By Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1995

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Whereas by a marriage contract between FREDERICK MAYO and KEDDY MAYO, he had agreed that she was "at liberty to dispose of her property in any way she may think proper, that is to say the property she had at our marriage with its interest." He was at liberty to do the same with his property. Signed, Frederick Mayo and Keddy Mayo (signed with her "x" mark). Jan. 29, 1845. Reg April 8, 1845. Wits James Harrison, James Carter. /Madison Co., Tenn. marriage records show that Fredrick Mayo married Catherine Bunton, March 5, 1843/

Whereas on Dec. 30, 1843 E. W. J. CRAWFORD, adm of Alex. C. Crawford, dec. had conveyed by bill of sale to MARGARET CANNON, the negro slave, Carolina then aged about 17 yrs and her child, Hester about two yrs old, and since which time Caroline had had another child, Amanda. Margaret was wife of John L. Cannon and daughter of Alex. C. Crawford and these slaves were bid off to her from her father's estate for $734. She was to have the benefit of this property and John L. Cannon quit claimed any interest in same. April ll, 1845. Reg April 11, 1845. Wit A. Crawford.

Indenture dated April 12, 1845. WILLIAM PILLOW, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, MARCUS L. PILLOW deeded 320 acres to him, beginning at the SW corner of his 2452 acre land grant. Reg April 16, 1845. Wits Richd. J. Hays, F. R. Zollicoffer.

Transaction written in Tipton Co., Tenn. by ROBERT G. JONES, who "for the good will and affection that I have for my wife CANDIS H. JONES and my son, SAMUEL J. JONES", gave them several negroes: Feribe and 4 children: Liddy, Dick, Willis and Milton; 3 cows, 2 calves, 3 beds. The property was to be held intact until Samuel J. reached 21 yrs at which time it could be divided between him and his mother. Jan. 5, 1839. Reg April 28, 1845. Wits A. W. Smith, Thos J. C. Worthum.

Indenture dated May 7, 1845. On November 24, 1829 SAMUEL J. HAYS of Madison Co., Tenn. had entered into a marriage contract with FRANCES MIDDLETON, a daughter and heir of John Middleton of Charleston, S.C. She was due to receive a large inheritance on coming of age and by virtue of their marriage contract, it would benefit Samuel J. and Frances during their "joint lives." By consent with the trustees involved in the marriage contract, only one of which was still living, JAMES HAMILTON, then of Charleston, now of Alabama, Hays had invested in many slaves. After the marriage, Hays subsequently sold several of the slaves. "These slaves being so much of said trust estate taken and appropriated by sale by the said Samuel J. Hays to his own uses whereby he became indebted to said trust estate secured by said marriage contract, to the full value of said slaves, many of whom were mechanics and all acclimated to the South and valuable. And whereas said Samuel J. Hays has received from said estate a considerable amount of money which he has likewise used for his own purposes, the precise amount not not being known, in the absence of the accounts thereof. And being required and also desiring to make a conveyance of property for the benefit of said trust and on the same limitations contained in said marriage contract to supply the place of that so far as may be taken by said Samuel J. Hays and sold for his own uses as aforesaid, and the said James Hamilton the sole surviving trustee of those named in said contract, requiring that the same shall be done, to restore the said trust estate for the benefit of the said Frances and her children by the said Samuel J. Hays. Now therefore in consideration of the premises and of the sum of ten dollars, by the said James Hamilton to the said Samuel J. Hays


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in hand paid, the said Samuel J. Hays has bargained and sold and does hereby bargain, sell and deliver to said James Hamilton the following named negroe slaves, to wit Harry, Dilsy, Matilda, George, Winny, Willis, Jenny, Sophia, Willis, Winny, Tom, Lydia, Sandy, Phillis, William, Aggy, Moses, George, Flora, Dixon, Franky, Paras, Elijah, Sylvia, Ann, Icy, Delia, Sam, Nicholas, Bally, Rachel, Reuben, JeffersOn, Milly, Carter, Edward, Isaac, Lucy, Sarah, Phillis, Amy, Charles, Lucinda & Billy Daniel and on(e) other slave Lucinda, which said slaves are now on the farm of said Samuel J. Hays in Shelby County, Tennessee. to have and to hold said slaves, to said James Hamilton his heirs and personal representatives in trust however for the use and purposes contained in said marriage contract and to be held in the same manner and in the same rights as was intended the said property first above named should be held, to wit, to said James Hamilton, the sole surviving trustee as aforesaid for the use and benefit of said Samuel J. Hays and Frances his wife during their joint lives, giving her a sole and separate interest in said slaves, independent of her husband during that term and after the termination of that estate to the survivor of them during his or her natural life and after the decease of the survivor of these the said Samuel J. Hays and his wife Frances, then to the use of the children of said marriage, to wit the children of said Samuel J. Hays and his wife Frances, to be divided equally between them to be paid over and delivered to them in manner and form as contained in said marriage contract first above mentioned." With consent of the trustee, the slave property could be sold and invested in the trust. Reg May 8, 1845. Wits A. W. O. Totten, Jno. W. Campbell.

WILLIAM BOWLING, Haywood Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his daughter, MARY ADELINE DAVY, wife of Ashburn Davy, Madison Co., gave her several negroes: Silva; Joe about 6 yrs old; man, Hampton about 18 yrs old; small boy, Lyndsey about 12 yrs old; Mariah about 15 yrs old; Lissa about 15 yrs old. Signed with his "x" mark. Feb. 3, 1845. Reg May 16, 1845. No wits.

Tipton Co., Tenn. ELIZABETH RICHERSON, formerly WRENN, gave POA to ALFRED D. GARRETT, Madison Co., Tenn. to secure her interest in the estate of her dec. father, DAVID WRENN, late of Madison Co. April 29, 1845. Reg May 13, 1845. Wits R. M. Moor, Jonathan Richerson.

ADAM R. SIMONTON and wife, JANE, of Iredell Co., N. C. sold 200 acres in Madison Co., for $600, to JOHN HOWARD of Madison Co. June 29, 1844. Reg June 3, 1845. Wits T. C. Connor, Wm. Harbert.

MARIETTA HOGSETT, JAMES H. HOGSETT, ELIZA H. HOGSETT by her grdn, JAMES H. HOGSETT, and MARTHA C. PREWETT, ex parte petitioners. "This cause coming on for further hearing upon the report of James H. Hogsett made on this 5th day of May 1845 in pursuance of the interlocutory decree made herein at August term 1843 and continued until this day. " The Madison Co. Circuit Court had ordered sale of lands of late ABIGAIL PREWETT, to pay her debts; this was done, 11 acres to GEORGE SNIDER for $66. Began at north boundary line of tract conveyed by Stephen Brevard to John Arnold and "crosses what is called the Jackson Turnpike now owned by Samuel McClanahan and William S. Wisdom." May 7, 1845. Reg June 24, 1845. No wits.

WILLIAM BIRDSONG, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to his son, JOHN C. BIRDSONG, 4 "slaves for life," Levia, Talleyrand, Siney, Dick for $4, "for the benefit of his support from me." To his daughter-in-law, JEMIMA, wife of John C. Birdsong, he sold for $1 the negro girl, Rachel. Feb. 4, 1845. Reg July 16, 1845. Wits William Thedford, William C. Johnson.


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CATHARINE McCLELLAN from "love and affection" for her son, BENNET T. McCLELLAN gave him a negro woman, Rachael. May 31, 1845. Reg Aug. 5, 1845. Wits J. D. McClellan, J. C. McClellan.

JONAS CLARK sold to JOHN CLARK, his son, for $500, lots 65, 99, 100 in Jackson, Tenn. Aug. 19, 1845. Reg Aug. 21, 1845. No wits. [See pages 53-56, this publication.]

JAMES FUSSELL, adm of WILLIAM FUSSELL, dec was ordered by decree of the Madison Co. Circuit Court, April 1845, to sell certain "negroes" belonging to this estate, which was done, selling Harry about 40 yrs old, his wife Harriett about 33 yrs old and their child Betsey about 9 yrs old, to AARON FUSSELL, for $912. August 1845. Reg Sept. 3, 1845. No wits.

