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Whereas a marriage engagement had been entered into by Dr. C. W. CHANCELLER, Memphis, Tenn. and MARTHA A. BUTLER, Jackson, Tenn., he relinquished claim on her property. Feb. 25, 1867. Reg Mar. 8, 1867. Wits W. E. Butler, Thomas Henderson, James P. Butler.

Madison County Court. Final Hearing, Sept. 13, 1866. JAMES M. SIMMONS, PETER G. SIMMONS, JOHN W. BROWDER and wife, MARTHA JANE, E. L. SANDFORD and /wife/, MARY FRANCES, SOLOMON B. SIMMONS, WILLIAM W. SIMMONS, JOHN C. SIMMONS, NANCY W. W. SIMMONS, ALMARANDA A. SIMMONS. Report of clerk confirmed by court, showing sale of lands in this cause at Henderson Station, 436 acres for $3240 paid by JOHN C. SIMMONS. Title vested in J. C. Simmons. Reg April 13, 1867.

Madison County Court. Petition to Partition Lands in the cause: ALBERT G. McCLELLAN, BENJAMIN HICKS and wife, MARY, JOHN Q. A. McCLELLAN, RADFORD WITHERS and wife, SUSAN, GEORGE HICKS and wife, JANE, JAMES W. TOMLIN and wife, MARTHA, WILLIAM A. HAYLEY, JAMES HAYLEY, WILLIAM B. McCLELLAN, BENNETT T. McCLELLAN, ROBERT N. McCLELLAN v GEORGE V. VADEN and wife, MARY, WILLIAM PLUNKETT and wife, MARTHA, PATRICK HAYLEY, JOHN HAYLEY, NEWTON HAYLEY, FRANCES HAYLELY, ROBERT DAVIS and wife, ISABELLA, GEORGE B. HICKS, grdn of said Isabella. 1013 acres were sold in 6 lots, bringing $14,052.69. March 24, 1860. Reg April 20, 1867.

JOHN L. H. TOMLIN, Jackson, Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, ELLEN F. LINDSAY, separate from her husband, ROBERT LINDSAY's obligations, gave her a marble top walnut washstand, a French walnut bedstead, a walnut wardrobe, a "fine" rocking chair, piano, etc. April 25, 1867. Reg Apr. 26, 1867.

B. F. BOON conveyed to his son, JAMES M. BOON all the interest he had in the estate of his father, BENJAMIN BOON, late of Madison Co., for $50. Dated April 12, 1866, Memphis, Tenn. Reg April 29, 1867.

NANCY BOON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her sons, WILLIAM BOON and MILTON BOON, gave them 149 acres, valued at $2500, in Surveyor's Dist. 10, Range 2, Section 11. She signed with an "x" mark. April 30, 1867. Reg. May 1, 1866. Wits J. A. Harding, William Todd.

MARTHA ANN HALL, formerly Fletcher, gave POA to her father, HENRY FLETCHER to receive for her monies she derived from the estate of her grandfather, WILLIS WTLKINS, dec., late of Madison Co. Signed, Geo. W. Hall and Martha A. Hall. Dec. 5, 1866. Reg May 4, 1867. No wits.

Whereas THOMAS L. BROWN had, on Nov. 26, 1860, sold to W. H. McCABE for $375, a lot in Jackson, giving him a title bond for it. Thomas L. had died. ROBERT BROWN, as adm of his estate made a clear deed to McCabe for this 3/4 of an acre lot. May 4, 1867. Reg. May 6, 1867. No wits.

THOMAS WATSON and wife, NARCISSA, formerly the widow of JEFFERSON ANDERSON, dec., sold her dower for $60 in her former husband's land, 14 acres in Civil Dist. 4, Madison Co. to A. TURNER. Oct. 25, 1861. Reg May 7, 1867. She signed with an "x" mark. Wits B. Sturdivant, D. Hollomon.

BENJAMIN BOON, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. for $550 sold to GEORGE W. COLE- BURN, Madison Co., 49 acres, being a "deed of conveyance is in trust" for the "separate use, benefit and disposal of Mrs. MARY J. HENLEY free and discharged from all debts . . . of her husband REGIN G. HENLEY." May 17, 1860. Reg May 22, 1867. Wits John H. Day, Isaac B. Day.


