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pages 4-5.
THOMAS L. TAYLOR for $200 sold to REBECCA SIMONDS, 91 acres in Civil District 13, Madison Co., the "dower of the late Catharine Darr." Jan. 9, 1867. Reg. April 4, 1872. Witnesses: Henry Kirby, Brittain Speede.

pages 15-17.
A. H. SCURLOCK, JOSEPH W. SCURLOCK, CLARENCE H. SCURLOCK, FANNIE B. SCURLOCK, ANNIE F. SCURLOCK, W. D. CLARK and CATHARINE L. CLARK, for $1200, sold to W. C. WALSH and B. R. HARRIS a town lot in Jackson. Mar. 18, 1872. Reg. April 10, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 18-19.
F. /Fannie/ H. PRESTON, Shelby Co., Tenn. sold for $960 to W. A. WYATT 15 acres, "part of the homestead tract of the late Gen. S. J. HAYS." Jan. 12, 1872. Reg. April 11, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 19-20.
JOHN J. MATHEWS and wife, MARY; M. MATHEWS, JULIA A. MATHEWS, GEORGE W. MATHEWS and ROBERT MATHEWS sold to JAMES W. LOCK and C. H. MEDLIN, 262 acres in Civil District 9, Madison Co. Being same tract JOHN J. MATHEWS conveyed to Robert S. Mathews, May 24, 1867, in trust for the benefit of MARY MATHEWS, JULIA, GEORGE, ROBERT and other children of JOHN J. MATHEWS: MORETA, WILLIAM, SARAH, HENRY W. and JEFFERSON D. MATHEWS. Jan. 22, 1872. Reg. April 11, 1872. Witness: W. M. Trahue.

pages 23-24.
SAMUEL McCLANAHAN for love and affection for ELEANOR CALDWELL McCLANAHAN conveyed to her a town lot in Jackson, 1 acres. April 10, 1872. Reg. April 11, 1872. Witnesses: M. M. Bright, N. E. Lancaster.

pages 57-58.
THOMAS BEVERAGE and JOHN T. BEVERAGE executors of F. W. YANCY sold for $3000 to D. H. KING parcel of land "north of and near the city" of Jackson on the east margin of the Trenton Road. Apr. 22, 1872. Reg. April 23, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 59-61.
E. S. CAMPBELL and wife, MARGARET, formerly MURRELL, Gibson Co., Tenn. and LINDSEY MURRELL, Madison Co., for $4000 sold to JOHN E. GLASS as trustee for the Jackson Baptist Church a town lot in Jackson. Jan. 2, 1871. Reg. April 23, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 66-67.
Whereas by will of SAMUEL SMITH, dec., Madison Co., he left his entire estate to his widow, MARY D. SMITH and his children except for NANCY who was to have $500 more than the others because of her "affliction." Also, J. H. BELL and wife, LUCY, daughter of the late Samuel Smith; they sold their interest to WILLIAM C. SMITH. Nov. 28, 1871. Reg. April 7, 1872. No witnesses.


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pages 90-91.
MARY TAYLOR for love of her daughter, MARY L., wife of N. T. BUCKLEY conveyed to WILLIAM C. TUCKER, Henderson Co., Tenn. in trust for her 130 acres in Civil District 4, formerly in Henderson Co. but now within Madison County. June 27, 1871. Reg. May 2, 1872. Witnesses: B. A. Hays, N. N. Hays.

pages 99-102.
Whereas by covenant among JOHN HARMON, G. B. ANDREWS and JOHN WEST, Nov. 17, 24, 1851, Henderson Co., Tenn., by which John Harmon conveyed to G. B. Andrews in trust for the support and benefit of ELIZA WEST, wife of John West, 3 lots in Lexington, lots 62, 63 and 97. These had been sold; a tract in Madison Co. purchased for Eliza West from MILLY F. OSBURN, G. W. OSBURN, T. G. OSBURN, G. C. OSBURN, WILLIAM T. OSBURN, JAMES L. OSBURN. Nov. 12, 1870. Reg. May 7, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 105-106.
W. W. POLK for $500 sold to JOHN Y. KEITH the interest "that I may have, am or be entitled to as one of the heirs of Miss ANN ELIZA FITZHUGH", late of Hardeman Co., Tenn. May 6, 1872. Reg. May 7, 1872.