JAMES L. McDONALD, ELI LANKFORD, DAWSON BOND, JESSE LANKFORD, THOMAS LANKFORD, NATHAN LANKFORD, NANCY LANKFORD, JOANNA LANKFORD, all of Madison Co., Tenn. and. JAMES HISS of Gibson Co., Tenn., hrs of Elish Lankford, sold to James L. McDonald and Eli Lankford, for $200, 50 acres on Young's Creek. Nov. 9, 1843. Reg Sept. 16, 1845. Wits John L. McDonald, Thomas N. Lankford. Signed by Susannah Lankford with her "x" mark; Thatus N. Lankford, Dawson Bond, Nancy Lankford with her "x" mark; Jesse Lankford, J. Hiss, N. W. Lankford.

MATTHEW BARROW, Davidson Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, JOHN BARROW, deeded him several tracts of land: about 289 acres adjoining town of Jackson, Tenn.; an interest he had in 5000 acres on the Big Hatchey River and a tract "on the waters of the south fork of the forked deer river" (inserted here "Lauderdale", perhaps alluding to this tract being located in Lauderdale Co., Tenn.) Sept. 8, 1845. Reg Sept. 17, 1845. No wits.

WILLIAM D. CHADICK and wife, MALINDA P. CHADICK, Marshall Co., Alabama, gave POA to JAMES CARUTHERS to sell 1/8, after deducting the fourth as the locator's interest, "as the only surviving child and heir of her mother Susan Davis in & too a certain tract or parcel of land" in Madison Co. "and containing by grant to her grandfather John Morgan seventy seven acres." May 10, 1845. Reg Sept. 25, 1845. No wits.

Whereas a marriage was to be entered between MARY REBECCA HOCKADAY, Gibson Co., Tenn. and WILLIAM H. STILLWELL, Madison Co., Tenn., agreement was made between them that her property was not to be liable to his debts. WARWICK HOCKADAY was to hold this property, a slave, Edmund about 10 yrs old, in trust for her. Aug. 9, 1845. Reg Oct. 23, 1845. Wits Jno. W. Hockaday, A. J. Webb. /W. H. Stillwell married Mary A. Hockaday, August 11, 1845, in Gibson Co., according to the marriage record of that county./

ANDREW ALLEN and DORCAS ALLEN "have a fee simple interest in remainder /to what specifically ?/ to take effect and be united with the possession after the death of MARY ROBERTSON who has a life estate in the same to a negro slave by the name of Amy about eighteen years of age"; same after the death of JOHN C. ROBERTSON, who had a life interest in the slave, March, about 24 yrs old; who were bequeathed to the Allens by WILLIAM ROBERTSON, dec and now in possession of Mary and John C. Robertson. The Allens sold their interest in these slaves to JOHN ALLEN for $600. Nov. 3, 1845. Reg Nov. 4, 1845. Wits Levi McEum, James F. Allen.

ROBERT GILL, Sr., Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for THOMAS and JO GILL, the tract of land on which "I now live which lies east of four hundred acres I have given to my other four sons." 360 acres. Nov. 13, 1843. Reg Nov. 6, 1845 . Wits James R. Glenn, J. C. Steward.


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ROBERT GILL, Sr., Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, ROBERT GILL, JR., 100 acres. Nov. 13, 1843. Reg Nov. 6, 1845. Wits James R. Glenn, J. C. Steward.

ROBERT GILL, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, DAVID GILL, 100 acres. Nov. 13, 1843. Reg Nov. 7, 1845. Wits James R. Glenn, J. C. Steward.

ROBERT GILL, SR., Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for his son, WILLIAM GILL, 100 acres. Nov. 13, 1843. Reg Nov. 8, 1845. Wits James R. Glenn, J. C. Steward.

ANDREW HAYNES, Madison Co., Tenn. for "natural love and affection" for "my beloved children" GEORGE H. HAYNES, WILLIAM C. HAYNES, MARY S. HAYNES, JOHN G. HAYNES, ALEXANDER H. HAYNES, SALLY HAYNES, THOMAS A. HAYNES, ANTHONY A. HAYNES, the tract he lived on, 230 acres, 2 negroes (Jack and Daniel), cattle, sheep and household furnishings, cotton crop, etc. An indenture dated Nov. 15, 1845. Reg Nov. 18, 1845. No wits.

MOSES ROBISON, late of Madison Co., Tenn. on making his will, in the second clause thereof, bequeathed lands for the support of EALY CATHEY ROBISON and MARTHY L. ROBISON, for life and at their deaths to be divided "among his other daughters." They had died and property now went to surviving daughters. Signed, SARAH ROBISON. She gave receipt to Moses T. Robison for this property. Nov. 22, 1845. Reg Nov. 26, 1845. Wits Archibald Barron, Hez H. Ross. ELIZABETH D. ROBISON gave a similar receipt to Moses T. Robison.

MOSES T. ROBISON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his three sisters, MARY, SARAH and ELIZABETH D. ROBISON, deeded them his interest in the estate of Ealy C. Roberson. Oct. 14, 1845. Reg Nov. 26, 1845. Wits Archibald Barron, John D. Robison.

BENJAMIN ROBISON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his 3 sisters MARY, SARAH and ELIZABETH D. ROBISON, deeded them his interest in the estate of Ealy C. Robison. Oct. 14, 1845. Reg Nov. 26, 1845. Wits John D. Robison, Archibald Barron.

WILLIAM F. ROBISON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his 3 sisters MARY, SARAH and ELIZABETH D. ROBISON, deeded them his interest in the estate of Ealy C. Robison. Oct. 14, 1845. Reg Nov. 27, 1845. John D. Robison, Archibald Barron.

Whereas MOSES T. ROBISON, Madison Co., Tenn., grdn of EALY C. and MATTHEW S. ROBISON, "lunaticks," had by order of Chancery Court, Huntingdon, Tenn., sold 150 acres from the estate of MOSES ROBISON, dec. to PERMELIA TRANSOU, MARY ROBISON, SARAH R. ROBISON, ELIZABETH D. ROBISON agreed to this transaction, signing over their interest in the land, all signing with "x" marks. "Aug. 31, 1845. Reg Nov. 7, 1845. Wits Hezekiah H. Ross, Archibald Barron.

MOSES ROBISON, now deceased, left lands for support of EALY C. and MARTHY L. ROBISON. POLLY ROBISON, one of the Robison hrs and sister of these persons, gave receipt to MOSES T. Robison, showing she had received from him her portion of their estate as they were deceased. Nov. 22, 1845. Reg Nov. 27, 1845. Wits Hez H. Ross, Archibald Barron.

JAMES McKNIGHT had surveyed to "set apart" to BALAAM, LEMUEL and JAMES NEWSOM, hrs of BALAAM NEWSOM, dec. their portions of his lands, agreeable to his will. Lot 1 to Lemuel, 53 acres; Lot 2 to Balaam, 91 acres; Lot 3 to James, 93 acres. Nov. 5, 1845. To "even out" portions, Balaam paid Lemuel $45; James paid Lemuel, $50. Reg Dec. 2, 1845. No wits.


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JOHN BURRUS, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to REBECCA A. JONES, of same county, for $150, his 1/4 interest, 55 acres, in the 220 acres "it being the land on which my mother SUSAN BURRUS now resides on which she has a claim during her widowhood or life" as provided in the will of his father, THOMAS BURRUS, dec. Dec. 3, 1845. Reg Dec. 5, 1845. No wits.

ELIZA J. H. BANKS, Madison Co., Virginia placed in the hands of her brother, Dr. THEOPHILUS SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn. several negroes to take to Madison Co., Tenn. as a loan to his children (except Eliza M. Johnson) to be used to their benefit. The boy (slave), Charles, now at the home of Dr. Theophilus Sanders to go to the home of her brother, BRITTON H. SANDERS, Haywood Co., Tenn. and Phebe, the slave, now at Britton H. Sanders' home to be taken to home of Dr. Theophilus Sanders. The "girl", Lavinia, daughter of Phebe, was to be placed with her niece, Mrs. ELIZA M. JOHNSON, daughter of her said brother, Dr. Theophilus Sanders. Sept. 28, 1844. Reg Jan. 12, 1846. Wits Linn B. Sanders, Waller Yowell. Endorsement by Dr. Theo. Sanders, "I agree to the above and promise to execute its conditions as far as my action is contemplated therein." Signed, Theo. Sanders. Wits Linn B. Sanders, Waller Yowell, Mary A. E. Sanders.

