By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1996

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January 4, 1878

Mrs. MORRIS GOODLOE, her bro-in-law and her 4 children started in buggy for Alamo, Tenn. to visit her father in Gibson Co.; while crossing the Forked Deer River at Eaton, Gibson Co., the horse backed buggy into river, spilling riders; the children all drowned but the adults were saved.


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January 11, 1878

VIRGIE d/o Capt. J. S. CHILES died Jan. 9.

Mrs. J. T. COBB died Medon, Tenn. Jan. 4.

Mrs. NANCY WARLICK died near Lavinia, Carroll Co., Tenn. Dec. 25, aged 78. One of first members of Presbyterian Church in Jackson.


January 18, 1878

Mrs. F. A. RICE died at residence of James L. Talbot, Jackson, Jan.15. Sister of Mrs. John A. Arrington and mother-in-law of mayor, L. E. Talbot.


January 25, 1878

Mrs. FRANCES J. w/o P. C. McCOWAT died Jackson Jan. 23.

Mrs. MARTHA w/o A. B. GOODWIN, Esq. died near Pinson, Tenn. Jan. 23, aged about 58.

A. J. SMITH died near Jackson Jan. 16, aged about 40. S/o Henry Smith, Esq. of Denmark, Tenn.; lived several years in Brazil, South America.

JAMES SAYLE run over and killed by train January 21. Home had been Plano, Texas; a young man.


February 1, 1878

JIMMIE R. s/o Rev. B. F. and Mattie BLACKMON died Montezuma, Tenn. Jan. 28, aged 3 months.

Mrs. MARTHA w/o James B. PEARCY died near Jackson. Jan. 29, aged about 50; d/o James Hicks, Sr.

Mrs. EUNICE STRIBLING died near Medon, Tenn. Jan. 24, aged about 80. Grandmother of Lelia and Alleine Stribling of Jackson.

Mrs. TALETHA J. w/o W. K. WALSH died Jackson 30 in 50th year; from injuries sustained in fall from platform from her house to that of her daughter's.


February 8, 1878

BERRY H. BROWN died Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 28.

Mr. ALLIE GAMMON died from fall from horse in Sullivan Co., Tenn. last week.

WILLIE HARRY inf/s W. H. WILLIAMS died near Jackson Jan. 29.

GEORGE HICKS, Esq. died Feb 1, residence of son, K. G. Hicks near Jackson. Born Sussex Co., Va. Sept. 10, 1796; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn. and married Miss Josie Washington there. He came to Madison Co. in 1822, a bricklayer, which trade he followed to earn money to buy farm and he became a prosperous farmer.


February 15, 1878

WILLIAM REID died Haywood Co., Tenn. Feb. 11.

JAMES HART died Mobile, Ala . Feb 12; native of Henderson Co., Tenn; served in13 Tenn. Inf. C. S. A. during Civil War.

Obit for JAMES SMITH, died Mifflin, Tenn. Feb 1. Born Buncombe Co., N.C. in 1810; moved with father to Warren Co., Tenn. and then to west Tennessee.


February 22, 1878

J. H. McADAMS died Henderson Co., Tenn. Feb. 18, aged 39. Union Masonic Lodge140 and Mifflin Chapter 100. Buried with masonic honors.


March 1, 1878

PETER KELSY Son/o J. H. and Louisa J. SCARBOROUGH died Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 14 in 16th year.

Miss FANNIE THEUS died Jackson Feb. 16 in 28th year.

JAMES TALBOT second son of William and Lucinda JOHNSON died Clarksburg, Tenn. Feb. 22 "on the verge of manhood."


March 8, 1878

WINNY GIVENS inf/d John P. and Nannie HARRISON died Medon, Tenn. March 1.

Ex-Senator B. F. WADE died Jefferson, Ohio March 2.


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WINSTON ADAMS, black, hanged near Clarksville, Tenn., accused of sexual assault on ten year old girl.


March 15, 1878

J. H. McADAMS died Henderson Co., Tenn. Feb 19, aged 37; postmaster.

Mrs. MATTIE A. w/o Rev. S. W. McMAHEN died Jackson March 14.

J. M. PASSMORE died near Carroll Station March 12, aged 22.

W. A. W. DAVIS died near Medon, Tenn. Feb. 19 in 31st year. Baptist.

Mrs. --- CHAMBERLAIN died near Medina, Tenn. March 8.

JAMES NIXON died Madison Co., Tenn., aged 26.


March 22, 1878

JOHN W. LAWS died near Clarksburg, Tenn.

WILLELLA d/o Maj. S. HEFFLEBLOWER died Madison Co., Tenn. March 15; w/o Dr. CORBETT of Miss. Co., Missouri, aged 32.


March 29, 1878

Infant child of Samuel GLADNEY and wife died near Medon, Tenn. March 26.

CORA B. second dau. of R. H. and L. P. ANDERSON died Jackson March 24.

Miss ELVIRA d/o Elijah SCATES committed suicide 3 miles north of McLemoresville, Tenn. March 22; shot herself, 17 years old.


April 5, 1878

E. LAWRENCE died C.D. 16, Madison Co., Tenn. March 31, aged about 60.

SAMUEL D. BARNETT died Jackson April 3, aged about 49; left one child.

In Memoriam: JAMES McADAMS who died Middle Fork, Tenn. Feb. 19.

Obit for CORA BELLE ANDERSON who died March 24, aged 21, Jackson, Tenn.


April 12, 1878

IRA inf/s J. T. and Nancy WALTERS died 6 miles north of Jackson April 8.

Miss LIZZIE SHELTON died Jackson April 6, aged 15.

JOSEPH HAMMERLY died Little Rock, Ark.

Mrs. SAMANTHA E. BUCKLEY died near Mifflin, Tenn. March 24 aged 26. D/o W. L. and Alice Stegall, born Sept. 23, 1852; married John M. Buckley, 1872; mother of two children.


April 19, 1878

W. M. "Boss" TWEED died recently. Born N.Y. city, 1823; chairmaker; N.Y. alderman; eventually became political boss of the city.

F. A. KEELEN died Denmark, Tenn. Apri1 11 in 54th year, born Salem, N.C. Feb. 6, 1824; to Henderson Co., Tenn. in 1843 and to Denmark soon; married July 1856 Margaret Neely who soon died; April 1861 married Belle Williamson and had 7 children. Pillar of Presbyterian Church in Denmark.

Tribute of Respect for SAMUEL D. BARNETT who died recently; by County Court of Madison Co., Tenn. April 15, 1878.


April 26, 1878

JOHN MATHEWS died Jackson April 18.

Obit for Dr. WILLIAM C. KINDEL died Purdy, Tenn. March 17. Born Oct. 30, 1811 near Greenville, Green Co., Tenn.; when about 9 years old moved with family to Savannah, Hardin Co., Tenn.; attended college, LaGrange, Ala.; studied medicine. In 1837 located at Livingston. Miss. until fall of 1837 when returned to school - University of Louisville, graduated 1838; married Martha A. E. d/o V. D. Barry, March 11, 1841; 7 children. She died April 30, 1860. In 1843-1844 he moved to Purdy where he practiced medicine until his death.


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May 3, 1878

Tribute of Respect for J. H. McADAMS who died recently; by Union Grange 29.


May 10, 1878

Tribute of Respect for SAMUEL D. BARNETT who died April 3; by Lodge 53, I. O. W. M., dated April 8, 1878.


May 17, 1878

H. H. BETHSHESHEARES died Humboldt, Tenn. May 10.


May 24, 1878

HIRAM HANSBOROUGH died Milan, Tenn. May 17.

LILLY inf/d S. H. and Ida ANDERSON died near Claybrook, Tenn. May 17, aged 2 years, 3 months.

JOHN BELL, Esq. died Crockett Co., Tenn. last week; town of Bells named for him.

HELEN w/o Hu C. ANDERSON, d/o John D. Bond, died Jackson May 20, aged about 23, left an infant only a few days old.

Mrs. WHIRTER, Mrs. NEELY, Mrs. HIGHT had died recently; no other information.


May 31, 1878

LIZZIE LEIPER inf/d A. C. and Elizabeth CALDWELL died May 28.

Mrs. KATE w/o Maj. J. L. PARHAM died May 24 in 37th year. Born Greenville, Ala. Feb. 18, 1841; married Seaborne Williams, Nov. 1, 1860 and J. L. Parham, November 16, 1865.

HU S. GARDNER killed by J. J. Cash near Medina, Tenn. May 25.


June 7, 1878

Mrs. JAMES R. VANN, formerly Mrs. Region, died Jackson June 3.

W. T. CHRISTOPHER s/o W. C. Christopher killed when thrown under a wagon at Henderson, Tenn. May 31.


June 14, 1878

WILLIAM LOWREY died C.D. 2, Madison Co., Tenn. June 1, aged 90.

EDGAR s/o W. G. and Ada SMITH died Longview, Texas May 6, aged 19 months.


June 28, 1878

ROBERT NEWTON CALDWELL died Greensboro, N.C. June 22 in 63rd year.


July 12, 1878

Mrs. ABIGAIL NILES, mother of Mrs. G. N. Harris, died Jackson July 5.

LEWIS EDMOND s/o E. B. and Nannie WINFREE died near Spring Creek July 3.

Miss MARY TURNER died July 10, aged 16.

JOHN R. NORVELL died Jackson July 8 in 82nd year. Came to Jackson in 1825

and with bro., Thomas, built many brick buildings in the area.

Tribute of Respect for Capt. R. M. MAY who died recently; by Forked Deer Grange 899.


July 19, 1878

Mrs. J. R. CHAPPELL died Atlanta, Texas July 11; sister of P. D. W. Conger and John W. Conger; mother of Miss Narcissa Chappell.

Mrs. AMANDA J. w/o C. R. SCOTT died Mifflin, Tenn. July 14, aged about 36.

Prof. J. D. P. FUTRELL died Butler Springs July 14; in charge of commercial department at Southwestern Baptist University.

Rev. J. G. ACTON died Bolivar, Tenn. July 14, aged about 61. Bro. of Mrs. S. S. Brooks and Mrs. Hettie McKay.


