(Part 1, 1847-1849)

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Vol. II, No. 2, April 1970, pp. 50-52
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Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 124-126
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The continuation of the Madison Co., Tenn., Loose Marriage Bonds, copied by Charlotte Rushing Thornton (Mrs. Dempsey), at the Court House, Jackson, Tenn., from the Historical Records Survey, prepared by The Historical Records Survey Transcription Unit, Division of Women's and Professional Projects, Works Progress Administration, Nashville, Tenn., May 22, 1939.



ANDERSON, John J. to Matilda W. Fussell
Iss'd: 9 Sept. 1847, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk.
Sol: By J. H. Brooks (M.G.)
Wit: John R. Jelk

BURTON, Thos. F. .to Nancy Black
Iss'd: 28 Dec. 1847
Sol: 30 Dec. 1847 by Jas. Pope (M.G.)
Wit: N. A. Benton

BAILEY, Joseph to Harriet M. Jackson
Iss'd: 18 Dec. 1847
Sol: 20 Dec. 1847 by J. M. Hanna (J.P.)
Wit: Jackson Harris

BAKER, James J. to Martha A. D. Wilson
Iss'd: 14 Dec. 1847
Sol: 26 Mar. 1848 by F. S. Brandon
Wit: Richard Compton

BECKERS, Robert to Isabella Thompson
Iss'd: 1 Nov. 1847
Sol: 18 Nov. 1347 by H. Barrier (J.P.)
Wit: Wm. Beckers

BRYANT, Matthew S. to Armanda Jane Woods
Iss'd: 4 Oct. 1847
Sol: 6 Sept. 1948 by John B. Boykin (J.P.)
Wit: Wiley Bryant

BUSICK, Owen J. to Martha Kirby
Iss'd: 25 Sept. 1847
Wit: John C. Vantreese

BROWN, Samuel B. to Nancy Michael
Iss'd: 31 July 1847
Sol: 4 Aug. 1847 by Sam Kirkpatrick (J.P.)
Wit: Lewis T. Williamson

CHRISP, John W. to Eliz. P. Mitchell
Iss'd: 23 Dec. 1847
Sol: 25 Dec. 1847 by P. Y. Bowers (M.G.)
Wit: Wm. B. Chrisp

CASS, Elijah to Caroline C. Alexander
Iss'd: 29 Dec. 1846
Sol: by P. W. Sharp (J.P.)


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COZORT, Madison to Emerlina Marlow
Iss'd: 29 Dec. 1847
Sol: 30 Dec. 1847 by John B. Boykin (J.P.)
Wit: Jas. McMillan

CARROLL, John to Louisa N. W. Manley
Iss'd: 30 Dec. 1847
Sol: By C. L. Cate, Minister
Wit: E. M. Newsom

CORUM, Tilman D. (of Obion Co.) to Matilda A. Maxwell
Iss'd: 19 Nov. 1847
Sol: 21 Nov. 1347 by H. S. Brandon
Wit: T. L. Camp

CLANTON, Josiah F. to Martha Deloach
Iss'd: 6 Sept. 1847
Sol: 9 Sept. 1847 by Benjamin Hayley (J.P.)
Wit: James Murrell

COPHER, James to Emeline Boals
Iss'd: 11 Aug. 1847
Sol: 12 Aug. 1847 by Wm. Harris
Wit: John (x) Acre

CAMPBELL, Robt. A. to Mary Ann Davis
Iss'd: 11 Aug. 1847
Sol: 12 Aug. 1847 by S. Cooper (M.G.)
Wit: Richard (x) Campbell, Cains (x) Campbell

DUNWAY, Robt. P. to Mahilda G. York
Iss'd: 28 Dec. 1347; Wit: N. A. Benton
Sol: 30 Dec. 1847 by Jas. Pope (M.G.)

DICKSON, Noah to Nancy Wilson
Iss'd: 16 Dec. 1847
Sol: 16 :Dec. 1347 by Wyatt Mooring (J.P.)
Wit: Jacon Fussell

DeBERRY, Matthias to Ann Ingram
Iss'd: 3 Nov. 1847
Sol: By Thos. Taylor (M.G.)
Wit: David J. Meriwether

DUNCAN, Peter S. to Susan E. Harrison
Iss'd: 30 Sept. 1847
Sol: By C. L. Cate
Wit: John Carroll

DAVIS, John J. to Eliz. Barton
Iss'd: 29 Sept. 1847
Wit: Wm. R. Barton

FORBIS, Arthur to Martha A. L. Dollar
Iss'd: 19 July 1847
Sol: 20 July 1847 by S. P. McDonald (M.G.)
Wit: Wm. Dollar


(Page 12)

GATTIS, Wm. L. to Mary A. Davis
Iss'd: 21 Dec. 1847
Sol: 22 Dec. 1847 by Solomon Cooper (M.G.)

