By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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FOR THE 1824-1830 PERIOD

These data were taken by the present writer from the microfilm copies of the JACKSON GAZETTE, Madison County's second oldest newspaper. A relatively few of the original marriage bonds/licenses of Madison County for the earlier years of settlement survived until the 1930s at which time a project of the federal agency, through the local W.P.A. provided for the compilation of these records. The original marriage records have since disappeared. (In some of the other area counties such early marriage records have been destroyed, hence the enhanced value of marriage announcements published in contemporary newspapers.) These marriage lists were published in the FAMILY FINDINGS, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society's publication, volume one, number 2, April 1969, pages 9-12; ibid., number three, October 1969, pages 39-57. For those marriages announced in the JACKSON GAZETTE and solemnized in Madison County, if a marriage record survived to be copied into the W.P.A. compilation, an asterisk is placed after the announcement entry in this publication. Other information is also given parenthetically. The data from Nashville newspapers are from the NATIONAL BANNER and NASHVILLE WHIG which merged to form the NATIONAL BANNER AND NASHVILLE WHIG. Even so, afterwards the newspaper's name varied somewhat but it was one newspaper. This listing is a slight revision of one previously prepared by the present writer.


June 19, 1824

CLARISSA daughter of William POLK, Esq. married ANDREW TAYLOR, Esq., June 10; all of Hardeman Co., Tenn.


June 26, 1824

JANE daughter of Capt. James GREER of Paris, Tenn. married Colonel RICHARD PORTER, June 17.


July 10, 1824

MARY JOHNSON married ALSA PACE before the Reverend Green Hill, June 27; both were of Madison County.


September 25, 1824

DARTHULA O. daughter of Pleasant M. MILLER married Major ALEXANDER B. BRADFORD, Madison Co., in Knoxville, September 9.


October 16, 1824

MARY ROSE married Colonel JOHN MURRAY, October ll, Jackson.

Mrs. NANCY HOLT married JOHN REEDER, October 5, Madison County.

FRANCES daughter of Major Thomas McCORRY married JAMES CARUTHERS, Esq., Anderson Co., Tenn., September 16.


October 23, 1824

Mrs. ELIZABETH RICHMOND married ABRAHAM WHITE, Carroll Co., at home of Herndon Haralson, Madison County, October 21.


November 6, 1824

NANBY /Nancy?/ H. TORR, Davidson Co., Tenn. married THOMAS MARTIN of Pulaski, October 12.

LOUISA ANN WALTHALL, Christian Co., Ky. married Capt. RICHARD B. PHILLIPS, Clarksville, Tenn., October 26.


November 24, 1824

ANN V. daughter of Colonel Samuel DICKINS, Madison County, married ANDREW L. MARTIN, November 17.*

MARY T. daughter of Lawrence McGUIRE married Dr. WILLIAM DOUTHETT, Nov. 11.


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December 25, 1824

RACHEL, 20 year old daughter of George PERRY of Carroll Co., married Col. EDWARD GWIN, aged 75 years, December 15.

KEZIAH daughter of Major Charles SEVIER married JOHN ANDERSON, Dec. 22.


January 22, 1825

MARTHA BOYD married JOHN HARDWICK, January 18; both of Madison County.


January 29, 1825

ELENDER McCORKLE married SAMUEL CONNER, January 20; both of Madison County.


March 12, 1825

CHARLOTTE BRACKEN married Captain WATSON, Feb. 24; both of Paris, Tenn.

MEXICO daughter of the late Francis RICHARDSON, Carroll County, married ISAAC SEARCY, Henry Co., March 10.


March 19, 1825

Mrs. ELIZABETH VANCE, widow of Samuel Vance, Clarksville, married WILLIAM THOMPSON, Nashville, March 6.

March 26, 1825

HESTER DENTON married PETER SATERFIELD, March 17; both of Dyer County.


April 16, 1825

MARY G. MOORE married THOMAS GILES, April 14; both of Madison County.


May 7, 1825

ELIZA daughter of Uriah STONE, Henderson Co., married WESLEY RACKLIFF, Madison Co., April 26.


June 4, 1825

MARY ANN WHITE, Madison Co., married WILLIAM L. FLOWERS, Jackson, June 2.

ELIZABETH CROMWELL, Baltimore, Md., married WILLIAM ARMOUR, Jackson merchant, May 17.


August 6, 1825

NANCY daughter of Colonel John H. GIBSON, married RUFUS F. KING, Jackson, August 2.

SARAH daughter of Rev. Green HILL, Madison Co., married JETHRO FORT, Robertson Co., August 2.

