By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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SIMON J. JONES sold to deacons, J. R. WOOLFOLK, B. BOON, ENOCH GASKINS, W. B. KEARNEY, of the Cotton Grove Baptist Church, acre in Civil District 14, Madison Co., Tenn., along the road from Jackson to Cotton Grove. Sept. 26, 1849. Reg Oct. 4, 1849. wits J. B. Conger, T. P. Oliver.

MARY McCRORY, Madison Co., Tenn. had a life-interest in several slaves, then in possession of C. J. KEYS, Chester Dist., S.C. but for the "love and affection" for her three daughters, MARY A. McCULLOCK, JENEY A. STEWART, JANE HAMILTON, gave up her life-interest to these slaves to them. Oct. 8, 1849. Reg Oct. 10, 1849. Wits Henry Claridge, C. G. McCrory. She signed with an "x" mark.

AGNESS HOTCHKISS for "love and affection" for BROOKS and MARTHA HOTCHKISS, gave them several household items. Oct. 18, 1849. Reg Oct. 19, 1849. No wits.

JOHN DONNELL, Madison Co., Tenn. shortly before his daughter, LEVINA, was married, gave her a negro girl, Fanna, but that she had no "right" to same until he gave her a deed "in writing". Therefore, he now did provide such deed, giving her Fanna about 16 yrs old and another girl, Martha about 8 yrs old. Sept. 12, 1844. Reg Oct. 22, 1849. Wits William Atchison, Surgener Atchison.


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JOHN DONNELL, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, JANE JUSTICE, gave her 2 negroes, Caty about 15 yrs old, Margaret in her 4th yr. Aug. 14, 1843. Reg Oct. 22, 1849. No wits.

JOHN INGRAM for "love and affection" for his son-in-law, MATTHIAS DEBERRY and his wife, ANN, Formerly Ingram, gave them negro, Sarah about 20 yrs old and her children Laura and Emily. May 12, 1849. Reg Nov. 14, 1849. Wit T. C. Conner.

QBADIAH DODSON sold to his son, PAUL W. DODSON, for $280, a negro boy named James "of a yellow or mulatto color," six yrs old. Nov. 19, 1849. Reg Nov. 19, 1849. Wits B. R. Person, Geo. E. Chiles.

CHARLES MULHERIN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for SAMUEL HENRY MULHERIN, SARAH ABAGAIL MULHERIN, JOSEPH HAYWOOD MULHERIN, JAMES MADISON MULHERIN, MARTHA FRANCES MULHERIN, CHARLES THADEUS MULHERIN (relationship not given), deeded them at his death, slaves, Emily, Carity /Charity?/, Willis and John. Dec. 12, 1849. Reg Dec. 12, 1849. Wits Samuel P. Dunnaway, Wm. Pope.

ALEXANDER JACKSON, exec of JOSEPH H. TALBOT's estate gave POA to SOLOMON C. FREEMAN to sell for cash several slaves in this estate. Sept. 24, 1849. Reg Dec. 22, 1849. No wits.

Whereas the late BURR POWELL, Loudoun Co., Va. in his will authorised his execs to sell lands owned by him and whereas HUMPHREY B. POWELL and GEORGE CATHCART qualified as such execs, they sold 456 acres in Madison Co., for $1824, on May 19, 1847 to KENNETH GARRETT. Reg Dec. 24, 1849. No wits.

WILLIAM H-LONG for "love and affection" for his son, JAMES B. LONG, gave him slaves, Jack Parker and wife, Cate; Madison and wife, Ann and child; Lewis and wife, Jane and 2 children; Carroll; Isom, Peyton; Clarissa, a cook; Edney;Hester. Dec. 31, 1849. Reg Dec. 31, 1849. wits Tom W. Gamewell, A. Guthrie, Martin Cartmell.

Whereas JOHN BLAIR, in his last will appointed JAMES BLAIR as his sole exec and directed him to make "a right", i.e. deed to land that ALLEN HOLLIDAY lived on, to his sons, RIPLEY and HILLERY HOLLIDAY, when said Allen had paid "the balance on the land. "Now, James Blair conveyed to RIPLEY and HILLERY HOLLIDAY this 200 acre tract. Jan. 10, 1850. Reg Jan. 16, 1850. Wits A. J. Holliday, Nancy M. Hayes.

Deed of Gift, Jan. 22, 1850, by JUSTIN L. EDWARDS, Madison Co., Tenn. to SMETHEY /sic/ EDWARDS, his wife and her children; WILLIAM HENRY EDWARDS, son of Justin L. Edwards by his first wife, and for "love and affection" for them gave them several negroes held in trust for them by JOHN R. JELKS. Reg Jan. 22, 1850. Wits G. Adamson, A. Franklin Davie. [In the U.S. Census, 1850, Madison Co., Tenn., page 585, J. L. EDWARDS, age 57, born Conn., is listed with CYNTHIA, age 32, son, Wm. Henry, age 17 and several younger children.]

NANCY WARLICK, Madison Co., Tenn., exec PHILIP WARLICK's will, sold to THOMAS CHRISTOPHER GAYLE, 150 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 9, Range 2, Section 8, Madison Co., for $775. Dec. 22, 1849. Reg Feb. 15, 1850. Wits Wm. G. Smith, John J. Boon.

Will of THOMAS HINES, Chester Dist., South Carolina, executed July 15, 1826. Daughter, SARAH, wife of James Hamilton, a negro and at her death, to his granddaughter, REBECCA HAMILTON. Daughter, NANCY LOCK "widow woman", a negro and land. Daughter, ELLENDER (last name not given), negro and land, and at her death, to granddaughter, HARRIET (last name not given). Son, GROTIUS, negro and land. Daughter, CLARY FORD, negro and at her death to


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3 grandchildren HIRAM, REBECCA, BERTHA /Ford?/, property to be under "control" of Clary's husband, WILLIAM FORD. Signed will with an "x" mark. Wits Ralph M. Fadden, D. W. Upton, Adam Ferguson. Will probated Sept. 10, 1827. Reg in Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 25, 1850.

NANCY HUNTSMAN mortgaged to SAMUEL LANCASTER, Feb. 23, 1850, some 409 acres in Surveyor's District 9, Ranges l-2, Section 10, at the sw corner of Section 10, Range 2, acre of which had "been given off for a grave yard at the meeting house . . . near Hoard's old place," which land had been conveyed to her as NANCY MOSLY, by William Doake, Nov. 20, 1845. Reg Feb. 6, 1850. Lancaster was surety for Nancy on a note for $2700 "negotiable in the Branch of the Bank of Tennessee at Trenton and payable six months after date." /On pages 612-614, Lancaster relinquished claim on this land and several slaves Nancy had also mortgaged to him, as she had paid off the notes, July 13, 1850./ /On Nov. 20, 1845, William Doak had sold to Nancy Mosly the land above noted, as shown in Deed Book 10, page 183; this was adjacent the graveyard he had deeded to trustees of Bethany Methodist Church, Dec. 26, 1842, near the meetinghouse of this congregation. See, Deed Book 8, page 523 for this transaction./

ALEXANDER GRAY, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, AZRIAH GRAY, gave him several household items, including a bureau, a large pot, cupboard, some livestock. March 6, 1850. Reg March 11, 1850. Wits James L. Moody, C. C. Hines.

WILLIAM G. CAMPBELL conveyed to ALEX. A. CAMPBELL all his interest in his father, FRANCIS L. CAMPBELL's estate in Virginia, which he had left to his mother, NANCY, during her life-time. Nov. 17, 1841. Reg March 12, 1850. No wits.

Whereas by descent from HUGH WEIR, late of Madison Co., Tenn., BERRY WEIR, JAMES WEIR, DAVID D. WEIR, ANN B. WEIR, formerly Weir and daughter of Hugh Weir; NANCY WEIR, HENRY FRANK and wife, JANE, formerly Weir; all had interest in 73 acres and 52 acres in Hugh Weir's estate and all the other hrs sold to BERRY WEIR their portions in these tracts. Sept., 1848. Reg March 15, 1850. Wits A. S. Rogers, A. Conniway, G. W. Howlett, J. M. Barnett.

ELIZABETH JONES, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her son, ROBERT G. JONES, gave him 2 tracts (69 acres, 117 acres) in Madison Co. April 13, 1850. Reg April 23, 1850. Wits W. W. Boykin, E. Hamilton, H. Adams, R. N. McLemore.

In his life-time, JOEL CHAPPELL sold to PAWLIN O. ANDERSON 83 acres in Madison Co. for $200 but not written deed had been made for this transaction. Now, his hrs made such a deed to Anderson. They were JOEL R. CHAPPELL, JOHN L. CHAPPEL, WILLIAM T. CHAPPELL, MARY J. PHELPS, JAS. S. HINTON and wife, TABITHA S. Jan. 24, 1850. Reg April 30, 1850. Wits William N. Winston, Anderson McCampbell.

NANCY HUNTSMAN for "love and affection" for CHRISTIANA D. FOGG, gave her a negro, Albert about 5 yrs old. Feb. 25, 1850. reg Aug. 10, 1850. Wits Wm. F. Tannehill, Edward Willis.


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BENNETT DEAMORE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter-in-law, PERMETTA DEAMORE and her children, conveyed in trust to WILLIAM J. DEAMORE for them a two-horse wagon. Aug. 12, 1850. Reg Aug. 13, 1850. No wits.

