By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1996

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June 12, 1824

WILLIAM ANDERSON, Esq. died Kentucky "lately"; in 24th year. Attorney, Huntingdon, Tenn.


June 26, 1824

Col. ROBERT JARMON died residence of Stephen Jarmon, Madison Co., June 17, aged 25. Son of Gen. R. Jarmon, Humphreys Co., Tenn.; was a lawyer.

ROLLEY STARKS died Memphis June 12, formerly of Allen Co., Kentucky.

Gen. WILLIAM H. WINDER died in Baltimore, Md., May 24.


July 3, 1824

WILLIAM KNOX died Jackson, July 1, aged 22; native of Antrim, Ireland.

ALEXANDER McCLURE, merchant, died on steamboat between New Orleans and Florence, Ala. Lived in Reynoldsburg, Tenn.

Dr. WILLIAM K. FENNER died at his father's residence, Madison Co., Tenn., July 2, in 28th year.


August 14, 1824

Capt. OLLEY BLAKEMORE died Gibson Co., Tenn., August 12.


August 21, 1824

JOHN H.WARREN died August 16, aged 20 years. Native of Providence, R.I.


August 28, 1824

Mr.--- NELSON died Madison Co., August 22.

JOEL MADDING died August 25, aged 25.

Mrs. MATILDA, w/o Maj. Jason H.WILSON died in 25th year.


Sept. 4,1824

Obit for Mrs. MARTHA D., w/o Col. William ARNOLD, died Jackson, Sept.2; d/o Walter King.

Mrs. AMELIA PULLEN died Madison Co., August 24, in 58th year.

Mrs. JOHN BETTIS died Madison Co., August 30.

JAMES R. CHALMERS died Lebanon, Tenn., in 23rd year. Solicitor-General, 13th District.

GEORGE WHARTON, Esq., died Davidson Co./He died in Lincoln Co., Tenn., August 21, 1824./


Sept. 11, 1824

MARTIN DAVIS died Jackson, Sept.9, in 26th year; "late of Kentucky."


Sept. 18, 1824

Obit for MARY JANE, d/o Dr. William E. BUTLER, died Madison Co., Sept 12, "after a short illness."

Col. EZEKIAL POLK died Hardeman Co., Tenn., August 31. He wrote his own tombstone epitaph June 24,1821 in his 74th year:

Here lies the dust of old E.P.
One instance of mortality.
Pennsylvania born, Carolina bred,
In Tennessee died on his bed.
His youthful days he spent in pleasure,
His latter days in gathering treasure.
From superstition liv'd quite free
And practiced strict morality.
To holy cheats was never willing
To give one solitary shilling.
He can foresee (and for foreseeing
He equals most of men in being),
That church and state will join their power
And misery on this country shower.
The Methodists with their camp bawling
Will be the cause of this down falling:
And not destin'd to see
He wails for poor posterity,
First fruits and tenths are odious things
And so are Bishops, Tithes and Kings.


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Sept. 25, 1824

JOHN ARMOUR died Hardeman Co., Tenn., Sept. 20, late of Baltimore, Md. in his 18th year.

Rev. THOMAS B.CRAIGHEAD died near Haysborough, Davidson Co., Tenn., Sept. 11.

Rev. SAMUEL DONNEL died Wilson Co., Tenn. Presbyterian minister.

CHARLES THOMPSON /THOMSON/ died near Philadelphia/Pa. /Aug.16, 1824/ in his 95th year. Secretary of Congress during the American Revolution.


Oct. 2, 1824

Miss JULIA A.E.V. HARWELL died McNairy Co., Tenn., Sept.23 in 13th year. D/o Herbert Harwell, dec. of Robertson Co., Tenn.

PLEASANT JARRETT died Madison Co., Tenn., residence of David Jarrett, Sept. 26.

JAMES PRIEST died near Jackson, Sept.30, in 37th year./ He and David Shropshire had been partners in a "house, sign, ornamental" painting business.


Oct. 16, 1824

Mrs. MARY, w/o Dr. Nelson I. HESS died Dyer Co., Tenn. October 3.


Nov. 6, 1824

JOHN A.WIATT, Esq./attorney, died Jackson, Nov.4, in 25th year. Native of Lynchburg. Va.; came to Western District last spring.

Mr. FRANCIS RICHARDSON died Henry Co., Tenn. Oct. 28, in 58th year; large family.


Nov. 13,1824

Gen. JONATHAN DRAYTON died Elizabethtown, N.J., Oct.9; "for a time speaker of

the House of Representatives of the U.S."


Nov. 27, 1824

Mrs. MARGARET, w/o Col. John McIVER died Rutherford Co., Tenn. November 8.


Dec. 4, 1824

Tribute of Respect for JOHN F. WIATT who died recently by the Jackson Bar, dated Nov. 24.


Dec. 11, 1824

JOSEPH McMINN, Esq. died Cherokee Agency, November 17; former governor of Tenn.


Jan. 22, 1825

Major ABRAHAM MAURY died Williamson Co., Tenn., Jan.2 "but little past the meredian of life." Native of /Lunenburg Co./ Va. and had served in its House of Delegates; later member of Tenn. legislature.


Feb. 19, 1825

Major Gen. ROBERT GOODLOE HARPER died Baltimore, Md. Jan.14, aged 60 years; had been engaged in trial in Circuit Court of U.S. for Md. District.


March 5, 1825

Miss MARY ELEANOR d/o Col. G. WILSON, editor of Nashville GAZETTE, died Nashville, February 19.

BENJAMIN W.PATTON died Kentucky; one of Supreme Court Judges of Kentucky.


Mar. 26, 1825

General THOMAS JOHNSON died Robertson Co., Tenn. March 14.


April 23, 1825

ANTHONY FOSTER died near Nashville "lately."


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June 18, 1825

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o Western HARRIS died near Jackson, June 16.

JOEL DYER died Madison Co., Tenn., June 11. Revolutionary War veteran; moved to Western District in 1821.


July 2, 1825

HUGH CAVENDER killed Greene Co., Tenn. by a falling tree limb.


July 16, 1825

Mrs. MARGARET w/o Martin CARTMELL died Jackson, July 13; left 2 children.

DANIEL D. TOMPKINS, late V. P. of U.S., died Staten Island, N.Y., June 11 in 51st year.


August 20, 1825

Rev. JOHN WHITE died Madison Co., Tenn. residence of Gabriel Anderson, Aug. 18, citizen of Perry Co., Tenn. Methodist minister.

Rev. MASON L.WEEMS died Beaufort, S.C., author of a "life" of General George Washington.


August 27, 1825

Mrs. MARGARET w/o Maj. ROBERT MURRY died near Jackson, Aug.20; left 6 children. Husband was absent on trip to Philadelphia.


Sept. 3, 1825

Rev. WILLIAM BARNETT would preach funeral sermon of Mrs. ELIZABETH HARRIS at the courthouse in Jackson, Sunday, Sept. 18.


Sept. 10, 1825

JOHN R. COLLIER died Jackson, Sept.4.

WILLIAM B. LONG'S funeral held August 17.


Sept. 17, 1825

ANTHONY F. MAY died Hempstead Co., Ark. Aug.20. Native of Knoxville, Tenn.

Col. THOMAS WILLIAMSON died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 11; while resident of Davidson Co., Tenn. served in House of Reps. and later in state Senate.


Sept. 24, 1825

Miss MARTHA C. d/o James TART died Henry Co., Tenn. Sept.13 in 19th year.


Oct. 1, 1825

THOMAS A. THOMPSON died Reynoldsburg, Tenn.; sheriff of Carroll Co., Tenn.

Rev. GREEN HILL died Williamson Co., Tenn. Sept.11 in 84th year. Native of N.C.; Methodist minister for 55 years.

Mrs. JOHN WOOD died Carroll Co., Tenn. September 24.


Nov. 12, 1825

Obit for Col. SAMUEL TAYLOR, postmaster Jackson and died there, Nov.6. "His body was intered in the public burying ground on the Monday following.


Dec. 24, 1825

Mrs. SAMUEL DICKINS died Madison Co./Jane Vaughn Dickins d. Dec.3, 1825/


March 18, 1826

JAMES KNOX died Jackson, March 12.

Dr. JOHN O. EWING died Nashville, Tenn. March 14 in 26th year.


