From Family Findings
Vol. VI, No. 1, January 1974, p. 17
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1974
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The Askew and Watford families ware originally from Bertie County North Carolina. David Watford (1788-1865) and his wife Rachel Emily Zuson (1791-1858) moved to Madison County Tennessee about 1839 as indicated by the early deeds of Madison County. David left three married daughters behind in Bertie County. These three daughters had all married Askews who were closely related. Elizabeth Ann Watford (1813-1861) married James Augustus Askew (1808-1868); Martha A. Watford (1815-1877) married Alexander Askew (1810-1872); and Mary Priscilla Watford (1817-1875) married Aaron O. Askew (1800-?). Aaron O. Askew and Alexander Askew were brothers and the sons of John Askew who died in Bertie County in 1829 and left a will naming his heirs. James Augustus Askew was a 1st cousin to Aaron and Alexander and his father was probably David Askew. The Askew lines are assumed to be as follows as supported from data from Bertie County wills:

James Augustus and Alexander Askew moved to Madison County Tennessee about 1845 apparently following their father-in-law who was already in that area. Aaron O. Askew apparently remained in North Carolina until his death. His widow and all her children moved to Madison County Tennessee about 1870. The Askew families and David Watford lived in the areas around Spring Creek, Oakfield, and Norwood. Some of their descendants are still in this area of Madison County as of 1973.

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