JAMES NEWSOM, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to ROBERT I. CHESTER, for $4000 his interest in 500 acres on which ELDREGE NEWSOM, dec. had lived and where James Newsom now lives, it having descended to him as one of the hrs and he also released his interest to Chester his mother's dower. July 20, 1836. Reg Feb. 20, 1846. Wits J. F. Cloud, R. H. Byrn

HARBERT NEWSOME, Madison Co., Tenn. had sold to ROBERT I. CHESTER, for $1000 his interest (1/6) in the land whereon ELDRED NEWSOM had lived and on which James Newsom now lived. July 20. 1836. Reg Feb. 21, 1846. Wits J. F. Cloud, R. H. Byrn.

MARY M. BECTON for "love and affection" for her daughter, MARY L. W. BECTON, conveyed to her all her interest in the estate of her dec son, BRYANT BECTON, dec. Feb. 14, 1846. Reg Feb. 21, 1846. No wits.

In Chancery Court, Huntingdon, Tenn., Feb. 1838. Ex parte JOHN MAY, grdn of NANCY T. NEWSOM. Clerk and Master of this court in pursuance to its order (Jan. 1837), sold 1/6 interest/share of NANCY T. NEWSOM in the estate of ELDRIGE NEWSOM, the 500 acres on which he had lived, located in Surveyor's District 10, Range 1, Section 8. Sold to ROBERT I. CHESTER for $100. Feb. 23, 1846. Reg March 11, 1846. No wits.

In the Circuit Court of the United States, Middle Tennessee, March 1846. LUCIUS J. POLK exec of SARAH POLK, dec. v ALFRED BALCH and others. Case was heard March 6, 1846. Clerk and Master of this court was ordered to sell (Sept. 15, 1845) lands to raise $4091.69. He sold this land, Jan. 31, 1846, 4695 acres (except 800 acres allotted to locator of the land), to ALFRED BALCH, for $4887.33 for this land located in Hardeman and Madison counties, Tenn., Surveyor's District 10, Range 3, Sections 5-6. Therefore, title to land out of hrs names (James K. Polk, James Walker and wife, Jane Maria; Silas M. Caldwell and wife, Lydia E.; Jane Amelia Harris; John B. Hays and wife, Ophelia C.; William H. Polk; Eunice Polk; Marshall W. Polk, hrs of Sarah Polk ) and vested in Alfred Balch. Mar. 2, 1846. Reg March 25, 1846.

Indenture dated Oct. 29, 1836. ROBERT B. SOMERVELL for himself and as POA of JAMES SOMERVELL, JOHN B. SOMERVELL and JAMES G. BREHEN, Warren Co., N.C., sold to WILLIAM W. WOODFOLK, Jackson Co., Tenn., for $6000, about 10,000 acres that Dr. JAMES B. BREHEN of Warren Co., N.C. died owning and all that James Somervell and Catherine Somervell his wife and their


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children were entitled to as hrs, which was willed to James and Catherine. Except for two tracts which had already been sold. Reg May 1, 1846. Wits Wm. Woodfolk, Leroy B. Little, Wm. G. Somervell, James Gibson, A. M. Cloud.

JOSEPH WATKINS, Madison Co., Tenn. gave POA to THOMAS R. RICHARDSON of same, and to same for $5, all interest he had in estate of HENRY WATKINS, late of Elbert Co., Georgia. May 6, 1846. Reg May 21, 1846. No wits.

CHARLES CROOM, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for ISAAC CROOM (relationship not stated), a slave, Adeline. Feb. 17, 1846. Reg May 26, 1846. Wits James Croom, Joseph Croom.

FREDERICK MILLER, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, NORRIS W. MILLER, gave him 125 acres on Big Black Creek, Madison Co. Sept. 25, 1845. Reg June 2, 1846. Signed [with a symbol].



Whereas August 28, 1837 SAMUEL LANCASTER, Jackson, Tenn. did "bargain to sell" to THOMAS SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn., now deceased, part of Lot 67 in Jackson. Sanders executed 2 notes, both dated Aug. 28, 1837; one for $471, due Jan. 1, 1838; the other for $504, due Jan. 1, 1840 and on the day Lancaster received these notes he gave title bond to Sanders for the lot. Sanders had died, leaving a will of which his widow, MARY SANDERS, was exec; she and their children were legatees. They were TABITHA, wife of Ransom Pounds; JOHN SANDERS; WILLIAM SANDERS; JOSHUA SANDERS; MARY ANN, wife of William A. Webb; MELISSA ELIZABETH SANDERS, who was still under 21 yrs of age. Mary Sanders had paid some amounts on the notes but there was still $600 to be paid and as it could not be paid without infringing on the legacies in the will, the hrs and Samuel Lancaster agreed to cancel the transaction, he taking back the lot without damages. Dec. 25, 1845. Reg June 25, 1846. Wits James McClanahan, Sam'l. McClanahan.

Indenture dated Nov. 7, 1844 between MARY A. PORTER, exec of Thomas J. Porter, dec., Bolivar Co., Miss. In his will Thomas J. Porter authorised his exec to sell all his lands. Mary A. Porter sold to G. L. QUARLES, for $240, 160 acres, being "the locative interest in a tract of 521 acres" in Giles Co., Tenn. Nov. 8, 1844. Reg July 1, 1846. Wits James Brown, W. N. Brown.

WYATT MOORING, adm of JOSEPH C. SMITH, dec. and as such and in compliance with a bond made by Smith in his life-time, conveyed to WILLIAM BURTON, 50 acres for $200. Land located in Madison Co. July, 1846. Reg July 15, 1846. Wit A. Guthrie.

Whereas LAURA WARD, an infant, late of Edgecombe Co., N.C. died in 1844, with a personal estate "in the hands" of ABSALOM DEBERRY, her grdn, who lived in Madison Co. In Aug. 1844 the County Court of Madison Co. gave power of adm to JAMES WADDELL, Edgecombe County, N.C., on her estate, "who by right of his wife Margaret Waddell, formerly Margaret Ward, was the sole distributee of the said Laura." As it was inconvenient for him to get to Madison Co. to attend to the estate business he gave POA to Absalom Deberry to act for him in that regard. June 25, 1846. Reg July 17, 1846. Wits R. Chapman, Ben M. Johnson.


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QUILY MCFARLIN deposed that "my wife MARTHA ANN McFARLIN may become a competent witness to testify and give evidence in the suit now pending in the chancery court at Huntingdon, Tennessee, wherein John Umsted and Mary McFarlin and others are complainants & Duncan McFarlin, myself & others are defts. do hereby relinquish & quit claim to the heirs at law & distributees of JOHN McFARLIN late of Madison County, deceased, all my right, title, claim & interest in and to any part of said estate either real or personal." July 24, 1846. Reg July 29, 1846. Wits Sam'l. McClanahan, John C. Gillespie.

Indenture dated Aug. 7, 1846 between JOHN H. HICKS, Phillip(s) Co., Ark. for $950, paid by ALEXANDER M. SEARCY, exec of THOMAS SEARCY, conveyed to THOMAS, ELIZA ANN and ALEXANDER SEARCY, hrs of WILLIAM C. SEARCY, dec the south end of 500 acre tract, about 250 acres. Signed, John H. Hicks by attorney in fact, Samuel Lancaster. Reg Aug. 7, 1846.

JOHN W. CROOM sold to ALFRED D. GARRETT, for $5 all the interest he had in the estate of WILLIAM DOWNEY, dec. of Lafayette Co., Missouri, including land and money. Aug. 10, 1846. Reg Aug. 27, 1846. Wit D. P. Garrett.

