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The following four pages was sent in by member, James Corbitt. Martin, Tennessee with this note: "I am inclosing a copy of Alliene's grandmother's Diary during the years 1870-71 while a student at MCFI [Methodist Conference Female Institute] there in Jackson. Wish we could identify a lot of the persons whom she mentions in the diary. Maybe someone can help identify them."

In later life Lela Stribling was Mrs. Samuel Anderson Mitchell, Memphis, Tenn., grandmother of Mrs. James S. Corbitt, Martin, Tennessee 38237.


Jackson, Tennessee

"There is none can tell the joys of love
But those who feel it true
And I these joys can never prove
Unless it is with You.



"In the language of the Western Poet
'Don't you want a piece of pie'"


To Lelia Dew
'I pity bashful woman who
feel the pain of fancied scorn
and undeserved disdain.'

And bear the marks upon a
blushing face of needless shan
and undeserved disgrace.

Our sensibilities are so acute
the fear of being silent makes
us mute

Your friend
Mr. Gray
who is your
beloved sweetheart

To Darling Lela
I only ask the simple boon of the
AM moy it be an easy task to me (?)
Times to think of me

Your true and loving friend
Mattie Lane

MCF Institute
Jackson, Tenn.
Dec 15th 1870


Mar 10
Her Brother. Return home from church with Uncle H. (Hu Anderson)

Mar 11
Saturday. Stay at home make hankerchiefs till dinner expect to go to see Mollie Tomlinson but I am disappointed on acount of rain. Grand Pa Stribling coin this morning staid all day & all night. Cousin Ervin Rlear (?) come in the evening but went off on the 5 o'clock train. Rained all evening. I am not well at all.

Mar 12
Sunday. Have prayer. Caught at Annie & A for being so late. Go to S. School with Aliene. [Her sister, later Mrs. Hawkins] Say lesson to Mrs Woodard my teacher then talk with Sallie Hall & Sue Woodard. Go over & talk with Mollie Mitchell & Sallie Brooks. Go into the Library with Hate (?) Harper for the first time. Speak to Mr R. Chester for the first time in my life. He took off my Bible and I told him "to give it to me". Go up in the Church with Mollie Tomlinson. Hear a sermon from Mr. Heard. F. B. was there. Laugh a great deal at Nellie T. about looking at Bush Persons. Come on from Church with M. Lane. After dinner return to singing with Aliene & Annie (her sisters). Laugh more than I ever did before at singing. Laughing at Hollie Binford & Mollie T. See F. B. again. Annie goes to sleep and I laugh at her and she gets very sick. Talk to Hallie Binnford little sister. M. T. & M. Lane come home with me to take a walk but Ma will not let me go. So they go back home. Uncle Neal & Aunt L. A. came up on the train. after supper go with Uncle N. & Aunt L. to the Methodist Churoh. Sit opposite to W. T. & W. Thesis(?). Have a heap of fun run over a dog. Come home retire early.

Mar 13
Go to School. Miss one in Etymolog. 2 in farimliar(?) Science take up a new Study History of France very small but very hard. Nothing unusual have a gay time with H. F. & W. P. M. T. come home. Aunt L. is still here in the evening.
(P.S.) Mollie Tomlinson asked me to let her march with me at Ex. As soon as I get home go right into Uncle H. room and who is there but Mr. E. C. I feel quite embarrassed. Practice after supper. Aunt E. Anderson comes over (after supper) brings Frank with her. I cone up stairs and eat coconut with the boys. Study hard retire late.

Mar 14
Rise early study before breakfast. Know my Etymology but In the evening miss 2 in Farmiliar Science. At dinner get an introduction to Judge Freeman. See W. F. as we was coming home to dinner. In the evening after I come home read one of Luke's Love letters. Ma and Aunt Lizzie is gone down in town & Aunt Lifies(?) baby is sick but is better, Nities is very sick go to see if it is dangerous. Ma sits up there all night. Bleep with Aunt Lizzie.

Mar 15
Go to school know my Etymology lesson. See W. F. going on in the morning to school. Know my Familiar Science (perfect in all my lesson.). Take a Music lesson & a new piece. Give some flowers to Lula B. for Mr Willie Battle. Have quite a lively time coming home to dinner with Hattie, but still livelier in the evening coming home in the rain. M. Lane comes under my umbrella we have off our bonnets me(t) Mr S. Hays & Whitehead I accidently hit them both with my umbrella ask them to excuse me, it was just pouring down rain. Change my dress after I get home. Aunt L is still here

Come hrn in the rain next evening too. Correct in Familiar S. Take a Music Lesson. At dinner time go up in town with Hattie & Cora go to all the stores have a talk with W. Pope. This is the 17th I put it down wrong.

Mar 16
Go to school nothing unusal. I get the days mixed up.

Mar 18
Saturday. Stay at home in the morning with Aunt L. She is in bed sick. Vetia's baby is quite sick. After dinner go ever to Aunt Ellen Harris's & get some flowers. Have them brought home & sit them out. Have J. Lancaster & J. Lambert Jennie L. L. Campbell & T. Thesis(?) all come to see me at the same time.

Mar 19
Go to Sunday School. Then go up in Church. Sit with Callie Gates & Mollie T. After dinner go back to singing with Tho. B. Folk with Hallie B. Lend him my Gold pencil. Then after singing take a walk with Mr Tomlinson go up by Judge Freeman. Cora tells us that Hattie is sick. Go to Church at night with she & Alliene. Aunt Lissie stays in bed all day.

