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            This Bible was published by Kimber and Sharpless, 93 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1826. In bold letters on the front cover of this large Bible is inscribed, "A. GREER." It is the property of the Jackson-Madison County Library, kept in the Tennessee Room collection. Donated to the library by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weis, Jackson, Tenn., November 2, 1995.

BIRTHS (perhaps in the handwriting of Alexander Greer)
MARGARET I. SPRATT, daughter of James & Elizabeth Spratt born Aug. 20th 1798
ALEXANDER GREER, son of Thomas & Hannah Greer born March 21st 1788
SUSAN HANNAH GREER, daughter of Alex. & Margaret I. Greer born Jany. 23rd 1820
JAMES THOMAS GREER born May 5th 1822
EMILY ALEXANDER GREER born Nov. 21st 1824
JOHN ALEXANDER GREER born Feby. 25th 1827
CAMILLUS GREER born August 4th 1830
PLEASANT GREER born Nov. (blank) 1832
CHARLES LAFAYETTE /GREER/ born 30th July 1834
PLEASANT THEODORE GREER born Feby. 2lst 1837

ALEXANDER & MARGARET I. GREER married Augt. 13th 1818
BENJAMIN R. PERSON and EMILY GREER were married Jan. 2d 1844
JOHN A. GREER & LOUISA INGRAM married May the 23 1859
GILBERT F. NEILL & HIBERNIA PERSON were married December 8th 1869
B. HUNTER GATES and EMMA NEILL were married Oct. 26th 1892
FALLS NEILL & HATTIE BOOTH married April 3rd 1913

PLEASANT GREER departed this life July 27th 1833
MARGARET I. GREER departed this life Jany. 22nd 1841
SUSAN H. GREER PERSON departed this life Oct. 27th 1842
PLEASANT THEODORE GREER departed this life Nov. l4th 1845
CHARLES LAFAYETTE GREER departed this life Oct. 25, 1857
ALEXANDER GREER departed this life September 9, 1858, he was 71 years of age
CAMILLUS P. GREER departed this life February the 7, 1859
JAMES T. GREER departed this life February thel4, 1859 -
HIBERNIA PERSON NEILL, daughter of Benj. R. & Emily Person died June 14th 1909 & buried on June 16th
BENJ. RUSH PERSON died Feb. 24th 1881 "Grandpa"
GILBERT FALLS NEILL died Feb. 5th 1885 "Papa"
B. HUNTER GATES died Aug. lst 1894, husband of Emma Neill
EMILY GREER PERSON died Oct. 3rd 1915
SALLY PERSON, wife of Rush, died Oct. 17th 1915
JOHN A. GREER died Feb. 7th 1903

ON ANOTHER FAMILY RECORD PAGE, under BIRTHS, written in one person's handwriting:
BENJAMIN RUSH PERSON, son of Benjamin & Hannah Person, born Oct. 23rd 1810
EMILY E. PERSON, daughter of Alexander & Margaret I. Greer was born Nov. 21st 1824
HIBERNIA PERSON NEILL, daughter of Benjamin R. & Emily E. Person was born October 1st 1847
EMILY NEILL GATES, daughter of Gilbert Falls and Hibernia Neill was born June 28th 1871
WILLIAMS FALLS NEILL, son of Gilbert Falls and Hibernia Neill born Nov. 19th 1879


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SUSAN H. PERSON, daughter of Alexander and Margaret Greer was born Jan. 23rd 1820
BENJAMIN PERSON, Father of B. R. Person was born Oct. 11th 1778
HANNAH PERSON, mother of Benj. R. Person was born March 31st 1788
ALEXANDER GREER, Father of Emily E. Person was born March 21st 1788
MARGARET I. GREER, mother of Emily E. Person was born Aug. 2Oth 1798

Note: On the first page of births is entered the name P. R. ROBINS born March the 19th 1828 followed with a presumed death date July the 22 1850.

In the Bible was placed a funeral announcement:


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