From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


WHIG AND TRIBUNE, Jackson, Tennessee, July 19, 1873:

        JEWISH CEMETERY. Mr. J. Samuels, a leading manufacturer of this city, recently purchased a plot of ground, some two acres, on Mobile Avenue, of Dr. William Butler, to incorporate as a Jewish Cemetery. The Israelites of the city and our citizens generally are subscribing to pay for the ground and necessary improvements. We learn that it will be highly ornamented with evergreens and flowers, laid off in small and large lots and intersected with gravel walks. Heretofore our Jewish fellow-citizens have been forced, at heavy expense, to carry their dead to Memphis for burial.


WHIG AND TRIBUNE, Jackson, Tennessee, September 20, 1873:

        JEWISH CEMETERY. On Wednesday, in company with Mr. J. Samuels, we visited the Jewish cemetery, located in the south-east portion of the City, at the foot of Middle Avenue and on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. It is a small but . . . [unreadable] . . . a beautifully arched gate, elegantly ornamented. The ground was but recently purchased by Mr. Samuels, and everything thus far in regard to it has been done by him and at his own expense. It is hoped, however, that the Jews of the City will promptly step forward and aid Mr. Samuels in his worthy efforts. So soon as the congregation is organized, the Cemetery will be dedicated and will assume the name of the Congregation.


Burials from this older cemetery were moved to the present Congregation B'nai Israel Cemetery after it was purchased from Hollywood Cemetery in 1896. Burials moved probably include:

Baum, Nathan, Dec. 25, 1844-July 9, 1890

Bensinger, Infant dau. A. & N. Bensinger, b. & d. May 18, 1898, "Twin" (eroded)

Englander, Lisetta Laser, 1838-1879

Englander, Sarah, Nov. 19, 1874-June 1, 1875, "Infant daughter of Louis & Lisetta Englander"

Kohn, Henry, June 10, 1873-Sept. 15, 1879, Son of L. & R. Kohn [replacement]

Longsberg, J. J., Mar. 5, 1853-Feb. 7, 1880

Longsberg, Rebecca, d. Mar. 22, 1880, Aged 47 Years

Rosenberg, Adaff, Oct 22, 1842-July 26, 1878 (broken and repaired)

Samuels, Julian, Nov. 17, 1840-Aug. 26, 1896 (eroded) [there may be a list of names in a lengthy inscription on the back but I could not read in it the lighting conditions when this record was made]

Solomon, Louis, Oct 16, 1837-Feb. 19, 1873

Strelitz, Nathan, d. July 20, 1877 (broken and repaired) [marker original included an age but it has been lost at the break]

Tuchfeld, Beatrice, ???? 1886-???? 1891, "Our darling child" [dates best guess; unreadable in morning light; might be readable in late afternoon]

Yoachim, Harry, d. May 23, 1892, 31 yrs