MARY daughter of Gabriel ANDERSON, Madison Co., married ALEXANDER BRADEN, August 4.


August 13, 1825

Miss SIDNEY daughter of Joseph LINN, Madison Co., married GEORGE HANEY, August 11.


September 3, 1825

ANN WILLIAMSON, Maury Co., Tenn., married JAMES BROWN, Jackson, "lately."

September 10, 1825

MARTHA D. LANE married D. H. E. SANDERS of Madison Co., September 1.

ELIZABETH WHITE married ---- ROGERS, September 8; both of Madison County.


September 24, 1825

AMELIA PULLEN married WILLIAM GLESON, September 21; both of Madison County.


September 24, 1825

MARY daughter of John MAY married N. NEWSOM, September 22; all of Madison Co.

Miss --- KIMBROUGH, Shelby Co., married A. B. CARR, Memphis, "lately." (Shelby Co. marriage records reveal that Anderson B. Carr married Ann Kimbrough, July 24, 1825)


December 3, 1825

NANCY daughter of Eldridge NEWSOM married JEREMIAH BROWN, December 1.

MARGARET daughter of Thomas LACY married LABON DODSON, Dec. 1; all of Madison County.


December 31, 1825

MARIA O. CHILDS, Nashville married ELIJAH BIGELOW, Jackson, December 20.


March 18, 1826

SARAH L. daughter of Major HAMPTON, Henry Co., married ANDREW McCAMPBELL, Feb.

LUCY HICKS BROWN daughter of Rev. John B. Brown, Madison Co., married Rev. BENJAMIN B. SEWELL, March 14.


November 16, 1826

Mrs. ELIZA ROBERTSON married Gen. WILLIAM ARNOLD, Jackson, in Nashville, Nov. 5.


December 2, 1826

EMILINE daughter of Acquilla DAVIS, Tipton Co., married in Tipton Co., Nov. 23, to Frederick R. Smith, Jackson, Tennessee.


January 27, 1827

ELIZA G. daughter of Dr. Richard FENNER, married JAMES VAULX, January 23; all of Madison County.

ALMIRA WILSON married WILLIAM CARSON, Williamson Co., no date.


March 24, 1827

ALMEDIA SANDERS married Col. JOSEPH H. TALBOT, March 8; both of Jackson.

NANCY ANN GILLESPIE, McNairy Co., married E. B. McCOY, Madison Co., March 15. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, March 31, 1827/

MARGARET BORDEN, Madison Co., married JOHN DOUGLAS, Jackson, March 21. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, March 31, 1827/

MARGARET McDONALD married SOLOMON DUTY, March 22; both of Madison County. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, March 31, 1827/


May 5, 1827

SARAH WADDLE married ALANSON TRIGG, May 3; both of Madison County.

MARTHA F. daughter of John McCLELLAN married BENJAMIN HALEY, April 26; all of Madison County.

MARIA H. daughter of Major Washington EDINS, formerly of Madison Co., married Dr. WILSON G. LOVING, Denmark, June 6.


November 6, 1827

ELIZABETH CRUTCHER married WILLIAM H. MOORES in Haywood County, no date.

ELIZA RAWLINGS married WILLIAM TRIGG, Madison Co., October 30. /License secured October 27/

MATILDA C. WENDELL married EVANDER McIVER in Murfreesborough, no date.


February 16, 1828

ELIZA A. daughter of William WOODFOLK, Jackson Co., married WILLIAM B. MILLER, in Jackson, no date.


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March 8, 1828

NANCY daughter of Thomas D. CARR married THOMAS O. PARRAN, Feb. 28; all of Shelby County.

ELIZA WILSON married MATTHEW CLANTON, Shannonville, at residence of Col. Matthew Clanton, Madison Co., February 27.


March 29, 1828

SUSAN daughter of James BROWN, Madison Co., married ROBERT BROWN, Jackson, March 25.* /License issued March 25./


April 5, 1828

SUSAN ADAMS married Major JOHN CHARLTON, Dresden, in Weakly Co., at residence of Richard Drewry, no date.


April 12, 1828

SALLY TRIGG married Dr. EVANS MABRY in Sumner Co., "lately."

SARAH H. daughter of Thomas SEARCY, married CHARLES SLATER of Rockingham Co., N.C., at Mt. Pinson, April 10.


April 19, 1828

Mrs. ELIZABETH WEST married Colonel WILLIAM B. CARTER in Rutherford County, no date.

SOPHIA BROWN married THOMAS PHOEBUS of Memphis, edit-or of the Memphis ADVOCATE, near Memphis, April 9.


April 26, 1828

MARY daughter of Joshua ANDERSON married LAYTON SULLIVAN, April 22; all of Madison County.

