By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1996

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July 29, 1871

WILLIAM G. CARRINGHAN of Morristown, Tenn., aged 18, was standing on platform of a train, talking with a young lady at a window in one of the cars, last week. "In crossing a bridge, he did not notice, he was struck by the timbers from the effects of which he died."


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July 29, 1871

Mrs. L. F. widow of Dr. Hugh PATTERSON died of apoplexy, 9 miles southeast of Nashville, Tenn. last week.

JANE POWELL, black, killed by lightning in Brownsville, Tenn. July 14, aged 16-18 years.

Hon. WALTER R. EVANS, one of the oldest lawyers in East Tennessee, died at Tazewell, July 12 aged 63.

CHARLIE inf/s Marion and Sarah SPENCER died July 21.

In Henderson Co., near Mifflin, ALEY STEGALL w/o W. L. Stegall died July 20, aged 61; Baptist.

DAN McKISSICK, black, killed by John Campbell, near Pulaski, Tenn. last week.


August 5, 1871

Capt. ALBERT L. ROBERTSON died near Nashville, Tenn. Aug. 3; member of the old 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg., CSA; enlisted in service at age 16.

JOHN BAIRD died Columbia, Tennessee July 30.

WILLIAM A. MOODY died Brownsville, Tenn. July 20; formerly of Trenton, Tenn.

JIM BROWN, black, was shot last week by John Judkins in or near Pulaski, Tenn. "whom he caught coming out of his crib with a bag of corn on his shoulder. "

JOSEPH M. WHEELER died near Unionville, Bedford Co., Tenn., by suicide, having hanged himself while his family was at church.

JOHN ONAN found dead in Fat Creek, Henry Co., Tenn. July 30; hands and feet were tied and his body had been weighed-down and thrown into creek.

Col. J. W. LOVE died near Denmark, Tenn. "one of the oldest and most esteemed citizens of the county." No date.


August 12, 1871

WILLIAM HOOD committed suicide Dyer Co., Tenn. last week.

Rev. Dr. T. V. MOORE, pastor, first Presbyterian Church, Nashville, died Aug. 5.

JOHN H. CHUN died Aug. 3, inflammation of bowels; father and husband; in Madison Co., Tenn.


August 19, 1871

ARMSTEAD FUQUA, black, killed by his son, Jack Fuqua, a few days ago in Huntingdon, Tenn.

Tribute of Respect for JERRY WILLIAMS, died June 19; by Masonic Lodge 163, Mason's Grove, Tenn.

BEULAH inf/d John DODD of Jackson, died near Beech Bluff, August 15.

JAMES H. GATES died July 28 at his residence in Chesterfield Co., Va., aged 83. Born and died in this county; youngest of 7 children. Planter.

FRANKLIN L., grandson of Maj. E. B. MASON died July 26, Mason's Grove, Tenn., aged 11 years, 4 months and 4 days.


August 26, 1871

W. W. PRICE s/o Col. M. A. PRICE, "the old mail contractor" died last week in Wilson Co., Tenn.

ISAAC TAYLOR, Esq. died Knox Co., Tenn. Aug. 16, aged 93; for years member of the Knox Co. quarterly court.

MARGARET DUNAWAY w/o Maj. J. R. McCANN died Antioch, Davidson Co., Tenn. Aug. 20. Niece of Col. W. M. Dunaway of this city.

JOHN THOMAS inf/s Chas. L. and Prudence H. HARRISON died 6 miles west of Jackson August 16, aged 10 months and 5 days.


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September 2, 1871

FOUNTAIN B. CARTER died at his home, Franklin, Tenn. Aug. 22, aged 75.

JO. B. HICKS, old citizen, died near Nolensville, Tenn. August 28.

Mrs. ELSWORTH P. SCALES died in Williamson Co., Tenn. August 20. Sister of Gov. William B. Campbell of Tennessee.

ED McKEE, horse thief, Williamson Co., Tenn. was killed.

Col. J. W. LOVE died Denmark, Tenn. August 1. Ruling Elder in Presbyterian Ch.

ANDREW MILLER, freight conductor, Mobile & Ohio RR was run over and crushed to death by passenger train at Columbus, Kentucky August 30. His mother lived in Perrysburg, Ohio. "Andy" Miller was a likeable person.

MARY SUSAN d/o G. W. and S. J. GILLIAM died near Mifflin, Tenn. Aug. 17, aged 2 years, 4 months and 21 days.

WILLIAM CHESTERFIELD inf/s Adolphus and Ann BRITTEN, died Aug. 24, Denmark, Tenn. aged 18 months old.

JOHN H. NEGLEY died Jackson, Aug. 27, aged about 30, resident of city about five years; a clerk in a business house. Parents lived in Woodstock, Ohio


September 9, 1871

NARCISSA GASTON LEWIS died last week near Morristown, Tenn. about 79 years.

JOS. P. SKILLERN died Haywood Co., Tenn. August 28.

J. T. LYON, merchant, died Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 3.

W. BRIDGES died Bedford Co., Tenn. Aug 25; an "old" man.

NANCY w/o John BOWDEN died Williamson Co., Tenn. last week, aged 57.

Col. J. J. POLK, died Hardeman Co., Tenn. Sept. 2.

ELIZABETH, widow of Maj. Andrew J. DONELSON, died at her farm in Bolivar Co., Miss. August 30.

BILL ADAMS killed by bro-in-law Amos Bradley in Williamson Co., Tenn., 2 wks. ago.

Mrs. NICHOLSON, widow of Cordy Nicholson died last week from fall from her horse, aged over 80 years.

ADAM WALKER, an old black man, over 100 years old, killed last May at the Madison County Poor House while he was asleep by Collin Davis, black, who had been indicted for this murder.

Col. HORACE RICE, state senator-elect, several counties in West Tenn. Died in Lexington, Tenn. Sept. 4; married to a dau. of Judge Abram Caruthers.

PEARL inf/d J. H. and Lorane ALLEN died Sept. 2, aged 20 months, 25 days.

WILLIAM CRIDER, youngest bro of late Henry Crider, formerly of Carroll Co., Tenn. died June 4, Pittsylvania Co., Va. aged over 80 years.


September 16, 1871

Capt. R. C. SCOOT, old citizen, died Brownsville, Tenn. Sept. 2.

JOHN WHILHITE, old citizen, died Bedford Co., Tenn. last week.

Mrs. REBECCA WALLACE died Montgomery Co., Tenn. Sept. 4, aged 104.

WARDLAW HOWARD, Esq., old citizen, died Memphis, Sept. 10; merchant.

A. HOMER McDONALD, largest man in Perry Co., Tenn., over 330 lbs., died Aug. 24.

Little child of J. V. CARLIN who lived in Ripley. was scalded to death by overturning of hot water on it, while on a visit to relatives with its mother, in Haywood Co., Tenn. recently.

Dr. WHITHORNE, Pulaski, Tenn. druggist, died there Sept. 8. Bro. of Hon. William C.

Whithorne, member of U.S. Congress.

JOHN ROBERTS, senior proprietor of Nashville REPUBLICAN BANNER died in Sumner Co., Tenn. Sept. 11. Born London, Eng. June 30, 1809; came to U.S. in 1834; settled in Nashville; worked his way to high position.


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FELIX RUTHERFORD died Jackson, Sept. 12, about 70. Baptist.

Rev. JOHN MORROW died Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 10; lived there since 1833; local Methodist preacher.

Tribute of Respect for Col. HORACE RICE, died Sept. 4. By I.O.O.F. Lodge 153, Lexington, Tenn. Sept 5, 1871.

Tribute of Respect for THOMAS BYRUM, died July 9, near Denmark, Tenn. By Masonic Lodge 134 Denmark, July 10, 1871.

Hon. WILLIAM HEISKELL died Knoxville, Tenn. Sept. 9. Native of Maryland; when young elected to Va. legislature; moved to Monroe Co., Tenn. 1833; during the Civil War he became a resident of Knoxville, Tenn. and was in 1865 elected to represent Knox County in the House of Representatives.

Mrs. N. J. w/o FRANCIS M. BENSON died Sept. 12 in 19th year; left a baby a few days old.

F. W. YANCY died Jackson, Sept. 13 in 52nd year. Born Halifax Co., Va., moved to Jackson, 1833 ; married Jan.18, 1834 Susan Beveridge d/o Thomas Beveridge. Elected county trustee in 1861 and so served up to his death.

MARTHA ANN d/o Wiley F. and T. N. BLACKARD died Sept. 5, aged 2 years.


September 23, 1871

GEORGE W. WATSON died Giles Co., Tenn. last week.

LEWIS WAYLAND, tax collector, Sevier Co., Tenn. killed by cattle while he was feeding them, Sept. 11.

J. K. PEARCE, mayor of Trenton, Tenn. died Sept. 10, aged 54.

W. R. HODGE, JR., died Columbia, Tennessee.

Rev. ELIJAH HANKS "great Baptist revivialist" died Maury Co., Tenn. Sept. 12; had preached since 1827.

Miss REBECCA C. FRAZIER died near Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 17.

HARRIET inf/d John and Callie CONGER died September 19.

WILLIAM EDWARD inf/s H. L. and M. E. BINFORD died Sept. 18, aged about 13 months.

CALLIE w/o Baker C. SPRINGFIELD, youngest dau. of Judge Totten, died Memphis, Tenn. Sept. 18; she and infant child were buried in Jackson on 19th.

Tribute of Respect for F. W. YANCY who died Sept. l3, by Masonic Lodge 45, no date. Born Halifax Co., Va. and moved to Jackson, 1833; married Jan. 15, 1844 to Susan Beveridge; left widow and 4 children.

ELISHA HOGAN died Jackson Sept. 15, in 74th year. Native of Kentucky.

An aged gypsy woman died near Jackson last week, unmarried, died "in her Tent, amid the trees, the green grass, the wild flowers and singing birds"; after her burial "the tribe" gathered up her belongings and burned them.


October 14, 1871

Gen. T. J. HARRISON, U.S. marshal, Middle Tenn. died in Nashville about 2 wks ago.

Dr. RUFUS HENDERSON, old citizen, Dyer Co., Tenn. died near Friendship, Tenn. last week.

THOMAS A. CROW died Williamson Co., Tenn. Sept. 27 in Civil District 11.

JOHN DAWSON, black, shot and killed by Elijah Duncan, Bolivar, Tenn. Oct. 6.

E. D. COLLINS, brakeman, railroad, run over and killed by train near Sweetwater Tenn. last week; brother of Sam Collins, engineer on M & O RR.

MARY J. COZART died October 9 in 50th year.

MARCIUS inf/s L. S. and Virginia WEATHERLY died Oct. 8 in 2nd year.

WILLIAM MURCHISON died near Medon, Tenn. Oct. 8 in 68th year.

Tribute of Respect for Garland Pettus s/o Prof. J. C. Pettus of West Tenn. College. By Faculty and Students of the college.


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October 14, 1871

FELIX LODEUX, Frenchman, committed suicide and died Oct. 9, Jackson in house of William Lyons; he had stabbed himself with a butcher knife and he lingered in much suffering.


October 21, 1871

WILLIAM HUGHES died near Columbia, Tenn. last week, aged 86.

THOMAS PEEBLES died Maury Co., Tenn. last week, aged about 80.

ROBERT T. KIRKPATRICK died Nashville, Tenn. last week; merchant.

JAMES M. BRIGHT, Esq. who represented Lincoln Co., Tenn. in last legislature died at Fayetteville last week. Brother of Congressman Bright.

THOMAS TANNER died Wilson Co., Tenn. last week, from lockjaw.

Capt. JAMES J. McDANIEL died in Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 13, aged about 50; veteran, printer.

ALICE d/o John YOUNG killed by kick of horse Oct. 13, Jackson, abt. 6 yrs. old.


October 28, 1871

ARTHUR SYKES died Stewart Co., Tenn. last week, aged 84.

Capt. JEFF LEFTWICK killed by stab wound inflicted by Richard Whilhite, Sparta, Tenn.

JOHN H. HALLIBURTON died Rutherford Co., Tenn. last week.

M. P. ESTES died Brownsville, Tenn. last week.

SOLOMON HINTON died near Cageville /Alamo/, Tenn. within last 2 weeks.

JO PARKERMAN murdered last week in DeKalb Co., Tenn.

JOHN A. COLE, Esq. died Brownsville, Tenn.

DINAH VICK, black, died near Belleview, Tenn., aged 115.

ELIZABETH w/o James HARRISON, Esq. died near Medon, Tenn. Oct 18 in 52nd year.