pages 110-111.
SUSAN A. CAMPBELL, PENELOPE P. STERLING, CYNTHIA R. CAMPBELL, MARY M. CAMPBELL, JOHN W. CAMPBELL and wife, LOUISA A. CAMPBELL, all of Madison Co. and PRESTON B. SCOTT and wife, JANE E., of Louisville, Ky. sold to J. F. LATHAM, for $1543.50, 34 acres in Madison Co., on the Forked Deer River. April 15, 1872. Reg. May 11, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 135-136.
WYATT A TAYLOR sold to A. HART, JAMES CLARK, OSTERN EXUM, EDMUND BROWN, JACK CARTHEN, SILAS HART, HENRY SANDERS, trustees for the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America for $1 a parcel of land NE direction from public square on Middleton Street in Jackson. May 4, 1872. Reg. May 22, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 138-140.
M. H. GOODRICH, E. H. GOODRICH, J. C. GOODRICH, MARY A. STEWART, HARRIET W. JACKSON, JOHN ROLLINS, E. C. ROLLINS, JANE HARRIS, JOHN HARRIS, MARGARET L. LINTHICUM, JOHN H. LINTHICUM for $1100 sold to T. J. ALEXANDER 116 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 9, Range l, Sec. lO known as the "Goodrich place." Dec. 16, 1869. Reg. May 23, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 145-146.
SAMUEL W. LYON, LIZZIE C. ROZZELL, WADE W. LYON, children and only heirs of late JAMES S. LYON, and B. L. ROZZELL, husband of Lizzie, for affection for MARTHA D. LYON, their mother, conveyed to her their interest in all the property of late James S. Lyon, including his plantation on Forked Deer River near the lands of McClanahan and A. W. Jones; house and lot in Jackson at intersection of Main and Royal where Martha D. Lyon now lived. May 1872. Reg. May 25, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 158-159.
GUSTAVUS BERDEN for love of his wife, MARTHA F. BERDEN conveyed to her a town lot in Jackson. May 31, 1872. Reg. May 31, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 162-163.
JOHN CHESTER for love of wife, APPHIA A. CHESTER conveyed to her a town lot in Jackson and to their children but should they not leave children, property after wife's death and theirs, would go to his brothers, a nephew, CHESTER G. BOND and children of his sister, MARTHA. June 5, 1872. Reg. June 5, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 163-164.
SAMUEL McCLANAHAN, Madison Co., for love for MIRANDA LACRED McCLANAHAN /relationship not given/, conveyed to her a town lot in Jackson. May 28, 1872. Reg. June 6, 1872.

pages 167-168.
Whereas on Oct. 26, 1871, HARRIET C. and WILBELMINA STODDERT sold a town lot for $600 to WILLIAM BARNHILL, whereon his wife, CAROLINE BARNHILL was having erected a house with her own funds, and in his desire to further secure a home for her, he conveyed his interest in this property to his wife. June 8, 1872. Reg. June 8, 1872.


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pages 177-178.
MARTHA D. LYON, Madison Co., for $5 conveyed to B. L. and ELIZABETH C. ROZELL a house and lot in Jackson. June 18, 1872. Reg. June 19, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 179-180.
M. A. SANDERS for love for THOMAS DAVISON SANDERS conveyed to him homestead and 4 cleared acres around same and the balance of his interest in the SAMUEL DAVISON WADDILL land, 38 acres, to be divided equally among S. D. WADDILL, N. B. WADDILL, ELIZABETH HALE, MARY ELIZABETH BIRDSONG; known as lands of Samuel Davison Waddill, Sr. Signed with an "x" mark. June 30, 1871. Reg. June 20, 1872.

pages 184-185.
JOHN N. TEAGUE for love of his sister, SARAH T., wife of JESSE RUSSELL, JR., Madison Co., for her kindness and attention to him as well, conveyed to her a town lot in Jackson, being a portion of the old Central Hotel lot. June 1872. Reg. June 22, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 187-188.
NANCY SWAN for love for her grandson, JOHN SWAN, child of her son, SAMUEL H. SWAN, and for $5 in hand paid, conveyed to WILLIAM G. SWAN in trust for him until he reached age 21 years a town lot in Jackson located on Baltimore Street "on which I now live." Oct. 10, 1862. Reg. June 25, 1872. Witnesses: Sallie Taylor, Narcy Hays, C. A. Still.

pages 200-201.
P. N. SMITH in his life-time, on August 28, 1865, conveyed to B. F. YOUNG for sale and distribution among certain creditors property, but Young declined to serve and H. H. WOODSON qualified to so act, Oct. 14, 1871. He sold land to MARY A. SMITH who had since died and by her will left property to her children WILLIAM D. SMITH, NATHANIEL P. SMITH, MARY V. SMITH, JOSEPH SMITH and LORENA SMITH; so that for $300 paid to B. F. Young and H. H. Woodson the Court conveyed this property to the said heirs, being located about a mile south of Medon. July l, 1872. Reg. July 2, 1872.