GLENN, Lawson to Jane Baker
Iss'd: 27 Dec. 1847
Sol: 30 Dec. 1847 by H. Barrier (J.P.)

GRAVITT, Wm. D. to Minerva Fitz
Iss'd: 30 Dec. 1847
Sol: 31 Dec. 1847 by J. H. Gillespie
Wit: Thos. J. Jett

GRAY, Jesse to Caroline Mooring
Iss'd: 25 Dec. 1847
Wit: Andrew Gutherie

GOODELL, Lorenza to Laura C. Clark
Iss'd: 24 Dec. 1347
Sol: By Rev. C. McKinney
Wit: Jas. Hughes

GLIDWELL, Nineviah to Matilda Cox
Iss'd: 21 July 1847
Sol: 22 July 1847 by W. N. Dunway (M.G.)

HUNT, Wm. H. to Eugenia LaFayette Jackson
Iss'd: 22 Dec.. 1846
Sol: By Leo Lorenzo

HAYS, Benjamin to Tennessee Newsom
Iss'd: 22 Dec. 1847
Sol: By L. J. Jones (M.G.)

HAYS, Collin to Eliz. York
Iss'd; 25 Dec. 1847
Sol: 28 Dec. 1847
Wit: Wm. Word

HAMMONS, James N. to Kittura Foxwell
Iss'd: 16 Dec. 1847, Thos. W. Gamewell, Clk.
Wit: John L. Brown

HOLLIDAY, Wm. W. to Lavicy Lovin
Iss'd: 9 Dec. 1847
Sol: By Thos. Blew (J.P.)

HENDERS0N, Wm. F. to Mary P. McCorry
Iss'd: 8 Nov. 1847

HICKS, Benjamine N. to Mary C. McClellan
Iss'd: 26 Oct. 1847
Sol: 23 Oct. 1847 by R. Day (M.G.)

INGRAM, Thomas to Mary E. Dyson
Iss'd: 16 Aug. 1847
Sol: By G. H. Gillespie
Wit: John Meriwether


(Page 13)

JOHNSON, Francis N. to Amanda Haltom
Iss'd: 30 Sept. 1847
Sol: Wm. W. Dunaway (M.G.)

JOHNSON, Nathan to Nancy Goodrich
Iss'd: 7 Sept. 1847
Sol: 14. Sept. 1847 by Wm. Boon (J.P.)

KING, James to Marcina Rochells
Iss'd: 15 Nov. 1847
Sol: 18 Nov. 1847 by C. L. Cate (M.G.)

LONG, John B. to Eliza J. Hardage
Iss'd: 7 July 1847
Sol: By Thos. Marlow (M.G.)

LITTLE, Wm. H. to Mary Temple
Iss'd: 12 July 1847

MOORE, Wm. R. to Maria Stewart
Iss'd: 22 Dec. 1847
Sol: 23 Dec. 1847 by Ab Deberry (J.P.)

MURCHISON, W. A. to U. C. Cason
Iss'd: 16 Nov. 1847

MEDLIN, Jas. N. to Rebecca N. McWilliams
Iss'd: 9 Oct. 1847
Sol: 13 Oct. 1847 by John B. Boykin (J.P.)

MICKUM, John to Mariah Williamson
Iss'd: 18 Sept. 1847

MATTHEWS, John J. to Mary A. Bostick
Iss'd: 2 Sept. 1847
Sol: By J. H. Brooks (M.G.)

MARSH, Jas. W. to Mary C. Richardson
Iss'd: 30 July 1847
Sol: 1 Aug. 1847 by J. B. Faucett (J.P.)