November 4, 1871

ALEY E. inf/d R. M. and S. E. MAY died Oct. 29, aged 3 years, 5 months, 21 days.

JOHN C. GREER died Collins Co., Texas Oct. 8 in house of his brother, aged about 42. Represented Madison Co. in legislature; moved to Texas several years ago; once a ruling elder of Pleasant Hill Church, Madison Co.

Dr. R. THUMMEL, German physician, died Chelsea, Memphis, Tenn. Oct. 30 by taking overdose of morphine.

MARY SWAN died Fayette Co., Tenn. Oct. 17, aged 96. Methodist for 63 years.


November 11, 1871

Mrs. SARAH, widow of John BARNES died Williamson Co., Tenn. Oct. 29, aged 82.

JOHN BURRUS shot and killed Nov. 4 at Ashland, Wayne Co. by Dr. J. C. M. Rankin.

J. B. CONGER died Jackson. Nov. 7 in 80th year. Born N.C.; had been a valued contributor to the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

JOSEPH s/o Miles HAMMOND died November 7, in 5th year.

J. L. WILLIAMSON died November 7.

GEORGE W. POOL died Lexington, Tenn. Oct. 31, "perhaps the oldest resident citizen of that town."


November 18, 1871

SIDNEY SMITH died 8 miles from Nashville, Tenn. on Nolensville Pike Nov. 12.

MIKE CONNOR died Nashville, Tenn. November 12.

ISABELLA w/o William B. BAXTER died Oct. 30, in 28th year.

BROOKS LOCK s/o Cas. Lock died Nov. 11 in 10th year.


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November 21, 1871

JAMES R. TAYLOR died Jackson Nov. l9. Born near Clarksville, Tenn., 1809; s/o Manoah Taylor, an "old welsh Baptist minister." To Jackson, 1836.



November 25, 1871

FANNIE d/o Dr. William JELKS died Bells Station, Tenn. Nov. 6 about 18 yrs. old.

Major JOHN H. BILLS died Bolivar, Tenn. Nov. 16, in 71st year; enterprising man.

JOHN BUTLER died Bear Creek, Maury Co., Tenn. Nov. 14, aged nearly 96 years; died in house he had built in 1808.

ELIZA, widow of John ROBERTS died Sumner Co., Tenn. Nov. 16 in 61st year; mother of Albert Roberts of the Nashville BANNER.

SAMUEL NORTHERN died Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 15, aged 81.

JAMES R. TAYLOR died Jackson, Nov. 19 in 62nd year. Baptist.

Dr. DUNCAN M. SPENCER, brother of Dr. William B. Spencer of Jackson, died Henderson Station Nov. 16 in 37th year; left children.

E. W. NEVILL died near Tiptonville, Tenn. Nov. 5, aged about 66; old merchant.

Tribute of Respect for S. W. MITCHELL, died Oct. 24, aged 44 years, 8 months, 7 days. By Pleasant Lodge 99, Masons, Austin, Ark. Oct. 25, 1871.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM C. MURCHISON, died Oct. 8. By Masonic Lodge 166, Medon, Tenn. Nov. 18, 1871.

WILLIAM S. WISDOM died Purdy, Tenn. Nov. 19, 1871, aged 75 years, 5 days. Born Rockinghan Co., N.C. 1796; in 1805-06 came to Anderson Co., Tenn. and about 1808 to Overton Co., Tenn. and in 1820 to West Tennessee and settled near Henderson Station; moved following year to north McNairy Co. and in 1836 to Medon, Tenn. Clerk of Court, McNairy Co.; member of Christian Church. Married (l) Jane Anderson, 1833, with whom there were children; (2) Mrs. Celia M. Shull, 1860.


December 9, 1871

Wife and dau. of William PARLEY burned to death in White Co., Tenn. Nov. 30.

THOMAS FINCH died Nov. 17, aged 80 years, Franklin Co., Tenn.

MARY, w/o Richard ROBERTS died near Portersville, aged 72.

GEORGE KING died Giles Co., Tenn. "couple" weeks ago at San Merrill's Mill.

LIZZIE inf/d E. A. and Nannie MURRELL EDMONDSON died Nov. 30, aged 3 years, 3 months.

LUCY HOWARD inf/d T. J. and Mary Jane CARUTHERS died Dec. 7 in 10th month of its age.

Mrs. NANCY DICKENS died Nov. 29 at residence of son, Judge Dickens, Panola Co., Miss. in 83rd year. Resident of Madison Co. for 40 years. Mother of Mrs. Jas. L. Talbot of Jackson. Methodist.

GEORGE FREEMAN, black, found dead in stable loft on A. T. Innan's farm near Carroll. Tenn. on December 7.

MATTIE J. w/o J. Frank JONES died Nov. 30, aged 25; second dau. of David and Rebecca Gill; married Dec. 15, 1870; professed religion Aug. 1865 and became member of Pleasant Plains Baptist Church. Lengthy obit.


December 23, 1871

ABRAM HARPER, old citizen, died Carroll Co., Tenn. ten days ago.

HUMPHREY REYNOLDS, old citizen, died McMinn Co., Tenn. near Athens Dec. 9.

Little dau. of Richard MULLEN. Gum Spring, Stewart Co., Tenn. died of burns.

Dr. ROBERT LENOX died near Harris Station, Obion Co., Tenn. found dead with gunshot to head, supposed suicide "the other day."

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MARIA PEARSON, black, found dead in a well near Clarksburg, Tenn. last week.

SALLIE M. w/o William WITHERSPOON died Madison Co., Tenn. Nov. 24, aged 31. D/o David Rice, Jackson.

January 6, 1872

GEORGE W. COLEMAN died Nashville last week; oldest butcher in that city.

Col. GEORGE WILLIAMSON died Green Hill, Wilson Co., Tenn. Dec. 15, aged 78.

MARY J. w/o Hon. Robert J. McKINNEY died Knoxville, Tenn. Dec. 18.

THOMAS T. SOMERVILLE, Esq. died last week, Mason's Depot, Tenn.

JAMES BLAIR died Dec. 24, aged about 60 years.

Mrs. F. S. w/o David McCRAW died Jackson Jan. 2, aged about 35 years.

WILLIAM D. WINCHESTER died near Medon, Tenn. Dec. 24, aged about 50 years.

Mr. J. W. BALDWIN of Louisville, Ky. died Dec. 13, aged about 43 years.

WHIT. MANNING, formerly of Madison Co., Tenn. died near Jacksonport, Ark. Dec. 9.

DICK ROBERTSON killed when thrown from a horse last week.


January 13, 1872

POLK JETTON killed by Thomas Hawkins. Dec. 25, Cowan, Tenn.

"The Bolivar BULLETIN complains that the oldest graveyard in that place is the most neglected ground on earth."

HELMES, youngest son of Sam F. ALLEN died Montgomery Co., Tenn. by suicide December 22.

ALFRED WYNNE son of late Bruce B. Wynne shot and killed by ---Howell, near Castalian Springs, Sumner Co., Tenn. Dec. 30.

ALBERT GIBBS died near Dresden, Tenn. a few days ago from fall off a wagon.

LOUISA MATHEWS w/o Robert MATHEWS, formerly of S.C. died Henderson Co., Tenn. Dec. 15, aged 62.

CALVIN GILLEM died December 10 at home of son, James Gillem, aged 68; from North Carolina.

MARY LOUISA widow of Avery HUNT died Paris, Tenn. Jan. in 45th year.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES BLAIR, died recently. By Sunday School, Payne Methodist Chapel, Jackson, Dec. 21, 1871.


January 20, 1872

Dr. J. A. C. MANLY died Newbern, Tenn. Jan. 2.

Maj. J. L. ARMSTRONG died Bedford Co., Tenn. last week.

Mrs. SAM WOOTEN died Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. 14 in 18th year.


January 27, 1872

WILLIAM MURPHY died Bedford Co., Tenn. last week; aged man.

HENRY TERRILL died Sumner Co., Tenn. Jan. 21, in 81st year.

SALLIE w/o Hugh McCREA died Nashville, Tenn. January 17.

WILLIAM GOLDEN died near Dyersburg, Tenn. December 14.

WILLIAM GLENN died Williamson Co., Tenn., aged 106 years.

BYRD WELLS died Lauderdale Co., Tenn. Jan. 15, aged 72.

LIZINCA w/o R. S. EWELL died near Spring Hill, Maury Co., Tenn. Jan. 22 in 52nd year.

CALVIN GILLIAM died Henderson Co., Tenn. Dec. 17.

WILLIAM MILAM died Henderson Co., Tenn. Jan. 19, in 78th year.

ABE McADAMS died Henderson Co., Tenn. Jan. 8 in 56th year.

ALFRED BROWN, died Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. 12 in 80th year.

JOHN L. CAWTHON died near Mifflin, Tenn. Jan. 22, in 50th year.


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Miss LOUISA RICE died Jackson Jan. 24, d/o David Rice, sister of Capt. John Rice, aged about 24.

Mrs. MARIA BIGELOW died Jackson, Jan. 21 in 76th year; citizen of Jackson since about 1824. Husband died in 1826-27, leaving her with 3 children.


February 3, 1872

Rev. JOHN A. JONES, Tenn. Methodist Conference died Robertson Co., Tenn. Jan. 11.

HINTON HALL died Fayette Co., Tenn. Jan. 19, aged 53.

ANDREW MARTIN killed by Matt Durin, a "desperado" at Tullahoma, Tenn. Jan. 26.


R. S. EWELL died near Spring Hill. Maury Co., Tenn. Jan. 25, close on the death of his wife; wanted only a plain tombstone such as his parents had in Va.; married late in Civil War to Lazinka d/o late Judge Campbell. Son of Dr. Thomas Ewell of Prince William Co., Va. Born there in 1816. Graduate of West Point military Academy, June 30, 1840. Served in the Mexican and Civil wars. Much detail on battles in which he fought.


February 10, 1872

DAVID COOK died Lebanon, Tenn. February 5.

JOHN NORTON shot and killed by deputy sheriff, F. A. Shroyer February 5.

ANN E. w/o Hon. Henry COOPER, U.S. Senator, Tenn., died Feb. 4.

Dr. J. W. S. FRIERSON died Columbia, Tenn. Jan. 25, aged 71. Ruling Elder in Presbyterian Church.

MARTIN WALSH died Feb. 6; grocer.


February 17, 1872

Hon. R. A. LAPSLEY died New Albany, Indiana Feb. 13.

JOHN SAMUEL WILLIS died when run over by train Feb. 5 near Anderson, Ala. Oldest child of Larkin and Larina Willis. Born Little Crow Creek, Jackson Co., Ala. Feb. 6, 1830.

JAMES C. GATES, Esq. died Dec. 6, 1871 at residence, Olenda, Chesterfield Co., Va., aged 59.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN D. McFARLIN, died Nov. 2, 1871. Born July 27, 1839. By Spring Creek Masonic Lodge 193, Jan. 6, 1872.


February 24, 1872

ANDERSON DELAP, merchant, died Humboldt, Tenn. last week.

STRICKLER COOPER s/o Henry COOPER, U.S. Senator, died Edgefield, Tenn. last wk.

Dr. PHILIP H. COOK died Franklin, Tenn. 2 weeks ago, aged 40.

Col. GRANVILLE C. TORBETT died Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 14, in 62nd year.

CLAIBORNE GOOCH, young student at University of Nashville, died Smyrna, Tenn. last week.

DOUGLAS DAVIS shot and killed by a horse thief near Caney Fork last week.

WILLIAM H. WELLS, once well-to-do-farmer, died early last week, aged 81.

Obit for LOUISA ELIZABETH WOOTEN d/o Mrs. Hugh Henderson, died Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. l3 in 19th year; married about 3 yrs, old. Member of C. P. Church.

WILLIAM J. McCLELLAN died Los Angeles, Calif. Jan. 5; eldest son of late George

McClellan; aged about 50.

Mr. J. T. GREGORY died Scullyville, Indiana Jan. 20 in 40th year. Raised in Va. Former Confederate captain.


March 2, 1872

CHARLOTTE widow of Dr. S. W. BELL died Huntingdon, Tenn. Last week, aged 54.


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JAMES STEPHENSON accidentally shot and killed in east Tenn. Feb. 19.

Mrs. MARGARET EPPINGER died Jackson. Feb. 29, 31st year. Born St. Peter's, Ind. Parents were Alsace Germans; wife of Louis Eppinger; left 4 children.

PLEASANT HUDDLESTON died Jackson Feb. 23 in 65th year.


March 9, 1872

NICHOLAS TATE PERKINS died Brownsville, Tenn. Feb. 25.