MARIA TURNER married CHARLES H. DICKINSON in Nashville, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, April 19, 1828, with marriage date: April 17/


May 10, 1828

ELIZA ADALINE daughter of Gen. James WELBORNE, N.C. married WILLIAM LEDBETTER, Murfreesborough in Williamson County, no date.

Mrs. REBECCA T. RUCKER married Dr. RICHARD L. THOMPSON in Rutherford Co., no date.

AMANDA SUMNER married PRESTON W. DAVIS in Davidson Co., no date.

CAROLINE HADLEY married Dr. James A. BLAKEMORE in Williamson Co., no date.


May 17, 1828

ELIZABETH daughter of Lemuel HUTCHINGS, Madison Co. married Major JASON H. WILSON, Jackson, May 12.* /License dated May 10, 1828/

JANE daughter of Col. A. WILLIS, Madison Co., married JAMES B. WOOD, May 15.* /License issued May 13, 1828/

NANCY ROBERTS, Gibson Co. married Majr. AUSTIN A. KING, Madison County, May 13.

SALLY JOHNSON, formerly of Warren Co., N.C. married EGBERT HAYWOOD, Davidson Co. in Hardeman Co., May 8.


May 24, 1828

MARY daughter of Blackston HARDEMAN married JOHN HARDEMAN, May 15. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, May 31, 1828/


May 31, 1828

ANN CROMWELL, Baltimore married DAVID ARMOUR, Paris, in Jackson, May 28.* /License dated May 26, 1828/


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May 31, 1828
REBECCA O. daughter of Major John B. CROSS married LEMUEL PHILLIPS in Columbia, no date.


June 7, 1828

MARGARET daughter of Sam VANCE, dec. married GEORGE C. CHILDRESS in Nashville, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, June 14, 1828; marriage date: June 12/


August 23, 1828

ELIZABETH PAGE married ROBERT FRANKLIN, Gibson Co., August 19.


August 30, 1828

SARAH daughter of Major William WOODFOLK married JAMES ELROD, Jackson, in Jackson, no date.

ELIZA CLINTON married JOHN HALL, August 28, Jackson.


December 6, 1828

JANE A. daughter of H. HARALSON, Haywood Co., married THORNTON W. PINCKARD, Bolivar, November 31.


December 27, 1828

ANGELINA BOND married WILLIAM JONES, December 23; both of Madison County.


January 3, 1829

MARIA daughter of William ESPY, Madison Co., married WILLIAM D. TURNER, Jackson, January 1, 1829.*


January 10, 1829

ELIZA daughter of Rev. Asa BIGGS married ELIHU C. MAULDEN, January 1; all of Haywood County.


January 17, 1829

BALSORA VAWN married SAMUEL McCLELLAN, January 15; both of Madison County.


January 24, 1829

MARY H. daughter of Capt. H. HARALSON, Haywood Co., married JAMES A. STEEL, Brownsville, January 18.

ELIZA daughter of Philip ALSTON married OLIVER PIGEE /Pegue/, Jan. 23.


January 31, 1829

ELIZA daughter of John ALLEN, Sumner Co. married SAM. HOUSTON, Governor of Tennessee, January 22.

Mrs. MARGARET TIMBERLAKE married JOHN H. EATON, Washington City /D.C./, no date. /NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, January 24, 1829, marriage date: January 1/

SARAH RAMSEY married PHILIP J. KEARNEY, Hardeman Co., no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, February 7, 1829/

CAROLINE POLK married JOHN WORT, Hardeman Co., no date.


February 7, 1829

LUCY daughter of William WADDLE, Madison Co., married JOHN COLE, January 29.

ARAMINTA daughter of Stephen BRYAN married JOHN W. FITZHUGH of Davidson Co., Feb. 2.* /Marriage license has her given name as Minta/


February 14, 1829

HARRIET SMITH, Madison County, married GEORGE C. BARFIELD, Esq., Arkansas, Feb. 12.


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March 14, 1829

Mrs. NANCY BROWN married WILLIAM MAY, Madison Co., March -- /License issued March/

NANCY McCOLLUM, Madison County, married MARK SPENCER, McNairy Co., March 12.*

FRANCES S. daughter of late Col. R. H. DYER, married Dr. ---HUBBARD, near Trenton, no date.


March 21, 1829

MARGARET REED married WILLIS DICKINSON, March 8; both of Madison County. LOUIZA EDWARDS married CHRISTOPHER HUTCHINGS, March 19; both of Madison Co.*


March 26, 1829

ELIZA H. LEIGH daughter of Col. Richard NIXON, widow of John R. LEIGH, married JOHN P. PERKINS in Haywood Co., no date.