Whereas BENJAMIN ALSUP, Spotsylvania Co., Va. "my father" gave property to him, George B. Alsup, for "love and affection" he had for his nephew Benjamin B. White, son of his brother-in-law, Charles White and his sister, Mary White, gave him all the property left to him by his father. Aug. 27, 1846. Reg Aug. 25, 1846. Wits Thos. Henry, Benj. F. White.

Indenture dated Nov. 29, 1838 between JOHN INGRAM, Madison Co., Tenn. and JOAB WILSON of same. For $3000 Ingram sold to Wilson his interest in the estate of JOHN REEVS, dec., Haywood Co., Tenn. Reg Sept. 3, 1846. Wits John F. Bryan, H. L. C_____. "Registered 2nd time by mistake," pages 41-42.

BLACKMON THORNTON, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, ALLEN M. THORNTON, gave him 3 horses, 14 cattle, a yoke of oxen, a wagon and yoke, 25 hogs, 24 acres of corn, 16 acres of cotton, 4 plows and gear, 3 axes, 5 hoes and household furniture. Sept. 19, 1846. Reg Oct. 6, 1846. Wits A. Guthrie, W. Langford.

ANN FENNER for "love and affection" for ENICE B. FENNER, the wife of her son, JOHN M. FENNER and his children LAURA and JUNIUS, gave them a negro woman, Ann with her children Amy and Maria. Aug. 29, 1846. Reg Oct. 7, 1846. Wits William H. Burgess, Julius Johnson.

In his will HERBERT NEWSOM, dec conveyed to his son, ELDREGE M. NEWSOM, $500 but as "there being no money of the estate to pay up said legacy in cash" a negro girl, Chaney about 13 yrs old was given to him out of the estate. Signed, SARAH E. NEWSOM, widow of Herbert Newsom. Aug. 28, 1846. Reg. Oct. 23, 1846. Wits D. J. Garrett, John Deermore.

Indenture, Sept. 17, 1846 between ELIZABETH A. JENKINS, widow, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, for "love and affection" for GEORGE JENKINS (relationship not stated), she gave him 20 acres in Madison Co. Reg Oct. 27, 1846. No wits.

ABRAM HAMON, Carroll Co., Miss. for "love and affection" for his grandchildren MARTHA B., wife of William Rutledge; MARY KLYCE; RUTH HAMON; DILLA HAMON; PRI SCILLA HAMON; ABRAHAM HAMON, NEWTON HAMON, JAMES HAMON, WILLIAM HAMON and FRANCIS HAMON, sons and daughters of his dec son, WILLIAM HAMON; and his great-grandson, WILLIAM E. LASITER, grandson of


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dec son, WILLIAM HAMON, gave them 640 acres near Big Black Creek in Madison County and a tract in Dyer and Gibson counties, 510 acres. Nov. 10, 1845. Reg Nov. 3, 1846. No wits.

ALEXANDER H. TYNER for "love and affection" for his father, LEWIS TYNER and his mother, CELIA TYNER, Madison Co., Tenn. gave and sold to them a "life interest" in two tracts of land: 100 acres where his parents lived in Surveyor's District 10, Range 2, Section 9; 14 5/10 acres adjoining the 100 acres. March 3, 1837. Reg Nov. 19, 1846. Wit James D. McClellan.

Indenture, June 2, 1846 between MATTHEW BARROW, Davidson Co., Tenn. who for "love and affection" for MARTHA LOUISA TORBETT, formerly Barrow, deeded to her husband, GREENVILLE C. TORBETT 2 tracts: 289 acres adjacent the town of Jackson, Tenn. and 640 acres on the "north fork" of the Forked Deer River. Reg Nov. 26, 1846. Wits J. M. Jones, R. J. Krider.

MARIAH T. FLEMING for "love and affection" for her children ROBERT W. FLEMING, CLOE A. A. FLEMING, FRANCES FLEMING, gave them a girl slave, Caroline about 14 yrs old. Nov. 12, 1846. Reg Nov. 27, 1846. Wits Benjamin Hayley, James R. Glenn, James Perry.

EDWIN H. CHILDRESS, Davidson Co., Tenn. conveyed to his sons, jointly, EDWIN H. CHILDRESS, JR. and CALEB CHILDRESS, about 1712 acres in Surveyor's District 9, Range 1, Section 8, Madison Co. Oct. 25, 1846. Reg Dec. 1, 1846. Wits Enoch Easley, J. A. Cheatham.

JAMES GREENE WORMACK for "love and affection" for his daughter, ELIZA THEIS WORMACK, gave her a negro girl, Patience about 10 yrs old. Nov. 27, 1846. Reg Dec. 1, 1846. No wits.

For "full and valuable consideration to my husband HUGH SWANY in hand paid," SARAH W. SWANY conveyed her interest in the estate of JOHN HARWOOD Davidson Co., Tenn. to ALFRED D. GARRETT, including interest in 8 negroes Morris, Davy, Lucy, Allen, Richmond, George, Harris, Nancy, now in possession of A. D. Garrett and Rebeka Harwood of Madison Co. Nov. 20, 1846. Reg Dec. 14, 1846. Wits John Tison, William Wrenn.

Whereas by descent from GEORGE GOODLOW, "we" have title and equal undivided interest in 81 acres, selling same to LOCK BROWN, each couple receiving $27.50. Signed, JOEL BARKER and wife, MARY (He signed with an "x" mark.); JOHN C. SMITH and wife, LOUSIA C. Mary and Louisa had been Goodlows by birth. Theirs was a 1/5 of 1/6 interest. Filed Dec. 16, 1846.

CHARLES T. KNIGHT, Madison Co., Tenn. "having volunteered to go in the army and battles of Mexico" gave POA to his father, WILLIAM KNIGHT, to transact business for him, June 4, 1846. Reg Oct. 21, 1846. No wits. Pages 156-157, show that WILLIAM KNIGHT, for his son, Charles T., sold to P. A. Bradley of Ky. a negro man, Hercules, commonly known as Hook, for $500, noting that this man "had a spell of fever 2 years ago." Nov. 21, 1846. Reg Dec. 21, 1846. Wits J. W. Norwood, Allen Williams.

ALEXANDER ANGUS conveyed his interest "that may have fallen to me by right of heirship through my wife, the property being in the possession of MARY ALEXANDER at her death or to any claim by right of heirship in the estate of Daniel K. Garland, dec", for $290, to Thos. L., John C. azid H. W4arland. Dec. 7, 1846. Reg Dec. 22, 1846.

JAMES C. TEAL and wife, PENELOPE, Shelby Co., Tenn. sold their interest in 2 lots in Jackson, Tenn. "lately owned" by REUBEN FAIRLESS, on which his buildings and grocery stood, for $150, to FRANCIS A. FOGG, Madison Co., Dec. 22, 1846. Reg Dec 28, 1846.


(Page 9)

173-174. Circuit Court, Madison Co., Tenn., Dec. 1841. BENJ. T. HARTON and GALE H. KYLE, petitioners for division of property, estate, of JOHN P. HARTON, dec. The Commissioners appointed to conduct the dividing set aside to BENJ. T. HARTON, 70 acres, 80 acres and an occupant claim for 85 acres. Reg Jan. 6, 1847.

Heirs of JAMES CHISUM, i.e. CLAIBORN CHISUM; THOMAS G. CHISUM; JOHN G. CHISUM; JOHN JOHNSON and wife, POLLY; WALTER ROBINSON and wife, REBECAH; ROBERT H. VERNON and wife, NANCY; ANDREW TURNER and wife, VINEY; JAMES ROBERTSON and wife, ELIZABETH, all of Hardeman Co., Tenn. and WILLIAM HILL, grdn of the heirs of LUCY HILL, dec., White Co., Tenn. sold to EPPS GIBBONS, 640 acres in Madison Co. in Surveyor's District 9, Range 2, Section 10. July 3, 1837. Reg Jan. 11, 1847. Wits John Gibbons (signed with "x" mark), John W. Smith.

