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THE JACKSON SUN, May 30, 1923

          The John Ingram Bivouac No. 5 was organized in Jackson in 1888, being affiliated with the Tennessee Association of Confederate Soldiers and Camp No. 37, United Confederate Veterans, Tennessee Division.
          The United Confederate Veterans is a general association having organizations in all of the Southern states, each organization being known as a Bivouac. The local organization in Jackson is known as Camp 37, Tennessee Division and was established in 1891. It is identical in membership with the John Ingram Bivouac.
          In 1889 the association of United Confederate Veterans was organized at New Orleans and since then has held annual reunions in various cities of the South.
          The John Ingram Bivouac originally had 250 regular and 6 honorary members. In the long stretch of years since its founding many brave men who wore the gray in the stirring days when cannon-balls shrieked and took their toil of death, have passed to their reward.
          Of the 250 original members of John Ingram Bivouac but 163 are now living. Jackson is proud of the fine old gentlemen, stooped and seamed by the passing years, who fought so gloriously for a principle they believed right and these noble men, in the evening of their lives, are aided and helped by the loving ministrations of the Musidora C. McCorry Chapter No. 5 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, organized in Jackson in April 1895.
          The good ladies of this organization devote special attention to the care of Confederate cemeteries, erection of monuments to the heroic dead. decoration of their graves and looking after indigent veterans. Musidora C. McCorry Chapter No. 5 has endeared itself not only to the veterans whom it has aided so nobly, but it has also gained the approbation of all the younger citizens of Jackson who realize the spirit in which the kind deeds are done.
          The spirit and progress of the city of Jackson is but a reflection of the untiring efforts of these fine old veterans and the good women of all denominations who have always fostered all that was best in civic development. The business history of Jackson, subsequent to the Civil War, was made by the veterans of many a hard fought campaign who returned from the strife of battle to enter the business arena.
          Many of the survivors are still in active business, while others have retired, turning their affairs over to their sons.
          Jackson is proud of them and is made better by their benign Influence and ripened knowledge of all phases of life.


Membership Applications, John Ingram Bivouac #5, dated 1888. In the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville; data below abstracted from photocopies of same on file in the Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison Co. Library. The information given here is the Confederate veteran's name, his birthdate and military unit in which he fought.

  1. JOHN THOMAS BEVERIDGE, born March 11, 1831, Madison Co., Tenn.; 51st Tenn. Inf.
  2. W. F. BLACKARD, born Dec. 24, 1833, Haywood Co., Tenn.; Co. D, 122th Ky. Cavalry.
  3. JAMES M. BRANNOCK, born Sept. 3, 1831, Guilford Co., N.C.; 5th Tenn. Inf. Surgeon.
  4. CHESTER G. BOND, born Dec. 14, 1846, Madison Co., Tenn.; 19th, 20th Tenn. Cavalry.
  5. JOHN W. BUFORD, born Aug. 24, 1836, Williamson Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 9th Tenn. Cavalry.
  6. WILLIAM HENRY BRUTON, born Dec. 29, 1840, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  7. ADREAN D. DUGGER, born Feb. 14, 1845, Petersburg, Va.; Co. C, 9th Miss. Inf.; wounded 6 times, including at Missionary Ridge and New Hope, Georgia.
  8. GEORGE M. DUGAN, born Dec. 25, 1835, Brown Co., Ohio; telegraphic service, CSA.
  9. T. J. DUPREE, born Sept. 18, 1836, Noxubee Co., Miss.; Co. G, 1st Miss. Cavalry.
  10. JOHN HAYWOOD BELL, born Dec. 23, 1842, Edgecombe Co., N.C.; Co. F, 31st Inf.
  11. CHARLES T. BATES, born Sept. 11, 1836, Ontario Co., N.Y.; Co. C, 8th Tenn. Cav.
  12. WILLIAM ANDERSON, born Dec. 1, 1844, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. L, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  13. ROBERT A. ALLISON, born Nov. 28, 1836, Smith Co., Tenn.; Forrest's command.
  14. WILLIAM FRANKLIN ALEXANDER, born Feb. 2, 1844, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co H, 6th Tenn.
  15. Dr. JAMES W. ALEXANDER, born Mar. 16, 1846, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. E, Wilson's Cav.; wounded in battle; a leg was amputated.
  16. CLIFTON DANCY, born Aug. 21, 1838, Greene Co., Ala.; "Jeff Davis Rifles", 9th Mississippi Cavalry.
  17. Dr. W. R. COLE, born April 20, 1837, Chatham Co., N.C.; Co. G, 9th Ga. Reg. Surgeon.
  18. STODDERT CARUTHERS, born Feb. 21, 1845, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 9th Tenn. Cav.
  19. SAMUEL HAYS CHESTER, born Feb. 24, 1840, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  20. JAY GUY CISCO, born April 25, 1844, New Orleans, La.; 6th Louisiana Infantry.