April 4, 1829

JANE HUDSON married Rev. EDMUND JONES, March 29; both of Madison County.


May 9, 1829

ANN M. ROBINSON married WILLIAM P. KERN, May 2; both of Madison County.


May 23, 1829

MrS. JANE HAMBLETON, Jackson, married Major. JOSEPH LYNN, May 19.


May 30, 1829

SARAH JANE daughter of Col. Robert BUTLER of Florida, married A. PATTON, May 28.

MARTHA BLYTHE married RICHARD GRAHAM of Gallatin, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER, May 30, 1829; marriage date: May 2/

ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT married J. L. WARNER of Gallatin, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER, May 30, 1829; marriage date: May 12/

MARY SANDERSON married Z. P. CANTRELL of Nashville, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER, May 16, 1829. Zebulon P. Cantrell married to MARY M. SANDERSON, May 12/

Mrs. MELVINA GARDNER married DAVID SAFFARANS of Nashville, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER, May 30, 1829; marriage date: May 12/

SOPHIA MOSS married REUBEN T. WARNER of Gallatin, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER, May 30, 1829; marriage date: May 12/

SARAH SHELBY married Dr. MILES S. WATKINS of Huntsville, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER, May 30, 1829; marriage date: May 15/

MINERVA ANN HEAD married Hon. PRYOR LEA of Knoxville, in McMinn Co., no date.

ANN HICKEY married MARTIN WADE in Knox County, no date.

ELIZA DRAKE married CARRICK W. NELSON in Carter Co., no date.


June 13, 1829

CHARLOTTE SANDRUM married SYDNEY TIMS, May 27; both of Madison County.

ELIZA daughter of C. MADING, Madison Co., married Capt. JOSEPH FOGG, June 4.


July 4, 1829

MATILDA C. daughter of Devereaux WYNNE, Madison Co., married THOMAS H. CANNON, July 1.

CHARLOTTE daughter of Joseph LYNNE, Madison Co., married Rev. ROBERT BAKER, Carroll Co., July 1.


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July 4, 1829

MALVINA daughter of Bennet H. HENDERSON married WILLIAM DAVIS in Sommerville, no date.


July 25, 1829

LOUAMA daughter of Daniel CHERRY, Haywood Co., married HIRAM PARTEE, Gibson Co., July 9.

JULIA S. daughter of Captain Thomas BRADLEY, Williamson Co., married JOHN K. CHESTER, Jackson, July 23.


September 12, 1829

HENRIETTA BADGER married DANIEL H. WILSON, August --; both of Lexington, Tenn.

SARAH B. daughter of Garland ANDERSON married CHARLES YARBROUGH, September 3.

ELIZABETH BEVILE married JAMES LOLLER/Lawler?/, Sept. 3; both of Henderson Co.


September 19, 1829

ARAVESTA LAMB married RICHARD LYON, Esq., Sullivan, Ohio, no date.


October 17, 1829

JULIANA daughter of the late Dr. Richard FENNER, Madison Co., married DAVID McKNIGHT, October 15.


October 24, 1829

MARGARET ANN daughter of Hon. Hugh L. WHITE married EBENEZER ALEXANDER at Knoxville, no date.


November 7, 1829

SOPHIA D. EDWARDS, Henry Co., married S. B. PARTEE, Gibson Co., October 29.


November 28, 1829

ELIZA LYNCH married MALCOLM McNEIL of Ky., November 26.

SARAH LYNCH married JOHN H. HICKS, November 26. Both she and Eliza were daughters of Captain John Lynch, Madison County.

LUCY ANN daughter of Richard DUKE, married D. W. WOOD of Memphis in Albemarle Co., Va., no date.

LUCY SAPPINGTON married WALTER T. DABNEY in Memphis, no date. /Marriage noted in NATIONAL BANNER, Nashville, Dec. 5, 1829; marriage: Nov. 19/


December 19, 1829

SARAH S. daughter of Gabriel ANDERSON married JAMES H. McELWEE, December 15; all of Madison County.


January 2, 1830

MARY daughter of William WADDLE, Madison Co., married WILLIAM HARBERT, Dec. 31.*

MARTHA W. TURNER married Dr. SAMUEL W. VAUGHAN of Denmark, no date.

Miss W. P. ORTON married O. H. KING in Williamson Co., December 3.

FRANCES eldest daughter of the late John MIDDLETON, Esq., married SAMUEL J. HAYS of Nashville, in Charleston, S.C., November 24, 1829.


