By Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1996


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January 7, 1904

Mrs. J. G. McCABE, aged 60 years, widow of J. G. McCabe, died Jan. 5, Jackson.


January 14, 1904

T. H. HARTMUS had received a telegram conveying the news that his sister, Miss ANNA HARTMUS had died in Toluca, Mexico, Jan. 13. Cause, smallpox. She had recently left Jackson to teach English in the Toluca schools.


January 27, 1904

CLYDE HARRIS, son of H. D. Harris, aged 14 years, died Luray, Tenn., Jan. 26.


January 28, 1904

Mrs. L. V. DODSON, aged 30 years, wife of J. A. Dodson, died Jan. 27, Bemis, Tenn., leaving 4 children.


January 29, 1904

C. F. BILLS, aged 51 years, died Friendship, Crockett Co. Wife and several children. Notice sent from Jackson.


January 31, 1904

Dr. W. B. SPENCER received word Jan. 30 that his brother, JOHN A. SPENCER of Arkadelphia, Ark. had died. Raised in Jackson; a Confederate veteran. Left wife and 6 children.


February 14, 1904

Prof. G. A. FUERSTACKE, aged 49 years, died Goodman, Miss. of pneumonia. Left wife and 4 children. Notice sent from Jackson.

JAMES LOVELACE, aged 65 years, died in Civil District 8, Madison Co., Feb. 13. Left wife and 3 sons.


February 17, 1904

J. P. HUDSON, aged 54 years, died February 16, Jackson, on Mobile Ave. Left wife, 1 son, 1 daughter.


February 21, 1904

ARTHUR O. MANLY, aged 37 years, died Feb. 20 at home of sister, Mrs. R. W. Willi5, Jackson. Operator at Cedarville, Ga. Left mother, wife and 2 children.

Mrs. J. A. PRATT, aged 56 years, died Feb. 19, Jackson, pneumonia. Body sent to New Albany, Miss. for burial.

Mrs. AMANDA J. ADAMS, aged 73 years, died Feb. 20, Jackson. Left 1 son.


February 22, 1904

Miss ELRY BROWN, aged 23 years, and only daughter of J. I. Brown, died Feb. 20; buried in Rocky Springs graveyard.


February 27, 1904

R. O. WILSON, aged 67 years, died Feb. 25, Civil District 14; Confederate veteran. Left 1 sister, Mrs. D. H. King.


March 2, 1904

FRANK H. ROSSER, aged 59 years, died March 1, Neely, Tenn.; left wife and 4 children.


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March 3, 1904

Capt. J. T. WHITEHEAD, aged 64 years, died March 3, Jackson. Brother of W. H. Whitehead, Memphis. At one time commander of Knights of Templars, Miss.; capt. in siege of Vicksburg.


March 7, 1904

PETER COMBS, aged about 48 years, prominent citizen, died March 5 at home near Finger, Tenn. Left wife and 3 daughters, one of them Mrs. J. J. Moffitt, Jackson. 2 sons.

Mrs. A. F. CLARK, aged 66 years, died March 6, Jackson; wife of Dr. D. D. Clark.


March 10, 1904

Mrs. EMMA DAVIS, aged 45 years, died March 8, dropsy. Left a dau., Mrs. Millie Taylor.

Mrs. ROSS COWAN, aged 29 years, died March 9, Jackson; left husband and 4 children.


March 12, 1904

G. S. PEYTON, aged 90 years, died March 10, south of Jackson. Born in Virginia; left wife and a son.


March 15, 1904

Mrs. G. W. HARRIS, aged about 80 years, died March 14, Jackson. Left a son, Charles N. Harris.


March 17, 1904

S. B. DULANEY, aged 49 years, died March l5, Jackson. Left wife and 2 grown daughters.


March 18, 1904

GEORGE GREGORY, died March 17, Jackson; engineer on Mobile and Ohio RR.

