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Jeremiah P. Haughton (1785-1859) and wife, Martha B. (House) Haughton had ten children, eight of whose names are known:

  1. George Washington Haughton (1814-September 2, 1870), who married Harriet Barnett (born Yorkville, S.C., Jan. 1, 1824-Aug. 4, 1910), Sept. 15, 1840 and had children: Mary Haughton, first wife of Joseph D. Askew; Algernon G. Haughton, born September 1848; Emma A. Haughton; John Barnett Haughton; Richard Haughton. (J. D. Askew married, secondly, Eula Utley, Dec. 16, 1872-Mar. 28, 1951, a respected member of the Spring Creek community and a pillar of the Baptist church for many years.)

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  3. Andrew Jackson Haughton who married and moved to Monroe County, Mississippi where he died leaving children: Martha M. Haughton; Oscar D. Haughton; James D. Haughton; Jackson A. Haughton; Caroline R. Haughton and William J. Haughton (who died in 1861)
  4. Amanda Fitzallen Haughton (January 23, 1819-February 25, 1896), wife of William W. Wood; several children
  5. Oscar D. Haughton (1822-February 10, 1844)
  6. Lemuel Burkett Haughton (c 1826-March 22, 1882) who married (1) Margaret E. Askew (1832-1856), January 1853 and had a daughter, Mattie; (2) Ella Gayle, May 9, 1860; several children
  7. Martha B. Haughton, wife of Robert B. Love
  8. Sarah A. Haughton, born in 1834; married Dr. Jonathan W. Crook (1833-1858), Oct. 3, 1855 and had a son, John Crook; secondly to James A. Bethshares
  9. Christopher Columbus Haughton (1838-July 21, 1861)


References: Madison County Court Minute Book 8, pages 528 (George W. and L. B. Haughton appointed Sept. 1859 administrators of J. P. Haughton's estate, who had died July 14, 1859); IBID. Book 9, pages 602, 618 (listing of J. P. Haughton's children and grandchildren); IBID. Book 10, page 558 (listing of G. W. Haughtons children); IBID. Book 9, page 784 (G. W. Haughton appointed administrator of Martha B. Haughton's estate, 1865); 1850, 1860 U.S. censuses, Madison County; tombstone inscriptions, Askew-HaughtOn cemetery near Spring Creek


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Chowan Co.
May 29, 1785
Feb. 3, 1811
Moved to Madison Co.
Ala. 1816
thence to
Madison Co., Tenn.
Dec. 1825
July 14, 1859

In the various relations of life, he faithfully fulfilled his post. As a husband, he was affectionate; As a parent, he was kind & indulgent & as a citizen he was prompt in the discharge of all his duties. He leaves behind him an example of rectitude, worthy of emulation by all who knew him.

"The memory of the just is blessed."

L. H. & J. H. Fuller,
St. Louis


Tombstone inscription for Jeremiah Pratt Haughton, Askew-Haughton Graveyard, located about one mile east of Spring Creek, Tennessee, off Highway 152. Situated about .5 mile south of this highway in a woods area beside an old abandoned area road. Because of its well-nigh inaccessibility, this writer was taken to the cemetery by the Reverend Charles Wesley Adams (b. 1929), a lifelong resident of this community.


TENNESSEE BAPTIST August 13, 1859:


Was born in Chowan county, North Carolina, May 29, 1785 and died the 14th of July 1859, at 11 a. m., aged 74 years, 1 month and 15 days. He was married to Martha B. House, February 3, 1811 and by her had ten children, five of whom are now living. In the year 1815 he removed to Madison county, Ala. and there remained until November 1825 at which time he removed to Tennessee, settling near Spring Creek. For a number of years before connecting himself with the Church of Christ, he was a firm believer in all the holy precepts, ever manifesting that regard that at once indicated he was by no means indifferent to its claims and advantages. It was not until the year 1845 that he openly made a profession of religion, connecting himself with the Regular Baptist Church, worshipping at Cotton Grove and was baptized by Elder P. S. Gayle. His character was strongly marked, being a man of indomitable energy and industry and it is but reasonable to suppose that whilst a member of the visible body of Christ, he should have evidenced the same characteristics enhanced in their power, by the supreme claims of his blessed scion. Such was emphatically the case. Such were even the promptings of his nature, that he could not refuse the helping hand, whenever a case of need presented itself; but now that now that his whole man has become renovated by grace divine, he was doubly active in the vineyard of his Lord. The Lord having prospered him in temporal point of view, he ever delighted, liberally to contribute to his cause. He was the fast friend of all the benevolent enterprises of the day, especially those of the Church. chiefly through his liberality was Madison College of the State founded. In its erection, it received his personal attention and today, and through the future, it will stand a monumental trophy to his extended benevolence. His death has cast a gloom, not only over his family but the Church and the community have sustained an almost irreparable loss. He was confined during his last sickness six weeks lacking two days, the subject of intense pain and nausea which he bore with Christian fortitude until he peacefully resigned himself into the hands of that saviour whom he had endeavored to serve whilst living. Though severely afflicted, yet he murmured not but gently yielding he closed his eyes in death, confidently awaiting his reward in the morning of the resurrection. May his death be sanctified to the spiritual good of every member of his family. His funeral was attended by a large concourse of his neighbors and fellow citizens, at which time the writer preached his funeral sermon from Job xxx 23, after which the body was interred in the family burial ground, near his residence. Peace to his ashes.

Jos. R. Hamilton


The HAUGHTON surname is pronounced as "horton" and one finds it occasionally spelled that way in public records.


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