pages 211-213.
Madison County Court, April 1, 1872. Case: ALEXANDER ASKEW, surviving administrator of DAVID WATFORD's estate and in his own right, and his wife, MARTHA A. ASKEW; MARY P. ASKEW, wife of AARON O. ASKEW, dec.; JOHN C. ASKEW and WILLIAM ASKEW and JAMES N. GREER and wife, HENRIETTE; all of Madison Co. except Mary P. who lived in North Carolina vs MARTHA E. ASKEW, JENNIE ASKEW, THOMAS ASKEW, ALEX W. ASKEW, VIVIAN ASKEW, son of DAVID ASKEW, minor by P. C. McCOWAT, guardian; THOMAS TOMLINSON, JAMES TOMLINSON, WYATT R. TOMLINSON and GEORGIE ANN TOMLINSON, all minors. April 3, 1872 Report of Clerk, confirmed sale of lots from land of David Watford distributed, 213 acres: Mary P. Askew, lot one, 410 acres; William Askew, lot 5, 177 acres; John R. and Benjamin B. Weeks, lot 2, 213 acres. Registered July 6, 1872.

pages 241-242.
JAMES S. SMITH, Madison Co. for interest he had in promulgation of the gospel and in the education of the young conveyed to STEPHEN SMITH, JOHN DUNNEGAN, BRYANT McCLELLAND, SID McCLELLAND, RICHARD McCORRY, trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South at BRASKELL's Chapel, one acre for church and school purposes. July 29, 1872. Reg. July 29, 1872.

pages 278-283.
JAMES HART, JOHN M. HART, WILLIAM J. HART (of Tishomingo Co., Miss.) and STEPHEN L. ROSS, ELIZA ROSS, J. C. TERRY, MARTHA TERRY sold to SALLIE E. HART for $2500 394 acres as heirs of THOMAS HART, dec. Sallie E. was the widow of Thomas Hart and due her dower. She was a daughter of WILLIAM R. COLLIER. June 24, 1872. Reg. Aug. 27, 1872.

pages 340-341.
FRANCIS FLY sold her dower from land of husband, MICAJAH FLY, dec., 70 acres, for $200, to the children and heirs (unnamed) of said Micajah. Signed with an "x" mark. Oct. 16, 1868. Reg. Oct. 10, 1872. Witnesses: M. L. C. Deberry, R. D. Boon.


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pages 329-331.
PRESLY C. PERSON and wife, MARTHA J. PERSON, Yallobusha Co., Miss. sold to SOLOMON RICHARDS, Madison Co., for $1500, 100 acres in Civil District 9, Madison Co. Sept. 12, 1872. Reg. Oct. 7, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 338-340.
M. COUGHLIN for love of his wife, MARY B. COUGHLIN, Madison Co., conveyed to her two town lots in Jackson. Oct. 9, 1872. Reg. Oct. 9, 1872. Witnesses: John Hust, J. Bracken.

pages 354-355.
MARTHA DUFFY sold to MARSHAL G. DUFFY, Madison Co., for $150, 170 acres known as "dowary tract" of ELIZABETH DUFFY. Oct. 22, 1872. Reg. Oct. 26, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 355-356.
M. G. DUFFY sold to JAMES G. DUFFY, Madison Co., for $100, his undivided interest in 170 acres known as the "dowery tract" of ELIZABETH DUFFY. Oct. 26, 1872. Reg. Oct. 26, 1872. Witnesses: M. B. Duffy, Martha Duffy.

pages 356-357.
C. N. WEBB, Halifax Co., N. C. sold to JAMES KINCHEN, for $11.50, his interest in LOURANEY WEBB's dower land where she lived. She was a widow of KINCHEN WEBB. Oct. 26, 1872. Reg. Oct. 26, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 361-362.
BENJAMIN F. VANTREESE and wife, FRANCES C. VANTREESE, formerly Adams, Madison Co. sold to MARTHA S., wife of MILTON L. McLEAN and SARAH GEE, 67 acres in Civil District 2, Madison Co. Oct. 1872. Reg. Oct. 29, 1872. No witnesses.

page 370.
JAMES R. VANN released to CALISTA VANN, wife of J. P. VANN all his interest in J. P. Vann's life-interest in 250 acres, Hailey tract, on Dyersburg-Jackson Road. Nov. 2, 1872. Reg. Nov. 4, l872. No witnesses.

pages 393-394.
JOHN MILES BARNETT for love for daughter, EMMA T. YARBROUGH, wife of DAVID YARBROUGH and for $5 conveyed to her the tract "on which said David Yarbrough now resides." Nov. 5, 1872. Reg. Nov. 18, 1872. Witnesses: Jas. K. Stephens, J. O. McGehee.