McELWEE, John W. to Cynthia J. Prendergrast
Iss'd: 31 Aug. 1847
Sol: By Reuben Bowers

NcKNIGHT, Hamilton J. to Margaret K. Black
Iss'd: 2 Nov. 1847
Sol: By Rev. Solomon Cooper

McELWEE, John W. to Cynthia J. Kirkpatrick
Iss'd: 28 Aug. 1847, B. F. Transee

McCORKLE, Eli to Adaline Roberts
Iss'd: 27 Dec. 1847
Sol: 28 Dec. 1847 by Rev. R. Day

NOBLES, Wm. A. to Eliz. P. Mann
Iss'd: 11 Dec. 1847
Sol: 14 Dec. 1847 by Rev. L. J. Jones

NASH, John (of Dyer Co.) to Martha E. Dent
Iss'd: 31 Oct. 1847
Sol: 1 Nov. 1847 by Benjamin Hayley


(Page 50)

POWELL, John (Haywood Co., Tenn.) to Eliz. Prudan
Iss'd.: 4 Oct. 1847
Sol.: 5 Oct. 1847 by Rev. Thomas Joyner

PIERCY, Everett G. to Axeline Whiteside
Iss'd.: 28 July 1847
Sol.: July 1847 by Robt. Slacks (J.P.)

RUFF, James K. to Rebecca M. Hale
Iss'd: 26 Oct. 1847
Sol.: 28 Oct. 1847 by Trent C. Conner

RAGSDALE, Wm. J. to Susan Davis
Iss'd.: 14 Aug. 1847
Sol.: 17 Aug. 1847 by S. T. Brandons
Wit.: Nicholas P. Stone

ROGERS, John C. to Mary Ann Butler
Iss'd.: 18 April 1847
Sol.: by Lea Lorenso

ROGERS, Jubelee P. to Mary H. Burrow
Iss'd.: 15 April 1847
Sol.: by Lea Lorenso

SHORT, Thomas H. to Eliz. Hollyman
Iss'd.: 24 Dec. 1847
Sol.: 25 Dec. 1847 by Rev. W. M. Dunway

SMITH, George A. to Martha K. Gleeson
Iss'd.: 8 Dec. 1847
Sol.: 9 Dec.'1847 by Rev. C. L. Cates

SAULS, Calvin to Winnly Johnson
Iss'd.: 4.Oct. 1847
Sol.: by J. M. Hanna (J.P.)

STOVALL, Wm. C. to Martha Ann Matthews
Iss'd.: 30 Oct. 1847
So1.: 4 Nov. 1847 by Rev. B. A. Hayes

TRANSEE, Benjamin F. to Sarah Ann Wilson
Iss'd.: 4 Oct. 1847

URSERY, Wm. to Abigail F. Mason
Iss'd: 3 Aug. 1847
Sol.: by Allen Goodwin (J.P.),

VANTREEST, John to Nancy Hicks
Iss'd.: 2 Oct. 1847
Sol.: 6 Oct. 1847 by Rev. John Rundle


(Page 51)

WATKINS, Samuel S. to Louisa C. Harris
Iss'd.: 20 Dec. 1847
Sol.: 21 Dee. 1847 by Rev. Young A. McLemore

WILLIAMS, Winfield to Jane Robinson
Iss'd.: 11 Dee. 1847
Sol.: 22 Dec. 1847 by John Boykin (J.P.)

WILKS, Joseph to Rebecca J. Kirkpatrick
Iss'd.: 6 Dec. 1847
Sol.: 7 Dec. 1847 by Reuben Burrow

WEBB, James K. to Celia A. Duncan
Iss'd.: 19 Nov. 1847
Sol.: 20 Nov.1848 by R. Day (M.G.)

WARREN, James W. to Arella Futrell
Iss'd.: 6 Oct. 1847
Sol.: by Jas. R. Sykes

WOODALL, John to Eady Bruce
Iss'd.: 27 Sept. 1847
Sol.: 29 Sept. 1847 by J. B. Boykin (J.P.)

WILLIAMS, Lawrence P. to Caroline Chasum
Iss'd.: 9 Sept. 1847
Sol.: 10 Sept. 1847 by Rev. S. Cooper

WATLINGTON, Wm. T. to Eliz. Ozier
Iss'd.: 5 Aug. 1847

WHYTE, James E. to Barthinia S. Webb
Iss'd.: 22 July 1847
Wit.: S. Sypert

YOUNG, James to Margaret Beard
Iss'd.: 5 Aug. 1847



BURROWS, William to Emerline Smith
Iss'd.: 12 Dec. 1848
Sol.: 13 Dec. 1848 by J. H. Day (J.P.)
Wit.: Wm. (x) Burrows, Bremmingham (x) Greenberry