April 1, 1826

Obit for RICHARD M. CHESTER, died Jackson March 25, about 18 years old.

JOHN LARKINS died near Charlotte, Tenn. March 15, aged about 75. Revolutionary War veteran.

JOHN WEST died Dickson Co., Tenn. about March 15.


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Feb. 18, 1826

FRANCIS SANDERS died Feb.16, Madison Co., Tenn. from head wounds inflicted on him in a confessed attack by a white and a black man, Feb.7. Had come to Madison Co. from Davidson Co.; 50 years old.


March 11, 1826

AERIAL FITZHUGH murdered by Berry Nash, Dyer County.


May 13, 1826

Obit for Col. ROBERT DYER, died Madison Co., Tenn. May 11; veteran of War of 1812.

Funeral for Mrs. MARGARET CARTMELL d/o Gilbert Neill to be held June 10.


June 10, 1826

THOMAS s/o James CARUTHERS died Madison Co., Tenn. June 8.


June 24, 1826

Major LEWIS DILLAHUNTY died Hardeman Co., Tenn. June 16.


July 1, 1826

CHARLES S. otherwise PETER CHARLES BARTHE died Jackson, June 27; native of Germany; came to U.S. in 1818. S/o Etienne and Jane Francis Louis Barthe.


July 22, 1826

WILLIAM S.ANDERSON died Somerville, Tenn. July 13; young man.


July 29, 1826

JOHN HIGHTOWER died Somerville, Tenn.

JOHN EADS died July 14 about 21 years old.


August 5, 1826

Col. WILLIAM BRADEN had died; western explorer.


August 12, 1826

JOSEPH N.BRIAN died Jackson, August 10.


Sept. 2, 1826

Mrs. KEZIAH w/o John ANDERSON, d/o Major Charles Sevier died August 19.

Miss SOPHIA d/o late Robert H. DYER died August 21.

Dr. J. T. ELLIOTT, JR. died Aug.22, aged 21; late of Kentucky.

JAMES M. McELWEE died Aug.23, aged 25 years; Roane Co., Tenn.

GEORGE WEIR died Madison Co., Tenn. August 26.

Dr. J. COSBY died Brownsville, Tenn. August 26.

JAMES COCKRILL died August 28.

Col. DANIEL HARTON died August 29; merchant.

DEVEREAUX DUNLAP died in Paris, Tenn.

FRANK JONES died Alabama; formerly member of Congress from Tennessee.



Sept. 9, 1826

Mrs. LAVINIA w/o late Daniel HARTON died Sept.8; her youngest child died the Saturday before.

ELDRIDGE NEWSOM, Esq. died Madison Co., Tenn., aged 57; left large family.

JOHN SPENCER, Esq. died Madison Co. Sept.3.

Col. RUFUS MORGAN died Roane Co., Tenn. August 16, aged 45.


Sept. 16, 1826

JOHN SMITH died Jackson, Sept. 8; native of Md.; buried with masonic honors.

Rev. WILLIAM BARNETT to preach funeral of Mrs. MILDRED FARSEE at Union Meetinghouse, east of Jackson, September 20.


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Sept. 16, 1826

Dr. WILLIAM P. CHESTER died Jackson, Sept.15; left one child. Ill 15 days.


Sept. 23, 1826

ALEXANDER A. McSPEDDING died Somerville, Tenn. Sept.10; young man.

NORTHERN NESBITT died June 12; left 2 children; recently moved to Madison Co., Tenn. from Dixon /Dickson/Co., Tenn.

PLUMMER WILLIS died Bolivar, Tenn.Sept.15 in 14th year.

Mrs. JOSEPH LINN died Madison Co., Tenn. September 15.

ROBERT G. THORNTON died Fayette Co., Tenn. September 16.


Nov. 18, 1826

Capt. TIMOTHY DEMUMBRANE died Nashville, Nov.13; "the first white man who ever emigrated to this vicinity."

JAMES C. HAYS died in Texas on way home from Mexico.


Jan. 6, 1827

JOHN HAYWOOD died Davidson Co., Tenn. aged 66.

LUCAS KENNEDY died Paris, Tenn.; attorney.


Jan. 15, 1827

ELIZABETH RIDLEY BROWNE TAYLOR died Lexington, Tenn. Dec. 28, in 5th year; oldest d/o Jesse Taylor.


May 5, 1827

JOHN FISHER, while running around race track near Jackson was thrown from his horse and killed May 4.


June 23, 1827

Mrs. CATHARINE w/o A .RHEA died Tuscumbia, Ala. May 31.


April 5, 1828

Mrs. MARIA w/o Pryor LEA died Knoxville.

JAMES OVERTON died Alexandria, La.

WILLIAM H. KERR died Tuscaloosa, Ala. aged 22.

WILLIAM STEDMAN died Pittsborough, N.C.

Major DANIEL GLISSON died Duplin Co., N.C., aged 74.

JOHN MOPING, Jr. died Chatham Co., N.C., aged 36.

ALLEN McDONALD died Moore Co., N.C., aged 84.

WILLIAM HARRIS died Cabarrus Co., N.C., aged 74.

WILLIAM STAFFORD died Cabarrus Co., N.C.

JOSEPH W.JACOBS died Wilmington, N.C.

Mrs. ELIZABETH HALLMAN died Wilmington, N.C.

Gen. JOHN GEDDES died Charleston, S.C.


April 26, 1828

Miss FRANCES G. d/o Rev. J. LANIER died Nashville.

WILLIAM W. HENING died Richmond, Va.

WILLIAM THORNTON died Washington, D.C.

THOMAS MONTGOMERY died Lincoln Co., Kentucky.

Mrs. RHODA WHARTON died Davidson Co., Tenn. aged 83.

Mrs. MARY w/o Elisha WILLIAMS died Rutherford Co., Tenn.


May 10, 1828

Dr. RICHARD FENNER died Madison Co., Tenn. aged 67; served in North Carolina Line during the American Revolution.

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May 17, 1828

HENRY HARTMAN died Roane Co., N.C.

Capt. NATHAN NEELY died, aged 29.

ANDREW McNEELY died Mecklenburg Co., N.C. aged 71.

Mrs. RUTH B. PORTER died, aged 72.

Col. CHARLES EDMONDS died Halifax Co., N.C.

Mrs. LEATHY E. w/o J. W. HARRIS died Wake Co., N.C.


May 21, 1828

GEORGE B. PATTERSON died Lawrence Co., Ala. April 15; young man.

Major ELI ETHERIDGE died Lawrence Co., Ala.; had been married 7 days.


May 31, 1828

Dr. PLACEBO M. BILLS died Maury Co., Tenn. April 24, aged 26.


June 21, 1828

Mrs. MARGARET w/o Capt. Thomas BRADLEY died Williamson Co., Tenn.


July 12, 1828

Mrs. SARAH widow of Dr. Lachlan McLEAN died Jackson/July 6, aged 68 years, 6 months and 6 days. Mother of Charles D. McLean, editor of the Jackson



August 9, 1828

Mrs. ABIGAIL, widow of Col. WILLIAM CHRISTMAS died Williamson Co., Tenn., aged 70.

Mrs. PATSEY w/o Sherwood GREEN d/o Col. Christmas, died Williamson Co., aged 44.

THOMAS S. TRASK died Memphis; soldier, U.S. Army.

Col. JOSEPH PICKETT died Anson CO., N.C.

Mrs. NANCY w/o Thomas DAVIDSON died June 23 in 56th year.


August 2, 1828

JAMES F. TAYLOR died Raleigh, N.C.

WILLIAM IRVIN died Memphis, clerk of Shelby Co. circuit court.


Sept. 6, 1828 '

STEPHEN CHILDRESS died Tipton Co., Tenn. August 29, aged 64; moved there last winter from Williamson Co., Tenn. ;


Sept. 13, 1828

Col. JOSIAH SNELLING died Washington, D.C.

ANDREW HAMILTON died Jackson, Sept.l2 in 56th year.


Sept. 20, 1828 |

Col. WILLIAM STEWART died Paris; formerly of Sumner Co., Tenn.

ISAAC S.W.COOKE died in Paris, Tenn.

THOMAS DILLAHUNTY died Lawrence Co. Alabama.