Mar 20
Monday. Go to School. Know my E. lesson. See W. T. (or F.) as I came home to dinner not enjoy coming home much for Hattie & Cora are net there.

Mar 21
Go to School. Take a Music Lesson & a new piece. Go to Mrs Patten w Fannie Theus after some Music. See W. Freeman. Miss Morris offers me the honorable seat upon the Rostum because I missed 2 in Etymology. Hattie & Cora are absent today.

Mar 22
Go to School. Know my Etymology Lesson. Say it to Capt. Jones Miss Lane is sick. Have a heap of fun with M. Tomlinson.

Mar 23
Know my E. lesson Miss Lane is still sick. Commence new stude (name) Phscal Geography. Correct in all my lessons. Come home to dinner. Carry a letter to M. Mitchell from Mr. S. Jackson. Read it after she read it. In the evening after School go to Bro. Pettus with A. Lancaster, J. Lambert & Jemaie Lambert. to see Willie after us get there F. Theus & C. Gates came. Have quite a nice time find out that T. Binford is a second cousin to A. L.

Mar 24
Friday and I am so glad. Not recite and E. L. but I am perfect in all the rest. Carry a letter to Dora Jarett from Mr. S. Congo. She lets me read it. Visa Lane taught this evening. Willie Pettus came to School this evening. Hattie & Cora came a while this morning for the first time this week. Hattie told me that Willie F. said I wrote something on the fence as I went to School one morning. But I think it was him. I wrote a composition on "Flowers" this week to Mr Bivens (?).

Mar 25
Rise early find Ma very sick. Make a fire. Stay at home all morning. It is drizzling rain. Sew on my old corset and wait on Ma all morning. Read the History of Female Mormana in the evening. Ma is a little better (in eve). Thad Correther & M. Savage stays all night here. Mist of rain all day.

Mar 26
Sunday. Raining but go to S. School. Sue Woodard hears our lesson Mrs. Woodard is gone to Trenton. Have singing after S. School. I sit oposite to "H. B". Go up into Church with Mollie T. Sit with her & Sallie Hall. See T. B. Hear the Mr. R. Persona said that he was going to speak to me Monday morning if he met me. Aliene, Luke & Ma are all sick tonight. I could not go to Church tonight on account of rain. I have got a vezy severe cold myself. Retire early.

Mar 27
Awakened very early by Alliene see her very sick. Ma is better but Luke is worse. Ma went to the breakfast table. Stay at home all day & wait on Ma, Luke & Aliene. Ma & Luke is worse but Aliens is better. In the evening receive a note from M. Tomlinson Uncle Hugh is gone over to stay with Uncle Jim A. He is very sick too. Read some this evening. Receive a note from M. Tomlinson.

Mar 28
Stay at home all day and wait on Ma & Luke. At dinner receive a note from M. T. & Annie Lancaster. Ans them immediately. Uncle Jim is no better. Talk with family awhile then practice. Receive a note from O. Warfield. Have a great deal of fun with it. It is written in baby language. Go to bed late, but do not stay there long, get up and see (2) two houses burned down.

Mar 29
Rise tolerable early find it raining. Do not go to Sohool. I stay in bed all morning nearly on account of headache. I practiced some & read the History of the United States half through. Uncle Jim is no better. Go in & sit with the Boys till Ma comes.

Mar 30
Go to School. All of them ran to meet me & seemed glad to see me. It is Thursday. Come home to dinner with Cora F. Hattie is sick. Go up into Miss Temples Room. She is very sick. Go in company with W. Pettus. See E. C. as I came home in eve.

Mar 31
Find it raining but go to School. Hear the reports read, Do not like mine much. Take a Music lesson. No school in the eve. Stay at home it rained all evening. Uncle John Anderson came. After supper hear Uncle "Hugh" read some in Tribune, while I was fixing Grand Ma's quilt pieces. Then came up and talk with "Ike".

Apr 1
Rise early it is dark & gloomy. Stay at home and sew till dinner. After go & get H. Lane go to see Hattie Tomlinson from there to see Sallie Hall. She was not at home, from there to see Nannie Brooks. Stay a little then go to see Hattie & Cora. to all the places in company with M Kane and Mollie T. Hattie give me her picture. SeeW. T. Come home get my S. S. Lesson.

Apr 2
Sunday. Go to S. School. Say a verse. Go up to Church with M. L. & C. Gates. After dinner go to Mr Tomlinson to see Mollie go with Uncle John Anderson & Alliene. We go from there to singing. After we get there awhile W. W. P. come and sit down me. Was coming and sit beside me but Uncle John cast(?) him out. W. T. was there. After singing, W. W. P. engaged my company. We take a walk go to the Depot then up by the Institute. It plagued him very much because they made signs and laughed at me he gets a shamed of his stick, he gave it to me. I carry it all the way for him. He told me "that I troubled him very much" and his reason was he could not see me often enough. and several other things not worth writing. (he comes home with me). At night go to the Presbyterian Church with Ma & Luke. See Helen Barns & (T?)ena Hagett talk with them awhile. Hear a splendid Sermon from Rev. Harass.