BROOKS, John to Sarah Acton
Iss'd.: 7 Dec. 1848, Thos. Gamewell (Clk.)
Sol.: by Rev. A. W. Jones

BICKERN, Lewis A. to Susan Thomas
Iss'd.: 1 Nov. 1848
Wit.: L. A. Bickers, D. M. (x) Quinley

BRASFIELD, Geo. R. to Mary J. Roger
Iss'd.: 6 Oct. 1848
Sol.: 17 Oct. 1848 by N. J. Hess (M.G.)
Wit.: Geo. R. Brasfield, Wm. L. Nailing


(Page 52)

BRITTON, Adolphus to Mary Barrier
Iss'd.: 27 Sept. 1848
Sol.: 27 Nov. 1848 by G. H. Gillespie
Wit.: A. Drittofl, C. W. Sweeny

BENTON, Nathaniel to Nancy A. Stribling
Iss'd.: 12 Sept. 1848
Sol.: 13 Sept 1848 by Wm. M. Dunaway (M.G.)
Wit.: N. A. Benton, N. N. Carrothers

BUMPASS, Alex. A. to Elizabeth T. Frazier
Iss'd.: 4 Sept. 1848
Wit.: Alexander Bumpass, A. Simon, J.P.

BUTLER. Oliver to Mary Ann Hulsey
Iss'd.: 5 Aug. 1848
Sol.: by Geo. S. Harrison, J.P.
Wit.: Oliver (x) Butler, Henry C. (x) Butler

BIRD, Dempsey to Sarah Jane Emerson
Iss'd.: 15 July 1848
Sol.: 20 July 1848, by Jno. B. Boyken, J.P.
Wit.: Dempsey Bird, Winfield Williams

BUTLER, Elias to Mary Jane McVey
Iss'd.: 10 July 1848
Sol.: 13 July 1848 by Miles A. West, N. G.
Wit.: Elias Butler, Elias A.. Butler

BAYLEY, Henry to Aready F. Jones
Iss'd.: 12 June 1848
Wit.: Henry Bayley, Benj. (x) McGehee (Gibson Co.)

BOYETT, Ezekiel to Elisa Jane Massey
Iss'd.: 6 May 1848
Sol.: 18 May 1848, R. Day, M.G.
Wit.: Ezekiel Boyett, John Massey

BARNETT, Elias D. to Almire N. Kay
Iss'd.: 22 March 1848
Sol.: 28 March 1848, R. Day, M.G.
Wit.: Elias D. Barnett (Texas), John N. Barnett

BARHAM, Thomas C. to Louisa S. Orgain
Iss'd.: 28 Feb. 1848
Sol.: 1 March 1848, by Wyatt Mooring, J.P.
Wit.: Thos. C. Barham, James S. Coats

CROSS, John H, to Mary C. Hutchings
Iss'd.: 30 Nov. 1848
Sol.: 30 Nov. 1848 by G. H. Gillespie
Wit.: John H. Cross (St. Frances, Ark.), Jas. G. Perry


(Page 92)

[The format changes and the information becomes less clear at this point. The previous format returns in Volume III.]

Dean, John A to Parker, Mary
Iss'd Feb.25,1845 Wit. Elijah Roward
Sol. Mar.2,1848, James C. Maya (J.P)

Epps, Spencer, to Marsh, Nancy
Iss;d. Jan 4, 1848 Wit. Halton, Benj.
Sol. Jan 5, 1848 by J. B. Fancett (J.P)

Fry, Samuel M (McNairy Co) to Ward, Lucy A.
Iss'd Dec. 23, 1848 Wit. Jas. R. Teague
Sol. Dec. .26, 1848 by Thos. Gore, M.G.

Fesmyre, Augustus C. to Shaw, Margaret J.
Dec. 19, 1848 Wit: James Moffitt

Ferguson, Robert to Stephen, Argunta Rebecca
Aug. 2, 1848, by McDonald S.P.

Francis, Nathan to McVey, Cynthia
Iss'd May 1, 1848
Sol. by Charles Severe,. J.P.

Glenn, Christopher to Kilpatrick, Cynthia C.
Sol. Dec. 4, 1848 by H. Barrier

Goodin, Augustus B. to Ward, Jartha J.
Iss'd Oct. 3, 1848, Wit: A. B. Goodin
J. W. Dickson
Sol. Oct. 5, 1848 by John Rundle

Glover, John to Allen, Sylvia
Aug. 22, 1848 by Alex Futrell J.P.