Major --- HARGROVE died Haywood Co., Tenn. last week, aged 80.

TENNESSEE w/o Adam Hutchison died Lauderdale Co., Tenn. last week.

ROBERT L. STEVENS died February 25.

THAD BOYKINS committed suicide by drowning last week in Lake Co., Tenn.

Three people died in Union City, Tenn. within last 8 days: Capt. JAMES TURNER, aged 73; WILLIAM F. BENTLEY, aged 72; Mrs. LUISA V. HAMBY, in 70th year.

Tribute of Respect for HENRY M. LINING, employee of Mobile & Ohio RR. By fellow employees in the railroad shops, March 4, 1872.


March 16, 1872

DAVID PULLY died Wayne Co., Tenn. 2 weeks ago, aged 113 years.

JOHN BULLOCK, Esq. died Memphis, Tenn. last week.

HENRY KELSEY, Esq. died Lawrence Co., Tenn. last week, aged 60.


March 23, 1872

Obit for LEE H. JOHNSON, died March 17, 1872, Madison Co., aged 57. Baptist.

H. N. STOTHART killed near Medon, Tenn. March 16; probably fell among train cars, but had bullet wound in his neck.


March 30, 1872

AB BROWN died Scott Co., Tenn. shot by his brother Maxwell Brown last week.

MARY MIDDLETON RUTLEDGE w/o Francis B. FOGG died Nashville Feb. 15.

JOSEPH W. BAUGH died near Franklin, Tenn. March 12.

M. R. PEEBLES, Esq. died last week, aged 82.

Maj. PATRICK DUFFY of Trousdale Co., Tenn. died last week, aged 65.

JAMES HENDERSON, black, bought by William Tate, mayor of Nashville in 1812, for the corporation and continued to work for the city until about ten years ago, died in Davidson Co., Tenn., recently, aged 83.

J. B. KIMBRO, president of First National Bank, Murfreesboro, Tenn. died near there last week.

JASPER SMITH died near Lynchburg, Tenn. last week, aged 86.

HAROLD COBB s/o Dr. H. S. and Mary CRITTENDEN died March 27 in 11th year.

B. F. BOON died in Memphis, Tenn. March 22, aged 52. Bro. of S. W. Boon, Madison Co.

MARY w/o H. C. McCUTCHEN died March 28, in 43rd year. Only daughter of Dr. Edwards of Dresden, Tenn.; left 4 children.


April 6, 1872

WILLIAM FERGUSON, "Uncle Buck, "died Trenton, Tenn. last week, aged 77.

JOHN BROWN, black, shot and killed by Phil Blakemore, black, Trenton, last wk.

WILLIAM LARKIN died Franklin Co., Tenn. last week, aged 81.

THOMAS DANIEL died Franklin Co., Tenn. last week, aged 83.

JOHN HOFFORD killed by falling tree, Lauderdale Co., Tenn. March 24.

ASA PHILLIPS shot and killed near Winchester, Tenn. March 21.

Rev. A. KERR, Cumberland Presbyterian minister, died Lawrence Co., Tenn. 2 wks ago.


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HARVEY MEADOWS died near Bolivar, smallpox, March 25.

Col. ALEX DARDEN died Hickman Co., Tenn. 2 weeks ago.

Col. HENRY W. BUGG, bro-in-law of Gov. Trousdale, died at age 79.

JAMES L. TODD died near Gadsden, Tenn. April 1 in 40th year.

H. J. PEARSON, Esq. died near Mason's Grove, Tenn. April 1 in 71st year.

Mrs. MARTHA w/o Dr. L. L. BUTLER died Shelby Co., Tenn. April 1 in 40th year. Only dau. of Col. Robert I. Chester of Jackson.

MILTON L. OLIVER died Madison Co., Tenn. March 28, in 42nd year.

Miss S. S. WINCHESTER died near Medon, Tenn. March 12.

Mrs. SARAH WINCHESTER, mother of Miss S. S. Winchester, died near Medon, Tenn. March 28.

Mrs. J. D. LAWLER died Henderson Co., Tenn., wife of J. T. Lawler, died Mar. 17.

H. D. BALLEW died Henderson Co., Tenn. in 29th year.


April 13, 1872

VINES L. COLLIER died last week.

SAM CARTWRIGHT committed suicide, Murfreesboro, Tenn. March 26.

Dr. T. C. EDWARDS died Darden, Tenn. April 5 in 73rd year.

CLARA ANN w/o S. S. AMIS died Henderson April 2.

BESSIE inf/d M. J. B. and Emma INMAN died April 8, aged 10 months, 21 days.

Dr. W. W. FREELING died Pinson, Tenn. April 9 in 57th year.


April 20, 1872

CALVIN LOGSTON, murderer, hanged Jackson, April 5; had made full confession.

Two older Giles Co., Tenn. persons died last week: JAMES JOHNSON, aged 84; Mrs. BETSY GOOCH, aged 96.

JOSEPHINE d/o late Joseph Mason of Sussex Co., Va. and wife of W. B. R. GLOVER of Jackson, died Memphis, Tenn. April 7. Born 1812; married Jan. 18, 1838.

JOHN C. CARPENTER died Jackson April 17 in 43rd year; left 4 daus., 1 son.


April 27, 1872

Dr. A. M. PRIM died Hardin Co., Tenn. last week, aged 47.

Mrs. SCOTT, widow of Chronicle Scott died Clarksburg, Tenn. last week.

Col. JOHN WALKER died Rogersville, Tenn. last week, aged 72.

HUGH FRIZZELL, Clerk of Davidson Co. circuit court died April 22.

CORNELIUS ALLEN, distiller of Lincoln Co., Tenn. died near Fayetteville Apr. l4.

Mr. ---BRACKEN of Union City, Tenn. died at Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Tribute of Respect for CHARLES CALLOWAY BROOKS, member of Senior Class, West Tenn. College, Jackson, died recently. By Faculty and Students, April 24. Also, another such tribute for him by the Literary Society of the college. Also, death notice for him; he died April 22; s/o Rev. John Brooks. Died in his 21st year.

NANNIE FRANK only child of R. L. and Belle YOUNG died Columbus, Texas Mar. 30.

MARY HAMILTON died Mason's Grove, Tenn. April 20, aged 90 years, 1 month. Born Chester Dist., S.C.; married William Hamilton 70 years ago; moved to Kentucky and then to Davidson Co., Tenn. in 1832.

Mrs. SARAH WHITMEL SMITH died Jackson April 21, aged 78 years, 7 months. Born Sept. 19, 1793 d/o James and Sarah Turner. Fayette Co., N.C. married Apr. 19, 1817 Hugh Smith and in 1827 moved to McNairy Co., Tenn. Husband died several yrs. before Civil War leaving her with 5 children. Long obit.


(Page 32)

May 4, 1872

Col. JOHN W. DAWSON died Memphis. Tenn. April 29, aged about 40 years.

ANDREW JACKSON EDMONDSON died Shelby Co., Tenn. April 30.

JACOB TAYLOR died Bedford Co., Tenn. last week.

Mrs. MARY J. THOMAS wife of the Springfield RECORD died.

ATLAS HOGAN died Madison Co., Tenn. April 23 in 30th year.

JAMES ROBERT s/o Dr. N. A. and M. E. McCOY died Pinson, Tenn. May 1 in 9th year.


May 11, 1872

HOP CARTER died near Shiloh Church, Gibson Co., Tenn. last week.

SHADE WESTMORELAND shot and killed last week, Hamilton Co., Tenn.

JOHN RAY died Pinson, Tenn. May 6, aged 52 years.

COLLINS J. BRADLEY died Little Rock, Ark. April 10 in 63rd year. C. P. minister.

MAUD d/o Cornelius and D. A. BOWDEN died May 4 in 2nd year.

GEORGE W. BROSIUS died Jackson, May 4 in 45th year; railroad conductor on Miss. Central RR; left five children.

Dr. THOMAS W. HARRIS died Lake Co., Tenn., aged about 40.

STEPHEN MOORE died near Mason's Grove, Tenn. April 26 in 57th year; member of Christian Church; left 13 children.

Tribute of Respect for GEORGE W. BROSIUS who died May 4. By St. John's Lodge 232, May 5, 1872.

Black girl, about 17 years old, burned to death at residence of J. M. Harding near the Mobile & Ohio RR shops May 4; she poured coal oil onto stove and it exploded.


May 18, 1872

ELIJAH RIEVES died Maury Co., Tenn. May 6, aged 81.

Eldest daughter of Col. J. R. MOSBY of Somerville, Tenn. died last week.

JACK GRIFFIN died Trenton. Tenn.

JOHN S. HENRY, university student, died Knoxville, Tenn, having drowned while bathing in the Holston River, May 11.

Tribute of Respect for CHARLES CALLOWAY BROOKS who died recently. By Sunday School of First Methodist Church. Jackson, April 25, 1872.

J. H. RAY died Pinson, Tenn. May 7, aged about 56.

Mrs. MATTIE NELSON, formerly of Madison Co., Tenn. died Shelby Co., Tenn. May 9, aged 22.

MONROE WIN s/o G. M. and Harriet E. ROBINSON died May 17, aged 12 years, 1 month and 7 days, of infection from a splinter in a foot.

JOHN COMPTON died May 10 in 92nd year.

Miss EMMA d/o William SHELTON died May 14 in 16th year.

SARAH ELIZA w/of Daniel M. STEPHENS died May 15 in 35th year. D/o William

B. Miller, dec. and wife Eliza Woolfolk. Born in Jackson; Episcopalian.


May 25, 1872

JOHN WILLIAMSON died Newbern, Tenn. May 8, aged 84.

JOHN PRESTWOOD hanged at Smithville May 24 for murdering a Dekalb Co. woman.

Rev. STEPHEN THOMAS, Methodist minister, died April 13 and wife, ANNA, died April 16; Henderson Co., Tenn. He was in his 62nd year.

ANN w/of M. D. Fly died May 10, aged about 31; left one child.

JOHN WILSON ROBINSON died May 8, aged 54, 2 miles SE of Jackson; left 8 ch.


(Page 33)

June 1, 1872

Dr. L. D. KING, educator, died Clarksburg, Tenn. May 25, aged 75.

WILLIAM B. KING, Esq. died near Triune, Tenn. May 21, aged 53.

M. W. L. HODLY died in Henry Co., Tenn. last week.

JAMES GREEN, veteran of War of 1812, died Bedford Co., Tenn. two weeks ago.

MARY A. widow of David CRAIGHEAD, died Nashville, Tenn. a few days ago, aged 84.

JAMES A. SWEENEY died Madison Co., Tenn. May 19, aged about 50.

L. F. CAWTHON died near Mifflin, Tenn. May 27; "old citizen."


June 15, 1872

MEREDITH HELM died Columbia, Tenn. June 3, in 84th year.

LUCY d/o Mrs. Kate WALSH died Jackson, June 10.

CHARLEY WILDE died Jackson, June 12, aged about 40; left 3 children.

WILLIAM YERGER, able lawyer, died Jackson about June 8.


June 22, 1872

DAVID W. BALLEW, former senator, McMinn Co., died Fayette Co., Tenn. few days ago.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES L. TALBOT, died June 14 in 58th year. Board of Trustees, West Tennessee College, June 17, 1872.

JAMES LAWRENCE TALBOT died June 14, Jackson in 59th year. Graduate, University of Nashville, 1831; to Jackson in 1834, edited local newspaper, the TRUTH-TELLER, 1836-1837; married 1838 to Ann P. Dickens who survived him. In 1838-1861 he was clerk of federal court in Jackson.

Obit for CHARLES WILDE, died June 12, aged 38. By Jackson Division 39 of Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, June 15, 1872.


July 6, 1872

MATT w/o Marion KEMP died Weakley Co., Tenn. last week.

CON McCARTY died Mobile, Ala., July 2, in 40th year. Conductor, M & O RR.

FORDHAM BLACKMON died Madison Co., Tenn. July 2, in 77th year.


July 13, 1872

JOHN MURR died Cheathan Co., Tenn.; hanged himself June 27.


July 20, 1872

Mrs. ELIZABETH REAVES died Bedford Co., Tenn. last week, aged 92.

Major JAMES BURTON died Greenville, Tenn. last week.

Mrs. NICEY RUSS, mother of R. C. Russ, died last week in 81st year.

RICHARD SOMERVILLE died from loss of blood in accidental gunshot wound, Mason's Depot, Tennessee last week about 17 years old; s/o Col. R. B. Somerville.