Indenture, Dec. 14, 1846 between AVERY HUNT, who for $500 paid him by PORTIUSMOORE, trustee for Mrs. MARTHA LANE and her children, 447 acres to Moore in trust for Martha Lane and her children. She was the wife of ALFRED LANE. This property was not to be subjected to any calls for his debts. This was land now held by Moore for her, deeded to her by her mother, ELIZABETH PULLIAM. "The interest in said land claimed by said Avery Hunt & herein sold & conveyed by him, is only the life estate which accrued to him by his marriage with SARAH DICKINS & the birth of a child of said marriage, said Hunt being the tenant by curtesy." Reg Jan. 15, 1847. Wits Aaron Vanhook, A. Franklin Dove.

Al1 property mentioned in the will of SARAH JOHNSON, dec. left to Z. W. GREENWELL's wife, "is to be handed over and delivered up to said Z. W. Greenwell & wife and it is to be theirs undisturbed" by contracting parties of this deed for which Z. W. Greenwell and wife, SARAH, relinquished interest they had in Solomon Johnson's estate. Signed, BENJAMIN JOHNSON, who signed with an "x" mark and SARAH JOHNSON, who signed with an "x" mark. April 29, 1846. Reg Jan. 16, 1847. No wits.

VALENTINE S. VANN and JAMES D. McCLELLAN, execs of SAMUEL C. McCLELLAN's will, by provision in said will, conveyed to ROBERT N. McCLELLAN, for $200, 127 acres in Madison Co. Feb. 21, 1846. Reg Jan. 28, 1847. No wits.

Whereas JARRETT M. JELKS, late of Madison Co. did, on Dec. 1, 1846, make his will and died without changing any of its provisions, willed to his wife, MARY H. JELKS all his estate, real and personal, during her life-time or widowhood. She wanted to go ahead and divide the slaves in the estate among her children: ELIZA, wife of Young A. McLemore; JOHN R. JELKS; CLAUDIA J., wife of Leven D. Hill; HINTON J. JELKS; CANDICE L. JELKS; WILLIAM H. JELKS; MARY REBECCA, wife of William W. Boykin; LEMUEL W. JELKS; LUCY J. JELKS. She quit claimed her interest in 10 slaves. Nov. 24, 1846. Reg Jan. 28, 1847. Wits Newton Harris, William Humphreys.

Indenture, Jan. 26, 1847 between LIDDY HOLDERFIELD, Madison Co., Tenn. and GREEN B. MOORE, of same, who were soon to be married and agreed that her property was to be held in trust for her by CALVIN DOLLAR. Signed, Liddy Holderfield (signed with an "x" mark), C. K. Dollar and Green B. Moore. Reg Feb. 5, 1847. Wits Leonard Moore, William A. Duffey. /Madison Co. marriage record shows that Green B. Moore was married to Lydia Holyfield, Jan. 26, 1847/

GILBERT CAZORT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his brother, WILLIAM D. CAZORT, this man's wife and children: widow, SUSAN and


(Page 10)

children, ROBERT W. CAZORT, JOSHUA CAZORT; GILBERT CAZORT; HENDERSON CAZORT; NEWTON CAZORT; JASPER CAZORT; for $150 paid by JOSHUA CAZORT, grandfather of these children, Gilbert Cazort sold them 100 acres in Madison Co. Jan. 18, 1847. Reg Feb. 10, 1847. No wits.

Whereas ELIZABETH PULLIAM, "latele" of Greenville Co., N.C. died leaving a will in which she devised to PORTIUS MOORE, Person Co., N.C., for the benefit of her daughter, MARTHA and her children. Martha had married ALFRED LANE of Greenville Co., N.C. and the Lanes had moved to Madison Co., Tenn. and at the request of Martha, Portius Moore gave POA to WILLIAM DICKINS of Madison Co. to manage the estate and Dickins eventually sold a part of the property at Martha's request and with the proceeds had purchased land on which the Lanes had "resided for several years" and whereas William Dickins had died in March 1845, Portius Moore at Martha's request had given POA to another man, JAMES L. TALBOT, Madison Co., to act in her interest. May 15, 1845. Reg Feb. 17, 1847. No wits. [Actually, GRANVILLE Co., N.C.]

EDWIN A. HICKS and LUCRETIA HICKS, Phillips Co., Ark. gave POA to JAMES L. TALBOT, Madison Co., to sell their interest in land "formerly owned and claimed by one Avery & Sally C. Hunt (deceased) and known as the Beloate land" in Madison Co. Dec. 13, 1846. Reg Feb. 24, 1847. Wits A. G. Underwood, John Fearing.

ROBERT NEWSOM, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughter, LUCINDA NEWSOM, gave her beds, bedsteads, a sorrel mare and two cows. March 1, 1847. Reg March 5, 1847. No wits.

GEORGE W. COLEBURN, Madison Co., Tenn. for $10 paid by MARGARET ANN COLEBURN and as a further consideration for his wife, ANN COLEBURN, conveyed to Margaret Ann Coleburn all interest in land "on which I now reside about one mile from Denmark," 100 acres. Feb. 5, 1847. Reg March 11, 1847. Wits Archd. McKellar, D. McKellar.

JoHN P. HARRISON for "love and affection" for his "beloved daughter, " SARAH C. PEMBERTON, gave her 4 cattle, a sorrel horse named Barny; a grey colt, 4 ploughs, a bed and furniture, etc. March 10, 1847. Reg March 16, 1847. No wits.

JESSE H. HICKS and wife, MARY W. B. HICKS, both of Phillips Co., Ark. gave POA to JAMES L. TALBOT, Madison Co., to convey to Mrs. MARTHA LANE, wife of ALFRED LANE, both of Madison Co., during her natural life, with the reversion to her daughter, HARRIET, at her death all the interest they had as heirs at law of Mrs. SALLY C. HUNT to a certain tract of land, given by deed of gift to the said Sally C. Hunt by her father, WILLIAM DICKINS; the tract now tenanted by Dr. Dickerson. Feb. 2, 1847. Reg March 17, 1847. No wits.

WILLIAM B. DICKINS, Panola Co., Miss. gave POA to JAMES L. TALBOT, Madison Co. to execute a deed conveying to MARTHA LANE during her natural life, with "remainder" to her daughter, HARRIET, all interest he had in a tract of land in Civil District 10, Madison Co., "which said tract of land was given by deed of gift to my sister, Sally C. Hunt by said William Dickins." Jan. 2, 1847. Reg March 18, 1847. No wits.

Marriage Contract, Dec. 7, 1846 between ADAM HUNTSMAN and NANCY MOSLEY Montgomery Co., Tenn. As these parties "have it in contemplation & having agreed shortly to become husband & wife and the said Adam Huntsman and the said Nancy Moseley being mutually desirous that the separate estate


(Page 11)

of each should be settled & limited by marriage agreement and deed of settlement so that each may hold their respective estates, real property & mixed according to the agreement & understanding herein after expressed." Nancy was possessed in her own right of several tracts of land and owned 38 slaves, numerous personalty including livestock, farming utensils and household and kitchen furniture. They agreed that DANIEL WALLER was to serve as trustee of this property for Nancy. Her property was not to be subject to the debts of her husband and she would have the right to distribute her estate by will; she might also sell any part of her property she saw fit to during her life-time. The survivor of this couple would enjoy benefit of property for life. If Nancy died intestate, certain named slaves would go to Adam Huntsman's children by his second wife, i.e. AMERICA, GEORGE T., PARADISE, ADAM and SUSAN JANE HUNTSMAN. However, if this benefit could not "be carried into effect but wholly fails then and in that case the said Daniel Waller is hereby directed to convey to the children of said Huntsman aforesaid the tract of land herein specified lying in the County of Madison containing four hundred and ninety seven acres." If Nancy died intestate, certain other slaves would go to the child or children of said Daniel Waller. Any other slaves she might die owning, other than those specifically bequeathed above, would go in "four separate equal portions to the children of SUSAN McIVER, SALLY McNEEL, MARY ANN MURCHISON and ELIZABETH HARRISON that is to say to the children of which the said SUSAN, SALLY, MARY ANN and ELIZABETH may have living at that time and further the said trustee is directed before delivering the property aforesaid to any of the parties interested as aforesaid after the death of Huntsman the said Huntsman to raise by hiring said slaves the sum of six hundred dollars and pay over & deliver said sum of $600 to MARY LOUISA SLEDGE and in case the said Nancy shall die intestate not having disposed of the rest & residue of the property under this deed, then & in that case the said trustee is directed to convey all the rest & residue whereof except the tract of land in Madison County to Adam Huntsman to him & his heirs forever." If it did not become necessary under conditions of this deed to convey the Madison County land to the children of said Huntsman and if Nancy died intestate not disposing of same, then the trustee was to convey the same in equal portions, a half to the children of Adam Huntsman and a half to the children of Daniel Waller. Reg March 27, 1847. Wits James D. Halleron, John T. Dawson. /The marriage record of Montgomery Co., Tenn. shows that Adam Huntsman was married to Nancy Mosely, December 11, 1846./

J. H. DAY for "love and affection" for his daughter, OLIVIA T. McREE, wife of JAMES M. McREE, Ripley, Miss. gave her for life and at death to her children, "my servant girl Judith about thirteen years of age. " Not subject to the debts of her husband. June 7, 1847. Reg June 8, 1847. No wits.