JOHN WOOLFOLK, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, JOHN R. WOOLFOLK, gave him a slave boy, Charles; another slave boy, Bone. Jan. 30, 1849. Reg Aug. 23, 1850. Wits J. H. Dickinson, L. C. Smith.

Will of THOMAS HINES, Chester Dist., South Carolina; re-registered Aug. 30, 1850 from Deed Book 13, pages 292-294.

Marriage Contract. SUSAN R. CONNALLY and EDWIN R. LANCASTER are expected to marry soon and he has agreed that SAMUEL LANCASTER would hold her property that she brought to marriage in trust for her. Sept. 2, 1850. Reg Sept. 2, 1850. Wits Geo. A. Connally, Samuel C. Lancaster. /Madison County marriage record shows that Edwin R. Lancaster married Susan R. Connally, Sept. 2, 1850/

WILLIAM KING and his mother, LUCY KING and G. H. KING mortgaged a sorrel mare, 4 mules and a cotton gin to JAMES M. WOOD, for $5. July 30, 1850. Reg Oct. 26, 1850. Wits S. S. Neely, Wm. McCaslin.

Marriage Contract. MILTON B. BOYD and MARY L. W. BECTON were about to marry and he agrees that LOCK BROWN would hold in trust for her the property she brought to marriage. Oct. 26, 1850. Reg Oct. 26, 1850. /Madison County marriage record shows that MILTON B. BOYD and MARY L. W. BECTON were married Oct. 27, 1850/

Receipt from JOHN SIDDELL, grdn of LUCY ANN TRIGG, Madison Co., Tenn., for assets ($6050.81) he received from her former grnd, JOHN H. RAWLINGS. Oct. 19, 1850. Reg Nov. 2, 1850. No wits.

SAMUEL LANCASTER, exec of AUSTIN WOOLFOLK's will, sold to GEORGE ANDERSON CONNALLY, for $4083.15, 1089 acres, located 3-4 miles northeast from Jackson called the Woolfolk place "and a part of the home tract & includes the dwelling house." Oct., 1850. Reg Nov. 12, 1850. Wits W. W. Gates, Samuel L. Gannaway.

GENNET McGLOWRY, Chester Dist., S.C. gave her nephew, JAMES HAMILTON a negro boy, Jessey, and then at his death to his children WILLIAM, FANNY, JANE and JOHN HAMILTON. Niece, MOLLY McCRORY, "my house and plantation I now live on", 150 acres, and then at her death to her sons, JOHN and CYRUS McCRORY. Niece, MARY and at her death to her daughter, MARY ANN McCRORY. Niece BETSY McKINNEY a negro, Ruth and at her death to CATHARINE CULP, formerly McKinney (and other daughters JANE, BETTY, PEGGY and SALLY McKinney). Remainder sold and proceeds go to WILLIAM HAMILTON of Tenn., NANCY BARR of Indiana and PEGGY HIFLY of Indiana. Execs James McKinney and Ralph McFadden. June 8, 1819. She signed with an "6" mark. Wits James Locke, Ralph McFadden, Joseph Lock. Certified copy dated June 20, 1846. Reg in Madison Co., Nov. 14, 1850.

Indenture, Oct. 26, 1850 between SAMUEL LANCASTER and JOHN H. DAY, Chairman of the Madison Co. Court, the former sold to latter, for $5, "certain tracts or parcels of land" within the corporation of Jackson. One certain piece or parcel of land was for burial purposes of Samuel Lancaster and family; one lot for George Sander's family; lots also for William H. Long family; A. W. Jones family; A. Pegues family; Sanders Brown family; W. W. Gates family; and a burial area set aside for Samuel Lancaster's servants. Reg Nov. 16, 1850. Wits W. W. Gates, Sam'l. L. Gannaway. /This was


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for lots in the Jackson city cemetery, to become known as Riverside Cemetery. The lots of these families are still distinguishable by inscriptions of tombstones bearing their names./


PHILIP ALSTON for "love and affection" for his daughter, LOUISA, wife of James V. Fussell of Trenton, gave her a negro, Lydia about 27 yrs old and her two children, Lucy and Jenny. May 25, 1850. Reg Dec. 3, 1850. No wits.

MAJOR LANGSTON for "love and affection" for CALVIN LANGSTON (relationship not given) gave him 50 acres in Civil District 15, Madison Co. Oct. 26, 1850. Reg Dec. 4, 1850. signed with an "x" mark. No wits.

Chancery Court, Madison Co., Tenn., a petition for confirmation of sale of land. PHILIP WARLICK made his will in 1841 in which he named his wife, NANCY WARLICK and brother, DAVID WARLICK, his execs; Nancy has survived and acts as sole exec. As such she sold 150 acres in Surveyor's District 9, Range 2, Section 8, Madison Co., as it was inconveniently located and 5 miles from the homestead, to THOMAS C. GAYLE, for $775. The Court approved this sale. July 10, 1850, the Court divested title of this tract from the Warlicks to Gayle. The Warlick hrs were NANCY WARLICK; WILLIAM G. SMITH and wife, SYNTHIA JANE; JOHN N. WARLICK; LAURA ANN WARLICK; FRANCES ELIZA WARLICK; EMILY CATHARINE WARLICK; JAMES P. WARLICK. Reg Dec. 9, 1850.

ELIAS LAWRENCE and wife, SARAH, formerly wife of GEORGE N. DAVIE, dec, conveyed to the Davie estate her dower interest in same. Nov. 29, 1850. Reg Dec. 13, 1850. No wits.

By interlocutory decree of County Court, Madison Co., Dec. 1850, Z. M. DAVIE, commissioner appointed to make sale, as grdn of minor hrs of GEORGE N. DAVIE, sold 60 acres for $603.48, Jan. 1, 185l, to GEORGE HICKS. Title vested in Hicks and divested from JAMES M., GEORGE A. DAVIE and ALEXANDER BOOLING and wife, SARAH J., formerly Davie. Jan. 1, 1851. Reg Jan. 14, 1851.

JOHN BOSTICK, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for son, JOHN E. BOSTICK, gave him 139 acres in Madison Co. Jan. 14, 1851. Reg Jan. 16, 1851. No wits.

JAMES K. POINDEXTER, Rutherford Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his sister-in-law, ELIZA POINDEXTER and her children, gave them 114 acres located in Carroll and Madison counties, to be held for them by the trustee, WALTER T. KEY. Aug. 29, 1850. Reg Ja. 20, 1851. No wits.

In April 1847, Circuit Court, Madison Co., Tenn., ROBERT LOVE, JOHN B. LOVE, WILLIAM E. LOVE, SARAH E. LOVE, STEPHEN LOVE, minor children of WILLIAM C. LOVE, by their grdns JOSEPH WILLIAMS and ROBERT NESBIT filed petition for division of their father's lands; which were sold to JOHN K. PIERCE and JOHN B. LOVE, July 5, 1847, for $2902.60. JOHN L. BROWN, as clerk of this court, provided purchasers with clear title, Jan. 16, 1851. Reg Jan. 24, 1851.

JOHN HENNING for "love and affection" for WILLIAM H. HENNING (relationship not given), gave him 100 acres, Civil Dist. 3, Madison Co. Oct. 24, 1848. Reg Feb. 21, 1851. Wits Jno. N. Arnold, Francis A. Henning, Richard G. Henning.

Marriage Contract. GEORGERETTA TOMLIN, Madison Co., Tenn. and JESSE MASK, Madison Co., Tenn. were about to marry and he agreed that she would retain title to property she brought to marriage, which would be held in trust for her through a trustee, JAMES L. TALBOT. Feb. 22, 1851. Reg Feb. 25, 1851. Wits John L. Fry, Benj. Potter, Giles Hawkins, Lewis Turnage.


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Circuit Court, Madison Co., Tenn. August 1850. Petition for confirmation of sale of land. THOS. J. KIRKPATRICK died early in 1844 in Madison Co. leaving a widow, ANN. He left a will and JOHN W. LOVE qualified as exec. Widow relinquished claim on land left her which tracts (135, 80 acres) were sold to AUGUSTUS BOMER. The court confirms this transaction, divesting title from Kirkpatrick hrs: JOHN A. KIRKPATRICK, HUGH T. KIRKPATRICK; GEORGE KIRKPATRICK and wife, MARY A.; MARTHA JANE KIRKPATRICK; ROBERT B. KIRKPATRICK; WILLIAM A. KIRKPATRICK; JAMES M. KIRKPATRICK. Reg April 1, 1851.

MARY McCRORY, Madison Co., Tenn. having a claim against C. J. KEYS of Chester Dist., S.C. for "certain amount of money", the proceeds of hiring fees of slaves to which she had a life-interest, she turned over her interest to her sons, JOHN L. and CYRUS McCRORY. Dec. 23, 1849. Reg April 18, 1851. Wits Henry Claridge, John L. Watkins.

REUBEN COLE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, LOUISA S. JONES, gave her negro, Peter about 30 yrs old and his wife, Ann about 18 yrs old and her child Austin about 1 yr;Fanny about 18 yrs old. Dec. 30, 1850. Reg April 21, 1851. Wits D. G. Freeman, Eliza J. Crawford.

ONEY SHELDON and CAROLINE SHELDON sold their undivided interest in the estate of CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, late of Madison Co., to ELIZA CHAMBERLAIN. Oct. 19, 1850. Reg April 21, 1851. Wits B. Butler, H. W. Williams, F. L. Harris, John Taylor (his "x" mark).