TOMMIE s/o Dr. W. F. and Sarah JONES died 5 miles east of Jackson, July 15, aged about 4.

Col. JOHN BAKER died near Carroll Station, Tenn. July 16 in 78th year.

MARCELLIUS WILLIAM inf/s M. L. and Annie E. VESEY died July 15, aged 8 months, 7 days.

CLAUDE and ROBERT, inf/sons of William G. and Ada SMITH died July 7 and 10; first of measles, latter of brain fever.

Tribute of Respect for CON McCARTY who died June 2. By Conductors Tenn. & Kentucky Division, July 20, 1872.


(Page 34)

July 27, 1872

JAKE MILLS died Morristown, Tenn. last week; printer.

Son of Oliver ANDERSON drowned near Shady Grove, Tenn.; fell into a well.

BRICE BURRUS, old black, found dead near Oakland Mills, Obion Co., Tenn. a few days ago with knife gashes on his body.

A. T. HIGGINS shot and killed at Pinson, Tenn. July 17.

PATTIE MAHALA inf/d Thomas B. and Martha ANDERSON died Jackson, July 23, aged 1 year, l month and 16 days.


August 3, 1872

JAMES E. PYBASS died at his mother's in Trenton, Tenn. last week.

THOMAS J. FRAZIER, Esq. died Dyersburg, Tenn. last week; 27 years a merchant.

NANCY P. McLEMORE, widow of Sugards McLemore, died after being stricken with paralysis while attending Methodist Church in Brownsville, July 21.

Mrs. SUSAN BUNTIN died near Andrew Chapel, Madison Co., Tenn. July 23.

Mrs. D. C., widow of W. P. HENDERSON died 5 miles north of Jackson, July 23, aged 25 years. 11 months and 11 days.

TENNIE V. w/o W. A. TAYLOR died Jackson, July 17 in 32nd year; left 6 children.

MICAJAH BULLOCK, Esq. died Jackson at home of John L. Brown, August 2.

NATHANIEL EDWARDS LANCASTER, oldest son of John L. and Mary Jane Edwards Lancaster drowned July 27, in an effort to rescue a drowning boy at DeBerry's Mill on Forked Deer River, who was rescued. Born Christian Co., Kentucky August 30, 1847; served in Confederate army; moved to Jackson from near Magnolia, Miss. in October 1865.

Tribute of Respect for NATHANIEL EDWARDS LANCASTER who drowned July 27 in an attempt to save a boy, Robert L. Taylor, from drowning. "Just as the sun went down Mr. John Tomlinson, who was dragging the river with hook and line, felt something which yielded to his pull, and in a moment the dead body /of Lancaster/ appeared above the waves and was borne to the bank. Who can describe the scene that followed? The deepening, solemn twilight - the gloom of the forest, the rushing river, the stark, stiff form of the dead, the kneeling father, wild with agony and weeping friends gathered around. . . . He was laid in his father's carriage and through the gathering darkness, along the silent roads they bore him to the home which but a few hours before he had left in the pride of his strength." Lancaster buried with ceremony by fellow Old Fellows Sunday. Tribute by Lodge 16, I. O. O. F., Jackson, July 28, 1872.


August 10, 1872

---GODFORTH killed by brother-in-law, ---Thomas in Bolivar, Tenn. July 31.

Ecomium for MICAJAH BULLOCK by members of the Jackson Bar, Aug. 3. Bullock, one of the oldest members of the Bar of West Tenn. died recently.

MAMIE BELL inf/d W. P. and Luanna ROBERTSON died Aug. 7, aged 3 years, 21 days.

W. T. LYON died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 3 in 60th year.

Mr. J. W. BOND died near Mifflin, Tenn. Aug. 4 in 56th year.


August 17, 1872

Tribute for A Friend to MICAJAH BULLOCK who died recently; native of N.C.; moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn. where he taught school while getting his legal training; afterwards moved to Shelbyville, then shortly to Lexington, Tenn. When he married a Madison Co. lady in 1841 he moved to that town. Served in state legislature in 1845 and in 1857. "In his speeches


(Page 35)

at the bar he neither indulged in rhetoric, nor in empty declamation, but so logical was his reasoning and so clear was his elucidation and application of legal principles, that he always commanded the highest respect as well from judge as jury."

JAMES L. BAKER died near Pinson, Tenn. Aug. 11, aged about 65.

MARY BELLE youngest child of S. M. and F. G. JOBE died in Memphis, Tenn. August 14, aged 9 months and 21 days.


August 24, 1872

EPHRAIM W. McRADY died in Columbia, Tenn. Aug. 13, aged 72.

---WILSON was shot by bro-in-law ---Ray at Brownsville, Tenn.

FRANK LEE, black, died Brownsville, Tenn. last week, aged 114 years; left sister there aged 108.

Mrs. MARTHA HAMILTON died Lincoln Co., Tenn. last week, aged 95. Her husband died in Feb. 1812 and she had remained a widow.

Gen. JOEL A. BATTLE died Nashville, Tenn. Aug. 19, aged 61; had served in the state legislature; buried in family graveyard.

ANNIE LAURA youngest daughter of Mrs. CARPENTER died Jackson Aug. 17, aged 2 years, 7 months. Her father had died a few months before.

LENA inf/d William L. and Jennie HARRIS, died Jackson Aug. 17, aged 9 months, 1 day.

Col. W. M. DUNAWAY died at residence of James W. Anderson, Jackson, Aug. 22. Grand Master of Tenn. Masons. Buried with masonic honors.

J. M. WEATHERLY died Jackson Aug. 17 in 47th year; had lived in Madison Co. for many years, first at Denmark. In 1856 his eyes became "affected" from which he had suffered since. At close of Civil War he moved to Jackson. "A kinder, truer man than Morris Weatherly never lived." Left 6 children.

A. J. ARNOLD found a few days ago near his home in Henderson Co., Tenn.; he had suffered a head wound in a fight and he left home at night recovering and evidently died while drinking water in a stream; about 35 years old; unmarried.

On August 14 MARY SMITH, about 18 years old, gave birth to illegitimate child that was "announced to be dead the next day." Coroner's jury found that the child had been severely beaten. Smith and her parents, John and Frances Smith fled but Mary and Frances were found and arrested a few days later.


August 31, 1872

FRANK s/o Mich JONES, living between Humboldt and Gibson died recently while loading a saw log that rolled over him.

Persons who died recently in Monroe Co., Tenn., all on one day: Mrs. PENNINGTON at age 75; Mrs. REAGAN at age 80; Dr. F. H. GREGORY at age 89.

Funeral of mayor, Jackson, the Rev. W. M. DUNAWAY held on August 23 "was the most imposing and solemn we have ever witnessed in Jackson."


September 14, 1872

Col. HENRY B. S. WILLIAMS of Hickory Wythe, Tenn. died at Bailey's Springs, Ala. August 25.

JOHN CALDWELL died Hardeman Co., Tenn. Sept. 1, aged 80 years, 24 days.

KATE LEE inf/d A. S. and J. E. KENEDY died Jackson Aug. 7, aged 1 year. 11 months.

LOTTIE inf/d H. D. and Maggie BURNELL died Jackson Aug. 8, aged little over a year old.

Tribute of Respect of WILLIAM M. DUNAWAY who died Aug. 21. By I.O.O.F. Lodge 16, Jackson, Aug. 22, 1872.


(Page 36)

October 5, 1872

Miss MOLLIE N. NETHERLAND d/o Col. John Netherland died Rogersville. Tenn., from injuries received when thrown from a horse a few days ago.

Mrs. ELIZABETH NORRIS died Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 20, aged 72.

Mr. JOSEPH MOTHERELL died Williamson Co., Tenn. Sept. 19, aged 82.

Miss ANN POPE died in Williamson Co., Tenn. recently.

RICHARD s/o Wiley McPHERSON killed by a log he was cutting, with it rolling over him; in Williamson Co., Tenn. recently.

RHODIE ELLA, youngest dau. of J. M. and M. A. WILLIAMS died in Spring Creek, Tenn. Aug. 14, aged 2 years, 8 months and 21 days.

MARIA w/o N. S. WHITE, d/o Dr. J. D. Mason died Jackson Oct. 2, in 24th year.

Miss OPHELIA WILSON died Jackson, home of D. H. King, Oct 2, in 23rd year; had been left an orphan at an early age.

WILLIE HOLMES died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct 3 at home of his uncle, Mr. Thompson, in his 17th year.


October 12, 1872

WILLIAM SOLOMON died Gallatin, Tenn. last week, aged 74.

JESSE PIPKIN died Hardeman Co., Tenn. Sept. 4, aged 85.

JAMES B. REED died McMinn Co., Tenn. last week.

Capt. THOMAS PRIGMIRE died near Athens, Tenn. Sept. 24, aged 85; vet, War of 1812.

Son of Porter POLICE died Shelby Co., Tenn., near Bartlett last wk; aged 16.

Dr. STlTH RICHARDSON died Dyersburg, Tenn. Sept. 28, aged 74.

HATTIE inf/d B. J. and Emma HAWTHORNE died Jackson Oct. 8.

DAISY KATHLEEN inf/d Thomas and Miriam PHIBBS died Oct. 8, aged 13 months.

"Old Dick" GOLDEN died at home in fork of the river /Forked Deer/, Oct. 4 in 97th year.

Obit for Mrs. MARIA WHITE d/o Joseph D. and Eliza Mason who died Oct. 3; married Sept. 10, 1871 to Nolen S. White. In 25th year of age. Had A. M. degree from Memphis Conference Female Institute, 1865. Episcopalian.


October 26, 1872

Dr. J. S. CROWDER died Montgomery Co., Tenn. Oct. 12.

WILLIAM HOWELL youngest son of Hon. Jefferson DAVIS died in Memphis, Tenn. Oct. l6, aged 10 years.

Mrs. MARY DELANEY died Jackson Oct. 20, aged 25.

NANNIE HAYS youngest dau. of John M. and Amanda TAYLOR died Covington, Tenn. Oct. 9, aged 20 months, 10 days. "Darling little Hazie."

Dr. ROBERT LOWERY died Henderson Co., Tenn. Oct. 5 of pneumonia, typhoid fever, aged about 67. Graduate of Medical College of South Carolina. Born in Ireland.

SARAH ELIZABETH COYNE died Sept. 29. Born Harrodsburg, Ky. November 15, 1847. Sister of the editor of the WEST TENNESSEE PLAIN DEALER.


November 2, 1872

THOMAS B. MAYFIELD died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 18.

AB EVANS killed by Daniel G. Baird, north part of Gibson Co. last week.

WESLEY HARRISON died near Rutherford Station Oct. 19.

Mrs. HORACE GREELEY died Chappaqua, N.Y. Oct. 30.

RUBIE s/o M. L. and L. A. RIPLEY died Pinson, Tenn. Oct. 31, in 4th year.

Miss ANN ELIZA d/o James HART died Madison Co., Tenn., aged 21.

Mrs. MARY DELANEY w/o William Delaney died Jackson Oct. 20 in 27th year. Born in Roscommon Co., Ireland; came with parents to U.S. at early age. Roman Catholic.


(Page 37)

November 9, 1872

Mrs. MARGARET BOONE died Lynchburg, Tenn. Oct. 25, aged 74.

WILLIAM FEATHERSTON died Robertson Co., Tenn. Oct. 20, aged 96.

Mrs. NANCY HOLT died Giles Co., Tenn. Oct. 26, aged 86.

NEAL A. McNEAL died Haywood Co., Tenn. last week; ex-county surveyor.

MADISON H. CHAMBERS died near Morning Sun, Shelby Co., Tenn. last wk, aged 68.

WILLIAM E. MUMFORD, formerly of Clarksville, died St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana, Oct. 26, aged 30.

Gen. P. B. GLENN died Trenton, Tenn. Oct. 29, aged 62.

B. M. McGETTRICK died Jackson. Nov. 5, in 47th year. Born Sligo Co., Ireland.

CULLEN LANE died Madison Co., Tenn. Nov. 4, in 86th year. Born Wayne Co., N.C. Jan. 12, 1787; moved to Madison Co. in 1830.

Also an obit for CULLEN LANE who died Nov. 4, aged 85. "His body was laid away in his narrow home by a goodly number of his neighbors and friends."


November 16, 1872

JOSEPH LAMB died Hawkins Co., Tenn. Oct. 10, aged 110.

Mrs. ELIZABETH PARK died Columbia, Tenn. of lockjaw a few days ago.

THOMAS EARLY killed Bradley Co., Tenn. from being thrown from horse a few days ago; aged man.