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July 26, 1878

S. S. ROYSTER died Granville Co., N.C. July 19, aged 69. Bro. of Mrs. R. I. Chester and father of Mrs. C. G. Bond, Jackson.

JAMES M. COBB died near Brown's Church, Madison Co., Tenn. July 20, aged abt. 58.


August 2, 1878

MINNIE WARREN youngest of P. T. Barnum's dwarves died July 30. Sister of Mrs. Tom Thumb, in Middleboro, Mass.

WILLIE G. JEFFERSON died Jackson Aug. 1, age 17; s/o J. G. and M. A. Jefferson of Dalton, Ga.; compositor on TRIBUNE-SUN newspaper.


August 9, 1878

CORA d/o H. and Mary SUMNERS died Medon, Tenn. Aug 6, aged 5 years, 4 days.

Tribute of Respect for J. G. ACTON who died recently; by R. E. Lee Lodge 53, I.O.M.A. July 15, 1878.


August 16, 1878

Capt. JACOB HILL died near Medon, Tenn. Aug 12, aged 81 years, 11 months, 15 days. At home of son-in-law David Lacy; he fought in War of 1812.

Mrs. JENNIE LONG WHITE died Memphis, Tenn. Aug. 12.


August 23, 1878

Inf/d of Robert and Fannie REAVIS died Jackson Aug. l6, aged 2 weeks.

Inf of Capt. BOOKER of S L & N. RR died Jackson Aug. 21.

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o John PERRY died 10 miles south of Jackson Aug. 10, aged 70.

W. C. CHANDLER died near Andrew Chapel, Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 20; J. P. for yrs.

Obit for WILLIAM THOMAS McCUTCHEN, died Aug. 21 at residence of uncle, J. T. McCutchen, aged 31.


August 30, 1878

MAMIE inf/d M. D. and L. A. MERIWETHER died Aug. 26.

Capt. ---BOWLINGJACK died near Jackson Aug. 26.

Mrs. ANTHONY BROWN died north of Jackson.

ALLIENE youngest dau. of Hays and Nannie STANLEY died Aug. 27, aged abt. 5 yrs.

JAMES SHELTON, Esq. died near Carroll Station, Tenn. Aug 21, aged 88.

Dr. W. A. GILMORE died Carroll Station, Tenn. Aug. 27, aged 37.

Capt. DAN GETTY died Jackson Aug. 23; conductor on Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans RR.

Mrs. LIZZIE w/o N. E. HUGKES died Jackson Aug. 25, aged 25.


September 6, 1878

Lists of yellow fever deaths in numerous Mid-South cities. Authenticated lists of all persons known to have died in the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 are listed under "The Dead of 1878", pages 207-266, THE YELLOW FEVER EPIDEMIC OF 1878 by James M. Keating, Memphis, 1879. For the town of Jackson, Tennessee, page 240 are listed victims JAMES HADAWAY, Mrs. REARDON and ANDREW WILSON. This is a scholarly work, more reliable perhaps than newspaper lists of the dead.

WILLIAM TURBIN killed in ambush, Dyer Co., Tenn. Aug. 24.

BUTLER P. ANDERSON died of yellow fever, Grenada, Miss. Sept. 3.

Obit for NATHANIEL ALSTON GILMORE died Carroll, Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 26, from malarial fever. Born Sumpter Co., Ala. Oct. 7, 1849; s/o John W. and Mary Grey Alston Gilmore. In 1868 began study of medicine in Clarke Co., Miss.; graduated University of Somerville, March 1871; located in Madison Co., Tenn. Joined Mt. Pleasant Methodist church in 1872. Married Feb. 19, 1873 Mattie H. oldest dau. of James A. Heard. Left 3 children.


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September 13, 1878

More lists of yellow fever deaths in Mid-South.

Mrs. MARGARET w/o LOYD STRAWN of Hardin Co., Tenn. died

Mrs. BESSIE w/o Dr. G. W. MORRIS died Hardin Co., Tenn. Aug 22. Born Adamsville, Tenn. Dec. 9, 1858, d/o George M. Cox.

VIRGINIA inf/d L. T. and L. A. LINDSEY died Jackson Sept. 9.

GEORGE WOODS HARRIS "Babe" s/o Dr. W. T. Harris died Lexington, Tenn. Sept. 9.


September 20, 1878

More lists of yellow fever deaths in Mid-South.

G. R. SCOTT, merchant, shot and killed by Peter Johnson, Collierville this week.

J-- inf/s G. E. and M. E. ARMSTEAD died Jackson Sept. 24.

CHARLIE inf/s G. S. and A. WILLIAMSON died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 24, aged 2 years, 10 months.

Youngest son of Mrs. Rachel BEARDEN died Jackson Sept. 26.

JOHN FREEMAN inf/s D. P. and Lizzie DAVIS died Jackson.

Mrs. SARAH BELLE w/o Rev. J. E. BRIGHT died Jackson, Sept. 10.

HORACE HAMPDEN, only son of Mrs. Jo. B. MICHIE died Jackson Sept. 26, about 6 years. About 4 yrs. ago her husband was killed in train mishap.


October 4, 1878

JOHN D. BLAIR died Jackson Oct. 3, aged about 25.


October 11, 1878

More lists of yellow fever deaths in Mid-South.

ARTHUR M. s/o J. C. GOOCH died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 2, aged 8 years, 6 months, 24 days.


October 18, 1878

More lists of yellow fever deaths in Mid-South.

Col. TINDER died Gadsden, Tenn. Oct. 17.

Gen. GIDEON J. PILLOW died Oct. 6, aged 73. Native of Williamson Co., Tenn.; veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars.

Mrs. RACHEL REARDON died Jackson Oct. 13, aged about 33. /One of the three acknowledged yellow fever deaths in Jackson during the epidemic/

JAMES F. HADAWAY died Jackson Oct. l4, aged about 65; city sexton for years.

GUS only s/o M. F. BRANNER died Jackson, aged about 4 years.

Capt. J. B. CARUTHERS died Jackson Oct. l6, aged about 48.


October 25, 1878

Mrs. MARGARET F. McCABE died Jackson Oct. 19, aged about 60. Mother of Capt.W. F. McCabe and J. G. McCabe.

Mrs. MARTHA w/o Abner BROWN, d/o T. A. Cock died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 21, aged about 24; left little daughter.

Rev. J. E. BRIGHT died Jackson Oct. 21, aged about 75.


November 1, 1878

M. M. BRIGHT died Jackson Oct. 24 aged about 30.

Mrs. FANNIE w/o D. A. JANES died Jackson Oct. 31, aged about 37; left 4 small children. Methodist.

WILLIAM PEARSON, Esq. died near Claybrook, Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 12, aged 68. Moved to Henderson Co., Tenn. from N.C. in 1834 and later to Madison Co.; had acquired comfortable estate.

GEORGE G. HUGHES died Jackson Oct. 31; agent for years of C. St. L & N. O. RR.

WILLIAM C. RUSSELL of Memphis died Brownsville, Tenn.


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November 8, 1878

Mrs. ELIZABETH CAREY died Jackson Nov. 7 at residence of her grandson, C. F. Willey, aged 75.

Obit for JOHN T., second son of Maj. Thomas PARHAM died Madison Co., Tenn. September 20.


November 15, 1878

Mrs. ELLA M. w/o John LINNING died Braden, Tenn. Nov. 14, aged 24.


November 22, 1878

MURDOCH McDANIEL died Hardin Co., Tenn. last week in 60th year.

ISAAC MEEKS committed suicide near Coffee Landing some weeks ago.

C. D. CHAMBERLIN died near Cotton Grove. Madison Co., Tenn. last week, in 59th year.

MIZPAH ROSAMON only dau. of John M. and Florence F. GILLESPIE died Nov. 14, aged 15 months.


November 29, 1878

Obit for JEFF D. McHANEY died Lexington, Tenn. Nov. 20, aged 16.

Maj. G. W. ROBERTSON died Jackson Nov. 28, aged about 48; resident of Jackson about ten years; officer of the M & O RR without family of kindred "in this section."

--- GRIFFIN, age 21, was legally hanged in Cooke Co., Tenn. Nov. 22 for sexual assault on Evaline Clark, age 9 years, Feb. 1877.

S. B. MALLORY, midshipman U.S. Navy died yellow fever Santa Cruz Island about November 10. Entered Naval Academy from William and Mary College in 1872. The third brother to die in naval service. Son of Mrs. Chas. K. Mallory and brother of E. S. Mallory, both of Jackson, Tenn.


December 6, 1878

Tribute of Respect for JAMES G. MAYO, died Pinson, Tenn. Sept. 25, abt 75. By Pinson Masonic Lodge 222.

MACK STEWARD died Lexington, Tennessee in a burning building Dec. 3. He "was a man of middle life; a quiet, industrious citizen, when sober and much liked in his neighborhood." Left 6 children.


December 13, 1878

JOSEPH H. WILLIAMS died Jackson Dec. 12, aged about 33; a city constable.

NATHANIEL N. PERRY died Jackson Dec. 10 in 39th year; married Dec. 31, 1868 to Miss Fidelia E. Jackson. Methodist.

Mrs. MARY F. w/o H. A. MERIWETHER died near Jackson Nov. 29.

GEORGE CHAMBERS died near Pittsburg landing last week, about age 35.


December 20, 1878

THORNTON inf/s H. K. and Jennie WITHERSPOON died Jackson Nov. l6, aged 14 days.

J. C. HAWKINS died Galveston, Texas Nov. 13, aged about 33. Buried Woodland Mills, Tenn. Born Halifax Co., Va. Confederate officer. In 1873 married Addie V. Winston who died of typhoid fever in 1874 leaving a son who died at Miss. City last September of yellow fever. Hawkins had lived in Obion County since 1872; went to Texas "for his health."


December 27, 1878

A. J. CLARK died Bells Depot, Tenn. Dec. 23, aged about 63. Born in Maryland where he married; moved west to Jackson 12 years ago and moved away about 1 year ago.

S. L. PIPKIN shot and killed by Nath Faine, black, Dec. 25 at Toon's Station.

/More about incident in Jan.10, 1879 issue of the newspaper/


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JAMES HAYNES shot and killed near Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn. by Thomas Lane Dec. 22.