Sept. 27, 1828

ROBERT HARDWICK died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 23, aged 24; formerly of Amherst Co., Va.

CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH d/o J. F. CLOUD died Jackson, Sept. 23.

BARTLETT YANCY died Caswell Co., N.C. August 30.

ABRAM WRIGHT died N.C. August 31.

Capt. THOMAS GALLENDER died Washington, D.C.


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Sept. 27, 1828

JOHN McKAY died Wilmington, N.C.

RICKS FORT died Halifax Co., N.C.

EVANDER McIVER died near Murfreesboro, Tenn. Sept. 12 in 33rd year.


Oct. 18, 1828

OLADINE HARRIET inf/d Col. Henry S. WILSON, died Purdy, Tenn. September 23.


Nov. 8, 1828

GEORGE T. BROWN died Nashville, Oct.27 in 28th year; professor of chemistry, University of Nashville.


Nov. 29, 1828

Capt. JOHN HARDGRAVES died "lately" in Davidson Co., Tenn. where he had gone for benefit of his health.


Dec. 6, 1828

LEMUEL S. HUNTER died Madison Co., Tenn.; formerly of Sumner Co., Tenn.

Gen. GREEN CLAY of Kentucky had died.

Dr. WILLIAM McLEAN died Lincoln Co., N.C.

Gen. THOMAS PINCKNEY died in South Carolina.

JAMES M. M. WHITE died Tuskaloosa , Ala. Nov.16; s/o Hugh L. White, Knoxville, Tenn.


Dec. 13, 1828

Col. WILLIAM H. SMITH, merchant-postmaster, Cotton Grove. Madison Co., Tenn. died Dec. 12; native of Albemarle Co., Va. and lived formerly in Sparta, Tenn.; moved to Madison Co. 4 years ago.


Jan. 3, 1829

Mrs. ANDREW JACKSON died Davidson Co., Tenn. Dec. 23./ Rachel Donelson Jackson died at the Hermitage, near Nashville. December 22, 1828/


Feb. 14, 1829

Mr.---GILLIAM was shot and killed in Henderson Co., Tenn. February 8.


March 14, 1829

Mrs. SARAH w/o Wilson HUTCHISON died Springfield, Tenn.

ALFRED MURRAY died Helena, Ark.

JOHN LOUIS TAYLOR died near Raleigh, N.C., aged 58. Chief Justice of N.C. Supreme Court.

Mrs. ELINOR MADISON, mother of ex-President James Madison, died Montpelier, Va., aged 98./ Nelly Conway Madison died February 11, 1829/


March 21, 1829

Gen. ROBERT JARMON died Humphreys Co., Tenn. March 7, in 60th year. Native of N.C.; moved to Davidson Co., Tenn., 1805 and abt 1807 to Humphreys Co. Colonel in 38th Reg. Tenn. Militia; served in state legislature; veteran of the War of 1812.

WILLIAM K.MORGAN s/o Col. Rufus MORGAN died University of Virginia.

ALVADUS s/o Samuel GHOLSON of Madison Co., Tenn. was thrown from a horse and killed Exeter, Illinois.


March 26, 1829

Mrs. INDIANA L. w/o David GILLESPIE died New Orleans.

Col. JOHN ALLCORN died Wilson Co., Tenn.


April 4, 1829

JOHN W. CANNON died Jackson, March 31; young man.


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April 18, 1829

Obit for Miss MARY ANN McLEAN sister of C. L. McLean of Jackson, died Jackson, April 14.

JOSEPH KERR, Esq. died Rowan Co., N.C., aged 70 years.

Major BRICE COLLINS died Burke Co., N.C.; former member of state legislature.

Mrs. HENRIETTE FREDERICKE REICHEL, tutoress Female Academy, Salem, North Carolina, had died.

Gen. THOMAS D. CRABB died Alabama.

JOSHUA P. VAUGHAN died Montgomery Co., Tennessee.


May 9, 1829

Mrs. JANE w/o John FLY died Madison Co., Tenn. April 23, aged about 34.


May 16, 1829

Capt. DAVID BARKLEY died Fulton, Tenn. May 10; native of Virginia.


May 30, 1829

JESSE HUNT murdered by Hancock Smith and Jesse Sullens May 23 in Smith Co., Tenn.

FREDERICK COOTS killed by his son, Hiram Coots May 24 (Smith Co.?).


July 18, 1829

JOSEPH J. NICHOLSON died Jackson, July 15.


July 25, 1829

SAMUEL D. WADDLE died Madison Co., Tenn. July 21 in 56th year.


August 1, 1829

Lt. JAMES BIDDLE late of U. S. Navy was shot and killed in Lexington, Tenn. by Kinchen A. Wilborn July 25.


August 15, 1829

Mrs. ANN M. w/o Col. Thomas HENDERSON d/o Dr. Richard Fenner, died Mt. Pinson, Madison Co., Tenn. August 8, aged 39.

Gen. VINE ALLEN died Craven Co., N.C., aged 50.

Mrs. NANCY w/o Richard TAYLOR died Haywood Co., Tenn.

ISAAC W. FYFEE, Esq., postmaster, Athens, Tenn. had died.


August 22, 1829

WILLIAM P. LITTLE died Warren Co., N.C., aged 64.

Mrs. SARAH CADE died Fayetteville, N.C., aged 56.

Miss LAVINIA HOWARD died Rowan Co., N.C.

JOHN MORRIS of Albemarle Co., Va. died in Salisbury, N.C.

CHARLES RIDGELY died Maryland; sometime governor of that state.


August 29, 1829

Mrs. ELENDER w/o John S. HERRING died Madison Co., Tenn. June 21.

Col. WILLIAM SMITH died Mississippi; formerly of Smith Co., Tenn.


Sept. 5, 1829

WILLIAM EASTIN died Davidson Co., Tenn.

THOMAS H.CRUTCHER died Nashville, Tenn.

THOMAS TURNER died Nashville, Tenn., aged 19; from Madison Co., Ala.

Miss MARTHA d/o William DELOACH died Tipton Co., Tenn. September 2.

STEPHEN M. HAWKINS died Grainger Co., Tenn. August 13, aged 25.


Sept. 19, 1829

JOHN J. MEREDITH died Bolivar, Tennessee, aged 25.

Capt. WILLIAM LYTLE died Murfreesboro, Tennessee, aged 74.

Mrs. MARY w/o MARK MITCHELL died Rutherford Co., Tenn. aged 73.


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Sept. 19, 1829

Rev. HUBBARD SANDERS died Sumner Co., Tenn., aged 63.

Mrs. MARY MILLER died Gibson Co., Tenn., aged 58.

Dr. B. C. STOUT died Athens, Tennessee, aged 40.

Dr. JOSEPH BUCHANAN died Louisville, Kentucky.

JOHN WATSON died New Orleans.

SAMUEL K. McGRAW died Huntsville, Alabama.

PRESLEY WARD died Florence, Alabama.

Mrs. MARY, wife of GEORGE TODD, died Madison Co., Tennessee.


Oct. 10, 1829

Major JOHN A. WILSON died Henderson Co., Tenn.

Mr.--- HILL s/o Green HILL died Madison Co., Tenn.

THOMAS CHILTON died in Kentucky.


Oct. 17, 1829

Rev. ELISHA G. ROGERS died in Alabama, aged 22.

ROBERT VANCE died Clarksville, Tenn.

Dr. WILLIAM McGEE died Cherokee Nation.

HYNES s/o Rev. Green HILL died; second death in his family in last 20 days.

Mrs. WILLIAM DOWNING died Denmark, Tenn. October 9.

HENRY TURNER died Haywood Co., Tenn.

Major JOHN WHISTLER, U.S. Army, died Bellefontaine, Mississippi.


Oct. 24, 1829

REBECCA JONES d/o John PARKER died Trenton, Tenn. Sept 16, aged 5 years.


Oct. 31, 1829

Mrs. LUCINDA w/o David WHITAKER died Denmark, Tenn. October 21.

SHERWOOD HAYWOOD died Raleigh, N.C., aged 66 years.

GABRIEL HOLMES died Sampson Co., N.C. Sept. 29; member of U. S. Congress.


Nov. 21, 1829

Mrs. REBECCA B. ATKINSON died Pitt Co., N.C.

DAVID D. SALMON died Fayetteville, N.C.

