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Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, pp. 23, 27-29, 33
Vol. VII, No. 4, October 1975, pp. 24-25
Vol. IX, No. 1, April 1977, pp. 33-37
Copyright, Mid West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1975, 1977
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The following abstracts from a Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee, newspaper the Southern Statesman were submitted by Mrs. L. R. Mitchell, 72 Woodhaven Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 38301, who transcribed same from microfilm.


Saturday, January 12, 1833

Married on Thursday the 3rd inst. by the Rev. David O. Shattuck EDMUND RICHMOND Esq. of Brownsville, to Mrs. JUDETH P. NELSON of 1{ayvood Co. and formerly of the neighborhood of Richmond Virginia. On the 1st Inst. by Dr. Robert Fenner Mr. JAMES HUGHES to Miss MARGARET PARRUM all of Jackson. On the 27th Inst. by the Rev. Edmund P. Jones Mr. JOHN W. GUTHRIE to Miss DOLLY PREWET all of Jackson.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Purdy on the first day of January 1833.

Abedaago Baze
Jas Blackwell
Geo Clapham
Jeremiah H. Cloud
Ezekiel Farmer
Robt Forsyth
James Gehagan
Levina Hutson
Howell Hutson
Benjamin Jones
William Lassley
David M'Guire
M. W. Mathews
Joseph Plunk
Sam'l N. Pryor
Sam'l W. Ramsey
John Strain
Geo Turney (2)
James Wilson
James Warren

Mary E. Arnett (3)
Joshua Brunson
Presley Christian
Baswell Deaton (2)
William Frost
John Gillchrist
Berry Gillespie
Eli Harrell
Isaac Huckaby (2)
Urban Julio
John Lumpkin
Charles Metcalf
James Northington
William Prince
Sam'l A. Reed
Wm. Runnells
Linsey Saunders
Jerem. Turnbough
John Woods
Andr S. Young (2)

Jas & Wm Brack (2)
Maclin Cross
William Cowan
James Elliott
Golden Fields
John C. Goodner
Job Hale
Wm. Hodges
Isham Jackson
B. J. Jeffries
Robert Moore
James Morrow
Lewis Outlaw
Solomon Priest
George Rankin
John Sprinkle
David Skillman
Edward Tatcham
James Waldrop

J. T. BURTWELL, P. M.            

CORPORATION OF JACKSON: Commissioners met Dec. 10, 1832, and elected the following

Stephen Sypert, Chairman
James H. McKnight, Treasurer
Committee on Finance,
        W. Duncan
        Garrard Young
        T. G. Norvell
Attorney for Corporation, Col. John Read

B. P. Seawell, Secretary
M. E. D_______, Constable
Committee on Streets,
        Joseph S. Douglass
        James H. McKnight
        Benj. P. Seawell

SEASON OF WHISKERS. It is worthy of remark that when cold weather approaches and all other vegetables begin to fade, whiskers sprout up & flourist with the utmost vigour. Many a face, which in summer appeared as barren as the deserts of Arabia, is now covered with a most luxuriant crop. Every thing in its proper season cowslips in the spring, cucumbers in summer, cantelopes in autumn, and whiskers in winter.

TRENTON ACADEMY. The exercises of this institution will commence under the superintendence of the subscriber, on the 1st Monday in January next. The Tuition Rates per term of five and a half months, will be as follows:
Reading, Writing and Arithmatic, $6.00
Grammar and Geography, $8.00
History, Logic, Rhetoric, Philosophy, Mathematics, & the Latin Language, $12.00
The subscriber, occupying the large house formerly owned by Dr. HUBBARD, can accommodate boarders at forty five dollars per term.

EDW'D A. HARVEY, Rector Nov. 10, 1832


Saturday, January 23, 1833

J. K. & D. J. WELLS,
            Having located themselves in the town of Bolivar, respectfully offer their services to the citizens of the town and the public generally, as SILVER SMITHS, and hope, by strict attention to business, to merit a share of public patronage. They will repair CLOCKS & WATCHES, in the neatest manner, and promise that their charges shall be moderate.