January 3, 1879

Col. JOSEPH R. MOSLEY died Fayette Co., Tenn. Oct. 29; "a prominent and influential citizen of this county."

Mrs. LOUISA SEWELL died near Mifflin, Tenn. Dec. 27, aged about 56.

Mrs. MARTHA BROWN died near Mifflin, Tenn. Dec. 30, aged about 73.


January 10, 1879

HALLEY WARREN inf/s J. B. and V. S. CONGER died Jackson Dec. 30, aged 5 months.


January 17, 1879

GEORGE EINSIG killed his wife when she refused to go back to him, at the home of her father, Andrew Gehring, York, Pa.


January 24, 1879

JOHN M. WITHERS died 8 miles NW of Jackson Jan. 21, aged about 38.

Miss MAGGIE CARUTHERS died Jackson Jan. 21; sister of Mr. G. W. Jarman. Interment Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Mrs. JANE M. WILLIAMS, relict of J. H. Williams died Jackson, at home of son-in-law J. B. Conger Jan. 20, aged 62.

Mrs. ADALINE w/o J. D. HACKNEY died near Medon, Tenn. Dec. 7, aged 46. Born, raised in Hardeman Co.; joined Presbyterian Church at New Hope when age 16. Married in 1852; left widower and brothers.

Obit for Dr. ALEXANDER JACKSON died Jackson Jan. 19. Born Halifax Co., Va. about 1802; orphaned, raised by uncle Samuel Miller. Graduate University of Pa., 1823. Settled in Halifax Co. but in 1827 moved to Paris, Tenn. and then in 1840 to Jackson. Married a Miss Hurt d/of Rev. Mr. Hurt of Halifax Co., Va., and had two sons Judge Howell E. Jackson and Gen. Wm. H. Jackson. Married Susan Freeman and had two sons James Jackson and Milton Jackson. Married Mrs. Eunice B. Fenner and had two sons Samuel W. Jackson and Robert F. Jackson.


January 31, 1879

JOHN J. ANDERSON found dead near his residence about 1/2 mile east of Jackson on Spring Creek road Jan. 29. Verdict of jury that he died by pistol or rifle shot, murdered by unknown party/parties. He had been dead, it was considered, at least 48 hours when he was found. Although erratic, Anderson had been a successful businessman.


February 7, 1879

JAMES M. GILLIKIN died Feb 3, near Harrisburg /Malesus/ in 63 year. Baptist.

JACOB JONES died near Pinson, Tenn. Jan. 25, in 81st year. Long a resident of McNairy Co., Tenn.

JAMES R. NEELY died near Denmark, Tenn. Feb. 2 in 48th year; county magistrate.


February 14, 1879

Mrs. FRANCES J. w/o F. A. WILSON died Jackson Feb. 12.

FRANK BOND shot and killed near Brownsville, Tenn. Feb 12 by James Bond, "own" cousin and brothers-in-law; quarreled over land.


February 20, 1879

Miss MARTHA E. MILLS died near Medon, Tenn. Feb 13 in 13th year.


February 27, 1879

Mrs. E. A. BROWN died Medon. Tenn. Feb. 23, aged 73.

In memory of Mrs. JANE M. WILLIAMS; a poem dedicated to "Dear Mother" by Lula, dated Feb. 26, 1879.


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March 13, 1879

LEANDER s/o George M. ROBINSON died Jackson March 11, aged about 20.

INGRAM JOHNSON died Jackson Feb. 27, aged 19, at home of uncle, John A. Greer.

ROBERT FRANCIS inf/s John T. and Ella STARK died Jackson Mar.12, aged 2 years, 5 months.

HERMAN inf/s P. R. Brady died March 11, aged 4 years, 8 months.

B. F. SMITH died Jackson March 11; railroad engineer.


March 20, 1879

Mrs. MARY w/o Eli JOHNSON died March 3, Middle Fork; left two children.

JOSEPH SMITH died Middle Fork Feb. 27 and wife soon died also, on March 7. Members of the Baptist Church.

Dr. J. B. POWELL died Jackson March 13 in 64th year. Baptist.


March 27, 1879

DAVID A. JONES died near Gadsden, Tenn. March 23.

Mrs. SARAH C. w/o Elias LAWRENCE died Madison Co., Tenn. March 21, aged about 77.


April 3, 1879

Judge JOHN M. ELLIOTT of Court of Appeals, Frankfort, Ky. shot and killed March 26.

ISAAC KIRKMAN committed suicide, hanged himself, 2 miles north of Camden, Tenn. March 31.


April 10, 1879

CHICK COPPAGE died near Pinson, Tenn. April 3 after eating what he thought was angelica root but turned out to be hemlock.

SALLIE H. d/o B. F. and N. M. GATES died Jackson April 9 at home of brother, Robert Gates, who was raising her as one of his own children; age 9.

Dr. CHARLES McKNIGHT died Wills Point, Texas March 21 in 31st year. Son of Caleb McKnight of Pinson, Tenn.


April 24, 1879

FRANK HILL s/o old sheriff Hezekiah Hill found dead at his front gate near Franklin, Tenn. from gunshot wound. Had been a lieutenant in 24 Tenn. Inf. Reg. during the war.

Mrs. HARVEY WHITESIDES died Jackson April 18 at "advanced age."


May 15, 1879

IREDELL WILLIAMS died Madison Co., Tenn. April 24; father of Rounds and Hy Williams. Born Sept. 29, 1793; to Tenn. from N.C. in 1820. Baptist.

MYRTLE little d/o W. H. and M. E. BRUTON died Jackson May 1.

Obit for ARCHIBALD WHITE died C.D. 10, Madison Co., Tenn. May 13. Born Nelson Co., Va. Jan. 2, 1815; moved to N.C. when he was 6 and to Maury Co., Tenn. in 1832; married August 12, 1841 and in 1843 moved to Madison Co., Tenn. but returned to Maury County in 1846 but moved back to Madison 1849.

MINOR FURGERSON, black youth, stabbed and killed by William Minters; a student at Southwestern Baptist University, May 8.

NEWTON VANTREESE died from injuries from being dragged by a mule near Pinson, Tenn. May 14, aged about 25.


June 5, 1879

Mrs. PATRICK SANFORD's little son killed accidentally by gun June 2 in C.D. 17, Madison Co., Tenn.

Capt. ROBERT A. BURROWS died Memphis; had lived in Jackson for years; joined 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg. while there. Bachelor.


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June 12, 1879

ANNIE d/o C. F. and M. M. BELL died near Mifflin, Tenn. June 5, aged about 2 years.

Mrs. JANE COOPER died near Mifflin, Tenn. June 4, aged about 57.

Mrs. S. E. WATSON d/of A. R. and M. M. Bumpass died Jackson June 19 in 32 year.

A poem in memory of SARAH ELIZA CALLAWAY, a little girl, written by "Minnie."


July 3, 1879

Resolutions of Respect for JAMES W. APPERSON who had died; by Launcelot Lodge 13, Knights of Pythias, dated June 27.


July 10, 1879

HENRY K. WITHERSPOON died Charleston, Missouri July 8, aged 38. Born Camden, Kershaw Dist., S.C.; employed by M. & O. RR. Left 3 young children.

Mrs. MARY J. w/o SION W. BOON died Jackson July 3.

Mr. A. M. RUSHING died Jackson July 4 on his 31st birthday.


July 17, 1879

Rev. ALLEN THOMPSON died near Medon, Tenn. July 5 in 83rd year. Born S.C.; raised Warren Co., Ky.; a Baptist preacher.

WILLIAM CLEMENT HARRISON died Jackson July 13; youngest son of Rev. John A. Harrison, aged 23. Born in Jackson, graduate of University of the South and General Theological Seminary, 1879. Admitted to Deacons Order June 11, 1879.


August 21, 1879

Tribute of Respect for ALLEN THOMPSON who died July 5; by Medon Masonic Lodge 166, July 19.

ORA, little d/o Wesley and Julia BAIRD died Stephenson, Tenn. Aug. 15.

B. A. inf/s C. C. and M. A. BEAL died Aug 2, lacked 3 days of being 7 months old.


October 2, 1879

List of Dead from Yellow Fever Epidemic, Marshall Co., Miss. in this issue.

TATE s/o Mrs. N. T. PERKINS died Jackson Sept. 29 aged 8 months.

WILLIAM FOGG died Jackson Sept. 25, aged about 37.

N. HOPPER died Jackson Oct. 1, aged about 71.

Mrs. IDA E. LYONS died Sept. 24 at home of her father Addison Estes, aged 27.

THOMAS L. CALDWELL died Jackson, aged 22. Cashier, First National Bank.


October 9, 1879

List of Dead from Yellow Fever Epidemic in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Mrs. LAURA POLK w/o George P. ANDREWS died Oct. 8 in 29th year; left 2 children.


October 23, 1879

WILLIAM WARD inf/s John W. and Georgie GATES died Jackson Oct. 21.


November 20, 1879

Mrs. KATE w/o WILLIAM BRADLEY died Jackson, Nov. 16, aged about 26. Sister of Mrs. W. A. Marks. Episcopalian.


December 4, 1879

Mrs. CATHARINE HOGARTH DICKENS, widow of Norbit Charles Dickens died, leaving 7 sons, 3 daughters.


June 10, 1880

HENRY STRAYHORN killed near five-points in Jackson by Caesar Wells, a fellow teamster, as his skull was fractured by an oak plank, June 5.


July 22, 1880 (Tennessee Room Copy)

MARIA SMITH, 20 years old, burned to death, Memphis, recently.


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August 12, 1880

IRA s/o late B. A. JONES killed when run over by wagon near Gadsden, Tenn. Aug. 7. His father was killed last March in a personal fight with a Mr. Moore. Only child of his mother.


August 26, 1880

LEONARD MATHIS who lived about 12 miles from Paris, Tenn. adjoining the land of his son, Dr. J. T. Mathis, who now lives in Texas (and has since a year ago) was fatally shot three times in the back by his grandson, John L. Mathis Aug. 24. His father had left young (about age 23) "Johnny" in charge of his farm but he was "dissipated and wild" by nature, according to report. He and his grandfather were on bad terms, argued, leading to his murdering his aged forebear.