Mrs. ELIZABETH N. w/o John P. LEONARD died Fayetteville, N.C.

SOLOMON GREEN died Warren Co., N.C., aged 65.

Mrs. RACHEL, w/o Rev. William REED died Perquimans Co., N.C.

Mrs. MARY w/o H. W. LONG died Murfreesboro, Tenn.

DAVID BUNTING died Duplin Co., N.C.

HENRY O'DONIEL died Orange Co., N.C., aged 77.

JOHN BARNHILL died Mecklenburg Co., N.C.

SAMUEL DUSENBURY died, aged 70.

WILLIAM BULLOCK died Granville Co., N.C.

Miss SUSANNAH BELL died Fayetteville, N.C., aged 17.

MARY WEATHERLY died Warren Co., N.C.

Dr. JOHN H.CAMP died Giles Co., Tenn.


Nov.28, 1829

Miss ANGELINA SMITH died Jackson, house of Mr. Armour, November 25.


Dec. 5, 1829

Mrs. MARY E. w/o Allen A. HALL died Nashville, Tenn.

ROBERT HAWKINS died Courtland, Ala, aged 27; formerly of Warren Co., Tenn.

Dr. JOHN H. SHEPPERD died Hardeman Co., Tenn.; formerly of Orange Co., N.C.


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Dec. 12, 1829

Mrs. MARGARET MOORE w/o Dr. James M. HENDERSON died Carroll Co., Tenn. Nov.18; d/o Dr. Nathaniel Hill, Wilmington, N.C.; left 6 small children.


Dec. 19, 1829

Obit for Rev. JAMES McKEE died Trenton, Tenn. Dec. 11, in 26th year. Cumberland Presbyterian minister.


Jan. 23, 1830

Col. CHARLES PARTEE died Maury Co., Tenn.; veteran of Revolutionary war.

Dr. SAMUEL BROWN died Madison Co., Alabama.


Feb. 13, 1830

RICHARD C. SANFORD died Covington, Tenn., aged 17.


March 20, 1830

WILLIAM JARMON died Perryville, Tenn. February 25.

GIDEON PILLOW of Maury Co., Tenn. died Lexington, Tenn. Feb. 26, aged 56.

Col. BENJAMIN B. JONES died Lawrence Co., Alabama.

WILLIAM BIRDSONG, JR. shot and killed by James H. Dyson, March 18, Madison Co.


April 17, 1830

JOHN MORPHIS died Orange Co., N.C., March 6, in 90th year. Revolutionary War vet.

THOMAS FLEMING died Warren CO., N.C.

Col. AQUILLA MORRIS died Halifax Co., N.C., aged 68

Major WHITMELL H. BOYD died Davidson Co., Tenn.

CALVIN M.SMITH died Shelby Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM LAWRENCE died near Memphis, Tenn. April 13. It is recorded that Lawrence's tombstone in the old Winchester Cemetery, Memphis, stated that he had "departed this life on the 11th of April 1830, age 32."


April 24, 1830

Mrs. MARY w/o Clayton TALBOT, formerly of Nashville, died Huntsville, Ala. April 10.

Dr. ISAAC BUTLER died Florence, Alabama.


May 1, 1830

Dr. JOHN F. BROWN died Jackson, April 28, aged 36; formerly of Wilson Co., Tenn.

CHARLES PHILIPS died Gibson Co., Tenn. Sept. 25, aged 41.

Major JOHN R. McGUIRE died Haywood Co., Tenn., aged 26.

JOHN PATE died Obion Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM J. H. DALE died Nashville, Tenn., aged 19.

ULYSES SAMUEL died Giles Co., Tenn., aged 21.

Mrs. SARAH JACOBS died Knoxville, Tenn., aged 63.

Capt. JOHN DONELSON, SR. died Davidson Co., Tenn. April 21, aged 75.

NICHOLAS RIDGELY, Esq. died Delaware.


May 8, 1830

Gen. ALEXANDER SMITH died Wilmington, N.C. April 17.

NATHAN EWING died Nashville, Tenn. May 1.

ANDREW EWING, bro. of N. EWING, died Franklin Co., Tenn. May 1.


May 15, 1830

Dr. JOHN DAVIS died Jackson, May 14.


May 22, 1830

SKELTON inf/s Mrs. Mary HARGROVE, widow of Capt. John Hardgrove died Madison Co., Tenn., having fallen into a tub of water and drowned April 29.


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June 5, 1830

Miss MARY ANN d/o PLEASANT M. MILLER died Tarborough, N.C. May 6; had been traveling with an aunt, Mrs. Gen. Gaines for her health.

HOWELL G. HARRIS died Paris, Tenn.

THOMAS SHUTE died Perryville, Tenn.; formerly of Davidson Co., Tenn.

HUMPHREY FULLERTON died Chilicothe, Ohio.

Col. THOMAS HENDERSON died Warren Co., Tenn., aged 91.

SAMUEL McKEE died Carroll Co., Tenn., aged 61.

Miss MARTHA NORVELL died Nashville, Tenn., aged 19.


June 12, 1830

Rev. IVEY WALKE died Hampton, June 10. Methodist minister.

Mrs. MINERVA w/o Henry JOHNSON died Lebanon, Tenn. May 27 aged 19; d/o Lawrence Sypert.


June 19, 1830

Capt. JOSEPH LOVE s/o Gen. Thomas LOVE died Madison Co., Tenn. June 7, aged 23.


July 3, 1830

Mrs. B. B. TROUSDALE died Purdy, Tenn. June 28.


July 31, 1830

BENTON FLETCHER died Vicksburgh, Miss. July 7, aged 27.


August 7, 1830

ISAAC IRWIN died Gibson Co., Tenn. July 18, about 84 years.

Mrs. MARY w/o William IRWIN and d/o Andrew Allison, died, aged 35 years.


August 14, 1830

POWHATTAN MAY died Nashville, Tenn. August 19; lawyer; native of Buckingham Co., Va.


August 21, 1830

Col. STEPHEN LACY died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug.14; commandant of 91 Reg. Tenn. Militia.

JOHN s/o William ARNOLD died Henderson Co., Tenn. Aug.12, in 22nd year.

WILLIAM ARNOLD died Henderson Co., Tenn. Aug.15, in 75th year; left 8 children.


August 28, 1830

Mrs. SARAH BLAND w/o Dr. Joseph JONES died Haywood Co., Tenn. Aug.8; formerly of Halifax Co., Va.

Mrs. REBECCA w/o Lemuel PHILIPS, d/o Maj. J. B. Cross, died Columbia, Tenn.Aug.11, in 20th year.

ELIJAH BIGELOW died Jackson, August 28, aged 30. Native of Mass.; would have masonic funeral.


Sept. 4, 1830

Major JOHN ARNOLD died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 2. Native of Va.; served in Revolutionary War; moved to Ky., then to Madison Co., 1822; served in Kentucky legislature.

Miss MARGARET McCLANAHAN died Jackson August 30, in 22nd year.

Mrs. MARY HARRIS, w/o Rev. John P. HARTON d/o Capt. Peyton Powell of Alabama, died bilious fever, August 31.


Sept. 11, 1830

Mrs. ANN B. w/o Lewis T. EDDINS, d/o Thomas B. Moseley of Bedford Co., Tenn. Died near Denmark, Tenn. Sept 4; left 3 small children.

Mrs.--- MEADOWS died Henderson Co., Tenn. September 4.

WILLIAM s/o Allen HILL died Madison Co., Tenn. September 4.

Miss MARY d/o Thomas LACY died Madison Co., Tenn.


(Page 12)

Sept. 21, 1830

Capt. WILLIAM DUTY died Madison Co., Tenn.

THOMAS LACY died Madison Co., Tenn.


Oct. 9, 1830

Capt. JAMES PRIESTLEY died Jackson, Sept. 29, aged 35.

JAMES M. HARALSON died Reynoldsburg, Tenn. Oct.4.

JEFFREY LOCKELLER died Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 22, aged about 42.


Oct. 16, 1830

Mrs. MARY w/o Maj. Henry SMALL died Tipton Co., Tenn.; left 4 children.

Mrs. JAMES MONROE died Loudon Co., Va. /Elizabeth Kortright Monroe died Sept. 23, 1830/

GEORGE HAY, son-in-law of Mrs. James Monroe, died.