Saturday, February 23, 1833

Married in this County, on Wednesday the 13th inst. Mr. ALBERT G. M'CLELLAN to Miss ELIZA RANDOLPH, formerly of Pitt County, N.C. In Fayette County, on the inst. Mr. HENRY SMITH, of Newbern, N.C. to Miss CAROLINE HATCH. On the 14th inst. by the Rev. John Chilton, Mr. GEORGE M. SMITH of Somerville to Miss ELIZABETH HATCH.


Saturday, March 2, 1833

Married in this county on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Edmund Jones, Mr. RICHARD PETERS to Miss ENELINE W. LANE. In Carroll county on Thursday evening last, Mr. WM. C. REDDITT to Miss SUSAN S. REDDITT, daughter of David Redditt.


Saturday, March 9, 1833

MASONIC FUNERAL. The Funeral of the late Elder ELIJAH CROSS, will be preached in Denmark, on Friday the 5th day of April next. Companions of Washington Chapter, No. 5, and brethren of the Jackson, Brownsville, and Bolivar Lodges, and all transient brethren, in good standing, are respectfully invited to attend. By order, J. R. MeCARROLL, Secr. of Union Lodge, No. 69.

Died Some eight or ten days since of the Cholera, at Vicksburg, Capt. WH. DENT, a respectable citizen of this county.

ALL PERSONS are hereby forewarned from crediting my wife MARTHA TAYLOR in anticipation of payment from me, as I am determined not to pay any debts contracted by her. PATRICK N. TAYLOR.

NOTICE. I forewarn all persons from trading or dealing with my wife ELIZABETH as I am determined not to pay any of her contracts. JOHN CREWS, Hardeman County.


Saturday, March 16, 1833

Married in Tipton County, on the 27th ult. by the Rev. Dr. Chapman, A. H. WHITE Esq. of Covington, to Miss MATILDA BROWN. In Gibson County, on the 7th inst. by the Rev. A. M. Williams, Mr. HUGH D. NEILSON, merchant of Trenton, to Miss ALY JONES, daughter of Capt. Thomas Jones.

Died in Carroll County, Mr. DAVID MARSHALL, a respectable citizen formerly of Wilson County, leaving a large family. In Shelby County, Mrs. MARY DUNN, aged fifty-five years, consort of Major DAVID DUNN. At Charlotte, in Dickson County, where he was presiding as Judge of the Circuit Court, the Hon. JOHN C. HAMILTON, Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit.

NEW POST OFFICE. A Post office has been established at Lancaster's Mills, ten miles north of Jackson, called Annsville, and JAMES B. CONGER, appointed Post Master. The mail departs from this place every Monday morning. Letters intended for this office should be sent via Jackson.


Saturday, March 23, 1833

Married in this county on Thursday evening the 14th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Sloan, Mr. THOMAS LANCASTER to Miss JULIA ANN TOMLINSON.


Saturday, March 30, 1833

Died on the evening of the 14th inst. in Bolivar, Mrs. MARGARET McKEAN, consort of JOHN McKEAN Esq.


Saturday, April 27, 1833

Married in this county on Thursday last, Mr. ALLEN J. HOLLIDAY, of Denmark, to Miss NANCY D. BLAIR.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Cherryville on the 1st day of April 1833.

Col. Joshua Abston
Andrew Berry
Cornelius Buck
Sam'l Conyers
Jeddediah Cusic
J. F. Felts Esq
Adam Hawkins
H. & Henry Horn
Littleton Joiner Esq
James Montgomery
Franklin Moye
David Nunn
S. B. C. Porter
Bird B. Smith
Dr. J. H. Taylor
David Whitaker
Levi Wooten
Capt. Williams
P. M. Quincey