pages 417-418.
EDWIN THOMPSON, Boston, Mass., sold to MARY PATT, wife of THOMAS H. HARTMUS, Memphis, Tenn. for $1000 lots 48, 49 in S. H. Hays subdivision in Jackson. Oct. 1, 1872. Reg. Nov. 28, 1872. No witnesses.

pages 421-422.
JOHN C. COCK and wife, ANN E. COCK sold to HARRIET C. STODDERT and MARY J. CARUTHERS, town lot in Jackson. Jan. 22, 1872. Reg. Dec. 1872. Witnesses: Don Cameron, Chas. W. Green. Wife's full name was ANN ELIZA COCK.

pages 429-431.
Chancery Court, Madison Co. Case: F. A. BEATY and others vs MARY BEATY and others. July 2, 1872. JOHN H. JONES became purchaser of 220 acres in two tracts: 9 acres, 31l acres, of which 100 acres had been sold by A. G. Beaty to John H. Jones, so that remaining were really 211 acres. On Nov. 6, 1871 John H. Jones sold of the land he had acquired to F. A. Beaty and the other "half" to G. C. Rainey and Posey Beaty, jointly. Court confirmed these transactions. Witnesses: John L. H. Tomlin, H. W. Tomlin. Registered Dec. 10, 1872.

pages 436-437.
BALAM NEWSOM sold to NATHANIEL M. PRICE, for $700, 101 acres, bounded on the south by lands of JAMES NANNY, dec. Dec. 12, 1870. Reg. Dec. 13, 1872. No witnesses.

page 441.
SAMUEL McCLANAHAN, Jackson, for love of his grandson, ALGERNON SIDNEY McCLANAHAN, son of his son, A. S. McCLANAHAN, conveyed to him 54 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 10, Range 1, Sec. 9; known as the Deverou /Devereux/ land. Dec. 23, 1868. Reg. Dec. 14, 1872. No witnesses.


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pages 453-456.
Circuit Court, Madison Co. On May 24, 1872 a decree was issued by the Court concerning the lands of the late HARBERT NEWSOM. His land, 438 acres in Surveyor's Dist. 10, Range 1, Section 8, Madison Co. had been sold to W. A. Still; tract was on Forked Deer River and on it was Newsom Mill. Title now confirmed to Still and divested from Newsom's children/heirs: ELDRIDGE M. NEWSOM, THOMAS H. NEWSOM, JOHN F. NEWSOM, AMANDA F. PHILLIPS, formerly Newsom; NARCISSA H. GATES, formerly Newsom and husband, B. F. GATES; THOMAS SMITH and wife, SUSAN C., formerly Newsom; HARBERT E. NEWSOM, GEORGE HUGHES and wife, SALLIE HILL, daughterof ELIZABETH H. EPPERSON; B. A. PERSON and wife, ELENORE, daughter of ELIZABETH H. EPPERSON; THOMAS N. EPPERSON, son of ELIZABETH H. EPPERSON. ELIZABETH H. EPPERSON and husband, SAMUEL EPPERSON were deceased. Registered. December 20, 1872.

See, NEWSOM NOTE, page 60.


pages 481-482.
LAURA TAYLOR, "administratrix" of the will of ABNER TAYLOR, dec. set apart to ANDREW TAYLOR 315 acres in Madison and Carroll counties on Sandy River. Dec. 30, 1872. Reg. Jan. 2, 1873. witnesses: George N. Payne, Johnie A. Taylor. /Pages 487-488, in another deed it was recorded that ANDREW TAYLOR refused this gift of land, the deed being unknown to him when made, so that the last reverted to Laura Taylor. Jan. 3, 1873. Reg. Jan. 4, 1873/

pages 494-496.
JOHN S. HALTOM and E. S. HALTOM, M. F. ROBINSON and wife, NANCY ANN; W. T. GARDNER and wife, JANE ELIZABETH, Madison Co. sold to OBEDIAH JOHNSON for $1000 375 acres, mostly on middle fork of Forked Deer River. Nov. 25, 1872. Reg. Jan. 6, 1873. No witnesses.

pages 521-522.
HARTWELL TEMPLE and wife, MARGARET, for love of their daughter, SALLIE J. TEMPLE, conveyed to her 100 acres in Civil District 1, Madison Co. July 2, 1867. Reg. Jan. 15, 1873. Witnesses: A. S. Rogers, Hiram Johnson.