JOHN J. CASSELBERRY, young man, killed at Middleburg, Tenn. Aug. 26 by C. L. Estelle.

VIOLA MAY inf/d A. H. and N. P. ELLINGTON died Jackson Aug. 22.


September 2, 1880

BARNEY M. FRY died Jackson Aug. 28 from self-inflicted gunshot; probable cause given was his "stormy marriage." He was about 24 years old and 3 or 4 years ago married a widow, Mollie Holsworth; youngest son of John L. Fry, dec.

Col. JOEL STANSBURY ENLOE died Troy, Tenn. July 7 at home of son, B. A. Enloe. Native of York District, S.C.; born Dec. 26, 1795; father moved family to Barren Co., Ky. and then Henry Co., Tenn.; once again moved to Obion Co. Several-times sheriff of Obion County. Moved to Ark. in 1853 but returned to Obion County in 1865.


October 28, 1880

Rev. JOHN BROOKS died Jackson Oct. 22. Born in Ireland, 1809 and at age 13 came to U.S.; lived in Philadelphia but eventually moved to Purdy in Tennessee, as a merchant, then to Lexington, Tenn. until outbreak of the Civil War. Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

MARY inf/d W. W. and Carrie GATES died Jackson Oct. 26.


November 25, 1880

WILLIAM GREER killed by stabbing wound at Humboldt, Tenn. Nov. 23.

Governor JAMES D. WILLIAMS died Indiana Nov. 20.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. JOHN BROOKS died Oct. 22; by Quarterly Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

JOSIE w/o W. A. MYERS died Jackson Nov. 19.


December 2, 1880

JOHN DOYLE died C.D. 10, Madison Co., Tenn. Nov. 16 aged 21 years; left 1 child.

A. FULLBRIGHT died Harrisburg /Malesus/ Nov. 14, aged 65.

Capt. JOHN J. DICKINSON died near Denmark. Tenn. Nov. 29 aged 61.

Mrs. SARAH w/o John S. MILLER died Jackson Dec. 2, aged 55.

MADISON PARKER died Jackson Dec. 1 aged about 65. Lived in Jackson since 1867.


December 30, 1880

W. K. WALSH died Jackson Dec. 28 in 67th year. Came to Jackson from McNairy Co., Tenn. after Civil War; merchant; left 3 children, one the wife of Dr. Frank B. Hamilton.


January 21, 1881

Tribute of Respect for JOHN J. DICKINSON who died Nov. 30, Denmark, Tenn. By Denmark Masonic Lodge 154, Dec. 1, 1880.


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February 3, 1881

Mrs. MARY E. w/o Patrick H. WALKER, d/o George Chapman died near Denmark, Tenn. Jan. 23 aged 35 year, 24 days. Methodist.

Dr. JOHN D. SMITH died Henderson Co., Tenn. Jan. 25 in 76th year. Born N.C.; to Henderson County in 1828.


February 11, 1881

W. H. HUNT died Jackson Feb. 8 aged 29. Bro. of W. J. Hunt.

THOMAS CARLYLE, English novelist died London Feb. 5. Interment, Dumfreeshire, Scotland.


February 25, 1881

B. R. PERSON died Jackson Feb. 24; a county magistrate.


March 11, 1881

Tribute of Respect for H. F. BOND who had died; by Launcelot Lodge 13, Knights of Pythias, March 1881.


April 1, 1881

FANNIE McELWEE, black, died from accidental burns in C.D. 7, Madison Co. March 28.


April 15, 1881

Tribute of Respect for BENJAMIN R. PERSON who died recently; by Madison Co. Court, April 1881.

JOHN J. FRANKLIN s/o D. J. Franklin of McNairy Station died Jackson April 14 aged about 28.

CLARENCE MASON, nephew of B. E. GRAY killed Toon's Station April 14 on C. St. L. & N. O. RR. aged about 18. Parents lived Water Valley, Miss.


April 22, 1881

Mrs. LUCY w/o N. PARISH died Claybrook, Madison Co., Tenn. April 18.


April 29, 1881

B. S. BROOKS died near Bascom Chapel. Madison Co., Tenn. April 12.

JOHN RUSSELL died Madison Co., Tenn. April 17 in 53rd year. Came to U.S. from Ireland about 30 years ago; died at residence of Capt. E. Harbert.


May 6, 1881

Mrs. OLIVIA w/o George W. SWINK died Medon, Tenn. May 1, aged 28.


June 10, 1881

P. WISDOM died Purdy, Tenn. June 7, aged 21. Nephew of Col. D. M. Wisdom.


June 17, 1881

Mrs. OLIVIA w/o JAMES M. McREE died Jackson June 12.

GEORGE F. ARMSTEAD died Jackson June 15 aged about 47.


June 24, 1881

In Memoriam: Mrs. OLIVIA McREE who died June 12. Born in Va., Feb. 1828; moved to Tenn. when young.


July 22, 1881

RUBIE L. inf/d RANDOLPH HEAFLI /RUDOLPH HAFELI/ died Jackson June 15, aged 5 months. By "A True Friend."

Mrs. CHARLES M. STEPHENS died Ft. Elliott, Texas June 22.


July 29, 1881

CHARLES AUGUSTUS inf/s Charles A. and Georgie DOAK died 5 miles north of Jackson July 21.


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September 3, 1881

Mrs. SALLIE PAYNE died Jackson Aug. 26 at residence of Mr. James Taylor.

WILLIAM T. inf/s A. D. and Sarah T. DUGGER died Jackson Aug. 29.

Hon. R. B. HURT died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 31 in 61st year. Born Halifax Co., Va. in 1821 and at age 14 moved to Nashville, Tenn. where he merchandized. Married Susan A. Deberry, 1843; had 3 sons, 2 daughters served in state legislature 1859-1860, a Whig; again in 1873. Trustee of Memphis Conference Female Institute and Southwestern Baptist University. Had cancer of the face; one eye was removed in 1876.


September 16, 1881

Tribute of Respect for Dr. JAMES GLEN who died Jackson Aug. 3l. By Gadsden vicinity physicians, Sept. 13, 1881.

WILLIAM H. CONNOR killed by Frank Strother, Jackson, Sept. 14. Strother reportedly wanted to marry Connor's dau. but the older man opposed the match; they got into a heated argument and the old man began hitting the younger who drew a pistol and shot him to death near train depot.


March 17, 1881

Dr. JOHN L. LANIER, Sr. died 3 miles NE of Spring Creek, Tenn. March 5. Born Pittsylvania Co., Va. Dec. 31, 1811; moved to Madison Co., 1831; practicing physician. Among his children: Dr. John L. Lanier, Claybrook and Mrs. E. D. Sneed, Jackson.


April 10, 1881

Mrs. NANNIE E. WINFREE died Woodruff Co., Ark. March 20 aged 32.



October 1, 1880

WILLIAM LITTLETON died Henry Co., Tenn. Sept. 15 aged 75.

Rev. Dr. W. D. WILKERSON died Ripley, Tenn. Sept. 19 aged 70.

JAMES J. FLETCHER died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 24; bro. of R. S. Fletcher, editor of the Jackson DISPATCH.


June 7, 1884

R. J. HOLT died Jackson May 3 aged 45.


July 26, 1884

Maj. J. L. PARHAM died Jackson July 20 aged 62. Buried Riverside Cemetery.

Mrs. MARGARET JOHNSON died Baldwyn, Miss., on a visit, recently.

ASHWORTH s/o B. A. ENLOE died Jackson July 20.


June 5, 1885

J. TATOM, Esq. died Big Bottom, Humphreys Co., Tenn. Dec. 22. Born Dickson Co., Tenn. May 31, 1841.

POMP CUNNINGHAM, black, shot and killed by John Outlaw, black, near Jackson January 1.


January 4, 1885

ALBERT BRUCE youngest son of V. and G. A. HUTCHEN died Jackson Jan. 13. A poem in his memory appears in January 24 issue. Aged 3 yrs., 8 mos.

Mr. /John T. /CAVNESS died east Jackson Jan. 11. Born Chatham Co., N.C., 1809; came to Tenn., 1833; lived in Henderson Co. where he was a long-time magistrate; moved to Jackson when he was alderman 5 times. Left 7 children.


January 28, 1885

ZACHARIAH SMITH died Bradford, Tenn. Jan. 21.


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January 31, 1885

S. R. STEADMAN died in Medon, Tenn. Jan. 26 aged 77.

Mrs. MARY E. w/o John T. TAYLOR died near Jackson Jan. 27, aged 32.

ED MADISON, brakeman on Ill. Central RR fell from train and killed Jan. 27 near Hilltop Switch.


February 7, 1885

G. F. NEAL committed suicide by gunshot Feb. 5 aged about 57; left 2 children.


February 11, 1885

WILLIE d/o Prof. J. W. JARMAN died Feb. 6.


February 21, 1885

CHARLIE youngest son of Charlie N. and Fannie E. HARRIS died Jackson Feb. 20.


March 18, 1885

KIT s/o H. L. PALMER died Jackson aged 4 years. Buried Riverside Cemetery.

ED FOYD, black, found dead, Jackson March 17.


March 25, 1885

BEVERLY HOBEY stabbed and killed by son, WILLIAM HOBEY, Jackson March 19.


May 20, 1885

Mrs. FRANCES J. CROOM w/o Major Croom died near Medon, Tenn. May 16, aged 60.


June 3, 1885

HUGH HARKINS, Jr. committed suicide, Bolivar, Tenn. May 31.


June 27, 1885

Capt. CHARLES CUNLIFF died C.D. 9 June 25; Confederate officer. Encomium for him by Madison County Court appears in July 8 issue.


July 1, 1885

JAMES C. inf/s J. C. and M. ESTIS died Jackson June 29 aged 4 days.

JOSEPH THOMPSON, well-esteemed black man, died Jackson several days ago, aged 80.

T. L. KENDRICK died Jackson June 28. Born and raised in Madison Co; deputy sheriff for a time.


July 8, 1885

HENRY POLHKAMP, German, late of Manchester, Iowa died C.D. 8, Madison Co., Tenn. July 4.


July 11, 1885

HENRY JOHNSON died 3 miles south of Huntingdon, Tenn. few days ago; "old."

