From Family Findings
Vol. V, No.1, January 1973, p. 9
Copyright, Mid West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1973
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            The Howse family is an old Tennessee family. Originally, the Howses settled in Virginia and in the middle nineteenth century migrated to Tennessee. The author has traced his direct Howse lineage for seven generations.

            Laurence Howse II was born in Sussex County, Virginia. He and Lucy Hobbs were married in 17?l. They had three children: Martha, Crawley, and Elizabeth. Laurence Howse was a captain in the Virginia State Militia and his heirs were allowed bounty land after his death in 1834.

            Crawley Howse married Nancy Stuart in 1809. They also had three children: Mary, David, and Susanna. Apparently, Crawley and Nancy Howse were dead by 1833 because the court assigned the orphan children to their unclel Col. Lewis Stuart. Col. Stuart, who served in the War of 1812, was Nancy Stuart's brother.

            David Howse married Lucy Ann Stuart. Lucy was David's cousin, the daughter of Col. Lewis Stuart. Seven children were born to David and Lucy. The children were: Flora, William, Ann, Lewis Crawley, John, Susan, and Frederick. Lewis Crawley was the first of the Howse children to be born in Tennessee. He was born in 1845. Lucy died in 1852 and David Howse married Litishia hazelwood. They had ten children who were as follows: Benjamin, David, Joshua, Elenn, Nancy, James, Mary, Clare, Fannie, and Reuben.

            Lewis Crawley Howse married Martha Hazelwood in 1866. Eleven children were born to Lewis and Martha. The children were: Lucy, William, Mattie, Fred, Jennie, Reuben, Aurelia, Mary Sue, Clyde, Rena Belle, and Walter. Lewis Crawley Howse served for the Confederacy in the Civil War. He was a sergeant in Company K, 14th (Neely's) Tennessee Cavalry.

            Rena Belle Howse, the grandmother of the author, married Rev. Edgar ihomas Thorn in 1906. They had three children: Esther, Edgar, and Miriam. Rev. Thorn was born in Denmark, Tennessee. He passed away in 1969 at the age of ninety-four. Rena is now eighty-eight years old and is living in Darby, Montana, where she has lived for forty-five years.

            Rena Howse Thorn remembers her parents and grandparents well. She has many memories and exciting stories about the Old South and Tennessee.

(The above material submitted by Mr. Budd L. Kendrick, 730 East Cedar, Pocatello, Idaho 83201.)