Mrs. MARY R. w/o GEORGE McDUFFIE died South Carolina.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON s/o William POLK died Raleigh, N.C.

EUGENIA CATHARINE only daughter of David WHITAKER died Denmark, Tenn. Oct. 2, aged 5 years, 9 months.


Oct. 23, 1830

JOSEPH CARUTHERS died Henry Co., Tenn., aged 67; formerly of Rockbridge Co., Va.


Oct. 30, 1830

Mrs. W. P. w/o Oswin H. KING died October 21, aged 17.

Col. WILLIS LEWIS died Hardeman Co., Tenn. October 19, in 60th year.

SAMUEL H. SWAN died Jackson, November 1; formerly of Knoxville, Tennessee.



February 5, 1831

Col. RICHARD NIXON died near Brownsville, Tenn. January 25, in 62nd year.

Dr. STEPHEN S. CHILDRESS died Brownsville, Tenn. January 22.


February 26, 1831

Obit for Capt. WILLIAM NEILL died Henderson Co., Tenn.Dec.24, in 90th year. Native of Iredell Co., N.C. Veteran, Revolutionary War.


March 5, 1831

SIMON BOLIVAR, illustrious South American, died December 19, 1830.


March 12, 1831

PLEASANT C. FROST died Brownsville, Tenn. March 5, aged 21; formerly of White Co.

JOSEPH.GREER died Lincoln Co., Feb.23, in 75th year.

MARK MITCHELL of Dyer Co., Tenn. died there, aged about 65; formerly of Rutherford Co., Tenn. from whence he had moved about a year ago.


March 19, 1831

JAMES M. GIBSON died Randolph, Tenn. March 10.

SAMUEL TOMPSON died Covington, Tenn. March 10; formerly of Chatham Co., N.C.


March 26, 1831

Col. JOHN McCLURE died Lexington, Tenn., Feb. 8; native of Ireland.

ISAAC died Jackson, March 20, "a coloured man, aged about 70 years; for many years an honest and industrious resident of this town. He was familiarly known as 'Uncle Isaac' and was much respected by all who knew him."


April 2, 1831

WILLIAM LACY died Poplar Corner, in West Tennessee, Mar.26; formerly of Pitt Co., N.C.

RICHARD H. HIGHT died near Jackson, aged about 45 years.

SARAH THOMPSON died Covington, Tenn. Mar. 10, in 32nd year; formerly of Orange Co., N.C.


Page 13

June 4, 1831

TAYLOR RHODES killed by John Hurst, Covington, Tenn. a few nights ago.


July 2, 1831

Col. THOMAS PERSON died Shelby Co., Tenn. June 15 in 44th year; one of earliest settlers in Western District.


July 23, 1831

Former President, JAMES MONROE, died New York City, July 4, aged 72.


August 20, 1831

THADEUS s/o Maj. John H. HYDE died Jackson, August 14, aged 14 months.

SUSAN JANE d/o James S. STEELE died Brownsville, Tenn. Aug.16, aged 20 months.

CHARLES JORDAN died North Carolina July 12.

DAVID MARTIN died Paris, Tennessee.


August 27, 1831

Obit for CHARLES BREWSTER s/o Rev. Robert H. CHAPMAN died Covington, Tenn., August 16, aged 15 years.


Sept. 3, 1831

JOHN YOUNG died Haywood Co., Tenn. August 17; formerly of Alabama.

Miss MARY PRICE d/o Cyprian FARROR died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug.11 in 18th yr.

WILLIAM TRIGG died Denmark, Tenn. August 25, aged about 28 years.

RICHARD BAUGUSS died Perry Co., Tenn. Aug.31 in 23rd year; formerly of Maury Co., Tennessee.


Sept. 10, 1831

Col. STOKELY D. HAYS died Jackson, at residence of Dr. Wm. E. Butler, Sept.8, of bilious fever, aged about 42 years; left 2 children. Just returned from Clinton, Miss. tending to business as land register.

RICHARD TOMLINSON died Madison Co., Tenn. Sept. 4, in 47th year.

WILLIAM inf/s of Hunter BUCK died Jackson September 5.


Oct. 22, 1831

Mrs. ANN A. w/o Dr. JAMES M. BREWER died Gibson Co., Tenn. Oct.17 in 30th yr. Left 4 children.


Oct. 29, 1831

JAMES SANDERS died Haywood Co., Tenn. Sept. 26 in 35th year.


Nov. 12, 1831

Mrs.---RANDOLPH died Poplar Corner, West Tenn., Nov. 9, formerly of Pitt Co. N.C.


Nov. 19, 1831

Mrs. LYDIA H. w/o Jesse TAYLOR died Madison Co., Tenn. Nov.16, aged abt 31; Presbyterian; left 3 children.


Dec. 10, 1831

GEORGE M. BASS died Jackson December 8.

JOHN s/o George TODD died Madison Co., Tenn. December 5.

Mrs.---WATERS died from gunshot wound, Madison Co., Tenn. December 5.

JAMES s/o John JOICE died Jackson December 6, aged about 2 years.


Dec. 17, 1831

Dr. M. B. COOK died Madison Co., Tenn. Dec.8, in 28th year. Methodist.

Mrs. AZIA WILLIE died Huntingdon, Tenn. Dec.7 in 32nd year.

Mrs. JOEL DYER died near Brownsville, Tenn. Dec 14.


(Page 14)

Jan. 14, 1832

JAMES M. PIKE died Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 7, broker and lottery agent.


Jan. 21, 1832

JOSEPH DIXON died Jackson, January 15; formerly of North Carolina.


Feb. 4, 1832

HENRY W. MOSELY died Memphis, Tennessee January 21.


March 31, 1832

Maj. HENRY L. GRAY died near Brownsville, Tenn. February 24.

WILLIAM A. MILLER died Tipton Co., Tenn. March 22; formerly of Virginia; widow,Martha A. Miller.

WILLIAM RHODES died Tipton Co., Tenn. March 25; formerly of North Carolina.

HENRY SMALL died Tipton Co., Tenn. March 27; formerly of Montgomery Co., Tenn.


April 21, 1832

Mrs. SARAH w/o Rev. Daniel CULP, late of Paris, Tenn. died Trenton, Tenn. Apr. 6.

JAMES C. H. FOSTER died Dyer Co., Tenn. April 11.

Mrs. ELIZA ANN w/o Dr. E. FITZHUGH died Hardeman Co., Tenn. April 4, aged about 32 years.


May 19, 1832

Dr. EDMUND FITZHUGH died Hardeman Co., Tenn. May 8; formerly of Virginia; recently lost his wife to death.


June 16, 1832

Col. GRIFFTH RUTHERFORD died Dyer Co., Tenn. June 12.


July 14, 1832

STERLING BREWER died Nashville, Tenn.; formerly member of state legislature.


July 28, 1832

MARY ELIZA d/o Benjamin P. and Lucy H. SEAWELL died Jackson, July 24, aged 3 years, 11 months.


August 11, 1832

Miss MARY ANN CHILDS d/o Amariah CHILDS, Lynn, Mass. died Jackson at home of her sister, Mrs. Bigelow, July 31.

Mrs. MARY w/o James MERIWETHER died Madison Co., Tenn. July 31; formerly of Clark Co., Georgia; left 8 children.


August 18, 1832

Miss MARTHA d/o Rev. Edmund JONES died July 29 in 24th year.

ELI TALBOT died Nashville, Tenn. July 31.

MARY C. inf/d of Dr. Allen GILLESPIE died Jackson August 15.


August 25, 1832

GEORGE W. PIERCE died Jackson August 24.


September 8, 1832

HENRY WHITFIELD died Madison Co., Tenn. August 25.


September 15, 1832

DANIEL L. ROSS died Arkansas Territory Aug. 16, aged 26.

JOHN K. s/o A. L. PATTERSON died near Jackson, Sept.11.


September 29, 1832

Mrs. ANN H. K. w/o James BROWN, d/o Martha A. Williamson of Maury Co., Tenn. died September 23.

(Page 15)


Oct. 20, 1832

Obit for Mrs. ELIZABETH JANE w/o Thomas JAMES died Bolivar, Tenn. Oct. l4.