JO SMITH, young man, committed suicide, Lexington, Tenn. with overdose of morphine July 9; bro. of Tobe Smith.


July 15, 1885

Dr. J. M. TROTTER died Erin, Tenn. a few days ago.

WILLIE A. s/o W. A. and J. FRANCIS died Jackson July 12, aged 2 yrs., 6 months.

WILLIAM WITHERSPOON died Madison Co., Tenn. July 12 aged 84. Father of Ross Witherspoon, Jackson and John and William Witherspoon of Madison Co.

Tribute of Respect for T. L. KENDRICK who died recently; by Knights of Pythias.


July 18, 1885

WILLIE McRAE s/o J. G. McRae died Jackson July 15; lived in Milan, Tenn.


July 22, 1885

W. D. FLETCHER died Madison Co., Tenn . July 14; magistrate C.D. 15. Buried near Wellwood in family cemetery.


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July 25, 1885

Gen. ULYSSES S. GRANT, former President of the U.S. died July 23.


July 29, 1885

LILLIAN inf/d Claude J. BELL died Trenton, Tenn. July 26.

A. W. MOODY, old citizen, died Gibson Co., Tenn. July 25.

Rev. J. M. CRANE, Presbyterian minister, died Gibson Co., Tenn. July 18; left 4 children.

JOHN inf/s John O. LITTLE died Jackson July 26.

DAVID BROOKS "a worthy colored man" died Jackson July 26.


August 12, 1885

Mrs. ---HOPKINS died Pinson, Tenn. Aug. 4; mother-in-law of John Burrows.

Mrs. MANLEY McGILL died Pinson, Tenn. Aug. 7.


September 9, 1885

H. C. GOODE died Jackson Sept. 8. Born Richmond, Va. 1847. Buried Riverside Cem.


September 12, 1885

MARK inf/d F. E. and Etta BOND died Jackson Sept. 8, aged 1 year, 11 mos., 18 ds. Buried Riverside Cemetery.

Tribute of Respect for H. C. GOODE who died recently; by employees of M. & O. RR, Sept. 11, 1885.

JOHN H. CLARK, a railroad night watchman, stabbed to death Jackson Sept. 9.


September 16, 1885

In Memoriam: ELIZABETH TAYLOR died Henderson Co., Tenn. Sept. 5. Born N.C. May 5, 1822; to Henderson Co. when young; married Teague Taylor, 1848; 4 children.


September 23, 1885

MAUDE d/o W. D. NEFF died Jackson Sept. 22.


September 30, 1885

Mrs. --- CARNES died Huntingdon, Tenn.; buried in Camden, Tenn.

Col. THOMAS E. JONES died Huntingdon, Tenn.


October 3, 1885

JAMES ELDON s/o J. R. CAMPBELL died near Denmark, Tenn. Sept. 29, aged about 18 months.

JAMES McKISSACK s/o J. W. McKissack, died Denmark, Tenn. Sept. 29, aged 20.


October 17, 1885

Mrs. REBECCA, widow of Rev. Thomas TAYLOR died Jackson Oct. 16.

Mrs. ADA w/o Dr. J. T. HERRON d/o James O'Connor died Jackson Oct. 16.


October 17, 1885

Cardinal JOHN McCLOSKEY died N.Y. Oct. 10, 5th Roman Catholic Bishop of N.Y. Born Brooklyn, N.Y. March 20, 1810; ordained 1834; raised to dignity of cardinal March 15, 1875.


October 21, 1885

THOMAS s/o widow, Mrs. GAFFNEY killed by freight train, Jackson Oct.1 aged 9.


October 28, 1885

JOHN R. ALSTON died Jackson Oct. 26, aged 39. Left 3 small children.


October 31, 1885

ROBERT SLAKE killed by Neal McCullom recently.

"Gen. GEORGE B. McCLELLAN is dead." /General McClellan died Orange, New Jersey October 29/


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November 7, 1885

In Memoriam: Mrs. ADA M. HERRON who died Oct. 16, 1885; by Sunday School, First Baptist Church, Nov. 1, 1885.


November 25, 1885

DAN SHAMPEL, cigar-maker was shot and killed by Will Modin Nov. 21 in Wadley's saloon, Jackson.

WILLIAM BARR died Jackson Nov. 20.


December 9, 1885

ROBERT S. LINDSEY died Hot Springs, Ark. Dec. 8; left 6 children.


December 16, 1885

ED GLASS died Trenton, Tenn. Dec. 12, aged about 22. Buried in Trenton.


December 23, 1885

C. H. McKNIGHT shot and killed on Pinson road Dec. 19 by Reuben Winsett; they were cousins and brothers-in-law.


January 13, 1886

Col. M. H. WRIGHT died Louisville, Ky.; killed there recently.

LUCINDA THOMAS, black, froze to death, Jackson, Jan. 9.

Mrs. MARY w/o W. T. TEAGUE died near Medon, Tenn. Dec. 31, aged 31.

January 16, 1886

JAMES R. MERRIWETHER s/o Thomas Merriwether died C.D. 5, Madison Co. Jan. 13.

JO. B. LOVE killed by train running over him Jan. 14.


January 20, 1886

Hon. A. R. REID recently elected chairman of the county court died Jan. 15, aged 70. Born N.C.; prominent Mason, Presbyterian; left 5 children.

Little daughter of Ben NELSON fatally burned a few days ago, Trenton, Tenn.

Mrs. H.M. WALKER died Jackson Jan. 18, aged 31. Lived in Giles Co., Va. and body sent there for burial.


January 23, 1886

Mrs. W. H. WOOD died a few miles south of Trenton, Tenn. Jan. 17.

TITIA WEAVER, black girl, burned severely and died Jan. 21.

Mrs. JODIE BEARD MEADOWS died Fulton, Ky. Jan. 21; graduate of M.C.F.I.


February 3, 1886

Ex-Governor NEIL S. BROWN died Jan. 30. Born Giles Co., Tenn. 1810; elected governor 1847; held various other political positions.

Miss MARY CREIGHTON died Jackson Jan. 30, aged 45. Roman Catholic.

Mrs. J. H. WALLACE died Jackson Jan. 30. Body buried Brown's Church Cemetery.


February 6, 1886

JOHN LACY died C.D. 10, Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 5, aged 68.


February 10, 1886

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o Henry WHITLOW had not been of sound mind for years; she was kept in a log house in yard of family's residence. Fire broke out in it and she was burned to death.


February 27, 1886

SALLIE d/o Sneed THREADGILL died near Juno, Tenn. Feb. 18.


March 3, 1886

Mrs. G. T. FORTUNE died Jackson March 1.


March 10, 1886

JOE H. EPPINGER died Jackson March 8 at residence of father, Louis Eppinger, aged 22.


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March 13, 1886

G. FLOURNOY s/o D. M. and Mattie J. HAMPTON died March 12, aged 16.


March 24, 1886

Mrs. Thomas GRAY was killed by John Gillespie, mulatto, Loudon, Tenn. He was lynched the following night with leading blacks participating in the mob.

Resolutions of Respect for JOSEPH H. EPPINGER who died recently; by "committee."


March 31, 1886

HENRY BERRY, invalided for years, shot himself to death, Nashville, March 27.


April 3, 1886

Mrs. MARY P. MAXEY died Jackson April 2, aged 86.

Mrs. EVA D. w/o Charles E. McCLANAHAN, d/o Mrs. M. J. Clift died Jackson April 2; married only recently.


April 7, 1886

Judge JOHN BAXTER of Knoxville died Hot Springs, Ark. April 2. Born March 5, 1809, Rutherford Co., N.C.; prominent lawyer and judge, east Tennessee.

Ex-sheriff J. E. VINCENT died 4 miles north of Dresden, Tenn. April 5.

ANNIE LEE WILSON, Memphis, jumped into Sowashee Creek, Meridian, Miss. with her infant and both drowned. "Her life had been ruined by a human fiend." This happened "last week."

WEAKLY RIDLEY, TOBE WILLIAMS, blacks who had killed Dan Guthrie, white, a few days before were shot by mob, at Alamo, a few days ago.


April 10, 1886

Mrs. NANNIE w/o J. M. NELSON of Falcon, Tenn. died Jackson April 9.

CHARLES E. inf/s John R. and Anna BUTLER died Malesus April 8, aged 17 mos.

MINNIE CLEVELAND inf/d D. A. LYERLA died Jackson April 8. Buried Riverside Cem.


May 8, 1886

EZEKIAL CASE, aged citizen, died C.D. 8, Madison Co., Tenn. May 4.


May 26, 1886

Mrs. JAMES M. MOORE of Denmark, Tenn. died Brownsville, Tenn. May 18 at residence of father, W. J. Hutson; only a few days before her infant of 3 months had died also.


June 9, 1886

Mrs. AMANDA C. w/o A. W. JONES, president of M. C. F. I died Jackson June 5.


June 19, 1886

WALTER TALBOT, black, was killed while trying to catch a ride on a train, June 15 aged 13, Jackson, Tenn.

IDA JEFFREYS, black, missing since June 6, near Humboldt and her body was found in Forked Deer River June 14.


June 26, 1886

Miss ---OWENS committed suicide near Newborn, Tenn. June 21.


July 3, 1886

Mrs. M. D. LYON died Jackson July 1 at house of son-in-law, Dr. B. L. Rozell. Born Jackson Co., Tenn. Sept. 15, 1805; married March 24, 1824 and moved to Jackson, Tenn. March 1825.


July 7, 1886

JOHN FELSENTHAL, merchant, Ripley, Tenn. died Louisville, Ky. July 6. Born in Munchwater, Bavaria, 1839; came to U.S., 1860; to Ripley in 1865. Bro. of E. Felsenthal of Jackson.


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July 14, 1886

CORA WILLIAMS w/o S. C. PARHAM died Memphis, Tenn. July 9. Buried Riverside Cem.


July 28, 1886

Mrs. OLIVIA w/of Maj. William Ramsey died Bolivar, July 23 at residence of son-in-law Dr. N. J. Newbern in 89th year.


July 28, 1886

Mrs. MARY T. w/o J. V. HARRIS of Malesus died Jackson July 24 aged 32. Buried in Ebenezer Church cemetery in C.D. 8.