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Whereas HARRIET E. McCLELLAN and MARY E. WILLIAMS, wife of WILLIS W. WILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. were jointly interested in several tracts of land under the will of ALBERT G. McCLELLAN, dec. and they had deeded one another each her interest in these tracts, March 2, 1867. Now, Harriett for "love and affection" for Mary W. deeded her several tracts, 100 acres, 50 acres, 82 acres, "originally the lands of Sam'l. C. McClellan." Lots 2, 4, 5 in the division of James D. McClellan's lands; 177 acres, 261 acres, 27 acres. May 22, 1867. Reg May 23, 1867. No wits.

Whereas HARRIET E. McCLELLAN and MARY E. WILLIAMS, wife of WILLIS W. WILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. were jointly interested in several tracts of land under the will of ALBERT G. McCLELLAN, dec. and they had deeded one another each her interest in these tracts, March 2, 1867. Now, Mary E. and Willis W. deeded Harriet E. several tracts, 81 acres, 436 acres, except 82 acres therefrom deeded that day to Mary E. from Harriet E., 100 acres, 245 3/4 acres in Civil Dist. 9 and another tract the acreage of which not given. May 22, 1867. Reg May 23, 1869. No wits.

JOHN A. GREER, Madison Co., Tenn. for $12,495 (of that $6247.50 had been paid, rest due by installment), sold to JAMES M. WALKER, Haywood Co., Tenn. 532 acres in Civil Dist. 5, Madison Co. "being a part of Alexander Greer's old tract of land." Jan. 1, 1867. Reg June 13, 1867. Wits D. Reid, W. H. Reid.

ROBERT GILL for "love and affection" for his grandchildren, THOMAS GILL and MARGARET GILL, children of his deceased son, JAMES GILL, gave them 204 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 10, Range 1, Section 10. He reserved "the use and occupation of said land during my natural life from rents or charges of every kind whatever. . . ." June 18, 1867. Reg June 18, 1867. No wits.

TERSY SANDLIN, Haywood Co., Tenn. sold to JOSIAH EMISON, for $58, her undivided 1/9 interest in the lands of JOHN FAULKNER, dec. Oct. 5, 1865. Reg June 28, 1867. She signed with an "x" mark. Wits James Lowery, J. R. McDonald.

M. M. BLEDSOE sold to MARY C. McCUTCHEN and her children, 4 3/4 acres on the Huntingdon road in Civil Dist. 15, about one mile from Jackson, for $500, not subject to the obligations of her husband, H. C. McCUTCHEN. John L. H. Tomlin, who had sold this land to Bledsoe, joined in this deed because Bledsoe had misplaced or lost the deed Tomlin had made him to this deed. May 1, 1867. Reg July 9, 1867. No wits.

JOHN C. M. GARLAND and WILLIAM R. HOWLETT, execs of ELIJAH JONES' will sold to ISAAC JAMES HOWLETT 3 tracts, a total of 167 acres for $2588. July 20, 1867. Reg July 20, 1867. No wits.

WILLIAM A. EAST and wife, ELIZABETH H., formerly Searcey, ISHAM G. SEARCEY, OLIVER C. SEARCEY and H. C. SEARCEY, Grimes Co., Texas as legatees of their mother, CATHARINE SEARCEY, gave POA to their father, WILLIAM W. SEARCEY, Lavacca Co., Texas to receive for them money or property from the estate of W. B. MARSHALL, dec, Madison Co. June 26, 1867. Reg July 23, 1867. No wits.

REBECCA CATHARINE MILBY, Lavacca Co., Texas "generally known as Kittie SEARCEY", one of the legatees of her mother, CATHARINE SEARCY who died in Lavacca Co., Texas, gave POA to her father, W. W. SEARCEY to recover for her money or property coming to her from the estate of W. B. MARSHALL through her said mother. June 6, 1867. Reg July 23, 1867. No wits.

RUBIN MAYO, son of FREDRICK MAYO, dec., Madison Co., Tenn. made a will and "it has been represented to me that certain of the next of kin of


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said Fredrick Mayo had a design to caveat the said will." He gave POA to his brothers, JOEL and JONAS MAYO, to receive his share of the estate, acting that way with James B. Neely, exec of Fredrick Mayo's will. Sept. 9, 1856. Reg July 29, 1867. Wits W. W. Pippin, L. S. Dunn.

A. A. EMERSON, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to MARY E. EMERSON, same county, for $800 his 1/5 undivided interest in 287 acres, "it being the land OWEN EMERSON formerly resided on. . . ." Aug. 2, 1867. Reg Aug. 2, 1867. No wits.