RICHARD H. BARRY, Grand Secretary of Masonic Lodge died Nashville, Nov. 7.

PHILIP MARTIN killed by Bob Cox.

J. R. DICKEY, Johnsonville merchant, killed in his store, Nov. 8.

Miss LOU HIGHTOWER d/o Dr. H. R. Hightower died Oct. 27 "and what was intended for her bridal dress became her burial dress."

JAMES M. COBURN died Washington, D.C. Nov. 5, aged 42; formerly of Jackson.

ALEXANDER ASKEW died Spring Creek, Tenn. Nov. 10. Born Bertie Co., N.C., 1810.

Mrs. ADALINE TYLER died near Mason's Grove, Tenn. Nov. 7, aged about 50.

JOHN BRADBURY died near Spring Creek, Tenn. Nov. 11, aged 86 years, 6 months, and 5 days. He settled the place where he died in 1819.

J. D. McFARLAND s/o Quila McFarland died near Spring Creek, Tenn., aged 31 years and 9 months.

Obit for Mrs. SARAH J. MILLS died Oct. 23. Born June 15, 1838; married to Alving Mills, Jan. 27, 1854; left 6 children.

Obit for MELISSA ANGELINE LOUISA SHULL w/o James J. Shull, d/o Pleasant A. and Julina Brown, died Purdy, Tenn. Nov. 9. Born Aug. 16, 1845; married Nov. 21, 1867; left a baby about 2 years old. Her first-born child, WILLIAM B. SHULL, born Sept. 19, 1868, died in Purdy, Aug. 4, 1869.


November 23, 1872

JOHN R. ROBERTSON died Gibson Co., Tenn. last week.

ISAAC BRACKIN died Hale's Point, north of Forked Deer River Nov. 10; "old."

STARK FLEETWOOD died near Shelby Depot, Tenn. Nov. 14, aged 79.

RUFUS B. JETTON, old citizen, died Murfreesboro, Tenn. last week.

Gen. JOHN F. SOYLE, celebrated criminal lawyer, died Memphis, Tenn. Nov. 17.

Dr. JAMES MANEY, old citizen, died Murfreesboro, Tenn. Nov. 11.

BEN PHILLIPS died Rutherford Station, Tenn. after having two legs amputated.

BUB WADE, young man, shot and killed near Estelle Springs, Tenn. a few days ago.

WILLIAM s/o Timothy WALTON died Nov. 9, aged 21.


(Page 38)

November 30, 1872

THOMAS P. EVANS died White Co., Tenn.; father of Mrs. R. E. Dunlap, Paris.

A. G. EWING committed suicide Pulaski, Tenn. last week.

JOSEPH LAMB died near Rogersville, Tenn. at not less than 110 years of age.

JAMES L. WINFIELD died Brownsville, Tenn. (of which he was mayor) Nov. 20.

Dr. JOSEPH W. RICHARDSON died near Smyrna, Tenn. Nov. 19 in 63rd year.

WILLIAM POPE died near Denmark, Tenn. Nov. 10, aged about 65. Lived in Madison Co. 36 years; member of Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Ebenezer since church was built 34 years ago.

Miss LAURA V. TRICE d/o E. J. Trice, died 5 miles north of Jackson Nov. 20 in 20th year.


December 7, 1872

Col. JOHN F. MORGAN died Columbia, Tenn.

Mrs. ELIZABETH CULPEPPER died Nov. 22 in 92nd year; married 1832 nr. Nashville.

DAVID C. SHELTON, young lawyer, died Nashville, Tenn. at home of his father, Rev. W. M. Shelton.

HORACE GREELEY died near Pleasantville, N.Y. Nov. 29. Born Amherst, New Hampshire Feb. 3, 1811. Became newspaperman; founded the New York TRIBUNE, a powerful political newspaper.

Widow of J. H. LONG died Jackson. Dec. 6.

JAMES T. HARRIS died Jackson. Dec. 4 in 24th year. Stepson of W. W. Brace.

JAMES M. ALEXANDER died 7 miles SW of Jackson Nov. 7, aged over 60.

Dr. WILLIAM F. STILL died 3 miles south of Jackson, Dec. 4 in 62nd year. Born in Buckingham Co., Va. Feb. 22, 1810; with father moved to Warren Co., Ky. in 1818 where Dr. Still grew up; left home in 1833 and settled in Lauderdale Co., Tenn. until 1836 when he moved to Jackson; in spring 1859 gave up medical practice to farm south of Jackson.


December 14, 1872

GEORGE P. SHELTON died Fayette Co., Tenn. about two weeks ago.

JOHN CURTISS died 6 miles west of Paris, Tenn. Dec. 2, aged 80.

JON LATTA father of S. R. Latta, died Dyersburg, Tenn. Dec. 2, aged 77.

J. W. McDANIEL found dead in woods near Murfreesboro, Tenn. last week; supposed he died of heart attack.

J. P. McDONOUGH killed in Murfreesboro, Tenn. last week by William Scruggs.

Obit for Mrs. ELIZABETH JANE w/o late William H. LONG died Jackson. Dec. 6, 67 years, 8 days. Eldest d/o James and Eliza J. Pegues; born Marlborough Dist., S.C. Nov. 28, 1805; married June 30, 1826, moved to Madison Co. the same year and to Jackson in 1846.

Mrs. S. L. DONNELL died Spring Creek, Tenn. Dec. 6.

GREEN UTLEY died near Spring Creek, Tenn. Dec. 2 in 94th year.

Mrs. D. M. McCUTCHEN died Meridian. Miss. Dec. 5; died in childbirth; child died also.

Mrs. ADALINE TYLER died near Gadsden, Tenn. Nov. 5. Baptist.



Jan. 31, 1873

Mrs. ---ALEXANDER died Jackson at "advanced age."

Rev. Mrs. BEARD died Jackson, Jan. 29.


(Page 39)


December 21, 1872

WILLIAM SHIELDS died Wayne Co., Tenn. week before last, aged 73.

Mrs. MARY HUTSELL died Blount Co., Tenn., in 83rd year.

Dr. HORACE F. ANDERSON died near Gallatin, Tenn. Dec. 11.

A. C. CARROLL died Chattanooga, Tenn. last week.

Mrs. MARGARET STARK died Robertson Co., Tenn. last week, aged 85, at home of her son, Col. Jo. C. Stark, Springfield.

ANNA H. w/o Col. John M. FLEMING, died Dec. 7.

JAMES BANKS died Memphis, Tenn. Dec. 11, aged 76.

Rev. CARSON P. REID, father of Rev. W. P. Reid, died at home of late W. H. Long during Civil War, died near Pulaski, Tenn. Dec. 2, in 73rd year. C. P. preacher.

Rev. G. W. D. HARRIS, D. D. died Dyersburg, Tenn., Dec. 9 in 79th year. His wife died Dec. 10.

WOODSON T. HARRISON, printer, died Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 26, aged about 45.

EDWARD A. POLLARD, prominent editor, died Lynchburg, Va. a few days ago.

MARY L. w/o Samuel McGLOUGHLIN died near Mifflin, Tenn.

GABRIEL CHANDLER died 5 miles north of Jackson, Dec.10, aged 86.


February 1, 1873

GEORGE C. ALLEN of Nashville died Augusta, Ga. Jan. 23.

WILLIAM BOYD killed by falling tree limb, last week in Loudon Co., Tenn.

Col. ISRAEL McCARROLL, old citizen, died Maury Co., Tenn. 2 weeks ago.

GEORGE KLEISER died Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 16.

Maj. A. M. SHAW died Somerville, Tenn. Jan. l9 in 74th year.

Gen. ALLEN BROWN died Columbia, Tenn. Jan. 17 in 80th year; settled in Maury Co. in 1813.

JOHN P. DUNLAP, attorney, of Paris, died near Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 17.

---HILL, aged 19, shot and killed in Shelby Co., Tenn. last week.

HENRY G. KING died Person CO., N.C. Jan. 11.

Mrs. ELIZA w/o Samuel COLLINS died Jan. 30.

BETTIE w/of Rev. J. L. BEARD died Jackson, Jan. 28.

Mrs. MARTHA ALEXANDER died Jackson, Jan. 29, aged 73.

JERE J. CROOK died Henderson Co., Tenn. Jan. 19, in 26th year.

WILLIAM R. COLLIER died near Pinson, Tenn. Jan. 23. Born Wake Co., N.C. 1803. Came to Jackson, 1827; married in 1831 to Sarah Robinson and settled same year near Pinson.


February 8, 1873

Mrs. L. A. HARPER died Huntingdon, Tenn. Jan. 27.

JOHN WEAVER died near Tullahoma, Tenn. at age 95.

Rev. W. A. COBB died in Ark. a few days ago.

GEORGE GREELEY, late register, Shelby Co., Tenn. died smallpox 10 days ago.

MINNIE P. w/o Simon W. GREENE died Memphis, Tenn. Jan. 30.

J. R. CUNNINGHAM died Hickman Co., Tenn.

Mrs. NAT McNAIRY died Nashville, Tenn. a few days ago.

HENRY J. MERRITT died near Franklin, Tenn. last week, aged about 70.

NATHANIEL R. FITZPATRICK died near Santa Fe, Maury Co., Tenn. last week; veteran of War of 1812.

WILLIAM C. LUCKETT died Maury Co., Tenn. last week, veteran of War of 1812.

Commodore MATHEW F. MAURY died Feb. 1, aged 67. Born Spotsylvania Co., Va. Son of Richard Maury.


(Page 40)

Mr. M. McLEMORE died near Spring Creek, Tenn., aged about 45.

Mrs. JAMES PHILLIPS died near Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn.

ATLAS inf/s Dr. J. T. PHILIPS died near Andrew Chapel, Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 4 aged 2 months and 19 days.

THOMAS COYNE died Feb. 3 Columbus, Ky. and buried in Jackson, Tenn.

Mrs. SALLY HAWKINS w/o Giles Hawkins died Jackson Feb. l in 70th year.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. BETTIE BEARD who died Jan. 28. By Teachers and

Students of Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jan. 31, 1873.


February 15, 1873

Dr. S. S. PORTER, SR. died near Williamsport, Maury Co., Tenn. last week.

JOSEPH CHILTON died Clarksville, Tenn. last week, aged over 80.

AUGUST SUDEKUM, foreman, carpenter shop, was run over and killed by freight train a few days ago.

Rev. JAMES HOLMES died Covington, Tenn. Feb. 4, aged 72.

CHARLIE inf/s E. and M. J. McSWAIN died Jackson, Dec. 12, aged 2 months, 20 days.

A. W. JOHNSON, route agent of M & O RR died at home of son-in-law James Hadaway Feb. 9.

JOHN TEAGUE died near Medon, Tenn. Feb. 8, aged 91. Veteran, War of 1812; Baptist

WILLIAM STARKEY died near Medon, Tenn. Feb. 9, aged about 68.

Mrs. NANCY McKNIGHT widow of W. W. McKnight. died at home of son. H. J. McKnight, near Medon, Tenn. Feb. 4 in 80th year. Born N.C.; moved to Davidson Co., Tenn. and to Madison Co., 1833. Left 6 children, several grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.


February 22, 1873

W. A. PRICE died smallpox, Island 26-7, Miss. River Feb.11.

Capt. R. F. LANIER died Hot Springs, Ark. Jan. 20; elected county court clerk, Fayette Co., Tenn., 1870.

ANDREW TURNER s/o B. U. Turner died Hatchie Landing, Feb. l2.

W. D. MASK s/o Dr. J. M. Mask died Bolivar, Tenn. Feb. 10, aged 20.

GEORGE SAVAGE, father of Col. John H. Savage, died Williamson Co., Tenn. Feb. 8 in 86th year; had lived on farm where he died for 55 years.

W. H. McNAIRY "Pick" died Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 14, in 59th year.

J. W. SHINAULT died Hardeman Co., Tenn. Feb. 10.

LUANNA inf/d W. P. and Luanna ROBERTSON died Jackson, Feb. 17, aged 17 days.


March 1, 1873

JO OVERALL died Yorkville, Tenn., aged 104.

MARTIN DILL died Huntingdon, Tenn. last week in 69th year.

RICHARD B. B. CANNON died Williamson Co., Tenn. Feb. 13, aged 62.

THOMAS SMITH died from gunshot wound.

HENRY ALLEN, Sr. died 5 miles north of Paris, Tenn., Feb. 17 in 80th year.

Capt. JACK HINTON died White Oak Creek Feb. 7, aged 80. "It is said he killed about eighty federal soldiers during the late unpleasantness /Civil War/."