--- KELLY (female) died Jackson July 26; left husband and 3 children.


August 7, 1886

SAMUEL J. TILDEN "great Democratic statesman" died August 4. Born Feb. 19, 1814, Columbia Co., N.Y.

W. T. KENDRICK died C.D. 17, Madison Co. at home of his mother, Elizabeth Kendrick, aged about 35. In grocery business for a time with his late brother, T. L. Kendrick. Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Left 1 child.


August 11, 1886

Mrs. MARY CHANDLER w/o J. P. WOOTEN died Jackson Sept. 9. Born Livingston, Ala. Dec. 18, 1861.

Mrs. LUCY J. WILLIAMS died Jackson Aug. 10.


August 21, 1886

ELIZA WOODS, black cook for Mrs. Mary Chandler Wooten reportedly poisoned her employer with arsenic; she was jailed but mob took her from jail, with her proclaiming her innocence. She was hanged on courthouse grounds in Jackson August 18. It was thought that she poisoned Mrs. Wooten's baby that died last year, suddenly and also a former employer.


August 25, 1886

Mrs. DORA COWAN died Jackson Aug. 20, aged about 18. Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery.


September 1, 1886

D. B. HAWKS, hostler/M & O RR shop died Aug. 30, aged about 30.


September 4, 1886

BENNETT G. w/o Garland G. HALLIBURTON died Jackson Sept. 2 aged 2 months.

ROSA BELLE inf/d Mrs. Nannie V. ALSTON died Jackson Sept. 1 aged 12 months.


September 8, 1886

Gen. F. B. CHEATHAM died Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 4. Born Oct. 20, 1820. Served in Mexican and Civil wars. Memoriam to him by local citizenry Sept. 6.


October 2, 1886

LIZZIE GATES ESTES, niece of Col. Robert Gates died Haywood Co., Tenn. Sept. 28 aged 12. Buried in Brownsville. Dau. of Mrs. Belle Estes.


October 9, 1886

WILL CHEEK was murdered by Bob Hill near Middleburg, Tenn. Oct. 6.

TAYLOR WEBB shot and killed by Thomas Coffman in Henderson Co. recently.


December 25, 1886

W. G. COCKRILL died west Jackson Dec. 23 aged about 76.


December 29, 1886

Senator JOHN A. LOGAN died Washington, D.C. Dec. 26. Born 1826. Veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars; distinguished Republican. Stationed a while during the Civil War in Jackson, Tenn.


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January 5, 1887

Misses ANNIE and JENNIE ALEXANDER died Jackson Jan. 2. Buried in C.D. 17.


January 12, 1887

JOHN Y. ARNOLD died Jackson Jan. 9 aged 71. Veteran of Mexican War.

Mrs. ELLEN CROW died Paducah, Ky. Jan. 6 aged 59. Buried Paducah.


January 26, 1887

Mrs. MARTHA HICKS died Jackson Jan. 23 aged 65. Mother of Mrs. Dave Callahan, Jackson. Buried in C.D. 10.

J. N. INMAN died Waco, Texas Jan. 23, aged 32. Brother of Capt. G. G. Inman of Carroll, Tenn.


January 29, 1887

HARRY s/o C. M. REEVES of Fulton, Ky. died in Medon, Tenn. Jan. 25, aged 3 years, 9 months.


February 5, 1887

R. H. GILLESPIE died McNairy Co., Tenn. Feb. 2 aged about 78. Born near Greensborough, N.C. Buried at Bethel Springs beside wife who died two years ago last September.


February 12, 1887

Rev. H. G. SAVAGE, father of Dr. G. C. Savage of Jackson, died Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 11. Buried in Henderson, Tenn. His wife died recently.

Mrs. A. E. STILL died C.D. 17, Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 11; widow of William Still; no children. Buried Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tenn.


February 23, 1887

Mrs. JENNIE w/o T. T. WILSON died Jackson Feb. 20.

IDA B. inf/d G. C. and Lelia JONES died Jackson Feb. 18.


March 2, 1887

FRED McKENZIE drowned in Obion River, Dyer Co., Tenn. Feb. 23; had been fishing


March 23, 1887

Mrs. FANNIE B. w/o J. F. JACKSON died Jackson March 18, aged 37. Member Andrew Chapel Methodist Church.


March 26, 1887

Mrs. L. E. MATHIS died C.D. 10 March 23, aged about 20.

Mrs. MARY J. HUBBARD died Jackson March 23 aged 77.


March 30, 1887

Rev. S. G. HOWLETT died Jackson March 29, aged about 38. Baptist.

Mrs. DUFFY T. BESENBURG died Jackson March 25; wife of William Besenburg.


April 9, 1887

Miss CARRIE SHARP killed Shelbyville, Tenn. April 5 in pistol accident.

LLOYD M. s/o H. M. CLAYTON died Jackson April 5.


April 13, 1887

MOLLIE d/o J. A. LANGFORD died Jackson April 10 aged 24.

ELI JOHNSON, black, porter for D. P. York's butcher shop found dead. Jury determined that he died of hemorrhage from tuberculosis April 9.


April 16, 1887

Capt. ASA N. HAYS "Black Hawk" died in Decatur Co., Tenn. Fought against Indians and also served in 7 Tenn. Inf. Reg., Union Army.

Mr. BELL ANDREWS died Henderson Co., Tenn. a few days ago.


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April 20, 1887

EDMOND BROWN, "respected old colored man" found dead a mile NE of Jackson April 19. Jury verdict that he died from paralysis of heart, aged about 65.

Mrs. T. G. GILBERT died Gibson Co., Tenn. April 6.


April 27, 1887

Mrs. LUCY w/o Maj. JESSE TAYLOR died Jackson April 25; maiden name Brannom; school teacher. Buried Spring Creek, Tenn.

Mrs. MARY CHESTER ALLISON, mother of secretary of state, Tenn., John Allison, died Jonesboro, Tenn. April 22, aged 77. Only surviving sister of Col. R. I. Chester, Jackson. Died at her birthplace. Left 3 sons, Archibald, John and George Allison and a dau., Phi Chester Allison.


April 30, 1887

HOSEA PRESLEY, Primitive Baptist preacher died Henderson Co., Tenn.


May 1, 1887

OSCAR s/o Thomas MANLY died Jackson April 30, aged 18.

ALFRED BUMPASS, old citizen, died Madison Co., Tenn. April 24, aged 65.


May 7, 1887

Mrs. LOUISA MERIWETHER died Denmark, Tenn. May 4, aged 85 at residence of her son James Meriwether.


May 25, 1887

In Memory of EDDIE J. BURKE who died May 14; a poem.

LULIE FRY inf/d B. S. McLEMORE died Jackson May 24, aged 21 months.

JAMES O'CONNOR died Jackson May 21. Born in Ireland March 14, 1818; came to U.S., St. Louis as a bootmaker; to Jackson, 1849; mayor of Jackson, 1879. Buried Riverside Cemetery.


June 1, 1887

In Memory of WILLIE DUVALL who died May 28; a poem.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES O'CONNOR, died Jackson May 21, 1887. Born in Bollyhogue, Wexford Co., Ireland March 14, 1818; to England, 1824; to U.S., 1838; to Jackson Dec. 1848. Made a Master Mason, March 27, 1863. By Jackson Masonic Lodge 45, May 27, 1887.


June 4, 1887

W. B. McNABB died Austin, Texas.

THOMAS H. inf/s T. H. TEMPLE died near Pinson, Tenn. June 2.


June 8, 1887

HORACE MILLER s/o H. W. CLARKE died Milan, Tenn. June 7 at home of grandfather, Col. H. P. Miller, aged about 5 years.


June 11, 1887

Tribute of Respect for JAMES O'CONNOR who was director of Jackson city schools from Aug. 1874 until his death May 21, 1887.


June 22, 1887

Mrs. FANNIE w/o John R. HICKS died 4 miles north of Jackson June 20, aged about 40. Buried in Taylor Cemetery.

Mrs. MARY w/o David RICE died Lexington, Tenn. June 18, aged 49.

MABEL d/o J. O. and Nannie LITTLE died Jackson June 18.

Infant Son of T. T. WILSON died Jackson June 20, aged 4 months.


July 2, 1887

TOMMIE inf/s T. A. ATCHISON died Jackson June 28 a house of grandfather, R. A. Allison.

Mrs. B. C. DUNN died Jackson June 30.


(Page 91)

July 6, 1887

WILLIE HOPPER drowned in Forked Deer River about 3 miles from Bells, Tenn. June 30, aged about 21.


July 13, 1887

Mrs. CAROLINE S. FLETCHER died Creevy, C.D. 7, Madison Co., Tenn. July 9. Born June 12, 1811. Buried Providence Cemetery. Widow of J. T. Fletcher. Sons: R. S. Fletcher, Jackson, G. J. and J. R. Fletcher of Creevy.


July 20, 1887

CLETUS s/o Thomas WOODS died from fall off wagon near Martin, Tenn. July 19.

JOE ELLIS, black, killed Henry Co., Tenn. recently.


August 3, 1887

Dr. J. F. WHITELAW died C.D. 7, Madison Co., Tenn. July 30.


August 20, 1887

Miss MARY McCLELLAN, relative of the Jackson Chesters died Somerville, Tenn. August 14.

JOHN MORINE, a tramp, died Medina, Tenn. Aug. 17.


August 31, 1887

Infant Son of J. T. SANDERS died Jackson Aug. 25.

JAMES inf/s J. S. and V. T. BIRD died Jackson Aug. 28, aged 11 days.

W. M. McABEE died Jackson August 27.


September 3, 1887

SALLIE d/o J. T. McKNIGHT died near Malesus Sept. 1, aged 8.


September 7, 1887

G. N. FOSTER died near Denmark, Tenn. Sept. 5, aged 56.


September 14, 1887

Mrs. ELLA w/o J. T. STARK died Jackson Sept. 9 aged 32.

Miss LINNIE HAUGHTON died Jackson Sept. 10 aged about 22.

GEORGE s/o Mose HARDIN died C.D. 8, Madison Co. Sept. 2 aged 21.


September 17, 1887

Mrs. E. C. w/o Dr. B. L. ROZELL died Jackson Sept. l5, aged 67 years, 16 days.