Mrs. T. C. RAINEY of Mercer died in Haywood Co., March 17; left husband and an infant 6 months old.


March 23, 1904

DAVID ROSCOE McGUIRE, aged 28 years, died March 21 at home of his mother, Mrs. Martha McGuire, Jackson. Three brothers in Texas; 1 in New Mexico; a sister, Miss Bettie McGuire, Jackson.

Mrs. RICHARD JENNINGS, aged 73 years, died March 21, Jackson; wife of Rev. R. T. Jennings. Left 2 daughters and a son.


April 8, 1904

W. H. TISDALE, aged about 68 years, died April 4, well-known planter of Vildo, Hardeman Co. Notice sent from Jackson.


April 9, 1904

W. H. HAMMOND died April 7, Jackson. Left wife and 4 children. Burial in Medina. Had moved recently to Jackson from Milan, Tenn.


April 10, 1904

Mrs. MARY BROGAN, aged 51 years, died April 8, Jackson. Wife of Charles R. Borgan.


April 29, 1904

Mrs. T. B. WOOLEY, aged 44 years, died April 27, Civil District 17; burial in Big Springs cemetery.

INFANT DAUGHTER of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. BARNETT died at home north of Jackson, April 28.


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May 4, 1904 75.

Mrs. MARY BURNS SHULL, aged 65 years, died May 2, Jackson. Born in McNairy Co., Tenn.; married at age 17 to the late Calvin Shull. Left 3 sisters living, Mrs. P. H. Tapp, Louisville; Mrs. J. H. Drake, Jackson; Mrs. J. H. Allen, St. Louis. 2 bros., Col. Lem M. Wisdom, Indian Territory; John L. Wisdom, Jackson.

Mrs. P. D. PETTY, aged 65 years, died May 2, Jackson. 2 daughters, Mrs. A. B. Bledsoe and Mrs. Fannie Webb and 3 sons (unnamed).


May 7, 1904

T. J. PERSONS, aged 80 years, died at the county poor asylum, May 6.


May 10, 1904

Mrs. JETTIE DAVIS, wife of Denver Davis, died May 8, Jackson. Burial in Boonesville , Miss.

Mrs. MARY NANNIE, aged 80 years, died May 9, Civil District 2, Madison Co.; left 9 children.

PLEASANT B. ROBINSON, died May 8 (?), at West Tennessee Hospital.

JOHN CUNNINGHAM, old citizen, died May 9, Jackson. Burial in Moberly, Mo.


May 21, 1904

Mrs. EMILY SEAY, aged 58 years, died May 20, Jackson at home of daughter, Mrs. J. M. Glenn.


May 24, 1904

UNKNOWN MAN found dead near Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis RR a few miles west of Jackson; shot through the head. Aged about 40 years; height 5'8". Memo on person mentioned acquaintances in Carthage, Tenn.


May 26, 1904

W. D. FISHER, aged 92 years, died May 25, Jackson at home of son, F. B. Fisher. Left also sisters Mrs . G. C. Reiney, Mrs. W. C. Collins, Mrs. Lewis Jackson.


June 15, 1904

Mrs. N. E. STEELE, aged 72 years, died June 13, Jackson at home of dau. Mrs. R. F. Phillips on Institute Street; born Paris, Tenn.; granddau. of Gen. C. Diggs, Virginia. Left 4 children: Mrs . R. F. Phillips, Mrs. A. S. Morgan, both of Jackson; Mrs. Travis Morris, Paris, Tenn.; James H. Steele, Shreveport, La. Burial in Winona, Miss.


June 16, 1904

Mrs. G. H. RAMSEY, aged 67 years, died June 15 (?), Atlanta, Ga. Body returned to Jackson for burial in Riverside Cemetery; left a husband.