CARY ANN HOCKNEY, Jackson, Tenn. for "love and affection" for her sister, MARY, wife of Henry G. Connelly, for the "kindness and attention of my sister to myself and daughter for the last seven years while living with her", deeded her a house and lot in Jackson. July 24, 1847. Reg July 26, 1847. No wits.

NARCISSA HAYS, Madison Co., Tenn. for $1 paid her and love she had for her niece, MARY ORMOND BUTLER, gave her a negro woman, Nancy about 19 yrs old and her child, Medora about 1 yr old. Aug. 13, 1847. Reg Aug. Aug. 20, 1847. No wits.

Indenture, June 28, 1847 between STEPHEN OUTTERBRIDGE, Madison Co., Tenn. and MARY JANE COGGESHALL, Haywood Co., Tenn. who were shortly to be married and whereas she had property from her father, JAMES C.


(Page 12)

COGGESHALL, to be held in trust for her by ALLEN J. BARBEE; not subject to her husband's debts. Filed Aug. 31, 1847. Wits Lorenzo T. Hart, N. J. Anderson.

WILLIAM JOHN KING, Fayette Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his parents, brothers and sisters, and in consideration of a compromise of certain suits pending in circuit court of Madison Co., where he was plantiff and his father, WORLEY D. KING, was defendant, gave to JAMES HENRY KING, 88 acres in trust for his mother, MARY HOPSON KING for her life-time and that of her husband, WORLEY D. KING and afterwards, J. H. King was to convey property to his brothers and sisters, FRANCES CAROLINE KING; REDDEN ALONZO KING; BARBARA L. S. A. KING and JOSEPH RICHARD KING. Aug. 25, 1847. Reg Sept. 9, 1847. Wits Wm. H. Stephens, John J. Boon.

JAMES G. LAWS, Orange Co., N.C. gave POA to G. ADAMSON to collect for him "the back pay or arrears due at the time of his death, to my late son HENRY E. LAWS late a volunteer in Capt. Murry's company of the 2nd Tennessee Volunteers for the war against Mexico" and any land he may have been due for such services. Aug. 9, 1847. Reg Oct. 23, 1847. No wits.

MAKIN WILLIAMS, adm of wife, ALMEDA WILLIAMS, formerly Moss., sold to JAMES D. McCLELLAN, for $300, his interest in the estate of Moore Steperson, including several slaves. Oct. __, 1847. Reg Oct. 26, 1847. No wits.

JOHN B. WADE, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to NANCY T. CROOM, formerly Downey, being the wife of JOHN W. CROOM, for $180, 78 acres and 50 acres. Nov. 17, 1847. Reg Dec. 18, 1847. Wits James Fussell, Alex Angus.

Indenture, April 5, 1847 between JOHN JACKSON, Sr. to his son, HENRY D. JACKSON, tract of land in Civil District 4, Madison Co., where John, Sr. now lives, some 100 acres. Reg Dec. 18, 1847. Wits John Jackson, Miles C. Hays.

SUSAN TOMS, Casey Co., Ky. gave POA to her son, ADDISON TOMS, to represent her interest in a tract of about 100 acres of land which her husband, WILLIAM TOMS, owned at the time of his death in Madison County. She signed with an "x" mark. Sept. 15, 1846. Reg Jan. 17, 1848.



JOHN DONNELL, Madison Co., Tenn. gave to his daughter, ELIZABETH McADOO, on Aug. 7, 1837, a negro girl, Tilda, then about 14 yrs old and a negro girl, Doce, then about six yrs old, free from the control of her husband, SAMUEL McADOO. He confirmed this gift by deed, May 7, 1841. Reg March 13, 1848. Wits James Cowen, T. P. Guinn.

CHRISTOPHER LYNCH gave land (acreage not given): l/3 to LOCKY S. MITCHELL for life-time; 2/3 to MARY MITCHELL, ELIZABETH MITCHELL, RUFUS MITCHELL, MALVINA MITCHELL. April __, 1839. Reg March 18, 1848. No wits.

Whereas a marriage is shortly to be had between JOHN CATHEY and MARY CATHEY, and as she is possessed of real and personal estate, including several slaves, he agrees that she would retain title to same, free from his control or debts. JOSEPH WATSON to hold her property in trust for her. Dated Feb. 8, 1847 in York District, South Carolina. Reg in Madison Co., Tenn., April 3, 1848. Wits Sarah A. Cathey, John S. Sitgreaves.

JOHN SANDERS, Blount Co., Alabama gave POA to SAMUEL SANDERS to act in his behalf in the distributive interest he had in estate of the late SAMUEL SANDERS of Madison Co. Signed with an "x" mark. Jan. 31, 1848. Reg April 22, 1848.


(Page 13)

JOHN B. and OPHELIA C. HAYS, husband and wife, sold the western 1/2 of a 500 acre grant (#18617) to JAMES K. WEBB, Madison Co., for $750. Land had been granted to Samuel Polk. Located in Surveyor's District 10, Range 1, Section 11. Dec. 28, 1847. Reg May 1, 1848. No wits.

ISAAC SHORT and MARTHA J. SHORT gave POA to JAMES F. McKINNEY, to receive from WILLIAM CROOM or any other person who had possession of legacy to them from DAVID A. MOORE's estate, Madison Co. April 20, 1848. Reg May 2, 1848. No wits.

WILLIAM H. NOBLES declared that "Whereas I am possessed of the right and title to one yearling dark bay colt which is now running at WILLIAM WAGGONER's and for considerations which to me are satisfactory and for the friendship I have for GEORGE LAFAYETTE WAGGONER, son of WILLIAM WAGGONER", this colt. Jan. __, 1848. Reg June 2, 1848. Wit J. W. Alexander.

For "love and affection" for his grandchildren, JOHN'MATTHEWS gave them a negro, Mary about 16 yrs old, conveyed to them through his son, SAMUEL J. MATTHEWS' "present wife", DRUCILLA H. MATTHEWS for the benefit of her husband's children by his first wife. May 16, 1848. Reg June 17, 1848. Wits John J. Matthews, Thos. W. Matthews, Edward W. Matthews.

RICHARD J. FENNER, Madison Co., Tenn. for the support of his wife, MARY ANN FENNER and his daughter, MARY F. FENNER, gave them "negro slaves," Old Tom, Dick, Jim, Eaton, Little Tom, Fanny and her children Julia and Clementine, Becky and children James and Martha, Eveline. JULIUS JOHNSON to hold them in trust for the wife and daughter. Dec. 9, 1848. Reg June 19, 1848. No wits.

Whereas in the life-time of JOHN BLAIR he exchanged with his daughter, NANCY HOLLIDAY, a slave Mary for another slave, Louisa, with the intention "to let his said daughter have said Louisa, who was found, however, not to be suitable." Therefore, Nancy and her husband, ALLEN J. HOLLIDAY, sold Louisa and her two children to JAMES BLAIR, exec of John Blair's estate, June 21, 1848. Reg June 23, 1848. No wits.