Wm. H. Anthony
James Booth
T. W. Claybrook
James Curtis
Mary B. Davis
Joseph Fuque
Dr. J. Hawkins
Dr. G. Y. Holeman
R. Jackson
Alexander Marr
Azariah Mabeio
John Nunri
Alexander Henry
William Shearin
W. F. Twedy
Francis M. Wood
Wm. Wooten
Capt. C. White

William Boline
Stephen Booth
Mather Clanton
Harris Cobler
Christopher F. Felts
Thomas Ferguson
Charles Howard
Isaac M. Johnson' Esq.
Maj. McFarland
Benj F. May
Francis Nunn
Henry A. Powell
John N. Stewart
Tho's Thweate Esq
T. D. Thompson
Capt. John Wallpool
Edward Williams
Pugh Wyatt

DAN'L. CHERRY, P. M.                     


Saturday, May 4. 1833

NOTICE, My wife, SUSAN T. PARKER, has left my bed and board without any just cause; and I hereby forewarn all persons from trading with her on my account, as I will not be responsible for any of her contracts. ISAAC PARKER. Spring Mount.


Saturday, May 18, 1833

Married on Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. Doctor Campbell, Mr. LAWRENCE S. MASON to Miss SARAN G. HYDE, daughter of Major JOHN H. HYDE, all of this town.

CHOLERA. Several cases of this disease have recently occurred about six or seven miles below Harrisburg, Haywood County. A couple of young men by the names of STRANGE and HENDERSON were the first subjects of attack.


Saturday, May 25, 1833

Married in this county on Thursday evening the 16th inst. by the Rev. John Sommers, Mr. DAWSON D. BENNETT to Miss NANCY MAY, all of Spring Creek.

Died in Trenton, Mr. DANIEL CULP, Merchant of that place.



Saturday, June 1, 1833

ESTRAYS-HARDEMAN COUNTY. Taken up by SYLVANIA ADAMS, living on the east prong of Spring creek near Cock's Mill, one small mare, April 13th; By G. B. CARTER, two miles west of Bolivar, one filley, April 15th; By SAMPSON CARSSEE, near south east corner of the county, one brown colt, April 17th; By THOMAS NEWLAND, 4 miles west of Bolivar, one bay poney, May 3d. R. P. NEELY, D. R.

ESTRAY-HARDIN COUNTY. Taken up by WILLIS BRUMLY six miles west of Savannah, one sorrel filley, May 8th. J. N. BAKER, Ranger.

TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. The following were chosen Officers of the Madison County Temperance Society, on the 4th ult. for the ensuing twelve months:


Executive Committee



JACKSON GUARDS On Saturday last, an election was held at the Court house for the election of new officers in this company. The following gentlemen were elected.

R. H. HIBBITTS, Captain
B. P. SEAWELL, 1st Lieut.
W. S. DYER, 2d Lieut.

DIED. Near Key Corner on the Forked Deer river, on the 23d ult. Mr. JAMES CARR of this place; At the residence of Col. John H. Walker Crittenden County, Ark., on the 18th ult. DAN'L. H. BARFIELD.

ESTRAY, Taken up by MARK RUSHING, two miles southeast of Liday's store, in Madison County, a Gray Mare. E. C. ESTES, D. R.



Saturday, June 8, 1833

FATAL ACCIDENT. We are informed that two young ladies were killed on Sunday last, 2d inst. in Haywood County, by the falling of a tree, on the house of Mr. JOSEPH HOPPER. One of them was the daughter of Mr. HOPPER, and the other Miss MARY CURTIS, daughter of Mr. GEORGE W. CURTIS of this county.