WILLIE FORREST WILSON died Jackson Sept. l5, aged about 24.

EDGAR HUGHES s/o William SMITH died C.D. 17, Madison Co. Sept. 11, aged 4 years

THOMAS HENDRIX "aged man" died C.D. 17, Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 13.

THOMAS STANFIELD died Gaudeloupe, Texas July 25 aged 78. Born Bedford Co., Va. and moved to Tennessee at age 17; married Davitha Buck, Dyer Co. and moved to Texas in 1853.


September 21, 1887

GASTON McGEE died Jackson Sept. 20; lived near Guntown, Miss.

Mrs. MARY E. SINGLER died Jackson Sept. 17 aged 49.


September 28, 1887

Mrs. SARAH A. w/o G. W. BLEDSOE died Jackson Sept. 25, aged 33 years.


October 5, 1887

BIRTEY, 4th dau. of J. M. TODD died Jackson Oct. 1. Born Cottage Grove, Tenn. July 14, 1874; came to Jackson with parents Oct. 1886.


October 20, 1887

H. H. BUCK s/o J. L. Buck died Henderson Co., Tenn. Oct. 13, aged 18.


November 9, 1887

ORA HAYLEY w/o W. P. WILDBERGER died Jackson Nov. 5 aged 23.

H. C. CRIST died Jackson Nov. 6 and wife died a few hours later; both buried Riverside Cemetery.


(Page 92)

November 23, 1887

OMA BELLE d/o S. R. CONGER died last day or so, aged 8 months.


December 10, 1887

MAGGIE VINSON died C.D. 3, Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 4 aged 20.


January 14, 1888

JOHN MAHONEY died Jackson Jan. 11 in 75th year. Born Cork, Ireland. Died at house of Col. Robert I. Chester. Remained with W. B. Chester until Civil War; he then went north and returned in 1878-1879. When Capt. W. B. Chester's health began to fail he went to live with his father, Col. Chester. Mahoney also made this move. Buried Roman Catholic Cemetery.


January 25, 1888

THOMAS HAMILTON inf/s Dr. G. C. and Lessie SAVAGE died Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 23 aged 8 months. Buried Riverside Cemetery.


January 28, 1888

Dr. ANDREW T. BROWN died Morrilltown, Ark. Jan. 25 aged 64. Father of D. L. Brown, Jackson.

Baby of A. S. ELDER and wife died Trenton, Tenn. this week. Mrs. Elder was dau. of W. A. Caldwell, Jackson.


April 25, 1888

DAVID N. s/o T. J. and Lucy E. JONES died Bolivar, Tenn. April 6, aged 3 years, 3 months and 3 days.

Mrs. SUSAN C. UTLEY widow of P. T. Utley died Medina, Tenn. April 22; came from

Mecklenburg Co., N.C. with her husband to Madison Co., 1839 and lived near Denmark ever since. Made home with son, Capt. W. L. Utley, Jackson and son-in-law John Williamson near Denmark. Buried Denmark.


June 7, 1886

DUDLEY PORTER shot and killed in Paris, Tenn. June 4.

JAMES BENNETT, old citizen, killed near Fulton, by train, June 2.

Mrs. EMALINE WALLACE died Jackson June 4. Buried Old Salem Campground Cem.



January 25, 1889 (Tennessee Room Copy)

Resolutions of Respect for J. J. CROWDER who died recently; by Mason Grove Wheel 166, January 14, 1889.


November 9, 1883

Mrs. SARAH A. w/o W. D. ROBINSON died Jackson Nov. 7 in 61st year.

B. F. NEWMAN died C.D. 16, Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 31 in 75th year. Born and raised in Jefferson Co., Tenn. Early in 1870 moved to Madison Co.; left 8 children. Interment "at Antioch Church on his farm."



July 12, 1884

Dr. C. A. STILL struck and killed by lightning July 9, aged 76; never married.


October 25, 1884

LOU J. w/o Dr. M. S. NEELY died Jackson Oct. 13.

JOHN B. COBB died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 30. Born Franklin Co., N.C. 1810; to Obion Co., Tenn. 1839; in 1841 to Fayette Co., Tenn; married (1) Miss Peters, one child, Mrs. Lucy Armstrong, Birmingham, Ala.; (2) 1862, Mrs. Mary Ann Guthrie.

In Memoriam: THOMAS M. GILL died 3 miles north of Jackson Oct. 19. Born July 3, 1859; member of Pleasant Plains Baptist Church; left 1 sister, 2 aunts


(Page 93)

February 7, 1885

G. E. NEILL committed suicide; son-in-law of Mrs. B. R. Person. Jackson.

Mrs. --- GILES died near Claybrook, Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. 29 and was buried at Cotton Grove; left several children.


March 21, 1885

ANNIE FAY inf/d John P. and Annie BELCH died Jackson March 15, aged 6 months.


March 28, 1885

CHARLES S. CURTISS died Jackson March 27.


September 26, 1885

LYDIA MAUD d/o W. D. and Mary A. NEFF died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 22, aged 8.

Mrs. MARY OUTLAW died 6 miles vest of Medon, Tenn. Sept. 6, aged 68 yrs., 11 mos. She was a consistent member of Maple Springs Baptist Church.


October 10, 1885

Prof. J. B. KIRBY died Atwood, Tenn. Oct. 4; nephew of J. D. Pearson who raised him; had been teaching in Atwood. Buried from C. P. Church in Atwood.

JOSH BILLINGS, humorist, died Monterey, Calif. Oct. 14.


February 14, 1885 (Tennessee Room Copy)

WILLIE d/o Prof. G. W. and P. C. JARMON had died.

Mrs. WILLIAM NURSE /Nourse/ died Jackson Feb. 8.

G. W. LAWRENCE died Durant, Miss. Jan. 21.

Mrs. MARY ANN w/o James GRAVES, d/o W. R. Baker died Feb. 8, aged 36. Two children.


October 17, 1885

Mrs. R. F. TAYLOR died Oct. 15, 4 miles east of Jackson in residence of Maj. Robert Hurt.

LUDIE d/o J. C. HUDSON died near Pinson, Tenn. Oct. 10.

Tribute of Respect for MAUD NEFF who died recently; by Sunday School of the Presbyterian Church.


October 24, 1885

Mrs. J. H. LANIER died near Claybrook, Tenn. Oct. 21. Interment, Lavinia.


October 31, 1885

J. S. ROCHELLE died near Medon, Tenn. Oct. 29, aged about 55.

JOHN R. ALSTON died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 26, aged 39. Presbyterian.


November 14, 1885

Mrs. ANN ELIZA COX died Jackson Nov. 10; mother of Mrs. Robert Gates.

ALBERT SNEED died Jackson; brother of R. A. and E. D. Sneed.

WALTER s/o M. and J. HOLDEN died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 12. Interment, Riverside Cem.

Dr. T. C. GAYLE died 3 miles south of Jackson aged 62. Bro. of Mrs. A. E. Still.


December 5, 1885

F. SPAH died Jackson Nov. 29.

In Memoriam: CLARIBEL d/o J. C. and Isabella ROBINSON died Nov. 26, aged 11.


December 12, 1885

Rev. WILLIAM "Billy" BELL died Poplar Springs Dec. 8. Born 1806; licensed to preach in Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1836. Interment, Beech Grove.

ROBERT S. LINDSEY died Hot Springs, Ark. Dec. 9. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.

S. P. CALDWELL, old citizen, died near Denmark, Tenn. Dec. 7.


Dec. 9, 1885

MURRAY ADAMS inf/s E. C. NANCE died Dec. 3.

HENRY SHARP died last day or so. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.


(Page 94)

January 16, 1886

JAMES MERIWETHER accidentally killed while hunting Jan. 13.


June 12, 1886

Mrs. AMANDA C. w/o Rev. A. W. JONES died Jackson June 5. Born Dec. 20, 1828; married April 2, 1857.


September 25, 1886

Mrs. ELLEN E. MILLER died Jackson Sept. 17, aged 44. Interment, Pleasant Hill Cem.



April 14, 1887

Funeral for JOHN T. RAYMOND, noted actor, N.Y. April 14.



April 23, 1887

Mrs. MABEL MOFFITT died in Henderson Co., Tenn.


September 24, 1887

In Memoriam: Mrs. LIZZIE ROZELL who died on her mother's birthday, Sept. 15.


January 7, 1888

A. A. CAMPBELL died C.D. 8, Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 31.

W. C. NEELY died near Denmark, Tenn. Dec. 31, aged 66. Came from Mecklenburg Co., N.C. when young. Interment, Denmark.


February 13, 1891

Rev. G. T. WEBB died Jackson Feb. 11. Born April 6, 1819; married Nov. 28, 1838; had been preaching as Baptist minister since 1847. Pastor of Hepziba Church near Luray, Henderson Co., Tenn. for over 40 years where interment to take place.

ROBERT WILLIAMS died Jackson Feb. 12.

JAMES PHELAN of Memphis died in the Bahamas Jan. 31.

Mrs. E. D. SNEED died Ft. Worth, Texas Feb. 13. Sister of Dr. Lanier.

HORACE BLEDSOE died Jackson Feb. 12. Born N.C. 1810; married Elizabeth Thomas in middle Tenn.; came to Jackson where he built a double-log house in 1836. Served in Mexican War; brickmason by trade.


February 28, 1891 (Tennessee Room Copy)

Col. W. D. CROCKETT died Waukegan, Ill. Feb. 23 in 73rd year. Lineal descendant of the celebrated David Crockett.



October 11, 1890

Mention of the recent death of the wife /Catherine Mumford/ of General /William/ BOOTH, leader of the English Salvation Army.



July 17, 1891

JOHN WARREN died C.D. 2, Moore Co., Tenn.

ALBERT E. HEARD died July 13.

E. G. MEADOWS died near Greenfield, Tenn. last week, aged 81.

Mrs. MARY MEADOWS died Mt. Pleasant, Lauderdale Co., Tenn. July 5, aged 82.

JAMES GILLESPIE died C.D. 11, Lauderdale Co., Tenn. July 2, aged about 80.

HENRY LOVE shot and killed in Hardin Co., Tenn. July 17. He had killed Giles Hodges in this place last April.