JOHN CHESTER died Hawkins Co., Tenn. Oct. 10, aged 61.


Nov. 3, 1832

Dr. KINCHIN JEFFREYS died Henderson Co., Tenn. Sept. 28 in 23rd year.


March 9, 1833

Masonic funeral for Elder ELIJAH CROSS to be held in Denmark, Tenn. Apr. 6. Union Lodge 69.


March 16, 1833

DAVID MARSHALL died Carroll Co., Tenn.; formerly of Wilson Co., Tenn.

Mrs. MARY w/o Major David DUNN died Shelby Co., Tenn., aged 55 years.

JOHN C. HAMILTON died Charlotte, Tenn., judge of the 8th Judicial District.


March 30, 1833

Mrs. MARGARET w/of John McKEAN died Bolivar, Tenn. March 11.


May 25, 1833

DANIEL CULP, merchant, died Trenton, Tennessee.


June 8, 1833

Miss MARY CURTIS and Miss ---HOPPER, daus. of George W. Curtis and Joseph Hopper were killed by a falling tree in Haywood Co., Tenn. June 2.

Major JOHN B. FOGG died Dickson Co., Tenn., cholera, May 31, in 49th year.

JOHN RANDOLPH of Roanoke died Philadelphia, Pa. May 24 in 60th year; on his way to Europe.

"A complete and faithful list" of persons who died of cholera in Nashville since May 27, as taken from the Nashville BANNER and WHIG. The dates refer to days of interment (ages also given):

May 28: BECKY, slave of William S. Cabell, 42.
May 29: R. C. NEXTON, 19; Mrs. SUSANNAH HOOD, 37; GEORGE, slave of Mrs. Marr, 63; HARRIET, slave of B. S. Weller, 12; ROBERT DANIEL, 60.
May 30: Mrs. SARAH ARMSTRONG, 76; MINERVA AKINS, 7; ZACRIAH TATE, 53; Mrs. ANN TATE, 22; JENNY, slave of Jesse Collins, 45; TONEY, slave of Mrs. Porter, 35.
May 31: ROBERT DIFFEY, 2; negro child, slave of Jo Woods; LETITIA, slave of Dr. Lindsley, 25; slave of James A. Porter.
June 1: JOSIAH NICHOL, 61; ANDERSON HOOSER; Mrs. MARGARET TAPPER, 64; MINERVA DYER, 12; MOSES, slave of the corporation; GEORGE, slave of Mrs. Pryor; ELLEN, slave of Mr. McGowen.
June 2: CHARLES CUTLER, 23; black boy, l year old, slave of Mrs. Reed; child of Mrs. Lane, 3; HENNY, slave of Mr. Anthony, 33.
June 3:MINGO, slave of Moses Wright, 33; POLLY O'Brien, 29; TOM, slave of Dr. Wells.


June 22, 1833

JOHN J. D. READ s/o Judge Read, Jackson, Tenn., died Charlotte, Tenn. where he was born; died June 17, aged 20 years, 9 months and 24 days. Returning home from Bloomington College, Indiana. Interment in Charlotte.

THOMAS YEATMAN of Nashville died on board steamboat at Louisville, Ky. June 12.


July 20, 1833

WILLIAM WILKINS died Jackson July 12.


July 27, 1833

WILLIAM S. JONES died Yazoo Co., Miss. June 11; s/o William Jones, Madison Co., Tennessee.


(Page 16)

August 3, 1833

Mrs. SARAH W. w/o Henry E. W. JORDAN died Henderson Co., Tenn. June 30.

ANN H. C. d/o Allen W. HICKS died Madison Co., Tenn. July 22, aged 14 months, 28 days.

RUFUS K. GARLAND, formerly of Tipton Co., Tenn. died Lost Prairie, Ark. Territory


August 17, 1833

REDDEN B. KING of Kingston died Madison Co., Tenn. August 13, aged 27.

Mrs. JAMES B. WOODS d/o Col. Abel Willis died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug 15, aged 25 years.


August 31, 1833

Mrs. ---BOON died Tipton Co., Tenn. August 22; late of Johnson Co., N.C.

JOEL ESTES of Haywood Co., Tenn. died Stewart Co., Tenn. Aug. 10 in 56th year; on his way to Nashville.

Non-extant issue, from which notice of Mrs. JANE HAYS' death, February 1, 1834 (at age 68), near Jackson, appeared in the Nashville REPUBLICAN, February 13, 1834, credited to the Jackson STATESMAN.



July 11, 1834

General /Marquis de/LAFAYETTE died May 20. Born Sept. 11, 1757.



January 26, 1838

ROBERT P. BROWN, formerly of Franklin Co., Va. died Jackson Jan. 21 in 27th year; left 2 small children.


February 9, 1838

Obit for JAMES G. WASHINGTON died Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 24 in 40th year.


March 23, 1838

SARAH D. d/o Martin CARTMELL died Jackson Mar. 20 aged 15 years.


May 25, 1838

Col. THOMAS HALE died Memphis, Tenn. May 16, aged 38. Native of Franklin Co., Va.; moved to Jackson spring of 1835; had been on trip to New Orleans, and was taken ill with bilious fever in Memphis where he died.

Mrs. EDITH w/o Thomas M. JOHNSON, d/o Martin Wiggs died Madison Co., Tenn. May 13 in 24th year; left 2 small children.


July 13, 1838

ALEXANDER HUTCHINGS s/o James MURDOCK died Wyatt, Miss., July 30, aged 18 mos.


September 14, 1838

LEWIS L. GILES died Jackson Sept. 4, aged 31 years, 10 months.


Oct. 12, 1838

ROBERT HUNTER LEE died Jackson Oct. 6, aged 21; journeyman printer from Pittsburg, Pa.


December 14, 1838

Mrs. SARAH w/o WILLIAM R. COLLIER died Madison Co., Tenn. Nov. 5, aged abt. 30 yrs

Obit for Col. JOHN PERDY /Purdy/ died near Mifflin, Henderson Co. /now Chester Tenn. Dec. 4 in 40th year; member of the late constitutional convention. Buried in old Mifflin, Tennessee cemetery/.


Jan. 18, 1839

WILLIAM STODDERT died Jackson, Jan. 15 in 43rd year; attorney; Episcopalian.



May 15, 1841

Mrs. SARAH A. w/o B. TURNER died Madison Co., Tenn. May 14, aged 54.


July 10, 1841

Gen. ALEXANDER McCOMB died Washington, D.C. June 25.


(Page 17)


March 7, 1845

Miss MARY JANE SHROPSHIRE died Jackson February 27.


March 28, 1845

JAMES GREER, Esq. died Madison Co., Tenn. March 6.


April 18, 1845

Mrs. SARAH ANN w/o John C. HILL, d/o Cornelius and Eliza Ann Tyson, died Holly Springs, Miss. April 5 in 25th year. Joined C. P. Church in 1843.


May 2, 1845

Hon. DAVID W. DICKINSON died Williamson Co., Tenn. April 27.


June 13, 1845

General Andrew Jackson died Hermitage, Davidson Co., Tenn. June 8.

Obit for JOHN CAMPBELL, Esq., died Marlborough District, South Carolina, May 19; graduate South Carolina College, 1819; distinguished member of U. S. Congress for years.


June 20, 1845

ANDREW JACKSON'S dates given: March 15, 1767-June 8, 1845.

Tribute of Respect for ANDREW JACKSON by Jackson Masonic Lodge 45, no date.


August 8, 1845

Mrs. MARIA C. w/o Dr. F. W. CAMPBELL died Madison Co., Tenn. July 28.


September 5, 1845

Col. MILLER FRANCIS died Winchester, Tenn. about August 22.

WILLIAM Z. s/o Hon. Amos KENDALL died September 2.


September 26, 1845

Mrs. ELIZA G. w/o James VAULX died near Jackson Sept.12 in 47th year; d/o late Dr. Richard Fenner. Episcopalian.


November 7, 1845

Mrs. ELIZABETH G. ARMOUR died Memphis, Tenn. November 2.


November 28, 1845

ARMSTEAD FROST burned to death in a barn fire, 4 miles SE of Paris, Tenn. November 25; practically a blind man.

Tribute of Respect for W. F. TOMLIN who died recently; by Philomathean Society (West Tennessee College?), dated November 26.