Goodridge, Matthew M. to Mason, Rebecca
Iss'd Feb. 12, 1848
Sol Feb. 17, 1848 by Joshua Bell

Gilliland, Joseph to Robinson, Marqaret M.
Feb. 7, 1848 by H. Barrier

Hill, George to Mitchell, Louisana
Sol. 12, 28, 1848 by S. J. Jones, M.G.

Gordon, Robt. W. to Lovell, Sarah
Jan 7, 1848, Thos. Gunswell, Clk.
Sol. Jan 20, 1848 by Jno. Mooring, J.P.

Haskins, Creed B. to Johnson, Nancy
Dec. 26, 1848
Sol. Dec. 27, 1848 by W. M. Dunway, M.G.

Hendricks, John H. to Black, Mary
Dec. 20, 1848, Wit: George Watson

Horton, John to Cooper, Mary
Jane Dec. 18, 1848 Wit: J. E. Puff

Hobbs, Ezekiel, B. W. to Williams, Freiby F.
Iss'd Oct. 16, 1848
Sol. Oct. 17, 1848 by J. R. Woolfork, J.P.

Hollingsworth, Jarrett to McAlfee, Minerva H.
Sol. Oct. 7, 1848 by T. B. Richardson

Hodge, David T. to Kelly, Margaret J.
Iss'd Aug. 28, 1848 Wit: Bennett Starkey
Sol Aug. 31, 1848 by J. B. Faucett, J.P.

Hicks, Shephard B. to Watt, Pamelia T.
Aug 20, 1848 by Miles West M.G.
Wit. E. T. Butler

Henderson, Thomas to Lancaster, Ann Eliza
Sol. July 25, 1848 by Lorenzo Lea


(Page 93)

Harrell, Thos. to Pipkin, Luan
Iss'd May 15, 1848
Sol May 18, 1848 by John B. Boykin J.P.

Harris, Henry to Barker, Elizabeth R.
Iss'd April 15, 1848
Sol: April 18, 1848 by Jenj. Hayley, J.P.

Harris Archibald R. to Etheridge, Sarah R.
Sol. Feb. 12, 1848

Harris, Christopher C. to Whittington, Frances Ann
Iss'd Feb. 10, 1848
Sol. Feb. 14, 1848 by John Irvin, J.P.

Hudson, John H. to Wright, Louisa C.
Iss'd Jan 31, 1848
Sol Feb. 3, 1848 by J. O. Mays, J.P.

Ingram, William O. to Mills, Polly
July 2, 1848 by Allen Goodwin, J.P.

Jones, Simeon M. to Mills, Eliza
Feb. 2, 1848 by Allen Goodwin, J.P.

Johnson, John M.. to Givens, Amanda
Iss'd June 14, 1848
Sol. June 15, 1848 by W. M. Dunaway, M.G.

Johnson, Albert B. S. to Jones, Nancy M.
April 13, 1848, Sol: April 18, 1848 by
Wyatt Mooring, J.P. T. R. Richardson (J.P)

Johnson, Wm. to Branch, Laurany
Feb. 26, 1848
Sol. Feb. 29, 1848 by Mooring, Watt P. (J.P.)

Jennings, Robert W. to Hall, Parmelia W.
Feb. 21, 1848
Sol. Feb. 23, 1848 by C. L. Cate

Johnson, Noel K. to Tanner, Rosanna
Feb. 14, 1848 Wit: Wm. D. Johnston

Jones, Alexander N. to Montgomery, Martha E.
Jan 26, 1846
Wit. James A. Tomlinson

Johnson, Wm. to Usery, Sarah
Jan. 13, 1848 by Allen Goodwin, J.P.

Kirkpatrick, Nohn Alexander to McClish, Caroline
Oct. 9, 1848

Kirby, Henderson to Childress, Eliza
April 27, 1848 S. P. McDonald (J.P)

Killingsworth, Edmund to Sykes, Amanda J.
Sol. Nov. 9, 1848

Lewis, Jesse H. to Hardy, Mary E.
Dec. 30, 1848

Lawrence, Elisha to Piercy, Jane
Dec. 26, 1848 by A. Futrell J.P.