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  22. J. M. CARTMELL, born April 12, 1839, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  23. ALEX W. CAMPBELL, born June 4, 1828, Davidson Co., Tenn.; on William Carroll's staff; General Cheatham's staff; colonel, 33rd Inf. Reg.; Brig.-General.
  24. SILAS W. EDWARDS, born June 3, 1833, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 12th Ky. Infantry.
  25. ALBERT H. ELLINGTON, born Oct. 26, 1843, Nevton Co., Ga.; Co. ACobb's Legion.
  26. CHARLES W. EWING, born Jan. 3, 1842, Davidson Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 1st Tenn. Inf.
  27. J. C. FREEMAN, born July 4, 1841, Wilson Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 7th Tenn. Infantry.
  28. J. D. GRIFFITHborn Sept. 6, 1846, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. A, 15th Cavalry.
  29. W. R. GRIFFITH, born Feb. 7, 1837, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. B, 12th Infantry.
  30. Dr. T. B. HAMILTON, born July 2, 1843, Davidson Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  31. H. D. HARRIS, born April 18, 1839, Marshall Co., Miss.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  32. G. HAWKINS, born April 24, 1841, Carroll Co., Tenn.; 55th Tenn. Infantry.
  33. ROBERT W. HAYNES, born Aug. 21 1840, Washington Co., Tenn.; 11th Tenn. Infantry.
  34. M. HAYS, born June 28, 1843, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  35. H. HEFLEBOWER, born Dec. 27, 1844, Jefferson Co., Va.; 11th Alabama Infantry.
  36. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HENRY, born Aug. 10, 1840, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  37. WILLIAM HOLLAND, born May 24, 1835, Greenville Co., S.C.; Co. B, 2nd S.C. Infantry.
  38. ABSALOM D. HURT, born Mar. 3, 1844, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  39. M. B. HURT, born Aug. 31, 1846, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 9th Tenn. Cavalry.
  40. RICHARD BRYANT INGRAM, born May 15, 1845, DeSoto Co., Miss.; Co. D, 2nd Miss. Cav.
  41. HENRY CLAY IRBY, born June 16, 1835, Fayette Co., Tenn.; Co. D, 9th Infantry.
  42. G. T. FORTUNE, born Oct. 27, 1842, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  43. JOHN W. GATES, born May 11, 1841, Carroll Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  44. ROBERT GATES, born May 5, 1842, Henry Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  45. W. W. GATES, JR., born Oct. 10, 1848, Madison Co., Tenn.; Bell's Escort, Forrest's Cavalry.
  46. JAMES C. GOOCH, born May 26, 1842, Carroll Co., Tenn.; Co. I, 27th Tenn. Infantry.
  47. DANIEL GORMAN, born Sept. 29, 1834, Connecticut; Co. F, 1st Tenn. Infantry.
  48. E. GRAY, born Feb. 3, 1840, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.; Co. B, 17th Miss. Infantry.
  49. EPHRIAM CROCKETT HARBERT, born Dec. 23, 1831, White Co., Tenn.; orderly sergeant, Co. K6th Tenn. Infantry.
  50. J. T. JONES, born May 3, 1846, Madison Co., Tenn.; Newsom's Regiment.
  51. R. N. JONES, born May 3, 1840, McCrackin Co., Ky.; Co. G, 52nd Tenn. Cavalry.
  52. JOHN Y. KEITH, born May 25, 1837, Lincoln Co., Tenn.; Co. A, 9th Miss. Cavalry.
  53. SALEM E. KIEROLF, born Nov. 2~1833, New York, N.Y.; 27th Tenn. Infantry.
  54. L. KIMBROUGH, born June 23, 1847, Campbell Co., Tenn.; Co. H, 3rd Tenn. Inf.
  55. H. KING, born Feb. 14, 1835, Williamson Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 7th Tenn. Infantry.
  56. CHARLES F. LANDIS, born June 19, 1840, Mifflin Co., Pa.; Co. H, 12th Tenn. Inf.
  57. HENRY W. McCORRY, born Mar. 25, 1845, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 9th Tenn. Cavalry.
  58. DAVID M. McCUTCHEN, born Oct. 14, 1837, Co. Down, Ireland; Co. A, 2nd Ky. Infantry.
  59. J. T. MCCUTCHEN, born April 15, 1833, Carroll Co., Tenn.; Co. A, Baird's Regiment.
  60. B. McNEIL, born Aug. 13, 1837, Franklin, Tenn.; Co. C, 1st Mississippi Infantry.
  61. S. MALLORY, born Sept. 22, 1846, Elizabeth City County, Virginia; Co. A, Va. Military Institute Corps; in battle of New Market, Va., May 15, 1864.
  62. JOSEPH E. MARTIN, born May 23, 1842, Cumberland Co., Pa.; chaplain, lst Va. Inf.
  63. R. A. MAYS, born Jan. 18, 1839, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 6th Tennessee Inf.