MARTHA and ANN GARLAND, Franklin Co., Ala. hrs of EDWARD GARLAND, dec, for $200 paid them by E. W. GARLAND, Madison Co., Tenn. sold him their interest in 163 acres, the Edward Garland land. Jan. 8, 1867. Reg Aug. 7, 1867. No wits.

THOMAS McKNIGHT, formerly a resident of Madison Co. now of New Orleans, Louisiana, did on or about the month of July 1846 gave the members of the MT. PLEASANT Methodist Episcopal Church, South land in Madison Co. but that deed had been displaced so that he renewed this deed of gift for 3 acres located in Civil Dist. 1, Madison Co. to the trustees of this church, CALEB McKNIGHT, HARTWELL TEMPLE, A. S. SHERRILL, B. A. HICKS, HIRAM JOHNSON. July 30, 1867. Reg Aug. 15, 1867. Wit Andrew Hess, Jr.

MARY J. S. STODDERT being indebted to her daughters, HARRIET C. STODDERT, WILLIAMINA STODDERT, MARY J. CARUTHERS and several others and as they agreed to pay the debts due to others and what amounted to cancellation of their mother's debt to them, for the amount of $7100, she deeded to them about 3 acres adjacent the depot of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and the lot she lived on, 5 acres. The latter was due to be sold Aug. 31, 1867 in favor of E. F. McKnight against Joseph H. Caruthers, adm of James Caruthers, dec. for whom she had gone security on a loan. Aug. 26, 1867. Reg Aug. 26, 1867. No wits.

About 1849 E. B. MASON had made a deed conveyance to the Master and Warden of the Free and Accepted Masons, Mason's Grove, Tenn. a lot on which a hall was to be built for them and they, without his consent, deeded it to the Methodists in that town "upon which said Methodist denomination have built and erected in connection with the Masonic Fraternity a house of worship" and he conveyed his interest to the Methodist trustees, H. B. Wilson, R. W. Sims, Isaac H. Mason, G. H. Mason and Nathan W. Sandford, this being lot #15 in Mason's Grove. The Masons were to continue holding their meetings there also. Aug. 10, 1867. Reg Aug. 26, 1867. Wits H. A. Welch, E. Hamilton, John Hall.

WILLIAM C. NEELY sold to SAMUEL S. NEELY, Madison Co. for $800, his interest in 115 acres in Civil Dist. 6 "owned and possessed by Sam'l. Neely my father who is now deceased." Sept. 2, 1867. Reg Sept. 2, 1867. No wits.

CAROLINE SMITH and her daughter, ADELINE KEY SMITH, aged 8 yrs. agreed to bind Adeline to F. D. THEUS until the age of 18. She was to live with Theus "after the manner of an apprentice, will live with the said F. D. and obey all lawful commands for the time aforesaid, that she will not damage the said F. D. in character, person or property, nor wilfully suffer others to do so." He agreed to have her taught to read and write, to provide comfortable clothing and take care of her in sickness and at termination of service give this "house girl" $50 and a good suit of clothes. Caroline Smith signed the document, singly, with an "x" mark. Feb. 15, 1867. Reg Sept. 3, 1867. Wits W. M. McBryde, J. R. Bivens.

J. B. BOON for "love and affection" for his son, WILLIAM L. BOON gave him 86 acres of land in Civil Dist. 14, Madison Co. Sept. 12, 1867. Reg Sept. 12, 1867. No wits.


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Whereas SARAH F., wife of W. M. McBRYDE had furnished him $800 for the purpose of his present crop and other uses, he gave her his present crop, a bay horse, a buggy and farming equipment to be kept in trust for her by JOHN J. BROOKS. Sept. 16, 1867. Reg Sept. 16, 1867. No wits.

WILLIAM H. CROOM, Madison Co., Tenn. gave to SUSAN, wife of JOHN CROOM, and ROBERT P. CROOM, FANNY M. CROOM, ANNA L. CROOM and DAVID M. CROOM, her children, 22 acres. Sept. 20, 1867. Reg Sept. 28, 1867. No wits.

JAMES MARTIN SAVAGE, Madison Co., Tenn. sold as a mortgage to PINKNEY ALTON, Madison Co., his entire cotton crop raised on the old WILLIAM SAVAGE place, about 14 acres being planted in cotton. It being the land formerly owned by his father. WILLIAM SAVAGE and conveyed by him to Pitser Miller. He was indebted to Miller for about $600 and if he didn't pay this debt off thirty days hence, Alton was authorized to sell his whole crop to pay the debt. Sept. 28, 1867. Reg Sept. 30, 1867. Wits J. W. Carter, H. M. Savage.