Locke, Rollin to McIntosh, Mary
Nov. 30, 1848 Wit. Nathan Moore

Lumpkins, George W. to Goad, Margarett
Iss'd Aug. 2, 1848
Sol. Aug 3, 1848 by John Irvin. J.P.

Lacy, Levey to Bryant, Penelope E.
July 10, 1848
Sol. July 12, 1848 by John B. Boykin, J.P.

Love, John B. to Burton, Sarah Ann
Iss'd June 13, 1848
Sol. June 14,1848 by John Rundle, M.G.

Moody, David T. to Midgett, Eleanor
Iss'd Dec. 19, 1848 - Wit. P.C.Midgett
Sol. Dec. 20, 1848 by J. A. Vincent, M.G.


(Page 94)

Moore, Robert C. to Sanders, Melisa
Oct. 31, 1848 - Wit. Thomas Cock

Moore, Nathan to Brown, Elizabeth C.
Sept. 4, 1848, Wit: J.P. Simmons

Mitchell, W. L. to Garrett, M. A.
May 10, 1848 Wit: A. T. Pigues
Sol. by J. H. Gillispie

Mitchell, Luther N. to Bruson, Darcas
August 5, 1848, Wit. John E. Cash

Marsh, Joshua B. to Butler, Sarah
April 3, 1848 Wit. B. Holton

Mayo, Jonas to Fussell, Susan
March 8, 1848
Sol. Mar 9, 1848 by C. G. Cate, M.G.

Montgomery, Hugh A. to Hopper, Tabitha E.
Iss'd Feb. 21, 1848
Sol. Feb. 23, 1848 by John Mooring, J.P.

Mahon, George T. to Kirkpatrick, Mary H.
Feb. 7, 1848 by Reuben Burrown

Powell, Benj. J. to Eliz. B. Davis
Feb. 2, 1848 Wit. Mayo Jones

Robb, James to Bradley, Patience
Aug. 16, 1848, D. C. Nea l- Witness

Sheldon, Only to Chamberlain, Caroline
Dec.28, 1848 by Mooring, Wyatt J.P.

Senter, Thomas J. to Fly, Sarah J.
Nov. 2, 1848 by Wm. Boon, J. P

McKenna, Wm. J. to Williams, Rosa Ann
Oct 11, 1848
Sol: Oct. 12, 1848 by John B. Boykin, J.P.
Wit: James M. Collinsworth

Parker, Thompson A. to Crouse, Manirva A.
Iss'd Nov 28, 1848
Sol: Nov 30, 1848 by J. B. Faucett, J.P.

Perry, Herbert to Howlett, Mary M.
Iss'd Nov. 28, 1848 Wit. F.P.Bridges
Sol: Nov. 30, 1848 by R. Day, M.G.

Phillips, Charles, to Freeman, Emily A.
Nov. 13, 1848

Pool, Armstead P. to Langford, Martha E.
Sol: Aug. 17, 1848
Wit. James B. Pearcy

Phillips, Atlas to Bishop, Caroline
Sol. Aug. 15, 1848 by Geo. Harrison, J.P.

Porter, David to Golden, Lucinda
Aug 7, 1848. Wit. B. G Holmes,

H. C. James, Sol: by Orgain, Storg

Perry, Turner to Blackard, Julian
Wit: Josiah Daws. Sol. Aug. 7, 1848

Quinley, Richard B. to ____er, Jane A.
Dec. 23, 1848 Wit. Wm. Dawson
Sol. Dec. 25, 1848 by Allen Thompson M.G.

Robinson, John to Vail, Jane
Jan 22, 1848
Sol. Jan 23, 1848 by Beni Hayley, J.P.

Simmons, Thoas. A to Hart, Margaret J.
Dec. 21, 1848 by J. H. Gillispie

Simmons, John P. to Look, Martha E.
Sept. 30, 1848


(Page 95)

Sykes, Samuel S. to Williams, Carolina A.
April 10, 1848

Stephenson, Thomas N. to Kendrick, Catherine
March 15, 1848

Sykes, Wm. J. tp Kennon, Arabella L.
Jan 31, 1848

Stewart, Charles L. to Brant, Ann Eliza
Jan 31, 1848

Smith, Wm. G to Warlick, Cynthia J.
Jan 18, 1848 Wit. W. G. Smith (Shelby Co)
Robert McRae (New Orleans) Rich J. Hays
Sol, by Calvin McKinney (Pastor Preby. Church, Jackson)

Sweeny, James A. to Harrison, Sarah Jane
Jan 11, 1848 by J. M. Hanner J.P.