CHOLERA IN NASHVILLE, from the Banner & Whig.
            The following is a complete and faithful list of all the deaths by Cholera which have occurred since Monday, May 27th, when the epidemic commenced its last fatal ravages. The dates are those of the interments.
            Tuesday, May 28 Becky, a slave belonging to WM. S. CABELL, living with Dr. HOGG, aged 42.
            Wednesday, May 29th R. C. NEXTON, aged 19; Mrs. SUSANNAH HOOD, 37; George, slave of Mrs. MARR, 63; Harriet, slave of B. S. WELLER, 12; ROBERT DANIEL, 60.
            Thursday, 30th Mrs. SARAH ARMSTRONG, 76; MINERVA ATKINS, 7; ZACHARIAH TATE, 53; Mrs. ANN TATE, 22; Jenny, slave of JESSE COLLINS, 45; Toney, slave of Mrs. PORTER, 35.
            Friday, 31st ROBERT DIFFEY, 2; negro child slave of JO_ WOODS; Letitia, slave of Dr. LINDSLEY, 25; slave of JAMES A. PORTER.
            Saturday, June 1 JOSIAH NICHOL, 61; ANDERSON HOOSER; Mrs. MARGARET TAPPER, 64; MINERVA DYER, 12; Moses slave of the corporation; George, slave of Mrs. PRYOR; Ellen, slave of Mr. McGOWEN.
            Sunday, June 2 CHARLES CUTLER, 23; black boy, 1 year old, slave of Mrs. REED; child of Mrs. LANE, 3 years old, grave dug on Saturday; Henny, slave of Mr. ANTHONY, 36.
            Monday, June 3 Mingo, slave of MOSES WRIGHT, 33; POLLY O'BRIEN, 29; Tom, slave of Dr. Wells.

DIED of the prevailing epidemic, in Dickson county, on Friday the 31st ult. in the 49th year of his age, Maj. JOHN B. HOGG, of Trenton.


Saturday, June 29, 1833

ESTRAYS, HAYWOOD COUNTY. Taken up by SAMUEL A. TAYLOR, living north of Brownsville, one sorrell mare, May 10, 1833; by JOLY BINGRAM, one mile west of Estanaula and north of Hatchie, one black mare, May 23; by JOHN T. SEVIER in Brownsville, one sorrel mare, May 11 by EPHR&IM WILSON, living one and half miles west of Estanaula, north of Hatchie, one bay mare, May 25. M. H. BRADFORD, D. R.

MARRIED on Thursday evening last Mr. H. P. DORRIS to Miss SARAH SHROPSHIRE, all of this place.

DIED in this county on Thursday last Mrs. GARRISON, consort of Mr. JOHN GARRISON.


Saturday, July 13, 1833

DIED at Lexington, Henderson County, on the 27th ult. Mrs. SARAH WILSON, aged about 66 years.

DIED at his residence near Florence, Ala. on the 7th inst. Gen. JOHN COFFEE, a distinguished officer of the late war.


Saturday, July 20, 1833

MARRIED in Haywood County on Monday evening last, the Rev. JOHN ____TON of this place to Mrs. REBECCA SH__PARD.


Saturday, July 27, 1833

A list of letters remaining in the Post Office at Covington, which if not taken out by the first October, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.

Adams, W. H.
Brown, Susan
Booker, Edward
Chapman, Eveline
Cockran, Joshua
Dunham, Dan'l. A.
Edney, John D.
Edeister, Jas. W.
Green, John A.
Hale, Joseph G. 2
Holland, Nudham
Harris, Eleazer
Jackson, Thoderick
Luper, Hugh or
    Lyme, Henry
Marcum, John
McDoland, John
O'Bryan, Mrs. Barsha
Pipkin, Stewart
Prime, John
Richards, Wm.
Smith, Thomas B.
Sullivan, Jacob Rev.
Starr, John K.
Taylor, Kinchen
Tanner, David
Watson, Samuel
Walden, James

Alston, Mrs. F. D.
Bauswell, John 2
Booker, Mr.
Collier, Joseph T. 2
Chrishman, Isaac
Dillard, Joel
Edney, Mrs. Sarah
Edwards, Mrs. Eliza
Geldstroff, Mrs. E.
Holshouser, Michael
Hodge, Samuel
Hughlet, Robert
Kenneday, Elias W. 2
George, Patton
McDonald, Amos
Mallet, David A.
Nash, Fiveas
Osborn, Robert M.
Parker, Thomas
Right, Robinson
Ross, Daniel
Smith, Grey
Southerland, Merri___
Shaw, Peyton R.
Taylor, Skelton D.
Turley, Johnson
Wilson, John