Will of GAVIN HOGG, Raleigh, North Carolina, executed April 14, 1834 and certified copy dated May 31, 1848, Wake Co., N.C. and reg in Madison Co., Tenn., July 10, 1848. To MARY BAYARD DEVEREUX, $500 and the same to her sister, ELIZABETH, if Mary died, a month after said death. Aunt, MARGARET HOGG, sister of his father, living in London, England, an annuity of 30 pounds sterling through his agents, Hicks and Smith. Brother, THOMAS T. HOGG, any debt he may have owed him, his wearing apparel, shaving apparatus and walking cane. "In case of an obligation of THOMAS P. DEVEREUX, payable to Wm. M. Clark, guardian of Dewitt Clark's infant children, date of the 29th of July 1833 and for $1212.55 . . . be unpaid at my death, by said Thomas P. Devereaux, then I direct my executor, as I am the surety to said obligation, to take the same up by paying the amount due on it to Wm. M. Clark and to take Thomas P. Devereux's note for the same, without surety and hold it until it become convenient for him to pay it." Wife, SARAH HOGG, all property she brought to their marriage; $1000 yearly to her, paid semi-annually; their household furniture; several town lots; best carriage and pair of horses. Son, THOMAS DEVEREUX HOGG "and in case I have a son by my present wife, after the date of this will", he is to have 1/2 of my estate and in division between "the brother" he directed that my real estate in New York City be assigned to said son at valuation of $25,000. If he had a daughter, she should have $20,000 out of her brother, Thomas' share, at age 18. If his wife


(Page 14)

survived his son, Thomas, without his having had children, she was to inherit the New York property held in trust for the benefit of CATHERINE DEVEREUX, and then to her daughters, MARY and ELIZABETH DEVEREUX; residue of bequest to son, Thomas, if he died without children, would go to GAVIN HOGG's brother, THOMAS, "he taking care of my sister, CHRISTIANA and rendering the children of my sister LYDIA such assistance in their education as they may require." Appointed his sister, Catherine, wife of THOMAS DEVEREUX, grdn of his son and if she died, then his wife, Sarah was to be grdn. Execs brother, Thomas; wife, Sarah. Wits Geo. W. Freeman, B. S. King, Wm. Thompson. Codicil dated July 21, 1835. Thomas P. Devereux, now "happily being at present in prosperous circumstances," he revoked his allowing him to take convenient time in paying obligation he mentioned earlier in his will. Also, provided that his nephew, LINDSEY /no last name given/, to be educated at his expense. Codicils, made in the house of JOHN G. HICKS, New York City, Oct. 9, 1835. He wanted his brother, Thomas T. Hogg, to resign his "agency" of the Bank of North Carolina to devote whole attention to his estate for ten years, with a salary of $750 per year. Wits Jthn. Hicks, John S. Bryan, Jas. B. G. Roulhac of Windsor, N.C.

ALEX. T. COLE and wife, MARTHA ANN, Madison Co., Tenn. "have this day settled our difference and difficulty as to our separation" and he, as evidence of being "a kind, affectionate and protecting husband until death" and for the "natural love and affection" he had for her and their children, confirmed to these children (WILLIAM G., MARTHA A., JAMES R., ADELINE F. COLE and any others subsequently born) negroes Old Fanny, Young Fanny, Mariah, Leemus, Sarah, Rubbin, Obey, Wiley, Helen, John and Young Fanny's child. Nov. 26, 1848. Reg Aug. 4, 1848. Wits Jas. D. McClellan, Jas. McClellan.

RICHARD LANGSTON and JERUSHA LANGSTON had "settled our difference and difficulty as to our separation", he gave to her through a trustee, STEPHEN B. BARNETT "an adequate settlement of my land and property" which included three tracts of land (70 acres, 20 acres, 90 acres), household furnishings. Aug. 9, 1848. Reg Aug. 9, 1848. Wits John Irvin, Benajah Croom, Major Langston (signed with an "x" mark). Richard Langston signed with an "x" mark. No wits.

Indenture dated Oct. 2, 1848 between ROBERT H. WITHERINGTON and NATHAN KING, the latter serving as trustee of property, a negro Mary about 18 yrs old, for Robert's wife, MARTHA E. and her children; not subject to his debts. Reg. Oct 4, 1848. Wits J. L. H. Tomlin, S. S. Neely.

Marriage Contract. Whereas a "matrimonial alliance" was shortly to be made between MELISA E. SANDERS and ROBERT C. MOORE, he agreed that she was to retain title to property she brought to their marriage, free from his obligations. MARY SANDERS was to serve as trustee of this property for Melisa. Signed, Melisa E. Sanders, Robert C. Moore, Mary Sanders (who signed with an "x" mark). Reg Oct. 30, 1848. /Madison Co. marriage record shows that Robert C. Moore was married to Malisa Sanders, Oct. 31, 1848/

JOSEPH C. SHELLY for "love and affection" for his step-mother, PATSEY SHELLY, gave her a negro, Lucy about 10 yrs old. July 11, 1848. Reg Nov. 6, 1848. Wits Levi Wright, Elisha Matthis.

ISAAC W. MATTHEWS for "love and affection" for his daughter, SARAH E. STEWART, wife of JOSEPH N. STEWART, gave her a negro, Emily 18 yrs old; a gray mare, male colt, bedstead and furniture. Nov. 20, 1848. Reg Nov. 20, 1848. Wits Jas. G. Perry, Frank Gamewell.

WILLIAM S. CHAPPELL sold to MARGARET O. TAYLOR his interest in his father, JOEL CHAPPELL's estate, for $185.09. Nov. 7, 1848. Reg Dec. 4, 1848. Wits J. D. McClellan, G . Adamson.


(Page 15)

A. ALEXANDER, grdn of MARY G. ALEXANDER, gave POA to REUBEN BURROW "to demand and receive for me from one ____ Ragland, executor or administrator of the estate of Rebecca Bell" a legacy bequeathed to his daughter, MARY G. ALEXANDER from Rebecca Bell, Madison Co. Aug. 28, 1848. Reg Dec. 4, 1848. No wits.

JOHN L. CHAPPELL, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to JAMES D. McCLELLAN, for $50, his interest in the estate of his father, JOEL CHAPPELL, dec, Dec., 1848. Reg Dec. 6, 1848. No wits.

Chancery Court, Kingston, Roane Co., Tenn., March 23, 1846, received report of A. S. LENOIR, H. J. WELCKER and JAMES M. WELCKER, commissioners appointed by this court in Sept. 1844 in this cause, accepted the report in which the following was provided. For $5000 the land of the late HENRY WELCKER, 640 acres in Surveyor's District 10, Range 3, Section 7, Madison Co., Tenn., bought by him Dec. 9, 1829, was sold to ALBERT G. WELCKER, Oct. 16, 1845. Title to land divested from hrs CHARLES F. WELCKER, GEORGE S. WELCKER, HENRY J. WELCKER, JAMES M. WELCKER, A. S. and CATHERINE F. LENOIR, BENJAMIN F. WELCKER, A. G. WELCKER, M. G. WELCKER, DEWITT C. WELCKER, MARGARET E. WELCKER, WILLIAM THOMAS WELCKER and vested to said Albert G. Welcker. Oct. 12, 1848. Reg Dec. 8, 1848.

JOHN B. HARRISON, Hempstead Co., Ark. gave POA to JOHN D. McGLOHN to represent his interest in the estate of his father, JOHN HARRISON, dec in Madison Co. Nov. 15, 1848. Reg Dec. 23, 1848. No wits.

WILLIAM N. HARRISON, Hempstead Co., Ark. gave POA to JOHN D. McGLOHN to represent his interest in the estate of his father, JOHN HARRISON, in Madison Co. Nov. 15, 1848. Reg Dec. 23, 1848. No wits.

SUGARS McLEMORE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his daughters gave them land: MARY E., 274 acres in Surveyor's District 10, Ranges 2-3, Section 10, Civil Dist. 9, valued at $1370. LEAH ANN, 416 acres, the west 1/2 of the Gray tract, valued at $1664. MARGARET B., 268 acres, valued at $1340. Dec. 25, 1848. Reg Jan. 22, 1849. Wits D. J. McLemore, P. W. Graves.

