From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


[Unattributed but typing is that of Jonathan K. T. Smith]

Located on the brow of a sloping ridge about 150 feet north of an access road that is about .1 mile east of U.S.Highway 70 and about .3 mile south of the intersection of this highway and Tennessee Highway 152 in the village of Spring Creek. Although there are evidences of numerous graves in this vinca covered burial ground only two fallen, broken tombstones appear to have survived here. Some older citizens recall two large slab tombstones at this location in the 1940s. The Presbyterian Church was located on the southeast side of Spring Creek village.

Son of A. & S. E. BETTY
Apr. 23,1857
Aug.20, 1857
(This tombstone stood about 2 high)

A token of regard from the friends of
Who died
Aug.19, 1857
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
(This tombstone, originally about 4 high, may have marked the grave of a student of Madison College.)


There is a marriage record in Madison County of Joseph A. Betty to Sarah E. Alexander, February 10,1852.

The fragment from the upper right-hand corner of a tombstone bears two large letters "SH", likely the last letters in a given name or a surname. Extensive probing did not turn up any more of this tombstone.