From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


Located on top of a long hill, directly opposite (north) of the old Adam Huntsman dwelling site, about .3 mile north of Cotton Grove Road from an access road, one mile east of the driveway into Old Salem Cemetery. Mr. Leaman Phillips (born 1920), whose family owned the tract of land this cemetery is on for seven decades, said that his old deeds reveal that this was part of the Brown-Dancy land and older records still show that this tract was owned by GEORGE TODD, father-in-law of Adam Huntsman from whose family Milton Brown later acquired it and his descendants owned and rented it out until the Phillipses bought it. Betty (Smith) Maness, Beech Bluff, whose family rented the land on which the cemetery is located, remembered vividly that as late as the 1980s there was one long row of graves in this cemetery, most marked with tombstones, some long, flat slabs but most of the old-fashioned rectangular uprights; that the tombstones had fallen and were broken but that they tried to piece the stones together. The land was tenanted afterwards and it is not known by anyone questioned when the tombstones were removed or where the pieces were discarded. Mr.Phillips recalled that there were at least ten graves at this location. Likely buried here are GEORGE TODD (died April 20, 1834) and his wife, MARY TODD (died September 1829) and their son, JOHN TODD (died December 5, 1830).

Courtesy of Jonathan Smith, February 3, 1997.