Henderson, M. A.-Sewell, D. N.
Sol. Nov 9, 1854-Irvin, John (J.P.)

Hamlett, Joseph S. to McNeill, Margaret E.
Iss'd. Sept 11, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: Hamlett, Joseph S.-Hamlett, James H.
Sol. Sept 12, 1854-Bell, William

Holmes, Turner P. to Hicks, Cherry A.
Iss'd. Aug 30, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Holmes, Turner P.-Holmes, Win. H.
Sol. Aug 30, 1854-Sims, R. W. (J.P.)

Howell, Alexander to Wiggs, Susan S.
Iss'd. Aug 3, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Howell, Alexander-Fussell, J. W.
Sol. __________

Hart, James M. (Haywood Co.) to King, Ann
Iss'd. July 28, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Hart, J. M.-Fussell, J. W.
Sol. July 29, 1854-May, R. W.


(Page 124)


Hicks, Robert to Henderson, Hannah C.
Iss'd. May 18, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)-Srark, Robt (Test.)
Witness: Hicks, James-Vaulx, James
Sol. Apr 18, 1854-Irvin, John (J.P.)

Hill, Levin D. to Brooks, B. A.
Iss'd. Apr 6, 1854-Gamewell, Thou W. (Clk)
Witness: Hill, Levin D.-Jones, Samuel J.
Sol. __________Moss, John (M.G.)

Howell, Nelson to Longmires, Josephine
Iss'd. Feb 22, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)-Stark, Robt (D.C.)
Witness: Howell, Nelson (X-his mark)-Watt, Samuel W.
Sol. Feb 23, 1854-Irvin, John (J.P.)

Hill, John W. to Barnett, S. E.
Iss'd. Feb 18, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Hill, John S.
Sol. __________

Holmes, George D. to Pyles, Mary E. L.
Iss'd. Jan 23, 1854-Gamewell, Thou W. (Clk)
Witness: Holmes, George D.-Brown, John L.
Sol. Jan 24, 1854-Holmes, James

Harris, Ivy to Ray, Amelia F.
Iss'd. Jan 11, 1854-Gamewell, Thou W. (Clk & Test.)
Witness: Harris, Ivy-Hart, William
Sol. Jan 12, 1854-Cooper, S. (M.G.)

Jordan, Newton C. to Bennett, Mary E.
Iss'd. Mar 15, 1854-Gamewell, Thou W. (Clk)
Witness: Jordon, Newton C. (Gibson, Co.)-Murrell, Thou.
Sol. Mar 23, 1854-Hayes, B. A.

Jones, Allen K. to Phelps, Mary T.
Iss'd. Dec 23, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W (Clk)
Witness: Jones, A. K.-Marsh, A. J.
Sol. Dec 26, 1854-Beaver, James (M.G.)

Jarrett, William to Fitzgerald, Ann Elizabeth
Iss'd. Dec 21, 1854-Gamevell, Thos W (Clk)-Stark, Robt (Test.)
Witness: Jarrett, William-Barber, Win. H.
Sol. Dec 23, 1854-Rogers, A. S.

Jackson, William R. to Cline, Catherine
Iss'd. Aug 7, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Jackson, William R.-Swink, J. W.
Sol. Aug 15, 1854-Cooper, S (M.G.)

Jackson, Jessee to Benthall, Catharine
Iss'd. Aug 2, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Jackson, J~ssee-Baker, Jacob R.
Sol. Aug 3, 1854-Marlow, W. H. (J.P.)


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Johnson, Samuel S. to Parker, Sarah L.
Iss'd. July 3, 1854-__________ (Clk)-Stark, Robt (Test.)
Witness: Johnson, Samuel S-Garland, John C. M.
Sol. __________

Jackson, Alfred to Alexander, Mary Jane
Iss'd. June 14, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Jackson, A.-Newsom, John M.
Sol. Mar 23, 1854-Hayes, B. A.

Jester, James S. to Davis, Martha Ann
Iss'd. Jan 20, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Jester, J. S.-Jester, C. B.
Sol. Jan 26, 1854-Johnson, Hiram (J.P.)

Kirby, Alvis to Bennett, Martha D.
Iss'd. Dec 4, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Kirby, Alvis-Kirby, Jessee
Sol. Dec 5, 1854-Irvin, John

Lewis, Benjamin E. to Fuighum, Sophronia A.
Iss'd. Aug 23, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Lewis, B. E.-Fulghum. A. A.
Sol. Aug 25, 1854-Mathis, Jacob (M.G.)

Lea, John C. to Fulbright, Nancy J.
Iss'd. May 17, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk & Test.)
Witness: Lea, John C.-Davis, S. H.
Sol. May __, 1854-Rogers, A. S. (J.P.)

Maroney, James T. to Halton, Hannah
Iss'd. Aug 24, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Maroney, James T.-Mclver, A.
Sol. Aug 24, 1854-Rogers, A. S. (J.P.)

Morris, John B. to Stewart, Parthonia
Iss'd. May 4, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Morris, John B.-Crawford, Mark
Sol. May 4, 1854-Morrill, Abner, (M.G.)

Miller, Vann to Thurman, Nancy
Iss'd. Apr 20, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: Miller, Vann-Miller, Isaac
Sol. __________

Mooring, H. L. to Butler, A. B.
Iss'd. Feb 27, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)_Stark, Robt (D.C.)
Witness: Mooring, H. L.-Deberry, Thos E.
Sol. Mar 2, 1854-Selph, Dt~±ican H.

May, Reuben, M. to Pullum, Sarah E.
Iss'd. Feb 15, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)_Stark, Robt (D.C. &Test.)
Witness: May, R. M.-Whitenton, Othniel
Sol. Feb 15, 1854-Collier, W. R. (J.P.)


(Page 126)

McCollum, Peter to Estes, Roxannah
Iss'd. Jan. 28, 1854-__________ (Clk)
Witness: McCollum, Peter N.-Boon, S. W.
Sol. __________

McNeely, Louis to Holmes, Mary A.
Iss'd. Jan 31, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)
Witness: McNeely, Louis-Brown, Jno. L.
Sol. Feb 1, 1854-Holmes, James

Newsom, James A. to Kittrell, Nancy M.
Iss'd. Sept 14, 1854-Gamewell, Thos. W. (Clk)_Gates, W (D.C.)
Witness: Newsom, James A.-Hardin, M. T.
Sol. Sept 10, 1854-Franklin, D. P. (M.G.)

Newsom, James E. to McKnight, Mary Q.
Iss'd. Aug 20, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (C1k)
Witness: Newsom, James-Newsom, John M.
Sol. Aug 29, 1854-Franklin, D. J.

Owens, Leonard to Barnes, Arnanda
Iss'd. Sept 23, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Owens, Leonard-Byrum, John
Sol. Oct 10, 1854-Walker, P. A.

Perry, Benjamin W. to Dick, Elizabeth
Iss'd. Dec 22, 1854-(Clk)
Witness: Perry, Benjamin W.-Thorn, Littleberry
Sol. __________

Perry, Merlin to Stone, Sarah Ann
Iss'd. Dec 5, 1854-Gamewell, Thos W. (Clk)
Witness: Perry, Merlin, -Moss, John
Sol. Dec 5, 1854-Moss, John (M.G.)