Apr 3
Go to School. Perfect in all my lessons. Talk with Sallie Hall about W. W. P. before school. Cora Freeman was taken very sick in the Algebra Class. Second recess I go up to see her (in Hiss Tempie Summerville room). Hattie is there stay with her and Cora a while half hour write then come home (at dinner) with Hattie. She carries my Music home with her so I did not practice. At playtime go with Fannie Theus to see Miss Marianne Jno Jones former house it is perfectly beautiful. Alliene told Luke what W. W. P. said to me. After supper go in & talk with Uncle "Hugh".

Apr 3, 4
Go to School. Miss one in Etymology. Take a Music Lesson (but not a new piece). Correct in all my other lessons. Accused (by Miss Laro Morris) of making tatten in my music room (but I did not do it). She took down all the girls names that did make it & is going to take off 10 (ten) failures off of their report. The second part of the Vocal Class joined ours this evening. Hattie and Cora was not there today. I returned to dinner in company with A. Lancaster. In the evening after School Miss J. Williams come over to get one of the Boys to sleep over there. Luke & Ike go. After Supper go & talk with Uncle "Hugh". Cousin John Wisdom comes.

Apr 4
Go to School. Qo up into Sallie Blake's room before school. Do not miss any in Etymology. Correct in everything. Hattie come to school today. Go in and sing with Miss Temples Class.

Apr 5
Wednesday. Go to School. Know my E. L. Correct in everything. Talk with Willie Pettus, right smart today. In the evening Mollie. T. comes home with me we play Celebities (With cards). I enjoy her company very much indeed. Cousin John Wisdom is going stay all night here. The Vanhook murder is about to die out they have turned the old Negro woman out off jail but made her pay ($1200) Twelve Hundred dollars. The suspesion is resting upon her son now.

Apr 6
Go to School. Miss Lane does not hear our Etymology Lesson. I take a Music lesson & take a new piece (Called) "Lilly of the Valley". Correct in all my lessons. Come home to dinner in company with Hattie. Laugh a great deal in Miss Annie Garland room (She is one of the teachers) at one of the girls saying Miss Lane eat Devil's Hams. Pull off my Flannel Shirt retire early.

Apr 7
Friday. Go to School. Correct in all my lessons & deportment. Go up to see Lula Brooks before School took in. Wait at the corner for Hattie a long time but she does not come. Hear this morning that there was a new Mr Anderson, son of J. W. A. & Ellen A. therefore he is my Cousin. Come home in the eve, with Hattie & Miss Fannie Jackson (her Cousin) have a great deal of fun. In the evening after School take a walk with Cora & M Lane

Apr 8
Saturday. Stay at home all morning hem over my old dress. I have made a mistake in this book about the number of the day. Well in the evening start to go up in town meet Mollie T. comming to stay all eve. with me. but we go on up in town. Go to Roberson & Botta get me 2 two dresses one Calico and one Japanese Plaid. Go to Glasses talk with W. W. P. a little then go up into Dr. Spencer's Office. See W. Hays. Go into Mrs Tongerson's (?) try on some hats but not pleased with any much. Mollie comes back with me. Uncle Tom Anderson is here very sick.

Apr 9
Sunday. Go to S. School. Sue Woodard hears our lesson. Mr. Griffin talks a while I like him very much. Go up into Church with Mollie T. & Sallie H. Nobody there hardly. H. Ford sits behind me so I could not see him. It rains very hard but they send me an umbrella so Aliene & myself go to Aunt E. Harris's for dinner. Stay there tin its quit raining then come home and go to the same church to hear a lecture from Mr Griffin hear a splendid one and enjoy it very much. Laugh a great deal at H. B. and talk with him some. As we went to go down stairs Mollie Falls(?) W. Pope engages her company goes home with her. It is just pouring down rain. See L. B. he smiles. Uncle Hugh goes home and gets an umbrella for Aliene and myself. Meet Miss Lula West do not know her. She tell me who she is. I feel quite ashamed of myself. I do not enjoy the rest of the evening because they tease me so much about Mr. L. D. Cousin Frank comes over he teases me too.

Apr. 10
Monday. Do not go to School on account of my eye. I am not well nohow. I go & take a Music Lesson. Talk with Mollie T. a little. Retire in (at dinner) company with Hattie. See H. F. Stay at home & practice all eve. Receive a note from Mollie T. & O. Warfield. Practice after supper my eye hurts very bad.

Apr. 11
Tuesday. Rise early go to School do very well. Go in and see Miss Tempie S. before School. She is very sick go back at the Second recess. She is a little better. Return home to dinner in company with Hattie. Go back to School get there as it takes up go in & read. Mollie T. is not there. I feel lost with out her. I love her better & Better every day. Ask Miss Lane H. "to excuse me", and I go to see Mollie. I thought she was in bed sick but find her up. She gets her Journal and lets me read it. I find it very interesting. We read all she has written in it. She let me read several secrets I prommised not to tell. And will try and keep my prommise. My eye is no better. Ma has gone to stay with Aunt E. Anderson to night. I feel very lonely. Nitia & Annett come over after supper. Nitia plays some for me. "Retire Late.'

Apr. 12
Rise early. Wednesday. Go to School know my lessons very well. Ans. one in the evening at roll call. Mollie was not there. I receive a note from her. Go up to Professor Pettus's in the evening after some over shirt patterns. Get an introduction to Rector Harrison. Come home do not study any, talk with the Boys. Retire by myself.