pages 530-531.
ROBERT H. CHESTER for love of his wife, MARY J. and his daughter, DOLLY VERNON CHESTER, conveyed to them a town lot in the Butler subdivision of Jackson; to wife for life and at her death to Dolly Vernon. Jan. 15, 1873. Reg. Jan. 17, 1873. No witnesses.

pages 537-538.
RICHARD TEAGUE and wife, MARY ANN TEAGUE, formerly Mauldin, sold to S. W. BOON, a town lot in Jackson. Jan. 20, 1873. Reg. Jan. 20, 1873. No witnesses.

pages 545-546.
Chancery Court, Madison Co. Case: CHARLES M. CHANCELLOR and wife, MARTHA vs JULIA P. WOOLFOLK, MILDRED A. WOOLFOLK, JAMES R. WOOLFOLK, JULIETA WOOLFOLK, LEE C. WOOLFOLK, GILBRETH WOOLFOLK, LIZZIE L. WOOLFOLK and Others. Decree, March 12, 1869. Julia P. Woolfolk had purchased from the Chancellors and the Woolfolks, heirs of late JOHN R. WOOLFOLK, town lot in Jackson and the Court confirmed her legal title to this property. Registered Jan. 22, 1873.


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pages 556-558.
SAMUEL S. JOHNSON and wife, SARAH E. JOHNSON (of Arkansas) sold to ELIJAH and ROBERT T. HAMILTON, for $864, their interest in the estate of GEORGE F. HAMILTON, about 400 acres on which Hamilton had lived at the time of his death. July 8, 1872. Reg. Jan. 28, 1873.

pages 572-573.
Chancery Court, Madison Co. Case: ANNA R. CAMPBELL, admx. of LYSANDER M. CAMPBELL, dec. and in her own right; BENJAMIN R. CAMPBELL, FRANCES D. CAMPBELL and ERASMUS S. CAMPBELL vs LEWIS B. EVERMAN and wife, MARGARET B. A. ; MARY BELL, ALEX C. MURRELL, a minor by guardian, Benj. R. Campbell; ANNA E. LIGON, JOHN LIGON, minors and children of JOHN A. LIGON, dec. by guardian RICHARD SANDFORD. Decree, March 19, 1870. CHARLES A. STILL had bought land, not described in this document, title to same was divested from the above heirs to Charles A. Still. Reg. February 7, 1873.

pages 581-582.
LOUISA J. HARGIS sold, for $12.50, to G. W. HARRIS all her interest in the dower of EZEKIAL McCOY's widow in Civil District 12, Madison Co. Jan. 24, 1871. Reg. Feb. 8, 1873. Witnesses: R. Williams, W. S. Gray, W. J. Robinson.

pages 610-611.
M. /Major/ CROOM, Madison Co. conveyed to JOHN E. FREEMAN, THOMAS J. MASTER, JAMES T. GLADNEY, a cemetery, one acre, Civil District 2, Madison Co., near south boundary "of a tract of land formerly owned by Mauldin Reeves and now by myself and includes what is known as the Reeves graveyard, beginning at a stake at a suitable distance south west of the grave where John R. Reeves is buried . . . " to be used "strictly for a buring ground." Jan. 28, 1873. Reg. Feb. 20, 1873.

* * * * * *

Among those persons buried in this cemetery near Medon in southern Madison County, with tombstones:

Born April 5, 1781
Died Nov. 8, 1873

Born March 19, 1825
Died May 16, 1895

Born March 31, 1790
Died October 28, 1858

Born March 22, 1819
Died July 9, 1904

Born Nov. 21, 1835
Died Apr. 27, 1862

Born April 24, 1772
Died August 29, 1847

Born April 12, 1785
Died April 6, 1825

Born June 6, 1836
Died October 31, 1917

* * * * * *

pages 614-615.
ROBERT GILL for love of his children and grandchildren, CYNTHIA ANN HICKS, formerly Gill; MARY L. BIGGS, formerly Gill; ROBERT S. GILL, minor and only child of ELIZABETH FRANCES GILL, "my" wife, formerly Allen. Grandchildren, THOMAS GILL and MARGARET GILL. Conveyed to them his interest in the estate of THOMAS GILL, dec. and estate of JOSEPH GILL, dec. Feb. 24, 1873. Reg. Feb. 24, 1873. No witnesses.

pages 617-618.
Whereas on September 30, 1865 C. M. GARDNER, Madison Co., sold to ALEXANDER MUMS, Madison Co., for $700, a tract of land; Gardner having since died and LEMUEL DAY having been appointed to administer his estate, he made a clear deed to Mums for this tract as all the money for it had been paid. Feb. 24, 1873. Reg. Feb. 24, 1873. No witnesses.


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