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  65. JAMES MADISON MEDLIN, born Jan. 11, 1827, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. A, 3rd Miss. Cav.
  66. W. A. MEYERS, born Nov. 19, 1842, Anson Co., N.C.; Co. K, 26th N.C. Infantry.
  67. J. A. NEFF, born Dec. 26, 1833, Shenandoah Co., Va.; Co. H, 1st Tenn. Cavalry.
  68. CHARLES OWEN, born Aug. 4, 1840, Bukingham Co., England; Co. K, 1st E. Tenn. Cav.
  69. THOMAS HARDIN PAINE, born Dec. 1, 1836, Lawrence Co., Tenn.; Co. A, Nixon's 2nd Kentucky Infantry.
  70. BENJAMIN ALEXANDER PERSON, born May 25, 1845, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 6th Tenn. Inf. and Co. G, 9th Tenn. Cavalry.
  71. D. T. POPE, born Oct. 24, 1844, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. K, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  72. GEORGE C. PORTER, born Nov. 15, 1835, Fayette Co., Tenn.; Co. A, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  73. C. SHELTON, born May 2, 1833, Pittsylvania Co., Va.; Co. B, Newsom's Regiment.
  74. SAMUEL CRAWFORD SIMPSON, born Sept. 25, 1829, Tipton Co., Tenn.; Co. K, 51st Tenn. Infantry.
  75. JOHN HENRY SKILLERN, born Oct. 12, 1842, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. K, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  76. WILLIS R. SMALL, born Jan. 13, 1835, Hardeman Co., Tenn.; Co. I, 14th Tenn. Inf.
  77. H. F. SMITH, born May 18, 1837, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 38th Infantry.
  78. RICHARD ALEXANDER SNEED, born Aug. 28, 1845, Tallahatchie Co., Miss.; Co. C, 18th Miss. Regiment.
  79. AMBROSE H. STEGALL, born Feb. 8, 1836, Union Co., N.C.; Henderson's Scouts.
  80. JOHN WESLEY STOVALL, born June 27, 1845, Weakley Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 12th Ky. Cav.
  81. LAWRENCE EWELL TALBOT, born June 25, 1847, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. D, McDonald's Battalion.
  82. JOHN MAY TAYLOR, born May 18, 1838, Henderson Co., Tenn.; Co. K, 27th Tenn. Inf.
  83. JOE D. TIDWELL, born April 11, 1842, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 6th Tenn. Inf.
  84. J. M. TROUTT, born April 8, 1848, Marshall Co., Ky; Co. G, 3rd Kentucky Inf.
  85. DAVID TRAVIS TURNER, born Nov. 27, 1842, Haywood Co., Tenn.; Co. B, 33rd Tenn. Inf.
  86. WILLIAM LEONIDAS UTLEY, born Jan. 23, 1842, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. K, 6th Tenn.
  87. JAMES ANDREW VANDIVER, born Jan. 30, 1839, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. C, 5th Ark. Inf.
  88. J. W. WALLACE, born Oct. 1, 1830, Edgecombe Co., N.C.; Co. F, 5th Kentucky Inf.
  89. J. P. WARLICK, born Oct. 22, 1840, Madison Co., Tenn.; Co. G, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  90. WILLIAM WATT, born Jan. 25, 1844, Gibson Co., Tenn.; Co. E, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  91. JOHN THOMAS WHITEHEAD, born Nov. 27, 1840, Lincolnshire, England; Co. A, 1st Tenn. Heavy Artillery.
  92. JOHN R. WILBON, born April 7, 1848, Charlotte Co., Va.; Staunton Hall Artillery.
  93. J. A. WILDER, born May 10, 1834, Caswell Co., N.C.; Co. A, 6th Tenn. Infantry.
  94. J. R. WILKINSON, born Oct. 3, 1843, Obion Co., Tenn.; Co. F, 4th Tenn. Cav; disabled by wound, August 17, 1863.
  95. P. B. WILLIAMS, born Dec. 16, 1846, POWhatan Co., Va.; 1st Virginia Artillery.
  96. ROBERT D. WILLIAMSON, born April 17, 1839, Franklin Co., Tenn.; Co. F, 31st Tenn.
  97. JOSEPH JOHN WORRELL, born Nov. 19, 1843, Hardeman Co., Tenn.; Co. B, 154th Sr. Reg.


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