JAMES BROWN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural regard and love" for his daughter, CAROLINE BROWN, gave her 164 acres, 32 3/4 acres and a bedstead, two cows and calves, chestnut sorrel mare. Oct. 3, 1867. Reg Oct. 3, 1867. Wits Sion W. Boon, John T. Stark.

MARY JANE CARUTHERS, HARRIET C. STODDERT, WILLIAMINA STODDERT, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to "The Shannon Novelty Works" a parcel of land in Jackson, adjacent to and east of the depot of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. Oct. 2, 1867 . Reg Oct. 3, 1867 . No wits.

CHESTERFIELD WARMOTH, Madison Co., Tenn. sold for $500 to THOMAS WARMOTH all interest he had an in undivided interest in the tract on which his father, HENRY H. WARMOTH had lived and where his mother, ELIZABETH WARMOTH "now lives." Sept. 22, 1866. Reg Oct. 7, 1867. Wits John Green, J. W. Green.

EDWARD WILLIAMS, Madison Co., Tenn. having deeded to his wife, NANCY WILLIAMS 202 acres where he had resided the last 25 yrs in Civil Dists 9, 18 and whereas in her will she had left this land to her sister, ADALINE TYLER, and as she had died, he now agreed to this conveyance to said Adaline. Sept. 10, 1867. Reg Oct. 8, 1867. Wits E. B. Mason, W. H. Mitchell, R. W. Sims.

THOMAS PORTER conveyed to LOUISA PORTER, widow of JOHN H. PORTER and her "hrs" by him, EVELINA C. PORTER, JOHN L. PORTER, MOZELLAH A. PORTER, RASMUS G. PORTER, 28 acres for $647.75. June 4, 1867. Reg Oct. 21, 1867. No wits.

LOUISA PORTER, widow of JOHN H. PORTER, had a life interest in 28 acres, Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co. and for $300 she sold this dower interest, for life, to WILLIAM R. PHILLIPS. Oct. 18, 1867. Reg Oct. 21, 1867. Wit S. S. Watkins.

ALLEN DEBERRY bought from W. R. and ELIZABETH F. CUNNINGHAM a tract assigned to her as dower in the estate of ABSALOM DEBERRY and he agreed to pay her $800 each Dec. 25 as long as she lived for her interest in this tract. Nov. 11, 1867. Reg Nov. 11, 1867. Wit P. C. McCowat.

J. B. LONG, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his wife, ANNA E. LONG and as he had received from her estate a considerable slave property, and for the love of his children, conveyed to her and them land in Civil Dists 6, 7, Madison Co. and 4 acres adjoining Jackson, Tenn. on which they lived. If he survived his wife, he was to have management rights on this property for his children. Nov. 23, 1867. Reg. Nov. 23, 1867. No wits.

ALEX T. COLE for "love and affection" for his son, W. G. COLE gave him 90 acres and 10 acres in Civil Dist. 7, Madison Co. Dec. 4, 1867. Reg Dec. 10, 1867 . Wits John T. Cole, S. W. Cole, William Witherspoon, Jr.


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ISHAM BOYCE of Arkansas sold to ELIZA J. DASHIELL, EMILY E. DASHIELL, GEORGE T. DASHIELL, ANNA R. DASHIELL, RICHARD H. DASHIELL, ALFRED T. DASHIELL, for $2000 the lot he had purchased "at the sale of the Haskell lot for partition among the heirs & distributees of JOSHUA HASKELL decd." June 13, 1866. Reg Dec. 12, 1867. Wits Geo. N. Harris, Alex W. Campbell.

THOMAS ROLLINS conveyed to JAMES ROLLINS his entire interest he had in the estate of THOMAS ROLLINS, dec. Dec. 24, 1867. Reg Dec. 24, 1867. No wits.

Whereas ABSALOM D. HURT and FANNIE M. GUTHRIE, both of Madison Co., Tenn. were to marry "at an early day" and whereas she owned a plantation, he agreed that she would retain title to same, not subject to his obligations. Dec. 31, 1867. Reg Jan. 1, 1868. Wits John B. Cobb, Allen Deberry. /Madison Co. marriage record shows that Absalom D. Hurt married Fannie M. Guthrie, January 2, 1868./

ELIZABETH M.LOVELACE for "love" of-her two sons, JAMES ISAAC LOVELACE and JOHN JACOB LOVELACE gave them a tract of land in Madison Co. Dec. 20, 1867. Reg Jan. 2, 1868. Wits C. W. Hudson, W. K. Dove.