Apr. 13
Thursday. Go to School know all my lessons. Mollie was there today. I just love her better & better everyday. Sallie Hall came home with me but did not come in we sit out in the lawn and talked. Come in find Mr. E. Cochran here. Have a great deal of fun comming home with the girls. Sallie Hell told me they was going to get up a party for the Picnic and my name was on the list. It is going to be on the (8) eight of May. Oh! me I have to write a composition on "Spring" to Mrs. Rivena for tomorrow. I do not understand the patterns I got from Willie P. So I have to go up there in the morning after the Shirt.

Apr. 14
Friday. Go to School miss one in Etymology correct in everything else. Come home to dinner with Hattie enjoy it very much. Do not return til late. I took a Music Lesson knew it very well but do not take a new piece. Mollie T. comes home with me in the evening to stay all night I go home with her and ask her Ma. And I get acquainted with Mollie's sister Mrs. Holland & Miss Meede (?) Tomlinson. We come home and find Aunt Sue H. & Uncle J. H. They brought Aliene & Annie & Myself a dress a piece. I enjoy Mollie's company so much but I had the headache very bad. After supper we play Celebeties.

Apr. 15
Saturday. Rise late we go to the second table. We play and read and talk before dinner. I enjoy myself very much indeed and hope my company did too. It rained all morning nearly. After dinner we went up in the garret and played awhile come down found Mr. E. C. (&) Mr. Sam Jackson & I am now here (in the boys room) we do not speak to them. After they go way Mollie rolls up my hair on paper. Have a gay time talking to "Luke". Mollie nearly finished my hair then comes some body after her. She finishes it then goes home Luke went with her. Sit in the door with J he tells me I "look like the old Scratch." I talk a littel more with him come up stairs stay a while. Start over to Aunt E. Harris but see Samella Nethsom (?) & Jenny Lacy. Stay til they go a way then go over to Aunt Ellen H. and get my Music. Called the "Magnolia Ham Polka" the giver unknown. Come back with "Luke" find Aunt Sue still here nurse her baby while she eats supper.

Apr. 16
Sunday. Rise go to S. School get there very late. Say my lesson but not my verse for I do not get there in time. Go up in Church with Mollie & Callie Gates and Mr. J. R. W. sit beside beside me and on the other side and J. T. too. Return home eat my dinner go to see Aunt E. Anderson see her baby for the first time. Come home eat my dinner get ready and go to singing. Beg Uncle Hugh to go with me but he does not do it. I go and get M. Lane to go with me. We go to the Presbyterian Church (there is no singing at the Methodist Church). Go in sit down Lizzie Goodle come and sits by me. Bro. Milen makes us move up higher. So I get by Fannie Theus. She tells me that her brother said "that he made his eyes sore by looking at me so much." I see W. T. catch his eye for the first time. After the singing go to the Grave Yard with some girls. We first go to Mr. Tomlinson's Mollie goes with us. Get some little boys they go with us too. We go all round the graveyard then go in see a great many in there. Talk about riding down on the train but do not do it. Come back meet Mr. R. W. & Miss L, Tomlinson. See J. T. I tell Mollie I am going to give him my flowers. She calls him and he comes back. I feel quite embarrassed but finally get over it. Stop in at Mollie's go up stairs fix a little then come home in company with Mr. L. & Mollie comes too. Find Uncle Neal & Aunt Lizzie here. Go to Church in company with The. (?) Find out his word is not always the same. I do not sit with Mollie sit behind R. W. & R. P. hear a very Short Sermon from Mr. Rev. Balm. See W. T. & W. L.

Apr. 17
Monday. Rise early. Go to School perfect in all my lessons. Talk a long time with Mollie before School takes up. She tells me a heap of secrets. Come home to dinner with Hattie. She stops in at Mr. Maxis's and gets some raisens. She gives me some. We meet Mistress Binford. She speaks to me. We stand and eat raisens a long time then I come home dinner is not ready. I find Grand Ma very sick. Eat my dinner. See Hattie comming. She waits for me I go with her to Mr. Mahaffy's Saloon and get some choclet to eat. Return to school it books. Return from School in the evening with Hattie & Helen Ran (?). Hattie and myself wait for the cars. She threw a bouquet of f lowers to the little boy that walked with us Sunday evening W. Hamberly. I talk to Hattie's Little brother Oke Freeman. I read one of Mollie's letter today from her Cousin C. Williams. I do think Mollie is so sweet. I love her better and better every day. I retire early. Luke come in and talks with me.

Apr. 18
Tuesday. Rise late do not go to School till (10) ten o'clock then go to take a Music L. Stay til dinner. I go up in town with Aunt Lizzie and Netia Walsh go to Roberson & Botts. See R. W. but he would not be introduced to me. But I get an introduction to J. T. the one that I wanted to. I do think he is so handsome. Miss E. Howard & Aunt Lizzie was there. I was at Mr. Tomlinson, took dinner there. I enjoy it so much. After dinner a little go home Mollie goes with me. We meet H. B. we speak to him. Stay a little while at home get some books then return to School. Meet Mr. E. C. & W. T. I have the pleasure of speaking to Mr. E. C. Find it very late when we get to School. Miss one in Familiar Science. After School go see Mistress Blakely. I think she is beautiful. Go to Roberson & Botts after Aunt Lizzie's hat. See R. W. again. Mattie Lane & Mollie goes with me. Mollie said that she was going to give him Hail Columbia but I hope she will not do it for he will think I told her to but if she doesn't she will fix it all right, for everything she does is right in my eye. Go into the Boys room try to get The to work an example but he does not do it.