Obit for Mrs. ARTHA F. w/o Benjamin HAYLEY, died Madison Co., Tenn. Nov. 17, in 35th year. Methodist.


May 5, 1847

Colonel William Haskell of Jackson commanded the Second Tennessee Regiment, in the Mexican War. Company F, in this regiment, was raised in Jackson and Madison County; this unit took heavy casualties at battle of Cerro Gordo, April 17-18, 1847 in Mexico. Those men mentioned as killed in this newspaper fragment were FRED B. NELSON, C. G. GILL (from Memphis). WILIE P. HALE and Lt./THOMAS/EWELL were severely wounded and died shortly after the battle; their bodies were brought back for interment in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson. Several Company F soldiers were wounded at Cerro Gordo but official records show that Hale (and Ewell, who was not actually a member of this company but was assigned to the Second Regiment), GEORGE A. SMITH and WILLIAM O. STRIBLING actually died from gunshot wounds resulting from this battle. Others may have had "aggravated" wounds that lead to their deaths.



October 7, 1842

Mrs. Catherine Mary w/o C. C. Norvell, Esq., editor of the Nashville WHIG died October 2 in 27th year; left five children.


(Page 18)

November 4, 1842

Tribute of Respect for CALVIN HENDERSON, attorney, who had died recently in New Orleans; by members of the Jackson Bar and officers of the courts dated October 28.


June 13, 1845

An ADCOCK family, one man, two young women and two children, were ambushed and killed in Tippah Co., Miss. recently; two small blacks were spared; murderer apprehended (no name given) in Madison County and jailed.


October 29, 1847

WILLIAM N. STANTON, editor of the Memphis APPEAL died Memphis, Tenn. Oct. 21 in the prime of life.


March 9, 1849

Obit for Mrs. SUSAN A. w/o Dr. Alexander JACKSON, died March 1, aged about 32. D/o Maj. James Freeman. Born Bertie Co., N. C. Episcopalian.

Miss MARY JANE HAYS d/o Gen. Samuel J. HAYS died Columbia, Tenn., Feb. 17, a student at the Columbia Female Institute.


May 4, 1849

MICONAPY, Cherokee Indian chief, died Ft. Fulton, a "large, fleshy man."

WILLIAM WILLIS was killed in Independence, Henderson Co., Tenn. February 1847 by John M. Riley who was to be hanged for this crime, one mile south of Jackson, June 8. /June 15 issue contains account of this execution, June 8/

M. SOLOMON WHITLOW died Madison Co., Tenn. April 28, aged 21; had served in Haskell's regiment at Cerro Gordo, Mexico /April 1847/.

Resolutions of Respect for PLEASANT M. /Moorman/ MILLER, died Gibson Co., Tenn., April 26. Native of Virginia; moved to Tenn. in 1796; settled at Rogersville, Tenn. and about 1800 to Knoxville and in 1824 to West Tennessee. Member of Congress. By Bar of West Tennessee, April 28, 1849.


May 25, 1849

DONNA AUGUSTINE FERRAND/Mexican lady, died last January; had shown kindness to U.S. soldiers who had been prisoners in Mexican War.


June 1, 1849

Major-General W. H. WORTH died of cholera, San Antonio, Texas, May 7; had an admirable war record, Mexican War.

Obit for Dr. ABRAM N. COLLINS s/o Maj. E. T. Collins of Randolph, Tenn. died May 2.


June 15, 1849

Mrs. SARAH L. w/o William G. COCKRILL died Jackson June 14.


June 22, 1849

Former president, JAMES K. POLK died Nashville, Tenn., June 15.

Tribute of Respect for him by Clinton Masonic Lodge 9, June 23, 1849; also another such tribute by Jackson Masonic Lodge 45 June 22, 1849.


June 29, 1849

ETIENNE MAZUREAN died New Orleans May 25. Native of Rochelle, France; came to the United States in 1804.


August 3, 1849

Tribute of Respect for Dr. H. P. ROBERTS who died recently, by/from "Division Room, Brownsville, Tenn. July 27, 1849".


August 24, 1849

JOHN PATTON, aged 75, native of Ireland, died near Dent, Ohio, July 29; a participant in Irish Rebellion of 1789.


(Page 19)

August 24, 1849

Dr. JOHN L. McNAIRY died Nashville, Tenn. August 18.


August 31, 1849

FANNY WHITFIELD, youngest daughter of J. P. COLLINS died Jackson August 26.

ADAM HUNTSMAN, "aged and distinguished citizen" died near Jackson Aug. 23. Tribute of Respect for Huntsman who died Aug. 23. Native of Va.; attorney; member of Congress as well as member of state Senate in the past; member of the Constitutional Convention, Tennessee, 1834. By Jackson Bar, August 27.


September 7, 1849

Poem written by Dr. David J. Newbern in memory of TOBY, little son of Capt. P. J. and Milla SWINK who died near Medon Aug. 23 from wound received when he was gored by a cow; dated August 24.


September 14, 1849

WILLIAM P. MAXEY died Davidson County. Tennessee.

Tribute of Respect for SELDEN BETTS who died recently; by Sons of Temperance Monterey Division 134; no date.


September 28, 1849

MILTON JOHNSON died Madison Co., Tenn. September 17, aged 35.

Hon. EDWARD J. BLACK died Scriven Co., Alabama.

Hon. A. NEWMAN died from cholera, Wheeling, Va. Sept. 8; member-elect to Congress


October 12, 1849

LUA ANN inf/d John M. and Caroline K. PARKER died Jackson Oct. 12, 20 months and 4 days old.


November 23, 1849

Rev. OBEDIAH E. RAFORD died Shelbyville, Tenn. Nov. 2; member of Methodist Tenn. Conference.

Mrs. MARTHA J. w/o Dr. Shadrach NYE died Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 15.


December 7, 1849

Mrs. JANE w/o JOHN W. CAMPBELL died Jackson, December 2.

JOHN LYNCH died Jackson, residence of Samuel Lancaster, Dec. 5, aged 40. He was s/o Capt. John Lynch and came to Madison Co. in 1822 from Campbell Co., Va. Chronic diarrhea.


March 6, 1851

MARTHA d/o Dr. Alex JACKSON died March 5, aged about 4 years.


April 7, 1853

Dr. JOHN INGRAM died Estanaula April 6.


July 14, 1853

CHARLES A. BOND died Madison Co., Tenn. July 10; late of Williamson Co., Tenn.


March 9, 1854

Mrs. ANN E. M. LOVELACE died Haywood Co., Tenn. November 24, 1853. Born Bedford Co., Va. May 3, 1816. Baptist.

Mrs. MARY G. w/o V. S. VANN died Madison Co., Tenn. March 2 in 52nd year.


March 13, 1857

JOHN GREEN, youngest son of Rev. A. W. JONES died Denmark, Tenn. March 6, aged

3 years, 7 months. "Little Johnny" had died in residence of Dr. James G. Womack in Denmark.


April 10, 1857

FRANCIS MERIWETHER died near Denmark, Tenn. March 31, 1857 aged 63 years.

Mrs. SARAH. GHOLSON of Jackson died Brownsville, Tenn. May 31, aged 68. Interment, Jackson.


(Page 20)

April 10, 1857

Obit for A. T. RAINY, died Gibson Co., Tenn. May 20 in 23rd year.



June 20, 1857

SAMUEL NAILL died April 10; student at Jackson Academy, from Brownsville, Tennessee.

Mrs. SUSAN w/o John F. NEWSOM died Jackson May 29 "in the spring time of life"



Jan. 8, 1858

JOHN C. WILROY died Memphis, Tenn. Dec. 30, 1857, aged 45; formerly of Va.


March 26, 1858

WILLIS s/o Dr. William YANDELL killed accidentally, by himself in Miss. March 22.

Gen. CEYLON B. FRAZER died Memphis, Tenn. March 21, aged 35.

ARAMINTA VANN d/o James H. and Caroline C. BOON died near Cotton Grove in Madison Co., Tenn. March 15, aged 19 months, 1 day.


May 7, 1858

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM S. GILLASPIE, died Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 19, aged 17 at home of uncle, L. H. Gillaspie; only child of John D. and L. H. Gillaspie. Born San Augustine, Texas July 17, 1840 but resident of McNairy Co., Tenn. when he died. By Sons of Temperance, Denmark Division.