ALEXANDER T. COLE for "love and affection" for his daughter, ADDIE F. CUNLIFF gave her a red cow and calf, 4 head of sheep. Dec. 30, 1867. Reg Jan. 2, 1868. Wits W. G. Cole, John T. Cole.

HARRIET E. McCLELLAN for "love and affection" for her niece, ADDIE F. CUNLIFF gave her a white cow and calf, 27 head of hogs, a pony and some furniture which she was to have free from debts of her husband, CHARLES W. CUNLIFF. Dec. 30, 1867. Reg Jan. 4, 1868. Wits Radford Withers, W. G. Cole.

A. J. HAYS, R. B. HAYS, MIDDLETON HAYS, F. H. PRESTON, formerly Hays, hrs of SAMUEL J. HAYS, dec. sold to F. W. YANCEY, for $925, lots 1 and 2 of the Hays Division on north side of Smith Street. 2 acres. Jan. 16, 1868. Reg Jan. 17, 1868. Wits R. H. Fenner, John C. Taliferro. /These hrs were to sell several lots from the Hays Estate Subdivision, this deed being mentioned to draw attention to the family relationship only./

Madison Co. Chancery Court, August 1867. Report confirmed by court showing that a lot was sold in Jackson to J. F. NEWTON for $2500 and title to same divested from JOSEPH H. CARUTHERS, SUSAN MEDORA CARUTHERS, LAURA McCLANAHAN, SALLIE CARUTHERS , MARY JANE CARUTHERS, WILLIAM CARUTHERS, JR., FRANCIS CARUTHERS, FANNIE FREEMAN AND STODDERT CARUTHERS and vested in Newton. Reg Jan. 7, 1868.

JAMES M. REAVIS, adm of MARY BROWN's estate sold to WILLIAM SHELTON a lot in Jackson for $2500. Jan. 6, 1868. Reg Jan. 18, 1868. Wits Wm. H. Stephens, James K. Stephens.

WILLIAM HART, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, NANCY L. MATHEWS, wife of ROBERT MATHEWS, gave her 123 acres in Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co. and at her death acreage went to her brothers and sisters or their representatives. Jan. 10, 1868. Reg Jan. 20, 1868. No wits.

WILLIAM HART, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARTHA C. MATHEWS, wife of GEORGE MATHEWS, gave her 120 acres in Civil Dist. 18, Madison Co. and at her death acreage went to her brothers and sisters or their representatives. Jan. 10, 1868. Reg Jan. 20, 1868. No wits.

READ WILSON, HENRY WYNKOOP and wife, MARY C., Crawford Co., Ohio; HARTWELL P. FARRAR and wife, AGNES W., Scott Co., Minnesota, hrs of ROBERT W. WILSON, Madison Co., Tenn. agreed to let ROBERT W. MAY and wife, MARY C., also hrs,


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for $800, live on a lot owned in Jackson by late R. W. Wilson and then at Mary C. May's death it would revert to the other hrs. Dec. 28, 1867. Reg Jan. 21, 1868. No wits.

JOHN W. ROSAMON, exec of J. D. ROSAMON, late of Madison Co., Tenn. sold to MARY J. WARMOTH 102 acres in Madison Co. Feb. 23, 1867. Reg Jan. 31, 1868. No wits.

NANCY WARLICK gave her son-in-law, WILLIAM G. SMITH, 40 acres, part of the land of her late husband, PHILIP WARLICK and she as exec of his will at her discretion made this deed to Smith. Jan. 1, 1861. Reg Feb. 4, 1868. Wits Jos. D. Tidwell , Jas. P. Warlick.

F. B. WADDILL, Austin Co., Texas sold to MARTHA J. C. SANDERS, POLLY ANN SANDERS, NARCISSA WADDILL, Madison Co. his interest in the land of his deceased father (unnamed). Sold to same for $300. Mar. 12, 1867. Reg Feb. 7, r868. No wits.

H. G. BLEDSOE for "love" of his wife, ELIZABETH BLEDSOE and "to secure to her a permanent home" gave her land in Jackson. Dec. 31, 1867. Reg Feb. 8, 1867. No wits.

F. R. DALLAM, adm of WILEY KIRBY, SR's will sold to SAMUEL NOWELL, for $1460, 104 acres in Madison Co. Feb. 10, 1868. Reg Feb. 10, 1868. No wits.