January 6, 1830

MARIA BOBBITT married ABNER JONES, January 4; both of Madison County.*

MARY ANN daughter of Joseph SCOTT married WILLIAM SWANN in Knoxville, no date.


February 20, 1830

JANE WILSON married JAMES E. JORDAN in Lexington, Tenn., February 18.


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February 20, 1830

SUSANNAH W. daughter of B. McKIERNAN, married H. W. DUNLAP, Paris in Franklin Co., Alabama, no date. /NATIONAL BANNER-NASHVILLE WHIG, Feb. 12, 1830; married February 9/

VILET WILSON married WILLIAM BROOKS, in Lexington, February 18.


March 6, 1830

LUCINDA BROOKS married ABNER /Andrew/ JOB /Jobe/ in Jackson, February 28.

CHARITY E. LANGFORD married JAMES L. McDONALD in Madison County, no date* /License issued March 2/

SOPHIA daughter of Major John REID of U. S. Army, married LAFAYETTE SEARCY in Henry Co., no date.


March 20, 1830

MARTHA daughter of Solomon ROSSELL, married Captain AUGUSTUS HILL, Tipton Co. in Henderson Co., March 10.


May 1, 1830

ELIZA ANN TYSON married JOHN FLY, April 27; both of Madison County.*

MARY MOTHERAL married Dr. JOEL WALKER of Hickman Co. in Williamson Co., no date.

FREDONIA daughter of Dr. J. H. MARABLE, married WILLIAM H. DABNEY in Montgomery Co., no date.


May 29, 1830

SARAH McMULLEN married ROBERT ATCHISON in Carroll Co., May 20; both of Madison County.

CAROLINE daughter of Captain William DENT, married PHILIP MAY, May 26; all of Madison County.*

ELIZABETH daughter of John MAY, married WILLIAM C. HUTCHERSON, May 17; all of Madison County.*


June 5, 1830

ANN GREER married FRANCIS HARGROVE in Madison Co., no date. /License issued May 25/

CYNTHIA JOHNSON married JAMES W. ANTHONY, Madison Co., no date. /License issued May 27/

CAROLINE daughter of General Wade HAMPTON, married JOHN PRESTON of Abingdon, Va. in Columbia, S.C., no date.

NANCY CROCKETT married Colonel A. M. M. UPSHAW in Columbia, Tenn., no date.

JOANA HOLDEN married ALBERT G. UNDERWOOD in Pulaski, Tenn., no date.


June 12, 1830

SARAH daughter of Colonel Samuel DICKINS, married JOHN D. MARTIN in Jackson, no date.*/License issued January or June 1830/


June 19, 1830

SUSAN Y. daughter of John Y. TAYLOR, married Dr. ALLEN J. BARBEE of Brownsville in Haywood Co., June 3.

MARY daughter of Peter CHEATHAM, Tipton Co., married MILES H. BRADFORD in Brownsville, June 8.

ELIZABETH daughter of John Y. TAYLOR married ADDISON BOYD, Madison Co., June 10.

ZENOBIA AURELIA daughter of William MEREDITH, Haywood Co., married SIMON T. SANDERS, June 15.


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June 19, 1830


LOUISE EDDINGS married BYRD HILL, June 17.* Both women daughters of John Eddings; all of Madison County.


June 26, 1830

NANCY daughter of Joseph CARUTHERS, married GEORGE K. MORTON of Lexington in Henry County, June 15.


August 7, 1830

MARGARET daughter of Andrew McCLEARY married JOSEPH HAMILTON of Trenton, in Gibson Co., July 3.


August 21, 1830

ELIZABETH F. daughter of William DICKINS, Madison County, married WILLIAM H. HUNT, Fayette Co., August 3.*

SARAH FLY married ZACHARIAH H. ROBERTS, no date.* /License issued August 2/

LUCINDA L. daughter of Thomas MITCHELL, Rutherford Co., married ZACHEUS B. PHILLIPS in Dyer Co., no date.


October 16, 1830

Mrs. NICY B. SMITH married Colonel GEORGE SHEPHERD of Henderson Co., in Madison County, October 14.*

ELIZABETH daughter of Major Charles SEVIER, married LEANDER C. HOLT, October 14.*


November 18, 1830

MARGARET daughter of John BRANCH, U.S. Secretary of the Navy, married Gen. DANIEL S. DONELSON, Sumner Co. in Washington City /D.C./, October 18.


November 27, 1830

NANCY C. SPRATT, Mecklenburgh Co., N. C., married H. SMITH, Madison Co., Nov. 25.*

SARAH S. daughter of Edmond DUNCAN, married FRENCH C. DABNEY in Warren Co., Ky., no date.


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