JOHNNY youngest s/o W. A. and Eliza BALLEW died July 10, aged 12 months. Signed, "Grandpa Wood."


(Page 95)

C. M. MERWIN died Medina, Tenn. July 6, one-time president of Fruit Growers Association of West Tennessee.

In Memory of MATTIE JOSEPHINE d/o L. L. and M. E. COX, who died Gadsden, Tenn. July 1, aged 5 years, 5 months, 7 days. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.



February 18, 1887

ROBERT BROKE died C.D. 8, Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 7.


March 4, 1887

Mrs. PHOEBE J. WATSON died C.D. 11, Madison Co., Tenn. March 3, aged 76; Widow of W. B. Watson; came to Madison Co. in 1828.



September 5, 1890

SUSAN w/o Dr. D. H. WILLIAMS died Jackson Aug. 24 while on a visit to her son. Dr. N. W. Williams. Born Sept. 20, 1820; married Feb. 10, 1835. Raised and lived in Henderson County. Buried near Parker's Cross Roads.

ELLA d/o Felix R. BRAY died Jackson Sept. 3, aged 16. Buried Riverside Cem.

ANNA d/o Aaron HARDIN died.

Miss MOLLIE CHUM died recently; stepdaughter of Esq. Stephenson.

Rev. J. W. JOHNSON died near Paris, Tenn. Sept. 5 aged 65.

Mrs. ANNIE RAST died Weakley Co., Tenn. last week in 74th year.

GEORGE COVINGTON stabbed to death in Lauderdale Co., Tenn. Aug. 30.

J. W. CRAWFORD died near Jackson Sept. 2. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.



February 13, 1891

HORACE G. BLEDSOE died Jackson Feb. 10. Born Oct. 1810;died in home he had built in 1832; married when 18 years old to Elizabeth Thomas, then 16. Veteran of the Mexican War. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.

LUCY TOMBS, "old negress" burned to death near Trenton, Tenn. Feb. 10.

Rev. W. T. WEBB died Jackson Feb. l2; body taken to Huron for burial; pastor of Second Baptist Church, Jackson.

GEORGE MINTER died Whiteville, Tenn. Feb. l3.



November 3, 1891

TOM SHEPHERD and wife, aged couple, killed in Georgiana, Ga.; found dead, axed to death November 2.

Col. SAMUEL CHALFIN died Savannah, Ga. Nov. 1.

ALEXANDER GUNDERSON killed by natives on New Ireland in New Guinea.

JOHN W. BARTINE shot and killed by brother T. B. Bartine near Barboursville, Ky. recently.

CHARLEY TURNIPSEED, black, killed near Gary's saloon, Jackson, November 2.


November 28, 1891

EZEKIAL MARTIN, prominent farmer, found dead near Aberdeen, Miss. Nov. 27.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES MADISON BOOKER, died Jackson Nov. 18, from blood poisoning. Born Cass Co., Ga. Oct. 5, 1838; came to Jackson 1868; railroad employee. By Jackson Division 149 of Order of Railway Conductors. November 26, 1891.


(Page 96)


January 28, 1893

TOM WOODS, young man, killed by several men near Moscow, Tenn. who shot him and while he was still alive weighed him down with an old cast plow and threw him into the Wolf River on the night of Dec. 22, 1892. Some of participants had confessed to the crime.


June 21, 1893

Gen. ALEX W. CAMPBELL died Jackson June 20; a former Confederate officer and prominent attorney.

Col. LOGAN H. ROOT died in Little Rock, Ark.; former Union Army officer.



January 24, 1896 (Tennessee Room Copy)

ELIJAH ROACH died near Medon, Tenn. Jan. 19 in 72nd year. Interment, Clover Creek Cemetery.



October 14, 1899

T. P. NEELY s/o Dr. J. S. NEELY was stabbed to death by W. G. Williams; a constable; married Mollie Stovall d/o J. R. Stovall and niece of Hon. A. W. Stovall.

Mrs. MARY w/o W. A. STEPHENS died C.D. 1, Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 12. Interment, Lester's Chapel.

Dr. W. F. JONES died Black Rock, Ark. Sept. 20. Native of Giles Co., Tenn.; married (1) Miss Ricketts (2) Mrs. Ballew, nee Hopper of Madison Co., with whom he had two children Cora and Mrs. H. A. Balcom, Thayer, Mo. (3) Julia d/o Capt. Woolfolk, one child of this union.


March 28, 1900

Mrs. PETER A. BROWN, widow, died Covington, Tenn. March 27, aged 83. Children: Mrs. Annie Dearing, Mrs. Nannie A. Dumas, Covington; C. C. Brown, Pulaski; G. T. Brown, Jackson.

W. T. RISON died Jackson March 27 aged 38; left 3 children. Buried Riverside Cemetery.


May 2, 1900

Mrs. NANNIE widow of June ALEXANDER died McCombs City, Miss. April 30. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.



June 9, 1889

Twelve-year-old daughter (not named) of Mrs. J. H. BELL died near Columbus, Indiana having been fatally hooked by cow June 2.

Rev. JOHN B. INMAN died New Orleans June 7; president of Christian College, Henderson, Tenn.



November 12, 1891

Dr. B. R. HARRIS died Jackson Nov. 11; came to Jackson from McNairy Co., Tenn. in 1866. Past Master, Jackson Masonic Lodge 45 and member of several other social organizations.

WILL BLACKBURN fell off train, Birmingham, Ala and was killed Nov. 10. Interment, Jackson.

DAVE STALEY, engineer; WALTER SPENCE, fireman; JAMES HORNER; WILLIAM A. HILLMAN; TOM McGEHEE, black, aged 36, killed in train collision near Medina, Tenn. Nov. 11.

GEORGE HAWKESWORTH BOND, member of Parliament from Dorcheshire died recently.


(Page 97)


February 6, 1897 (Tennessee Room Copy)

W. A. HOGSETT died Jackson Feb. 5, aged about 45; married Feb. 12, 1879 Miss McCowat. Presbyterian. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.



March 16, 1897

ANDREW BEARD, black, ran away with Lona Baines, 18 year old white daughter of Jordan Baines, Pickens Co., Ala. but they were "captured" and he was killed by a mob in that county March 15 and she was reportedly flogged severely by her father and brother.

Mrs. MARY A. RUSH died Jackson March 16. Born Edgefield Dist., S.C. 1821; maiden name, Wideman; married John A. Rush, 1838. 6 children, including James A. Rush and Mrs. L. J. Wagner. Husband died in 1856; she moved to Jackson, 1870. Methodist.

Mrs. W. H. McCASLIN died Jackson March 15; maiden name Lyda Sprague. Interment, Hollywood Cemetery.


June 6, 1897

HENRY WHTE, aged 20, was hanged Columbus, Ga. June 4 for his having been an accomplice in murder of three policemen Oct. 14, 1896.

Gen. IRA P. JONES died Covington, Tenn. June 4, aged 68; former newspaper editor.

LOTTIE d/o Mrs. Lula PEARCY died Jackson June 4. Interment, Riverside Cemetery.



June 17, 1898

JOSEPH BELL died Jackson June 16 aged about 20. Son of Mrs. Jennie Bell. Interment, Corinth, Miss.

Gen. W. H. Jackson and R. F. Jackson attended funeral of their mother, Mrs. EUNICE B. JACKSON in Jackson and had returned to their homes.

Mrs. EUNICE B. JACKSON widow of Dr. Alexander Jackson died Dyersburg, Tenn. June 14 aged about 80. Mother of Sam and Robert F. Jackson and stepmother of Gen. W. H. Jackson, Belle Meade, Milton B. Jackson and the late H. E. Jackson.

Dr. SAMUEL HAYS CHESTER died Jackson June 17. Born in Jackson Feb. 1840, graduate of West Tenn. College; soldier, 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg. C. S. A. Trained as a physician. Married Ella Ragland June 14, 1878 and had Maida and Bessie Chester. S/o late Col. Robert I. Chester. Interment, Riverside Cem.

R. A. (Bob) TEAGUE, about 38 years old, shot and killed by Emmett Shull June 12 in Gorman's restaurant, Jackson. S/o W. V. Teague, near Juno, Tenn. Sister, Mrs, William Kirby, Jackson. Sister, Mrs. W. H. Norton, Indian Terr. Shull was s/o late William Shull of Purdy, Tenn.


June 23, 1898

MARIA KATE inf/d W. F. YANCY died Jackson June 22; her mother had died about 7 months ago. Interment, Hollywood Cemetery.


August 14, 1898

LANDY MACK d/o W. A. Buckner died Jackson Aug. 12, aged 4.


August 31, 1898

R. F. BARKER died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 30 aged 60. Interment, Brown's Church Cemetery. Children Bettie, Frank and William.


May 27, 1900

Four men killed in explosion of boiler, McFerrin's sawmill, Covington, Tenn. May 24, including Capt. James A. McFerrin.


(Page 98)


April 2, 1900 (Tennessee Room Copy)

Mrs. ROSA PARR died Jackson in April. Interment, McClintock Cemetery.

Mrs. MARY KEY w/o Thomas H. HARTMUS died Claybook, Madison Co., Tenn. April 2 aged 51.



April 7, 1900 (Tennessee Room Copy)

Mrs. ALBERT RHODES died Whiteville, Tenn. April 3.

/JANE/ Wife of Maj. W. T. PARHAM, aged 69, buried April, Pleasant Hill Cemetery



December 2,1900

Mrs. S. S. WOODS, mother of Barney Woods, died Jackson Dec.1, aged 58; member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


(Page 98)


April 2, 1900

Mrs. ROSA PARR died Jackson in April. Interment, McClintock Cemetery.

Mrs. MARY KEY w/o Thomas H. HARTMUS died Claybook, Madison Co., Tenn. April 2 aged 51.



April 7, 1900 (Tennessee Room Copy)

Mrs. ALBERT RHODES died Whiteville, Tenn. April 3.

/JANE/ Wife of Maj. W. T. PARHAM, aged 69, buried April, Pleasant Hill Cemetery.



December 2, 1900

Mrs. S. S. WOODS, mother of Barney Woods, died Jackson Dec. 1, aged 58; member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


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