HAZAEL HEWITT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARY A. PEGUES, formerly Hewitt, a lot (evidently in, near Jackson). Dec. 16, 1850. Reg May 1, 1851. No wits.

In Circuit Court, Madison Co., Tenn., Jan. 14, 1849, entered the cause, SILAS M. W. MARSH, MERLIN MARSH, WILLIAM LISK and wife, TABITHA, MARY E. MARSH, and others hrs at law of HENRY MARSH, dec, ex parte. Petition for division of land and negroes. First heard Dec. 29, 1848 and on Jan. 14, 1849 the cause and report formerly ordered was filed and no exceptions were taken to the same so that it was confirmed, the commissioners having made the following division: Lot 1, 70 acres, to MARY ELIZABETH MARSH. Lot 2, 53 acres, to HENRY A. MARSH. Lot 3, 53 acres, to SAMUEL F. MARSH. Lot 4, 69 acres, to WILLIAM C. MARSH. Lot 5, 52 acres, to WILLIAM LISK and wife, TABITHA. Lot 6, 251 acres, to SILAS M. W. MARSH. Lot 7, 159 acres, to ROBERT A. MARSH. Lot 8, 103 acres and an occupant claim for 153 acres, entry 1184, to MERLIN MARSH. Several slaves were distributed, including one to ELIZABETH, widow of HENRY MARSH. Reg May 5, 1851.

MARK MASON for "love and affection" for his daughter, ELIZABETH MASON, gave her 70 acres in Civil District 17, Madison Co. June 22, 1850. Reg May 30, 1851 . Wits W. H. Parham, Wm. H. Johnson.

Will of ROBERT C. WATSON, Bertie Co., N.C.; execution date not given on this copy; probated in North Carolina, May 1841 and reg in Madison Co., June 2, 1851. Mentions wife, WINEFORD, to whom he willed lands and plantation called Warrens and the place he lived had lived for her natural life; carriage, furniture, watch, negroes, stock, crop, etc. His real estate, in Tenn. and North Carolina was to be divided among his children. Execs Thos. J. Pugh and L. S. Webb, Jonathan S. Taylor;they were also to see to the educational needs of his children and that they had a grdn. Wits Starkey B. Smith, Moor Rawls.


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THOMAS L. STANFIELD, adm of EPHRAM STANFIELD, conveyed to WILLIAM HENDRIX, 75 acres in Madison Co. for $150. Oct. 1, 1849. Reg June 6, 1851. No wits.

JAMES TOMLINSON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, SIDNEY H. TOMLINSON gave him 150 acres, "one acre whereof including the graveyard." April 15, 1850. Reg. June 6, 1851. No wits.

100. "Whereas the members of the M. E. /Methodist Episcopal Church, South/ Church at Mount Carmel wishing to remove their church to a cite on my land, near the State road and at the point of the hill near Mrs. Ross and wishing to establish a branch of said M. E. Church at that place and /a/ school", MARY M. B. GODWIN conveyed to WYATT MOORING, JAMES CHRISTIAN, ALLEN WEST, JAMES ROAN, D. H. LINSEY, trustee, Mt. Carmel, 2 acres for such purposes. Sept. 20, 1850. Reg June 25, 1851. No wits.

On August 14, 1850 WILLIAM McKINNIE and wife, SARAH; DAVID McKINNIE and wife, BETHENA, Hardeman Co., Tenn. and WILLIAM G. POPE and DAVID K. POPE (agents for hrs of SOLOMON POPE, dec), Wayne Co., N.C. sold to JOHN ESTES, Madison Co., Tenn. "a certain tract" there for $120. Reg June 27, 1851. Wits Joseph Fogg, F. R. Hargrove.

JOHN SANDFORD, Madison Co., Tenn. for "the reverence and love that I have and feel for the worship of the true and living God, and being desirous that his people should have a place where they can have a permanent church built in which to worship him unmolested, have this day /June __, 1851/ given . . . unto PHINEAS CAMPBELL, LEMUEL NEWSOME, E. B. NEWSOM & JOHN CARROLL deacons of the Missionary Baptist Church at Cane Creek" a deed for one acre. Reg June 28, 1851. No wit.

T. D. TARVERsold a lot in Civil District 4, Madison Co., 3 acres, "beginning at a stake in the centre of main street in the corporation of the town of Denmark . . ." to FRANCIS MERIWETHER, DAVID MERIWETHER, THOMAS M. COBB, ANDREW SKILLERN, E. SNIPES, DAWSON BOND, trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Feb. 8, 1851. Reg Aug. 14, 1851. No wits.

Will of THOMAS HINES, executed July 15, 1826; a second re-regis of this document in Madison Co. deeds. See, Deed Book 13, pages 292-294.

LOUISA PATRICK, Green Co., N.C. sold her dower interest in 274 acres in Haywood Co., Tenn. granted to JOHN PATRICK, Grant 18937, April 1, 1823; and her dower in 360 acres in Madison Co., Tenn. granted to JOHN PATRICK, Grant 17221, June 1, 1822, for "love and affection" for her son, JOHN M. PATRICK, conveyed this property to him. Aug. 11, 1851. Reg Sept. 1, 1851. Wits Chas . Edwards , Edward Patrick.

ANDREW BALLANTINE v JAMES H. MEDLIN, MALINDA MEDLIN, GREY B. MEDLIN, CARROLL MEDLIN, JOHN MEDLIN, ROBERT MEDLIN, THOMAS MEDLIN, ESTHER MEDLIN, TENNESSEE MEDLIN, JOSEPH, WILLIAM and MARY NEAL, WILLIS EVANS and wife, ELIZABETH, BRYANT MEDLIN, hrs of GRAY B. MEDLIN, dec. In Chancery Court, Madison Co., Tenn. the report was received and accepted in the sale of land in this cause. HENRY J. PEARSON bought this tract (no acreage cited), for $999.18. Reg Sept. 12, 1851.

County Court, Madison Co., Dec. 1850. JOHN W. FISHER and Others, Petition to sell land. On Aug. 26, 1850 50 acres in Madison Co., Surveyor's District 9, Range 2, Sec. 11 "was knocked off for the sum of one hundred dollars" to JOHN W. FISHER; title in land was vested in him and divested from MELINDA BELINGTON, LUCINDA PORTER and all legal hrs of JOHN FISHER, dec. Reg Sept. 26, 1851.


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ELIZABETH JONES, Madison Co., Tenn. for "considerations" sold to her son, ROBERT G. JONES, a negro boy, George about 16 yrs old to hold him in trust for her daughter, MARY, wife of DAVID GLASS, during her natural life and then to KITTY ANN GLASS and MARY E. BARTHOLOMEW, daughters of David and Mary Glass. Sept. 20, 1851. Reg Sept. 26, 1851. She signed with her "x" mark. Wits Samuel J. Jones, John Wright.

MARGARET BOON, ALLEN BOON, WILLIAM K. GILLIS and wife, SARAH; REDMOND MAYO and wife, MARY; ENOCH BRYANT and wife, MARGARET JANE, of Madison Co., Tenn. MARGARET BOON had a life-interest in a tract of 318 acres in Madison Co. and each of the other hrs mentioned above held a 1/8 interest in same "being the whole of the estate in remainder of said tract except an unawarded eighth part belonging to LOUIZA ANN BOON, a daughter of MATILDA BOON, Junior, dec." JOHN J. BOON bought all interests in this tract except Louiza Ann's. Aug. 20, 1851. Reg Oct. 14, 1851. Wits S. B. Barnett, Brient Tettleton (signed with an "x" mark).

MARY M. B. GODWIN, exec of W. P. GODWIN, dec., Madison Co., Tenn. sold a small parcel of land, for $300, in the village of Spring Creek, to JAMES H. DRIGGERS. Sept. 1, 1851. Reg Oct. 18, 1851. No wits.

NANCY DICKINS, Panola Co., Miss. sold to JOHN and JAMES TODD, Madison Co., Tenn. a tract of land in Madison Co. which had been granted to WILLIAM DICKINS by State of Tennessee, April 30, 1844, trustee of children of ALFRED LANE and wife. "And whereas the said William Dickins, decd by his last will and testament /gave/ his real estate" to said Nancy, she now sells it to the Todds. Oct. 29, 1851. Reg Nov. 1, 1851. Wits Lindsey Murrell, John Murrell.

JOHN H. BUTLER, JAMES C. BUTLER, JAMES C. ROGERS and wife, MARY ANN, hrs of BURWELL BUTLER, dec sold part of all household and kitchen furniture to LEVINA R. BUTLER, their mother. Oct. 20, 1851. Wits A. Williams, H. W. Weir.

SAMUEL B. BROWN sold to SAMUEL BROWN, for $180, the interest he had in the estate of his grandfather, SAMUEL BROWN, dec. July 29, 1851. Reg Nov. 19, 1851. No wits.

In Chancery Court, Somerville, Tenn. ANDREW TURNER and JOHN INGRAM v THOMAS TAYLOR, adm of W. C. WHITE, FRANCIS WHITE, JESSE S. BURFORD and wife, MARTHA; S. F. McNUTT and wife, ANN; WILLIAM WHITE, JOSEPH WHITE, MARY WHITE, WILLIAM M. ATWOOD, EDWARD GREENLEAF, NATHAN ATWOOD, MOSES DUDLEY and wife, MARY; BRYAN F. DUDLEY and wife, NANCY. On Nov. 21, 1850 this cause was heard and report accepted by court in the cause, W. W. ATWOOD and EDWARD GREENLEAF v FRANCIS ATWOOD, NATHAN P. ATWOOD, MOSES DUDLEY and wife, MARY and BENJAMIN F. DUDLEY and wife, Nancy. Land in the estate sold to W. A. WHITE for $2001 and he sold it to ANDREW TURNER, while still owing money on land. He assigned of land to JOHN INGRAM. THOMAS TAYLOR had been appointed adm of W. C. WHITE's estate. FRANCIS WHITE was widow of W. C. White and other Whites mentioned above were hrs of W. C. White. As Andrew Turner and John Ingram had paid for the tract, 273 acres, title in it was given to them by the court.

