From Family Findings
Vol. III, No. 3., July 1971, pp. 106-108
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1971
Appears on this web site by permission


The map [above] was drawn and copied by your Editor from the original found in the Tennessee State Archives in Nashville. (Madison Co., Tenn. Map No. 425.) Information on the map and the legend printed below are exactly as they appeared on the original with the exception of Nos. 47, 48, & 49. These numbers were added in order to show what was written on the map in those numbered spaces. [Click here to download 300 dpi map.}

1. J. O. Reid
2. Mrs. Belle Moore
3. Love Home
4. Bob Moore
5. F. B. Snipes
6. Benj. Blume, afterwards Tom Tyson
7. W. B. Burton, afterwards W. T. Duncan
8. Dr. Harris, afterwards Presby. Manse
9. Baptist Church
10. School House
11. H. C. NeVille
12. Mrs. Betty Tyson
13. Frank Williamson
14. Love Reid
15. Methodist Church
16. Bob Bryant
17. Burgess Home
18. Jim Meriwether, afterwards Finis Bryant
19. Ambrose Duncan
20. Store
21. Post Office
22. E. P. Snipes, originally Home of E. P. Snipes, sold about 1855 to Leroy Gillespie, owned and occupied during my boyhood by Bob French. Uncle Leroy Gillespie having sold it and moved to Brownsville. Home of Johnston Children during their youth. FBS (?).
23. John F. Fonville
24. W. B. McKissick
25. Drug Store
26. Presbyterian Church
27. Murdock Murchison, afterwards Methodist Parsonage
28. Dr. Murchison, later Monroe Taylor (Written beside these two numbers was "Same Murchison Family")
29. Stephen Carter
30. Andrew Taylor
31. Philip Alston, originally home of Philip Alston who gave it to his son John, who lived here during Civil War Days
32. Alston-Johnston Cemetery
33. Phillip Alston, son of Philip #31
34. Will Weatherly
35. Mary McBride Williamson
36. Harris - not same family as #8
37. Dr. McKissick
38. Gin House and Grist Mill
39., 40., 41. Stores
42. Depot
43. Keelen
44. Different Families
45. Morgan Barnes
46. Rosser
47. John and James Johnston Farm where all their children were born. Under different management in my time.
48. F. B. Snipes farm purchased after his father E. P. Snipes sold his home #22, and moved to Arkansas
49. F. B. Snipes property, about 3 acres

(In the left lower corner of the original map was printed in a square "This is a Map of Denmark, Tenn." Below the square was written in longhand "Denmark, the oldest town in West Tennessee, as it was when I was a boy and Young man. JBS (?)") This map is listed in the State Archives as "Denmark, Around the Civil War".