June 17, 1904

J. WARD HARRIS, aged 68 years, died Pinson, Tenn., June 16; Confederate veteran; left wife and several children.


June 22, 1904

G. C. RHODES, aged 46 years, died June 20, Dawson Springs; citizen of Whiteville, Hardeman Co. Burial in Jackson.


July 10, 1904

Col. VOL. B. SEVIER, aged 67 years, died July 9, Jackson. Confederate veteran. "He belonged to the family of Seviers which are famous in Tennessee history." Left wife and 5 children.

Mrs. L. E. DAVIS, aged 64 years, died near Pinson, Tenn., July 9.


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July 12, 1904

W. B. ROBERTSON, aged 41 years, died July ll, Jackson; left wife and 2 children.


July 15, 1904

Miss FLORENCE RUSHING, aged 22 years, died July 14, Jackson, at home of her father, J. T. Rushing.

Mrs. S. J. WALKER, aged 41 years, died July 14, Jackson.


July 28, 1904

Mrs. EULA C. MITCHELL, aged 37 years, died Jackson; wife of J. M. Mitchell. Burial in Brazil, Tenn.; left husband and 4 children.


August 4, 1904

JOSEPH D. TIDWELL, aged 62 years, died August 2, Jackson. Confederate veteran; 6th Tenn. Inf. Reg. 4 children: Will H. Tidwell, Manila, Philippines; Mrs. Edwin Taylor, Memphis; Misses Gertrudeand Louana Tidwell, Jackson.


August 9, 1904

Miss SALLIE ROCHELLE, aged about 35 years, died August 7, Jackson.


August 10, 1904

Mrs. ATHERTON FRANCES, aged 72 years, died Aug. 9, Civil District 8, Madison Co.


August 11, 1904

JAMES PERRY, aged 43 years, "found dead" in bed, August 9.

A. H. HEFFLEBOWER, aged about 60 years, died on a fishing trip to Hatchie River, August 10; found dead in cot. Lived in Civil Dist. 10, Madison Co.; unmarried. Confederate veteran; served in a North Carolina regt.


August 18, 1904

Mrs. EMMA COMPTON, aged 47 years, died near Denmark, Aug. 17; wife of Wm. B. Compton.


August 21, 1904

MrS. W. H. COCHRAN, aged 43 years, died south of Jackson, Aug. 20. Left 4 children.


August 25, 1904

Mrs. LURA WATSON, aged 20 years, died 6 miles NE of Jackson, August 23.


September 8, 1904

H. M. LAND, "aged citizen, " found dead, Sept. 7; died at home of C. F. Boone.


September 21, 1904

M. L. WILKINS, aged 55 years, died Sept. 20, near Luray; left 7 children.


September 22, 1904

JOHN PRINGLE, aged 62 years, died Sept. 21, Jackson; wife wife, 2 daus., 3 sons.


September 25, 1904

Miss HALLIE HARRIS, daughter of J. C. Harris, died Sept. 24, Jackson, aged 22 years.


September 26, 1904

Mrs. MARY POOLE, aged 76 years, wife of Edward Poole, died Sept. 24, Jackson.


September 28, 1904

Mrs. J. T. RoGERS, aged 44 years, died Jackson. Left husband and daughters.


October 1, 1904

HENRY O. BURTON, aged 30 years, died Sept. 30, Civil Dist. 7, Madison Co.; left two children.


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October 2, 1904

LUCY EMMA NARCISSA SHELTON, inf ant daughter of T. J. and Mary Shelton, granddau. of J. F. and Lucy Cloud, died Oct. 1, Jackson.


October 6, 1904

ALVIN PASSMORE, formerly of Madison County but living in Charleston, Mo. died at Cairo. Notice dated Jackson, Oct. 5.


October 18, 1904

BRUNSON HOWARD, aged 18 years, died at Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Oct. 16.


October 19, 1904

Mrs. ELIZABETH B. GLOVER, aged 48 years, died Oct. 18, Jackson. Burial in the Riverside Cemetery, Jackson.