Alexander, Sam'l
Bobbitt, Urick
Boon, Robert
Calmes, M. 2
Campbell, A. & Wm.
Davis, Alex H.
Eider, Jeremiah
Edwards, Wm. A.
Hamilton, Samuel
Hester, Ralph G.
Hightower, R. R. 3
Jones, John W.
King, Hargess
Lacy, Isaac
Mosely, Mary D.
McCarroll, John
Nix, Miriam
Pinson, J. J.
Pewit, Thomas
Robinson, Wm.
Sheriff of Tipton County 3
Scurry, R. Esq.
Sanders, William
Stevens, Lovit
Tipton, Pleasant A.
Teague, Moses
Womack, H. H.

July 1



A list of letters, remaining in the Post Office at Trenton on the 1st of July.

Allison, Henry
Brewer, Doctor
Baker, William
Babb, Mancel
Bruce, Wm. Rev.
Brunson, Harvey P.
Becktoo, Martha L.
Cook, James
Chresp, John
Crocket, David Col.
Dollar, James
Dunegan, John
Evans, John W.
Edrnond, Mark
Fowler, Samuel
Fletcher, Thomas
Gilman, Harris
Henes, Solomon
Henry, John
Hopkins, Mr. Isaac
Hatch, George C.
Hillard, Johnson
Haley, Sterling
Jelks, John
James, Archibald
Kelley, Thomas
Kelton, William
Love, Easter
Mayfield, Moses
Miller, Caswell
Mansfield, Reuben
McMahan, Elijah
Nettles, Harvey
Prewett, John
Prim, Robert
Ragan, Bennet 2
Rames, John H.
Spright, Thomas
Stewart, William
Shepard, Samuel
Smith, John
Speer, David
Thompson, Julius P.
Turner, Margaret
Wright, William
Wilder, Mickel
White, Joseph
Wade, W. S.

Armsbrong, Ezekiel
Braddus & Co.
Brewer, Dr. James
Barbee, Reuben
Brewer, Mrs. N. B.
Beckton, Paterson M.
Crocket, John W.
Cannon, Jessee
Carrington, Addison
Dekson, James
Davidson, William R.
Elder, William
Edwards, Thomas
Flowers, Henry
Fisher, Mrs. Rady
Green, John
Henning, Lewis
Hassel, John P.
Huchinson, Coleman
Hodges, William
Hogwood, Thomas
Holmes, Dr. Henry
Harber, Mrs. Jane
James, Tevin
Irwin, William
King, Augustus
Lightfoot, Mrs. E.
Moore, J. W. 3
Mathews, W. T.
Murry & Kuykendol
MoKown, Wormford
Nettles, Sarah Ermiss
Odell, James
Parker, James
Patton, Robert
Rader, John
Ross, M.
Shaw, Zackariah
Shoemaker, Thomas
Shelton, William
Sanders, John
Sipson, Benjamin W.
Trustey, William
Vaughn; Williamson
Williams, Thomas L.
Williams, Mr.
Wiggens, Thomas
Walker, Willie R.

Andrew, James
Bailey, Jonathan
Blalock, Allen
Barbee, Reuben
Brunson, Lenard E.
Beazley, W. B.
Carmaker, John
Casslin, Samuel
Cole, Nelson
Dear, James
Dyer, Joel H.
Edmonson, John
Ely, Abner
Flagler, J. W. A. 2
Fleming, Wm. O. 2
Geary, Mark
Hillerman, L. D.
Hamilton, Mr. A.
Hess, Mrs. Margaret
Harrison, Thomas
Hawkins, Paulena A.
Heath, Richard
Henderson, Polly
Johnson, J. D.
Keng, Thomas
Killingsworth, W. B. 2
Latta, Harry
Mires, David
McBride, James 2
McEeller, Judson I.
McLary, James
Nettles, Hezekiah
Oaks, Narton
Pope, Mathew 2
Quemly, Caswell
Right, Shaduck
Sanford, John
Simmons, Thomas
Spain, Tyman D.
Singleton, John
Smith, Charles
Staton, Harvey
Tatum, Susan D.
Vickus, James
Williford, Delila
Williams, Thomas
Wilkins, Nancy Mrs.
Yates, Chesley