CATHARINE McCLELLAN, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her grandchildren, MARTHA E. HAYLEY, gave her $200; NEWTON C. HAYLEY, gave him $100; children of Benjamin and Martha F. Hayley, the latter being Catharine's daughter. Money to be placed in the hands of their father to be given them at age 21 or when they marry. No execution date but reg Dec. 5, 1851. Wits J. D. McClellan, Radford Wethers. See page 27, "McClellan Note.


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Whereas JARRET M. JELKS died in 1829, leaving a wife, MARY JELKS, all his real and personal estate in his will dated Dec. 1, 1826, a life-interest, and at her death to be divided among his hrs. She wanted to divide the property, 850 acres and the commissioners appointed to make this division did so with the following results: Lot 1, 111 acres to MARY JELKS. Lot 2, 54 acres, to JOHN JELKS. Lot 3, 66 acres to WILLIAM JELKS. Lot 4, 92 acres, LEVIN HILL who married CLAUDIA JELKS. Lot 5, 104 acres to CANDIS L. JELKS. Lot 6, 117 acres to LUCY JELKS. Lot 7, 105 acres to WILLIAM BOYKIN. Lot 8, 67 acres to LEMUEL JELKS. Lot 9, 70 acres to YOUNG A. McLEMORE, who married ELIZA JELKS. Lot 10, 69 acres to HINTON JELKS. Oct. 8, 1846. Reg Dec. 15, 1851. Wits Robert G. Jones, Richard D. Harris.

ELIJAH SPENCER, Madison Co., Tenn. gave POA to his father, CLARK SPENCER, to attend the sale and auction of "my" father-in-law, JOHN GIVENS, dec, late of Marshall Co., Miss. to bid for property in his name and that of his wife, AMANDA. Dec. 20, 1851. Reg Dec. 20, 1851. No wits.

MARY DICKERSON (Robertson Co., Tenn.), wife of JOHN DICKERSON, and daughter of ROBERT MAN and POLLY, his wife, gave POA to S. W. COMPANY to receive for her a legacy bequeathed her by her uncle, DAVID BEVIL, dec, Madison Co., Tenn. Jan. 3, 1851. Reg Feb. 5, 1852. Wits Thomas Wynn, J. R. Dickerson (who signed with an "x"). Mary Dickerson signed with her "x" mark.

MARTHA, wife of SAMPSON W. COMPANY (Montgomery Co., Tenn.), daughter of ROBERT MANN and wife, POLLY, gave POA to S. W. COMPANY to receive for her a legacy bequeathed her by her uncle, DAVID BEVIL, dec, Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 4, 1850. Reg Feb. 5, 1852. Wits N. B. Dudley, J. Newton Shannon.

ROBERT BRYANT, Maury Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARTHA E. JACKSON, gave her a negro, Mariah about 10 yrs old. Dec. 1, 1850. Reg. Feb. 15, 1852. NO wits.

MARY JONES, one of the legatees of CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, dec. conveyed to A. WILLIAMS, trustee for CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, dec. her interest in his estate for $600. Signed with an "x" mark. Oct. 19, 1850. Reg Feb. 14, 1852. Wits H. W. Williams, L. House.

LAVINA R. BUTLER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her niece, LAVINA HARGROVE, daughter of FELIX R. HARGROVE, gave her negroes, Eliza about 13 yrs old, Cornelia about 7 yrs old. Feb. 27, 1852. Reg Feb. 28, 1852. Wits W. Lewis, J. W. Mason.

JAMES RANDOLPH, late of Madison Co., died in 1850, leaving his will without revoking any of it and bequeathed his property to his sister, MARY RANDOLPH. A. G. McCLELLAN, exec of the will stated that there was sufficient money to pay decedent's debts so that he went ahead and gave Mary Randolph the property willed to her. Jan. 7, 1851. Reg March 13, 1852. Mary Randolph's receipt to McClellan is recorded on pages 473-474, dated Jan. 7, 1851. Wits J. D. McClellan, G. B. Barker.

JOHN F. CLARK, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his brother, EDWIN A. CLARK, gave him a 1/3 interest in 717 acres called the Russell Goodrich and Micajah Keith tract, on which John F. Clark lived; as well as 17 slaves, livestock and farming tools. Jan. 31, 1852. Reg Mar. 17, 1852. No wits.

WILLIAM BOWLING (who signed with an "x" mark) for "love and affection" for his daughter, M. C. DAVIE and JOHN C. DAVIE, gave them slaves: Phil about 25 yrs old; Bet about 25 yrs old; Watkins about 55 yrs old; Nancy about 18


(Page 26)

yrs old and her child; America about 9 yrs old; Nelly about 8 yrs old; Jane about 7 yrs old; Rozetta about 5 yrs old; Minerva about 18 yrs old and her child. Nov. 24, 1851. Reg Mar. 17, 1852. No wits.

CATHERINE SNODGRASS, Madison Co., Tenn. gave POA to STEPHEN D. BURTON, Jackson Co., Tenn. to receive for her in her capacity as grdn of her children, SARAH T. and WILLIAM H. SNODGRASS, property due them from what source not stated/. Sept. 21, 1851. Reg Mar. 20, 1852. Wits T. P. Scurlock, Anne Scurlock.

ROBERT BUTLER, Leon Co., Florida, gave POA to his "beloved brother," Dr. WILLIAM E. BUTLER and if he could not act for him, then POA to his "beloved brother-in-law", ROBERT I. CHESTER, both of Madison Co., Tenn. to sell his lands in the Western District of Tenn. Dec. 1, 1851. Reg Mar. 31, 1852. Wit J. P. Lewis.

JOSEPH J. BOWERS, RUFFIN BOWERS, WENDELL FLETCHER, JOSHUA J. FLETCHER, SALLY ANN and P. B. WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH C. BOWERS, KINCHEN C. BOWERS, ADLINE P. BOWERS, hrs of Col. JOSEPH BOWERS, dec, sold 2 lots (87, 92) in Jackson, Tenn., each receiving $20 for his/her interest; to JAMES D. BOWERS. Feb. 10, 1852. Reg April 1, 1852. Wits B. Bayliss, James H. Allen.

W. T. WHEELER for "love and affection" for PARELEE E. WHEELER and her hrs gave them 175 acres in Civil District 8, Madison Co. Mar. 10, 1851. Reg April 3, 1852. Wits Alexander Joyce, H. K. Joyce.

ISABELLA C. MCCLELLAN gave POA to ALBERT G. McCLELLAN to transact "all my business of every kind and description." Mar. 2, 1852. Reg April 22, 1852. No wits.

THE_ HAMLETT for "love and affection" for his son, JOSEPH SAMUEL HAMLETT gave him livestock, 4 beds, spinning wheels, farming tools, etc. Apr. 26, 1852. Reg April 26, 1852. Wits J. R. Woolfolk, John W. Woolfolk.

JOHN DONNELL, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, JOHN DONNELL, JR., gave him 250 acres in Surveyor's District 9, Range 2, Section 11, except "Col. Taylor's burying ground." /Evidently, Colonel Samuel Taylor, early postmaster in this area, that of the village of Spring Creek./ Sept. 27, 1849. Reg April 28, 1852. No wits.

In Dec. 1848 term, Circuit Court, Madison Co., Tenn. JAMES G. MAYO, adm of WILLIAM DANIEL, filed his petition to sell lands in the estate to pay debts. Clerk of this court was ordered to sell lands and on March 5, 1849, he sold to JAMES W. DANIEL, for $100, 296 acres. JOHN L. BROWN, clerk of this court now made a clear deed to J. W. Daniel for this tract. April 28, 1852. Reg May 3, 1852.

HARRIET A. TOMLIN, sold to JAMES L. TALBOT, a slave Isaac about 10 yrs old, to hold in trust for her daughter, SARAH ELIZABETH, who had married a Mr. MANN. March 3, 1852. Reg May 7, 1852. Wits Giles Hawkins, John L. Fry.

ROBERT G. WATSON, dec, late of Bertie Co., N.C. made his will Feb. 23, 1841, empowering his execs Thomas J. Pugh and Jonathan Taylor to sell any and all his lands. They sold 422 acres in Madison Co. to PETER SINCLAIR, for $3380. Mar. 19, 1852. Reg May 15, 1852. No wits.

In a regular deed, JOSEPH PEARSON is mentioned as of Union District, South Carolina (May 22, 1852).


(Page 27)

MARY M. BECTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her daughter, MARY L. W., wife of MILTON B. BOYD, Madison Co., Tenn. gave her negro woman, Mournin and her child, Martha about 5 yrs old. June 10, 1852. Reg June 14, 1852. Wit Rich. J. Hays.

MARY M. BECTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her grandchild, BRYAN B. B. BOYD, gave him a negro girl, Alice about 2 yrs old; she being one of the children of Mournin. June 10, 1852. Reg June 14, 1852. Wit R. J. Hays.