SUGARS McLEMORE, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son, DANIEL J. McLEMORE, deeded him 268 acres, valued at $1340. Dec. 27, 1848. Reg Jan. 22, 1849. Wits Geo. B. Hicks, G. W. Matthews.

Indenture dated Jan. 24, 1849 between WILLIAM P. LYTLE, Madison Co., Tenn. and his wife, MARGARET D. LYTLE, his "love and affection" for and for her children (GEORGE G. PERKINS, ISHAM PERKINS, NEWTON C. PERKINS, SOPHRONIA P. PERKINS, children by his wife's first husband, WILLIAM PERKINS), gave them all the interest he had in the property his wife brought to their marriage and any interest he might have in the same manner from the estate of his wife's brother, JOHN W. GOFF, Shelby Co., Tenn. GEORGE G. PERKINS and J. D. GOFF were to serve as trustees for his wife and her children in this agreement. Reg Jan. 27, 1849. Wits J. W. Tarkington, James W. Carter.

Whereas WILLIAM A. BLOUNT, BRYAN GRIMES and wife, LUCY OLIVIA; PATSY B. BLOUNT, MARY MARIA B. RODMAN, JOHN G. B MYERS and wife, MARY OLIVIA BLOUNT, at spring term, 1847 Court of Equity in Beaufort Co., N.C. filed a supplemental bill of complaint against Thomas H. Blount, William B. Rodman, stating that Wm. A. Blount, Patsy B. Blount, Lucy Olivia, wife of Bryan Grimes, were each possessed of 1/5 interests in lands in Tennessee and William B. Rodman, as assignee of Thomas H. Blount, had an undivided 1/5 interest in these lands; and Wm. B. Rodman, Mary Maria B. Rodman and Mary Olivia Blount, wife of John G. B. Myers, had 1/5 interests, it was agreed to divide in equal portions the lands by commissioners: Lot 1, 405 acres,


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Tipton Co., Tenn. Lot 2, 360 acres in Tipton Co. Lot 3, 100 acres in Surveyor's District 10, Ranges 1-2, Section 11. Lot 4, 2000 acres, Obion Co. Lot 5, 572 acres, Perry Co., all in Tennessee. Agreeable to the heirs, they all sold their interests to Patsy B. Blount for $1 and other considerations. Reg Jan. 31, 1849. Wits R. S. Myers, W. B. Rodman, by W. A. Blount and M. M. B. Rodman.

PATSY B. BLOUNT, Wilmington, Beaufort Co., N.C., gave POA to JAMES CARUTHERS, Jackson, Tenn. to sell lands she had in Obion, Tipton, Perry and Madison counties, Tennessee. Dec. 27, 1847. Reg Jan. 31, 1849. No wits.

Marriage Contract. Whereas a marriage was shortly to be had between WILLIAM FOLSOM, Madison Co., Tenn. and LOUISA HOTCHKISS, Haywood Co., Tenn., he agreed that she would retain title in property she brought to their marriage, not subject to his debts. Oct. 10, 1848. Reg Feb. 2, 1849. Wits E. C. Drenan, Elias Taylor.

SUSAN SHERROD, Hartfort Co., N.C. for "natural love and affection" for her nephews and nieces, children of her brother, JAMES SHERROD, Northampton Co., N.C. gave to FRANCIS M. SHERROD, JAMES L. SHERROD, ISABELLA and SARAH A. W. SHERROD, a horse named Jim Crow, 3 feather beds, 2 trunks, one set of cup plates, etc. and a negro girl, Ellen. April 4, 1844. Reg Feb. 5, 1849. Wits Josiah M. Parker, Sam A. Warren.

Marriage Contract. Whereas a "matrimonial alliance" was soon to be had between ARCHIBALD S. ROGERS and NANCY G. WEAVER, he agreed that she was to retain title to property she brought to their marriage, which property was to be held in trust for her by SIMON D. TAYLOR. Feb. 21, 1849. Reg Feb. 21, 1849. Wits Simpson Weaver, J. H. Weaver. /Madison Co. marriage record shows that Archibald S. Rogers married Nancy G. Weaver, Feb. 22, 1849/

ABRAM MASON "for the love and respect that I bear towards my family relations and neighbors" gave E. B. MASON, J. H. MASON, GREEN H. MASON, as trustees one acre of land "on which the burying ground is situated, on the tract of land on which I now live of which this is a part . . . reserving for the use of myself and companion, children and grandchildren, the ground on the south and north of any graves now made containing any of these relations" and black persons or slaves were to be buried on the northwest corner of said grave yard. Oct. 23, 1848. Reg Mar. 29, 1849. Wits Jas. R. Mason, Green W. Mason, Duke Klyce, P. R. Giddens.

ABRAM W. CANNON, Rutherford Co., Tenn. sold to JAMES W. CARUTHERS, Madison Co., Tenn., 180 acres "it being the land and residence of my father A. W. Cannon at his decease lying on the west side of McIver's Creek and the waters of the Forked Deer River" in Civil District 4, Madison Co., Tenn. Feb. 3, 1849. Reg April 17, 1849. Wits V. B. Woolfolk, Joshua Ewell, J. L. McDonald.

Whereas by decree of Circuit Court, Madison Co., Tenn., Dec. 1848, in the case of THOMAS H. GUTHRIE, for himself and as grdn of JOHN L., JANE and HARRIET GUTHRIE, for division of land and whereas ANDREW GUTHRIE, then Clerk of Madison Co., Tenn. sold 193 acres belonging to these petitioners to HAZAEL HEWITT, for $747.87. Now, JOHN L. BROWN as Clerk of Circuit Court, Madison Co., transferred title to this land from Guthrie hrs to Hewitt. April 16, 1849. Reg April 17, 1849. No wits.

ANDREW L. BROWN sold his interest in several slaves to SIMON J. JONES for $664.69; "being a joint interest of one fifty of the negro property of ALLEN P. NOBLES, deceased, late of Pitt County, State of North Carolina; which interest is in right of my wife CAROLINE M., formerly CAROLINE M. NOBLES." April 16, 1849. Reg April 23, 1849. No wits.

President, Directors of Union Bank of Tennessee sold to the heirs


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of JAMES GREER, late of Madison Co., Tenn., 213 acres, for $1200. Dec. 19, 1845. Reg April 28, 1849.

JOHN McELRATH, Burke Co., N.C. for "love and affection" for HUGH M. D. McELRATH (relationship not given), Monroe Co., Tenn. slaves, Sam and wife, Silva and their children, Evelina, Thomas and Mira. Oct. 26, 1844. Reg May 18, 1849. Wits J. J. McElrath, Gideon Morgan.


Cause was heard in Circuit Court, Madison Co., Dec. 28, 1843, for lands of JOHN F. WARD to be petitioned. Acting through their grdn, ABSALOM DEBERRY, Ward's children, MARGARET, wife, of James Weadle and LAURA WARD, a minor, sold 2000 acres on Cub Creek in Madison Co. to CHRISTOPHER HUTCHINGS. July 17, 1849. Reg July 17, 1849.

WILLIAM DUNGAN for "love and affection" for his son, THOMAS M. DUNGAN, gave him 60 acres in Civil District 9, Madison Co., July 11, 1849. Reg Aug. 6, 1849. Wits Wm. J. McKinney, Wm. H. Dungan.

FRANCIS WRIGHT, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for "my beloved daughter," LOUISA C. HUDSON, formerly Wright, and her child, SUSAN FRANCES HUDSON, a negro, Mariah about 4 yrs old, one bed and clothing. Aug. 11, 1849. Reg Aug. 11, 1849. No wits.

THOMAS P. DEVEREUX, Halifax Co., N.C. sold his interest held in trust for M. A. B. HOGG, wife of the late GAVIN HOGG of Raleigh and another moiety in trust for Gavin Hogg, and whereas both Gavin and M. A. B. Hogg are deceased, and THOMAS P. HOGG, M.D., Baltimore, Md. is the only heir of said Hoggs, the tract near Jackson, Tennessee, 500 acres is made to him. April 24, 1849. Reg Aug. 13, 1849. Wits Edmund Wilkins, C. M. Clark.


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