NAT MORRIS died McMinn Co., Tenn. Feb. 17 in 81st year.

HENRY E. MOSS died McMinn Co., Tenn. Feb. 15 in 74th year.

Dr. DAVID McKNIGHT died Allende, Chihuahua, Mexico; nephew of Ebenezer McKnight, Jackson and Dr. Robert Fenner, Jackson and Col. T. P. Jones of this vicinity.

JOHNNIE, eldest child of James M. and Mollie HARRINGTON died Feb. 27, aged about 2 year.


(Page 41)

WILLIAM M. SHELTON died 6 miles south of Jackson, Feb. 15, aged about 54. Baptist.

JOSEPH C. SHARP died Jackson Feb. 24, aged 62 years. Native of Rutherford Co., Tenn. but came to Jackson with older brother in 1830. Deputy Sheriff during the John A. Murrell "excitement"; afterwards co. trustee; 2 children.


March 8, 1873

GEORGE OSBORNE s/o George Osborne died Bolivar, Tenn. last week, aged 15.

CARL BALZAR died Dresden, Tenn.

Mrs. NANCY VAUGHN died near Johnson's Grove, Crockett Co., Tenn. Feb. 26, aged about 100.

Mrs. CLEMENT W. WADE d/o Claiborne H. Kinnard of Williamson Co., Tenn. died Brownsville, Tenn. Feb. 22.

HARRISON POLK, black, living on farm of T. P. Jones, disappeared shortly before Christmas; remains found last week in a ditch, apparently beaten to death with a club.

WILLIAM M. GALLAWAY died. Born Madison Co., Ala.; became prominent lawyer.

Obit for Mrs. JANE TULL died near Henderson Station, Tenn. Feb. 24. Born March 31, 1815, Onslow Co., N.C.; married John Tull, Jan. 27, 1842. Methodist. Buried at Pisgah beside husband.


March 15, 1873

J. WALTER MONTGOMERY died Carroll Co., Tenn. Feb. 21.

PORTER NEWELL, trustee, Hamblem Co., Tenn. died Morristown. Feb. 20, aged 44.

Maj. THOMAS T. HURT died east of Covington, Tenn. Feb. 26.

Mrs. WILLIAM HILL died Gallatin, Tenn. March 6 in 87th year.

JAMES TERRILL shot and killed his brother, JOSEPH, in defending himself, near Estanaula, Haywood Co., Tenn. Feb. 8; sons of William Terrill.

Mrs. GEORGE CHAPMAN died near Denmark, Tenn. March 8.

DORA inf/d J. F. and O. J. KING died Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 23.

W. S. TAYLOR died Jackson, March 13, aged about 65.

JOHN GRIFFIN died Spring Creek, Tenn. March 10, aged 20.

Mrs. JENNIE COOK GOODLOE died America, Illinois March 2, aged 30 years, 11 months, 17 days. Born Ill. March 15, 1844; married J. A. Goodloe. Sept. 2, 1862.


March 22, 1873

WILLIAM I. CAMPBELL died Cleveland, Tenn. last week; "old citizen."

GREENBERRY CATE died McMinn Co., Tenn. last week in 58th year.

Col. JO. McCORKLE died Meigs Co., Tenn. March 10, aged 80.

Mrs. JANE MORROW died Fayette Co., Tenn. Feb. 20 in 85th year.

C. J. SPURLOCK, lawyer, died McMinnville, Tenn. 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Dr. THOMAS NORMAN died Lebanon, Tenn. March 7, aged 72.

SOPHIA w/o Howell E. JACKSON died Memphis, Tenn. March 18; d/o D. B. and Ellen Molloy of Memphis.

Mrs. MARY ANN MANGRUM died near Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn. at home of her father, A. R. Bumpass, March 12 in 29th year.

MARY S. d/o W. P. Taylor died Hope Hill, Gibson Co., Tenn. Jan 8 in 33rd year.

MARTHA A. w/o Addison PYLES died March 17 in 62 year; married in Newbury

Dist., S.C. and moved to Tenn. in Jan. 1830.

W. A. TAYLOR died Hope Hill, Gibson Co., Tenn. Jan. 10 in 22nd year. Son of

William P. Taylor, Esq.


(Page 42)

March 29, 1873

JOHN WALSH died Gallatin, Tenn. March 19.

Mrs. ELISHA GARRETT died near Lewisburg, Tenn. March 16.

NEANDER HOSKINS died Montgomery Co., Tenn. last week, aged 71.

EZEKIAL THOMAS died Carroll Co., Tenn.

VERBIN H. TRICE died near Jack's Creek last week.

SARAH w/o David D. WENDLE died Murfreesboro, Tenn. March 18 in 58th year.

CALVIN STEPHENS, register of Haywood Co., Tenn. died Brownsville March 10.

GEORGE W. BRIDGES died Athens, Tenn. March 16. "Union man" during Civil War.

JAMES J. PEGUES died Water Valley, Miss. March 6 in 47th year. Born Marlborough Dist., S.C.

IDA d/o John BELL died Madison Co., Tenn. March 14, aged about 14.

MATTIE E. w/o Dr. J. H. JONES died Jackson, March 28, aged about 35.


April 5, 1873

WILLIAM HOLDEN died Marshall Co., Tenn. last week.

ANDREW CLARK, Hardin Co., Tenn., found dead in orchard a few days ago; aged 91.

W. H. SMITH died McMinnville, Tenn. March 23.

Dr. S. S. COLE died Robertson Co., Tenn. last week.

Mrs. MARY CANNON died Trenton, Tenn., aged 75.

JOHN I. CHESTER died Hickman Co., Tenn. March 28, aged 80.

TERRY H. CAHAL. JR., young lawyer, died Lebanon, Tenn. last week.

DAVID PORTER, SR. died Newbern, Tenn. last week; died from being hit with plank of wood on his head.

WILLIAM YOUNG died near Huntingdon, Tenn. March 20, aged about 22.

Mrs. ELIZABETH PRIEST died Huntingdon, Tenn. March 21, aged 70.

SARAH BELL died March 31 from burn injuries.

BRANDON LANE died Jackson, Feb. 25, aged 23.

JESSE MULLENS died 12 miles NE of Jackson April 3, over 60 years old.

JOHN MAGRANE died Jackson April 8 in 34th year; machinist, M & O RR; left one child.

HEWETT H. PEGUES died near Andrew Chapel, Madison Co., Tenn. March 29 in 30th year; left 4 children.


April 12, 1873

Mrs. MARY WILSON died Hardeman Co., Tenn., aged 74.

JAMES C. TRIBBLE, old citizen, died Bedford Co., Tenn. last week, aged about 80.

W. H. WILKINSON, J. P. of Davidson Co., Tenn. died Nashville March 21.

Mrs. E. D. CROSS died Fayette Co., Tenn. April 2 in 75th year.

LUCY ANN w/o Morgan JONES died Madison Co., Tenn. Apri1 5, aged 62 years, 11 mo.

DAN S. MURPHY, brother of J. P. Murphy, Jackson, died at Garryheste, Co. Cork, Ireland. Dec. 23, 1872, aged 59.


April 19, 1873

JAMES COX died Knox Co., Tenn., aged 83.

Capt. J. R. ALEXANDER died Tipton Co., Tenn. last week.

JAMES ELLIS killed himself by cutting his throat, Macon Co., Tenn. last week, aged nearly 70.

WILLIAM EDWARDS died near Union City, Tenn. at age 106.

Mrs. REBECCA RICHEY died Giles Co., Tenn. at age 98.

Miss SALLIE d/o Fisher WESTMORELAND died Mason's Depot last week, abt. 21 yrs.

WILLIAM C. WARD died Shelby Co., Tenn.

Mr. EDITH LAYMAN died near Quincy, Crockett Co., Tenn. March 7, aged 115.


(Page 43)

Mrs. BETTIE MARTIN BUTTERFIELD died Nashville, Tenn.

Miss ELIZA STEWART died from injury from being thrown by horse.

JOSEPH B. TREE, JR. died Louisville, Ky. April 16. "Farewell, farewell dear Joe."

E. M. NEWSOM, bro. of T. H. Newsom, died Jackson April 12 in 51st year; member of Cane Creek Baptist Church.

CANDACE H. w/o Major E. B. MASON died Mason's Grove, Tenn. April 13. Born Dec. 26, 1795, Mecklenburg Co., Va.; moved with parents to Rutherford Co., Tenn. about 1808; professed religion about 1810; joined Methodist Church; married Feb. 26, 1822 and moved to Madison Co. and settled at Mason's Grove. 7 children, 6 sons, 1 daughter. Buried family graveyard.


April 26, 1873

JAMES M. BRADFORD died Lake Co., Tenn. April 10.

LESLIE HANNAH died near Manleyville, Henry Co., Tenn. aged about 70.

DANIEL ROANE died Maury Co., Tenn. April 10 in 90th year.

JAMES CALDWELL, Esq. died 8 miles west of Union City, Tenn. April 3, aged 70.

WILLIAM HY SMITH died Nashville, Tenn. April 17 in 55th year.

Mrs. SOPHIA S. SEARCY w/o George E. PURVIS died April 19.

JENNIE B. TISDALE died Crockett Co., Tenn. April 17 in 4th year.

Capt. JAMES M. BRADFORD died Lake Co., Tenn. April 4. Presbyterian; served in Co. A, W. Campbell's regiment in Civil War; left 2 small daughters.

Obit for JOSEPH BURROWS TREE died Louisville, Ky. April 16, in 18th year. Episcopalian.


May 3, 1873

Mrs. NANCY RANKIN died Gibson Co., Tenn. April 21 in 98th year.

JAMES GALLOWAY died Maury Co., Tenn., aged 80.

JOSEPH McMURRAY died Macon Co., Tenn. week before last, aged 83.

JAMES S. BRIDGES died Athens, Tenn. April 21 in 78th year.

Capt. W. G. PRICE died Gibson Co., Tenn. April 22 at "advanced age."

WILLIAM ROBERTSON died Washington, D.C. April 29, aged 84; ex-Chief Justice of High Court of Errors and Appeals of Mississippi.

Miss ALICE TOTTEN died Jackson April 28, in 27th year. D/o Judge A. W. O. Totten; all her family had died.

Dr. JOHN G. HENDWICK died Mifflin, Tenn. April 16; served in Col. Wilson's regt.

Wife of Rev. J. F. B. MAYS died Knoxville, Tenn. April 30.


May 10, 1873

Dr. W. H. McGUFFY died Charlottesville, Va. May 5; author of McGuffy's readers.

PATRICK SMITH, railroad conductor died.

SUSAN EBERHART, aged 19, was hanged May 2 Preston, Ga. as accomplice of E. F. Spann who murdered his wife May 4, 1872. Second woman to be hanged in Georgia.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES EWELL HARRIS, died recently. By Pinson Masonic Lodge 222, no date.

ADELINE P. w/o B. S. BROOKS died Madison Co., Tenn. April 4 in 56th year. Born Franklin Co., N.C., 1817 and married May 23, 1850.


May 17, 1873

GEORGE BECK died Nashville, Tenn. May 8, aged 45.

Dr. J. L. RICE died near Lillard's Mill, Duck River last week.

WILLIAM HEARN died from a fall, Edgefield, Tenn. May 10.

DAVID D. WENDLE, esq. Died April 20 in 63rd year.

Mrs. ELIZABETH MARTIN died Madison Co., Tenn. May 12, aged 76.


(Page 44)

May 24, 1873

Dr. J. T. BASKERVILLE died Fayette Co., Tenn. May 1, aged 71.

TILLOTSON B. McDOWELL, late clerk and master, Chancery Court, Bolivar, died May 8, aged 56.

S. J. CHANEY died Guntown, Miss. after taking overdose of morphine.

MARGARET w/o Rev. W. T. PLUMMER died Collierville, Tenn. May 3.

EMMET inf/s Daniel Strock died Jackson May 19.

ADOLPHUS A. BRITTON died Denmark, Tenn. this week in 55th year. Born Chesterfield Co., Va.; lived in Madison Co. for over thirty years.


May 31, 1873

Mrs. MARGARET HARTON died near Franklin, Tenn. in 80th year.

JAMES WAKEFIELD, employee of M & O RR, beaten to death with a baseball club by Patrick Joyner in Jackson May 29th during an argument.

Miss MARY LANE died Jackson May 26 at home of her stepfather, Tim O'Keith, aged about 15.

Mrs. ANNIE E. w/o M. L. VESEY died at home of her father. Col. C. P. Polk. Near Jackson, May 27, aged 29; body carried to Corinth, Miss. for burial.