Apr. 19
Wednesday. Rise it rains a little but not enough to stop me from School. Correct in all my studies and deportment too. Miss Marianna Jones my Music teacher told me to day that I had to play a piece at the Exibition with Laren Blakely & Ella Henning & Eddy Graves. Comming home meet W. F. he pulls his hat over his face but Hattie makes him pull it up. Come home get my lessons have a gay old time with Mollie as usual.

Apr. 20
Thursday. Go to School perfect in all my lessons answer one in deportment. See all my Sweethearts accept F. B. Hear that he was keeping books for his father. Speak to Holly B. I take a Music Lesson. Anticipate great enjoyment Sunday. After School in the evening go up in town to Glasses to get some trimming to put on my dress. Go in company with Hattie & Mattie Lane. See Sue Woodward she tells me that she is going to the Sunday School Convention. I want to go but can't. Aunt Lizzie went home this morning. I have a very bad headache to night. I brought a rosebud & a Gerranaum leaf from Mollie Mitchell to Mr. Sam Jackson to day. There is a grand Fair here in town to night but I can't go. Talk a little with W. P. this evening at Glasses.

Apr. 21
Friday. Go to School perfect in all my lessons accept Goraphy I miss one in that. Talk with Mollie a great deal. Come home at dinner in company with Hattie. She stops into Mr. Maxie's and gets some Confectionaries. She gives me some. At dinner I carry some fruit to M. M. from S. Jackson and some from W. Brown to Mollie Apperson. they give me some I do not like it much. I go _____ home in with Hattie. We talk of going to the "Babtist Fair." I come home Aunt Ellen Harris is here & my dress is most done. Ma says I may go. I get ready and go with Uncle Hugh. Pay a quarter (25) to go in. The first one I see is Miss Jennie Lacy. She takes my wrappins. The next one I see is Hattie. She gives me some flowers to sell I sell them. Then _____ to Miss Jennie table and get some Ice Cream. W. W. P. takes us around and treats us to some Lemonade. It is very good. I get an introduction to Mr. R. W. & R. Persons. I then Promenade with Mr. J. T. he gives me a nice present I appreciate it very much. Have a nice time indeed. Talk with Mr. R. P. a little and Mr. R. W. some. Hattie treats me to some Pine Apples they are so nice. Retire at 12 P. M. reel lost to because M_____ was not there. L. B. was not there.

Apr. 22
Saturday. Rise late but with a very severe headache. Sleep & knock around home till dinner. After dinner go to Aunt Lillies get Netia to do some stitching for me. Stay at home all evening. Ma is very sick tonight and I am nearly so. I go to bed late.

Apr. 23
Sunday. Rise late get ready go to S. School, We do not say any lessons but recite a verse. There is no preaching at this Church so we go to the East Methodist Church. I start in company with Mollie but Mr. R. P. catches up with us and walks with us nearly there. Then W. W. P. engages my company and goes with me. I set between Mollie & Will. Hear a very long tiresome Sermon. See the Church dedicated. Hear that Mr. J. T. is sick. I am so sorry. Will comes nearly home with me then Mr. R. W. comes the rest of the way. I come in they try to tease me about him but I do not listen at them. After dinner awhile I go over to Aunt E. Harris stay a little while get Willie & May to go to the Methodist Church with me to see if there was going to be singing but there was none. So I start back home meet Mollie. I go home with her stay awhile then Mr. R. W. comes and gets her & myself to walk to the Graveyard with him. We stay a little while hear the train coming go over and get on. Mr. J. T. helps me on we ride to the other depot and get off. As I go to jump off I knock against Mr. R. W. I was very shamed of it but I did not go to do it. We then go in front of the Convent (Catholic) sit down on the grass stay a long time. And I laughed till my sides were sore. Oh! I do like J. T. so much. They all come home with me. Ma told Mollie she would let me go home with her next Friday night. I go to Church hear two (2) Sermons get very tired. I go in company with Luke and Aliene. Retire late.

Apr. 24
Monday. Rise early. Go down to breakfast to find Mr. R. T. Hamilton here. Staid here all night. Go to School talk with Mollie & have a heap of fun. Go with Hattie up in town before School. Correct in everything. I have more fun with Mollie than I ever did before.

Apr. 25
Tuesday. Rise early. Go to School miss one in Etymology and one in Geography. Correct in everything else. Have more fun with Mollie again. I am afraid it will be raining Friday so I can' t go home with her. Its drisling this evening, but after School Mattie Lane & myself went to Glasses. I talked a little with W. W. P. I went there this morning too. And I did not speak to him just done it to see what he would say. So this evening he got after me about it. I have got another sty comming on my eye on the same eye that I had one on last week.

Apr. 26
It raining, but I go to School. Miss one in Etymol but Miss Lane excuses me and Laura Blakely correct in every thing else. Mollie did not come this morning nor Hattie all day. Mollie came this evening. This morning after I got there I heard of the death of little Fannie Metcalf daughter of Bro. Metcalf. Protessor Metcalf who is a Prof. of Music. I take vocal lessons under him. I saw Mrs. Binford this evening do not study much retire soon.