JOHN INGRAM, Denmark, Tenn., March 10, 1852, sold to trustees of the Denmark Presbyterian Female College, 4 acres, "beginning at the corner where the ally running south from main street by the new Presbyterian Church intersects Church street," for $1350. These trustees being Rev. JAMES W. GILLESPIE, Rev. JAMES STROTHER, Rev. E. CAMPBELL, Rev. C. M. McKINNEY, JAMES B. NEELY, JOHN W. LOVE, A. R. REID, JOHN R. ALSTON, THOMAS REID. Reg June 19, 1852.



Referred from page 24, quoting Deed Book 15, page 322. Besides having a daughter, MARTHA F., who married BENJAMIN HAYLEY, John and Catharine McClellan had children (given in Deed Book 7, pages 405-407): WILLIAM B. McCLELLAN; ALBERT G. MCCLELLAN; JAMES D. McCLELLAN; JOHN Q. A. McCLELLAN; SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN; ELIZABETH, wife of RADFORD WITHERS. Several of this family lived on farms in the old Civil District 9 of Madison County. JAMES D. McCLELLAN, born about 1807, was a lawyer and county official. Located about 5 miles northwest from the present city limits, Jackson, Tenn. is the old McClellan cemetery;situated on the SE corner of Adair and Bascomb roads. Jonathan Smith copied some of the tombstone inscriptions there, October 16, 1995:

(John Quincy Adams McClellan)
Born Feb. 27, 1816
Died Oct. 15, 1892

Born Feb. 25, 1810
Died April 27, 1869
(Masonic Emblem)

Born Dec. 5, 1819
Died April 15, 1885

Born Oct. 2, 1820
Died Jan. 3, 1870

Within a wrought-iron fence:


Died June 3, 1866
Aged 58 yrs 8 mos & 20 dys

WILLIE & LIDIE, Infant children
of C. W. & A. F. CUNLIFFE
Died Jan. 22, 1868, Aged 2 days

Born Jan. 19, 1821
Died Feb. 1, 1891

JAMES N., son of A. G. & H. E. McCLELLAN
Born Sept. 18, 1836
Died in Military Prison, Rock Island
Feb. 1864

MARY E., wife of W. W. WILLIAMS and daughter of A. G. & H. E. McCLELLAN
Died Feb. 28, 1868, aged 30 yrs 7 mos & 12 dys

H. E. McCLELLAN' S TOMBSTONE gone; footstone. remains with H. E. Mc inscribed on it


Outside the wrought-iron fenced area are buried various other members of the family connection, including JOHN McCLELLAN WITHERS, born Oct. 25, 1841; died Jan. 21, 1879. Lieut. 6th Tenn. Vol. If JOHN AND CATHARINE McCLELLAN are buried here, there are at present no tombstones marking their graves.


(Page 28)


Cause heard by Madison County Court, April 1852, accepting and confirming report of commissioners to divide lands of the late SAMUEL BROWN, dated March 29, 1852. To NANCY, widow of Samuel Brown, 130 acres, "located it on the west end of the house tract including the mansion house. " Other portions allotted to Samuel Brown's hrs: Lot 1, 62 acres TO NANCY J. BROWN. Lot 2, 62 acres to MARY K. C. AUBREY. Lot 3, 42 acres to PERCY M. EMMERSON. these first three located in Haywood County. The remainder in Madison Co. Lot 4, 33 acres to ANN A. DICKERSON. Lot 5, 33 acres to JOHN T. BROWN. Lot 6, 33 acres to ELIZABETH M. MUSGROVE. Reg July 30, 1852.

JOHN W. RHEA, Roane Co., Tenn. gave POA to ISAAC M. JOHNSON to act in his name to dispose of land not already sold in a tract of 500 acres, granted to JOHN RHEA, dec and by him devised to JOHN W. RHEA. Oct. 27, 1851. Reg Aug. 7, 1852. No wits.

THOMAS M. STEWART for "love and affection" for the CHRISTIAN CHURCH at Mason's Grove, Tennessee deeded a lot to JAMES S. SMITH, ELIJAH HAMILTON, WILLIAM HARDY, S. A. BLACKER, trustees of the Christian Church "at said place." June 18, 1852. Reg Aug. 7, 1852. Wits James S. Smith, E. Hamilton.

WILLIAM N. HAMILTON for the love he did "entertain for the CHRISTIAN CHURCH at Mason's Grove, Tenn., Madison Co., gave its trustees (JAMES S. SMITH, ELIJAH HAMILTON, WILLIAM HARDY, S. A. BLACKER, THOMAS M. STEWART), one acre of ground, beginning at the NE corner of Thomas M. Stewart's land donated to the church, and located on the Ashport Road. June 18, 1852. Reg Aug. 7, 1852 . Wits T. M. Stewart, James S. Smith, E. Hamilton.

FREDERICR L. HARRIS and wife, PRUDENCE, formerly Chamberlain, for $200 sold the interest she had in her dec father, THOMAS CHAMBERLAIN's estate and in the estate of her grandfather, CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN. Oct. 6, 1852. Reg Sept. 13, 1852. Prudence signed with her "x" mark. Wits J. S. York, Sam'l. McClanahan.

10th Judicial Dist., Tenn. Report filed Dec. 1849 (ordered by court August 1849), revealing clerk and master had sold land, containing 312 poles, for $1002, to CHRISTOPHER HUTCHINGS;being the lot conveyed by Cary Ann Hackney to John G. Connelly as trustee July 24, 1847 (reg July 26, 1847);titled vested in said Hutchings and divested from hrs /whose not given/ MARY, wife of HENRY G. CONNELLY by her "next friend", WILLIAM H. CONNELLY; JOHN G. CONNELLY; THEODORE J. CONNELLY;WILLIAM H. CONNELLY;NEAL F. CONNELLY;GEORGE G. CONNELLY;LEE BAILY CONNELLY. Sept. 25, 1852. Reg Sept. 25, 1852.

THOMAS J. PERSONS, Madison Co., Tenn. conveyed to ANN PERSONS, for $300, his interest in the 33 acre tract owned by "my father," BENJAMIN PERSONS in Civil District 14, Madison Co. Sept. 5, 1852. Reg Sept. 27, 1852. Deed signed Thos. J. PERSON, not Persons. Wits J. R. Woolfolk, G. G. Person.

AMOS W. JONES, JOS. C. SHARP, MILTON BROWN, trustees on behalf of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in Jackson, conveyed to the Jackson Division of the Sons of Temperance No. 41, lot 28 in Jackson, for $900, "on which the old Methodist Church stands and which is now in possession of and occupied by the Jackson Division of the Sons of Temperance No. 41. Sept. 11, 1852. Reg Oct. 11, 1852. No wits.

Marriage Contract. Whereas LAVINA R. BUTLER, Madison Co., Tenn. and BYRD HILL, Shelby Co., Tenn. were shortly to become "husband and wife," she conveyed to him in trust for her "sole and separate use and benefit after their marriage", about 640 acres in Civil District 12, "being


(Page 29)

the plantation whereon the said Lavina R. Butler now resides; the lands of the late BURRELL /Burwell/ BUTLER of Madison Co., her former husband. Also, negroes George about 45 yrs old; Isham about 50 yrs old; Edmund about 21 yrs old; Paul 20 yrs old; Jo 20 yrs old; Hetty 35 yrs old; Letty 30 yrs old; Judy 40 yrs old; ELIZA 16 yrs old; Tennessee 15 yrs old; Caroline 10 yrs old; Carter 12 yrs old; Harriett 3 yrs old; Jerry 4 yrs old; Martha 8 months old. Also, her household furnishings, farming tools, carriage and buggy. Oct. 29, 1852. Reg Oct. 21, 1852. Wits Samuel McClanahan, N. Williams. /Madison Co. marriage record shows that Byrd Hill was married to Lavinia R. Butler, Oct. 21, 1852/

ALEXANDER JACKSON, exec of JOSEPH L. TALBOT's estate, sold to JOHN READ, a tract of land adjoining Jackson for $930.75. Bounded on north by James L. Talbot; on the west by Trenton Road; on the south by John S. Miller; on the east by John L. Brown. Sept. 14, 1852. Reg Oct. 27, 1852. No wits.

TEMPIE S. JOHNSTON for "love and affection" for SARAH J. JOHNSON, a negro girl, AGGY. Oct. 30, 1852. Reg Oct. 30, 1852. Wits John A. Johnson, T. H. Philips.

TEMPIE S. JOHNSTON, for "love and affection" for WILLIAM JOHNSON, JOHN JOHNSON, MARY JOHNSON, TEMPIE JOHNSON, gave them negroes Mary, Milly and Jane, retaining a life-interest "in said slaves." Oct. 30, 1852. Reg Oct. 30, 1852. No wits.

Marriage Contract, October 30, 1852. A marriage was shortly to be solemnized between TEMPIE S. JOHNSTON and PHILIP ALSTON, JR. He agreed that she would retain title of property she brought to marriage, held in trust for her by LEROY C. GILLESPIE; including 22 acres near Denmark, a slave Mary and her 4 children: Maria, Louisa, Eliza, Emily; Rachel and her 3 ch: Alfred, Susan and an unnamed infant; Henry; Hannah. At her death, if she had not disposed of this property, it would go to her bodily hrs. Reg Oct. 30, 1852. Wits T. H. Philips, John A. Tyson.

