From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


This record of the Williamson Cemetery was found in the vertical files in the Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library. It was submitted by John C. Johnson, Jr.

The following is a list of inscriptions copied from monuments in the Williamson Cemetery located on the old Williamson farm in Madison County, Tennessee between Jackson and Denmark. This cemetery was visited on Sunday, April 27, 1975 by Earl Williamson, John Johnson, John Johnson, Jr. and Anne Johnson. A. DeBerry, who lives near the site, was also present, having lead us to the site of the old cemetery.

GEO. WILLIAMSON, SENIOR, Born Aug. 18, 1774, Died July 31, 1856

AMY, Consort of GEO. WILLIAMSON, Born June 7, 1781, Died May 4, 1863

THOS. G. WILLIAMSON, Born Feb. 4, 1807, Died Jul. 25, 1862

MRS. S. R. STEADMAN, wife of N. W. Steadman, Born Oct. 5, 1808, Died Jan. 26, 1885
(my note: this is the former Sarah Williamson, daughter of George and Amy Williamson)

A footstone with initials "N. W. S." is located adjacent to the above grave there was no headstone. This is surely the grave of NATHAN WILLIAMSON STEDMAN, husband of Sarah Williamson Stedman.

GEORGE WILLIAMSON, Born May 3, 1818, Died Jan. 27, 1876

ANTHONY S. WILLIAMSON, Born May 18, 1820, Died Mar. 21, 1860

JOHN A. WILLIAMSON, Born Jan. 30, 1827, Died Feb. 5, 1854 (?)

IDA L. WHITFIELD, wife of a. S. Whitfield, Born May 29, 1856-Died May 26, 1877

HENRY, CHARLES, son of G. S. & A. E. Williamson, Died Sept. 24, 1878, aged 2 yrs 9 mos, 28 days

GEORGE ROBERT, son of G. S. & A. E. Williamson,, Died Nov. 20, 1881, aged 3 yrs, 7 mos, 5 days

INFANT DAUGHTER of J. O'K. & C. Williamson, Born & Died Dec. 27, 1858


Stapled together with the typed record of Williamson Cemetery is a typed cover letter and a copy of a handwritten page with a 1976 description of the Alston-Johnson Cemetery and a record of the one Williamson marker there:

On Sunday, May 2, 1976, while visiting Denmark, Madison County, Tenn., on the Old Denmark (to Jackson) Rd., opposite the West High School, I visited an old overgrown graveyard in a stand of pine trees about 20-30 yards off the road on the south side of the road. The cemetery included many headstones including: Alstons, Meriweathers, Tysons and McBrydess. There were several headstones which were not legible. One of the headstones was as follows:

NATHAN, Son of GEO. and AMY WILLIAMSON, Born Nov. 11, 1810, Died Oct. 30, 1832.