October 22, 1904

Mrs. MOLLIE JOHNSON, aged 38 years, widow of James Johnson, died Oct. 20 near Andrew Chapel. Funeral held at Ararat Church.


October 25, 1904

Miss ANNIE CHISUM, aged 30 years, died at home of her uncle, T. A. Caruthers (Oct. 24?). Burial at Mt. Tabor near Medon.


October 26, 1904

MAMIE, 8 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John P. LEE, died Oct. 25, Jackson.


October 30, 1904

Mrs. JANE GOODWIN, aged 68 years, died Oct. 28, Jackson. Her home was in Big Sandy, Tenn.; died at home of son-in-law, R. A. Luter. Burial in Mandville, Henry Co., Tenn. 2 daus., Mrs. J. J. Richardson, Big Sandy; Mrs. R. A. Luter, Jackson. 3 sons, W. H. and J. S. of Paris; Robert of Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

R. CHESTER BROWN, aged 32 years, died Oct. 28, Jackson. Left wife, formerly Ora Richardson of Gadsden and bros., Frank and Milton Brown.


November 13, 1904

Mrs. DOROTHEA GOEBEL, aged 70 years, died Nov. 15, Pinson; left 5 children.


November 17, 1904

JOHN H. MAYS, aged 37 years, died near Mason Wells, Nov. 16; left wife, 2 children.


November 19, 1904

CHARLES HOWARD, aged 65 years, died 4 miles east of Jackson, Nov. 18.


November 23, 1904

Mrs. LILLIE ROACH, aged 38 years, died Nov. 22, Jackson; left husband and 3 children.

L. P. BARHAM died Nov. 21; resident of Mifflin, Chester Co.; left wife and 4 children.

Mrs. R. L. BURKHEAD, aged 30 years, Nov. 22, Jackson; burial in Toone, Tenn.


November 25, 1904

HUGHLAND MARSHALL died Pinson, Nov. 24 (?).

W. M. GARDNER, aged 76 years, of Pinson, died Nov. 23.

Mrs. EMMA DICKSON died at home of Herbert Dickson, Jackson, Nov. 24; burial in Milan, Tenn.


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November 26, 1904

Mrs. E. A. LINDSEY, aged 69 years, died Nov. 25, Jackson. Wife of Capt. E. A. Lindsey. Born and raised in Flemingsburg, Ky. Left husband and five children.


November 28, 1904

JOHN T. TAYLOR, aged 59 years, died Nov. 26, Jackson. Raised in Waynesboro, Miss. but had lived in Jackson 35 years. Retired engineer on Mobile and Ohio RR. One daughter, Mrs. Lewis, Inman, Tenn.


November 30, 1904

WILL SULLIVAN, aged 66 years, died Nov. 29, Jackson. Burial in Milan, Tenn.


December 4, 1904

BENJAMIN A. HAYES, aged 87 years, died December 3, Jackson. Methodist minister. Left wife and daughter, Mrs. John A. Arrington.


December 9, 1904

J. NEWTON GATES, aged 84 years, died Dec. 7, Jackson. Born Egypt, Miss. 3 daus., Mrs. E. Flippin, Dallas, Texas; Mrs. A. B. and Mrs. J. T. Jones, Jackson. Burial in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson.


December 24, 1904

Mrs. J. H. GULLEDGE, aged 80 years, died Dec. 22, Jackson. From Water Valley, Miss.


December 25, 1904

JAMES R. HUGHES, aged 46 years, died Dec. 23, Jackson. Left wife and 3 daus.


December 28, 1904

Dr. JOHN R. CASON died Dec. 27, Jackson, at residence of Mrs. W. C. Robinson.


December 29, 1904

JOHN DADO, aged 58 years, died Dec. 27, Jackson. Born in Switzerland. Proprietor of the Palace Restaurant for years. Left wife and daughter, Mrs. Frank Reavis.

Mrs. NONA MALLOY, aged 45 years, died Dec. 28, Jackson. Left a 7 year old dau.


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