Apr. 27
Thursday. Attend the Funneral services and burial of little Fannie Metcalf. Hear the saddest of all news that of the death of Mr. Rob Chester. We have no School in the morning but some in eve. I miss one in Familiar Science correct in deportment. Talk with Mollie a great deal. She says I don't love her. If I can't make her believe it by word I will try hereafter to express it by action. Well after school I go over to Aunt Ellen H. as I come back I meet up with Mr. E. C. and he walks with me from the gate to the door. Comes to see Uncle Hugh stays but a short time. After supper practice a little. Start to go up stairs open the door and W. T jumpted behind the house. I did not know he was out there. He came up stairs after while and staid a long time I study but little.

Apr. 28
Friday. Go to School see the Omniba (?) [probably omnibus] with Dr. Chester in it he brought the remains of his only son. Oh! just to think that his son has returned, but lifeless. And is to be buried tomorrow at 10 o'clock. Our S. School is going to march to the Grave. We had no School this evening. I stay at home til late in the eve, then I go up to Prof. Pattus' s to see Willie. I stay there a little while then we take a walk and walk till dusk. I see W. T. Ma got us our summer hats today got me 2 (two). Sallie Hall came to see me today but I was not here.

Apr. 29
Saturday. Rise early go to Methodist Church st 8 (eight) O'Clock to attend the burial services of Mr. I. Chester. There was not but two or three persons there when I got there but more came after while. Then we get in a procession and march to his house get the corpse and return to the Church. They do not carry the coffin in but Parson Heard preached his Funeral have a prayer by Dr. Patton. Then we march to the Grave and pay our last respect to Mr. Rob (as he was called). Oh! that I could be half so kind obedient and popular as he was. There was no one that knew him that did not love him. Oh! I do want to be better in the future and I will try. I marched with sweet Mollie all the way. She is so good. I came home and ______. Will Pope is here. In the evening Lizzie Goodle and Mattie Lane came to see me. Uncle Hugh & The goes in the Parlor. After Supper I sit out in the front door & talk with all the boys. Retire with Grand Ma.

Apr. 30
Sunday. Get ready and go to S. School but we do not have any. We didn't do anything but sing pray and talk of Mr. Chester. But Mollie joined our Class. We go up into Church hear a good sermon by Rev. Heard. W. T. was there so was young Mr. Heard & J. T. I got to speak to J. T. I come home to dinner. Will is still here. Luke had a chill today. Stay at home all eve till late then I go up and get Mattie and we walk. I got a note from Willie P. to go with her to walk but am disappointed on account of rain. After the rain is over it is too late to walk far so she did not come. Miss Sallie & Lide and Mr. Bob Williams was here this evening and stayed a little while. I did not go to Church to night of course I feel badly. Retire early.

May 1
Monday. Go to School but first go with Ma up in town after some things. She gets me some kid gloves and a fan and some more notions. As I start to School I meet Hattie and Mollie going to Mrs. Cozart's. I go with them. Hattie goes to see about her dress. I miss one in Etymology a bad beginning for May. At dinner it is raining hard so it was a long time before we could come home. At last W. F. brings an umbrella to the gate for Hattie and he goes on after his Pa at the Courthouse. I come home eat my dinner and return to School had very good lessons.

May 2
Go to School. Hattie came we take a Music Lesson. I took my piece that I will have to play at the exibition. I will have to play with Laura Blakely. Correct in E. have a very good L. in everything else.

May 3
Rise early go to School. I miss one in Etymology. Miss Lane Morrie give out the root and every body in the Class missed have very good in everything else. After School in the evening go up to Mr. Hall's to see Sallie to get Mr. F. B. Photograph and I get it. I have a great deal of fun with the Boys about it. Do not study much tonight. Willie Pettus stopped School today. Have a heap with Mollie. Ma went to the Graveyard.

May 4
Rise early go to School in all my lessons have a heal of fun about F. B. picture take a music lesson in (then?) Sallie Hall comes a piece of the way home with me. It commences raining so she goes back home. I come home and had a big rassel with Alliene about that picture but she does not see it. I study some but talk most of the time retire early.

May 5
I get up but I am not hardly able I've got a severe cold. I expected to go home with Mollie tonight but I am afraid I will be disapointed. I do not go to School this morning. Stay in bed nearly all day. Mollie and Sallie Hall and Mattie Lane come to see me in the evening.

May 6
Saturday. I did not get up this morning. I staid in bed till late this evening. Very sick this morning. Willie Pettus & Callie Gates came this eve before I got it was Callie's first call. I feel a little better after I get up. Mr. E. Cochrane and Mr. Jim Inman took dinner with us today but I did not see them. Retire late.

May 7
Sunday. I rise very early go down stairs sit around the fire till breakfast. Ma tell me I have to stay at home all day. So I help to fix Annie and Alliene for Sunday School. Luke & The has gone out in the country it is very lonesome here now. It is a beautiful day. I do wish I could get to go to Church but I cannot in the evening Mollie & Mattie Lane came to see me. I enjoy their visit very much indeed. The and Luke came to night. They got in to late for church th come in my room & talked to me. I feel very well to night.

May 8
Monday. I rise late do not feel well at all do not go to School. Stay at home nearly all day nobody come to see me. Late in the evening I go with Ma over Mrs. Baker's for the first time do not stay long come back by Aunt Sifies (?) stay a little while. Feel a great deal worse this evening think I had a light chill. Talk with family after supper a little.