JAMES TOMLINSON died Jackson May 24 in 85th year. Native of Montgomery (now Stanly) Co., N.C.; resident of Madison Co. for 51 years.


June 7, 1873

Maj. M. M. PATRICK died Memphis, Tenn. last week.

Rev. HENRY WILSON, black, pastor of St. John's Baptist Church, Clarksville, Tenn. died June 1.

SEABERRY TEMPLETON killed by lightning near Ripley, Tenn. May 26.

Dr. FRANCIS H. GORDON died Smith Co., Tenn. short time ago, in 69th year.

GEORGE M. MARTIN died Columbia, Tenn. 2 weeks ago, aged 93. Wife died shortly afterwards at age 73.

Mrs. CATHARINE DEWITT died Jackson, June 1, aged about 50.

Mr. H. J. ALEXANDER died near Pinson, Tenn. May 31 in 68th year. Born Mecklenburg Co., N.C.; joined Presbyterian Church at age 19.

Tribute of Respect for JERRE J. CROOK who died recently. By Union Masonic Lodge 140, Mifflin, Tenn., May 25, 1873.


June 14, 1873

ROBERT F. CROWDER died Athens, Tenn. May 31.

Mrs. MARY BLACKBURN died Athens, Tenn., aged 70.

Mrs. ELIZABETH RIDLEY, mother of Dr. James A. Ridley, died near Smyrna, Tenn. May 2.

Dr. ANTHONY WILLIAMSON died near Denmark, Tenn. June 4, aged 81.

Obit for Mrs. ANNIE E. w/o M. L. VESEY, d/o Col. C. P. Polk, formerly of Jackson.

Tribute of Respect for ISAAC C. KELL who died recently. By Jackson Silver Cornet Band, June 9, 1873.

Tribute of Respect for ADOLPHUS BRITTON who died recently. By Masonic Lodge, name or number not given.


June 21, 1873

Mr. S. /Shadrach/ PEARSON died Carroll Co., Tenn. June 7 of apoplexy.

Rev. MARK W. GRAY died May 28.

Mrs. UNITY ROBERTS died Ralston Station, Tenn. 2/3 weeks ago, aged 69.

BEN S. WELLER died Nashville, Tenn. June 12.

Mrs. DANIEL VERSER died near Denmark, Tenn. June 13, aged 76.


(Page 45)

June 28, 1873

Miss ALICE HAYNES, youngest daughter of Landon C. HAYNES died Memphis June 25.

HORACE F. CLARK, son-in-law of Cornelius Vanderbilt died New York May 20.

MAY inf/d J. R. and S. E. WILKERSON died Jackson June 26, aged about 15 months.

EDGAR ALLEN inf/s B. F. and Narcissa GATES died Jackson, June 22.

SAMUEL STRATTON died near Juno, Tenn. June 20, aged 72.

PETER DUFFY died near Jackson, at fairgrounds, June 18, aged 38; native of Canada, but lived in Jackson about ten years.


July 5, 1873

M. J. NEWSOM died near Whiteville, Tenn. last week, aged about 50.

Hon. JAMES MULLINS, ex-member of Congress, died Shelbyville, Tenn. last week.

WILLIAM H. POINTER, formerly of Williamson Co., died near Helena, Ark. last week.


July 12, 1873

Prof. THOMAS C. BEAUMAN died July 5.

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o Dr. Nathaniel RAGLAND died near Memphis, Tenn. last week, aged 76.

JOHN EVERETT killed by lightning, Scotts Hill, Tenn. June 23.

FREDDIE inf/ T. T. and E. A. MASON died July 10, aged 14 months.


July 19, 1873

Mrs. MARY HARRISON died Williamson Co., Tenn. July 8 in 58th year. Widow of William Harrison, former sheriff of Williamson County.

Gen. A. B. BRADFORD died Bolivar Co., Miss. July 10. Born Jefferson Co., Tenn. 1799; studied law in Knoxville; moved to Jackson, 1822. In 1824 married Darthula d/o Pleasant M. Miller, granddau. of Governor William Blount. In 1836 elected colonel of 2 Tenn. Inf, in Florida war, served in the state legislature, moved to Holly Springs, Miss in 1859. Served in Confederate army. Requested to be buried beside wife in Riverside Cemetery. Jackson. /Sexton's reports, Riverside Cemetery, for this period, do not show burial of Bradford there, nor is there a tombstone at a grave near his wife's grave and tombstone/

EMMA inf/d A. B. and Cora LANGFORD died Jackson July 17, aged 2 years, 3 months

Mrs. W. C. PRIDDY died Henderson Station, Tenn. July 12, aged about 45.

Gen. ALEX B. BRADFORD died Cason's landing, Miss.; resident, Holly Springs, Miss.

Mrs. ELIZABETH, widow of C. W. BARTHOLOMEW died Corinth, Miss. July 15.

Mrs. JOYCE HICKS w/o George Hicks died Robertson Co., Tenn. July 6, home of her brother, M. Kirby. In 70th year. Born Robertson Co. and moved to Madison Co. in 1823.


July 26, 1873

Capt. F. E. WHITE died Union City, Tenn. of cholera last week.

ELISHA BOND died Mifflin, Tenn. July 15, aged 78.

SALLIE M. J. d/o E. B. MASON died Mason's Grove, Tenn. July 23, aged 41.

Mrs. MARIA F. SNEED died Canton, Miss. July 15 in 69th year.

The Union City COURIER, July 18 listed persons who died that week from cholera: CHARLES MATHY; child of A. H. ZIMMERHAN; child of Mrs. G. WEHMAN; Mrs. FANNIE, wife of J.A. McCALL; BETTY SMITH, black; HENRY SMITH, black; two children of Mrs. J. W. Blakemore; ---GRAHAM, telegraph operator; Mrs. HELEN WILKINS; child of ANN HAYS, black; MOLLY CONLEY and child, black.


August 2, 1873

Judge T. W. KING of Clarksville died Bethesda Springs, Wisconsin, July 23.

GEORGE W. McWHORTER died Gibson Co., Tenn. last week, aged 90.

JAMES BOND, SR. died Brownsville, Tenn. July 20.

DAVIDSON M. LEATHERMAN died Memphis, Tenn. last week.


(Page 46)

WILLIE s/o W. I. McFARLAND died Humboldt, Tenn. Aug. 10, aged 2.

Maj. EDWIN H. EWING died Nashville, Tenn. a few days ago; oldest son of Orville Ewing, bro. of Major Albert Ewing who died few days ago in St. Louis.

S. F. PORTER died Pinson Station, Tenn. at residence of Mrs. Martha Alexander, July 20, aged 34.

E. R. MILLER died Kenton Station, Tenn. July 14, aged 39. Bro. of Capt. M. M. Miller; body taken to Cleveland, Ohio for burial. An assistant chief engineer.


August 9, 1873

Maj. H. P. CLEVELAND died Shelbyville, Tenn. July 30.

HENRY CLARK, black, shot and killed by Frank Walker in Gibson Co. the other day.

JOHN CHEATHAM died near Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn., aged 76.

SOLOMON HOPKINS died cholera, Winchester, Tenn. July 28, in 63rd year.

Col. THOMAS J. MOULTON died Franklin, Tenn. July 30 in 58th year.


August 16, 1873

H. C. CAMPBELL, warden, died Nebraska penitentiary, Lincoln, Neb. last week.

JAMES BEDFORD, old citizen, died near Lynchburg, Tenn. Aug. 2.

GEORGE W. CASS, bro. of Gen. Lewis Cass died Dresden, Ohio Aug. 6, aged 83.

ELIZA M. w/o Rev. M. M. MARSHALL died Trenton, Tenn. July 31.

BUCK WRIGHT died Aug. 3.

ROBERT D. CARTMEL died Lebanon, Tenn. Aug. 2, aged 36.

Col. GEORGE EDGAR GRISHAM, editor of Jonesboro FLAG died Jonesboro Aug 4.

Six white persons had died one day at residence of Mrs. Lewis Hill, Shelby Co., Tenn. on Big Creek, early August of cholera; no names given.

Rev. COLIN McKINNEY died Ripley, Tenn. Aug. 10. Born N.C., 1810; many years pastor of Presbyterian Church, Jackson and he was buried in Jackson.

ALLEN KENEDY died Mifflin, Tenn. Aug. 9, aged over 60; moved from N.C. to Henderson Co., Tenn. since Civil War.

Miss ALEITHIE GOFORTH died Jackson Aug. 10, aged 22.

Miss SARAH PHILLIPS d/o James L. Phillips died near Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn. Aug 15, aged about 18.

PEARL LILLIAN d/o H. O. and Anna B. FRANKLIN died Henderson Co., Tenn. Aug. 10, aged 14 months, 10 days.

HENRY FORD died Jackson, Aug. 10, aged about 25. Clerk in office of M. M. Miller; an Englishman by birth; moved from Union City to Jackson over a yr. ago.

Dr. GEORGE SNIDER died Jackson, home of son-in-law, John L. Lancaster, Aug. 9 in 73rd year. Born Chambersburg, Pa. July 21, 1800; to Jackson, 1825; married Elenora Magrada Owings Jan. 19, 1832; practiced medicine in Madison Co. for over 35 years. In 1866 moved to Miss. where he lived until a year ago. Professed religion in 1850 and became member of Baptist Church. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery. Memphis beside his wife "within the ground of his son-in-law Elder J. R. Graves."


August 23, 1873

WILLIAM HORNE died 6 miles south of Paris. Tenn. Aug. 11, aged 96.

Two little sons of William GILLESPIE died Bedford Co., Tenn; drowned in Duck River at Hall's Mill last week.

JAMES REYNOLDS died Franklin, Tenn. last week.

W. T. KEY committed suicide Henry Co., Tenn. Aug 6, despondent over love for Mollie Nance.


(Page 47)

PENELOPE PORTER CAMPBELL died Jackson Aug 19; d/o John W. and Jane Campbell, widow of Col. Robert STERLING.

MARTIN B. KEY died near Claybrook, Madison Co., Tenn. Aug 20, aged about 48.

ELIZABETH w/o WILLIAM PEARSON died near Claybrook, Madison Co., Tenn. last week, aged 55.

SUE w/of W. C. EXUM died Montgomery Co., Tenn. Aug. 18, aged 23.

WILLIAM ROBINSON died near Jackson, Aug. 17 in 76th year. Born in Kentucky, 1798; moved to Smith Co., Tenn. when a boy; volunteered for service in War of 1812; married Elizabeth McGee in 1819. Moved to Madison Co., 1822; raised large family. Joined Baptist Church, 1849.


August 30, 1873

T. J. THOMPSON died Lebanon, Tenn. Aug. 20, "old citizen."

HENRY COMPTON died Nashville, Tenn. Aug. 18, aged 90.

Col. A. T. NICKS died Lincoln Co., Tenn. Aug. 14.

JOSEPH C. S. DAVIDSON killed on railroad track a few weeks ago.

MARY w/o William COX died Maury Co., Tenn. Aug. 15, aged 75. Mother of 19 children, raised 17 to adulthood. She was 22nd child of her parents.

Hon. A. R. NELSON /Thomas Amos Rogers Nelson/ died Knoxville, Tenn. cholera, Aug. 24; prominent in state politics for many years.

CATHARINE w/o John BRACKEN died Jackson Aug. 24, aged 35.

TIMOTHY EDGAR s/o James M. COBB died Jackson Aug. 23 in 17th year.


September 6, 1873

BEN S. NICKLIN died Chattanooga, Tenn. a few days ago.

JOHN F. FINNIE died Lancaster, Ky. Aug. 22.

Mrs. ANTHONY DIBBRELL, mother of Gen. Geo. O. Dibrell died Sparta, Tenn., the other day, aged 87.

THOMAS MATHIS died north part of Henry Co., Tenn., aged 77.

C. A. BARD, bookkeeper, died Marshall Co., Tenn. Aug. 30.

Col. RICHARD SWANSON died Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 13, aged 83.

LAURA F. w/o Rev. John A. EDMONDSON died home of her father, Frank Hardeman, near Franklin, Tenn. last week.

WAYNE PHILLIPS s/o James L. Phillips died Cotton Grove, Madison Co., Tenn., in 17th year.

BIVEN s/o Mrs. V. A. ASKEW and late David Askew, grandson of Dr. V. B. Woolfolk, died Spring Creek, Tenn. Aug. 22, in 13th year.

MAGGIE A. d/o M. and Margaret McLEAN died Aug. 31, aged 11.