ELIZA L. THEUS for $5 and other considerations sold to LUCY A. THEUS 6 acres in Jackson for her natural life and then to the children she had with F. D. THEUS. Feb. 11, 1868. Reg Feb. 11, 1868. Wits F. M. Campbell , W. Campbell.

WILLIS W. WILLIAMS, exec of ANDERSON WILLIAMS' will sold to WILLIAM B. RICHARDSON, 231 acres in Madison Co. Mar. 29, 1865. Reg Feb. 18, 1868. Wits Elim Richardson, C. M. Boykin.

Madison County Chancery Court. Cause heard, Feb. 20, 1868. JOS. B. CARUTHERS adm of HENRY W. McCORRY v HENRY McCORRY, MARY McCORRY, CORINNA McCORRY, ELLEN McCORRY. The lands of Henry W. McCorry, dec, north of the north fork of the Forked Deer River in Madison Co. had been subdivided into five tracts. Lot 4, 174 acres, had been sold to L. W. MASON for $696.75 and the court vested title in same to Mason. Reg March 2, 1868.

JAMES E. BOYKIN for $1 sold to O. P. BOYKIN his entire interest in land bequeathed to hrs, F. A. BOYKIN, LULA BOYKIN, IDA BOYKIN on the death of REBECCA BOYKIN by his father, W. W. BOYKIN, 226 acres in Civil Dist. 9, Madison Co. and also some livestock. Mar. 3, 1868. Reg Mar. 3, 1868. No wits.

Madison County Court. Cause heard, April 7, 1866. RICHARD MASSEY and wife, REBECCA, ANDREW MASSEY and wife, SUSAN, E. M. BOYETT, LILLIAN BOYETT, JOHN BOYETT, STEPHEN GRANT and ELIZABETH BOYETT. Court accepted report of clerk showing that RUFUS M. MASON had bought one acre in Spring Creek, Tenn. so that title was divested from the hrs above mentioned and vested in Mason. Reg March 13, 1868.

SARAH H. ONEAL, CHARLES C. ANDERSON, JOHN D. ANDERSON, A. J. JORDAIN and wife, MARY M. had an interest willed to them by LABEN ONEAL after the death of MATILDA ONEAL who had a life-interest in 109 acres in Civil Dist. 13, Madison Co. These hrs sold their interest in this acreage to JAMES L. PHILLIPS for $300. Mar. 16, 1868. Reg Mar. 20, 1868. Wits Wm. H. Matlock, W. A. Wilkins.

ANDREW J. HAYS, Shelby Co., Tenn., ROBERT B. HAYS and MIDDLETON HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love" for FANNIE H. PRESTON, Madison Co., Tenn. gave


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her their interest from the will "of our common ancestor/father/SAMUEL J. HAYS", dec. Oct. 2, 1867. Reg Apr. 2, 1868. Wits R. J. Hays, S. D. Hays, A. K. Ryan, K. Garrett.

MILTON BROWN sold to REBECCA F., wife of Reverend THOMAS TAYLOR, 14 acres on the south side of the old Lexington road, east of Jackson, for $1509. Mar. 18, 1868. Reg Apr. 3, 1868. Wits H. A. Meriwether, Annie Deberry.

P. D. W. CONGER for "love and affection" for his wife, ELIZA JANE and their children CORD, wife of A. B. LANGFORD, ROENA CONGER, ANNA CONGER, JAMES CONGER, STEPHEN CONGER, CHARLES CONGER, JOHN CONGER, the lot in Jackson on which they lived, in trust for them by A. B. LANGFORD. Apr. 6, 1868. Reg Apr. 6, 1868. No wits.

SOPHRONIA SHIVERS, Houston Co., Texas, wife of LUTHER SHIVERS, dec and grdn of his minor children SINTHY ELIZABETH SHIVERS, LOUISE F. SHIVERS, ROBERT R. SHIVERS, WILLIAM A. SHIVERS, THOMAS J. SHIVERS, VANN B. SHIVERS, EDWARD L. SHIVERS, MARY A. SHIVERS, JOHN SHIVERS. Also T. A. WEISENEWSKY and wife, MARTHA E., daughter of LUTHER SHIVERS, Walker Co., Texas, gave POA to RIGGIN SHIVERS, Haywood Co., Tenn. to receive money due them in Tennessee. Jan. 3, 1868. Reg Apr. 8, 1868. Wits Clinton Allen, Riley J. Blair.


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