SHERIFF'S SALE. Offered for sale in Haywood County, 1660 acres of land, lying in 10th district, 5th range, 8th & 9th section, on waters of Forked Deer River, adjoining lands of heirs of Joseph Branch, all the right, title, claim and interest that RICHARD NIXON had in his life time and which descended to RICHARD W. NIXON, THOMAS S. NIXON, JONATHAN NIXON, ELIZA PERKINS and JOHN P. PERKINS, heirs and of the said Eliza, JOHN NIXON, WILLIAM , JAMES NIXON and JANE NIXON, heirs of RICHARD NIXON, deceased. 7 September 1833.

DIED at Satartia, Yazoo county Mi. on the 11th June last, WM. S. JONES, of this county, son of WM. JONES, of Poplar Corner.

TAKEN up by SAMUEL B. TIGAT, living 12 miles west of Jackson, on the Brownsville Road, one bay mare, July 20th l833. By ANDREW CAIN, near Mount Pinson, a chesnut colored horse, also by B. LOFTON, living 7 miles south of Jackson, a bay horse colt, June 20th, 1833.

On Tuesday, the 23rd inst., Harriet, slave of JAMES H. SHEPPERD, JR., aged about 13 years, was convicted of the murder, by drowning, of a son of ALEXANDER McKENZIE, Esq., of Hardeman county; she was sentenced to be hung on the 23rd of August. The boy deceased, was aged about 5 years, and was drowned in a common flour barrel fixed in a spring near the residence of his father.


The last Shelbyville paper furnished the following authentic list of deaths in that place by Cholera since July 16th, 1833.

Mrs. J. G. Whitney
Mrs. John Mitchell
Peter Morgan
Mrs. George Davidson
Joseph Brittain
Dr. Abner Gaither
S. Y. Gready
William Lowe
James Ward
Mrs. M. A. Watkins
Daniel Turrentine
John A. Marrs
James Davidson
Mrs. C. Shanks
Giles Barditt
Mrs. J. Marshall
Mrs. W. B. Sutton
John Briggs
R. Weldon

Mrs. Edward Wade
N. E. Coldwell
Robert Waite
James Brittain
Mrs. John Miller
Peter Donnelly
Miss Saphronia Waite
Theo R. Anderson
T. F. Ashburn
Miss A. Monrow
Peter Chilcut
Mrs. Marrs
James Ward
Mrs. D. Dwyer
Mrs. T. G. Flint
James Travis
Mrs. J. B. Snodgrass
John M. Cannon
Mrs. G. Burditt

Mrs. K. Anderson
Dr. A. B. Morton
Joseph B. Mason
Mrs. Brittain
Anderson Vannoy
Mrs. Hugh Wardlow
Charles Shanks Sen.
Thomas C. Moore
Mrs. R. M'Clintock
Mrs. S. Winters
John Miller
John A. Marrs jun.
Mrs. B. Shepard
Mrs. J. Tompson
Mrs. Sol Dews
John Sims
Mrs. Jones
Levin Marshall
William Wallis

John Bradford jr.
Three children of G. W. Ruth
Sophronia, daughter of John Mitchell
Narcissa, dau. of W. Moore, dec'd.
John, son of Jeremiah Cunningham
John, son of John H. Anderson
Infant of William Brown
Infant child of William Galbreath

Infant child of John T. Shanks
Eleanor, daughter of P. Brooks
Lucinda, daughter of Richard Davis
Infant daughter of John Marshall
Infant son of Thomas Willingham
Infant dau. of Thomas Willingham
Amanda, dau. of Hugh Wardlow
Infant dau. of L. A. Boyd