WILLIAM BOONE, Esq. died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 29, aged 65 years, 10 days. Born Franklin Co., N.C. Aug. 19, 1808; moved to Tenn., 1823; married Lucretia d/o William and Jane Doak, Oct. 13, 1831; was J. P., elected in 1845 and served as such until his death.

Obit for STEPHEN JOHNSON, died Aug. 2, near Spring Creek, Tenn. Born Jefferson Co., Tenn., June 21, 1803; professed religion Dec. 30, 1830; baptized into Baptist Church, Jan. 21, 1831. Wife, Elizabeth, born Jefferson Co., Tenn., May 8, 1808 and died May 18, 1864; professed religion 1831; joined Baptist Church. They moved to Madison County in 1846.

ELIJAH BARKER killed at Spring Creek, Tenn. Aug. 25; while "drinking" got in altercation with several Kizers, one of whom felled him with a brick. Born North Carolina.


(Page 48)

September 13, 1873

It was reported last week that ELIJAH BARKER had been killed by a brick thrown by one of the Kizers but the court found no evidence that this was the case and the Kizers were acquitted.

ANDREWETTA J. w/o George A. COON d/o Rev. N. O. Blake of Jackson died Trenton, Tenn. Sept. 3, aged 31. Sister of Mrs. John Kirk/Mrs. Capt. J. M. Woollard.

MELVILLE F. GAMEWELL died Water Valley, Miss. Sept. 5, aged about 25. Only son of the late Thomas W. Gamewell and wife, Mary A.

MARY HART d/o Ben R. and E. J. CAMPBELL died Sept. 5, aged 3 years, 7 mos. 13 days


September 20, 1873

JOHN G. WILSON died Warren Co., Tenn., aged 75.

CAESAR JONES, black, died Nashville, Tenn. last week, aged about 80.

Col. WILLIAM WALLACE died cholera, east Tenn.

JOHN P. CAMPBELL, young lawyer, died Clarksville, Tenn. last week.

JOHN McDOWELL died Gallatin, Tenn. Sept. 11, 86-87 years old.

DAVID A. DEADRICK died Knoxville, Tenn. Aug. 28, aged 77.

WILLIAM DODSON died Athens. Tenn., aged 69.

Dr. JOHN D. BENNETT died Maury Co., Tenn. Sept. 14.

ELISHA VINCENT died Pulaski, Tenn. Sept. 6, hydrophobia, bitten by dog.

JOHN H. STRANGE died Memphis, Tenn. Sept. 14; merchant.


September 27, 1873

Miss MOLLIE BURTON died Jackson, Sept. 22, aged about 12.

JAMES P. M. PERDUE died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 8, aged 22 years, 2 days.

Mrs. S. A. w/o Dr. William F. JONES died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 10, aged 31. D/o Turley Hopper, formerly of Madison County.



October 3, 1873

Mrs. MARY ANN w/o A. J. CLARK died Jackson, Sept. 28, aged 55.



October 4, 1873

HERBERT W. CULBERRY killed himself, Memphis, Tenn. Sept. 29.

Col. JOHN R. NELSON died Big Creek, Shelby Co., Tenn. Sept. 29.

FRANCES w/o Lewis WADE died Gibson Co., Tenn. Sept. 15, aged 65.

JAMES HAYNES, old citizen, died Cornersville, Tenn. Sept. 22.

EUGENE McGEVNEY died Memphis, Tenn. Sept. 28.

FRANK TAFT died Memphis, Tenn., yellow fever, last Saturday.

Capt. NATHAN MASSEY died Carroll Co., Tenn. Sept. 20, aged 60.

NATHAN DAVIDSON died Shelby Co., Tenn., yellow fever, Sept. 26.

JOHN F. TITUS, oldest son of Frazier Titus, died yellow fever Sept. 28, Memphis.

ANNIE d/o James T. HOPKINS died Haywood Co., Tenn.

MARY ANN w/o A. J. CLARK died Jackson. Sept. 29 in 55th year.

Col. ABEL WILLIS died Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 2, lacking ten days of age 97.

JAMES COLBURN died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 26, aged over 70.

MARY w/o L. D. HARRIS died Mifflin, Tenn. Aug. 11, aged about 42.

T. A. inf/s W. A. WOOD. Jr. and Martha, died at residence of Mrs. Eliza McClellan, Madison Co., Oct. 2, aged 1 year, 10 months.


October 18, 1873

HUGH STEWART died Memphis, Tenn., yellow fever, last week.

C. CANNING SMITH died Memphis, Tenn., yellow fever, Oct. 11.

Four Sisters of Charity, Roman Catholics, died yellow fever, Memphis, Tenn.


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OLIVER C. WOODWARD died Memphis, Tenn., yellow fever, Oct. 10

Mrs. WILLIAM SHANE died Humboldt, Tenn., yellow fever, Oct. 11

Gen. JOHN T. SWAYNE, attorney, died Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 11.

GEORGE E. MONTGOMERY, attorney, died Memphis, Tenn.

Col. R. S. RUSSELL died Paris, Tenn.

JAMES W. GILLESPIE died Rhea Co., Tenn. last week.

R. M. RICHARDS killed in Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 13 by James Hogan.


October 25, 1873

Rev. D. H. CUMMINS died Covington, Tenn. Oct. 17.

THOMAS WILSON died Williamson Co., Tenn. Oct. 10, "old citizen."

Capt. JAMES DUNCAN died Sumner Co., Tenn. last week by overdose of morphine.

Miss EMMA d/o Joseph NASH died Washington, D.C. Oct. 13; she was correspondent of the Nashville UNION and AMERICAN and a woman of "remarkable talents."

MINNIE DEBORAH d/o G. M. and Louisa F. BROGDEN died near Spring Creek, Tenn. Oct. l9, aged 8 months, 20 days.

Dr. GEORGE H. LEONARD died Carroll Station, Tenn, Oct. 23.


November 1, 1873

PASCHAL JOHNSON died Franklin Co., Tenn. last week, aged 83.

L. R. RICHARDS died Memphis, Tenn., yellow fever, last week, aged about 75.

Dr. J. JOSEPH WILLIAMS died Memphis last week, yellow fever.

Mrs. FRANCIS BELL died Henderson Co., Tenn., aged 94.

Mrs. MARGARET BELL OSBORNE, mother of Rev. E. H. Osborne, died Gallatin, Tenn. a few days ago.

JOHN DELCE killed when fell from suspension bridge, Nashville, Oct. 27.

Col. JAMES WEBSTER died Maury Co., Tenn. Oct. 8.

Col. J. M. McKENZIE died at McKenzie Station, Tenn. last week, aged 53.

Maj. TOMAS FOWLKES died Dyer Co., Tenn., aged 58. Settled there in 1834.

Mrs. ELIZABETH COX died near Nashville, Tenn. last week, aged 80. Born Boon's Lick, Ky. about 1793.

GEORGE D. FOSTER died Chattanooga, Tenn. Oct. 20, in 78th year.

Mrs. FRANK McGAVROCK, sister of Gen. William G. Harding, died Davidson Co., at home of son-in-law, Archer Cheatham Oct. 24 in 66th year.

J. P. CARL of Des Moines, Iowa died Milan, Tenn.

A. A. TEMPLETON died Tipton Co., Tenn. last week.

W. J. ROGERS died Tipton Co., Tenn. last week.

T. B. CARAWAY died of bilious fever.


November 8, 1873

BUD BUGG crushed to death by train at Baker's Station Oct. 28.

Capt. T. E. S. RUSWURM died Rutherford Co., Tenn. Oct. 26, age 53; native of Williamson Co., Tenn.

Mrs. J. C. HARRISON, mother of Hon. H. H. Harrison, member of Congress, died Oct. 30, McMinnville, Tenn.

BEVERLY R. JOHNSTON died near Bristol, Tenn., aged 73. Brother of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.

J. J. SPANN died Covington, Tenn.

Miss SUSAN CAROLINE GODSEY "Sleeping Beauty" died Obion Co., Tenn. Oct. 27, aged 31; had been in "sleeping condition" about 24 years.

LOUISA P. w/o A. R. HILL died Huntingdon, Tenn. Nov. 4.

LAURA B. w/o Jo. N. PAINE died Tipton Co., Tenn. in 39th year.


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Dr. GEORGE H. LEONARD died Carroll Station, Madison Co., Tenn. Oct. 22. Born Kentucky Jan. 5, 1831; left 3 children.


November 15, 1873

A. C. STEWART died Nesbit, Miss. Nov. 5, aged nearly 87.

Dr. A. P. MURRELL died N.Y., Nov. 6; formerly of Memphis, Tenn.

Maj. HIRAM S. BRADFORD died Haywood Co., Tenn. Oct. 26 in 44th year.

Maj. WILLIAM E. ALLEN died Maury Co., Tenn. last week, aged 68.

S. D. ALSOBROOK, sheriff of Lauderdale Co., Tenn. was shot and killed Nov. 1 by ---Baker who was in turn hanged by a mob; body riddled with bullets.

Mrs. ELIZABETH HARRIS, widow of Robert Harris, died near Dyersburg, Tenn. at home of Wiley Harris, her son, Oct. 29 in 85th year. Born Chester Dist., S.C.; had lived in Madison Co. since Oct. 1830. Mother of 16 children, 13 daughters and 6 sons survived her.

Mrs. ISABELLA HOGAN, mother of Capt. John T. Hogan, died Jackson, Nov. 8.

M. REEVES, Esq., old citizen, died near Medon, Tenn. last week, aged 94 yrs., 6 mos.


November 22, 1873

JACOB HOFFMAN died Henry Co., Tenn. Nov. 8, aged 90.

Dr. L. W. JORDAN died Kingston, Tenn. last week.

Mrs. A. C. w/o Rev. J. R. WILLIAMS died Henry Co., Tenn. Oct. 30, aged 49.

Mrs. MARY w/o A. W. RUSSELL, d/o Lesley Hancock died Henry Co., Tenn. Nov. 9.

Gen. JOHN B. RODGERS died east Tenn. a few days ago.

BOB NEWSOM, black, "knocked off" bridge of Northwestern RR, Harpeth River, and killed Nov. 14.

ENOCH COOKSEY killed McMinnville, Tenn. a few nights ago; city marshal.

Mrs. ANN ELIZABETH w/of T. N. EPPERSON, d/o F. P. Yancy died Jackson Nov. 17, in her 23rd year.

JOSEPH WILLIAMSON died Jackson, Nov. 17 in 47th year.

JOHN RASBERRY, black, shot and killed in McNairy Co., Tenn. Nov. 16.


November 29, 1873

ALLEN HERALD died Troy, Tenn. Nov. 14.

PETER BURGETT, planter, killed by ambush near Cat Island, Ark. last week.

Hon. JOHN P. HALE died Dover, New Hampshire, born in 1806; served in U.S. Senate.

JOSEPH H., youngest son of Z. J. and Elizabeth C. WILLIAMS died near Jackson, Nov. 22, aged 5 years, 9 months.


December 6, 1873

ANDREW McNEILL, black, killed his wife by multiple stabbing 17 miles from Memphis.

ROBERT H. McEWEN committed suicide in Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 29, recent graduate Princeton University.

Mrs. TABETHA DAVIS died at home of son, J. J. Davis, near Andrew Chapel Nov. 27, in 79th year. Professed religion, 1844; member of Methodist Church.


December 13, 1873

JAMES McALISTER CROCKETT, mayor of Troy, Tenn. died there Nov. 29 in 24th year.

L. F. DOUGLASS left home Nov. 25 from Henderson Co., Tenn. and found dead on road near farm of his brother, P. D. Douglass. Jury found that he died from "immoderate use of intoxicating liquors."


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December 20, 1873

J. C. DAVIS died Brownsville, Tenn. Dec. l2.

DICKY TITSWORTH killed himself by gunshot last Monday; "old man."

Mrs. SARAH LEAKE died Morning Sun, Shelby Co., Tenn. Dec. 15.

WILLIE s/o E. A. DUNAVANT killed by accidental gunshot Dec. 10.

Prof. AGASSIZ /Louis Agassiz/ died Cambridge, Mass. Dec. 14; "great naturalist."

Miss ADDIE CROOM d/o Dr. Croom died near Beech Bluff Dec.14 in 14th year.

WILLIAM H. HUNT died Jackson, Dec. 17 in 63rd year. Born Suffolk Co., Va. and moved to Madison Co. when a boy; married 3 times.

JAMES GARDNER, brakeman, M & O RR crushed to death by train, Troy, Tenn. Dec. 13.

Mrs. MOLLY CARTER w/o James Carter, dec. died Dec. 16; left 4 children.


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