THOMAS McGEE and SARAH McGEE relinquished claim in negro, Ann about 6 yrs old that had been gifted "this day" by MARTHA FARRIS and JAMES McGLOHN had given to Sarah for her life-time. June 21, 1851. Reg Oct. 30, 1852. Wits T. J. Fuller, Wm. M. Ford.

MARGARET ROBINSON, Franklin Co., Missouri gave POA to her husband, BENJAMIN ROBERTSON to receive from execs any portion of the estates of JOHN BARNETT and POLLY BARNETT, dec that would be due her. Oct. 18, 1852. Reg Nov. 6, 1852. Wit C. S. Jeffries.

BENJAMIN ROBERTSON, Franklin Co., Missouri by virtue of POA given him by his wife, MARGARET, gave POA to WILLIAM T. PARKER, Madison Co., Tenn. to be his agent to receive land due his wife and to him by "marital right," in the estates of JOHN BARNETT and POLLY BARNETT. NOV. 4, 1852. Reg Nov. 6, 1852. No wits.

NEWTON WILLIAMS for "good will and affection" for Missionary Baptists gave to them at Walnut Hill one acre of land "as long as there shall be a church there of the same faith and order," being "for a location of a house of public worship." Signed with an "x" mark. Sept. 25, 1852. Reg Nov. 8, 1852. Wits Alfred Williams, G. W. Williams.

HARRIET A. HALE for "love and affection" for her daughter, MARY D., wife of Col. ROBERT TAYLOR of Jackson, conveyed to Hon. John Read, a negro girl, Martha about 16 yrs old, in trust for this daughter and her children. Oct. 2, 1852 . Reg Nov. 9, 1852 . No wits.

THOMAS H. NEWBERN, exec of will of JOAB WILSON, dec for $125 sold to JOHN H. WRAY, 1 acres near south boundary of Denmark, running south with the Medon road. Nov. 25, 1848. Reg Nov. 10, 1852. Wits W. S. Spivey, Wm. S. Brent.


(Page 30)

Whereas ALLEN DEBERRY, dec of Madison Co., Tenn. by his will executed July 12, 1846 and duly probated, made a gift to his exec ABSALOM DEBERRY, $7000 in trust so that when his nephew, ALLEN DEBERRY reached age 21, the said Allen will convey to his brother, MATHIAS DEBERRY all his portions of land in Madison Co. coming from their father's estate, but if he refused to do so, or died before reaching age 21, the said money would be paid to MATHIAS DEBERRY. Whereas Allen Deberry had attained age 21 and conveyed to his brother, Mathias Deberry, lands from their father, Matthew /Mathias/Deberry, and as Mathias Deberry the younger had died, leaving children ELIZABETH and Ann, he conveyed to them his interest in his father's lands, those sold, the money derived therefrom to them, his nieces, as well. Nov. 6, 1852. Reg Nov. 13, 1852. No wits.

DUKE KLYCE, Gibson Co., Tenn. sold a lot, 7 acres, adjoining Mason's Grove, Tenn. to WILLIAM C. STOVALL, WILLIAM W. BOYKIN, JAMES K. BROWN, KINCHEN CUSTER and GAYLE H. KYLE, trustees appointed by the Quarterly Conference, Jackson, District, Memphis Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South for use as a place for a parsonage; for $188.50. June 14, 1852. Reg Nov. 15, 1852. Wits Robert G. Jones, Henry Blurton.

ABSALOM DEBERRY, exec of MATHIAS DEBERRY's will (his co-exec, ALLEN DEBERRY being deceased), sold to ROBERT B. HURT, for $100, 27 acres surveyed August 29, 1823 and located in Surveyor's District 9, Range 1, Section 9;located on Jones Creek, a branch of the south fork of the Forked Deer River. October __, 1850. Reg Nov. 16, 1852. No wits.

THOMAS HENDERSON, New Orleans, Louisiana, gave POA to THOMAS CLARK, Madison Co., Tenn. to represent him as grdn of JOHN M. FENNER's children, JAMES and LAURA, to "hire out the negroes and rent the lands" of said children. Signed deed as "Tom Henderson." Oct. 6, 1852. Reg Nov. 17, 1852. No wits.

BENJAMIN LEWIS for "love and affection" for his daughter, SARAH ANN, wife of LITTLEBERRY ARNOLD of Gibson Co., Tenn. "with a view to secure for her, to some extent, the means of support in the event of misfortune coming upon him," gave to JOSEPH MILLER in trust for the Arnolds, a negro, Fanny about 12 yrs old "of bright copper color"; also 125 acres to be free of Littleberry Arnold's debts. He signed with an "x" mark. Nov. 27, 1852. Reg Nov. 29, 1852. Wit William H. Stephens.

J. C. COGGSHALL /sic/, adm of STEPHEN OUTERBRIDGE's estate, Haywood Co., Tenn. sold to THOMAS B. FENNER 724 acres in Madison Co. for $3520.45. June 17, 1852. Reg Dec. 4, 1852. No wits.

JOHN IRVIN, adm of STANSBURY SMITH's estate, petitioned Circuit Court, Madison Co. to sell his lands. R. W. WILSON became purchaser at the administrator's sale and he sold this land, a lot in Jackson, to JOHN GOLDEN and he sold it in turn to PATIENCE NELSON "a free woman of color" and the court vested title of the land to Patience. Sept. 27, 1852. Reg Dec. 11 , 1852 . Wits J. L. H. Tomlin, Lorenzo Goodell.

A. G. PERKINS for "love and affection" for his wife, ELIZA E. PERKINS and his children ANN, ELIZABETH, ALFRED HENRY DASHIELL and NICHOLAS TATE, for the "maintenance & education" of said children and any others he and Eliza might have, conveyed his slaves John, Jim, Arch and Ann Eliza in trust to R. R. DASHIELL. Dec. 11, 1852. Reg Dec. 11, 1852. No wits.

Madison County Court heard cause, Jan. 4, 1853, the report received from commissioners to sell slaves, which report was accepted and confirmed. A negro (unnamed) was sold to STEPHEN JOHNSON for $560. Title to be divested from JAMES JOHNSON, exec of SAMUEL JOHNSTON and vested in Stephen Johnson. Reg Jan. 10, 1853.


(Page 31)

COMMISSIONERS selected by JAMES NICHOLSON, J. T. NICHOLSON, SHARAH H. STANDLY, NANCY NICHOLSON, D. S. NICHOLSON, NANCY NICHOLSON acting for her daughter, H. M. NICHOLSON (hrs of DAVID NICHOLSON, dec), apportioned property of said David, including several slaves, among these hrs. Jan. 6, 1853. Reg Jan. 10, 1853.

In Dec. 1845 term of the Circuit Court, JOHN J. BROOKS, STEPHEN BROOKS and ADOLPHUS MOOR and wife, TEMPY, distributors of THOMAS BROOKS, dec filed for petition of his lands to be divided among them. ANDREW GUTHRIE was appointed to sell 37 acres and he did so, Jan. 10, 1846, to ADOLPHUS MOOR for $200. Jan. 3, 1853. Reg Jan. 15, 1853.

W. A. DICKERSON and wife, NANCY M.; Mrs. JANE R. WHITE sold 250 acres that "fell to us by desent from the estate of JOHN JONES deceased," for $500, to THOMAS McGILL. Jan. 11, 1853. Reg Jan. 18, 1853. Wits John C. Johnson, W. R. Dickerson.

LUCY H. GREEN for "love and affection" for her niece, LUCY H., wife of HAMDEN McCLANAHAN, gave her negroes Sarah Lucy, Henry Clay and Isham, retaining a life-interest in them. March 10, 1851. Reg Jan. 20, 1853. Wits John W. Mitchell, Samuel McClanahan.

NATHAN H. WHITLOW, adm of JONATHAN STEEPLE's estate, in compliance with a bond executed by him before his death, sold 53 3/4 acres, for $175 to JAMES W. MAYO. Jan. 26, 1853. Reg Jan. 28, 1853. No wits.

WILLIAM BRUTON, Madison Co., Tenn. in order "to aid my sons JAMES & IVERSON" gave them jointly 100 acres as part of their portion of his estate. Land valued at $1200. James was to pay Iverson money for his of land. Land went therefore to James Bruton. William and Iverson signed this deed with their "x" marks. Jan. 1, 1853. Reg Feb. 2, 1853. No wits.

THOMAS M. MERRIWETHER and FRANCIS A. MERRIWETHER, adm of JAMES MERRIWETHER's estate, sold 110 acres in Gibson Co., for $400, to WILLIAM C. ROBINSON, Jan. 15, 1853. Reg Feb. 3, 1853. Wits T. D. Tarver, J. A. Fitz.

For $2000 paid him, HUGH McKNIGHT, by his father, WILLIAM McKNIGHT, the son relinquished any further claim on his father's estate. Jan. 6, 1853. Reg Feb. 4, 1853. Wits Caleb McKnight, William McKnight, Jr.

ELISHA FYKE, Dallas Co., Texas gave POA to JEREMIAH FYKE, Roberson Co., Texas to receive for him anything he was due from estates of DANIEL and POLLY BEVILL in Madison Co., Tenn. by right of his wife, SARAH. May 26, 1852. Reg. Feb. 9, 1853. No wits.

JOHN L. CANNON sold all interest he had in estate of SAMUEL CANNON "he being my father" to PATSEY CLOYD. Nov. 1, 1852. Reg Feb. 9, 1853. Wits E. P. Lorance, David Cloyd.