The following are the blacks that have died, viz:

Creasy, belonging to S. Thompson
Zilphy, woman of Mrs. M'Clintock
Sally, belonging to John Eakin
Charity, servant of J. A. Marrs
James negro of W. Galbreath
Jasper, negro of Daniel M'Kisick
Matilda, woman of W. B. Sutton
Catherine, girl of R. P. Harrison
Ann, negro of B. E. Jett
Negro boy of R. P. Harrison
Negro woman of Willis Cannon
Harkless, boy of J. A. Marrs
Matilda, woman of Col. R. Cannon
Saul, negro man of Moses Nelson
Vina, woman of James Brittain
Esther, negro of Mrs. Whitney
Woman belonging to G. Davidson.

Will, slave of Thomas Davis
Jack, boy of J. A. Marrs
Sally, negro of Dr. Lipscomb
Rhoda, servant of J. A. Marrs
Phil, negro of R. T. Cannon
Peggy, woman of John Eakin
Rachel, woman of R. P. Harrison
Milly, woman of Mrs. Turrentine
Benjamin, negro of P. Donnelly
Wyatt, negro of S. Thompson
Boy of R. P. Harrison
Linda, woman of R. T. Cannon
Flora, woman of Peacock's estate
Negro child of R. P. Harrison
Will, negro of T. Holland, sen.
Negro child of H. M. Watterson

Whites 75, Blacks 34, Total 109.


Saturday, August 3, 1833

TEMPERANCE CELEBRATION OF THE 4th JULY, on Spiting Creek in Madison County. The 53rd anniversary of our national Independence was celebrated at J. P. HAUGHTON'S, Esq. by the Spring Creek Temperance Society, joined by most of the neighbors. The exercises of the day commenced at 11 o'clock by prayer by the Rev. JORDAN LAMBERT, followed by the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Mr. JAMES B. WOOD. The audience was addressed by Maj. JAMES MERIWETHER. About three hundred persons partook of a bountiful dinner there were ninty-nine ladies that dined at the first table.

CHOLERA, Fayetteville, Tenn. July 25. The following is a list of deaths in that town from cholera.
Infant child of J. H. Wallace
A. D. Garvin
Mrs. Solomon Gullett
Child of B. H. Fletcher
Henry Moyars
Child of Robert S. Hulma
Child of J. B. Clernents
Cornelius Slater
Miss Nancy Kingsley
Robert Dickson
Two children of John Furmault
Tabby, slave of Dr. Hickman
Nelly, slave of M'Connell's estate
Jinsey Goodloe, wife of Jim, free
Jim Goodloe, free
Peggy Mayberry, free
Allen J. Kennedy, free
20 have died on Cane Creek near Petersburg, among them are Dr. J. B. Claiborn and Rev. Cumberland Wilson. Rosannah, aged 11 months, and Malvina, two years, only children of Littleberry L. and Julia Reece, died on head of Norris Creek.

DIED in Henderson County on the 30th of June, Mrs. SARAH W. JORDAN, consord of HENRY E. W. JORDAN; in Madison County on the 22d inst. ANN H. C. HICKS, daughter of ALLEN W. HICKS; in Lost Praire, Arkansas Territory, RUFUS K. GARLAND, formerly of Tipton County, Tennessee.

A list of letters remaining in the Post Office at Purdy on July 1st.

Adkins, Robert
Birkhead, Selina
Binion, Randle O.
Brittain, George W.
Cross, Maclin
Casey, Geo. W.
Deedham, Alfred
Foresythe, Josiah
Grooms, Isaac
Greenstreet, Joseph
House, Samuel or
    Prat, Barney
Isbell, Thomas
King, Jonathan
Long, F. K.
Moore, James F.
Miller, Austin
Mays, Alfonses
Nevills, Hezekiah
Pace, William
Roark, Elizabeth
Ryan, Wm. S.
Stephens, Elbert
Trimble, Charles
Turbyville, Wm.
Wood, Wm.
Watkins, Jesse
Wade, Leonard B.