May 9
Tuesday. Rise late find it raining. I suffered a great deal during the night am not well enough to go to School this morning. Hope to be able by evening do not go to school it rained to much. Grand Ma & Uncle John S. came on the 5 o'clock train and it was just pouring down rain. They are on their way to see Uncle Bob Black who is very sick. They stay all night here also Mr. B. H.

May 10
Wednesday. Rise early find it very cold have to have a big winter fire. Grant Ma & Uncle John go off on the train. They left here at Seven and had to wait till about Nine before the cars came. B. T. H. eat breakfast here and said he would be back Sunday. I do not go to School because it is too cold. I receive a note from Mollie & Sue Perry. I have not received any notes from any of the girls until today and the week is nearly gone. I sew till late.

May 11
Thursday. Rise early expect to go to School but do not. Ma has got the sick headache and it is so cold I am afraid to go out. Mr. Tom Temple staid all night here last night. I received two notes from Sue Perry and Mollie (2 apiece). Sew a right smart. In the evening go over to see Aunt Ellen Harris have a heap of run with her then go over to see M. Lane. She shows me the lessons and gives me some flowers and walks half way with me home. Tomorrow is Friday I reckon I will go to school.

May 12
Friday. Rise early go to School. Take a long walk with Hattie F. before School. We go up Maine Street. I was excused from all my Studies to day because I have not been to School this week have a gay time. Come home in company with Hattie at dinner meet Mrs. & Mr. Freeman. Talks Mrs. F. a little while. In the eve. Mollie T. was comming home with to ask Ma to let me stay all night but we was on the railroad talking to Julia L. & Hattie when I saw Miss Hattie Lacy & Miss Roggers. Miss Hat use to be my teacher. I was not acquainted with Miss Roggers before they came on home with me. I retire with Miss Roggers. Take a walk with her before night.

May 13
Saturday. Rise early. Go up in town with them go to Glasses talk with W. P. a little. Talk with Mr. R. W. a little too. Go in the gallery find a great many School girls in there. I carry a Gipsy in there. She wants to tell my fortune. I let her tell it but do not pay her anything. She told me that before long I would have a great fortune given me and she described Mollie as being my rival. I was very sory for that much of it. We at last got back home for dinner. After dinner Miss Pattie and myself went to sleep. Then got up fixed and went back to town again. Meet Uncle J. P. S. comming up here. I went off and left Maria Creay here. She come to see me but I had to go with Miss Mat up in town meet Mollie at Mr. Lane's gate. She goes with us we go in the gallery and she introduces me to Mr. Howell he sits and talks to us a long time. He gives me Mr. G. W. P. picture I already have F. B. Mollie comes nearly all the way home with me. Uncle John is still here stays all night. I retire with Miss Pattie.

May 14
Sunday. Rise early go down clean up the parlor before breakfast. After B. fix for S. School get there tolerable soon. Meet Cousin Will Pope and B. T. H. as I was going on. Have a very good lesson. See J. T. Go from there to the Presbyterian Church with Hattie, Mollie & Mattie Lane. Hear a sermon from Rev. McNair. Come home in company with Hattie and Fannie Theus. In the evening go to Mr. Tomlinson's get Mollie we start off together but W. W. P. & E. Parrom stops and waits for us. W. W. introduces me to Mr. Parrom we go on to the graveyard. I do not enjoy myself a bit. He staid with me all the time. I saw all the rest of them though they (Mollie & Will & Parram) came home with me & we had to sit out in the yard till Uncle Hugh came with the key. I did not go to church. Retire early.

May 15
Monday. Rise early go to School. Know my E. lesson do not know my Algebra very well miss one in F. Science correct in deportment. Come home in company with Hattie. In the evening She stops in at Mr. Maxx's and get some raisens and nuts. She gave me some of course. Oh! I do love her. I have the Headache very bad do not study much retire early.

May 16
Tuesday. Rise early. Go to School correct in everything. W. F. went before me to day at dinner. So I got to see him good. In the evening Miss Love (Morris) dismissed us and let us go to the gate to see the procession of Odd Fellows. And I got to see my /// and I heard some splendid Music. Come home find Uncle Nat Benton here (Thes Father). After supper go down and nurse Netia's baby for her while she was to the Odd Fellows Supper. Nurse Aunt Sifies (?)
some too it was right sick.

May 17
Wednesday. Rise early. Eat my breakfast then play some on the Piano for Uncle Nat. Study my E. lesson then go to School. Hear the sad news that Mollie had her arm hurt so badly that she could not come to School. Correct in all my lessons on Geography nearly but answer one in deportment. Had a very lonely time to day carry a message from Mr. Knox Brice to Miss Gertie Stoveall. W. F. walks in front of me again going on back to School from dinner. I wish I was
acquainted with him. After School go with Hattie and Cora down in town. They treat me to some Soda Water and Sweet Crackers. We go to Glasses I talk with W. W. P. a little. We go to the Music Store and look at the Music., I see J. T. & R. W. but do not get to speak to them. Mollie came to School late this evening. After I get home have some fun with our homefolks boys.

May 18
Thursday. Rise early go to school. Correct in everything I believe Ans. one in deportment. At dinner go up in town with Hattie. I give her some Balsam for the first time she gives me some Choclet balls. We go to O Conners I get some thread for Sue Perry. Mollie comes home with me in the evening and I go home with her to Stay all night. I enjoy myself exceedingly well. Get introduced to Mr. John R. Tomlinson. After supper Mollie and myself go in the Parlor. I play on the Piano (or at least I tried.) I read in Mollie a Journal. Found it very interesting. We retire late. I did not talk with any of the men.

