From Family Findings
Vol. VI, No. 2, April 1974, pp. 63-65
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1974
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Material submitted by Mrs. L. S. Orrick, 3629 Wedgway, Fort Worth, Texas.


            Subject of this sketch is the Iaaac Alibright family, residents of Haywood County, Tennessee. Land records of 1833 Haywood County list Isaac Allbright acquiring land in district ten.[1] He is on the 1850 Haywood County census. He is also on Orange County, North Carolina deed records in 1833 [2] and deed records 1833 Guilford County, North Carolina.[3]

            Isaac Allbright was born June 10, 1797, North Carolina, to John Ludwig Allbright and Elizaheth (Sharp) Allbright.[4]. He was beneficiary in his father's will 1816, Orange County, North Carolina.[5]

            On October 1, 1818, Isaac and Philopena Rich married, according to Orange County marriage records. Children of this couple are known through land records and census records. In 1355, he made a land gift to daughter Martha and her husband William Harrison Hankins [6] and in 1858 a land gift to daughter Polly and her husband James R. Williams [7], both land tracts being in Haywood County. His daughter Sara married June 5, 1843 to Robert W. Hankins [8], and they were living in Arkansas by the April 14, 1844 birth of their first child Emily in Arkansas.[9]

            Other children of Isaac Allbright were sons William R., Jesse, and Henry S.[10] The widow of Henry Allbright said in 1914 that Mary, Emily, Sara, and Martha were daughters of Isaac Allbright.[11] The writer has found no other record of Emily, nor have we found record of Isaac Allbright after 1858.

            In 1850 Robert Hankins and his wife Sara are on the Drew County, Arkansas census. That same year Martha is listed with three children on that census in the home of her father-in-law, Carter Hankins, indicating that 1845 her child Franklin was born in Tennessee and in 1847 her son Henry was born in Arkansas. Back in Tennessee in 1850, Henry, 21, and Jesse, 12, were listed with their parents and North Carolina listed as birth place of both sons. This record indicates the family arrived in Tennessee after 1838. In 1860 Henry S. Allbright continued to live in Haywood County, wife's name, Mary, and their children were five in number, the oldest George, age 7. Also J. R. Williams and wife Mary, 40, lived in Haywood with their five children, the oldest Elizabeth, 17.

            Jesse and wife Narcissa with oldest child William age 3, born Tennessee, were living in Jefferson County, Arkansas as were Martha and William Hankins and William R. and Elvira Alibright.

            The census records show the changing of these families. In 1870, William R. Allbright was again in Haywood County. Henry Allbright was still there and the census shows ten children in his household. Sara continued to live in Drew County in 1870. Jesse was in Jefferson County.

            Sara died December 15, 1879 [12] and is buried in Drew County where she spent her married life and where descendents now live.

            In 1880 Martha was a widow and continued to live in the Jefferson County area of Arkansas. She died March 8, 1926 at the age of 99 years.[13] Descendents still live in Jefferson County.

            Jesse Allbright was living in the Jefferson County area in 1880. The writer does not have his date of death. His descendents are living in Jefferson County Arkansas.

            In 1880 William R. Allbright was living in Poinsett County, Arkansas and although Henry Allbright in 1880 continued to live in Haywood County, he also moved to Poinsett County, Arkansas and lived there when he died June 10, 1913.[14] In 1914 when Mrs. Henry Allbright recounted her hushand's brothers and sisters, she indicated that "Polly" (Mary) had sons living in Quincy, Illinois.[15] The writer is interested in obtaining further information of Isaac Allbright and his wife Philopena (Rich) Alibright.


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Family Groups as determined from family records and census records

William R. Allbright and Elvira
William R.

Jesse Allbright and Narcissa
William W.
Edward Isaac
Philopena Elizabeth
(complete list)

Robert W. Hankins and Sara S.
Henry M.
Charles W.
Don R.
(complete list)

Emily (no records)

Henry S. Allbright and Mary A.
Dilia M.
Eliza O.
Sarah A.
Mary A. -
Martha E.
John C.
Olivia E.
Charles T.
James F.

James R. Williams and Mary
Thomas E.
Sara A.

William H. Hankins and Martha G.
Henry A.
Mary Jane
John D.
William H.
Martha B.
Carter T.
(complete list)