Allen, James
Birkhead, Eleazar
Bobbitt, Anthony
Baley, Thomas
Christain, Presley 2
Castleberry, Odum
Evans, David
Gillham, Ezekiel
Griffen, Evan
Gill, Daniel
Hudson, Peter B.
Hicks, Bird
Koffman, Isaish
Lea, Mary
Larew, Stephen
Moore, Robt.
Marler, Reuben
Michie, James 2
Pickens, Hezekiah M.
Picket, Charles
Ramsey, Zibiah
Robins, Anderson
Shelton, John
Tippet, Erasmus
Thompson, Jesse
Wood, Jas. J. W.
Winn, Richard B.
Wilson, James Capt.

Black, John
Bigham, Hugh M. 2
Burke, James P.
Bryant, Abijah S.
Cates, Barzilla G.
Davis, Terriby
Foster, Jeremiah
Gahagen, Thomas
Green, William
Houston, David
Hickabee, Charles
Henderson, Wm.
King, Peter
Locke, Francis
Moore, George
Mallard, Mr.
McFarland, Hezikiah
Nevills, John 2
Page, Solomon
Reese, Hullum
Russel, Wm.
Sooter, Benjamin
Sewell, Elias B.
Terry, Willie B. 3
Threlkeld, John
Wooton, Van.




Saturday, August 10, 1833

MARRIED in Fayette County, on the 30th ult. Mr. J. B. CRAIGHEAD, to Miss PHEREBY WHYTE, dau. of Hon. R. WHYTE, all of Nashville; in Madison County on Tuesday last, by A. F. DRISKILL, Mr. JOHN B. ASHE of Haywood County, to Miss HELISSA JEFFERSON.

L. N. BRODIE, Surgeon Dentist, will reside in Jackson a few weeks and tenders to its citizens his services. Room at the Jackson Hotel.


Saturday, Ausgust 17, 1833

MARRIED on Sunday the 11th inst. in the town of Purdy, WM. S. WISDOM, Esq. to Miss JANE ANDERSON.

DIED, Mrs. WOODS, aged about 25 years, consort of Mr. JAMES B. WOODS, and daughter of Col. ABEL WILLIS, all of this county, on Thursday, the 15th inst., leaving several small children; on Tuesday last, in this county, REDDEN B. KING, of Kingston, age 27.


Saturday, August 24, 1833

CASUALTY. On Monday last the infant son of Maj. AUTRY, aged 15 months, fell into a tub of water and was drowned.

DIED in Nashville on the 13th inst. WILLIAM G. HUNT, Esq., editor of the National Banner; in Brownsville, on the 11th inst. JULIA TODD PARSONS, aged 3 years, daughter of Mr. BENJ. S. PARSONS.


Saturday, August 31, 1833

NOTICE. The subscribers qualified as Administrators of the estate of the late WILLIAM DENT, dec'd, at August term 1833, Madison County. JAB. S. LYON and M. DEBERRY.

MARRIED on 20th inst. in Tipton County Mr. ROBERT B. CIARKSON to Miss MARIA J. BOOKER, daughter of Mr. EDMUND BOOKER, Esq.

DIED in Tipton County on the 22nd inst. Mrs. BOON, widow late of Johnson County, N. Carolina.

HEAD QUARTERS, 3d Division. Jackson, August 30, 1833. The following compose the staff of the Third Division, each with rank of Colonel of Infantry, viz:

RUFUS P. NEELY, of Bolivar, Ass't Adj't. Gen.
ALEXANDER WOOLDRIGE, of Paris, Ass't Inspir. Gen.
THOMAS J. CARUTHERS, of Trenton, Ass't. Q. M. Gen.
WILLIAM DAVIS, of Somerville, and JARED S. ALLEN, of Perryville, Aids de Camp.

All officers and privates of said Division are required to obey theni as such. By order of the Major General, RUFUS P. NEELY.

FOR SALE, Washington Hotel in Bolivar. THOMAS JAMES.