A petition was filed in Circuit Court, Madison Co. by hrs of DANIEL JEFFERYS, for his land to be sold, including town lots and the proceeds to be distributed to these hrs. On Jan. 24, 1849 one of lots was sold for $90 to H. S. KING, and as he had paid for it, the clerk of the court, JOHN L. BROWN made King a deed for lot. Dec. 23, 1852. Reg Feb. 9, 1853. The petition of these hrs was dated in December 1848.

FRANCIS M. JOHNSON and AMANDA JOHNSON, formerly Haltom, daughter of ELIZABETH HOLTOM, dec sold to THOMAS M. GILL, 40 acres allotted to her in the division of her father's estate and 36 acres bought by Ebenezer Haltom. Jan. 15, 1850. Reg Feb. 19, 1853. Both Johnsons signed with "x" marks.


(Page 32)

JO GILL, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his niece, JANE WALLIS, gave her a negro LYTISHA. Aug. 28, 1852. Reg Mar. 1, 1853. No wits.

Receipt of CATHARINE McCLELLAN to A. G. McCLELLAN for $1000, the "entire amount left me by" J. D. McClellan in his will. March 3, 1853. Reg March 4, 1853. Wit Radford Withers. She signed with her "x" mark. /James D. McClellan died in Feb. 1852, leaving a widow, Isabella, nee McLean, whom he had married in 1832;they had no children./

Whereas an execution held by JOSEPH ECHOLS, constable, Madison Co., Tenn. in favor of LORENZO GOODELL against HAMDEN McCLANAHAN & FRANCIS FOGG, for about $40.56 and Hamden being desirous to raise the money to pay said execution, sold to SAMUEL McCLANAHAN his cooking stove, rug carpet, his safe /something like a cupboard/ and a large looking glass /mirror/ that were given to his wife by her father, JOHN C. GREEN, as a consideration to Hamden to pay said execution and Samuel McClanahan loaned these items to his daughter-in-law, LUCY H., wife of Hamden "until I think proper to call for them. March 3, 1853. Reg Mar. 5, l853. N6wit~. "

GAYLE H. KYLE for "love and affection" for his "beloved daughter," Mrs. MARY GAYLE, wife of JAMES G. PERRY, and her children, gave her slaves, Nancy about 29 yrs old and her 4 ch: John about 6 yrs old; Florence about 4 yrs old; Sam about 2 yrs old; Shepherd about 1 yr old. March 8, 1853. Reg Mar. 12, 1853. No wits.

LEONARD GEORGE, Madison Co., Tenn. for $5 and other considerations sold to his wife, MARTHA W. GEORGE, land "where I now live, " 110 acres. Sept. 2, 1852. Reg Mar. 31, 1853. Wits Pomfret Hart, Martin L. George (x mark).

ELIZABETH MARTIN, Madison Co., Tenn. gave for "love and consideration" she had for Methodist Episcopal Church, South, deeded 2 acres on the NW corner of the tract she lived on, near the Jackson-Dyersburg road, by way of Mason's Grove to build on it a "house or place of worship" for members of this church. Conveyed to its trustees, BENJAMIN BROOKS, AVERY HUNT, MARTIN PERRY, E. W. MATHEWS, W. STOVALL, ALEXANDER MATHEWS, W. A. WARD. Jan. 19, 1853. Reg April 6, 1853. Wits James G. Brooks, S. M. Brooks.

AUSTIN W. ELROD, SAMUEL ELROD, SAMUEL LANCASTER and others. Cause heard March 16, 1853 in Chancery Court. On March 6, 1850, the clerk and master had by court order sold a lot to FRANCIS FOGG for $500 and he sold to SAMUEL LUCKY who finished paying for the lot; therefore a deed was confirmed by the court to Lucky, Dec. 8, 1852 for it. Court divested interest in this lot, from hrs of JAMES ELROD, dec to Samuel Lucky. Reg April 23, 1853.

March 19, 1853, JAMES HEAD and wife, ANN, Scott Co., Va. sold to CYNTHA GILLIAM, Madison Co., Tenn. their interest in 380 acres, for $28.57, from the estate of JOHN GILLIAM, who had died without bodily hrs; the Heads were hrs at law of said John through her mother, ELIZABETH LEWIS, formerly Gilliam, a sister of John Gilliam, dec. Ann signed with her "x" mark. March 19, 1853. Reg April 23, 1853. Wits Martin Lewis, Arthur Williams.

WILLIAM FALIN and wife, MARY, formerly Gilliam, Scott Co., Va. sold to CYNTHA GILLIAM, Madison Co., Tenn. their interest in 380 acres in Madison Co., land of the late JOHN GILLIAM, for $200. Both Falins signed with "x" marks. Mar. 18, 1853. Reg April 23, 1853. Wits Martin Lewis, Arthur Williams.

ANDREW RILEY and wife, RHODY, formerly Gilliam, Scott Co., Va. sold their interest in 380 acres in estate of JOHN GILLIAM, dec to CYNTHA GILLIAM, for $100. Both Rileys signed with "x" marks. Mar. 18, 1853. Reg Apr. 23, 1853. Wits Martin Lewis, Arthur Williams.


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WILLIS LEWIS and wife, NANCY, formerly Gilliam, Hancock Co., Tenn. sold their interest in 380 acres in the estate of JOHN GILLIAM, dec to CYNTHA GILLIAM, Madison Co., Tenn. for $200. Both Lewises signed with their "x" marks. Mar. 18, 1853. Reg April 23, 1853. Wits Arthur Williams, Martin Lewis.

JOHN LEWIS, Hancock Co., Tenn. sold to CYNTHA GILLIAM, Madison Co., Tenn. his interest in the 380 acres in JOHN GILLIAM, dec estate. Gilliam "having lately departed this life without heirs of his body." John Lewis was an hr at law through his mother, ELIZABETH LEWIS, formerly Gilliam, for $28.50. Wits Arthur Williams, James Head. John Lewis signed with an "x" mark.

WILLIAM GILLIAM, Scot Co., Va. sold to CYNTHA GILLIAM, Madison Co., Tenn. his interest in 380 acres in JOHN GILLIAM, dec estate for $200. Wits Martin Lewis, Arthur Williams. W. Gilliam signed with an "x" mark.

MARTHA. and ENOCH LEWIS, Scott Co., Va. sold their interest in 380 acres formerly the property of JOHN GILLIAM, dec to CYNTHA GILLIAM, for $28.50. Right of interest through their mother, ELIZABETH LEWIS, a sister of the said John Gilliam, dec. Mar. 17, 1853. Reg April 23, 1853. No wits.

JOHN F. SPRIGHT, Chairman of the county court, Edgecombe Co., N.C. trustee by last will of LEWIS D. WILSON, of the lands he held in Tenn.; he sold 28 2/3 acres in Madison Co. to ROBERT I. CHESTER, for $571. April 20, 1853. Reg April 2, 1853. Wits John M. Morrill, James Vaulx.

ALBERT McCLELLAN, attorney for ISABELLA McCLELLAN, both of Madison Co., Tenn. sold a lot in Jackson, of an acre, to JOHN C. McCOLLUM of Carroll Co., Tenn. for $250. Mar. 7, 1853. Reg May 7, 1853. Wits Radford Withers, R. J. Hays.

O. P. CATRON, sold to M. M. McCOY, for $450, his "interest and the interest of my infant son JOHN CATRON, JR. in a tract of land", near Denmark, which had been devised to his wife, SUSAN, by her father, PETER R. BOOKER, dec., McNairy Co., Tenn., being a third of interest in this acreage. Dec. 15, 1849. Reg May 16, 1853. Wits Jas. B. Mosly, G. W. Turnly.

JAMES HARRISON, Madison Co., Tenn. for $800 sold 100 acres to the hrs of JANE ARMSTED, dec (J. B. CARTER, JOHN F. ARMSTED, JULIA ARMSTED, WILLIAM ARMSTED, GEORGE ARMSTED, MARTHA ARMSTED) in Madison Co. May 14, 1853. Reg May 16, 1853. No wits.

J. W. McCULLOUGH, Rector, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Jackson and vestry-men JAS. L. TALBOT, ROBERT STARK, W. H. STEPHENS, JOHN READ, JAMES VAULX, ROBERT FENNER, JAMES CARUTHERS, conveyed property and church of St. Luke to the DIOCESE OF TENNESSEE through Bishop J. H. Otey. May 14, 1853. Reg May 18, 1853. Wits John S. Miller, William W. Searcey.

CHARLES READY, Rutherford Co., Tenn. as agent for the hrs of ROBERT NEILSON, Buncombe Co., N.C. sold to SUGARS McLEMORE, for $2500, "for himself in right" of his wife, MARTHA A. /READY/, 500 acres in Surveyor's District 10, Range 3, Sections 9-10, Madison Co. Nov. 4, 1828. Reg May 23, 1853. Wits Robert I. Chester, John D. Martin.

DAVID MERIWETHER, Madison Co., Tenn. for $405 sold to JAMES S. WEATHERLY, WILLIAM W. WEATHERLY, SAM A. WEATHERLY, SARAH J. WEATHERLY, JESSE A. WEATHERLY, CALVIN WEATHERLY, hrs of ALLEN WEATHERLY, 101 acres in Civil District 3, Madison Co. Aug. 29, 1851. Reg May 26, 1853. No wits.