Sturdivant, Benj. to Templeton, Eliz.
Jan 4, 1848 by Wm. Dunaway, J.P.

Thorn, Joseph to Blythe, Martha Ann
Dec. 21, 1848 by J. H. Gillispie

Todd, James L. to Walden, Roenna M. E.
Aug. 2, 1848

Tomlinson, John A. to Jackson, Frances C.
April 24, 1848 by Mooring, Wyatt

Turner, George W. to Hibbs, Caroline C.
Jan 19, 1848 by S. J. Jones. M.G.

Tomlinson, James M. to Askew, Rachel
Mar. 9, 1848 by J. M. Hanna J. P

Vantress, Wm., to Stone, Mary A.
April 26, 1848, by C. L. Cate

Williams, Wm. to Adams, Mary Morgan
Dec. 19, 1848 by Mooring, Wyatt, J.P.

Warren, Thos. R. to Gattis, Rebecca Ann
Dec. 15, 1848, Sol Dec. 20, 1849 by
A. S. Rogers, J.P.

Winston, Wm. N. to Conger, Winney Ann
Sept. 28, 1848 by Stark, Roby. J.P.

Wythe, Alonza to Thomas, Jane
June 22, 1848, X. W. Gamewell, M.G.

Wallace, Wm. B. to Williams, Mary E.
Mar. 28, 1848, James R. Sykes

Wamble, Wm. W. to Sherman, Narcissa C.
March 9, 1848, F. Bynum M.G.

Winston, Joseph E., to Nicholson, Marg/
Mar. 1, 1848, by S. J. Jones

Wright, John to Durpiest, Francis
Jan 3, 1848

Young, Wm. F to Medlin, Agnes
Aug 1, 1848, Jno B. Boykin (J.P.)



Altman, Joel W. to Maddox, Rachel A.
Dec. 20, 1849 by Wm. Boon, J.P.

Allison, Wm. to Robinson, Sarah S. E.
Aug 20, 1849

Anderson, Montgomery to Steward, Cynthia
Aug 16, 1849 by G. H. Gillispie

Altom, Elisha to Williamson, Hannah
Apr. 16, 1849 by Gee. S. Harrison, J.P.

Burn, Daniel R. to Lambert, Martha J.
Dec. 16, 1849 by H. Barrier J.P.

Brent, Wm. L. to Steward, Nancy E
Dec. 9, 1949

Boewell, Jonathan to Home, Eliz
Oct. 30, 1849 by S. Sypert

Baxter James to Hymphreys, Margatett
July 26, 1849 by S. P. McDonald J.P.

Barnes, Edward to Anderson, Matilda
May 3, 1849 by John T. Bryan (J.P.)


(Page 124)

Chester, John to Taylor, Apphia A.
Iss'd.: Oct. 24, 1848
Sol. by Jones, A. W. (Rev.)
Wit: John Chester, Charles Gibbs, Joseph B. Freeman

Carter, Augustine (Carroll County) to Mary Halliburton
Sept. 28, 1848 Sol. Oct 10, 1848 by J. A. C. Manley M.G. Wit. Gayle Kyle

Carter, Drury (Fayette County) to Bells Shepard
Aug. 19, 1848 Sol. Aug 21, 1848 by Calvin McKinney, Pastor 1st Presby. Church, Jackson

Cozart, Antony Haywood to Rebecca Kerby
March 8, 1848 Sol. March 9, 1848 by John B. Boykin, J.P.
Wit. John McClellan, Bennet T. and A. McClellan

Cupples, Thomas to Elizabeth Sipes
Feby. 29, 1848 Sol. March 1, 1848 by Isahm Hearn
Wit. Benjamine W. Haltom

Chisum, William to Caroline Vinson
January 3, 1848 Wit. John B. Vinson and William H. Chisum

Carter, John to Elizabeth McKnight
Jan. 3, 1848 Sol. January 6, 1848 by S. P. McDonald M.G.