May 19
Friday. Rise tolerable early talk with J. R. T. before breakfast. Stay here a long time after breakfast get Mollie to come home with me. We come find it very late I dress then we start we get in company with Miss Laura O. Conner and great many little children. I sit down by Lula West & Cora Freeman we did not stay there long we got some more girls and went in the shade. Directly Mr. J. B. T. & Bush Person came up there. Then when we went to dinner they had to leave us Mollie before dinner so Hattie & Cora & myself went to gather I had an excellent dinner. After dinner Hattie called her brother and introduced him to me so I got an introduction to Mr. Will Freeman so he went on and we went and got with Mr. J. R. T. and Rush P. he treated me to some ice cream. Then Hattie started home & Made me go with her so we had to be excused and when we got nearly half way Hattie found out she had what she wanted and we came back and went to see the Gipsies several of us girls. Mollie did not come back any more we came back and Eat under same shade trees had not been there long til Uncle Hugh & Mr. Has Ford came up so I was introduced to him directly W. F. came up at last we decided to get up a big game. So they went and got some more young men and I got an introduction to Mr. Shepard Mr. K. Bryson & Mr. Rob Hurt Mr. Henning and Mr. L. Brooks Mr. Whitehead and Mr. J. B. Harrison. I believe that is all. So we had a great game we played a long time at last they began to go home. Every body went acept Willie Pettus C. Gates and Anna Lancaster & Mr. W. F. K. Bryson & Fannie Theus Uncle Hugh & myself Mr. K. B. went with Willie P. Callie & Anna went by themselves Uncle Hugh with Fannie Theus and Mr. W. F. had to go my way anyhow so he walked with me. I never was so surprised as when he said he told Julia Lumberd "that one of the Babtist School teachers looked like a Bull Dog." He came to the door with me but did not came in. I eat my supper and talked with family a little then retired early.

May 20
Saturday. Rise early eat breakfast clean up house, read and nurse Veties baby all morning. Aunt Lify and her baby is both sick. Uncle Tom A. has moved every thing early into his new house. I sew and eat cakes all evening. Late go over to Aunt Pusst (?) and stay a little while.

May 21
Sunday. Rise late to find it raining. Oh! I am so sorry I dent know what to do. ~ stay at home all day till late in the evening then go over to Aunt Lifies to see the babies. Her baby is better. Start to Aunt E. Harris meet Miss Lide Williams & Laura Howell came back with Miss Lide to Aunt Lifies start back meet Mattie Lane walk with & Miss Lide. Mattie tells about her Humboldt fellows. I hear that Miss Sallie Williams is to marry Tuesday. Oh! me I pity her.

May 22
Monday. Rise early go to School correct in Etymology failure in Familiar Science for first time in 2 or 3 months correct in everything else. In the evening the 2 Mr. Brooks & Mr. K Bryson & Bro. Millen came up to sing with us. They are splendid singers.

May 23
Tuesday. Rise early go to School know my lessons very well nothing unusual only Aunt Lifies baby is quite sick.

May 24
Wednesday. Rise early go to School know my lessons very well. It is two weeks from today til the School will close. Oh! I will be so glad. Aunt Lifies baby is no better.

May 25
Thursday. Rise early go to School know my lessons very well. Come home in company with Hattie in evening go with her to the Institute. W. F. & Uncle Hugh was there and as soon as they saw us they turned around and went back. W. F. is taking on considerably about Nannie Gates so is Willie Theus too. We was very late coming home.

May 26
Friday. Go to School know my lessons very well for review. Miss Ada Burton is going to stay all night with me tonight. She come and we went to walk first. I had to get me some collars so we went to Mr. Glasses to get them. I talked to W. W. P. a little then went down to the Institute to see Bettie Mason but she was up in town so we had to stay a long time up there and I went out in the yard to walk with some girls. I saw several boys but did not speak to any. Aunt Lifies baby is still sick, Retire with Ada.

May 27
Saturday. Rise early find Aunt Lifies baby very sick. Ada went home today at 12 o'clock. In the evening it rained a long time then it cleared off. I went to the Institute after Laura Blakeley to come and spend the eve. with me when I got there she was a sleep. I woke her and she got ready and come. When I got home I found Willie Pettus & Fannie Theus here so we had a jolly time. They staid till most night then we went home with Willie and from there up to the Institute with Laura. I saw H. H. F. and spoke to him. We like to have got caught in a rain but did not.

May 28
Sunday. Rise early get ready and go to S. School. Mrs. Woodard talk about giving the Ticket but I know I will not get it. See everybody (every body to me rather) group in Church not Cally Gates & Mollie after we get up there I saw Willie Pettus so she went in with us. I return hom of Preaching in company with Willie some of the way the rest with Uncle Hugh. I heard a splendid sermon from Rev. Heard. After dinner I went to sleep slept a long time then got up and went up to Aunt Ellen Harris's find nobody home. Go down to the plum trees and eat a few plums. Start home see Miss Jennie Williams & ask her to walk with me. So we go to Bro. Pettus's get Willie & take a walk out to the Catholic Convent. When I come home I hear that S. Hale & Mollie had been here. After supper get ready and go to Church with Cousin I. O. Benton. Come home was very restless all night. Oh! could I but efface that immage from my mind.

May 29
Monday (No more was recorded)