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ROOKS, JASON FUSSELL AND GRAY B. ROOKS, grdn for MORRIS ROOKS and JAMES R. ROOKS, all of Madison Co., Tenn. sold to WILLIAM HOPPER, land, in Madison Co. for $660. Oct. 21, 1851. Reg May 31, 1853. Wits James Sowell, Wiley Kirby.

JASPER T. E. HOLLADAY for "love and affection" for his wife, PARALEE M. HOLLADAY, gave her two negroes, Albert about 23 yrs old; John about 18 yrs old; his buggy, a wardrobe in trust for her by WILLIAM ELLIOTT. June 10, 1853. Reg June 14, 1853. No wits.

A. T. WILLIAMS for "love and affection" for his wife, MARGARET L. WILLLIAMS, gave her three negroes Amanda 17 yrs old and her 8 month-old-child (unnamed) and "my boy," (unnamed) aged 5 years "last January." In trust for her through S. S. SYKES. June 11, 1853. Reg June 14, 1853. No wits.

Whereas ANDERSON and NELSON DELAP were brothers, engaged in farming together, held property in common; the survivor to inherit the other's share. "The consideration moving us to this agreement and contract is the love and affection that we bear to each other as brothers." June 1, 1853. Reg June 15, 1853. No wits.

By descent from SAMUEL D. WADDELL, SAMUEL R. WADDELL, I. WADDELL, FREDERICK WADDELL, JOHN WADDELL, RACHEL WADDELL, MARY WADDELL, NANCY WADDELL, WILLIAM W. WADDELL, hold equal undivided interest in tract (acreage not given). SAMUEL R. WADDELL sold his interest in this tract to I. WADDELL for $120. Nov. 23, 1847. Reg July 2, 1853. Wits H. A. Welch, Wm. S. H. Sanders.

OSBERN H. BOYKIN, Nacodochis Co. /Nacodoches Co./, Texas sold his 1/6 interest in 200 acres and personal estate, except for negroes to WILLIAM W. BOYKIN, that he had from his father, E. BOYKIN, dec; received $301.41 for same. May 11, 1853. Reg July 23, 1853. Wits John M. Morrill, Alex Jackson.

SAMUEL TATE, Alamance Co., N.C. gave POA to ROBERT COBB, Haywood Co., Tenn. to receive from WILLIAM POPE, his legacy by right of his wife, SALLY in the will of her brother, JOHN STRAYHORN, dec. June 23, 1853. Reg July 23, 1853. No wits.

B. A. CRISP, exec of STEPHEN MILBERN's estate sold 83 acres, for $415, to JOHN RICHARDS. Feb. 28, 1853. Reg July 26, 1853. No wits.

JAMES WHITENTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for OTEL WHITENTON (relationship not stated), gave him 110 acres. Nov. 28, 1851. Reg. Aug. 10, 1853. Wits Joseph Duncan, James Kendrick.

JAMES WHITENTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, SOLOMON WHITENTON, gave him 50 acres. Dec. 20, 1851. Reg Aug. 10, 1853. Wit James Duncan.

SAMUEL LANCASTER for "love and affection" for his son, SAMUEL C. LANCASTER, both of Madison Co., Tenn. gave him parts of lots 15 and 36 on the west side of the public square in Jackson. Aug. 5, 1853. Reg Aug. 11, 1853. No wits.

Chancery Court, Madison Co. Cause came to be heard, March 29, 1853. Report of clerk and master heard and accepted. Court confirmed lands in Madison, Henderson and Perry counties sold to WILLIAM PRIDDY. Vested in him and divested from ARCHIBALD McNEEL and wife, AMY B.; DAVID B. GREER, ELISHA H. GREER, LEROY B. SUTTLES and wife, MARGANAS; ANDREW G. McNEEL, GEORGE M. McNEEL, ANDREW G. PICKET, EDWARD B. PICKET, JOSEPH G. PICKET, ARCHIBALD GREER, JOHN W. BUTLER and wife, SARAH; JOHN H. EDMONDSON and wife, MALINDA; COLIN W. JACKSON and wife, JANE; ANDREW OSMARTIN and wife, SARAH E.; WILLIAM D. MARTIN. /Whose lands these were is not given/ Reg Aug. 13, 1853.


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ALEXANDER TURNER for "love and affection" for his son, SAMUEL G. TURNER, gave him 72 acres in Civil District 16, Madison Co. July 21, 1853. Reg Sept. 6, 1853. Wits William Brown, Rufus H. Bevin.

Cause heard in Chancery Court, Madison Co., Tenn. Dec. 26, 1850. Report of commissioners for land sold to JOHN HARRIS, Oct. 7, 1850. Vested in him and divested from CAROLINE C. STAFFORD and her children JAMES H. STAFFORD, MARSHALL C. STAFFORD, JOHN M. W. STAFFORD, SAMUEL M. STAFFORD, CORNELIUS L. STAFFORD, MARY A. STAFFORD. Reg Sept. 6, 1853. /Whose estate this was is not given in this record./

JAMES C. MAYNARD, JAMES C. MAYNARD, JACKSON HORD and wife, SUSAN, formerly Maynard, and J. B. DEMERON, grdn of VIRGINIA MAYNARD, Randolph Co., Missouri gave POA to JOHN M. MAYNARD, Madison Co., Tenn. to receive from GEORGE A. CONNALLY anything they were due from estates of MERRY and JANE R. MAYNARD. Dec. 6, 1853. Reg Sept. 13, 1853. No wits.

FREDERICK B. WADDELL, Austin Co., Texas gave POA to SETH Q. WADDELL in this matter: SAMUEL D. and ELIZABETH WADDELL had died many years ago, leaving 274 acres and 1 slave, Peg, to their 9 children FREDERICK B. WADDELL, JOHN P. WADDELL, SETH Q. WADDELL, SAMUEL R. WADDELL, NARCISSA WADDELL and authorizes the same of same. May 30, 1853. Reg Sept. 20, 1853. Wits Thos. N. Bowers, P. Z. Bowers, J. N. Mayfield.

MURDOCK THOMPSON sold to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, for $5, 3 acres in Civil District 16. Signed with an "x" mark. Sept. 29, 1853. Reg Oct. 1, 1853. Wits A. M. Shane, Samuel McAdoo.

JOHN DOUGLAS and wife, MARGARET D., formerly Braden; THOMAS M. PATTON and wife, NANCY E.; N. E. DOUGLASS, GEORGE W. STOREY and wife, AMELIA J. DOUGLASS, JOSEPH A. DOUGLASS, sold to JAMES M. WILIE the tract that ALEXANDER BRADEN had given his daughter, MARGARET D. DOUGLASS and her hrs; giving up a lease interest in this tract. Execution date not given. Reg Oct. 3, 1853. Wits D. M. Phendergast, Henry P. Banks.

JOHN P. WADDELL gave his interest in land and a slave, Peg, to his sisters, MARTHA JANE SANDERS, RACHEL ELIZABETH WADDELL, MARY ANN WADDELL, NARCISSA WADDELL the interest he had in estate of his parents, SAMUEL and ELIZABETH WADDELL; giving POA to SETH Q. WADDELL to effect this gift. Mar. 14, 1852. Reg Oct. 7, 1853. No wits.

Whereas Auquella DYSON, formerly of Madison Co., Tenn. died leaving a large personal and real estate holding. He left his widow, MALINDA DYSON and JAMES H., JOSIAH, ROBERT CLARK DYSON, MARY E. DYSON who married THOMAS INGRAM; MALINDA DYSON who married Wm. A. ANTHONY. His widow wanted estate divided in her life-time which was done in 1845. MALINDA DYSON the widow received 160 acres, including the mansion house where Auquella had lived when he died. For $300 these hrs sold their interest in same to JOSIAH D. DYSON and THOMAS INGRAM, ____ __, 1850. Reg Oct. 8, 1853. Wits H. H. Ross , G. L. Brantly, William Wilson.

Cause heard in Court, unspecified, Jan. 19, 1853 with commissioners report and survey accepted. R. T. McKnight had surveyed for hrs of JOHN WATT, dec land in six lots, Nov. 5, 1852. Lot 1, hrs of IRVIN NICHOLS. Lot 2, SAMUEL FOWLER and wife, SUSAN. Lot 3, THOMAS J. WATT. Lot 4, JOHN M. LOVILL and wife, REBECCA. Lot 5, JAMES N. WATT. Lot 6, hrs of LORENZO CASH (Jane, Rebecca and John James Cash). Lot 7, SAMUEL W. WATT. Reg Oct. 28, 1853.

MARY P. SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for her daughter, TABITHA J., wife of RANSOM POUNDS, gave her a negro girl, Mary Jane about 7 yrs old. Nov. 3, 1853. Reg Nov. 5, 1853. No wits. Mary signed with her "x" mark.


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SILAS TUCKER, Rutherford Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, MARGARET S., wife of BENJAMIN F. HAZLEWOOD, conveyed to JAMES S. SMITH, as trustee, for her, a slave, Harriet about 22 yrs old and her two children Isham about 3 yrs old and DELEY about 4 yrs old, all then in possession of the Hazlewoods. Oct. 14, 1853. Reg Nov. 7, 1853. Wits Edwin A. Huble, Richard H. Huble.

MARTHA COMBS for "love and affection" for her daughter, SUSAN H. COMBS, gave her the note for $450.34 on the estate of HUGH BARNETT. Nov. 19, 1853. Reg Nov. 19, 1853. Wits John N. Barnett, David P. Barnett. Martha signed with her "x" mark.


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