Dunlap, James N to Elizabeth Carter
Dec. 11, 1848 Sol. Dec 14, 1848 by S. P. McDonald J.P. Wit. John McCucken

Drake, John to Sophronia
Iss'd Oct 16, 1848 Wit: John Drake - H. H. Hardin
Sol. March 10, 1850 by George S. Harrison

Day, George W. to Mary E. Jones
Oct. 12, 1848 Wit. Dennis Taylor
Sol. October 15, 1848 by James, Pyles, M.G

Dyer Stephen to Melinda L. Watson
October 5, 1848
Wit: A. H. Cathey

Dickie, Isaac E. to Saluda J. Haynes
Iss'd September 25, 1848 Wit.: Joel Vannay

Dreamore, John C to Berneta R. Golden
July 19, 1848 Wit: Abner C. Shelton, Sol: July 20, 1848 by George Harrison, J.


(Page 125)

Bennett, William K (Haywood County) to Eliza A. Road
March 1, 1849 Wit: George Connally
Sol. March 5, 1849 by James W. Strother R O M C

Bagnell, Isaac to Mary A. Butts
January 24, 1849 Wit: Laban Haislip

Bell, Samuel J. to Frances B. Montgomery
January 16, 1849 Wit. Genry G. Thomas
Sol. by Alexander Futrell, Esq.

Baker, James H. to Elizabeth Glenn
December 27, 1849, Wit. John J. Fuller
Sol. December 29, 1849 by H. Barnes

Burrus, John to Elizabeth M. Goodrich
January 9, 1849
Wit: Solomon Whittan
Sol. by J. H. Hanna, J.P.

Bolton, Richard T. to Malissa Boals
January 9, 1849, James McMillan Witness
Sol. January 10, 1849 by J. W. Boykin, J.P.

Barber, Thomas to Mary Jane Horn
January 11, 1849

Cole, George W. to Susan Thompson
December 3, 1849 Wit: Thomas McCowatt (Haywood County)

Clements, Calvin C. (Gibson County) to Mary A. Fly
November 10, 1849 Wit: W. B. Leat
November 13, 1849 by J. W. Jones, J.P.

Carpenter, Nathanuel C. to Mary D. Smith
October 29 1849 Wit: N. H. Whitlow
Sol. November 1, 1849 by R. Day, M.G.

Crowell, Alfred to Harriett Slocum
June 14, 1849 by J. M. Hanna. J.P.

Coats, John to Mary E. Jayne
June 21, 1849 by Wyatt Mooring, J.P.

Cook, Thomas A to Julia A. E. King
May 14, 1849 Wit: John L. Cook
Sol. May 15, 1849 by P. S. Gayle, M.G.


(Page 126)

Clark, John F. to Mary Jane Doake
January 25, 1849 Wit.: E. A. Clark
Sol: January 30, 1949 by S. J. Jones, M.G.

Day, Lemuel to Mary Gowan
July 21, 1849 Wit: Wm. F. Brandon
Sol: July 26, 1849 by R. Day, M.G.

Dawson, William to Elizabeth J. Quinley
February 12, 1849 by L. C. Sanderlin

Donelson, John to Delia C. Waters
January 13, 1849 Wit.: Samuel J. Hays
Sol: January 13, 1849 by Calvin McKinney, Pastor Presby. Church.

Dickson, Joseph M. to Emerline C. Jones
January 5, 1849 Wit.: John R. Woolfork
Sol. January 8, 1849 by J. R. Woolfork, J. L.

Freeman, Jose B. to Virginia Caruthers
October 25, 1849, Charles N. Gibbs, Wit.
Sol. by J. W. McCullough, St. Lukes Rector

Fitz, Clement P. to Caroline E. Williamson
September .3, 1849 Thomas J. Jett, Wit.
Sol. October 3, 1849 by G. H. Gillispie

Gaskins, Enoch to Perlina W. Dearmore
September 17, 1849 William P. Dearmore, Wit.

Gowan, Pleasant A. to Mary A. E. Harris
July 30, 1849, John L. Brown, Witness

Gamewell, Francis to Martha J. Jackson
May 17, 1849 A. T. Pegues, Wit:
Sol. by Lorenzo Lea

Garrett, Alfred D, to Tennessee Freeling
January 23, 1849, John L. Brown, Witness
Sol. January 24, 1849 by Solomon Cooper, M.G.

Hewitt, Hazael to Melinde Sensemon
December 22, 1849
December 25, 1849 by J. Transon, J.P.

Hogan, Isiah, to Sarah Johnson
Dec. 22, 1849 D. M. Alexander Wit.
Sol. by John Love, J.P.

(to be continued)