Jan. 27, 1860

Mrs. ELEANOR w/o Capt. WILLIAM ARNOLD died Rutherford Co., Tenn. January 9.

Mrs. MARY w/o LEWIS M. GRIGG died Rutherford Co., Tenn. January 10.

ROGER B. MAYES, merchant, died Columbia, Tennessee January 14.

GOVERNOR BLACKSNAKE, "old Indian," died Cattaraugus Co. N. Y. Dec. 26, aged 123 years. General George Washington had presented him with a silver medal for services rendered during the American Revolution.


June 15, 1860

Mrs. MARY --- (Page torn)

Mrs. CATHARINE --- (Page torn), aged about 35.

JANE TRAVIS (?) (Page torn), died April 1860.

WILLIAM P. MILES died near Murfreesboro, Tenn. May 31 in 31st year.

WILLIAM GILLIAM died June 7; young man.


October 25, 1860

ARABELLA w/o W. J. SYKES died near Denmark, Tenn., in 32nd year.

ELIZABETH w/o William McKNIGHT of Dyer Co., Tenn. died Memphis Oct. 17; oldest daughter of James McClanahan, Jackson, aged about 28 years.

ANN ELIZA LANCASTER inf/d of Thomas A. COCK died Madison Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, aged 11 months, 6 days.

EDMUND C. LUCAS died Lebanon, Tenn. Oct. 13, aged 29.

Mrs. SUSAN LUKE died Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 15 aged 73.

E. J. KREIDER died Nashville. Tenn. Oct. l4.

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o Dr. C. WILSON died Clarksburg, Tenn. Oct. 11 in 37th year.

DANIEL CARROLL died Carroll Co., Tenn. Oct 8, aged 50.

Mrs. SARAH J. RAWLINGS died Chelsea near Memphis Oct. 17, formerly of Jackson.

Dr. H. K. ROBARDS died Memphis, Tenn. Oct. 14.

Mrs. MATTIE B. w/o H. B. LITCOMB, d/o Gen. G. W. Gordon died Columbia, Tenn. Oct. 17.

NANNIE inf/d Samuel H. and M. A. SWAN died Nashville Oct. 23, aged 16 months.


(Page 21)

Feb. 29, 1861

T. N. HOLLINGSWORTH died on steamer enroute to Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 22, late mayor of Nashville.

Obit for JOHN TIDWELL, died Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 20. Born S.C. 1785; to Madison Co., 1822. Methodist.

Tribute of Respect for A. M. HENDERSON, who died recently; by Union Masonic Lodge 140, Mifflin, Tenn. January 24, 1861.


March 8, 1861

WILLIAM SCOTT inf/s THOMAS MURRELL died Jackson March 2, aged two months.

Mrs. VIRGINIA A. w/o JOSEPH B. FREEMAN died Jackson March 6; d/o James Caruthers.

Mrs. ELIZABETH w/o Robert W. ATKINSON died Crockett Station, Tenn. Feb. 20, aged about 37.

Miss VANDELIA CARTER died Obion Co., Tenn. Feb. 27.

Mrs. JOHN L. GRAY died Obion Co., Tenn. Feb. 26.


March 29, 1861

PETER H. WOODS died Carroll Co., Tenn. March 18, aged 33.

THOMAS RHODES s/o Dr. William Rhodes died Somerville, Tenn. March 18, about 20 years old.

ROBERT WALKER died Fayette Co., Tenn. March 15.


May 17, 1861

JOHN MARS s/o William J. and Louisa A. THOMAS died near Mt. Pinson, Madison Co. Tenn., May 4, aged about 2 months.


June 21, 1861

Mrs. ANN w/o Dr. ROBERT FENNER died Jackson June 12 in 49th year. Episcopalian.


July 19, 1861

Col. WILLIAM McCUTCHEN of Camden, Tenn. died Dresden, Tenn. July 16, aged 68. Born in Va. but came with father, John McCutchen to Davidson Co. when young; fought in battle of New Orleans, Jan. 8, 1815.


August 20, 1861

W. P. s/o W. W. BOYKIN died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug. 23; in Col. Stephen's regiment; had been home a few days when died. /Co. G, 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg./

M. W. s/o John P. THOMAS died Madison Co., Tenn. Aug 26; Confederate soldier; had been home a few days when died./Co D, 6 Tenn. Inf. Reg./


September 6, 1861

W. B. DICKINSON, JR. died Sikeston, Missouri Aug. 21. Interment/Memphis, Tenn.

WILLIAM C. SEWELL died Louisiana Aug. 24 aged about 40 yrs. S/o James Sewell.


November 22, 1861

Mrs. E. D. w/o James MURRELL, d/o Rev. A. H. Dasheill died Jackson November 19.

LILLIA DALE d/o Dr. S. R. and Adeline RICHARDSON died Oct 6, aged 4 years, 2months, 6 days.

JOHN B. WILLIAMS died Madison Co., Tenn. November 16, aged 30 years.

ANNIE LYNCH d/o Edwin and Susan B. LANCASTER died Nov. 8. Born Apr. 2, 1855.


April 25, 1862

Obit for SAMUEL A. SAYLE who was killed at battle of Shiloh, April 6; captain of Co. I, 27 Tenn. Inf. Regiment, CSA.

Lt. I. M. JACKSON died from wounds at battle of Shiloh, April 8; tended by his brother, Dr. La Fayette Jackson. Born Halifax Co., Virginia.


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April 25, 1862

Killed at battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 13 Tenn. Inf. Regiment:
Co. A: Lt. C. D. WHITMORE. C. M. M---.

Numerous other soldiers were listed as "mortally wounded. "

The Dead of 47 Tenn. Inf. Regiment, April 7: W. G. COOL, BAILEY STRINGER, N. M. JOHNSON, J. W. PIERCE, G. W. SPENSER.

In common with others our own community has been made to feel the . . . loss of several of our most promising youth. They fell on the battlefield of Shiloh (April 6-7) . . . Let us revere their memories and in after years let the names of JOSEPH FREEMAN, ISAAC JACKSON, JOHN CAMPBELL, THOMAS McCORRY, JAMES HADAWAY and AUGUSTUS EPPINGER be mentioned to our children to inspire them with courage and patriotism."


March 28, 1862

List of Tennesseans, Confederate prisoners of war who died in St. Louis, Mo:

Feb. 23, WILLIAM SPICE, Co. H, 18 Reg.
Feb. 24, A. ROGERS, Co. C, 10 Reg.; M. DIVINE, Co. C, 10 Reg.
Feb. 25, M. GAMBLE, Co. B, 42 Reg.; R. M. WILLIAMS, Co. I, 3 Reg.
Feb. 26, C. A. YARBOROUGH, Co -, 50 Reg.; R. C. McCULLEN, Co. G, 3 Reg.
Feb. 27, H. H. MOORE, 4 Reg .; J . H. YORK, 4 Reg .; B. PHILLIPS, 23 Reg.; F . G . DUNKEN, Co. D, 5 Reg.; J. H. TATE, Gault's Cavalry; Lt. --ALLEN.
Mar. 1, N. B. JOHNSON, Co. H, 32 Reg.; LEVI SHARP, Holman's Co., 42 Reg.


October 21, 1865

In Memory of SALLIE BET CONGER who died in Madison County, Tenn.


October 28, 1865

Obit for THOMAS W. GAMEWELL, died Jackson, Oct. 6, in 47th year.

Miss MARY H. d/o R. A. PARKER of Memphis, died St. Louis, Sept. 20 aged 27.

JEREMIAH CROOK died Henderson Co., Tenn. Oct. 22 in 74th year.

H. C. MAGRUDER was executed Oct. 27, Louisville, Ky. for crimes committed by him as a guerilla.


June 16, 1866

Obit for Miss MINERVA JUSTICE, died Jackson.


Jan. 19, 1867

THOMAS D. TARVER. died Memphis, Tenn. June 13. Born Northampton Co., N.C. Dec. 11, 1806; to Wilson Co., Tenn.; married dau/o Maj. George Hallum. He was a Denmark, Tenn. merchant; first wife died and he married Miss Edmondson; moved to Memphis about a year ago as part of firm there, Tarver, Boyd & Company. Interment, Denmark, Tennessee.


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